Where is the ender portal location in the Minecraft Aquatic update tutorial world?

  1. So I just recently got back on my xbox 360 and I find out that xbox finally got the Aquatic update. Well I have been achivment hunting on this game for a while now and I was looking forward to doing the ender dragon on the new tutorial update. So I used the eye of ender to try and search for the ender portal but unfortunately I have been unable to locate it. The eye takes me into a cave next to a swamp biom and takes me underground like all Ender eyes do. It takes me down to X:199, Y:32, Z:55. So I have been looking around for several weeks now and still no luck. can anybody please tell me where I can find it? Please and thank you

    User Info: DEADGAMER2000

    DEADGAMER2000 - 3 years ago

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  1. I found it!! it is in front of the prismarine creeper. The portal is at. x = 25 Y= 9 and z = 30

    User Info: Levi747

    Levi747 - 2 years ago 25   2


  1. @Levi747, unless you have the OPs seed number for their world, those coordinates won't work for them as every world is different.

    As to answer the question, there is no set location for the end portal. Using Eye of Enders you will be able to locate the portal. You just need to keep at it I'm afraid as that is the only accurate way to locate the End Fortress. Just keep digging and searching as that's all you can do. I've often found the fortresses or mine shafts whilst digging my own mine in search of Diamonds. You could always try your luck by building and digging something expansive there but it's not a garunteed method, just setting that's worked for me.

    Truthfully though, the Eye should take you to right above the portal itself before it goes straight down underground. You should make certain that the coordinates your at are the for sure correct ones. If they are then it should be a straight dig down to the portal so how you do that is up to you.

    Another tip you could try is copying your current world and then entering the copy in creative amd use the Eye to locate the portal. Being in creative gives you the ability to fly and on hit blocks so it should make finding it rather easy. After you find it, jot the coordinates down and then enter on your original world and find the portal. This is assuming of course that your originally playing in survival.

    Best of luck mate!! Hope you find your portal soon!

    User Info: JohnathanHyde

    JohnathanHyde - 2 years ago 1   12
  2. The question is asking about the tutorial world, which will spawn the same way for everyone. It has a lot of features already built up by the developers, because it's meant to show off the game.

    User Info: zeldafanjtl

    zeldafanjtl - 2 years ago

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