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Snake Eater Trophy Guide by odino

Version: Boss | Updated: 03/08/12


                       Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Trophies/Achievements Guide
PS3/360 2012

Version:        1.0     released on the 8th of March 2012
Author:         odino  http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.

| .========================================================================. |
| |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
| '========================================================================' |
| 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
| 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
| 03.) Trophies/Achievements                                     |   G0300   |
| YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
| ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |

01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100

Welcome to the 'Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater' Trophies/Achievements Guide for
the Playstation 3/Xbox 360. None of these trophies require you to be online
and all can be done in a single walkthrough with some simple saving and

The VITA is supposed to have this game in the future as well, and the VITA has
trophies, yet I am unsure if they kept all the trophies the same.

I heard there are many glitches in the European version of the game. If you
cannot unlock a trophy you might want to check the message board on GameFAQs
to find out first. If there has been a patch in the meantime then the trophies
should work as described in the guide.

What this guide is:
* Explains the trophies/achievements
* Helps you with common questions about trophies/achievements

What this guide is not:
* In-depth list of frogs (Kerotans), you can get these from another, much better

Suggestions, comments or errors - email me about it. Enjoy!

02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200

Some trophies/achievements are automatically completed by simply playing the
game. Others require some other tasks you normally would never do.

For getting trophies I highly suggest playing the game on VERY EASY. Yes it
does take away the challenge but you get the EZ Gun from the start without
having to unlock it, as well as making everything much simpler throughout the
game. If you play on another difficulty you can obviously still get all the
trophies but you just have a harder time. Suit yourself. I also HIGHLY suggest
you start the game as "I like MGS2" because there is a glitch with one of the

Sorry, I do not know the XBOX controls for the game. I will only give PS3
controls when required.

03.)                    TROPHIES/ACHIEVEMENTS                        G0300

Title: Snake Eaten (Platinum)
Description: Collect all trophies.
Obtained: This is the platinum trophy that requires all other trophies first.
Note: PS3 only!

Title: It Ain't Easy Being Green (Gold)(80)
Description: Find all 64 Kerotans
Obtained: This trophy is rather easy but takes some commitment. There are many
          guides explaining the locations already:
          Each area has one, thus go through the game slowly. If this is your
          first time playing then maybe you do not want to do that since the
          later part of the game requires you doing these in boss missions and
          the bike sections, which can be frustrating.
          Pretty much all of these are easy to get but the bike section. If you
          miss the chance you have to re-do that section (save when you enter)
          and they can take several attempts to spot, then several attempts to
          shoot. I do not recommend the RPG because it is hard to know if you
          got it right, and I do not find it accurate enough. Try the SVD for
          You do not need to get all 64 on a single playthrough. Load up your
          Clear Data and you can get the rest. If you did not keep track of
          which ones you missed, or just do not know, you can equip the GA-KO
          uniform to hear if they make a noise as you get close to them. If
          they do not make a noise then you already hit them, but of course by
          that time you already found them again and it does not work for the
          ones far away.

Title: King of the Jungle (Gold)(80)
Description: Obtain title of MARKHOR
Obtained: This is a combination of collection all snakes, frogs, fish, birds,
          fruit, plants and fungi. These all have individual trophies and the
          lists are detailed there. You need a few more animals and nature
          items to complete your title:
          * Baltic Hornet's Nest: Chyornyj Prud has one on the center island
                                  as long as you keep away from the crocs.
          * Cobalt Blue Tarantula: The mountain path has a lot of these.
          * Emperor Scorpion: The mountain path has a lot of these.
          * European Rabbit: Quite common but the area where you fight The Fear
                             is a sure thing.
          * Indian Gavial: These crocodiles are common at the beginning. The
                           trouble is getting their meat. Tranq one and then
                           get close, pull out the knife and do a hard slash
                           to defeat the animal.
          * Japanese Flying Squirrel: Not too uncommon but the area with The
                                      Fear has one for sure.
          * Kenyan Mangrove Crab: Common in the cave.
          * Markhor: Backtrack to the area where you landed in the first
                     mission after you meet up with The Boss the first time
                     in the Snake Eater mission and it should be standing at
                     the ridge. It can also be found in the area with the
                     waterfall late in the game, and there is one in the area
                     where you fight The End.
          * Rat: Common under buildings and in warehouses. You can get one at
                 the area where you meet up with the Ocelot group.
          * Tsuchinoko: See the trophy for more details.
          * Vampire Bat: The caves, common.
          * Vine Melon: The area where you fight The Fear.
          You should keep a checklist to complete them as you go through the

Title: Like a Boss (Gold)(50)
Description: Finish the game on any difficulty
Obtained: Finishing the game on Very Easy also counts. Cannot be missed as long
          as you beat the game.

Title: PEACE WALKER (Gold)(30)
Description: Finish game without killing anyone
Obtained: This one is much easier than you think. Playing the game on Very
          Easy makes this, well, very easy! Use the EZ Gun for every enemy.
          You have to be careful with a few enemies at ridges and bridges but
          other that you are most likely only killing enemies by mistake when
          the game decided to hand you an lethal gun after a cutscene!! The
          fight with The Sorrow will tell you if you killed anyone so far as
          they will appear as spirits. Shooting down hovercrafts may or may not
          count. I would not try it so just leave them alone as well. You want
          to tranq every boss too, and since you are doing that for the camos
          anyway I suppose you can do this at the same time.
          If you accidentally killed anyone, do not die and continue. You have
          to quit the game and load up a save.
          Apparently the guys crashing during the motorcycle chase also do not
          count as being killed as long as you shot them with tranq darts, but
          on Very Easy you can just leave them alone as your health will never
          get below half. You can basically leave the entire motorcycle chase
          in the woods running while you walk away and you will still make it
          through fine.

Title: Believe It or Not (Silver)(20)
Description: Catch a Tsuchinoko (mythical serpent)
Obtained: This apparently was some secret many people missed in the original
          release. Most people did not bother setting mouse traps, and then
          it would be rare to find this one the next time you come to pick up
          your animals.
          I personally like to use the area you fight The Fear which is just
          after the warehouse. You should have two mouse traps by now if you
          went through the game collecting stuff on the way. If not, I think
          one can be found in the warehouse. Set the traps as soon as you enter
          from the warehouse and return to it. When you come back it will have
          an animal caught in both. Pick them up to check the contents. If they
          are not the Tsuchinoko then discard them to free the cages. You can
          pick up the mouse traps again by crawling over them. If you only have
          one then it will take a little longer to get.
          It also helps to clear out all animals from the area but this area
          can take a long time do to that, especially with the annoying
          squirrel, traps, huge amounts of tiny frogs and the tree snakes up
          in the branches. I would suggest you do not bother. It it faster to
          just keep putting down traps and emptying them to try again.
          Also do not EAT or discard the snake. The trophy unlocks for finding
          it but there is another trophy you need to keep it for!

Title: Fashionista (Silver)(20)
Description: Find every type of camouflage
Obtained: There are eleven camos you can find in the game, and eight you can
          get from tranquilizing bosses (ok, you have to hold up The End for it
          but generally you want to reduce their stamina to zero instead of
          going for a kill.
          * Animal: Tranq Ocelot during the fight at the chasm. You will find
                    this next to you as you start the cave area.
          * Choco-Chip: Bolshaya Past South inside a tree trunk (north)
          * Cold War: Tranq Volgin during the first fight. You have to pick it
                      up quickly before the scene starts.
          * Fire: Tranq The Fury during the fight. It will be next to you after
                  the scene.
          * Fly: Graniny Gorki Lab 2F. There is a locked door in the bathroom.
                 Knock it down to get it.
          * GA-KO:Chyornyj Prud on the northwest side if I am not mistaken.
                  This is the large swamp with crocodiles and fish where you
                  can also get the croc hat.
          * Hornet Stripe: Tranq The Pain during the fight. It will be on the
                           rock he was standing after the fight and you can
                           leap on it from the ledge leading up on the side.
          * Maintenance Uniform: Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing. You can
                                 only find this after the torture when you
                                 return to enter the Shagahog area.
          * Moss: Hold up The End during the fight. Do not wait for him to be
                  defeated as it will only drop his rifle. You have to find him
                  in one of the areas (you can use the Konami code to that
                  easily), sneak up to him (D-Pad makes you sneak!) and then
                  when you are close enough hold R2 and press [] to do a
                  hold-up. When you aim for his head he will not give you the
                  camo at first but I believe the third time he will.
          * Raikov's Uniform: Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing after
                              dragging Raikow to there. It will automatically
                              be equipped.
          * Raindrop: Dolinvodno, cross the bridge and go underneath to the
                      ledge. This is only available in Snake Eater, not the
                      Virtuous Mission.
          * Scientist: Given to you by Eva during the story and cannot be
          * Snake: Tranq The Boss during the last fight. You have to be quick
                   to pick it up as the scene will start within like 10
                   seconds or so.
          * Sneaking Suit: Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing. You can only
                           find this after the torture when you return to enter
                           the Shagahog area.
          * Snow: Chyornaya Peschera Cave, crawl around to find it.
          * Spider: Tranq The Fear to find it next to you after the fight is
          * Spirit: Walk the entire path of the river during the fight with
                    The Sorrow. You will automatically get this after the
          * Splitter: Bolshaya Past South
          * Water: Bolshaya Past Base on the roof of the main building.
          If you missed one during your playthrough you have to load up your
          Clear Data and start a new game, then get the ones you missed plus
          all story-related ones like Scientist. The rest are kept over from 
          last time.

Title: Only Skin Deep (Silver)(20)
Description: Find every type of face paint
Obtained: There are seven face paints found in the game. The ones that were
          previously downloadable (the country flags) and all the boring green
          and brown ones do not count for these, although you will only get it
          the inifity face paint at the end of the game thus they might as
          well be considered to count as you get them at that point too.
          I highly recommend to start the game as "I like MGS2" to prevent this
          trophy from glitching!!
          * Desert: Ponizovje Warehouse: Interior
          * Infinity Face Paint: Complete the game with the Tsuchinoko in the
                                 inventory. Zero already told you to bring it
                                 back so this should be your hint. Catching
                                 the Tsuchinoko is described in another
                                 trophy already, but you might wonder what
                                 happens when you lose the snake during the
                                 torture. When you get your gear back behind
                                 the waterfalls you have empty cages. The
                                 animals you had trapped are found in the area
                                 just outside the waterfall. The parrot, for
                                 example, sits on the tree branch just at the
                                 path leading behind the waterfall. Just south
                                 east of this tree is a small patch of grass
                                 where you would see the snake flapping about.
                                 It will be visible this time so you just have
                                 to tranq it and pick up. None of this mouse
                                 trap crap again. If you keep the snake for the
                                 remaining of the game you will get the face
                                 paint at the end and you can use for your
                                 next playthrough, although you get the trophy
                                 right there too.
          * Kabuki: Tikhorgornyj in the small lake in front of the waterfall
                    after you met up with Eva behind the waterfall.
          * Oyama: Graniny Gorki Lab 1F inside the vents. If you come from
                   the outside and take the western vent to enter the building
                   you will find it easily.
          * Snow: Bolshaya Past Base in the trenches
          * Water: Ponizovje South after defeating The Fear, all the way at
                   the south end.
          * Zombie: Rassvet north side of the building after meeting up with
          If you missed one on your playthrough, load your Clear Data and
          find the one you missed. It will carry over all the other face
          If you got all the face paints and the game does not give you the
          trophy then you are unfortunate. It happened to me too. What you need
          to do is restart the game from the beginning (NOT from Clear Data)
          and pick "I like MGS2". You will need to capture the snake again and
          complete the game but the trophy should pop now.

Title: The Early End (Silver)(20)
Description: Kill The End before the boss battle
Obtained: Before you get to the warehouse you should take a slight detour to
          the west. This path branches off at the long straight river with
          the hover sentries. This area not only has a frog to collect but also
          a sniper rifle. Take it to the warehouse and watch the scene. After
          the scene a guard will slowly rail The End into the open warehouse
          door. You might want to save after the scene. In fact, you surely
          want to save here if you are going for a no-kill game.
          Take out your sniper rifle and shoot The End. A guard will blocking
          your sight but just go gun crazy and you should hit him without any
          problems. The trophy will pop and you will probably also get the
          other trophy involving The End's demise. As you probably noticed,
          this counts as kills so you want to reload your game and just let
          The End leave for now.
          Note that you will have to take on the Ocelot unit later if killed
          The End here, but you are not only missing out on the no-kill trophy
          but also on the camo one.

Title: You Snooze, You Lose (Silver)
Description: Sneak up on The End and hold him up
Obtained: An easy way to do this is using the Konami code on the map screen
          (Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right Square Triangle) to put The
          End on the map. This shows you where you need to sneak to. When you
          get close you only want to use the D-Pad to sneak. This method will
          make it quite easy to get close. When you are close enough, hold the
          R2 button and press & hold [] to hold up the old man. This is all
          you need for the trophy but you also want his camo by shaking it out
          of him. He might say no at first but just keep pointing the gun at
          his head.
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: A Bird in the Hand... (Bronze)
Description: Collect every type of bird
Obtained: There are five types of birds:
           * Parrot (A)
           * White Rumped Vulture (B)
           * Red Avadavat (C)
           * Magpie (D)
           * Sunda Whistling Thrush (E)
          Type D and E are very common and you should get them early in the
          game. The Vulture will be common in the mountain area and you should
          spot it right away. Type C is mainly in the Svyatogornyj area where
          you fight The End. The Parrot only gives you one shot at collecting.
          As soon as the battle with The End starts, do not move but instead
          look around and you should spot it sitting on a branch nearby. This
          is only when playing on VERY EASY as the location will differ
          otherwise, but I did tell you to play on very easy, right? You just
          need to have had each one in your traps at one point to count, you
          can eat or release them afterwards.
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: A Good Man Is Hard to Find (Bronze)(10)
Description: Achieve a camouflage index of 100%
Obtained: You need to have The End's Moss Camo for this to work. You get this
          after holding him up in the area. After he is defeated, equip the
          camo and find a good spot with a bush. Lie down and you should be
          100% but sometimes you are only 90% or 95%. Try to find a bush that
          is also sunny for better results. You only need a brief second of
          the index flashing 100% for it to work.

Title: Beekeeper (Bronze)
Description: Use bees to harass an enemy
Obtained: At the bridge near the start of the Virtuous Mission you can find a
          beehive above the guard. Shoot it to harass the guy and he will run
          across the bridge. Easy, although I highly suggest you shoot it with
          your EZ Gun to not alert the guy in the process.
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: Can I Keep It? (Bronze)(10)
Description: Capture any animal alive
Obtained: Tranq an animal (EZ gun works best) and pick it up. The animal is
          automatically captured in one of your cages. Easy. You can do this
          in the first area after picking up your gear as it has several snakes
          and also harmless animals.

Title: Charmer (Bronze)
Description: Collect every type of snake
Obtained: There are twelve types of snake in the game. Most of them are common:
           * King Cobra (A)
           * Taiwanese Cobra (B)
           * Thai Cobra (C)
           * Coral Snake (D)
           * Milk Snake (E)
           * Green Tree Python (F)
           * Giant Anaconda (G)
           * Reticulated Python (H)
           * Snake Liquid (I)
           * Snake Solid (J)
           * Snake Solidus (K)
          For the King Cobra you want to get it when fighting Ocelot at the
          chasm. The others are all super common, only the last tree one the
          list named after Big Boss's clones are ONLY found during the fight
          with The Boss. Look for them behind the three logs found in the
          area. It is a little hard to spot with all the white flowers but you
          probably have NVG or can just shoot the rustling part. On Easy you
          can do this and still defeat The Boss (these snakes also give great
          Note that the Tsuchinoko does not count for this trophy for some
          reason. It is a snake but I guess it does not count for the "Types".
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: Close Shave (Bronze)(10)
Description: CQC Slit an enemy's throat
Obtained: Try this when you have saved the game. Sneak up on an enemy from
          behind and grab him with the O button. Press the button hard (this
          is something I don't know how the XBOX does at all) to slit his
          throat. Note that this counts as a kill so if you are going for the
          no-kill trophy at the same time you want to reload after getting the

Title: Don't Touch the Sides (Bronze)
Description: Use a knife to remove a bullet
Obtained: I actually did not get this in my first walkthrough but most people
          should. Whenever you get a bullet lodged in your body you can use
          the knife to remove it. I think the best place is when fighting
          Volgin, but you can still get it as late as fighting The Boss. Note
          that using the fork does not count, and the bee bullets are not real
          bullets either.
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: Everything Is in Season (Bronze)
Description: Collect every type of fruit
Obtained: There are three types of fruit:
           * Yabloko Moloko (Fruit A)
           * Russian False Mango (Fruit B)
           * Golova (Fruit C)
          These can be found hanging from trees in almost every area with
          trees. The only one that might give you trouble is the Russian False
          Mango. It can be found in the area just after defeating The Pain.
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: Fungus Among Us (Bronze)
Description: Collect every type of mushroom
Obtained: There are seven types of mushrooms:
           * Russian Oyster Mushroom (A)
           * Ural Luminescent Mushroom (B)
           * Siberian Ink Cap (C)
           * Fly Agaric (D)
           * Russian Glow Cap (E)
           * Spatsa (F)
           * Baikal Scaly Tooth (G)
          Most of these are common. I will try to expand on this one day. For
          Type A you want to backtrack at the start of the Snake Eater mission,
          for Type B you want to check the areas where you fight The End.
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: Grounded (Bronze)(10)
Description: Defeat Volgin in a fist fight
Obtained: This is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply play until you
          have to fight Volgin (this is after you planted the bombs). You have
          to tranq him for this camo. To distract Volgin you can put on
          Raikov's mask, throw a trapped tree frog at him, and you can CQC him
          to the ground for a free shot at his head.

Title: Houston, We HAD a Problem (Bronze)(10)
Description: Defeat The Fury
Obtained: This is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply play until you
          meet up with The Fury to get this. Tranq him for his camo.

Title: I Can Totally See You (Bronze)
Description: Achieve a camouflage index of +90%
Obtained: While working for the 'A Good Man is Hard to Find' trophy you will
          easily reach 90% when lying down. You can still get this trophy
          without the Moss camo by matching other camos to their terrain but I
          do not know why you would want to if you can so easily do it with the
          Moss camo.
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It (Bronze)(10)
Description: Defeat The Fear
Obtained: This is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply play until you
          meet up with the Fear. Do not forget to tranq him for his camo.

Title: Just Because (Bronze)
Description: Blow up a munitions shed with TNT
Obtained: There is TNT in the munitions shed in the area where you find the
          Hind parked. You can destroy the shed right there for the trophy but
          as it says, "Just Because" there is no real need do that most of the
          time (it reduces guard's ammo but you should never need to worry
          about that). I suggest saving before doing this foolish act.
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: Just What the Doctor Ordered (Bronze)
Description: Collect every type of medicinal plant
Obtained: There are four types of plants:
           * Cold Medicine Plant
           * Disinfectant Plant
           * Splint Plant
           * Styptic Plant
          Dremuchij South has all four in the Snake Eater mission but you have
          to backtrack to that location. You have to do that if you want to
          find all frogs anyway just so you know it is not entirely out of the
          Another way is to enter the room on the first floor in Graniny Gorki
          Lab which has all plants on the desks. Note that there is a scientist
          in here you want to tranq first.
          A lot of plants are also in the area after the warehouse as you make
          it to The End battle. This area should have at least three of the
          plants already.
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: Like He Just Doesn't Care (Bronze)(10)
Description: CQC Hold up an enemy
Obtained: Try this when you have saved the game. Sneak up on an enemy from
          behind and make sure has not noticed you. You can use the D-pad to
          sneak without being heard!! When close enough, press R2 to get the
          first person view and then hold [] to aim. Snake will say "FREEZE!"
          and thus the hold-up is complete. You can move around the enemy and
          point at certain parts, and then shoot him, but it is not required
          for the trophy.

Title: Mama Said (Bronze)(10)
Description: CQC Slam a guard and knock him out
Obtained: Try this when you have saved the game. Sneak up on a soldier without
          a weapon equipped and press O (on the PS3) to slam the guard to the

Title: Mostly Dead (Bronze)
Description: Use the Fake Death pill
Obtained: After you get your gear at the very start of the game you also get
          the Fake Death pill. You can use it right there for the trophy, but
          most people probably use it after the torture scene to fool the
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: Pain Relief (Bronze)(10)
Description: Defeat The Pain
Obtained: This is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply play until you
          have to battle The Pain in the caves. Do not forget to tranq him for
          his camo.

Title: Prince Charming (Bronze)
Description: Shoot a Kerotan for the first time
Obtained: Refer to 'It Ain't Easy Being Green' for the entire list of frogs.
          You only need to shoot one to get this trophy and every area has one
          to find, yet you will probably try to get them all.
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: Problem Solved, Series Over (Bronze)(10)
Description: Create the Ocelot Time Paradox
Obtained: Save the game after you the Ocelot unit has been knocked out. Kill
          Ocelot for the time paradox to kick in. This counts as a KILL so do
          not press Continue and reload the game instead if you want to keep
          your no-kill game going.

Title: Ralph Called (Bronze)(10)
Description: Make Snake throw up
Obtained: Simply enter the Camo Viewer and use the analog stick to spin Snake
          around fast many times. Close it again and Snake should throw up and
          lose stamina. The trophy is yours. You can do this at the very start
          of the game after picking up your gear.

Title: River of Pain (Bronze)(10)
Description: Defeat The Sorrow
Obtained: This is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply play until you
          meet up with The Sorrow to get this. You have to make it through the
          "battle" by using the revival pill at any time, but using it at the
          end after you have "died" will give you the camo too.

Title: Serenity Now (Bronze)
Description: Call one Healing Radio frequency
Obtained: There are many healing stations in the game. The list is under the
          'Tune-In Tokyo' trophy. You only have to call one to get this trophy
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: Shagadelic (Bronze)(10)
Description: Defeat Shagohod
Obtained: This is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply play until you
          fight the Shagohod with Volgin riding it on top. Tranq Volgin to keep
          your no-kills game going.

Title: Snake Bit (Bronze)
Description: Poison a guard
Obtained: Save your game after you have collected a few poisonous snakes (not
          all snakes are poisonous) and enter an area with the guards. I did
          say save your game because this can take a few tries. Change your
          backpack to have the cages in your inventory and then select them
          as inventory item. When you are near a guard, throw the item (snake)
          at them. A direct hit should show a small clip of the snake biting
          the guard and him getting purple poison over his head. You cannot
          simply throw the snake on the grounds and wait for the guards to walk
          near them, it will never work. You can still do this after the guards
          have raised the alarm.
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: Snake Eater (Bronze)(10)
Description: Eat a snake of any type
Obtained: This can be done in the first area after getting your gear. Tranq a
          nearby snake and it in your inventory. That is all.

Title: Snake Eyes (Bronze)(10)
Description: See all of the first-person views that are not indicated by the R1
             button icon
Obtained: I did not even know there can be such scenes in the game until I saw
          the trophy. There are six scenes that do not have the R1 button icon
          in the corner. The six are:
          * At the top of the mountain when looking through your binoculars.
            Eva will do the Ocelot hand thing after he turns his back.
          * In the torture scene, when Ocelot has left.
          * After defeating the Shagohod for good Eva will hug you. This is
            your cue.
          * Just after defeating The Boss when the boss comes over.
          * When the president shakes your hand, press R1 and move the camera
            to the left to see Ocelot. See the 'Cat's Out of the Bag' trophy.
            You still get the 'Snake Eyes' trophy for not seeing Ocelot in this
          * In the last scene when Snake looks at The Boss's grave, his eyes
            will be full of tears.

Title: Tall Tale (Bronze)
Description: Collect every type of fish
Obtained: There are three types of fish in the game:
           * Bigeye Trevally (A)
           * Maroon Shark (B)
           * Arowana Fish (C)
          For the Bigeye, check Ponizovje South, the Maroon Shark is in the
          caves and the other fish is so common you will find it in any
          water. You can eat or release the fish after collecting it.
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: Tell Me Where the Bomb Is (Bronze)
Description: CQC Interrogate an enemy
Obtained: Try this when you have saved the game. Hold up an enemy and press O
          slightly to put him in a choke hold. Press R3 on the controller to
          interrogate the enemy. If you press O too hard you will kill the
          guy so be careful.
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: The Cat's out of the Bag (Bronze)
Description: Catch a glimpse of Ocelot, who’s seen behind the president when he
             tries to shake Snake’s hand
Obtained: At the point mentioned in the game (this is almost the last scene of
          the game) you should press R1 to get a first person view, then move
          the camera to the left to see Ocelot in the window doing his pose.
          You CANNOT get this trophy in theater mode - it must be in the story
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: The End (Bronze)(10)
Description: Defeat The End
Obtained: This is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply play until you
          meet up with The End to get this. If you kill him with the sniper
          rifle after the cutscene at the warehouse pier you get this too,
          although it counts as a kill. See "The Early End" trophy.
          When fighting him in the woods, tranq him for his weapon, and hold
          him up for his camo.

Title: The Patriot (Bronze)(10)
Description: Defeat The Boss
Obtained: This is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply play until you
          have the sad need to fight The Boss. Tranq her for her camo.

Title: Them's Good Eatin' (Bronze)
Description: Collect every type of frog
Obtained: There are three types of frogs in the game:
           * Otton Frog (A)
           * Green Tree Frog (B)
           * Poison Dart Frog (C)
          All three are common and I do not think you need any help finding
          them. Keep one of the Tree Frogs for the Volgin fight. You can eat
          or release any frog after collecting it.
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: Tune-In Tokyo (Bronze)
Description: Call every Healing Radio frequency
Obtained: As the description says, call all eight healing stations on your
          codec to get the trophy. The station frequency changes for different
          difficulty settings but you only need the eight for your playthough
          and the trophy will unlock after listening to all eight. Note that
          you do not need to listen to the entire song for it to work.
          Very Easy/Easy:
          * 140.01 - Salty Catfish / 66 Boys
          * 140.52 - Rock Me Baby / 66 Boys
          * 141.24 - Sea Breeze / Sergei Mantis
          * 142.94 - Pillow Talk / Starry K
          * 144.06 - Jumpin' Johnny / Chunk Raspberry
          * 147.08 - Surfing Guitar / 66 Boys
          * 147.59 - Sailor / Starry K
          * 149.53 - Don't Be Afraid / Rika Muranaka 
          * 141.85 - Don't Be Afraid / Rika Muranaka
          * 142.09 - Sea Breeze / Sergei Mantis
          * 143.32 - Sailor / Starry K
          * 144.86 - Jumpin' Johnny / Chunk Raspberry
          * 145.83 - Salty Catfish / 66 Boys
          * 146.65 - Rock Me Baby / 66 Boys
          * 148.39 - Surfing Guitar / 66 Boys
          * 148.96 - Pillow Talk / Starry K
          * 141.59 - Surfing Guitar / 66 Boys
          * 143.83 - Rock Me Baby / 66 Boys
          * 143.97 - Sailor / Starry K
          * 144.63 - Pillow Talk / Starry K
          * 145.72 - Sea Breeze / Sergei Mantis
          * 146.07 - Salty Catfish / 66 Boys
          * 147.96 - Jumpin' Johnny / Chunk Raspberry
          * 149.53 - Don't Be Afraid / Rika Muranaka 
          * 140.16 - Pillow Talk / Starry K
          * 141.42 - Salty Catfish / 66 Boys
          * 142.42 - Sailor / Starry K
          * 145.18 - Sea Breeze / Sergei Mantis
          * 146.45 - Surfing Guitar / 66 Boys
          * 148.66 - Rock Me Baby / 66 Boys
          * 148.78 - Jumpin' Johnny / Chunk Raspberry
          * 149.39 - Don't Be Afraid / Rika Muranaka 
Note: PS3 only(?)

Title: Young Gun (Bronze)(10)
Description: Submit Ocelot
Obtained: This is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply play to the part
          where you meet up with Ocelot to get this afterwards.

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