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FAQ/Walkthrough by NecroticGG

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 02/07/19

================================|Metal Gear|==================================
================================|PS2/3&MSX |==================================
================================|  KONAMI  |==================================

                     A Walkthrough/FAQ written by. necroticgg

NOTE: The current/latest version of this guide can be found on GAMEFAQS!
      To check when a new update has been taken place, please visit my Facebook
      or Twitter! (found in the Contact Section!) Also please donate, it would
      help me out very much for future content for my Twitch Channel!

Please Recomend this guide, I would glady apreciate it!

I added in a CTRL + F function to and a numbering list to help you find your
way around the guide. Look at the table of contents below to see each section!

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
                               1. Updates (Update-0001)
                               2. How to Use this Guide (Use-0001)
                               3. Contact (Con-0001)
                               4. Live Stream (S-0001)
                               5. Donations (D-0001)
                               6. Copyright/Use/Host (CUH-0001) 
                               7. Introduction (Intro-0001)
                               8. Characters  (CHAR-00A0)
                               9. How to Play (PLAY-00A1)
                               10. Walkthrough (MGSMSXWALK-0000)
                                   Chapter 1:  (MGMSXWALK-0001)
                                   Chapter 2:  (MGMSXWALK-0002)
                                   Chapter 3:  (MGMSXWALK-0003)
                                   Chapter 4:  (MGMSXWALK-0004)
                                   Chapter 5:  (MGMSXWALK-0005)
                               11. Weapons     (MGWEP-0006)
                               12. Equipment   (MGE-0007)
                               13. Rank Guide  (MGR-0008)
                               14. Transciever Frequencies (MGF-0009)
                               15. Cheats (MGCHEATS-00010)
                               16. Credits (Credit-0011)
                               17. Outroduction (Out-0001)

                                    1. Updates

0.01 - 10/2/18 -  Basic Foundation of the guide has been written. ---------
                  This includes an Update/Version chart, Contact information
                  Live streaming, Copyright/use information and Introduction.
                  Walkthrough is being written.

0.02 - 12/31/18    - Wrote Charcter bios and How to Play section. Also wrote 
                     Rank and Transciever Guide. Walkthrough still on the 

0.3 - 1/06/19      - Walkthrough complete, may rewrite some parts. More on
                     this soon. Added Weapons, Equipment, Tranciever Freq and
                     Rank Guide. Also added a CTRL + F system for the main -

0.4 - 1/11/19      - Rewrote some parts in Chapter 1 and 2. Route seems much
                     faster, and less backtracking that my original draft.

0.5 - 1/13/19      - Rewrote Chapters 3, added in a 4th chapter and redid 5.
                     Walkthrough Complete. Added in the rest of the material
                     needed to make this a complete guide.

1.00 - 1/13/19       - Guide is ready to be published.

1.01 - 1/17/19        - Added in more CTRL + F Functions and a How to Use
                      Section to make easier on the reader.

1.02 - 2/07/19*     - Did a minor clean up of some sections. This is a
                      inclusion of grammer/typo mistakes. Added in a new
                      entry in the Mechanical section of the guide (found
                      under characters) Re-wrote some sections that needed
                      it. The direct walkthrough however is unchanged.

                        2. How to Use this Guide

This guide was written in fine detail on how to get through the entire game.
You must fallow it from beginning to end in order to get the best resault in
finishing this title. In this guide, I will be using Directions such as North
and South, East, and West...etc

                                NW N  NE
                                 \ ^ /
                              W <------> E
                                 / |\
                                /  V \
                             SW    S  SE

North is always Up on the Screen.

South is always Down on the Screen.

East is always Right on the Screen.

West is always Left on the Screen.

Keep this in mind as you play and you shouldn't have any issues.

                               3. Contact

If you're looking for help with this title, on a particular area, or simply -
want to help out by making suggestions or to let the author know that the this
guide needs certain fixes or touch ups? (Typos, grammar errors...etc) or want
to throw in your own tips, secrets and strats and see them posted here (with
credit of course!) Even a Thank You helps! Use the e-mail below - but please
give the writer a few days to respond (maybe less than that!) 

E-MAIL: necroticgg@gmail.com


HELP = You are stuck in a certain area/section and need help progressing

TIP  = You are giving me a tip or strategy with a certain area/boss...etc

FIXES = See an error in this guide? Let me know!

SUG = Have any suggestions on what I can do to make this guide better

COM: Have any commets on my guide to help, dislike...etc.

                              4. Live Stream

Want to hang out with the writer of this Walkthrough/FAQ? Or do you simply --
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Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/necroticgg

The schedule is on the main profile, and changes accordingly. All times are 
Central Standard Time.

Streaming helps by allowing me to hang out with fellow fans of a particular
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hear your gaming stories, your best gaming memories, wisdom and experience on
your favorite games, consoles, and nerd culture! Some streams may be potenial
future Walkthroughs/Guides/FAQs and Tutorials.

For more updates on guides or streaming updates (going live...etc) feel free
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                          5. Donations

To donate to Paypal, please use necroticgg@gmail.com

Donations aren't needed but are accepted and appreciated! Your contributions -
will not be used for personal gain period. Instead they will go to help me on
my Twitch channel in many new and unique ways. If you do decide to donate: I
personally thank you!

1. Help make a better Stream/Channel!
    A1. New Streaming Content

2. Events
    A. Prizes
     B. Give-A-Ways!

                       6. Copyright/Use/Host

This guide is copyright under NecroticGG (Necrotic Good Games) and is free to
be used amongst the public. Either for help, research only. Anyone caught in -
the use of this guide privately (their own gain, used in another FAQ...etc) -
will be dealt with by legal means. You may print this guide for your own
use. If you wish to use parts of this guide in your own guide please just
e-mail the author asking for permission.

Copyrighted as of 2019.

Metal Gear (Characters, music, game(s)...etc) are a copyright and trademark of
Konami. For more information on products, help or anything else please visit 
them at https://www.konami.com

Hosting -

GameFAQs: https://www.gamefaqs.com
Currently on GameFAQs can only host my guides, future releases of this guide
will be pending on other sites!

                            7. Introduction

Hi there! Thank you for choosing my guide for Metal Gear for the MSX. However,
this guide has been written for the Playstation 2 and 3 versions for the MGS3
Subsistence and Legacy Collection release. All you need to do is place in the
second disk of the MGS3 Sub release, or the 2nd Disc from Legacy and load up
Metal Gear Solid 3. From there, go to the menu and select Metal Gear. If you -
reached this guide and are playing on an actual MSX (or other means...) do not
worry, as this guide will also help you through the game. So honestly, this g
-uide itself is not bias on which platform you're playing on (MSX, PS2, PS3!)
Now with that said...

Metal Gear, which was originally released in Japan and Europe on the MSX Home
Computer is the beginning of a legacy created by none other: Hideo Kojima. It
was during the development of this title, that it was going to be a typical -
run and gun shooter, however due to the MSX Hardware limitations, the game was
instead turned into what we know of Metal Gear to do this day. The concept of
the game is to sneak around enemy forces, while trying to avoid combat. It is
the first that places in stealth, strategy and tactics to get by. The game's -
core concept and message is an Anti-Nuclear Weapons theme.

You play a rookie FOX-HOUND Operative named Solid Snake, who has been tasked -
with the mission: to infilrate an enemy nation fortress known as OUTER HEAVEN.
Which is located at 200 kilometers North of Galzburg, South Africa. His mission
is to find and locate a missing FOX-HOUND Operative, code named: Gray Fox, who
went missing while uttering the last words of over the Raido TRANSCEIVER: 


What exactly is Metal Gear?... The code name itself describes a military based
weapon, armed to the teeth in serious fire power. It is a walking mobile battl
-e tank, able to operative with little, to no support and has the ability to -
launch Nuclear Weapons from any terrian from any part of the world. It is here
in this game, as I mentioned before, you will utilize stealth, strategy and of
course tactics, while utilizing a vast amount of weapons and equipment, that
you will find as you progress through the title. You will have to hide from and
sneak around enemy soldiers, surveillance cameras, laser sensoring equipment -
and traps. You are also given task to resue Cvilian Hostages and P.O.W.'s in t
-he enemy nation fortress. Welcome to the OUTER HEAVEN UPRISING, a force that
threatens the entire world.

                           8. Characters


Big Boss: Your commanding Officer and leader of Special Forces Unit FOX-HOUND.
          Gives certain tips to Solid Snake in TRANSCIEVER.

Gray Fox: The only member in FOX-HOUND to recieve the code name: FOX. A close
          friend to Solid Snake, he is captured by the forces of OUTER HEAVEN.

Solid Snake: The main protagonist of the game. An excellent Soldier, but is
             considered a Rookie in FOX-HOUND. A master of Sealth, Weapons
             and CQC.


Kyle Schneider - Resistance Movement Leader. Helps Snake find certain items.
                 via. TRANSCIEVER.

Diane - Former vocalist for the Punk Rock band Thin Wall. She helps Snake via
        TRANSCIEVER with Outer Heaven's layout, traps, weapon defense systems
        and game Bosses. Most of time answered by her brother Steve, if she is
        busy (excuses.)

Jennifer - Resistance member, just like Diane. She infiltrated OUTER HEAVEN
           taking the guise of a Nurse. Help's Solid Snake by giving him info
           on weapons and equipment. (Note: She will not talk to you until you
           are ranked a 4th Star.)

Civillian Hostages ----

Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar - A Russian Robotics Engineer, captured by the
                              forces of OUTER HEAVEN. Forced to create the
                              TX-55 Metal Gear unit.

Ellen Madnar - The daughter of Dr. Madnar and former ballete Dancer. Used as
               leverage to force her father to work on the TX-55 unit.


Enemy Soldier Ambush - An Ambush that lays in wait for Snake in a room in the
                       Enemy Nation Fortress.

Shotmaker/Shotgunner - A former Spetsnaz Operative; Defected from the Soviet 
                       Union to join OUTER HEAVEN. Prison wardern and watcher
                       of Gray Fox.

Machinegun Kid - A former SAS Operative turned Merc, joins OUTER HEAVEN. He -
                 specializes in Machine Gun tactics and guards the Parachute.
Bloody Brad (or Arnold) - Two cybernetic organism's that protect Card #7 in
                          OUTER HEAVEN. 

Fire Trooper - A former Anti-Terrorist Police Officer, for the German GSG9. A
               pyro with a flamer thrower.

Dirty Duck (Coward Duck) - An expert in dirty fighting. Loves to take hostages
                           and use them against his enemy. An Ex-Terrorist ---
                           Leader who joined Outer Heaven and minor hints that
                           he is from Australia due to the Boomarang's he uses
                           in combat.

Mechanical ----

HIND D - A Russian Attack Helicopter.

Tank - A tank equipped with two machine gun turrents and of course it's Main

Bulldozer - This machine is simply used to smash our hero against the wall and
            end his mission. 

Metal Gear TX-55 - Created as a method of deterrance for Outer Heaven and to
                   protect them from other Nations. Heavily armed with state -
                   of the art Armaments, Machine Guns, Lasers, and Missiles.
                   Also has the ability to fire off two Nuclear Weapons in the
                   world on any terrian as it is a Mobile tank, unlike regular
                   Tanks, it walks up right. The major threat in the game. 

                                       9. How to Play

As mentioned above, Metal Gear isn't a normal war based game. It is a stealth
game, where you control a FOX-HOUND Operative. The goal is to sneak by enemies
unseen, while collecting weapons and equipment to better your odds of survival
in the Enemy Nation Fortress: OUTER HEAVEN. However, sometimes stealth is not
the answer if you feel like you're going to get caught. Here in this section,
you will be shown the basics of how to play the game itself. Choosing the righ
-t tactics is up to the player.

i. Mechanics -  As Solid Snake, you're going to want to understand the world
_______________ and rules of Metal Gear. First and for most is taking control
of Snake himself. The game itself as I write this, is being played on the Sony
Playstation 3, using Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection. This is also for
Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. The HD Collection does not have the 2nd disc
for MGS3. Here you will find the control layout for both MSX and PS2/PS3 use.

PS2/PS3 ----

Sqauare: Fire a Weapon    L1: N/A
                          L2: Opens Equipment Menu
X: Punch                    

Circle: Punch             R1: N/A
                          R2: Opens Weapon Menu
Triangle: N/A

Select: Radio/Transciever Start: Pauses game, opens up menu screen

Left Stick: Moves Player  Right Stick: N/A

D-Pad: Moves Player       L3: N/A 
                          R3: N/A

MSX ----

<- -> (Aorrow keypad: Moves Player, or make use of a Joystick or controller
  |                   with a D-Pad.

N on keyboard or B on controller: Punch

Space Bar or A Button on controller: Fire Weapon

F1: Pause or Unpause      F4: Radio/Transciever 
F2: Opens Weapon Menu     F5: Will save game if paused
F3: Opens Equipment Menu  F4: Will load game if paused

NOTE ABOUT SAVING ON THE MSX: You will need a cassette player connected to the
the MSX in order to save/load data. (I don't own a MSX so I assume you need a
special cassette tape.)


The most important part of this game. Unlike the typical Run and Gun shooters
that we have seen on some of the older consoles of the 80s/early 90s. Metal Ge
-ar rewards the player with stealth game play. Basically, you move around an -
enemy unseen. Enemies have a Line of Sight mechanic in the game which will be
explained more later in this section.

You will want to make use of walls, crates, vehicles, and shadow areas as well
as the famous Cardboard Box to move unseen by the enemy. Shadowy areas can be
seen in the game as more darker palletes on the map and guards cannot see you
in these areas as long as you are not directly infront of them and remain stil

CQC ----  

This stands for Close-Quarter-Combat. Naturally due to FOX-HOUND procedure, -
Snake will have no weapons and will only have a pack of cigarettes and a pair
of Bionoculars. Without any weapons, you are given the ability to punch a Sold

Punching a Soldier has two effects. One Punch or Two, will stun an enemy in pl
-ace, giving you enough time to move to a safe stealthed position. Walking thr
-ough an Enemy Guard will not damage you, if they stunned. Neutralize/Killing
a Guard requires 3-4 Punches and removes them from the map until you leave the


Certain weapons in this game can be equipped with a Silencer to remove muzzle
flash and silence the weapon. There are only two weapons in the game that make
use of the SILENCER (which is found after a certain boss fight), which are the
HANDGUN and SUBMACHINE GUN. Other weapons such as Grenades, R.C. Missles, and
Mines, and Plastic Explosives and the Rocket Launcher make noise.

Mines are Placement weapons: which only trigger when an enemy steps on them.

Plastic Explosives are also Placement weapons: which only explode after a cert
-ainly small period of time, which have a huge blast radius, so moving away is


Equipment is what you will find when exploring Outer Heaven and spoken about
by certain Hostages/P.O.W's or by certain TRANSCIEVER Conversations. An exampl
-e of this are Key Cards which are required to open certain doors. You will -
also have acceess to certain items that refill your health, negate damage and
or use to progress to get further in the game.

RANK ----

Rank increases after you save a certain amount of P.O.W's (Hostages) and goes
from 1 to 4. Four being the highest. As you increase in rank your health pool
goes up, as well as your ability to carry more ammo and rations. However, if
you accidently shoot a prisoner, your rank will go down and can not be returne
-d. So basically, save carefully and reload your save if this happens. 

You MUST be Four Stars in order to finish the game.

ii. Enemy Guide - You will encounter many enemies in the game. Most you can
_________________ avoid, others you cannot. If you are discovered by an enemy
the game will go into Alert Mode. Alert Mode is triggered when an enemy soldie
-r spots Solid Snake. There are two types of Alerts. "!" means that only the
enemy on screen is gunning for you. While "!!" means that they called in for -
reinforcements. Also if an "!" is activated, if you move off screen, the Alert
will automatically cancel, while a "!!" means you need to defend yourself or 
get to certain areas that Alert's are dismissed.
Enemies also have a certain Line of Sight (LoS) they use in Metal Gear.  ^
They are able to see North, South, East and West in a direct line. So as |   
long as you are not in their LoS, or make use of Shadow Areas or the - <- ->
famous Cardboard Box, you should be fine.                                |
There other things you need to be noted of while playing. Enemy Soldier's are
not the only thing you need to worry about.

Surveillance Camera's: These are mounted wall cameras that move from left to
right or vise versa and only have 1 LoS. To pass them unnoticed, make use of
the Cardboard Box. Please make notice, that if a Camera spots you it will be
a "!!" type of alert, as an alarm sound will go off and the areas with them
will be flooded with Enemy Soldiers.

Laser Sensors: Some areas will have Laser Senoring Beams and will require eith
-er. the use of INFRARED GOGGLES, Cigarettes, or memorizing their layout and
pattern. Some beams are stationed and won't move, while later, beams will have
a certain pattern and will move around, which you will have to by pass. You -
can easily tell that you are in an area with these beams, by looking at the 
electronic boxes with a red dot in the middle of them.

Laser Cameras: You won't deal with these until you reach the last area of the 
game. They will not trigger an Alert, but will shoot a powerful lazer at you -
in which you need to avoid.

PITFALLS/PIT TRAPS - These will cost an instant death. You won't see much of --
these unless you're on a higher floor, or an area that has them. Pit Traps -
will open automatically around you, quickly move out of their way before being
consumed by the blackness that is a pit fall. (sorry I couldn't resist!)

Enemy Soldier Patrols  ----

Each Guard you come across will have a level set (by how many Bullets it takes
to kill them.) This is based on their color. I will also use the Ranking system
found in later Metal Gear titles to give later players a better understanding 
of how this works. (I stumbled upon this by accident after learning some of the
guards take more bullet hits than others in direct combat, in order to take --
them down.

Grey:  Level 1 (E)
Brown: Level 2 (C)
Red:   Level 3 (B)
Green: Level 4 (A)
Blue:  Level 5 (S)   


Certain floors/areas have Bosses. These are slightly harder than normal enemy
Soldiers and require a certain tactic (such as a certain weapon) to defeat the
-m. You can either contact Diane via TRANSCIEVER or use this guide to help ---
gain an advantage.

                                   10. Walkthrough

                                   And so it begins!

                           Chapter 1: Operation Intrude N313

Building #1: Main Floor (Area 1)

As soon as the game starts, Solid Snake will swim to his targeted objective in
order to in to the military fortress known as Outer Heaven. He will recieve a
TRANSCIEVER call from Big Boss, who will explain the mission objectives. You -
find that Gray Fox, another member of the same unit as Snake (FOX-HOUND), was
taken hostage earlier. You have two mission objectives: 

1. Rescue Grey Fox
2. Destroy Metal Gear TX-55

TIP: To keep in constant Contact with Big Boss, either use the TRANSCIEVER
     Frequency 120.85 (for Building #1) or if playing on the MGS3 release of
     MGS3: Sub, the HD/Legacy Collection, the select button on your DS3 (DS2)
     to open the TRANSCIEVER and press down on the D-pad to access previously
     used frequencies (of characters only)

You will now infiltrate the fortress. You probably noticed that on your Equipm
-ment and Weapon Screens: Snake will only came with a pack of cigarettes and -
no weapons. Do not worry, as FOX-HOUND Operatives are specialized in  P-O-S or
Procure-on-site only and to leave no traces of their existence, period. You as
Snake, are a ghost and stealth is crucial for this operation, and will need to
make full use of it in order complete the mission.

So as of right now, as mentioned above: You have no weapons. Lucky for you, -
Snake knows CQC (Close-Quarters Combat!) You'll be outside of the fortress wit
-h Tanks in front of it. Head inside and you will recieve a TRANSCIVER call --
from Big Boss who explains that your mission is Inflitration and stealth, you
are not to be discovered by any enemy soldiers. (I just said that... It's like
it knows...) You will be in a room with three tanks and come crates that you
can use to hide behind. Make your way North to the next screen. Here you will
encounter your first set of enemy soldiers on patrol. Pay strict attention to
their movements and which way their head is pointed in order to bypass/take th
-em out. For now, you will want to head East to the next screen.

On this screen you will see three Cargo Trucks; the firstt truck, on the left,
is holding some Rations, which are used to recover lost health if you are in a
jam. Go inside and obtain a total of three (3) by leaving the truck and going
back inside. 

NOTE: You can only carry a certain amount of Rations and Munitions due to the

Now that we're done collecting Rations, leave the truck and hide on the left -
of it and wait. After a moment an enemy soldier will come out of the middle tr
-uck and begin his patrol route. Watch his movements carefully. Once you are
in a clear position to move in, head in to the truck he just came out of, it
is inside that you will acquire **CARD 1** Now quickly leave before the soldie
-r returns. The third truck, if the coast is clear, you will find inside a ver
-y handy piece of equipment **BIONOCULARS* which you can use to scout ahead in
order to see what you are getting yourself into.

NOTE: Use the BIONOCULARS to recon enemy placements and to see if there are 
      Cameras and Infrared Sensors! Using them will pause the game world while
      you are observing. However it will not show enemy patrol routes.

TIP: You should notice there are darker patch tiles in this game. These act as
     a means to conceal Snake in the sahdows, maker it harder for enemies to -
     spot you.

Now head back West to return to the previous area. Upon re-entering the screen
you will notice the guards have changed their positions and patrol routes. You
will want to mental note this, as this is common through out the game. Bypass
or take them out as needed and make your way South (back to where Snake made -
his entrance inside of Buidling #1). Here is a good spot to make use of the
BIONOCULARS and point them East with the D-Pad. You will see on this screen th
-at there are two Guards on patrol surrounded by two parked tanks. Next, make
your way East and watch their routes and movements carefully. Bypass/take them
out as needed and continue East to the next screen. Here you will find a door.

NOTE: Card levels go from 1 - 8. A locked door requires a certain Card Level
      to enter. Be mindful of this and memorize what you can, as it can, at
      most times: save your life.

Use **CARD #1** to enter the door here, you will find a guard who will decide
to fall in to sleep. (ZZZ's will appear of his head in a thought buble!) Use
this time to your advantage and acquire the **GAS MASK**, which we will need
soon. Leave the room and make your way back West Two times, then head back
North to the room where we encounted are first section of guards. You will wan
-t to Bypass/take them out as needed and continue heading North to the next -
screen where you will see two more sentries. Again, pay strict attention to th
-eir routes/movement patterns and Bypass/Take them out as needed. Head North 
again to be in front of a room with an Elevator in the back, guarded by two
(2) Red Guards.

Ignore them for now and make your way East. On this next screen you will come
across three (3) trucks. The first one will have a **HANDGUN** inside, which
we will now be equipped (but no ammo) to at least put up a fight, if need be. 

TIP: At this current state, do not fire your Handgun in an open area with 
     enemy patrols, the flash and sound will force the enemy into Alert Mode.
     This is because we do not have a Silencer yet.

Leave the truck and hide on the left of it. as the other two trucks will have
enemy soldiers come out to do patrols. The first guard that pops out will rath
-er quickly go back inside the truck, while the far right one will have an act
-ual patrol route. Ignore the middle truck and head inside the far right one
(3rd) truck. Inside you will find **MINE**, Don't worry about the Guard return
-ing inside. Make your way out, avoid the middle truck as you will be ambushed
by three (3) guards on the inside. Return to the previous screen (West) to be
in the room with the Elevator that is being protected by two (2) guards. Hide
and wait for their SHFIT CHANGE, which will make them leave their spot and pat
-rol to the Eastern screen. Quickly and useeningly enter the Elevator.

TIP: Use the inside Elevator areas for times to save your game progress!

NOTE: There are two Elevators located in Building #1, this one takes us to the
      Third (3nd) Floor. 

The screen will change to a more Side scrolling position. Head in to the Eleva
-tor and press up on the D-Pad or the proper MSX key to ascend to the Third --
(3nd) Floor. 

AUTHOR NOTE: 1/8/2019 - Rewrite.

Building #1: Third Floor (Area 2)

Leave the Elevator shaft to the next screen. In this room, you will notice tha
-t there are two Surveillance Cameras. For now, ignore heading East. As we do
not have the proper key card clearance for that section (to enter the rooms in
that area yet...) For now, you will want to make your way South without being
discovered by the Cameras. Watch their movements. You should notice there are
two ways to go South. That option is up to you, as long as you can avoid from
being detected from the security systems. 

On the South screen, you will see two enemy soldiers on patrol. On the Eastern
wall, you will see a closed door and another one just opened. The closed door
you will want to ignore for now, due to lacking proper security clearance. So
head to the opended doorway and go inside to find a Munitions Crate. Just try
to remember enemy soldiers positionings in this section before entering and
use it to your advantage as Solid Snake, to bypass/take them out as needed.

NOTE: Munitions Crates fill up Ammo for the Handgun, SMG, Grenade Launcher and
      the Rocket Launcher only.

Keep entering this room to max out your Handgun to 50 bullets. We cannot carry
anymore than that due to your STAR/CLASS RANK.

TIP: In order to increase your Star/Class Rank you must rescue 5 
     Hostages/P.O.W's to increase your rank level. When you reach
     a new level (1 to 4) your Health and overall Ration/Ammo carry 
     will increase.

Return to the room with the Ammo Crate inside, head to the western door and ma
-ke use of CARD #1 to open it. Head inside to find your first Hostage/P.O.W. -
walk up to him to untie him to recue him.

NOTE: Whatever you do under any circumstances ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SHOOT the
      Hostages/P.O.W's. If you do, your rank will go down. This will be
      very important for later and I will explain it when the time comes.

Next, use CARD #1 to open the door on the Eastern wall. Open it, but do not -
step inside. Go into the Equipment Menu and put on the GAS MASK. If you do not
have the Gas Mask, contact Schneider at TRANSCIVER FREQUENCY: 120.79 and back
track on this walkthrough to find it, if you haven't thus far. Kyle Schneider
so happens to be the Resistance Leader against OUTER HEAVEN. Make your way -
through the gas chamber to the next door, located on the far Western wall; use
CARD #1 to to open the door, but quickly equip your Gas Mask again so you will
not take some damage before leaving (you will take slight damage as you open -
the door though before you try to requip it.)

On this next screen you will want to stay in the shadows (the dark tiles on -
the floor) and take notice to the lone patrol and single Surveillance Camera.
The first upper door on the Western wall we do not have clearance for yet. The
second (2nd) door on the bottom of the Western wall will require CARD #1. In -
here you will find a second Hostage/P.O.W. to rescue, who will have some info
on the missing FOXHOUND Operative: Grey Fox and explains that he got captured
by enemy forces. At least we still know he's alive; leave the room and watch
out of security surveillance and patrol routes. Make your way East, here you w
-ill see an opened door with a soldier (who cannot see you) on the other side.

Head inside this room to find one of your first trap obstacle. The Roller here
will move from left to right. If you are caught by it, you will crushed to dea
-th and grants you an automatic Game Over. On the left side on this room, you
will find a **PLASTIC EXPLOSIVE** (I recomend picking it up as we will need it
for later.) You can only carry 5 Plastic Explosives and Mines for now. Next -
you will want to go to the open doorway on the Eastern side of this room, all
while you avoid the Roller. On the next screen, avoid the enemy solider, with
bypassing/taking them out if needed. Slip by and continue heading East to the
next screen.

Here you will see two new patrols. Do whatever means to bypass/take them out.
Then advance to the next screen (i.e go East.) On the next screen, you will
see a lone guard and another two Surveillance Cameras. The first door you -
see on the Eastern wall we cannot access yet. Instead, make your way towards
the bottom eastern door with CARD #1 and open the door, enter this room to fin
-d **CARD #2**. Leave the room, again bypass the security systems and the lone
soldier and head in to the upper North Western door and use CARD #2, inside to
find Ration(s). Replenish your health and stock if need be. 

Now leave this room and make your way East. Here you will recieve a TRANSCIEVE
-R call from Big Boss. He will tell you (and if you noticed) the floor is elec
-trified and in order to by pass it we will need an R.C. Missile (Remot Contro
-lled Missle) to shoot the panel in order to disarm the floor. We cannot make
any progress further. Contact Kyle Schneider and he will tell you that the --
weapon needed is in the South-West of this floor.

Back track to the room with the two guards on patrol and slip by them and retu
-rn to the room with Roller (where we previously found the PALSTIC EXPLOSIVE)
and leave by entering the Western doorway. Here, head back West to the area wi
-th a lone soldier and a single Surveillance Camera. On the upper Northen West
door, use CARD #2 to enter the room to find the R.C. Missile. You can only car
-ry 5 in total (for now.) Next: make your way back to the room with the electr
-ified floor. Equip the R.C. Missile launcher and look to see where the Panel
is. It should look obvious as it has a red switch on it. which is located on
the Northern Western wall. 

TIP: R.C. Missiles, upon fired can be controlled with your D-Pad or the
     assigned MSX keys/controller.

Fire it and take out the panel to turn off the floor then make your way the No
-rth screen. Here you will see two soldiers on patrol and two hallways. On the
Eastern hallway you will see a door that will require CARD #1 to enter. Inside
will be a Hostage/P.O.W. upon his rescue, he will tell you information on anot
-her Resistance member named Diane and she can be contacted on TRANSCIEVER --
Frequency: 120.33. If you contact her right away, a man named Steve will pick
up the radio call and explains she went out shopping. Next, you will want to
return to the previous screen make your way North while slipping pass the

On this screen you will find an Elevator being protected by two guards. Ignore
the Elevator for now (or use it if you want to play it safe and save your game
at this time. Either way is good.) Head East, to find yourself in a room with
Level 3 (B) Guards/Soldiers. The North Eastern Door here will require Card #2
and inside you will find the Legendary **CARDBOARD BOX**. The Western Door, is
where we need to go and requires CARD #2 to enter.

Once on the next screen, this room will be patrolled by lesser Soldiers. Use
Card #2 to enter the center room (warehouse) and inside you will fight...

Boss: The Abmushers

How did they know we were coming? There has to be a leak some where... Anyways
these are just normal Level 2 (C) Guards. Just take cover and dispose of them
with your HANDGUN, once they are all defeated, one of them will drop a very
special item known as the **SUPPRESSOR**

NOTE: if you need any extra help Diane is willing to give you some tips.

TIP:  The Supressor is an attachment that is fitted to your Handgun and SMG
      (in which we will pick up a bit later.) This prevents muzzle flash and
      sound so you can take out soldiers quickly if needed without having to
      worry about the two Alert Phases.

The Eastern door requires Card #1 and inside you will find a new weapon called
the **GRENADE LAUNCHER**. Now leave these two rooms and get back in to the ma-
-in area. You can use this time to head East to go back to the Elevator which
we started from and use the previous floors to stock back upon Rations. Also,
a good time to save would be here. Make your way back up to Floor 3 (if you
wanted to restock on Rations) if not, make your way back East to the other Ele
-vator. Inside here, this will not only take you back to the 3rd Floor, but yo
-u can also gain access to Floor 2, Roof, Ground Floor. and the Basement. Head
down to the Ground Floor (1st) Floor.

Building #1: Ground Floor (Area 3)

Outside the Eleavor, you will be on the Ground Floor. You will find yourself -
in a room with three unoperated Tanks and two enemy soldiers on patrol. Make
use of the Cardboard Box here and bypass/take them out as you head South to -
the next screen. Here you will see three Surveillance Cameras, so make use of
the Cardboard Box again. The door on the Western wall (left wall) will require
CARD #2 to open. Inside you will find a Hostage/P.O.W with holds more info on
Grey Fox. Apparently, he is being held in a top secret cell. Leave this room
and head South again to be in a room with two soliders on patrol. The right 
(Eastern) door which requires CARD #2 holds the **SUBMACHINE GUN** (SMG) while
the other door (western/left) requires CARD #1, which inside will hold another
Hostage/P.O.W. Who tells you that the only way to get close to Grey Fox's secr
-et shell is to get caught by the Enemy. You should also be CLASS/STAR RANK 2
now, which comes with a Health pool increase and Ration/Ammo increase.

Next you will want to continue SOut to the next screen, here you will see two
more enemy soldiers on patrol. By pass them, then head West to a dead end, mov
-e towards it and enemy soldiers will sneak up on and sorround the rookie Soli
-d Snake and capture him... We are now in a cell, use this time to save and to

                                   Chapter 2: Capture/Escape!

Building #1: Basement #1 (Area 4)

Solid Snake will find himself in a basement cell and the TRANSCIEVER will beep
so that he can establish audio contact with Big Boss, who states that the infi
-ltration was a success. Snake's next objective: is to find the hidden cell -
that is holding Grey Fox. But, how are we going to do that? Well Big Boss says
to check the walls. To find the FOXHOUND Operative: Grey Fox is one thing, but
escaping is a completely different ask all together. Check the Western walls
and punch them. You'll notice one sound, when you punch it, but when you keep
puching around the wall you'll eventually hear a noise a "?" thought bubble wi
-ll appear over Snake's head, keep punching that wall until it opens. Head in
to the next room to find Grey Fox, and untie him. He will have information on
the Metal Gear.

It turns out: that the Metal Gear TX-55 unit is a mobile-walking battle tank
armored to the core armed with to the teeth with weapons. It can be handled -
solo or with little back up support. But that isn't what makes it the most
dangerous warmachine of all time, it's capable to launching two Nuclear Missil
-es, from any terrian on any part of the world. We also will need to find a -
Civillian Hostage named Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar, who is being held inside
Building #1 some where. Not only is he the developer of the Metal Gear TX-55
but is being forced to work on it for unknown reasons. Only he knows how to
destroy the Metal Gear unit.

After the conversation, you will want to check the southern wall by punching
it until you see another "?" thought bubble appear over Snake's head. Keep pun
-ching the wall until it reveals an entrance. Now if you goto your Equipment -
and Weapon Menu, you will notice we lost all our tools. We can't finish the
mission like this. Leave the cell by going South. Now that we are outside, you
will want to go East to the next screen.

BOSS: Shotmaker

Alright, so this the second boss fight in the game. Quickly make your way
across to the west where some crates are and hide behind them. We have no
weapons to directly fight him, but we're in luck. You should seen two doors
on the eastern wall. The left door we cannot open (yet) and the door on the
right is openable by punching it. Head inside before you take any damage,
in here you will find all your WEAPONS/EQUIPMENT that you collected thus far
in a bag. Now return to the boss room and hide behind the crates. 

Reason being is that his shotgun blast cannot penatrate the crates, so he
will not hurt you as long as you main in this position. But how do we kill
him? You can contact Diane 120.33 and she will tell you, or you can just 
equipped the R.C. Missile Launcher. Four (4) shots (at a time) will kill

And whatever you do, don't try to get close to him or it will be an early
grave for Solid Snake!

- He will role side to side in order to try to aim at you.
- His Shot Gun blast look like a burst shot, and does serious damage.
- He will halt all attack when you're taking cover
- His Shotgun burst cannot go beyond the cates.

Simple fight, eh? Now quickly check your Equipment window and you see that a
very odd item has been added your inventory called a **TRANSMITTER** Quickly
get rid of it wit the X button on your PS3/assigned MSX key. 

NOTE: If you keep the Transmitter in your inventory, it will alert all enemies
      to your position. So getting rid of it now, will save your life.

Now head over the Left door on the Southern wall that we could not open. Use
CARD #2 on it. Inside you will find munitions and **CARD #3**! Use your new
access clearance to open up the Eastern door in the previous room (where you
fought Shotmaker). Go inside and now we'll be futher in the basement. But take
notice that there are guard dogs patrolling the area. They will either come up
and attack you, or if switch screens they will chase you. The only way to disp
-ose of them is use your Handgun on them, as punching them won't do anything.

We have a few items we need to collect here, so we're going to be here for a
little bit. Head East to the next screen, passing a door we can't enter yet. 
On the next screen, take out the Guard Dog that comes at you, then punch the
western wall until you see a "?" appear of Snake's head. Plant a Plastic Explo
-sive here, which will reveal an entrance. Head inside to find Munitions and
Plastic Explosives. Use this room to restock on Plastic Explosives before we
leave the Basement. Head back west near the area we originally came out of, 
take out the Guard Dog here and make your way North to the next screen. Here
punch the Western wall until you see a "?" over Snake's head, plant another
Plastic Explosive here, that will reveal room. Head inside!

NOTE: Do not stand directly on or by Plastic Explosives or you will recieve
      some serious damage from its blast (and blast radius)

In this room you will find an **ENEMY UNIFORM**, which we will need for later.
Leave the room and go back to the open door just South of you (again the door
that led to where the Shotmaker was). Now you will notice there is a maze like
structure in this basement. Punch the wall (infront of the open door) to see a
"?" appear over Snake's head, plant another Plastic Explosive here. This will
open a path in to the maze. Ignore going West, as it leads to a deadend. Go
East instead to the next screen, and follow it around until you come to anothe
-r dead end. Once you reach it, punch the left portion of the wall until you 
hear a noise and a "?" appears over Snake's head, do the same as last time to
blast open a new entrance. Head down the new path and follow it around around
until you see a spot that takes you East. Ignore it, and punch the lower wall
just where the East room connects. You'll hear a noise and a "?" will appear
yet again, do the same thing here to blast open a new entrance. Go in and head
around it until you come to a door, here use CARD #3 to enter the room and be
sure to pick up the **BOMB BLAST SUIT** which we will need abit later. We are
done here, so follow the maze around and go back to the first wall we opened 
up before we opended up the maze to stock back up on Ammo and Plastic Explosiv
-e's. The Elevator can be found to the North, once inside, use this time to -
save your progress. Next we need to get on to the Roof top!

Building #1: Roof (Area 5)

NOTE: We're going to have to do some minor back tracking to the Roof. We are
      only here for now to restock up on some R.C. Missiles.

Once here, Big Boss will contact you via TRANSCIEVER, instructing you to look
for a Bomb Blast Suit due to a Wind Barrier that will prevent you from getting
on the roof. So since we already have it, equip it in order to push through. 
Head west to the next screen to find some enemy soldiers. Bypass them/take the
-m out, once clear head to the next western screen. Here will be a lone guard.
Bypass/take him out if needed and use CARD #3 on the door here, inside you
will find R.C. Missiles. Stock back up and return to the Elevator to the North
and then head to the Second Floor.

Building #1: Second Floor (Area 6)

We have a few items we need to grab on this floor that are important. Equip
the Cardboard Box while you slip pass the Surveillance Cameras until you reach
the nexct screen. Here you will see three soliders. Our objective is the door
on the Western wall which requires CARD #3 to enter. So bypass them/take them
out if needed. Inside this roo, you will notice there are munitions and Plasti
-c Explosives blocked off. They are easy to get to from the previous room, jus
-t watch out for the Surveillance Camera. Anyways, head West to the next door
that also requires CARD #3. Before heading inside, be aware there is a Roller
here, so you'll have to be quick to get to the Southern Door.

Once through, on the next screen you will see a lone Guard that we can easily
bypass/take out. Do so. Head to the next screen and you will see more soldiers
in the area. Get past them by any means and continue heading West. Here in the
hall, you will see two enemy soliders on patrol. One door is locked and requir
-e's CARD #3, inside will be a Hostage/P.O.W. Who says that the only way to ge
-t into the Courtyard of Building #1 is to use a Parachute off the roof top.

Leave the room, the door that is opened on western side, you will find some
Mines. But becareful, there are sleeping guards in this room, so restock with
caution. Now head South to a room where you'll see an unelecrified floor turne
-d off. If you alert the guard in this area he will turn it on, so bypass/take
him out and head to the Western door and use CARD #3 Inside you will find the
**INFRARED GOGGLES** Now back track all the way to the Elevator for this floor
and save your game. 

From the Elevator, make your way south while slipping past the Surveillance -
Cameras until you reach the next screen. Here you will see a lone guard who
will fall asleep, use this opertunity to bypass him without being save and hea
-d to the next screen. Now whatever you do, do not move. Equip your Infrared 
Googles. The screen will turn grey, but the lasers will stand out as red beams
that you can easily see. Cross the first clear spot, then go right, then south
past the beams on this screen.

TIP: Snake can also use his Cigarettes to locate the beams, however on the PS3
     version you will slowly lose life. (Confirm this for me if this happens -
     on the MSX version; I haven't played that port in years.)

Keep going South, then turn and continue where the beam opens, then stop, now
head down and around to the Cell door and use CaRD #1 on it to find a Hostage/
P.O.W. Once he saved, leave the room and head East to the next screen. Here
you will find a lone guard, ignore him and go to the Cell door and open it -
with CARD #3, inside you will find another Hostage/P.O.W. who has more info on
Dr. Madnar, who is being held in a cell located in the inner Courtyard of  --
Building #1. We have two solid leads for now, so that is good.

Leave the room and enter the Western Door with CARD #3 and face...

BOSS: Machinegun Kid

Quickly hide behind one of the pillars. Now equip your R.C. Missles and make -
use of them to take him out. Pretty simple fight, you will kill him with at le
-ast 5 direct hits.

Once we finish off with this Boss, head to North Eastern door with CARD #1 and
go inside to acquire the **PARACHUTE** Now we need to get back to the roof. So
backtrack to the Elevator (don't forget to use the Infrared Googles for the -
sensor beams) and head up. (Also use this time to save!)

Building #1: Roof (Area 7)

As we did before, equip the Bomb Blast Suit to get through the Wind Barrier.
We are going to stock up Munitions and R.C. Missiles before we progress. First
head West. Bypass/take out the guards here and continue East to find a Lone So
-ldier and a door. Take out the guard with whatever means, and use CARD #3 on
the door and enter it. Inside we'll be back in the room with R.C. Missiles, so
stock on up. Now return to where the Elevator was and head west. By pass the
guards easily here, and continue West. By pass the two guards here while you
continue to head West. On this next screen, easily bypass the next set of sold
-iers and head South. You'll find an open door, inside will be Munitions so, -
stock up! Once you are finished here, leave the room with the ammo crate, and
take the South Eastern path down. Follow it around to a door and use CARD #2
to open it, head inside to find a Hostage/P.O.W. Who also gives you info on
how to jump off the Roof via Parachute. Your CLASS/STAR Rank should now be at
level 3. So do some restocking if you need to, but when you're done doing that
head back tot he Elevator to save.

Now from the Elevator, return to the West screen. Like last time, by pass the
soldiers here and move to the next western screen. Once there, sneak around th
-e guards here, and make your way south to be on a new screen with a moveable
bridge (This is why I had you save.) carefully move across it to the next scre
-en and do it again. If you fall it will be an automatic game over. 

Once you hit the other side of the roof, a Sky Trooper will spot you and force
an alert phase. Quickly go West to the next screen. Keep doing so until you
come to an electrified floor. Quickly use a R.C. Missile to shut off the panel
here, and open up the door with CARD #3, head into the room and quickly grab
the **MINE DETECTOR**, use your SMG (Submachine Gun) here to take out the Sky
Troops that flood the room. Leave it, and make your way east (just make sure
to stay at the top part of the screen.) Eventually you will come across a...

BOSS: Hind D

As soon as you hit the screen, hide behind the upper crates in the corner or 
its gun will shred you to pieces. None of your regular armaments will do in
this fight. So instead, equip your Grenade Laucnher, move from the corner safe
spot. Make sure to stay in the shadows of the Crates so its bullets won't shre
-d you. Make use of 20 Grenades and he will go down. Just be sure to fire them
one at a time.

- The Hind D will just spew it's machine gun at you. So take cover.

Now that were done here... Head Nad North (where the Hind D was cutting us off
from advancing.) Next you'll see an entry point on the western side of the scr
-een. Equip your Parachute and you'll come to a ledge. Jump off to find Snake
in the Courtyard (Ground Floor) of Building #1.

Now that we are done here... Head North (Where the Hind D was cutting us off
from advancing.) Next you'll see an entry point on the Western side of this 
screen. Go and it will appear to be a dead end. Jump off this ledge point and
Solid Snake will use the Parachute to get down below in to the courtyard.

Building #1: Ground Floor (Area 8)

Once you have landed, equip the Mine Detector and go South. You will see some
Mines scattered across the ground. Ignore the truck on the left and enter the
one on the right to find **CARD #4** inside. Leave the truck and head back -
North to where we landed, quickly open the door in front of you with CARD #4
and inside a scene will trigger and you will find out Dr. Madnar isn't in his
holding cell. Leave the room and go West. On this screen, open the last door
you see on the Eastern portion. Inside you will find a Hostage/P.O.W. who has
info on Dr. Madnar. Apparently they just transfered him to Building #2. Leave
the room then go up to the other door and use CARD #4 on it. Here we will be
back in a place that is familiar. (This is the start of the game.) Use this -
time to stock up on Mines and Rations. Then wait for the guards here to change
their shift and use the Elevator and save. Our next objective is to make our
Building #2. But before we do that, there's a piece of gear we need to grab th
-at will make our game slightly more easier in terms of combat. 

From outside of the Elevator (which we saved from) head East to the next part
of the screen. The door on lower Eastern Side use CARD #4 Head inside and you
will be in a room with four enemy soldiers in the center. Equip your Cardboard
Box and sneak past them heading East again. On this next screen head straight
towards the Elevator and enter it, then head down to the Basement level.

Building #1: Basement #1 (Area 9)

From the start of the Basement area, head east, then go South, dispose of the
Guard Dog and continue heading South on to the next screen. Keep going from
screen to screen until you have to turn West, do so. On the next screen you
should see a Southern Door, use CARD #4 here and go inside to find a nifty --
piece of equipment the **BODY ARMOR**

TIP: Body Armor will reduce damage taken in half by enemy weapons.

We are done here, head back to the Elevator and get back to the Ground Floor.

Building #1: Ground Floor (Area 9)

Once back on Ground Level, leave the Elevator, you will now see two enemies on
patrol. Equip your Cardboard Box and get by them, while heading West. You will
then be back in the room with the four soldiers in the center, your objective
is to get through the door on North Western wall. Go outside to reach...

Building #1: Destert #1 (Area 10)

Here you will see two Trucks. The on the right will transport you back inside
Building #1's Courtyard. If you take the same Truck again, it will Transfer
you back inside Building #1. So ignore them, instead the left truck holds some
Plastic Expolsive (if you nee them.) But becareful, this place is filled to -
the teeth with land mines. Equip your Mine Detector to see where they are and
carefully bypass them. Head North. This next screen has more mines, continue
heading north but I recomend staying on the right side. On the next screen you
should be behind a truck with Rations inside of it and you'll notice that some
Tank rounds are being fired at you. Continue heading North while hugging the
right side, until you eventually come across a...

BOSS: Tank

Stay on the sides, and pay attention how the Tank moves. Normal weapons will -
not be able to get through its thick armoring. As it moves Northern and Wester
-n. It will shoot its Machine Gun, if you get in front of it, it will fire its
main Cannon. How do we destroy this thing?

Equip the Land Mines and place them where the Tank is going to move. Use one -
at a time and take cover when you only need to. Continue doing this until the
tank is destroyed. (12 Mines) Just whatever you do, don't plant double Mines
as the 2nd hit won't register, you'll have to use one at a time. So stick a
Mine down, and take cover until the Tank runs over it.

Also, the Body Armor we picked up earlier, should help you some if you take -
hits from its Machine Gun and don't let the Tank directly touch you, or it 
will run you over and cause an instant death.

10 direct hits from a Mine will destroy it.

With the Tank Destroyed, head back South to the truck to restock on Rations.
Now continue North two times, get past to where the tank was guarding and keep
going the same direction, eventually you'll be outside of Building #2. It does
seem that the Enemy has gotten intel that Solid Snake is trying to make his -
way in to the new building. There has to be a leak some where... Big Boss will
then contact you and tells you how to infiltrate Building #2, by putting on -
the Enemy Uniform. He will also change frequencies from 120.85 to 120.13.

With the Enemy Uniform on, just walk up to the stationed patrols, and they -
will grant you access (heh simpletons.)

                       Chapter 3: Locate Dr. Madnar

Building #2: Ground Floor (Area 11)

In this building you will see an aquaduct. Ignore it for now and make your wa
-y West. You will see two guards, one on the western side and another one on 
the Northern side. Keep in mind the enemies can still see you through the gra
-tes surrounding the water works. Bypass/take out the Western soldier then
use CARD #4 on the left Northern door, inside you will find munitions and a
 resupply of mines. Just remember to equip your Cardboard Box before leaving
and re-entering the room, so that the North Eastern guard doesn't spot you.
When you leave the room, remember do not move while in the Cardboard Box, just
wait for the guard on the right to turn his head, then proceed back to the ent
-rance of Building #2. Next head into the water works (keep the Cardboard Box
on.) If the enemy does spot you, don't worry about taking damage. Follow the -
aquaduct West, then head to the Northen Door. Make use of Card #4 and open the
door, but before entering be sure to equip Snake's Grenade Launcher and remove
the Cardboard Box. Once inside...

BOSS: Bulldozer

Not a hard fight, but you must be absolutely good with timing. It will slowly
come towards you and if you hit by it, it is an instant death. So if it gets -
too close, just quickly head out of the room to reset it. To by pass it, you
will need to destroy it with Grenades and the timing has to be quick before it
runs you over and or smashes you against the wall. 

1. Reset the boss if you need to.
2. If you need Ammo, remember where the Mines/Ammo Box is on this floor.
3. If you need extra rations, head back outside and head to the lone truck.

With the machine destroyed, Head North to the door and use CARD #4. Next you -
will be in a room with an Elevator and laser sensors. Equip your Infrared Gogg
-les in order to see the trip beams. These beams are different than the ones -
we saw previously in Building #1 as they have pattern that fluxes. So pay on
attention to that. Head to the Elevator and use it to save then leave. You -
may want to keep the Ifrared Goggles equiped. Avoid the sensors and head East
to the next screen. Next, head South and get in to the water (again: use the
Cardboard Box to avoid the soldiers!)

NOTE: Avoid the dark shadowed watery areas for now, or you will take damage
      and possibily drown.

Now make your way to the Western door and use CARD #2 to enter the room. In
here, bypass/take out the lone guard and go pick up the **ANTENNA** on the -
table. This will prevent your TRANSCIEVER from being jammed. Now back track to
where the Northern Elevator was (just remember to use your Goggles) and head 
up to the Roof.

Building #2: Roof (Area 12)

Once you are on the Roof, and enter the area - you will be ambushed by the --
enemy. Make use of your Submachine Gun here to mop up the mess that is to make
way. Now make your way to the closed door on the South West and use CARD #2.
Inside the cell, you will find a P.O.W. who has intelligence on Dr. Madnar.
Leave this room and then make your way East to the next screen, continue to
follow it East then go down South. Here you will see some Sky Troopers, just
ignore them and head to the door and use CARD #4, here inside: you will have
to face the Soldiers, make quick work of them and quickly get **CARD #5** and
head out.

TIP: Make use of the Body Armor we picked up and Rations if you need an extra
     advantage in combat!

Next head East to find a closed door. Use Card $5 here and head inside to a
room with an Elevator. Quickly head inside to cancel the Alerta nd now head ba
-ck down to the Ground Floor (Floor #1). Don't forget to save!

Building #2: Ground Floor (Area 13)

From the South Eastern Elevator:

Upon arrival, once you leave the Elevator, Snake will be ambushed yet again,
but this time it will not be in a state of Alert. Kill the guards here then
use Card #5 on the Southern Door. In this room you will want to watch out for
the floor in the center of the crates as it is a Pit Trap. One wrong move and
it will be game over. So, just don't go near it, okay? Instead use CARD #5 on
the Western Door. We are now on the South Eastern part of the Ground Floor.
From here head North, to the next screen. This area should now look familiar.

Bypass/take out the guards here and head East. Here, there will be three more
soldiers that will be on patrol. One on the other side of the Water works and
the path we need in order to progress. Head North to the next screen. Here, -
you will find another locked door. Use CARD #5 to enter it to find a P.O.W. He
will tell you information on the Water Works and its connection on how to get
to Building #3. Now leave this area and head back to the North Eastern Elevato

If you don't remember, head South from the room we previously entered. Then -
you will back in the room with three guards by the Water works. Bypass/take -
them out, and then head West. On the next screen, equip the Cardboard Box and
get into the water, then follow it around to the north entry poinnt then to
the next screen. Head North West here to the next screen and you will be in
the room with laser trap sensors, so equipped your Infrared Goggles, head in
to the Elevator and save.

TIP: Use this time to get Munitions from the previous room (the room just befo
-re the Bulldozer) and Rations in Desert #1 in the truck located to the West
of where you fought the tank (just remember to save the game at the Elevator
when you get back.)

Our next Objective is in the Basement. To get there, we need to go back to the
South Western Elevator. Leave the North Eastern Elevator (remember equip your
Goggles) and head East to the next screen. Now equip your Cardboard Box and 
make way South. Get into the water works when everything is clean, then make
your way to the south entry point. Now head South in the opening. Head to the
door on the Eastern side and use CARD #5. In here, remember to avoid the Trap
Floor and make your way to the Eastern opened door. Fight your way through her
-e to the Elevator then head to the Basement.

Building #2: Basement (Area 14)

Once here, take out hte Guard Dogs or run past them and head to the South door
and use CARD #5 to gain access. Once in the main area, Scheinder (the Resistan
-ce Leader) will contact you via TRANSCIEVER letting you know that the whole -
entire basement is a gas chamber. With this point noted, bnefore we continue on
enter the Northern door on the left, with CARD #5 to open. It is here that you
will find another P.O.W. Leave the room, returning to the previous one. Next,
head to the Western door and use CARD #5, but before going in make sure to equ
-ipped your Gas Mask.

On the next screen, make your way North and then East on the next screen, here
you will want to punch the Eastern Upper Right wall to hear a noise and a "?" 
will appear over Snake's head. Planet a Plastic Explosive here to blast open 
the wall to create a new path. Head in, and then go North. Here use Card #1
on the North door and head inside to find another P.O.W, who has information
on how to get out of the Basement level. You should reach CLASS/RANK 4 now.
Leave the room and on this screen you see a door on the left. use Card #5 to
enter. It seem's we have found Dr. Madnar, release him of his binds, but we
soon quickly find out it was his body double to lay a trap. Quickly move away
from the center of the room or you'll be pulled under for an instant death.
Snake finds out that the REAL Dr. Madar is in fact on the Second Floor. Next
you will wanto go through the Western opened door.

In this room, you'll find **CARD #6** laying on a table. Use it to open the
Southern door (just remember to equip your Gas Mask before going outside of
the room!) Next you'll see a door on the Western Wall, ignore it for now and
head North, then East. On this screen you'll see an opened room, inside you'll
find a Roller Trap and some munitions, rations and some Plastic Explosive. Use
this time, but carefully stock up (especially Plastic Explosives) head back to
the Gas Chamber and make your way back West and use CARD #6 on the Western doo

BOSS: Fire Trooper

His Flame throwing has a pretty far radius. Make your way to the Eastern wall
here, then equip the SUBMACHINE GUN. Quickly get to his side, and fire it. He
will go down easily. If he moves towards you, just move to the where he was 
originally standing. But you shouldn't have to do this, as the SMG takes care
of him too easily.

Now enter the Elevator and head to the Second Floor. Don't forget to use this
time to save!

Building #2: Second Floor (Area 15)
TIP: Making use of the Cardboard Box here is crucial if you want to remain
     unseen. Tread lightly on how you wish to do this.

This floor is crawling with enemy patrols, so be on your guard! Our first obje
-ctive is make our way East to the next screen. Ignore the Southern door, and
continue advancing East while bypassing/taking out the guards. On this screen
use Card #6 on the door here. Kill all the enemies inside this room, then you
will see a very special item that is the **ANTIDOTE** which we will need later
on. Now leave this room and return to the previous section. Now leave this --
room and return the previous screen. Bypass/take out the guards here then use
CARD #1 on the South-Eastern door.

Upon entering, you'll be in a Boss room. Quickly make your way to the center
of the room in between the crates and avoid them now. Reason being is that:
we aren't properly equipped to damage the two Cyborgs here, especially with -
our current weaponry. Equip CARD #1 and use it on the Southern left door. On
this screen. On this screen, bypass/take out the lone soldier here and make
your way south then head West to the next screen. Here you'll see in this area
that a door is open to the North Western portion; ignore it, as tempting as it
sounds, there are guards inside. Only go in there if you really need Muniions.
Instead, head North to find more patrols. Bypass them/neutralize them.

Continue heading North to find a locked door. Use CARD #6, inside you will --
finally find the Civillian Hostage: Dr. Madnar. Upon saving him, we found out

Continue heading North to find more patrols. Do what you must here and make
your way North again to find a locked door. Use CARD #6, inside you will final
-ly find the real Civillian Hostage: Dr. Madnar. Upon saving him, we find out
that: that his daughter too is a Hostage, by the name of Ellen Madnar and he 
will not tell us any intel on Metal Gear until we save her. We also find out
that she is being held in the basement of Building #1. Leave this room and
head South

Again, by pass/neutralize the soldiers here, continue south and do the same
thing again (i.e the soldiers) and thern head East. Here, bypass/take out the
guards here, and use CARD #1 on this door to return back to the Boss room. Now
we need to open the southern bottom right door with Card #5. Now, do what you
need to do with the soliders and head inside the opened cell to find a P.O.W.
who has information on crossing the African Desert #2 to get to Building #3.
We will need to find a Compass to cross. Return the previous room and head
back the boss room.

Now enter the Eastern Door, use CARD #5. This will have two guards, take out
the Northern one, then head to the door he was watching. Use Card #3 inside
you will find another P.O.W. who has information on contacting OUTER HEAVEN
Resistance member named Jennifer at TRANSCIEVER Frequency 120.48. Make note of
this, and laeave the room. Take out the bypass/take out the guards and head to
the other door located on the North East (right door.) Head inside using the
CARD #6, then return to the previous room (take out the guard) then contact
Jennifer (120.48) once done, head back inside and pick up a serious form of
fire power: the **ROCKET LAUCNHER**, however, we do not have the ammo for it

Remember that room I told you to skip with the guards in it? That's where we 
need to go to stock up. Just note that if you go into that room it will trigg
-er an Alert Phase. Once done, head back to the Boss room to face...

BOSS: Bloody Brad

When entering this room the first time, you will notice there is no boss music
and they rush you on the sides, but will return to their center positioning as
you move to the center of the room. You cannot damage them with conventional
bullet weapons, so you will need the Rocket Launcher that we picked up. Just
go to the sides and blast them, and take cover when you can. Get rid of these
Cyborg wannabes!

Defeating the Cyborg twins, makes **CARD #7** appear. We have two pieces of eq
-uipment we need to acquire then we are pretty much done with Building #2 (for
now.) Use CARD #2 on the North Eastern door (upper right door) and head to the
next screen. Head East to the next screen and avoid the guard or take him out.
Now make your way to the next screen, then make your way to the door, here you
will want to contact Jennifer Again (120.48) and she will open the door that -
leads you to the **COMPASS** (which we will need a bit later.)

Now make your way back to the Ground Floor. (You should have Building #2 memor
-ized by now.)

Building #2: Second Floor (Area 16)

From the South Eastern Elevator, leave the two rooms until you come to the Wat
-er Works. Head North just a tad, then go West to the next screen. Take out -
the soldier here and use Card #6 on the door, inside you will find another pie
-ce of equipment the **FLASHLIGHT** which is important if you want follow -
either or of these routes.

We have two choices to get back to Building #1. There are two routes to take
and of course the use of Trucks.

A. Head to the Basement of Building #2: Even though this is the fastest route
   to get back, you will need the Flashlight and it is filled with Pit Traps
   all over the place. This is the hardest way to get back, and I would not
   recomend it, nor will I explain how to get through it because it can be
   darn right impossible. (I'm dead serious.)

B. Stay on the Ground Floor of Building #2: This is the safest route, and you
   can easily avoid an instant death (especially if you haven't saved in quite
   some time.) It takes a bit longer, to get back to Building #1, but you can
   use this time restock up on munitions and rations. Also, you can save your
   game before taking off.

The choice is yours....

                     Chapter 4: Hostage Rescue

Building #2: Desert #1 (Area 17)

Make your way past the Desert, don't forget to stop to stock up on Rations if
you need them on the first truck you see going back West. Also, don't forget
there are mines here, so use your Mind Detector, you will eventually come back
to Building #1. Use Card #4 on the door to head inside.

Building #1: Ground Floor (Area 18)

Once inside, you will be in a room with soldiers in the center of the room. J
-ust bypass them, and head East directly to the Elevator and take it to the
Basement level.

Building #1: Basement (Area 19)

Remember to avoid/out run the dogs or shoot them here. From the Elevator make
your way West. Head West again on the next screen, then South two times. This
area should look really familiar to you. Head West and you'll just be outside
of the cell that held Solid Snake and Grey Fox. Use Card #6 on the Eastern Doo
-r. Once further in to the basement kill the two dogs here and use Card #6 on
the door here. and inside you will hear someone screaming "HELP!", Be mindful
of the pit trap here. Punch the Eastern wall until a "?" appears and then you
will want to place a Plastic Explosive to open a new path. Head inside to meet
and rescue Ellen Madnar. We find out that Dr. Madnar's daughter being used as
leverage to force her father to work on the Metal Gear weapon. We are pretty
much done here, stokc up on whatever ammo and rations you need and return to
Building #2.

Remeber to avoid/out run the dogs, or shoot them here. From the Elevator make
your way West. Head West again on the next two screens then South. This area
should look really familiar for you. Use CARD #3 on the door and you'll just
now be outside of the holding cell that housed Solid Snake and Grey Fox. Make
use of Card #6 on the Eastern Door. Once further in the basement kill the two
Dogs here, and use CARD #6 on the door. Once inside, you will hear someone
screaming "HELP!", though bemindful in this room as there is a trap floor. 

Punch the Eastern wall until a "?" appears over Snake's head and then place
a Plastic Explosive over that wall to clear a path. Head inside to meet and -
rescue Ellen Madnar. We found out that Dr. Madnar's daughter is being used as
leverage to force her father to work on the Metal Gear weapon. We are pretty 
much done here. So stock up on whatever ammo and rations you need and return
back to Building #2

NOTE: This basement has a under tunnel, which I mentioned above that takes you
back to the Basement level of Building #2. I suggest not using it. If you do,
do so at your own accord. Also you will need the Flashlight to advance in this

Building #2: Ground Floor (Area 20)

You should know this place by now. Make your way directly to the Elevator as
you avoid the soldiers and passing the security sesonor beams that you came
across earlier. Once inside the Elevator head to Level 2.

Building #2: Ground Floor (Area 20)

You should know this place by now. Make your way directly to the Elevator as
you avoid the soldiers and passing the security sesonor beams that you came
across earlier. Once inside the Elevator head to Level 2.

Building #2: Ground Floor (Area 21)

Make your way back to Dr. Madnar and rescue him again. This time he will tell
you information on the Metal Gear TX-55 unit. As well as its location and how
to destroy it. To do that, we msut attach Plastic Explosives on its legs, as
its armor is weakest at those points. However, there is a certain order we -
must do it in:

                         L = Left Leg   | R = Right Leg
                           R-R-L R-L-L R-L-L R-R-L R-L-R

However, Dr. Madnar forgot the final place ment. So I guess it's up to us afte
-r that point. (Don't worry! That is why you're using this walkthrough! I will
tell you, when we are at that final point!) Now make your way back to the Elev
-ator. Use this time to save and make your way to the roof.

Building #2: Roof (Area 22)

Rmember that once we gain entry here, an Alert Phase will trigger. Book it to
the 2nd Elevator and return to the Ground Floor.

Building #2: Ground Floor (Area 23)

Make your way back out to the main area where the Water Works are. If you do
not know, from the Elevator, go South, enter the room, then head to the East
Door and use Card #5 (needed for both doors here.) then in the next screen -
head North. Now get in to the water (remember to not go in the dark part.) and
make your way West, then North, then head East until the next screen, continue
East on to the next screen and then head South to find a way out of the water
works. From here make your way East until you come to a door that requires --
Card #7. Now before going outside, you're going to want to use the Antidote
and the Compass. Reason being is that the Scropion venom is toxic, and if you
don't use the Compass the desert will drag on forever.

Building #2: Desert #2 (Area 24)

We have quite a ways to go. All you need to do is equip the Compass and make
sure to use the Antidote the minute a Scropion touches you. Eventually you 
will come to Building #3, but you will be ambushed. Quickly head inside with
the use of CARD #7 another fire fight will start.

Building #3: Ground Floor (Area 25)

TIP: I suggest using Body Armor and use Rations only when needed. Punch the -
Upper Right wall to see a "?" appear, place an Plastic Explosive to blast a
hole in to it and continue North. Just be sure to stay on the right side. Now
quickly as you can move south and by pass the pit trap (go to the corner of
the crates) another one should form, just slowly walk between the two pits
then head in to the Elevator.

Head to the Basement (which is 100 feet below)

Building #3: Basement (Area 26)
We aren't going to be here for long. Be beware of the Laser Turrents on the
Northen walls. Get behind the pillar (on the south) then punch the wall to
see a "?" appear. Blast it open with a Plastic Expolsive. Head inside the new
pathway, here you will find **OXYGEN CYLINDER** which we will need in order to
breathe under the water in Building #2. 

Make your way back there. Just remember to use the Compass and Antidote when -
it is needed. 

Building #2: Ground Floor (Area 27)
From the back entrance, make your way East then south until you find the openi
-ng of the water works. Equip your Oxygen Cylinder and head in to the dark of
the water. Keep heading North until you reach an opening on the west side. Av
-oid the Guards here and head North to find an electrified floor. Use a R.C. 
Missle to dismental it and use Card #1 on the left door to find Munitions to
stock up on and you will recieve a TRANSCIEVER call from Schneider. Apparent
-ly he knows who the real leader of Outer Heaven is but is quickly cut off.

Leave the room, destroy the panel and head to the right door and use CARD #7
inside you will face...

BOSS: Dirty Duck

This fight will be tough, but I will simplify it. Quickly save the three P.O.W
hostages that he is hiding behind like the true coward he is. He will throw so
-me serious Bommarangs to damage you. Move to the side of him, and in the cent
-er (just avoid the Pit Trap)  and you'll have an opening to hit him with your
Handgun's bullets. Do this until he is dead, then save the P.O.W. Hostages and
acquire Card #8 which we will need to advance further into Building #3.

NOTE: If you accidently killed one of the hostages, you will lose a CLASS/RANK
Star. If this happens you need to reset the game and reload your save or you
cannot finish the game, period. There's no other way around it.

After saving the Hostages, one of them reveals themselves as Jennifer's broth
-er. And gives you information on how to escape Outer Heaven. Now is a very -
good time to stokc up on Munitions and Rations. Now make your way back to the
Basement area of Building #3 Just remember to use the Compass and Antidote to
get back there.

             Chapter 5: The Final Confrontation 

Building #3 - Ground Floor (Area 28)

Remember to avoid Pit Traps in this area while making your way back to the -
Elevator and head to 100th Basement Floor.
Building #3 - Basement (Area 29)

Once here, avoid the Laser Camera's, and head to the door on the Eastern Wall.
Use Card #8 to enter, inside will be last P.O.W. to rescue in the game. Who
tells us the man in charge of this Uprising is none other than FOXHOUND's comm
-anding officer: Big Boss! Can it be true?! Leave this room and head West. You
will want to Avoid/dodge the laser beams in this next screen from the Cameras.
Go to the Northern door and use Card #8. Before going inside equip the GAS MAS
-K! Ignore the Northen door here on the upper right, as it will lead to a Pit
Trap and a dead end. Punch the left Northen wall until a "!" appears and plant
a Plastic Explosive to create the right path. On the next screen becareful as
there will be another Pit Trap. By pass it and head to the Northen door and -
use Card #1. Equip your Gas Mask before advancing.

This next area is littered mines, on top of it, is a Gas chamber. Equip the -
MINE DETECTOR then head to the North door, use Card #1. In this room, the floo
-r will be electrified. Make a run to the open door, if your health is low, -
use a Ration. Once on the other side head on in to face...

BOSS: Metal Gear TX-55

Metal Gear itself is not mobile. The only thing here you need to worry about 
are the Laser Turrents. Dodge them when you can. I suggest equipping the Body
Armor to aid in this task. You will need to plant Plastic Explosive's at the
unit's legs in a certain order. That order is the following below: 

                         L = Left Leg   | R = Right Leg
                           R-R-L R-L-L R-L-L R-R-L R-L-R

The final placement is: Right.

NOTE: You will need 16 Plastic Explosvies to defeat the TX-55 Unit. If you
      even MESS up slightly, you will have to start all over. If you have been
      deranked from any hostage kills, you will not be able to defeat it.

Attention: Now that Metal Gear TX-55 has been destroyed, An emergency alert is
dispatched. Outer Heaven is now on count down to destruction. Head in to the 
Western Door to face the the legendary soldier...

BOSS: Big Boss

As the timer counts down, you will be confronted by Big Boss. The trick here -
is to make use of direct Rocket Launcher hits while avoiding his weapon around
the crates. Kill him in order to be able to escape Outer Heaven.

Once Big Boss is defeated, head into the now opened Door. If you need to buy
more time, equip and consume the pack of Cigarettes. Use the last ladder on -
the far left. Climb it until you escape Outer Heaven.

You have finished Metal Gear for the MSX/PS3. Congratulations and enjoy the -

                      ...And maybe a plot twist?...

                             11. Weapons/Accessory

Fist: You can preform CQC with your First. Punching an enemy 1-2 times stuns
      them. While a 3rd hit kills them

Handgun: Your basic Pistol, can be fitted with a Suppressor.

Mine: Land mines that can be placed on the ground. Can be used to destroy
      armored vehicles (such as tanks) and can be used to lay as traps for
      Enemy Soldiers. However, the blast is loud and can trigger an Alert

Plastic Explosive: A charge set and will go off in a certain time. Large blast
                   and very loud. Can Alert Soldiers and demolish fake walls.

R.C. Missile: Short for Remote Controlled Missile. You can fire these and use
              the D-Pad (or assigned MSX keys) to control its destination.
              Very useful on some Boss fights and used to destroy the Control
              Panels for Electrified Floors.

Grenade Launcher: Hurl's grenades at a distance with a retical sight. Also
                  used to destroy tougher armored vechiles and take down
                  attack Helicopters. Also used to take out enemies from a
                  medium distance.

Submachine Gun: Or SMG, this weapon makes Snake prone and cannot move while 
                firing. However, the bullets spread in a circular motion
                allowing you to get corner shots and the like. It also can
                be fitted with a Suppressor.

Rocket Launcher: Most powerful weapon in game. Able to destroy anything in its
                 path. Loud, and can alert enemies to your location.

Suppressor: Used to silence and reduce muzzle flash of the Handgun and SMG.

                         12.   Equipment

Binoculars: A recon scotting tool. Excellent to use to see what is coming up
            in front of you, behind you, or either east or west. Excellent
            tool to use so that you can prepare the movements and tools you
            need to use to advance. Under rated at most.

Cigarettes: Lucky Stripes are Solid Snake's prefered brand. However on the PS3
            version, equiping them will slowly lower your Health. Can be used
            as an Alternative to by-pass enemy laser sensors.

Card #1 - #8: Key Cards are used to access certain doors. Not one will work on
              the other. So memorizing Key Card accesses is key to using them.
              Otherwise you'll sometimes find yourself in a bad spot and will
              will have to go through every card to find the right one to open
              the door.

Ration:    This item restores your health. Having it euipped will do the same
           thing automatically.

Transmitter:  You get this item automatically after you've been Captured and
              got Snake's equipment back. This tool provides as a tracking -
              device and will alert all enemies to your position. Get rid of
              it quickly. Don't even think, do it!

Gas Mask: This allows you to breathe normally in Gas Chambers which can be 
          found in certain areas of Building #1, #2 and #3. You will not lose
          Health if you have equipped in these rooms.

Cardboard Box: A box, that will later become famous. Use it to hide and sneak
               away from Surveillance Cameras, also excellent to use to slip
               past enemy Soldiers.

Enemy Uniform: This item is used to gain access to Building #2 without having
               to alert the enemy.

Bomb Blast Suit: The Bomb Blast Suit at first makes you think that its useful
                 for high end explosive charges. However it's not, its simply
                 a plot item, to advance on the Roof.

Infrared Goggles: Used to see laser sensoring equipment so that you can easily
                  bypass the beams.

Parachute: This item is used to land in the center of the Courtyard inside
           Building #1.

Mine Detector: Detects land mines that have been planted in certain areas in
               the game. They show up as red little dots on the screen.

Body Armor: This item cuts damage in half from Enemy attacks. 

Antidote: This cures the poison that Scropions inflict on you.

Antenna: This allows you to use your TRANSCIEVER in Building #2

Compass: This allows you to nevigate your way through the Desert to get to
         Building #3

Flashlight: This is used in the section Basement level between Building #1 and
            Building #2

Oxygen Cylinder:  This allows you to Breathe under water in Building #2 (the
                  dark shadowy parts.) without risk of losing Health.

                           13. Rank Guide

Here below you will see how Rank/Class works in Metal Gear which is shown by
Stars (*) at the bottom left of your screen. The higher your rank, the more
you can carry. This is done by saving P.O.W's.

        Rank Guide    |
 Rank   1  2  3   4   | =======
======================|   KEY -> HG = Hand Gun   SMG = Submachine Gun
   HG |50|100|200|300 | =======
======================|              GL = Grenade Launcher
  SMG |50|100|200|300 |
======================|              RL = Rocket Launcher 
   GL |15|30 |60 |90  |              
======================|          R.C M = Remote Controlled Missiles
   RL |5 |10 |15 | 20 |
======================|          PE = Plastic Explosives  M = Mines
  R.C M|5 |10 |15 | 20|
======================|                       R = Rations           
  PE  |5 |10 |15 | 20 |
   M  |5 |10 |15 | 20 |
   R  |3 |6  |9  |12  |

                              14. Cheats

NOTE: The cheats listed here are only used in the MSX version of the game and
      cannot be used on the PS3 (MG3SUB/HD/LC) versions of this game.

In order to use these chats you must pause (F1 key) the game. Then type in
the following codes as written

DS 4: Increases your Rank by 1.

ANTA WA ERAI: Grants Class 4 Rank

INTRUDER: Allows Snake to have 999 Ammoof all weapons, but youmust have
          gathered one crate of ammo first.

ISOLATION: Allows Snake to have 99 Rations (you must have atleast one before

HIRAKE GOMA: This grants Snake all key cards #1-#8.

                         14.  Credits

This section is a huge shout out and thank you to those that inspired and have
aided me in my work and or fan love for the Metal Gear series.

GameFAQs: For Hosting this guide!

Outer Heaven: For being supportive and an awesome group. Check them out
              on Facebook!

My Friends & Family: You guys and gals are amazing.

                     15. Outroduction

I personally want to thank you for choosing my guide for Metal Gear on the MSX
and PS3 (MGS3SUB/HD/LC) ports. I created this guide to help with each port of
the game, so everyone can enjoy it. If you -liked- this guide, please click on
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