Epsilon mission not loading and not receiving e-mail any help?

  1. I did the epsilon mission were you have to steal the 5 cars and after I delivered the finale car to the garage I got the email and I unlocked the next mission. I than shut down my game and went to bed for the night. When I started playing the next day the mission was unavailable and the e-mail was gone. This didn't surprise me because I didn't save after I unlocked the mission (But it auto saved after I delivered the car). I waited around and even saved a couple of times to advance the in-game time. After I still didn't get the e-mail I tried to get into one of the cars they needed to see if it hadn't auto saved but nothing happened. I even got into the last car I delivered to make sure. Can anyone tell me why I'm not getting the e-mail?

    User Info: willdude12

    willdude12 - 5 years ago

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  1. Well, if I had a question for you it'd be why didn't you quick save at least from your phone? Anyway, I didn't have this problem because I went straight from the car mission to the next one, (which btw the challenge is for not using the scanner you get and just following the sounds / vibration. You'll understand.) I would suggest doing a save from your bed at home on a different save slot, and then playing on for a little bit to see if that changes things. If it does just go on with that save, if it doesn't then bring it up with Rockstar's help section or something because I don't know what else to tell you other than go back to the website and donate more money.

    User Info: dsvandal

    dsvandal - 5 years ago 2   0


  1. Same has happened to me even though I saved properly etc.
    Went onto Rockstar help and someone posted that problem on there. They say they are aware of the mission not progressing after the cars have been handed in for some people and they are working on it.

    User Info: Christobel86

    Christobel86 - 5 years ago 1   1

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