Is there a way to turn of the screen flashing kill indicator?

  1. I wouldn't mind it just flashed on the corner screen radar to notify casual gamers or blind gamers when they make a kill, but this takes me out of the game. I don't need the entire screen to light up white and black to notify me every time somebody is dead, it's not necessary and make most shoot outs feel cheap and arcade like. Not only that, but my friend got a seizure form watching me play it. He has watched me play Red Dead Redemption and many other 3rd person shooters that function fine without strobe flash kill indicators and nothing like that has happened. Is there any codes or will there be any patches to turn off this annoying kill flash?

    User Info: freedomworks69

    freedomworks69 - 5 years ago


  1. THATS weird . mine doesn't do that at all. there is a second guy on here asking about that too. is it possibly a HDTV thing ? I bet you could turn that off on the pause menu somehow. or it could be a calibration issue.

    User Info: manic2

    manic2 - 5 years ago 0   0

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