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by gregs1999

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FAQ/Walkthrough by gregs1999

Updated: 02/21/14

The Arbiter

Thel 'Vadam or The Arbiter is the Deuteragonist of the Halo series and is the most notable Shangheili in The Covenant Trilogy. It is not confirmed if The Arbiter will return in halo 4.

Just to keep the previous paragraph (Ididn't write it) the Arbiter has been confirmed that he IS NOT in Halo 4 by Josh Holmes at EB Expo. However, he did mention that 343 Industries are keeping him in mind for future Halo games.

Captain Del Rio

Captain Del Rio is Captain of the UNSC Infinity.

Commander Lasky

Commander Tom Lasky is Commander aboard the UNSC Infinity. He is also the main protagonist in the "Forward Unto Dawn" series released lead up to Halo 4's launch.

He is later seen as Captain of the UNSC Infinity during the Didact's attack on Earth, as well as during the "Spartan Ops" campaign.

Commander Palmer

Commander Sara Palmer is the Spartan Commander aboard the UNSC Infinity. She is in command of all Spartan fire teams. She provides mission details during Spartan Ops mission.


Cortana is a UNSC "Smart" Artificial Intelligence created by, originally with the likeness of, Dr. Catherine Halsey. Created on Reach in the base of Dr. Halsey in a ONI dig site discovering Forerunner artifacts. Doomed to never leave Reach, Halsey managed to regain command over her spartans back from the UNSC, specifically Noble team, by redirecting Noble team (what is left of the team) to her base. As Noble team was making thier way to her base, Dr. Halsey was finalizing Cortana. By the time Noble team reached her base the Covenant sent a small scale attack on her base. Dr. Halsey ordered the team to defend her base as she was finalizing Cortana. Dr. Halsey finished Cortana, with the Covenant still deploying to her base she allowed for Noble team to enter her base. Dr. Halsey explained to Noble team why she needed them to come to her. How she knew Reach will fall and explain what she managed to understand about the forerunners and Cortana. Cortana was to be delivered to the Pillar of Autumn (her assigned ship). Dr. Halsey was nervous about this transport which is why she allowed Cortana to chose which spartan she felt could transport her to The Pillar of Autumn. With much trust Cortana picked a newly added spartan to the Noble team, Noble 6 Spartan B-312. Noble team managed to get Noble 6 to the Pillar of Autumn (which was preparing to take off) but a great price came to this as all of Noble team, except Jun Spartan-266, along with most of the Spartans on Reach died. Aboard the Pillar Autumn was John Spartan 117 once Cortana was aboard the Pillar of Autumn she was quickly installed into the ship's database.

After the Pillar of Autumn went into orbit, it was engaged by Covenant forces and was boarded by Covenant infantry teams. With no time Cpt. Keyes ordered for John to be taken out of Cryo sleep. Cortana was assigned to John due to the events taking place on the Pillar of Autumn. John was left in charge of getting Cortana off the Pillar of Autumn and out of the reach of the Covenant. Forced to crash land on the surface of the first Halo ring, John and Cortana set out to find out more about the ring world and soon find out the Covenant's plan to use the Halo ring to destroy them. Along with Sgt. Johnson and some UNSC Marines John and Cortana were set to stop the Covenant from destroying them and all life in the universe. Managing to make it with in the firing center of the Halo ring, meeting the monitor of the ring known as 343 Guilty Spark or as the Covenant named him The Oracle. Along with finding 343 Guilty Spark both UNSC forces and Covenant encountered a new enemy called the Flood. 343 Guilty Spark had the pleasure to help John or as 343 refered to him as "The Reclaimer" to wipeout the Flood parasite. As Master Chief sleeps in the lead-up to Halo 4, Cortana alters her appearance as part of her descent into "rampancy." She can interface directly with Master Chief's suit, and in the beginning of Halo 4, she has re-written Master Chief's suit firmware to upgrade his HUD. (source: Game Informer, May 2012)

A major plot point in Halo 4 will surround Cortana nearing the end of her natural life cycle, which is about 7 years. She has interfaced with Forerunner technology and the Gravemind and is overloaded with information. The usual effects of age cause Artificial Intelligences to display signs of madness.

Master Chief

John-117, Master Chief, Siera 117, was born on the human colony world of Eridanus II. At the age of 6, he was taken from his parents and replaced by a clone who died shortly after.

John-117 was then drafted into the UNSC navy with a select group of children for the SPARTAN-II program. Eventually, they were augmented using an experimental technology that would increase thier strength, speed, height, and other physical attributes at first not only to wear the MJOLNIR armor but to have an advantage to combat, then to wear different types of MJOLNIR armor. But MJOLNIR armor did not come until after they were issued full body armor that did not have overshields much like ODST armor. Those that were not successful either died, or were left deformed. The deformed ones were still able to offer support in the intelligence sector.

After the battle on Harvest, the Covenant attacked the planet Reach, the closest planet to Earth. Reach was the training ground for the Spartan-II program. All Spartans were ordered to defend the planet and all intelligence as well as the location of Earth. Many Spartans died doing what they were ordered to do, but many like the Chief managed to escape the Fall of Reach. The chief boarded the Halcyon Class cruiser, the Pillar of Autumn, and promptly fled the planet while the planet was glassed.

After leaving a blind jump in slipspace, the Pillar of Autumn appeared before one of the seven halo rings, massive super weapons capable of destroying all sentient life withing several thousand light years of the ring. When fired, the rings would kill all sentient beings with in several hundred thousand light years away, cutting the Flood from its sustenance. Upon coming to the revelation, the Chief and Cortana were locked in a race against time to stop the Covenant from firing the rings, which they believed would allow them to transcend the galaxy and become gods like the Forerunners who created the rings. While on the ring, the Covenant and humans alike discovered a new enemy; one far more dangerous than any they had seen before. One so powerful that it defeated the likes of even the mighty forerunners who used the rings to attempt to starve The Flood of it's food at the cost of their own lives. After fighting through Covenant, Flood and the halo defensive AIso who were charged with killing the intruders, the Chief finally destroyed the ring by self-destructing the Pillar of Autumn and blowing the massive ring into pieces.

After landing on earth some time later via a Longsword fighter they took from the Pillar of Autumn moments before it exploded, the Chief and Cortana became heros for their efforts, but there was little time for a party because just a few days after they arrived, the Covenant invaded Earth. After fighting the Covenant on both the satellite he was on, as well in the streets of the African super city "New Mombasa", the chief and the crew of the ship In Amber Clad followed the Covenant carrier through a slip space portal right above the city to another halo ring.

Upon landing with multiple squads of marines and ODST units, the Chief battled his way to the temple where the Prophet of Regret, the leader of the Covenant attack on Earth, was hiding. After killing both the prophet and his body guard (The Bute Chieftan named Tartarus), the chief was forced to dive into the ocean surrounding the temple to avoid being obliterated by a Covenant ship above the temple. While sinking to the bottom of the lake, the Chief, as well as the Arbiter, were captured by Gravemind, the mind and heart of the flood. After telling the Arbiter what the halo rings were for, Gravemind sent the Chief to the Covenant capital, High Charity, where he was to kill the last two hierarchs. However, after killing the Prophet of Mercy and freeing multiple human prisoners, the true extent of the Gravemind's treachery was revealed when he crashed the now flood controlled ship In Amber Clad into High Charity and allowing the flood to capture the entire city. Making his way to the center of the city, the Chief stowed away on the Dreadnaught, which was stored in the center of the city, while the Prophet of Truth (the last hierarch) was escaping High Charity. He left Cortana behind, promising to return for her.

The Chief stayed on the Dreadnaught until it appeared over earth and landed on the planet. Jumping off the ship mid-atmosphere, the Chief crashed on the surface to be discovered by a squad of marines led by Avery Johnson and the Arbiter. Although alarmed by the sight of the Arbiter at first Master Chief learned that the Sangheili had jumped ship and joined the humans to prevent the Covenant from activating the halo rings. After fighting their way through the jungle, the group eventually reached the main headquarters of UNSC resistance in Africa a small base dug deep with in the ground, the base was called The Pit. But the base was attacked soon afterwards by Brutes. After helping evacuate the wounded and activating a bomb to destroy the base, the Chief left the fort with a squad of marines via warthogs to the town of Voi. From there they staged a massive counterattack on the massive Forerunner ruins the Covenant had unearthed in the ruins of New Mombasa. Althought the attack was a complete failure and the flood invaded soon after, the human and Elite alliance agreed to follow the Covenant through the portal the ruins created just before the flood invaded. Going through the portal, the humans and Elites found a large Covenant fleet waiting over a massive Forerunner structure.

This structure turned out to be the Ark. The Ark was a remote location from which all the Halo rings could be activated at once. The Covenant intended to activate the Ark and all of the rings once and for all. Once again John, marines, ODSTs, and elites assaulted the Covenant postions to get to the Prophet of Truth before he could activate the Ark. But they were hampered when the flood controlled city of High Charity arrived and crashed in to the surface of the Ark. Eventually Gravemind realized they shared a common enemy and helped the now friends, Chief and the Arbiter get to Truth. They arrived shortly before Truth could activate the rings, allowing the Arbiter to assassinate Truth. But once again, the Gravemind proved to be very cunning, now that his biggest threat was gone. He turned on the Chief and the Arbiter, throwing everything he had at them. It was by sheer skill and luck they escaped from the onslaught just in time to find a new halo ring being built on the ark. The ring was intended to replace the first Halo ring Chief encountered.Chief planned to pre-fire this partially built Halo ring to destroy it. To do this, they needed the activation codes form the first halo ring, which they could get from Cortana. The problem was, Cortana was on High Charity, allowing Chief to continue his own personal mission to save Cortana. John then assaulted High Charity and fought his way to Cortana, who appeared to be damaged by Gravemind but she managed to hold on to the Index and keep it away from Gravemind. Chief then destroys the four reactors at the center of the ship, completely destroying High Charity.

With the codes in hand, Chief and the Arbiter fought their way past swarms of Flood up to the new halo's control room, where they meet Johnson and 343 Guilty Spark, from the first halo, who is overseeing the final preperations. He informed Johnson that the ring will be ready in a matter of weeks, but is brushed aside by Johnson, who intends to use the codes Cortana carried to activate the rings. Realizing that this would destroy his halo installation, Guilty Spark turns on the group, mortally wounds Johnson and blasts the Arbiter out of the room. The chief quickly dispatches Guilty spark with a few blasts from the Spartan Laser Johnson was carrying. Johnson dies soon after the fight, reminding Chief in his final moments to never let Cortana go again, and to "send him out with a bang".

Cortana then activates the ring. Soon after it is activated, Chief recovers Cortana and the Chief and the Arbiter run out of the room to Johnson's warthog, which they drove through the self destructing halo ring as it falls apart around them. After getting to the frigate, Forward Unto Dawn, the Arbiter rushed to the control room, whilst the Chief stayed in the ship's hangar with Cortana as she input the final information to make the ship leave for the portal above the Ark. Just as they arrive at the portal, however, the halo ring explodes, disrupting the portal just as the half that Chief is in enters. While the Arbiter safely transported to Earth in his half of the frigate and was rescued, the Chief and Cortana are stranded in the other half, having been blasted off deep into space somewhere in the galaxy beyond the Ark. Cortana says it will be years before anybody finds them. John entered a cryo sleep tube and told Cortana to wake him when she needs him. Meanwhile, on Earth, both the humans and Elites are under the impression that Chief and Cortana did not surive the portal jump, thus holding a ceremony for them and all of the fallen sodiers of the UNSC. The frigate they are in is then seen flying to the Forerunner world known as Requiem, thus enfolding the currently unknown events of Halo 4.

Unknown Female Character

In the Making of Halo 4 Trailer, an unidentified female character is shown rendered in the game's engine and graphics. An actress is also shown recording dialogue and facial animations. Speculations has it that this is just a test model, but this seems to confirm that there will be humans in Halo 4, possibly survivors from the crashed ship shown at the E3 demo.

Although this may be wrong, This test model is probably the face of the commander of the Spartan IV forces.


The impressively armed Forerunner machines known as Crawlers represent the most extensive and abundant native enemy on Raquiem. Capable of both close-quarters and long-range combat, Crawlers are aggressive quadrupeds, explicitly engineered to ferociously hunt down and eliminate any foreign threats. It is not uncommon to encounter Crawlers in substantial numbers, as most travel in large packs and work together in strategic co-ordination to bring down enemies by overwhelming them from every conceivable angle. It has also been said by 343i that all Promethean enemies will work together in various strategies. One such strategy that was mentioned is that when a Knights health is low, all of the Crawlers in the area will rush the attacker in an attempt to kill or at least distract him.

Sangheili (Elites)

The Sangheili (commonly referred to as "Elites") are a proud warrior-caste based society that once served as the military might of The Covenant and as the personal body guards for its leadership, the Prophets. Originating on the planet Sangheilios, the San'Shyuum (Prophets) invited the Sangheili to join The Covenant ages past due to their military strength, which made up for the Prophets frail bodies and lack of marshal strength. Once the war against humanity began, the Elites led the Covenant's armies both on the field and in naval combat and earned a reputation among the UNSC for their ruthlessness and tenacity. However, there was discord among the ranks of the Sangheili as to why humanity was to be wiped out; every alien civilization the Covenant had encountered had been welcomed with open arms. The increasing dissatisfaction coupled with the assassination of the Prophet of Regret by the human "demon" called The Master Chief on Installation 05 (Delta Halo) resulted in the Elites being replaced by the Jiralhanae (Brutes) as the guards of the Prophets, who then secretly tasked the Brutes with purging the Sangheili from the Covenant completely. Due to this trechery coupled with learning that the Halo constructs weren't holy relics, but a weapon that would wipe out all sentient life in the galaxy, the Sangheili allied themselves with humanity and managed to prevent the Prophet of Truth from gaining access to the Ark, a Forerunner construct that could fire every Halo ring simultaneously.


Unggoy (commonly referred to as "Grunts") are short, bipedal creatures that hail from the methane-rich world of Balaho (hence the tanks they carry around on their backs). Grunts formed a large part of the Covenant's armed forces before its downfall; they were at the bottom of the Covenant's hierarchy and were commonly used for cannon fodder due to their ferocious reproduction rate. Most Grunts are cowardly and will flee battles in which most of their bretheren have fallen or if their commander has been killed; occasionally Grunts will commit a kamakazi attack by rushing the enemy while holding two primed plasma grenades. Grunts are usually armed with plasma pistols and needlers, but sometimes weild heavy weapons like the fuel rod cannon.


Mgalekgolo (Hunters) are one of the more bizarre aliens to have served the Covenant. At first glance Hunters seem to be huge, armor-clad creatures when in reality the creature is made up of dozens of worm-like creatures called Lekgolo who come together to exponentially increase their strength and durability. Taking residence inside a hulking suit of armor, Hunters are one of the more dangerous enemies you encounter. One arm has a built-in fuel rod cannon that can kill you with a direct hit while the other arm has a massive shield used for deflecting incoming gunfire as well as a devestating melee weapon in close proximity. Worse yet, Hunters almost always operate in pairs. The most effective way to kill a Hunter is by shooting it in its exposed backside, preferably with a weapon such as the shotgun. Heavy weapons such as rocket launchers and fuel rod cannons work as well.


The Kig-Yar (commonly referred to as Jackals) are fast, fearsome-looking creatures that typically act as scouts or snipers, typically armed with wrist-mounted energy shields and Beam Rifles. Most Kig-Yar tend to dabble in piracy to some degree or other, and most weren't true believers of the High Prophet's claims regarding Halo and their Great Journey and were motivated solely by profit. The few Kig-Yar that did convert and survived the Human-Covenant War were inevitably drawn to the Storm Covenant and its promises. When dealing with shielded Kig-Yar, the two most effective ways to deal with them are to shoot at the notch on the left side of the shield that they use to fire their weapons through; typically you can hit the alien and cause them to stagger, opening them up to a fatal shot to the head. Alternatively you can use explosives like grenades and throw them behind them. Jackals with Beam Rifles should be handled with extreme caution, especially on higher difficulty levels; picking them off from a distance using a long-range weapon like the DMR or Covenant Carbine is ideal.


Residents of the artificial world of Requiem, Promethean Knights represent the central occupying enemy force, legions of extremely capable combatants with both ancient and mysterious origins. While these Prometheans are significantly different from the legendary Forerunner Warrior-Servants of ages past, these Knights are no less harrowing. They are fully weaponized, heavily armored bipedal warriors, easily capable of engaging and terminating perceived threats in almost all environments. They are truly lethal creatures, taken lightly only at one's peril.


As the large, flying sentinels of Requiem known as Watchers are typically deployed from the armored carapace of their Knight commanders and exist to provide strategic aerial combat. Hovering high above the battlefield, Watchers not only heal and augment damaged allies but also catch and return incoming ordnance, such as grenades, using a gravity-displacement beam. Their existence serves to frustrate all opposition, often forcing enemies to engage them directly before dealing with other more immediate Forerunner units.

Mission 1: Dawn

Look up and pull the manual release with X. Move out of the tank and pick up the Magnum on the floor. You can press Y to switch between your two weapons - your other weapon is the Assault Rifle.

There is a staircase on your right and left just as you leave the room with the stasis tank. Head down the steps to find a computer terminal (not a terminal). Activate it for the Achievement, Digging up the Past. You'll get some backstory for your efforts and 20g.

In the beginning of Halo 4's campaign, if you look on the floor to the right of your cryo tube (in front of tube number 15) you will see a limited edition copy of Halo 4 inside. The case's production number is "256478964".

You can interact with a panel in front of a hologram of the ship Forward Unto Dawn ahead. Move up the ramp and through the navigation room, where a scanner hits the ship hard.

Your waypoint will lead you to an elevator ahead. Inside the shaft, press UP to climb and LEFT or RIGHT to dodge debris falling around you.

At the top of the shaft, click RB, the small button above the trigger, to fend off the Elite.

Another Elite is at the top of the stairs in the room ahead. Run up behind him and assassinate him by holding RB. Then clear the room of Grunts. There's plenty of Assault Rifle and Magnum ammo around, as well as some Frag Grenades. Try to headshot the Grunts for quick kills.

Hit the override at the top of the stairs in the center of the room. You can also pick up a Storm Rifle from the dead Elite.

Now, two ships will dock on either side of the room. Take up a spot by the ammo and work through the enemies and use the spare ammo. You may want to use the combination of a charged Plasma Pistol shot and a headshot to deal with the Elites.

Follow the waypoint up and out of the room once all the Grunts and Elites are dead. Enter the elevator and wait inside for the doors to close.

At the top of the shaft are more enemies bearing gifts --- Plasma Grenades. At the top of the stairs is a nice view of the Covenant fleet. Turn right and use your scoped Magnum to take out Elites far ahead.

Continue down the corridors but don't miss the ammo crate on your left as you head downwards.

Jackals carrying shields can be taken care of with a grenade or by a well-placed shot to the exposed hand, followed by a headshot.

The next area is large and open, so keeping on the move around the perimeter is a good strategy. You can melee attack with RB. In this room you can pick up the Concussion Rifle from Elites and a Needler from Grunts. Or, just stick with what's working for you.

One passage leads out of the round room. On the exterior of the ship you should be able to catch a Battle Rifle floating by. This is extremely helpful in this long-range battle.


  • Legendary Tip: Additional Battle Rifle ammo can be found along the hull of the ship if you stick to the left and follow the path from the area entrance to the control room -- you'll need it!

Although there are grunts in the middle of large exterior space, there are Jackals and Elites with Beam Rifles, Covenant Carbines and other long-range weapons. The more Grunts and Jackals you can pick off from afar the better.

Stick close to the perimeter of the area to the left or head for the far, far right (towards the massive planet) to snipe.


  • Legendary Tip: An ammo container with Storm Rifles and Plasma Pistols can be found over here, the latter of which is extremely helpful when taking down Elites's shields. Zap them with a charged shot and then switch to your Battle Rifle for a headshot.

Elites guard the missile launch panel in the well-lit room up the ramps across the way.

Now, two Covenant carriers will deposit Elites, Jackals and Grunts below. You have the height advantage, so expend some Battle Rifle ammo on them (remember to stock up on Battle Rifle along the hull near where you entered).

Once you think them out, you can head for the broken missile platform. Activate the waypoint to initiate a cutscene.

Head back toward the airlock by the Battle Rifle ammo. As you traverse the passageways, most enemies will cower in front of you or get crushed by the collapsing bulkheads.

You'll have to make a few leaps over fiery pits, but soon you should arrive at the escape hatch.

You will unlock the Achievement called Dawn for completing this first Mission on any difficulty.

Mission 2: Requiem

The massive crater formed by the Forward Unto Dawn and the Covenant Dropships is littered with clues and a few great weapons you should find before heading to the waypoint.

Perhaps the largest chunk of purple Covenant ship, right near the starting location, can be climbed from the rear side. At the top is a terminal you can access.

Cortana translates it as "Non believers walk the sacred ground the time has come to enter the great light, the Promethean awakening is nigh ... our reward is at hand."

One large, burning chunk of ship to the right of the start (follow the crater wall to the right) has an audio log from Dr. Halsey in it that you can listen to. This chunk of ship is marked FFG-201.

There is a very helpful Sniper Rifle high atop a chunk of burning wreckage marked FFG-201. This is the same hunk of ship the Halsey log is in. You can walk up a ramp on the side of the wreckage to reach the pinnacle. where you will find an ammo crate and the Sniper Rifle. This takes some creative jumping, and you can fall into a dark pit with fire that is seemingly inescapable. If you get trapped here, jump up towards the gap with the Elite visible on the other side and hit B to duck and slide through.

Just below the Forward Unto Dawn's massive engines is a purple platform with a monitor on it that Cortana mentions. You can interact with this to hear about the Covenant's three-year visit to Requiem.

The uber weapon, the SAW, can be found across a makeshift bridge in a section of ship with a rotating warning light. This is just past the Covenant Audio Signal noted above, and directly below the Forward Unto Dawn's engines.

The objective is a hole in the crater wall just below the Forward Unto Dawn's engines. This will lead to a massive area with several Warthogs. Use the Warthog to follow the long path through more wreckage. You'll need to leap at least two gaps at full speed with the Warthog.

20g = Midnight Launch - In Mission 2, get significant air in the Warthog at midnight.

This odd Achievement can only be accomplished when your Xbox clock is set to 12:00AM (midnight). The easiest way to do this is to unplug your Xbox from the network and change your clock setting to just before midnight -- if you are removed from the network your clock won't automatically update. Set your clock to 11:53 PM to give yourself enough time to load up the level at Rally Point Alpha on any difficulty. Once you get your Warthog, stop just outside the tunnel area with all of the jumps. Wait for 11:59 to roll around (hit the glowing X button to bring up the menu and see your time) and count down to just before midnight using your preferred method (a watch, "one-one-thousand" etc.). At just before the clock rolls over to 12:00, start moving. The first few jumps probably won't get you a lot of air. But as you travel up hill, you will eventually hit a big jump and get the Achievement.

You can use your Sniper Rifle to take out the most dangerous enemies in the first encounter far ahead, but be sure to save a slug for the Grunt operating the Ghost if you want it.

The main threats are snipers in the raised platform to the right, and Elites manning a turret to the far rear of the area. Running over your enemies is a great option, whether is be with the Warthog or the Ghost.


  • Legendary Tip: It's tough, and you'll die a lot, but you CAN rush to the end of this area in the Warthog, ditch it, and then run up the path past the Elite. Just beware that there are plenty of Grunts waiting up the canyon path. It's perhaps easier to park the Hog at a good distance and snipe the enemies around the exit, and those that arrive in the Phantom before proceeding.

You'll have to ditch your vehicle or not if you can maneuver it over the rock face to get to the next area. Here you'll find a large entrance or gate. A ramp leads straight up the middle to an upper tier with an Elite holding not only an Energy Sword, but also Active Camouflage. With this you can turn invisible, briefly, at the tap of LB.


  • Legendary Tip: Take this area slow -- the Checkpoint will set you back pretty far. Begin by sniping Jackals in the distance. There are Carbines along the right wall of the entry. Get up on the hill and fire down at the Elite and Grunts below you and the structure. On either side of the structure are Grunts with Fuel Rod Cannons. If you grab these you can clear out the Forerunner structure entrance with ease.

Ignore the Sentinels inside and access the Cartographer that your waypoint points you to. Note weapon locations in the area on the way here -- there are Plasma Pistols and Needlers aplenty on the ramps leading up to the Cartographer -- but perhaps most helpful are the Covenant Carbines, one of which can be found in the small rock/cave area on the left when facing the Cartographer. Another Covenant weapons locker just to the right of the Cartographer holds more Carbines.

After hitting the console, head towards one of the bright, glowing locations marked on your HUD. Once you activate one of these you will be deposited in a lower area of the level and Covenant will fill in the area around the Cartographer.

The best way to reach the other glowing energy source now is to navigate back to the Cartographer up the ramps and then take the high road over.

Good weapons are in short supply here, so a Plasma Pistol shot to an Elite, followed by a quick melee attack can help free up a Storm Rifle if you need a long distance weapon. The Elites are all hanging around the Cartographer.


  • Legendary Tip: Pair a Carbine with a Plasma Pistol to make the Elites easy in this area.

Once you cross the area and hit the other terminal, you must clear out the remaining Covenant. You can't make a dash for the Cartographer panel. Grab a Carbine and stay far away, sniping each enemy from safety.

Once you hit the Cartographer you will be allowed to enter the next area. Load up fully on Carbine ammo before leaving.

Walk up to the multi-beam and pick up the Hardlight Shield. The shield can help you move from coverspot to coverspot on the bridge.


  • Legendary Tip: Before you even step on the elevator, however, stand at the top and snipe every enemy you can with the Carbine you brought along, including the Grunt operating the turret on the Phantom. Try to pick off more as they flee when you touch down. If you avoid using the elevator, you'll get a special message from Cortana.

There is no perfect technique for this area, but note that there is a Banshee that you can grab midway across the bridge that makes the area much more fun, and a lot easier.

You can pick up a Fuel Rod Cannon from an Elite; this makes some of the meaner enemies easier while it lasts. Stay back and snipe your way to the big drop off. Clear the path below and you can then drop and run up the ramps to the Banshee.


  • Legendary Tip: Be sure to have a Plasma Pistol before you get in the Banshee. Use the Banshee to eliminate the other Banshees, then use it jet to the door at the end of the bridge. Turn around and back up the ramp with your shield facing the enemies you've ditched behind you to skip the tough battle around the door entirely.

Use the Banshee's blasters to take out the other Banshees. Press Y to switch to missiles to strafe the Elites on the ground. Fly up really high, turn around and let loose on the ground troops to get a few shots in before starting over. Grab a Plasma Pistol before moving into the next area.

In this next area you should aim to get a Ghost as soon as possible. Kill the nearest Grunts in the at the center of the area and wait for a Ghost to take you on. Hit it with a charged Plasma Pistol shot to stall it and press X to hijack it.

With the Ghost it is possible to take out both turrets and the other Ghost by strafing from afar. You can now just run down the few Elites between you and the door at the opposite end of the area -- no need to clear the area of smaller enemies.

However, before you leave, you can grab a Rocket Launcher and a SAW for the upcoming battles!

From where you entered, turn left and search for UNSC equipment along the cliff wall. You'll find both uber weapons here. To the right is even more Rocket Launcher ammo behind a rock.

You can get to the upper area with your Ghost by piloting it backwards through the inner passageway. There is a small post blocking the ramp, but you can get around it if you punch off one of the "wings". The Ghost's infinite ammo is definitely an advantage in the upper area.

A clump of Grunts is easy enough to take out, but an Elite with an Energy Sword is a bit more challenging -- but not if you have a Ghost! Try to stick him with a Plasma Grenade otherwise.

Round the right corner of the upper level by shooting and running down the Covenant forces. Above a Dropship will bring two Hunters and a pack of Elites. Hang back and "snipe" the Elites with your trusty Ghost. One of these Elites has a Fuel Rod Cannon, so try to ram him before he uses it.


  • Remember: You still have a Rocket Launcher and SAW for the Hunters! Let the Sentinels distract them -- to do this, you simply can back down one of the ramps and the Hunters will turn to focus on the Sentinels.

Pop your head over the wall and fire a rocket or some SAW rounds into the Hunter's weak point, it's naked back. There is also a fuel rod gun in the hunter's general area. This strategy can be used to take out both with ease.

Enter the next door and you'll be near the first Terminal!

Shortly after defeating the first two Hunters, go inside the building and head down the long hallway. Before going up the ramp and onto the elevator, check underneath the main ramp for this terminal. It resembles a large column with a small glowing spot on the front.


  • Domain Video Unlocked on Waypoint (You must download and install Halo Waypoint on your Xbox to watch this video outside of the game).

Mission 3: Forerunner

Hit the panel on the platform and then hop in the swirling portal to the left. Just ahead you will have your first introduction to the Promethean Crawlers. These creatures have obvious heads, so aim for those. They hunt in packs, but generally attack one at a time. Hide behind a corner and pop each one as it appears with.

They drop Suppressors and Boltshots. You probably don't want to replace your scoped Magnum at this time, but feel free to experiment with the others. You can read all about these guns on the Weapons pages. Note that you can charge the Boltshot for a ammo-draining mega (close-range) attack.

=--20g = This Is My Rifle, This Is My Gun - In Mission 3, carry a UNSC weapon all the way through on Heroic or harder You can put your gun down for this achievment, as long as you have a UNSC weapon at the end of the mission. You'll have to use the Beam Rifle quite often and snipe from afar. This is MUCH easier on Heroic than Legendary.

Ahead you'll encounter two more new enemies. Wait to take them on behind cover of the cliff wall, eliminating the Crawlers first.

The Knight here is protected by a Watcher, which will both shield it AND revive it from death. It's always best to kill the Watcher before the Knight -- although not necessary.

Use your Magnum to take out the Watcher with the zoomed scope, or you might be able to score a Lightrifle, another new Promethean weapon with an awesome zoomed scope effect. Knights have shields that are blue and must be reduced fully before you can make the final kill shot(s). It's crucial to watch the behavior of Knights, since they will be knocked back and clearly lose their cool blue glow when you knock out their shields.

Don't let them hide -- switch guns if you are low on ammo and pursue them until they crackle out of existence in an orange mini-nova.

You can take potshots at the other Knights on the walls of the area, but they won't join the attack.

Inside the hallway, you'll find your first Promethean weapon rack on your left. On it you can score Pulse Grenades.

You'll need to use these grenades in the next area. There are a handful of Knights here and dozens of Crawlers. Use the caves on the left and right side of the area to take them out. The Lightrifle is extremely helpful here in eliminating the Watchers.

Search the wreckage of the Crawlers for Lightrifle ammo.

Ahead is a Promethean structure with ammo and weapons on either end. Stock up and shoot downwards from this elevated position at the enemies around the Terminal below. That's right -- a Terminal is just ahead!

At one point soon after the first few waves of enemies in the level, you experience distortion from your helmet visor. Cortana contacts you about causing the distortion. After this exchange, a rocky ramp leads upwards into a Forerunner spire. At the very base of this spire is a hard-to-miss Terminal.


  • Domain Video Unlocked on Waypoint (You must download and install Halo Waypoint on your Xbox to watch this video outside of the game).

An armory in the hallway above the terminal holds Scattershots. These are sort of a "Promethean Shotgun."

The next area is swarming with enemies and low on ammo and weapons. Your goal here is to destroy three glowing orbs in small buildings around the central structure: the pylon. Ammo and weapons are well-hidden in the orb rooms themselves.

On harder difficulties it may make more sense to rush this area to conserve ammo: Slip into each building and melee the offending orb, avoiding large packs of enemies using radar and the copious amounts of cover spots.

When you near an orb it will be marked on your HUD. Climb the central tower using the ramps around the rear of the pylon structure. A series of these ramps will get you to the top, and to the button you need to activate.


  • Since taking out all of the Knights is extremely tedious, and nearly impossible, if you can knock out all three orbs it is possible to rush the tower. You can use the Hardlight Shield to protect you if you make it into the tower ramp. Try to at least eliminate the Crawlers before attempting to run into the tower.

In the beam control room you can stock up on Promethean weapons to either side of the entrance. Hit the button.

Back in the central region of the sphere, enter the portal on the right.

You can drop down a hole in the floor ahead on the path here. The Covenant and Prometheans will be going at it in a large pit below.

Use this to your advantage to sneak around the area, melee attacking the biggest threats: Elites. A melee attack from behind while they are distracted will result in a cool assassination animation.

After you clear the area of Covenant, back away and use long-distance weapons to destroy the Watchers and then the Knights.


  • Legendary Tip: On Legendary, the path leading up from this area is has a few Watchers, a Beam Sentry and some Knights. Use Needlers on the Watchers and on the Beam Sentry. Ditch those and grab a Plasma Pistol to reduce the Knights' shields and then follow up with another weapon -- your Magnum, for instance.

Enter the tunnel past the battlezone and travel up the ramps leading to a new area. At the top you'll find a Knight a few watchers and a powerful Beam Sentry floating in the distance. This enemy is extremely annoying, since it can take a ton of damage -- and can deal it out, too. Luckily it doesn't move.

You may be tempted to pick up a Hardlight Shield here, but the Autosentry you have is probably a better option on tougher difficulties. Throw this out when you are in cover to destroy those pesky Watchers and the Beam Sentry as well.

Ghosts await you in the next area after you destroy the Knight. Using your Ghost, stay far away from the Covenant and take potshots at them. Remember to search the ground where they fall for ammo -- although your Ghost packs an infinite supply. Keep it as long as possible!

Boost through the Jackals guarding the door and head up the ramp. There's an undamaged Ghost and plenty of ammo in a nook on the right in the hallway.

Before leaving the hallway, you need to be prepared for what's on the other side of the door: An Elite making a dash for a Banshee. Run the Elite down and leave the Banshee for now.

Patrol the area and take out the enemy Ghosts, which are tough to eliminate with the Banshee from above due to the chaotic fire at ground level. Once you have them taken care of, return to the Banshee and hop inside.


  • Legendary Tip: On Legendary you probably want to use the Banshee to take out the Ghost and the Banshees. Fly low to hit the Ghost with a missile, then hang out in the roofed overhang area on the right side until you can make a dash for the nearest orb. Taking on Banshees in Legendary is extremely tough, and sometimes a Plasma Pistol is a safer option. When they swing low, shoot them with a charged shot and try to jack them or stick them with a Plasma Grenade.

Note that there is a replacement Banshee at the base of the cliff to the left of the area entrance. for if/when yours gets too banged up. Take out the other Banshees first with regular fire, then strafe enemies on the ground around the three orbs you need to take out, similar to the previous pylon area.

You can actually hit the orbs with Banshee missiles, but it's tough. You get a checkpoint for each orb you take out.

An easy technique is to land your Banshee alongside the small buildings, hop out, melee attack the orb, then return to the skies.

You can then just pilot your Banshee into the pylon tube entrance, avoiding a messy Elite battle on the pylon tower.

In the beam room, once again stock up on ammo to either side of the doorway. You definitely want a long-range weapon for the next area, like the Lightrifle. You'll also want the Scattershot for close-range Elite kills.

It's a race to the massive sphere between the Chief and the Covenant. Take out the first few Covenant stragglers and then head up the left ramp -- you'll have to hit a button to open it.

Destroy the Elite with the Scattershot and return back down the ramp to snipe. The Autosentry is extremely helpful here.

While the fighting rages around you, your goal is a large doorway up the ramps above either side of the area. Once inside the massive door it will close behind you. You'll have a moment to rest and stock up on ammo.

Step on the large elevator-like pad against the ledge and it will lift you to another large door and a new area to fight in. Work your way left and around the perimeter of the level, stealth-killing Elites. Note that the Needler is especially helpful in taking out the Watchers here, so grab one if you can (but ditch it for a Scattershot up the next ramp).

The final push features several Elites taking on a Beam Sentry and some Knights on a long bridge. Stealth kill the Elites and grab the Fuel Rod Cannon. Use this to eliminate the Beam Sentry.

The three Knights are tough, but a Scattershot can make things easier. The Knight with the Lightrifle is especially irksome, but you can rush him.

The final goal is a pair of pillars up the ramp in front of the massive sphere.

The sphere holds The Didact, a particularly evil Forerunner.

After the cutscene, grab a Ghost. Hold the LEFT TRIGGER and don't let go! Pilot the Ghost around raising columns and over large gaps, boosting continually.

Eventually you will reach a portal and the level will conclude.

Mission 4: Infinity

Head down the jungle path towards the waypoint until you come across some downed UNSC marines. Check the IFF Tag marked and trade your Assault Rifle for a DMR and grab ammo for it from the two other marines. Frag Grenades can be found in the rear of the area in a suitcase.

The path continues down a long slope littered with Crawlers. In the area where you encounter the very first Crawlers you can score a Shotgun in a pool of water with a downed marine along the left side of the path -- but this is definitely a long-range fight. The first Knight and Watcher are here as well.

Magnum ammo can be found just before the next clearing as well. One Crawler in the next clearing on the far right has a rare Binary Rifle you may want to snag. In this same clearing you can pick up the very awesome Promethean Vision. Use this to scope out the path ahead for enemies.

The foggy area below has a few enemies patrolling just at the base of the cliff. Use your Promethean Vision to chuck a few grenades over the edge of the cliff -- you can restock at the suitcase near the Vision pickup.

Once the foggy area is cleared out, drop into the fog and search the downed Knight for the Auto Sentry -- it will be much more useful than Promethean Vision on harder difficulties.

As you follow the path forward, more and more Crawlers will bound in front of you. Keep your distance and continue to snipe. You can also take a path up through the tree branches in this area.

You'll have to climb the trees at the end of the path. It leads to a Forerunner structure with friendlies inside -- and another Terminal. Before doing anything, stock up on DMR ammo. To get inside, read the IFF tag on the ground.

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Welcome to the Halo 4 Heroic/Legendary walkthrough for Mission 4: Infinity. This Mission walkthrough contains the locations of Terminals, hidden weapons and strategy for each checkpoint. Infinity Achievements 10G Infinity Complete Mission 4 on any difficulty. 20G Bros to the Close Make it through Mission 4 without one preventable Marine death on Heroic or harder.

Head down the jungle path towards the waypoint until you come across some downed UNSC marines. Check the IFF Tag marked and trade your Assault Rifle for a DMR and grab ammo for it from the two other marines. Frag Grenades can be found in the rear of the area in a suitcase.

The path continues down a long slope littered with Crawlers. In the area where you encounter the very first Crawlers you can score a Shotgun in a pool of water with a downed marine along the left side of the path -- but this is definitely a long-range fight. The first Knight and Watcher are here as well.

Magnum ammo can be found just before the next clearing as well. One Crawler in the next clearing on the far right has a rare Binary Rifle you may want to snag. In this same clearing you can pick up the very awesome Promethean Vision. Use this to scope out the path ahead for enemies.

The foggy area below has a few enemies patrolling just at the base of the cliff. Use your Promethean Vision to chuck a few grenades over the edge of the cliff -- you can restock at the suitcase near the Vision pickup.

Once the foggy area is cleared out, drop into the fog and search the downed Knight for the Auto Sentry -- it will be much more useful than Promethean Vision on harder difficulties.

As you follow the path forward, more and more Crawlers will bound in front of you. Keep your distance and continue to snipe. You can also take a path up through the tree branches in this area.

You'll have to climb the trees at the end of the path. It leads to a Forerunner structure with friendlies inside -- and another Terminal. Before doing anything, stock up on DMR ammo. To get inside, read the IFF tag on the ground. Reunited Mission 4 Terminal

Halfway through the level you will finally come across the UNSC forces from the downed Infinity. After the cutscene with these marines, turn around and access this Terminal inside their Forerunner structure holdout before heading back into the jungle.


  • Domain Video Unlocked on Waypoint (You must download and install Halo Waypoint on your Xbox to watch this video outside of the game).

After leaving the structure you are given the option to switch to a Shotgun, but sticking with the DMR and another long-range weapon is probably a better idea.

Make use of your Auto Sentry to eliminate Watchers and distract Knights as you proceed along the path with the marines.

In the next area you will encounter a group of pinned-down Marines. There is a Rail Gun here, but you shouldn't waste it on the first few enemies. Use the Rail Gun on the Beam Sentries at the top of the slope.

Once the Beam Sentries are eliminated, you should be able to flank the remaining enemies and hop on a Machine Gun Turret at the top of the area -- this is a risky maneuver on higher difficulties but possible. Otherwise, there's always your trusty DMR.

At the top of the hill is a doorway with a panel you can access to the right of it. After interacting with the panel you will have to defend the doorway with the Machine Gun Turrets. This can be tough due to the sheer quantity of Crawlers. If you can't get through this sequence on the turrets in the open, remove one and travel to a cover spot and try it from there.

After four or so waves, Cortana will call you back to the door panel. Access it and, before entering the next area, grab a turret for the road ahead.

The final battle is difficult thanks to the joined forces of Covenant and Prometheans. Use your turret until it runs out of ammo. If you need a superweapon, snag a Railgun near the boxes right at the entrance to the large cavern where this battle takes place. There is additional Railgun ammo in the center of the area by some UNSC boxes.

The major threat arrives after the Phantom drops more supplies (take cover from the Phantom, it has tough turrets): The Knights with Scattershots are pretty annoying on higher difficulties. When the Phantom arrives, retreat back into the tunnel you came from and use the Rail Gun to try and take them out. An Auto Sentry does wonders here by distracting the riffraff around the Knights.

The Knights tend to rush you here, so alternately you can grab a Plasma Pistol and hit them with a charged shot to drop their shields, switch weapons quickly, and finish them off.

Get in the Pelican that arrives after the battle winds down.

Use your DMR to snipe the few Jackals and Grunts between you and the Scorpion tank down the hill.

Try to let as many UNSC troops as possible hop on the tank and keep them safe -- they are invaluable on higher difficulties for picking off nearby ground troops while you focus on vehicles and towers.

Proceed slowly and target towers from far away. Towers take one Scorpion shot to kill, and so to Ghosts.

The Wraith tank around the corner takes three shots to completely eliminate. Focus on it and try to strafe to avoid its slow, but deadly, shots, all the while training fire on it.

You can take out Phantoms with 4 or 5 rounds for fun, but this won't help you much. Instead, keep inching forward until you can hit Wraiths and Ghosts from a distance in which they won't even notice you.

Proceed carefully and you should reach the massive Infinity elevator at the end of the road.

Once inside Infinity, strafe left and right, firing at the Hunters and many other enemies with your Scorpion.

After every enemy is dead, a door will open along one edge of the hangar: A Mantis mech is just inside!

Before getting in the Mantis, grab a Rocket Launcher on the side of the Mantis bay. You probably won't need it if you keep your Mantis in good shape!

The hallways ahead have many Covenant and Promethean enemies, but the biggest threat is the Beam Sentries that can fry your Mantis in one shot. These are mainly on bridges, so look for ahead and turn corners carefully. It's best to use your missiles one at a time (tap LEFT TRIGGER) instead of firing them in a charged barrage.

Fire a missile while you briefly allow your guns to cool and you'll be able to keep a steady stream of destruction going.

An elevator at the end of the corridors will take you topside. Here you must destroy three different points on the edge of the deck marked on your map. Beware Grunts with charged Plasma Pistols that can briefly paralyze the Mantis. Also watch out for Plasma Grenade-wielding Zealots.

With all three jammers neutralized, you'll have to defend the area through several Phantom waves. Note the two undamaged Mantis mechs along the rear wall of the area -- you may need to grab a new one if the Banshees hit you hard enough.

Banshees can be taken out with your guns, and though it is fun to take out Phantoms (they take about 10 missiles), it's best to just focus on the Phantom gunners and the troops on the ground.