Review by Spencerjj2

Reviewed: 08/13/12

You need to buy this game already. Seriously.

When I first saw Minecraft, unlike most people I thought it was amazing. Completely sandbox, randomly generated worlds, and you're just free to do whatever you want. I started playing on PC in September 2010, and now that the Xbox version is finally out, it's safe to say they pulled it off almost flawlessly. It's almost as par with the PC version. So let's get started with the review.

Graphics: 9/10
There's two ways you can approach this; you can either look at how it is compared to the PC version, or you can look at the game's graphics as a whole. Let's start with the latter. Most people think the game looks like it was made for a SNES. But that's really the point. The blocky and pixelated looking world gives it a charm that no other game has hard. I can't lie, Notch really did a good job on doing something original. Instead of seeing Minecraft's graphics as inferior to fancy looking games like Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2, view it as what it is: unique. As for how it stands against its PC counterpart, it's equivalent to the far and fancy settings on the computer. Basically it's on par with PC. The Xbox version is also missing texture pack, which is a bit of a bummer.

Music: 6/10
Here's the thing: Minecraft's music is good in moderation. If it's being played constantly, which it is, it gets very repetitive and bothersome while your playing.

Controls: 8/10
4J studios did an amazing job for a game that is made for mouse and keyboard. Granted, the cursor for the inventory feels a little stiff, but just the fact that they managed to get Minecraft do control good on a console just blows my mind.

Gameplay: 8/10
Minecraft has phenomenal gameplay. There is so much to do in Minecraft, it's insane. The mix of shelter building, survival, and sandbox gameplay blends perfectly. It's addicting, and everyone who's played it will tell you too. The multiplayer is crazy fun and it's easy to get into your friends' games. 4J studios also does a great job with the updates. That's not to say it's flawless, though. The game's worlds are limited to a measly 1024x1024 world. Not only that, but it's behind the PC version, and since the game was built from the ground up, you'd assume things like pumpkin farming would be in there if there's pumpkins, right? Wrong. It's the little things hidden in all of Minecraft's greatness that make the Xbox version inferior and imperfect.
Replay Value: 10/10
The game's an endless sandbox game where you can build whatever you can imagine. What else do you want for replay value? It's infinite.

Conclusion: 8/10
4J Studios did an amazing job making Minecraft for the Xbox. Not only that, but Minecraft is an amazing game. It's a endlessly fun sandbox game that will keep you playing for years.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (US, 05/09/12)

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