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    Metal Gear Solid 2 Trophy Guide by odino

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                         Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Trophies/Achievements Guide
    PS3/360 2012
    Version:        1.0     released on the 21st of March 2012
    Author:         odino  http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.
    | .========================================================================. |
    | |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
    | '========================================================================' |
    | 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
    | 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
    | 03.) Trophies/Achievements                                     |   G0300   |
    | YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
    | ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |
    01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100
    Welcome to the 'Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty' Trophies/Achievements
    Guide for the Playstation 3/Xbox 360. None of these trophies require you to be
    online. There is a mininum of five playthroughs (3 tanker, 5 plant) required
    to achieve everything.
    The VITA is supposed to have this game in the future as well, and the VITA has
    trophies, yet I am unsure if they kept all the trophies the same. I would
    assume they are the same as the PS3 version.
    I heard there are many glitches in the European version of the game. If you
    cannot unlock a trophy you might want to check the message board on GameFAQs
    to find out first. If there has been a patch in the meantime then the trophies
    should work as described in the guide.
    What this guide is:
    * Explains the trophies/achievements
    * Helps you with common questions about trophies/achievements
    What this guide is not:
    * In-depth list of dog tags
    * VR missions guide descriptions
    You can get these from another, much better guide.
    Suggestions, comments or errors - email me about it. Enjoy!
    02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200
    Some trophies/achievements are automatically completed by simply playing the
    game. Others require some other tasks you normally would never do.
    For getting trophies I highly suggest starting on V. EASY and working your
    way up to EXTREME. Even if you think V. EASY is insulting for your skill you
    will have to go through it collect dog tags, at least the plant chapter. The
    tanker only requires 3 runs with almost all dog tags collected, whereas the
    plant needs to be completed on all five difficulties (not European Extreme).
    Once you get through the game a few times you will have special items to make
    it much easier to play the hard and extreme mode. Always continue playing from
    your clear data to keep your collected dog tags on the same save. If you start
    a new game instead you will not have the previously collected dog tags in your
    Sorry, I do not know the XBOX controls for the game. I will only give PS3
    controls when required.
    03.)                    TROPHIES/ACHIEVEMENTS                        G0300
    Title: Extremely Solid (Platinum)
    Description: Collect all trophies.
    Obtained: Collect all the other trophies
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Lights Out (Bronze)(15)
    Description: Defeat Olga Gurlukovich
    Obtained: Story related and cannot be missed. I do not want to spoil they story
              for you thus just keep playing and it will eventually unlock.
    Title: Spaghetti Cinema (Bronze)(10)
    Description: Meet Revolver
    Obtained: Story related and cannot be missed. I do not want to spoil they story
              for you thus just keep playing and it will eventually unlock.
    Title: Bomb Squad (Bronze)
    Description: Learn how to defuse C4 bombs from Peter Stillman
    Obtained: Story related and cannot be missed. I do not want to spoil they story
              for you thus just keep playing and it will eventually unlock.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Party's Over (Bronze)(15)
    Description: Defeat Fatman
    Obtained: Story related and cannot be missed. I do not want to spoil they story
              for you thus just keep playing and it will eventually unlock.
    Title: Thanks, Ames (Bronze)
    Description: Learn the location of the president
    Obtained: Story related and cannot be missed. I do not want to spoil they story
              for you thus just keep playing and it will eventually unlock.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: No-Fly Zone (Bronze)(15)
    Description: Destroy the AV-88 Harrier II
    Obtained: Story related and cannot be missed. I do not want to spoil they story
              for you thus just keep playing and it will eventually unlock.
    Title: Vampire Slayer (Bronze)(15)
    Description: Defeat Vamp
    Obtained: Story related and cannot be missed. I do not want to spoil they story
              for you thus just keep playing and it will eventually unlock.
    Title: Bohemian Candidate (Bronze)
    Description: Meet President James Johnson
    Obtained: Story related and cannot be missed. I do not want to spoil they story
              for you thus just keep playing and it will eventually unlock.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: I Think You Need a Hug, E (Bronze)(10)
    Description: Find Emma Emmerich
    Obtained: Story related and cannot be missed. I do not want to spoil they story
              for you thus just keep playing and it will eventually unlock.
    Title: Sharing Is Caring (Bronze)
    Description: Befriend Olga Gurlukovich
    Obtained: Story related and cannot be missed. I do not want to spoil they story
              for you thus just keep playing and it will eventually unlock.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: No Ray, José (Bronze)(15)
    Description: Defeat Metal Gear RAY
    Obtained: Story related and cannot be missed. I do not want to spoil they story
              for you thus just keep playing and it will eventually unlock.
    Title: Another Snake Bites the Dust (Bronze)(15)
    Description: Defeat Solidus Snake
    Obtained: Story related and cannot be missed. I do not want to spoil they story
              for you thus just keep playing and it will eventually unlock.
    Title: A Cut Above (Gold)(50)
    Description: Beat the Tanker and Plant chapters on any difficulty
    Obtained: This is done by simply beating the chapters as mentioned. I guess I
              could call it story-related but I think you need to play Tanker +
              Plant together for it to work, not sure.
    Title: Vamp Eyer (Bronze)
    Description: Catch a glimpse of Vamp standing in the streets of New York during
                 the end cinematic
    Obtained: After defeating Solidus you will have Snake and Raiden talking on the
              streets. At one point Snake will ask about the dog tags. The camera
              pans around and you can see a car in the background, with Vamp
              standing next to it. Hold R1 and push in R3 (right analog stick) to
              zoom onto Vamp. This trophy should pop up straight away although I
              have heard of people saying it takes a while, and on my first try I
              did not get it at all. Save during the Solidus Fight while you play
              on V. EASY and if you do not get the trophy just beat him again
              quickly to try again.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Animal Control (Bronze)
    Description: Collect a dog tag
    Obtained: Easy enough, but maybe you do not know how to collect a dog tag. If
              you want to achieve the next few trophies then you will have to get
              used to collecting them because this is how to get special items at
              the end of the game.
              Get close to an enemy (from behind/side without being seen) and press
              and hold []. Snake will say FREEZE and the enemy will raise his
              hands. While still holding [] you can press L1 to lock and then move
              around to his front. Release L1 and press R1 instead, then move the
              gun towards his head or groin. Most guards will shake and their dog
              tag will fall. I suggest you stun them at this point and pick up the
              dog tag.
              Some guards, referred to as "tough guys" will not give it up until
              you shoot a non-tranq weapon into the air (I suggest you have a
              silencer for that) or aim a huge rocket launcher at them. This is
              slightly trickier but more annoying than hard.
              Once you have the stealth suit you can just hold them up from the
              front since they will not see you. You do, however, have to remove
              your stealth suit else they will not shake the dog tag out. If you
              take too long for this they will have lowered their hands already.
              It is still much easier than sneaking up to them. Just remove the
              stealth suit and put it back on after he is down.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Yorkie (Bronze)
    Description: Get the bandana
    Obtained: You get the bandana after 50 dog tags on the tanker chapters. This
              can be done in two playthroughs. Continue from complete data to
              keep the prior dog tags.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Poodle (Bronze)
    Description: Get the Tanker stealth suit
    Obtained: You get the stealth suit after 76 dog tags on the tanker chapter.
              This can be done on three playthroughs if you get almost all dog
              tags (higher difficulties have more guards) and you can do this on a
              V.EASY + EASY + NORMAL run. I skipped the guys in the hold that are
              in the groups but did get almost everyone else beside the odd one
              out. I also got the guys up on the hold railings by the way. If you
              miss some you can also play on Hard as it has plenty more to collect
              in plain sight, and the game is really not that hard.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Beagle (Bronze)
    Description: Get the brown wig
    Obtained: Collect 80 dog tags on the plant section. This requires at least
              two playthroughs. Continue on your clear data to keep the prior
              dog tags.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Shiba Inu (Bronze)
    Description: Get the Plant stealth suit
    Obtained: Collect 120 dog tags on the plant section. This requires at least
              three playthroughs. Continue on your clear data to keep the prior
              dog tags.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: St. Bernard (Bronze)
    Description: Get the orange wig
    Obtained: Collect 160 dog tags on the plant section. This requires at least
              four playthroughs. Continue on your clear data to keep the prior
              dog tags. Note that you probably do not need to play the tanker
              after three playthroughs and thus can go directly to the plant for
              these dog tags.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Great Dane (Gold)(80)
    Description: Collect all dog tags
    Obtained: Although it says you need all dog tags, you just need all special
              items which are gotten through collecting dog tags, but the tanker
              only requires ~3 walkthroughs as long as you collect most of the
              tags. You can miss out on a couple (the hold one might save you time
              but I found a few guys did not show up the crew quarters. By skipping
              scenes you can rush through the tanker chapter in 20 odd minutes if
              you still need the odd one or two guys, although you could always
              try to play the Hard mode since it is not at all challenging.
              For the plant chapter you actually need all five full sets of dog
              tags. If you missed a single one you will not get the Blue Wig and
              thus not get this trophy yet. You always have to complete the game
              for them to count to your total.
              Use these guides to find all dog tags:
              Note: I would be interested to see if this trophy means "all plant"
                    dog tags but think it actually wants all special items, and
                    the developers maybe did not notice the tanker does not unlock
                    anything else after the stealth suit or simply want to fool you
                    into playing it some more.
    Title: Bye Bye Big Brother (Bronze)
    Description: Destroy 15 cameras
    Obtained: There are never enough cameras in a single playthrough for this but
              it can done over several plays. Start at the V.EASY mode you can
              find around 5 in the plant and tanker combined. The area with the
              president always has a room with two, and the corridors where they
              hold Ames (1F) tends to have more and more as you raise difficulty.
              Since you want these out of commission to collect dog tags easier
              it is advised to shoot them all with a non-tranq weapon (have a
              suppressor!). This should unlock on the 3rd playthrough if you got
              them all starting with V. EASY.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Down in Smoke (Bronze)(10)
    Description: Disorient an enemy with a cloud of smoke from a fire extinguisher
    Obtained: Save your game while you walk around the ship's decks. There are many
              corridors with fire extinguishers and it is best you shoot it when
              the enemy is not in alert mode. After the trophy unlocks you might
              want to reload the game since this act just now did nothing but
              alert a guard, and you are most likely going through a non-alert
              game. This is like a joke trophy.
    Title: To Catch a Predator (Bronze)
    Description: Lure a guard with a girlie magazine
    Obtained: Once you get a magazine (I think the first one is found in the
              warehouse strut if you drop from above), place it on the floor on a
              guard's route to distract him. This is a good method of luring a
              guard away and I use it many times, like in the room just before
              climbing down to the oil field with Emma.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Sexting (Bronze)(10)
    Description: Send Otacon a picture of the marine with no pants
    Obtained: This is done in the tanker chapter. Hold 1 always has a marine
              in his underwear. Get out the camera Octagon gave you for actual
              Metal Gear snaps and snap this guy instead. You have to zoom in a
              little and make sure he's in the picture clearly. After taking the
              shot Snake will comment "Good" which tells you this is done
              correctly. Go to the computer in Hold 3 and upload the picture to
              Octagon for a laugh. I advise saving in Hold 1 before doing all this
              since it wastes time and you are probably more into fetching dog
              tags or taking the Metal Gear photos.
              As far as I know, the marines in Hold 3 who do not wear pants on
              ever odd playthrough do not count for this photo.
    Title: Who Ya Gonna Call? (Bronze)(20)
    Description: Take a clear photograph of the ghost image in Hold No. 2
    Obtained: This is done in the tanker chapter. Hold 2 has a projector you can
              play around with. While the right screen is active, pull out your
              camera and take photos of ghost Kojima. You only see the ghost until
              you have taken the picture. This is a weird phenomenon since some
              photos clearly show Kojima but they do not count. You need to have
              Snake grunting "grrrr" for it to work. The trophy will pop up
              automatically and no need to send this one to Otacon.
    Title: Hurt Locker (Bronze)
    Description: Put an enemy in a locker
    Obtained: Easy. After knocking out a guard, pick him up by holding [] and drag
              him towards an open locker. After you step inside Snake/Raiden will
              stuff him in a locker. Done.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Don't Taze Me, Bro (Bronze)(10)
    Description: Tranquilize 100 enemies
    Obtained: You should be using the M9 a lot in the game and you will probably
              get this automatically if you are not going kamikaze. Else just
              tranq more enemies I guess.
    Title: Nothing Personal (Bronze)(10)
    Description: Break the neck of 30 enemies
    Obtained: I would wait for this until you have the stealth suit and then I
              would still save and screw around trying to get this rather than
              continue playing after you achieve it. It is easy to get noticed
              and killing enemies in this game is plain bad...
              Sneak up a sentry from behind and press and hold []. This will hold
              the guard in a headlock unless you only tapped [] which flips the
              guard. Once he is in a headlock, tap [] a few more times and
              eventually you'll break his neck.
              For 30 enemies you can try doing this in Shell 1 Core. Taking the
              elevator up and down will respawn the guards. You can also get
              spotted and get killed, or just simply kill yourself with a grenade
              and Continue. The count will add up and that is why I said you should
              not keep this act saved later.
    Title: Rent Money (Bronze)(10)
    Description: Beat 30 enemies unconscious
    Obtained: Play on V. EASY to make this faster. I also suggest you wait until
              the Shell 1 Core because the enemies will respawn as you move from
              floor to floor. You can also get killed/kill yourself and Continue
              to add more to the count.
              To beat up an enemy simply put up a combo of CQC and they'll soon
              have stars over their head.
              I think it counts to just beat the same guys over and over rather
              than 30 different ones, but I cannot confirm it. It seems rather
              easy to just wait for them to be conscious.
              You can wait for this until you have the stealth suit if you are
              worried about getting spotted. It has its advantage but by then
              you might be playing a harder difficulty and the enemies take more
              to be beaten unconscious.
    Title: Johnny on the Spot (Bronze)(10)
    Description: Hear Johnny's bowel noises in two locations
    Obtained: There are two locations and some people claim it is glitched. Since
              you probably have to play through the game more than once I suggest
              you just try again on the next playthrough if you missed it before.
              First: during the conversations with Ames you will use the D. Mic to
                     spy on Ocelot et al. Instead of listening to them, quickly
                     move the mic to the left pointing it at the flag pole. You
                     will hear Johnny complaining about his groin. After he is
                     done ("no paper") you can return to the others or just skip
                     the scene even.
              Second: While covering Emma from your sniper position she will
                      disappear behind struts twice. The first time you can point
                      the mic at her and she will complain about stuff. The second
                      strut will make her meet up with Johnny and he will have the
                      same issues as before. If you do not point the mic at the
                      second strut fast enough Emma will appear from behind it
                      quicker and thus skip the encounter with Johnny.
              The trophy will unlock after the second encounter if all went well,
              but apparently some people are having problems with this. Maybe they
              did not point it well or too late in the first encounter.
    Title: Kissing Booth (Bronze)(10)
    Description: Kiss a poster in a locker
    Obtained: Enter a locker with a poster of a girl in a bikini. The first time
              this can be done is in the crew quarters on the tanker chapter. Once
              you are inside and the door is closed, press R1 to zoom in on the
              girl and Snake will make a kissing sound. I think this must be done
              with Snake, not sure.
    Title: Silence is Golden (Bronze)
    Description: Shoot 10 enemy radios
    Obtained: Whenever you have tranqed a guard you could also take out their
              radio which is on their back. If they are already on their back then
              there is no way to hit it at this point. You can always try to him
              them with a non-tranq weapon and hit the radio directly but it is a
              little harder. I suggest saving and playing around with this until
              you get 10, and if you have the stealth suit then you have no risk
              getting seen. The game tracks this over a long period so you could
              always hit a radio once in a while when convenient and eventually
              get this too.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Steamed (Bronze)
    Description: Kill 5 enemies with pipe steam
    Obtained: I found this kind of annoying but not too bad. The crew quarters in
              the tanker chapter have many steam pipes. I suggest raising an alert
              and getting a few guys around them. The best way for this is to have
              them come around a corner with a steam pipe nearby and that is the
              point where they see you. This ensures they will stop and shoot at
              you. Put your items on Rations to survive longer, then shoot the
              pipes near the guards. They will stun first but a few more shots and
              they will die. The steam is a little hard to aim but also not THAT
              hard. If you die, simply continue and raise another alarm. I suggest
              doing this on V. EASY since the guards die quicker and also have
              saved before trying and do a "screw around getting trophies" act.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Snake Beater (Bronze)(10)
    Description: Get caught by Otacon stimulating yourself
    Obtained: This gave me some trouble because most people explain it badly. First
              find the locker with a girl in a bikini on the inside in the crew
              quarters. Stand against this door and make sure you hold a weapon.
              Press R1 to look at the picture and then press SELECT to call Otacon
              for some fun. If you do not hold a gun at this point Snake will not
              be moving around and thus Otacon will just something random instead.
              If you are too far/close to the poster it will also not work.
    Title: Love Hurts (Bronze)
    Description: Watch Rose kill Raiden on a rooftop
    Obtained: Once you have beaten the game you will get access to the Casting
              Theater. It can be found under the Special menu from the main menu.
              Select the 8th demo and replace Solidus with Raiden, Raiden with
              Rose. Watch the video and you get the trophy. That is all.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Photo Finish (Bronze)
    Description: Acquire the digital camera
    Obtained: You already HAVE the digital camera on the tanker chapter but this
              does not count. On the plant chapter, find Box E in the parcel room
              and use it on the conveyor belt to reach a room with it. Get off to
              pick it up. To use the conveyor, get up on the little ledge at the
              south side and the use the box. The conveyor will stop soon and you
              can walk onto it. When you reach the next room you have to get off
              else it will take you back.
              You can also access the area with the camera on your back through
              the parcel room near the end of the game (after the oil field sniper
              section). The item should still be here to pick up (and a guard is
              in here on V. EASY anyway).
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Steel Grip (Bronze)(10)
    Description: Attain grip level 3
    Obtained: To raise your grip you need to do 100 push-ups while hanging from a
              railing. Hold L2 + R2 to do one push-up. This will take a while and
              this only raises it to Level 2. You also get a call if you do this.
              Once you reach Level 3 the stamina bar will change color yet again.
              There is an alternative to push-ups called ledge drops. These count
              as 10 push-ups if done correctly but are a little harder to pull off.
              Hang over a railing with another railing below and drop, then quickly
              press Triangle again at the right moment as you pass the ledge. This
              is risky if there is nothing below you but the Engine Room on the
              tanker has a few spots like this. I never bothered since the pull-ups
              do not take THAT long especially once you reach Level 2 and your
              stamina lasts longer. Note that your stamina depends on your health
              level thus if you are low on health you will run out of stamina
              quickly too. Snack a ration if necessary.
    Title: No Boss of Mine (Silver)(30)
    Description: Complete Boss Survival
    Obtained: Boss Survival is unlocked after completing the game once. It is under
              the Special option in the main menu. You want to try this on Easy
              unless you want a challenge, and you definitely want Raiden over
              Snake for this one since the Solidus fight is harder without the
              sword, and the Tengu guys are easier with a sword in my opinion.
              You have to fight 8 fights in a row. Your items carry over but most
              battles have a ratio you should pick up (Vamp's area does not so stop
              looking, but the tanker fight has one if you step back from your
              starting location). The Tengu fight was the toughest in my opinion
              but I always sucked at it in the main game. Either use the blade or
              step back and snipe anyone who is waiting ahead.
    Title: Moving Day (Silver)
    Description: Collect all boxes
    Obtained: This must be done in a Tanker+Plant playthrough and does not carry
              over to your next playthrough. Find the two boxes in Snake's chapter
              and the find the five boxes in Raiden's to do this.
              Box 1 - Crew's Quarters Deck D? The room in the northeast with fruit
                      and stuff
              Wet Box - After the right with Olga, head right towards the other
                        side (this will spawn a guard too)
              Box 1: Strut A Pump Facility in the south room under some pipes (LV1)
              Box 2: Strut F Warehouse
              Box 3: Strut E Helipad
              Box 4: Shell 1 Core B2 near the computers and the D. Mic
              Box 5: Strut E Parcel Room
              Collect the fifth one on this chapter and the trophy will unlock.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Tell Me a Tale (Silver)(30)
    Description: Complete all Snake Tales
    Obtained: After completing the game once you unlock Snake Tales from the main
              menu. This a "alternative story" mode using the same areas of the
              main game. You do not have a radar for this game which makes it a
              little tricky if you are used to that safety net, although it would
              make these much easier. Out of the five I found 2 of them kind of
              challenging but it helps to know where you can pick up stuff. Use
              this guide to help you through them:
              I actually ran through most guards by just tapping [] to flip them
              over and leaving the area before the alarm is raised. This is much
              faster than sneaking around.
    Title: Complete Stealth (Gold)
    Description: Clear the game without entering alert mode
    Obtained: This one sounds hard but actually can be done really easily once you
              have the stealth suit. Bosses and stuff do not count as being
              spotted, and some areas will have an alert for story purposes such
              as the tanker assault and after you have met up with Ames. There
              should only be '3' alerts on your stats at the end of the game. If
              an enemy spots you they do not immediately raise an alert and you
              can sometimes still spot you. If you are not sure if you got
              spotted, save the game on a different slot, die and look at the
              stats on this continue screen. The alerts are mentioned here and
              these do not count the story-related ones thus you should be looking
              at a 0 here.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Piece of Cake (Bronze)(10)
    Description: Complete a VR or Alternative mission
    Obtained: VR missions are available from the main menu under 'Missions'.
              Complete any of these to get the trophy, but the big challenge is
              the next one...
    Title: In It to Win It (Silver)
    Description: Place first in 50 different VR/Alternative missions
    Obtained: There are so many VR/Alt missions and getting the top score is not
              as hard as it sounds. The easier place are the sneaking missions for
              both Snake and Raiden. The first ten for both characters are almost
              gifts. If you are close to getting the result you can try to shave
              off a few milliseconds here and there. It can be frustrating and to
              make sure you are on the right track I suggest checking out some
              videos. There is always a "best" way and often no alternative to
              getting top score. Other methods get you to the goal but maybe slower
              or needing to kill someone on the way.
    Note: PS3 only!
    Title: Virtually Impossible (Gold)(80)
    Description: Complete all VR and Alternative missions
    Obtained: VR missions are available from the main menu under 'Missions'. You
              have to beat all of these for all characters. It can be tricky so
              use these guides to help you through:
              There are also many videos on the net to help. This is probably the
              toughest trophy to get, worse than collecting dog tags.
              VR/Alt missions is not done automatically and there is no warning
              to exit the game without saving.
    YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00
    v1.0     Complete (21st of March 2012)
    ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                          GZZ00
    GameFAQs for hosting this file.
    Konami/Kojima Productions for the game, BluePoint Games for the port.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
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    and a violation of copyright.        ,,,
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