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Game Script by dinobotmaximized

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/22/06

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
Game Script Version 1.1
Copyright 2006 Chris Castiglione (dinobotmaximized)
Email: dinobotmaximized (at) yahoo (dot) com

I. Introduction
II. Version History
III. Script
IV. Credits and Thanks
V. Legal

I. Introduction **************************************************************
In this FAQ I have typed up the dialogue and story related text that appears 
in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake for the MSX/Sony PlayStation 2.

II. Version History **********************************************************
1.0 - June 28, 2006

1.1 - July 22, 2006
    - Fixed some typos.

III. Script ******************************************************************
It is the late 1990s...
The world is embarking on 
an age of peace and stability. 

Relations between the Cold War 
superpowers have thawed.
Regional conflicts are being 
resolved. The threat of nuclear 
war is now a thing of the past. 

But there are some 
who do not desire peace... 

An atmosphere of tension begins 
to build in the Middle East. 

A military junta comes to power 
in Zanzibar Land, a small nation 
bordering on the USSR, China, 
and the Middle East. 

Zanzibar Land attacks nuclear 
weapons disposal sites around 
the world, seizing those weapons 
that are still intact, and becomes 
the world's only nuclear power. 
It then begins to invade its 
neighbors at will.

After renouncing nukes forever, 
the world is once again threatened
by the specter of nuclear war. 

Meanwhile, the world's oil supply, 
which was to last another 30 
years, suddenly, and unexpectedly 
dries up. Without a safe 
alternative source of energy, 
the world faces a severe energy 

It is in these dire circumstances 
that Dr. Kio Marv, a Czech 
biologist, develops "OILEX", 
a microbe that can synthesize 
high-grade petroleum. 

With this discovery, global 
tensions are once again on the 
rise. On his way to attend an 
American scientific conference, 
Dr. Marv is kidnapped by agents 
of Zanzibar Land. 

With its nuclear weapons and 
the secret of OILEX, Zanzibar Land 
plans to achieve global military 

A tiny microbe, only a few 
microns wide, is about to change 
the world forever. 


Snake: This is Snake... I've reached the 
       infiltration point. 

Campbell: Snake... Right on time, as always. 
          Let's get started... Commencing 
          Operation Intrude F014.
          Let's go over this one more time. 
          Your mission is to infiltrate Zanzibar 
          Land and rescue the kidnapped 
          Czech biologist, Dr. Kio Marv. 
          Snake, we've provided you with a 
          new anti-personnel sensor. Try 
          switching it on. 

Snake: Roger... OK, it's on.

Campbell: The white dots on your radar are 
          enemy soldiers. The red dot is your 
          current position. 
          The radar is equipped with several 
          other types of sensors as well. They 
          should warn you of any unseen 

Snake: What's the radar's effective range? 

Campbell: Take a look at your radar display. It 
          shows a 9-screen area centered on 
          your position. However, it may not 
          work in small, enclosed 
          Also, if the enemy spots you, you 
          won't be able to use the radar. The 
          enemy will use a jammer to 
          scramble it. 

Snake: Got it. ...Where can I find Dr. Marv? 

Campbell: Well. Dr. Marv has a transmitter 
          implanted in one of his molar teeth. 
          When you get close to him, he'll 
          show up as a red dot on your radar. 

Snake: So I just have to keep an eye out 
       for the red dot... 

Campbell: Snake, use frequency 140.85 for all 
          future communications with me. 
          ...Good luck. 
          ...Over and out. 



Campbell: Use crawling to sneak through gaps 
          in the fence... Over and out. 



Campbell: You can't sneak in through the 
          front door. Use the vents... Over 
          and out. 



Holy: I'm Holly. Holly White. 
      I infiltrated Zanzibar Land a month 
      ago, posing as a journalist. 
      So I know pretty much how things 
      work around here... I'll help you any 
      way I can. 
      My frequency is 140.15. Call me... 


*Boss Fight*

Marv: Heh heh heh... Foolish FOXHOUND! 
      Dr. Marv isn't here! Figures that 
      FOXHOUND would use such a 
      cheap transmitter... You guys are 
      really behind the times. 

(Marv removes his disguise) 

Black Ninja: I am Black Ninja, a former member 
             of NASA's extraterrestrial 
             environment special forces unit. 
             Now let's see just how strong the 
             world's most advanced black ops 
             unit really is! 
             Show me what you got, 

(Snake defeats Black Ninja)

Black Ninja: ...Snake... 

Snake: Who are you? ...How did you know 
       my name? 

Black Ninja: It's... it's me... Schneider, Kyle 
             Schneider. Remember me? 

Snake: Schneider? ...You were in the 
       Resistance at Outer Heaven! 
       But... I thought they killed you! 

Black Ninja: You've still got a lot to learn, 
             I was almost killed, but not by 
             them. By you, and your country. 

Snake: What are you saying, Schneider? 

Black Ninja: ...Snake, after you destroyed Metal 
             NATO launched a massive bombing 
             campaign against Outer Heaven. 
             All of us Resistance fighters...and 
             the children of Outer Heaven...they 
             didn't care about any of us. 
             There was no escape from the 
             flames... They died like animals in a 

Snake: I... can't believe this... 

Black Ninja: Think about it. The children of 
             Outer Heaven were originally was 
             orphans and refugees from all over 
             the world. 
             They were a liability... and NATO
             didn't want to deal with them... 

Snake: ...No... 

Black Ninja: You're no different. They'll forget 
             about you, too... But he wasn't like 

Snake: Who....?

Black Ninja: He came... and saved us from 
             He forgave us for what we'd done. 
             He gave us a new land to call 
             home... A new family... 

Snake: He did...? You mean... 

Black Ninja: Snake, you'll understand soon... 
             what a wonderful man he is... 
             Snake... I owe you a debt. There's 
             no hate between us. I'll tell you 
             where Dr. Marv is. 
             It's what he would want me to do... 
             Find the man who's guarding the 
             cell where Dr. Marv is being held. 
             Follow that man...and he should 
             lead you straight to the cell. 
             You can tell him by his green beret. 
             He should be on the first floor. Got 
             that? A green beret. 
             Follow the man in the green beret! 

(Black Ninja dies) 


(Snake reaches the cell, which is empty but hears a knocking 
 coming from the wall that turns out to be a radio frequency)

Snake: This is Solid Snake... 
       Come in.

Dr. Madnar: Ah, I see you figured out my code... 

Snake: Where's Dr. Marv? 

Dr. Madnar: It's been a while. Eh, Solid Snake? 

Snake: Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar? How 
       did you...?! 

Dr. Madnar: Marv and I knew each other from 
            the Prague academy. We didn't 
            speak each other’s language, but
            were scientific comrades, after 
            a fashion. 
            I was captured along with Marv 
            while we were in America. 

Snake: Where is Dr. Marv?! 

Dr. Madnar: He was moved from here to the 
            tower building a few days ago. It's 
            a tall building a few kilometers north 
            of here. 

Snake: Dammit, I'm late again! So Marv's 
       in the tower building? 

Dr. Madnar: Snake, can you guess why they've 
            left me alive? 

Snake: They must need you for 
       something...and that means... 

Dr. Madnar: Yes... Metal gear. Snake it is 
            here... In Zanzibar Land. 
            They've already completed a new 
            Metal Gear. The one you destroyed 
            three years ago was only a 
            The new, improved Metal Gear is 
            many, many times more powerful! 
            They're also working on a light 
            version for mass 

Snake: Then it was Metal Gear that 
       attacked the nuke disposal sites... 

Dr. Madnar: Precisely. Metal Gear is a 
            nuclear-equipped walking tank. Its 
            true power is unleashed only when 
            it is armed with nuclear
            Zanzibar Land now has the only 
            nukes in the world. And now they 
            have their sights set on OILIX, a 
            miracle energy source. 
            Snake... Now that you know all this, 
            perhaps you can guess who is 
            behind it...? 

Snake: Big... Boss?! 

Dr. Madnar: The very same! With Metal Gear 
            and OILEX, he plots to rule the 
            world. We cannot let the secret of 
            OILEX fall into his hands! 
            Science is not meant to be used 
            only for killing. Marv's will is strong, 
            but his heart is weak. We must 
            I don't know how long he can 
            withstand their torture.

Snake: If they use drugs on him, he won't 
       last long... 

Dr. Madnar: Marv and I were both carrying 
            microtransmitters inside our bodies. 
            They were given to us by a female 
            agent from STB.
            You could get in touch with her if 
            you knew her frequency. 

Snake: Madnar, what are you going to do? 

Dr. Madnar: The wall separating us is made of
            Chobham armor plate. You can't 
            blast your way through it. Just leave 
            me here and go rescue Marv, 

Snake: All right. I'll come back for you later. 

Dr. Madnar: Snake... 
            My daughter Ellen is a fan of yours.
            She's not married yet, and I'm 
            afraid I... 
            ...Oh, and I have a zoologist friend, 
            Johan Jacobsen, who lives around 
            here. You can reach him on 
            frequency 140.40. 
            He'll tell you anything you need to 
            know about animals... 

Snake: Don't worry. I'll make sure you get 
       home in time for your daughter's

Dr. Madnar: Thank you, Snake...



#1 Fan: Snake! Watch out! You're in a 

Snake: Who are you? 

#1 Fan: I'm your number one fan. Keep up 
        the good work.


Kid: They told us this is a bottomless 
     swamp, and it's too dangerous to 
     get close... But... 
     I saw a big truck driving through 
     here. You believe me, right? 


Kid: Trucks come in and out of here all 
     the time. 


*Boss Fight* 

Running Man: A visitor! What a pleasant surprise! 
             ...And just in time, too.
             I was about to go for a little run. 
             I am Running Man, the world's 
             fastest mercenary. No man can
             keep up with me! 
             See for yourself!! 

(Running Man runs around)

Running Man: ...pant...pant... What do you think? 
             Pretty fast, eh? But I'm just getting 
             warmed up!
             Hear that sound? That's nerve 
             gas. Defeat me before the gas gets 
             to you, and you might survive. 
             The clock is ticking... Let the race 

(Snake defeats Running Man)

Running Man: ...You... you used my speed against 
             me... What's your name? 

Snake: Snake... Solid Snake. 

Running Man: ...Snake....? The cheetah has lost 
             to a snake...? How could this 

Snake: ...Guess you weren't fast enough. 

(Running Man dies) 


Kid: I know what that it! It's a stinger 
     They took some to the factory on 
     the west side of the Zanzibar 
     buildings 1st floor the other day. 
     Said they were gonna put them on 
     some tanks. 

Kid: I hate people who use guns!



Holly: That's signing sand, imported all 
       the way from Okinawa, Japan. 
       It squeaks when you walk on it. The 
       sand will give your position away, 
       so be careful...See ya.



Campbell: You're good with a cardboard box,  
          right? Why not try posing as part of 
          the cargo? 
          I'm changing the frequency for our 
          future communications. 
          The new frequency can be found in 
          a photo in the software 
          manual...Over and out. 



Holly: Snake! I'm in trouble! They 
       discovered my identity and now I'm 
       a prisoner! Help me! 
       Just when I finally managed to 
       contact Dr. Marv... 

Snake: Where are you?! Give me your 

Holly: ...I don't know. I was blindfolded. I 
       think it's somewhere in the tower 
       building... Oh yeah! 
       Snake! ...I hear noises! Off to the 
       left... I hear an elevator! 
       And to the right... I hear a noise 
       like a pump. There's water flowing 
       in front of me and behind me. 

Snake: Water in front and behind... a pump 
       to the right... and an elevator to 
       the left? I think I've got a pretty 
       good picture now. 

Holly: Snake, I don't think they know 
       about my radio yet. But come 
       quick! I'll be waiting. 


Kid: There used to be a veranda south 
     of here, but the passage is buried 


Kid: The one-eyed man is like our 
     daddy. He doesn't like grown-ups.


Kid: Are you friends with the blond lady, 


Kid: The one-eyed man told us to tell 
     him if we saw a man wearing green 
     The blond lady says he isn't here. 


(After finding Holly)

Holly: Thanks, Snake, you saved me! 

Snake: ... 

Holly: What's wrong? 

Snake: I... didn't think you'd be this pretty. 

Holly: What, you thought I'd be ugly? 

Snake: I should have met up with you 

Holly: Snake, about Dr. Marv... I'm pretty 
       sure he's OK. 

Snake: Pretty sure? I thought you said 
       you'd made contact. 

Holly: Well, I haven't actually met him. 
       He's under armed guard 
       somewhere... But he sent a 
       message by carrier pigeon. It might 
       be some kind of clue. 

Snake: A pigeon? ...Where is it now? 

Holly: I found it, but it flew away just as I 
       was about to catch it... I saw it 
       heading up the elevator in the 
       tower building. 

Snake: Toward the roof?! 

Holly: The bad guys are looking for it, 
       too. We have to find it before they 
       do. It's our only clue to Dr. Marv's

Snake: A pigeon hunt... What are you going 
       to do? 

Holly: I'd only get in your way. I want to 
       gather a little more info. I'm starting 
       to like this place less and less... 
       And then this happens. 
       If this keeps up, I'm really gonna let 
       'em have it! 

Snake: I see you've still got spirit... Just 
       do anything crazy. 

Holly: The enemy might be listening in, so 
       let's change our frequency to 
       140.76. OK, Snake? 
       Oh, and I made a copy of my IC 
       card. It's card 4. Here, take it... 
       See you later, Snake... Take care of 

Snake: Holly!! 

Holly: What..?

Snake: That's the kind of thing you would 
       say to your boyfriend when you kiss 
       him goodbye. 

Holly: ...Then what, Snake? ...What 
       should I say? 

Snake: Stay alive, and we'll meet again 

Holly: Deal. 

(Holly leaves)


Kid: The one-eyed man said we 
     shouldn't go against the current. 
     He said you can see lots of new 
     things, if you just go along with the 
     flow... Do you know what he 


Kid: The water in the ditch is freezing. 
     You'll catch a cold if you stay in 
     too long. 


Kid: I heard this ditch is connected to  
     the next building by jet stream. 


Kid: Did you know? There's an old sewer 
     under the ditch. 


*Boss Fight* 

Snake: Wh.. What is this? ...A booby trap? 

Red Blaster: That's right. A trap clever enough 
             to catch a fox. Or should I say, a 
             I am Red Blaster, and you're not 
             going anywhere. My grenades will 
             see to it that your death is 
             slow...and painful.



Holly: The door to the roof is painted 
       shut to prevent trespassers. 
       But it's jury-rigged, so you can 
       probably blow it up pretty easily with 
       plastic explosives...See ya.


(After catching the Pigeon)

Snake: Huh...? 
       There's a piece of paper tied to the 
       pigeon's leg. 


Snake: Only the H is in lowercase... Some 
       kind of message from Dr. Marv?
       What could it mean? 

(The message is Dr. Marv's Radio frequency upside down)

Snake: This is Solid Snake... 
       Come in.

Marv: Tady je Marv. Co ma delat? 
      Checeme jenom mir. 
      Delame pouze svjr ukol. Pevne 
      doufam, ze me zachranite. Mrj 
      Drahy puiteli! 

Snake: ...What's he saying...? I can't 
       understand a word. Better ask 

Snake: This is Solid Snake... 
       Come in.

Dr. Madnar: Marv can only speak Czech and 
            Slovakian. He's also the wary type, 
            and especially so in his current 

Snake: What about you, Madnar?

Dr. Madnar: I can only speak Russian and 
            English... Wait, I've got it! Gustava 
            can speak to him! 

Snake: Gustava? ...Is that the STB woman 
       who was protecting you? 

Dr. Madnar: She'll be able to understand him, 
            and Marv trusts her well. 

Snake: Is this Gustava still alive? 

Dr. Madnar: Not to worry. Gustava is no 
            ordinary woman. She is a seasoned 
            When we were captured, she alone 
            managed to steal an enemy uniform 
            and escape. 
            No doubt she's hiding somewhere 
            inside Zanzibar Land, waiting for 
            her chance.

Snake: Does she have a radio? 

Dr. Madnar: No, it was taken away right after 
            we were captured... The only thing I 
            know is that she's wearing an 
            enemy uniform. 

Snake: There must be some kind of clue I 
       can use... 

Dr. Madnar: Here's your clue: She's a woman. 
            Don't be fooled by her enemy 
            disguise... There are no woman 
            soldiers in this fortress. 
            That's all you need to know. 
            Gustava is a woman. Why not set 
            up an ambush someplace that only 
            a woman would go? Like the ladies' 
            Over and out.


Kid: The grown-ups always stand at 
     attention when they hear the 
     national anthem. It's one of their 
     weird rules. 


Kid: There's only one bathroom here. 
     It's on the southeast side of this 
     floor... But I'm too scared to go 
     there at night... 


Kid: If you catch a cold, go to the 
     infirmary and they'll give you some 


Kid: There's a bunch of soldier 
     mannequins in there. 


(After finding Gustava in the lady's bathroom)

Snake: Gustava? 

Gustava: ...Yes, that's me... I am Gustava 
         Heffner of STB. 
         And you must be Solid Snake... 
         We're after the same thing. Why 
         don't we work together to save Dr. 

Snake: Have we met somewhere before? 

Gustava: Hm, Typical western man. Always 
         ready with a pick-up line... 

Snake: Now I remember! You're Gustava 
       Heffner, the Ice Princess. You took 
       the gold at the Calgary Olympics. 

Gustava: ...You must be mistaken. 

Snake: I don't think so. I know I've... 

Gustava: Enough of this! What about Dr. 

Snake: I made contact with him over the 
       radio, but he doesn't speak English. 

Gustava: Then he's safe... Good. I'm glad he 
         had that surgery to implant the 
         microtransmitter. Snake, lend me 
         your radio... 

Snake: The frequency is 140.51. 

Gustava: Tady je Gustava. 

Marv: Marv. 

Gustava: Pane doktore! Jak se citite? 

Marv: Dekuji citim se dobue. Gustava, 
      Vypadate velmi dobue. 

Gustava: Kde jste? Pane doktone?

Marv: Ne severu vezakr je rozsedlina. Za 
      ni maji koncentrak. Tam jsem. 

Gustava: Urcite Vas zachranime. 

Marv: Jsem vdecny. Dekuji. 

Gustava: Snake, Dr. Marv is safe, for now. 
         He says there's a large crevice to 
         the north of the tower building. The 
         prison is on the other 
         Dr. Marv also expressed concern 
         about Dr. Madnar. 

Snake: Don't worry. Madnar is safe. Right 
       now, we have to get Marv out of 
       there... Got it? 

Gustava: I know a shortcut to the crevice. 
         There's an old sewer running under 
         here. We can take that elevator 
         down. Let's go. 

Snake: Whoa! There's an elevator there? 
       What do you know... 


(After Snake and Gustava rescue Dr. Madnar)

Dr. Madnar: Oh! ...Gustava! Snake! 

Gustava: Doctor, you're all right! 

Snake: ...You've lost some weight, 

Dr. Madnar: And you haven't changed a bit, 

Gustava: Snake, we must hurry! Dr. Marv is 

Dr. Madnar: You mean Marv is still alive? 
            I thought I could escape through 
            this passageway, but the elevator 
            wouldn't open from the inside. 

Snake: Gustava, you and the doctor get 
       behind me. We're moving out! 

Dr. Madnar: No, wait! Snake, I have something 
            to give you. 
            I swiped it from a guard... It's card 

Gustava: Lead the way, Snake. I'll follow you. 


Dr. Madnar: Snake, wait! I can't go on... I must 
            rest a little... 

Gustava: Snake...? 

Snake: All right... we'll take a short break. 

Dr. Madnar: Please excuse me. I... have some 
            business to take care of. 

(Dr. Madnar walks off screen)

Gustava: ...How odd... 

Snake: Give the guy a break. He's an old 
       man. He can't hold it like he used 

Gustava: No, I mean us... A world-renowned 
         scientist, a former Olympic athlete, 
         and an ex-special agent, trudging 
         together through a sewer...

Snake: ...Fate can be funny sometimes. 

Gustava: Fate? Yes... perhaps you're 
         right... You know, when I was a little 
         girl, my mother used to tell me 
         about Poland during World War II... 
         about the Warsaw uprising. My 
         mother spent days in the sewers 
         under the city fleeing from the 
         her skin and clothes were caked 
         black with mud... You could not 
         even see her face... My mother and 
         I are much alike. We are both 
         haunted by war. 

Snake: ...Gustava, why'd you quit skating 
       and join STB! You'd think an 
       Olympic medalist would get the 
       royal treatment, even in the East. 

Gustava: ...Not exactly. It was something 
         about the ice... It felt... cold. 

Snake: The ice...? 

Gustava: Snake, are you married? 

Snake: ...No, I don't have a family. You? 

Gustava: I'm all alone... And it's not because 
         I like being single, either. Perhaps I 
         simply never had the chance. 

Snake: What about a boyfriend? 

Gustava: ...Once... only once... I thought 
         about getting married. It was back 
         when I was still skating. 
         I was deeply, madly in love... It still 
         hurts to think about it. He was a 
         Western man. His name was Frank 
         He was handsome, well-mannered, 
         intelligent... But always afraid. 
         I would have thrown it all away for   
         him. My family, skating, 
         everything... I would have followed 
         him anywhere. 

Snake: You would have defected? 

Gustava: Yes... But it was not to be. The 
         west rejected my bid for asylum at 
         the last minute. Some sort of 
         political reasons... I still don't  

Snake: They probably just didn't have 
       room for you. It happens all the 

Gustava: Ever since, my family and I have 
         lives a nightmare... We lost our right 
         to compete, were branded as 
         refuseniks... I had no choice but to 
         go into STB. 
         But I have no regrets. When I was 
         on the ice, I knew the ice. 
         Now I know so much more... I've 
         even killed a man. 

Snake: What about him? Did you ever...? 

Gustava: I never saw him again... our Berlin 
         Wall was too high for either of us to 

Dr Madnar: Hello again! Sorry to keep you 

Snake: That was some bathroom break. 

Gustava: ...Let's go, Snake. 


Snake: A bridge!! 

Gustava: We can only cross it one at a time. 

Dr. Madnar: Let me go first. I haven't long 
            to live anyway. No one will miss me 
            if I fall. 

(Dr. Madnar crosses the bridge) 

Dr. Madnar: It's allright! You can come across! 

Gustava: OK, I'll go next... See you on the 
         other side, 

(Gustava stops halfway across the bridge) 

Gustava: It's safe, Snake! Hurry and cross 

(A bomb comes out of nowhere, destroys the bridge, and sends 
 Gustava flying over to Snake) 

Snake: Gustava!! 
       ..Gu... Gustava... 

Gustava: ...Ah... Snake...
         I knew I couldn't do it... couldn't 
         find my footing off the ice... 
         I was always skating around... I 
         never learned to plant my two feet 
         on the ground and walk... 

Snake: The ice is starting to thaw between 
       the East and West. Gustava, it's 
       time to start planting your feet on 
       the ground... don't give up now... 

Gustava: It's too late for me... I've seen 
         enough people die already to 
         know... that I'm beyond saving. 
         ...Just my luck. Just when I'd met 
         someone wonderful again... 

Snake: I would have liked to see you skate 

Gustava: Th... thank you... Take this... it's 
         card 6. And this... it's my brooch. 
         To use it, you... 

Snake: How? How do I use it? 

Gustava: I... can't... hold on... 

(Gustava dies) 

Dr. Madnar: Snake!! 

(Across the bridge, two guards take away Dr. Madnar, and 
 Metal Gear appears) 

Snake: ...Metal Gear? 

Gray Fox: Snake!! It's me. Gray Fox! 

Snake: Gray... Fox... 

Gray Fox: This bridge is closed!! I'm taking 
          Madnar with me! 
          Tell you what, Snake. For old times 
          sake, I'll do you a favor and let you 
          live, IF you get your sorry carcass 
          out of here! ...You hear me? Go 
          home! Now! 
          Think it over, Snake... Ha ha ha ha! 

(Gray Fox leaves)

Snake: Fox! You won't get rid of me that 


Holly: Snake, you remember the veranda 
       in the tower building they use for 
       parachute jump training? 
       If you have a hang glider, you can 
       jump from there straight over the 
       There should be a hang glider on 
       the east side of the 1st floor of the 
       Zanzibar building. 
       I saw it once at Thanksgiving...See 


Kid: Gustava's locker is the one in the 
     upper row, all the way to the right. 
     She always uses it when she comes 
     out of the sauna. 


Kid: Ah, you found me! ...We're playing 
     hide and seek. 


Kid: Wanna know a secret? 
     You know Gustava's brooch? It 
     changes shape when you put it in 
     the sauna or the freezer.


*Boss Fight*


Gray Fox: Snake! 
          Snake! ...It's me, Gray Fox. 

Snake: Fox! 

Gray Fox: You should have listened to my 
          warnings, Snake. Now I'm afraid our 
          friendship is at an end. 
          That elevator is going to be your 

Snake: What?!

Gray Fox: Do you hear that sound? That's a 
          assassination team. They specialize 
          in confined spaces... 
          I'm sure you'll put up a good fight.

Snake: The ceiling---!! 

Gray Fox: It was nice talking to you one last 
          time, Snake... Over and out. 

Four Horsemen: We are the Four Horsemen, a 
               top-secret assassination squad. 
               We get our orders directly from the 
               Consider this an honor... we only 
               fry the big fish!


Kid: That veranda was made for 
     parachute jumps. 
     But if you had a hang glider... I bet 
     you could jump even further! 


#1 Fan: It's me. Your number one fan. You 
        can only jump from there when the 
        wind's blowing north. 
        It usually blows south, but 
        sometimes it changes, just for an 
        That's your chance. Don't miss it. 
        Keep up the good work. 


*Boss Fight* 

Jungle Evil: I've been waiting for you, Snake! I 
             am Jungle Evil, the undisputed 
             master of the jungle ambush. 
             Let's see whether you're a real 
             snake or not! 


Kid: Know what? At night, they turn off 
     the power. So all the laser fences 
     get turned off, too. 
     Then we get to play inside, as long 
     as the grown-ups don't catch us. 

Kid: I hear owls at night... It's so scary. I 
     can't sleep. 

Kid: They keep the animals in a room 
     northwest of here. 


Kid: There's lots of rats in the jail. They 
     steal all kinds of things and take 
     them back to their nests. 
     The grown-ups put out sulfuric acid 
     to try and get rid of them. 


Kid: I want chocolate! Mister, do you 
     have a B1 ration? 
     B1 rations have chocolate in them. 


*Boss Fight*


#1 Fan: It's me... your number one fan. 
        Snake, watch yourself. 
        You've got company - Night Fright, 
        the last surviving member of the 
        Whispers... You know, the legendary 
        guerilla unit. 

Snake: Night Fright... 

#1 Fan: He's wearing a state-of-the-art 
        camouflage suit that makes him 
        practically invisible. 
        Not only that, he'll attack you with 
        a gun that's completely silent. 
        No one has ever seen his face. You 
        know what you have to do, right?? 

Snake: Lucky me... I've got a fan club. 

#1 Fan: Use your ears, Snake! ...Over and 



#1 Fan: You should be able to get card 9 
        from Jungle Evil! 

Snake: Don't you mean card 8? He only 
       had card 8. 

#1 Fan: No, he was in charge of card 8 
        AND 9. 
        He must have dropped it 
        somewhere. Check the area he was 
        in! The card should be there. Keep 
        up the good work. 


(After Snake finds Dr. Madnar and Dr. Marv)

Dr. Madnar: Ah! ...Snake, you're too late. He's 
            already passed away. 
            His heart couldn't take it anymore. 

Snake: Wait... what's that bruise on his 

Dr. Madnar: Not to worry, Snake. Marv may be  
            dead, but the plans for OILIX are 
            Marv was a very clever man. He 
            left behind a copy of the plans in 
            case of emergency. 
            He had a reputation as a video 
            game enthusiast. He even used to 
            have them shipped to him from the 
            West every month. 
            A few days ago, he hid some 
            microfilm in the circuit of one 
            of his game cartridges. 
            It was an MSX cartridge, made by a 
            Japanese company called Konami. 

Snake: MSX... That's the world's 
       best selling brand of computer, isn't 

Dr. Madnar: The he hid the cartridge inside 
            that locker. 

Snake: Where's the key? 

Dr. Madnar: I don't know... I could never get it out 
            of him. I mean... He never told me! 


Holly: Snake! You're in danger!! 

Snake: Holly! What's wrong! 

Holly: Snake, it's Madnar... I thought there 
       was something strange about him, 
       so I had the agency check him out. 
       After he was rescued from Outer 
       Heaven... apparently things didn't 
       go well for him. 

Holly: His radical theories were rejected in 
       the West. 
       He was dismissed as a madman 
       and shut out from the scientific 
       community. And as time went on... 
       he was forgotten. 
       Madnar wasn't exactly happy with 
       the scientific community, either. He 
       must have been searching for some 
       to get back at them. 
       That's when Zanzibar Land talked 
       him into becoming a double agent. 
       He'd use his status as a scientist to 
       feed technological secrets from 
       East and West to Zanzibar Land...

Snake: And, Dr. Marv's disappearance...? 

Holly: Right. The timing is too perfect. 
       Madnar must have given them 
       every detail of Marv's itinerary in 
       the U.S. 

Snake: Madnar was after OILEX all along. 
       That's why he wanted to go to 
       America with Marv. 

Dr. Madnar: I'm afraid you've got me, Snake. 
            I gave up everything to be a part of 
            your world... Even the country I was 
            born and raised in... 
            But your world had nothing but 
            contempt and abuse for me. 
            I just wanted... to finish Metal Gear! 
            It is the culmination of all my life's 
            work in robotology. 
            But your politicians were only 
            interested in nonsense like SDI, 
            NEDW, and brain bombs!  
            I passed on the scientific secrets of 
            the East and the West to Zanzibar 
            And in return, they aided me in my 
            efforts to improve Metal Gear. 

Snake: Madnar, did you kill Dr. Marv? 

Dr. Madnar: ...Yes! He would not share the 
            secret of OILIX with me! 
            And it was I who caused Gustava's 
            death on the bridge by contacting 
            Fox from the sewer! 

Snake: The bathroom break...!

Dr. Madnar: Snake, I know Marv - no, Gustava 
            - gave you the key to the locker! 
            Give it to me!! 

(Dr. Madnar jumps on Snake and chokes him)

Snake: I.. can't breathe...

(Snake defeats Dr. Madnar) 


(After Snake returns with the key for the locker and 
 retrieves the Cartridge from it) 

Dr. Madnar: S... Snake... 
            Snake... he'll never let you get 
            He'll use it... he'll use Metal Gear. 
            I have one last gift... for my 
            daughter Ellen...
            I'll tell you how to destroy it. 

Snake: How to destroy Metal 

Dr. Madnar: Try as I might, I could not reconcile 
            East and West in my heart of 
            But Ellen is different. Snake... you 
            must do this for Ellen, the daughter I 
            left behind. 

Snake: How do I destroy Metal Gear? 

Dr. Madnar: The armor is thinnest on the legs... 
            use grenades on the legs. It is the 
            only way...

(A hole opens beneath Snake and he falls down it)

Gray Fox: The final delusions of a senile old 
          man. There's no way to destroy 
          this Metal Gear, Snake!

Snake: Fox!! ...Where are you? 

Gray Fox: Come and find out, Snake. Go 
          through the front door? 


*Boss Fight*

(Snake goes through the front door and finds 
 Metal Gear piloted by Gray Fox)

Gray Fox: Snake... I'm not the same as I used
          to be. And neither is Metal Gear. 
          I'll show you what fear really is. 
          Prepare to taste defeat! 

(Snake destroys Metal Gear)

Gray Fox: The cartridge is mine, Snake! 
          ...Burn in hell! 

(Gray Fox runs off) 


Campbell: Snake! Your items are on fire! 
          Throw away all your weapons and 
          equipment! Quickly! Use the O 


*Boss Fight*

(Snake drops all his equipment 
 then runs after Gray Fox)

Snake: Where am I? 

Gray Fox: The perfect ring for our final battle. 
          It's been a while, Snake... Here we 
          are, back in the minefield... What 
          say we go at it hand to hand! 

Snake: A chicken fight! 

Gray Fox: The two greatest rivals in 
          FOXHOUND... I've been waiting for 
          this moment for a long time. 

Snake: Fox! 
       I'll beat some sense into you! 

Gray Fox: Snake! 
          It's time for you to learn why they 
          call me Fox!


Kasler: Gray Fox... Real name, Frank  
        Jaeger. Former member of 
        He was the last man to hold the 
        title of Fox in the Big Boss era. 
        Decorated fives times... 

Snake: Yeah, I know all about how good 
       he is... Better than anyone else. I 
       fought with him. 
       He's a cold-blooded hunter. He 
       never let's his prey escape. 
       Everybody in the unit respected 
       him. Looked up to him. 

Kasler: That may be, Snake... but do you 
        know about his past? It might help 
        you out... 
        10 years ago, we in the mercenary 
        trade knew him as Hunter. That's 
        what Jaeger means in German. 
        Back then, he was involved with 
        some woman from the Eastern 
        He tried to get her to come over 
        the fence, but it fell through. 
        Apparently the West wasn't 
        interested in taking her. That's
        when Frank started to hate the 

Snake: What was the woman's name? 

Kasler: She was an Olympic skater. Name 
        was Gustava Heffner... Real fine 
        woman. Movie-star type. 

Snake: G... Gustava...Heffner?! 

Kasler: Snake! If you mange to beat Fox.. 
        I'll tell everyone that Solid Snake is 
        the greatest mercenary in the world. 
        ...Over and out. 

(Snake defeats Gray Fox)

Gray Fox: Snake... 
          Looks like it's finally time for me to 
          give up the title of "Fox". 

Snake: Fox... why? 

Gray Fox: I'm not like you, Snake... My 
          situation is more... complicated. 
          Big Boss might have been just 
          another CO to you, but he saved 
          my life - twice. This was way before 
          I joined the unit. 
          The first time, I was half-white 
          living in Vietnam... It was after the 
          war, and half-whites were being 
          sent into forced labor 
          He saved me from that living hell. 
          Just like he saved all the children 
          The second time was in 
          Mozambique. I was being tortured 
          as a RENAMO soldier, and he 
          saved me again. They'd cut off my 
          ears and my nose...

Snake: And this is your idea of paying him 

Gray Fox: No, you've got it wrong. I hate war. 
          Just like all the kids here. But... I 
          need it. 
          War is all we know. We can't make 
          it in the normal world. We need the 
          battlefield to survive.
          Big Boss gives us a place to fight. 
          Conflict is on our blood. We can't 
          deny it. 
          I was born on the battlefield... And 
          I'll die on the battlefield. All I can 
          do is fight, Snake... all I can do is 
          Making people happy... making a  
          woman happy... is something I 
          could never do. 

Snake: You mean...

Gray Fox: Guess I was always fated to die in 

Snake: Rest easy, Fox. I swear I won't turn 
       out like you. 

Gray Fox: Won't turn out like me... I'll have to 
          remember that. ...Fight hard, Snake. 
          ...Don't let your fans down. 

Snake: My fans?! ...It was you, wasn't it? 
       ...You were the voice on the radio! 

Gray Fox: Call it payback for being so selfish... 
          See you on the other side, Snake. 

Snake: You won't be alone, Frank. Gustava 
       is waiting for you. 

Gray Fox: ...Gustava... 
          ...Thank you... Snake... 

(Gray Fox dies and leaves behind the cartridge)


*Boss Fight*

(Right after the battle with Gray Fox, 
 a voice calls Snake) 

Over here, Snake! 

Over here, Snake! 

(Snake follows the voice)

Snake: Big Boss... you're alive?! 

Big Boss: Snake... 
          Welcome to Zanzibar Land... I knew 
          you'd come back to me. 

Snake: I came to get rid of the nightmares 
       I've been having for the past three 

Big Boss: The nightmares? They never go 
          away, Snake. Once you've been on 
          the battlefield, tasted the 
          exhilaration, the tension... it all 
          becomes part of you. 
          Once you've awakened the warrior 
          within... it never sleeps again. You
          crave even bigger tensions, ever 
          bigger thrills.
          As a mercenary, I'd think you would 
          have realized that by now. 
          You care nothing for power, or 
          money, or even sex. The only thing 
          that satisfies your cravings... is 
          All I've done is give you a place for 
          it. I've given you a reason to live. 

Snake: I would never have made you for 
       such a hypocrite, Big Boss...

Big Boss: You saw those children, didn't 
          you? Every one is a victim of a war 
          somewhere of the world. And they'll 
          make fine soldiers in the next  
          Start a war, for its flames, create 
          victims... Then save them, train 
          them... And feed them back onto 
          the battlefield. 
          It's a perfectly logical system. In 
          this world of ours, conflict never 
          ends. And neither does our 
          purpose... our raison

Snake: So there's plenty of job 
       opportunities... Is that what you're 
       trying to say? 

Big Boss: On the battlefield, you and I are 
          valuable commodities. But back 
          "home", we're nothing but dead 
          If we're lucky, we might get the 
          attention of some two-bit journalist 
          from a cheap tabloid.
          You and I are doomed to remain 
          here until we die like dogs on the 

Snake: ...I've only got one fight left. To 
       free myself from your grip, to rid 
       myself of these nightmares... Big 
       Boss, I will defeat you! 

Big Boss: It doesn't matter who wins here. 
          Our fight will continue. The loser will 
          be liberated from the battlefield, 
          and the survivor will live out the 
          rest of his days as a soldier. 

Snake: It doesn't have to be that way. I'm 
       not like you. I love life!

Big Boss: Very well, Snake. I'll release you 
          from your suffering. As your former 
          commander, I'll do you one last 
          favor... and put you out of your 

Snake: I don't need any more favors from 

Big Boss: Really?... 
          And just how do you expect to beat 
          me in your condition? With no 

Snake: Never give up. Fight until the end. 
       Always believe you will succeed, 
       even when the odds are against
       you. ...Those are your words.

Big Boss: Even I make mistakes from time to 
          This will be our final battle... Let's 
          end this once and for all! 

(Snake sets Big Boss on fire using a lighter 
 and a spray can)

Big Boss: Snake!! 
          It's not over yet... 
          It's not... over... yet... 
          It's not... over... yet... 
          Snake sn... a...

(Big Boss dies)


(A Guard comes up from behind Snake)

Guard: Freeze! 

Holly: It's OK! It's ME, Snake. 

Snake: Holly?! 

Holly: Did I scare you? 

Snake: Whew... that was a close one. So... 
       what's going on? What are you 
       doing here? 

Holly: You said it yourself. Stay alive, and 
       we'll meet again sometime. 

Snake: ...So I did. 

Holly: Ugh... that uniform was too tight in  
       the chest... Ahh, I feel much better 
       Here, I stole this gun from the 
       enemy. You can have it. 

Snake: Yeah... I can see how it'd be hard 
       for a woman to use. Thanks. 

Holly: ...So it's all over now. Right, 

Snake: No... I still have one more job to 

Holly: ...You can't be serious...

Snake: I'm dead serious, Holly. 

Holly: Snake... no, you can't... 

Snake: ...Heh heh heh. ...You want me to 
       call you a cab?

Holly: ...Oh my god... That wasn't funny, 

Snake: This is Snake. Come in, Charlie. 

Pilot: This is Charlie. Go ahead, Snake...

Snake: I've got the cartridge. I'm ready to 
       return to base. Making my way to 
       the rendezvous point now! 

Pilot: Roger that. I'll meet you there. 
       ...Any passengers? 

Snake: ...Just one. Blond, with a cute face. 

Pilot: Sounds like a dream... Over and 

Snake: Holly, we've got to run as fast as 
       we can to the rendezvous point. 
       Think you can keep up? 

Holly: ...Is that a proposition, Snake? 

Snake: I'll take that as a yes. 


(Snake and Holly reach the rendezvous point) 

Snake: What the hell is taking you so 
       long? We're going to be here till 

Pilot: This is Charlie. I'm 10 kilometers 
       from the rendezvous point. 
       Hold tight a little bit longer! Over 
       and out... 

Snake: Hurry!! 


Snake: Damn it!! I'm out of ammo! 

Holly: Snake!! 

(Snake and Holly are surrounded by enemies)

(The chopper arrives and shoots all the enemies)

Holly: It's the chopper... we're saved! 

Snake: Charlie... you're late! 

Pilot: Sorry, man. I didn't want to interrupt 
       you two lovebirds. 

Snake: Think we'll be home in time for 

Holly: We'll be home in time for dinner, 

Snake: Let's go, then... 
       I'm really looking forward to Christmas 
       I'm sick of these rations. 

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