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Reviewed: 08/15/13

Fruit on, fruit off

Fruit Ninja from Halfbrick Games is one of the most popular mobile games out there. Because of that, it makes sense for them to try to port it to other systems, and why not the casual-friendly Xbox 360 peripheral, the motion-sensing Kinect. While it may seem like a pointless port in the long run, playing Fruit Ninja with Kinect is a lot of fun and it works just like it should.

The basic concept of Fruit Ninja is that a bunch of fruit is tossed in the air. The goal of the player is to slice these fruit, preferably multiple with a single slash, while also avoiding the bombs that are tossed up as well. Admittedly, the game is much easier and controls much better on the smaller touchscreen of an iOS or Android mobile device, but if you're looking for goofy fun, it's hard to go wrong with Fruit Ninja Kinect.

Instead of a touchscreen for input, players obviously use the Kinect. The Kinect had no problems recognizing where I wanted to "slice", an action that is done by sliding your hand through the air. Of course, since this is the Kinect version, there's also an option of mixing it up and throwing your feet into the mix as well.

The minimalist design and presentation is fine on mobile devices, but it feels lacking on the television screen. It's a shame not much if anything was added in the transition from mobile to console as well, with Fruit Ninja Kinect really only offering what's on the mobile app, and for a lot higher price to boot. In the past, Halfbrick has managed to stay true to their fans by offering the same pricing on their games, like Jetpack Joyride as free-to-play on Vita, PS3, and mobile systems, for example (though it took them a while to get there). Fruit Ninja Kinect is definitely overpriced, so that is part of the reason why it didn't score higher.

I know plenty of people that bought Kinect for the novelty of the device and have yet to really get their money's worth out of it. While Fruit Ninja Kinect isn't going to do that, it does offer a lot of fun for at least a little while, and it is a Kinect game that works almost flawlessly. It proves that the Kinect can work if it is in the right hands, and it is a suitable port of the mobile game, though if you have the choice, you'll probably want to stick to the touchscreen.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Fruit Ninja Kinect (US, 08/10/11)

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