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    Extreme Mode Boss FAQ by futuresuperstar

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    Metal Gear Solid 3:
    Snake Eater
    by Grant Gordin (futuresuperstar)
    *~*~*~*~*~*~*EXTREME BOSS WALKTHROUGH*~*~*~*~*~*~*
    Legal Content
    General Extreme Tips
    Ocelot Unit
    The Pain
    The Fear
    The End
    The Fury
    Escaping Groznyj Grad
    The Sorrow
    The Chase (Pt. 1)
    The Chase (Pt. 2)
    The Boss
    Acknowledgments/Closing Notes
    0001 ===Introduction===
    This is a guide for Metal Gear Solid 3 players.  It is intended solely for aid 
    on "Extreme" difficulty.  The following will cover all of the boss battles on 
    Extreme mode, as well as a few of the more difficult and "featured" sneaking 
    or cinematic areas, such as escaping Graznyj Grad and the final chase 
    sequence.  This guide may contain spoilers that you will not want to see, so 
    it's strongly suggested that you play and beat the game and an easier 
    difficulty before attempting Extreme mode.  This guide will also be geared 
    towards players aiming for a FOXHOUND ranking at the end of the game.  
    Difficulty: Extreme
    Play Time: 2:34:49
    Save: 13 times
    Continue: 0 times
    Alert Mode: 0 times
    Humans Killed: 0 people
    Seriously Injured: 4 times
    Total Damage: 2 life bars
    Life Medicine Used: 0 times
    Plants and Animals Captured: 2 kinds
    Meals Eaten: 0 meals
    Special Item: No use.
    Title: FOXHOUND
    At this time, I'm pretty good at Extreme mode, yet I'm hoping to improve upon 
    this as time goes on.  If you wish to send me comments, questions, or anything 
    of the sort, email me at futuresuperstar@gmail.com.
    0002 ===Legal Content===
    This guide cannot be used outside of GameFAQs and is for personal use only.  
    Law will punish any use of this document outside of these specified places 
    without my personal consent.  I've taken legal action before because of acts 
    of plagiarism, and believe me when I say I will again if I have to.  If you 
    wish to use this document on a site or for any other purpose, email me at 
    futuresuperstar@gmail.com.  Your email does not guarantee my consent.
    0003 ===General Extreme Tips===
    ---Save often.  It's best to go through Extreme once without the intent of a 
    good ranking before you pursue FOXHOUND ranking.  If for nothing else, save 
    before and after boss battles.  Some of them may prove extremely challenging 
    to you, and one thing that Extreme mode can guarantee is its diversity.  You 
    may get a stroke of luck on one boss that you won't receive on the next.
    ---Save your ammo.  Even if you're going for a no kill game, you'd be 
    surprised how helpful a loaded M11911 can do for you in a lot of cases.  
    Especially conserve ammo on your Mk22, as there are places you'll need it.
    ---It's better to be safe than sorry.  If you feel like you might get seen, 
    don't go for it.  Wait until you think you'll have a clear shot.  This guide 
    will =not= cover sneaking techniques for all areas, so make sure you take your 
    time with them.  Remember, you don't have to pursue a FOXHOUND rank on your 
    first Extreme run.
    ---The Sneaking Suit Camouflage is very helpful on the last battles of the 
    game.  Make sure you don't miss it.
    ---If you don't need something, don't go for it.  Things like the M37, M63, 
    Scorpion, and AK-47 are not needed in an Extreme run, so don't waste your time 
    and energy to get them.
    ---Cure yourself as much as needed and as quickly as possible.  I never ran 
    out of supplies, so I doubt you will.
    0004 ===Ocelot Unit===
    ===Weapons Needed===
    -At least two Stun Grenades
    ===Projected Health Loss===
    0 Life Bars
    When you begin, you will be in the room where Sokolov was during the Virtuous 
    Mission.  There are several guards on there way, and these guys are from the 
    Ocelot unit, who are hardly pushovers.  First, take out the Mk22 from your 
    You'd be surprised how many people don't realize they have that gun in their 
    backpack when they tackle this part of the game.
    When you regain control of Snake and have the Mk22 in your inventory, select 
    the stun grenades and crawl underneath the bed directly behind you.  Make sure 
    you don't get up on it, because the two sentries outside might see you.  Once 
    you're underneath the bed, stay under it and move towards the door on the 
    southern side of the room.  Wait underneath the bed until the guards shoot the 
    door down.  Chuck a stun grenade through the doorway after it falls down, and 
    make sure you do it fairly quick.  The screen will flash white for a few 
    seconds, but the grenade they threw won't harm you.  You should knock out two 
    of the guards with this blast, leaving only eight guards left.  
    Wait a few seconds after the screen goes back to normal, and you can see that 
    there's still a guard in the room south of you.  After a few seconds, throw a 
    second stun grenade in there.  Try to make it land a few feet from the guard 
    you see, otherwise you might accidentally trigger an alert.  Obviously, make 
    sure you stay under the bed this entire time.  The second blast should take 
    out two more guards, leaving you with only six left.  If for some reason only 
    one goes down and there are seven left, wait a few seconds and throw your 
    final stun grenade in the room.  Do not get up from under the bed until you've 
    gotten rid of four guards.
    Now get up and head south out of the room into the next area.  Lean against 
    the wall on the north side by the door you just came through and move west 
    behind the boxes.  Once you get to the western wall, creep south until you can 
    see the guard on the roof to the east of you.  Take out your Mk22 and put a 
    dart in his brain.
    There should be five guards left, now.
    Move west across the complex until you get to the stairs.  From there, slowly 
    crawl west towards the western exit, and stop just in front of that same 
    exit.  You should see a guard near a tree directly in front of you.  If you 
    crawl, he should look right over you, leaving you a clear shot at his face 
    with your Mk22.  Now get up and stalk using the D-Pad out of the west exit and 
    immediately go south, and then stalk around the corner moving west again.  
    There should be a bad guy just in front of you.  You can either Mk22 him or 
    stalk up to him and slam him into the ground using CQC.  I prefer the slam 
    myself, but it really doesn't matter.
    There are only three left now.
    Run southeast until you hit the southern gate, and then run east until you get 
    to the eastern gate.  A guard will be sauntering above you in the grassy 
    area.  Again, stalk and slam him, over put a dart up his ass.  The final two 
    guards are north of you, to the east of the room you started in.  Get into a 
    position to see both of them, and take both of them out with one precision 
    dart each.  Sneaking up on these guards is a waste of your life.  Now just 
    move to where the northernmost guard was to trigger a cutscene.
    Congratulations!  You just ripped the Ocelot Unit a new one.
    0005 ===Ocelot===
    ===Weapons Needed===
    ===Projected Health Loss===
    1/3 Life Bars
    This is actually one of the easiest boss battles, but also one of the hardest 
    ones.  Mainly because it's easy to beat him, but hard not to take any hits.  
    On Extreme difficulty, Ocelot has a tendency to ricochet bullets around a 
    lot.  This makes dodging his assaults much harder than normal.  Luckily, they 
    won't cause much damage, but they do cause for a major annoyance.
    When the battle begins, grab the Mk22 ammunition to the east of you if needed, 
    but quickly make your way to the spot just west of you.  There's a tree, and 
    an L-shaped rock just to the right side of the tree.  I've found that this is 
    the best hiding spot.  Get into a crouch in the middle of the rock, so that 
    when you press R2 in FPV, you can look around the right side of the rock, and 
    when you press L2/R2 in FPV, you can see above the opening on the upper-right 
    part of it.  
    Ocelot's patterns are very unpredictable, but this shouldn't be a problem.  
    Just remember: if he's to the left side of your handy little rock, ignore 
    him.  The minute you get anxious and go for him by leaving your cover, he 
    wins.  When he is on the right side of the screen, which he will be a good 
    portion of the battle, you should be able to see him from your crouched 
    position.  When he reveals himself from behind his cover, hit him quickly.  
    Even if you can't get a head shot, hit him.  If you wait too long, he'll shoot 
    you, and he has a clear shot.  
    Once you shoot him for the first time, his posse will come to his assistance.  
    Ignore the gunfire from behind.  I've never been hit by it, so I doubt you 
    will.  This is a free opportunity to get him in his eye.  When you can, try to 
    shoot his hat off.  He may not go for it now, but this may help later in the 
    battle when he retrieves it, leaving himself open for a nice, shiny dart 
    through his brain.
    Here's the tricky part.
    After you shoot him, duck out of the way.  Meaning, if he's on the right side 
    of the screen and you shoot him, jam on L2 to duck to your left, concealing 
    yourself from his counterattack.  He might get a shot in once in a while, but 
    it will likely just hit your foot, dealing next to no damage.
    If he's in the middle of the screen, hold L2/R2 and shoot him, and then let go 
    to dive back under the cover of your friendly rock.  Whenever he stops to 
    talk, shoot him, but only if you don't have to leave your rock.  
    The first part of the battle is easy as pie, and when he reloads, get him.  
    Keep going, and when he starts ricocheting bullets everywhere, this is the 
    time to start running.  As long as you keep moving and rolling from left to 
    right, he'll never know where to aim to ricochet the bullets at you.  You may 
    get hit once or twice, but nothing major.  When he stops or nears running out 
    of bullets, get behind your rock again and continue with the formal process.  
    If you've almost got him beat, and he starts to reload again, go all the way 
    west and go as close to the ledge as you can.  You should be able to see him.  
    This last shot should do him in.  Remember, the key to this battle is 
    Congratulations!  You just beat the guy that always seems to win.
    0006 ===The Pain===
    ===Weapons Needed===
    -Smoke Grenades/Grenades/WP Grenades
    ===Projected Health Loss===
    0 Life Bars
    That's right, 0 life bars.  It's very possible.  When the battle begins, you 
    should be able to get a few darts in that big boy's ass before he sends his 
    hornets after you.  Just remember, you start the battle with the M11911 
    equipped, so change to the Mk22 before you realize that you're taking off his 
    wrong life bar. 
    Once he sends his hornets, dive into the water.  If you don't have grenades 
    stocked, dive north and grab the grenades just north of the island you started 
    on underwater.  If you're stocked up on grenades, just skip this step and head 
    northeast toward the two rocks to the east of the island The Pain is on.  Once 
    you get to it, remember this: always stay behind these two rocks to avoid The 
    Pain's attacks.  
    There are a few things that The Pain can do.
    1) Grenades.  Whether he throws a grenade or has his hornets bring a grenade 
    to you, it doesn't matter.  When the grenade hits the water, get up on the 
    island.  Why?  Whenever you're climbing onto a rock, you are immune.  So, as 
    long as you're in the process of climbing onto a rock when the grenade goes 
    off, you won't be damaged.  Just make sure you're always climbing the rock 
    when the grenade hits the water.
    2) Tommy Gun.  As long as you stay in the water behind the two rocks, the gun 
    won't touch you.  Again, keep in mind that while you're climbing the rocks, 
    you are immune.
    3) Hornet attacks.  Just dive underwater, but stay next to the rocks.
    That should take care of your defensive maneuvers.  For offensive ordeals, 
    remember to only put a dart in him when his hornets are not on him.  If you're 
    good, you can drill a good 6 or 7 darts into him when he's vulnerable before 
    he shields himself again, but you might not always be that lucky.  Again, 
    remember: don't get too hasty.  Be patient with your attacks.  
    When he's not in the process of attacking, get up on one of the rocks you're 
    behind and toss a grenade at him.  Smoke grenades, WP grenades, and grenades 
    don't make a difference.  This should get his bees off him.  Then shove as 
    many darts as you can into his overgrown body.  There's a regenerating box of 
    Mk22 ammunition of one of the rocks you're behind, so ammo isn't an issue.  
    The first part of this battle should be easy.  The only two things are to be 
    patient and to remember that you're invincible while you climb rocks.  This is 
    by far the best way to avoid The Pain's grenades.
    The second part of the battle shouldn't be any harder.  Just remember to 
    always dive underwater when the bullet bees come after you.  Other than that, 
    the same process as above applies.  Don't forget the regenerating box of 
    grenades just south of the island The Pain is on.  This battle can be very 
    slow, but this just goes to show how important patience is.  On Extreme, the 
    bullet bees are fairly close to a one-hit kill, so make sure you drop 
    everything you're doing to dive into the water when they come.
    Congratulations!  Three words can describe your endeavor: sting'D, stang'D, 
    and stung'D.
    0007 ===The Fear===
    ===Weapons Needed===
    -Poison Dart Frogs
    -Thermal Goggles
    ===Projected Health Loss===
    1/3 Life Bar (Required)
    The life you lose during this fight is required, just make sure you 
    immediately take out the arrow and cure yourself.  
    In any case, at the beginning, equip your thermal goggles.  Contrary to 
    popular belief, you probably won't be needing your thermal goggles that much 
    outside of finding the Poison Dart Frogs and avoiding traps, because the 
    poison should do The Fear to the point where he's easily seen.  The reason you 
    need your M11911 is because of two reasons.  Firstly, tranquilizing a frog and 
    throwing it as a weapon won't result in free "food" for our enemy, but rather 
    just another live frog.  Secondly, why waste Mk22 bullets in the first place?  
    You should have plenty of M11911 bullets, as you probably haven't used it 
    until this point.
    Ignore The Fear at the beginning of the battle and start hunting down the 
    frogs.  I suggest finding, killing, and collecting at least six frogs total, 
    because you never know how predictable The Fear will be.  The more frogs out 
    there for him to eat, the better.  Avoid the traps in the area as you kill 
    frogs.  What I personally did was immediately turn south and kill the two 
    frogs there south of the tree, and then I circled around The Fear's starting 
    position in a counter-clockwise direction searching for more frogs.  By the 
    time I reached the northern edge, I had 7 frogs.  These frogs are hard to see 
    without the use of your thermals, so it's highly suggested you use them.
    For the record, because I was avoiding any extra items, I had a measly one 
    battery of power for my thermals, and literally ran out of juice for them by 
    the time I finished collecting frogs.  But don't worry: even if you lose your 
    handy thermal goggles, finding The Fear shouldn't be all that difficult.  
    Watch for the leaves in the trees as they flail, and keep an eye out for the 
    stealthy creature.  Be sure to stop your hunting for frogs whenever he stops 
    moving and tries to get you with his arrows.  They can hurt, especially if a 
    special one hits you.  When he stops moving, stop what you're doing and start 
    moving in rather tight circular motions.  When you see the arrow miss you, you 
    should be able to see where he's aiming frog.  At this point, just run in a 
    back-and-forth pattern perpendicular with The Fear, so that each arrow whiffs 
    by your backside causing no damage.  When he stops firing and starts moving 
    again, get back to frog hunting.
    Now here's something that I find weird.  When you kill a frog, it becomes a 
    floating box waiting to be eaten.  However, The Fear rarely will eat a poison 
    frog if you never picked it up.  I suggest collecting every frog you hunt 
    down, equipping it as a weapon, and throwing it into the middle of the area.  
    For some reason, he tends to go after the frogs that you threw before anything 
    Now that you have at least six frogs scattered throughout the middle of the 
    area, it's time to start darting this sucker.  Take out your Mk22 and find 
    him.  If you have the thermals, it'll be a piece of cake.  If you ran out of 
    juice in the thermals when searching for frogs, find him using the falling 
    leaves as a guide.  Whenever The Fear stops moving, put a dart in his brain.  
    He should cease his attempt at sending an arrow your way and instead begin his 
    movement once again.  When he stops moving, hit him again.  Considering your 
    frog hunt probably took a few minutes, by the time you begin engaging him, 
    he'll have already lost a decent chunk of his stamina.  Repeat the Mk22 
    assault until he reaches about half-way down his stamina bar.  
    This is where he should start hunting for food. 
    If you threw the Poison Dart Frogs in the middle of the general area, he'll 
    almost certainly go after them.  Poison'D.  Each time he vomits, he'll lose a 
    good chunk of stamina.  But, keep in mind that this will not kill him.  You 
    must continue to Mk22 his ass while he drags himself around after being 
    poisoned.  You can start dishing out a lot of darts if you wish, because 
    there's plenty of ammo to be found before you get to The End.  With the proper 
    setup and a little bit of luck, he should go down as one of the easiest bosses 
    you'll meet.
    Note: Killing the Poison Dart Frogs does not count towards your "Humans 
    Killed" stat.
    Congratulations!  You just poisoned your fear.
    0008 ===The End===
    ===Weapons Needed===
    -Any other gun you have with ammo
    -Thermal Goggles
    ===Projected Health Loss===
    0 Life Bars
    Welcome to the single most annoying battle of the game.  Notice I said 
    annoying ... not "hardest."  That's because when you really know what you're 
    doing, this battle isn't all that hard, even on Extreme.  But first off, let 
    me warn you.  I highly suggest saving before this battle, because there is a 
    good deal of luck involved with the beginning of the battle.  If you actually 
    do get shot, you'll lose close to half of your stamina bar.  I personally 
    never got shot on my run by The End, and ergo didn't need to eat a single 
    meal.  But, if you do get shot, I suggest you start over, as the battle itself 
    may last to a period of time in which you'll lose all your stamina simply by 
    taking too long.  You can't afford to get shot, especially considering if 
    you're going for a no meal run.
    First things first.  Head northwest and curve around the hill in front of you 
    to the shack that normally would contain the SVD, but of course doesn't.  If 
    you have gotten few weapons throughout the game, almost all of the ammunition 
    boxes in here will be for the Mk22.  You need all the ammo you can get for 
    this battle.
    Now, head north into Sokrovenno North.  
    For me, personally, I always found that The End was in one of two spots.  He 
    was either on the ledge that overlooks the west side of Sokrovenno South, 
    accessed by going up the hill on the southwest side of Sokrovenno North, or he 
    was on the ledge that overlooks the east side of Sokrovenno South, accessed by 
    going up the hill on the southeast side of Sokrovenno North.  I strongly 
    suggest that you go after one of these areas.  If The End is not where you 
    initially sneak up to, restart.  This battle will be decided by the beginning, 
    this I can guarantee.  So don't even try until you find him in one of the two 
    spots I've designated.  
    So, when you approach one of the two ledges I specified, make sure you have a 
    good camouflage on and use the D-Pad to sneak up on The End.  He should be in 
    the mossy area looking out to Sokrovenno South, regardless of which ledge he's 
    on.  Sneak up on him and hold him up.  If you don't care about his camouflage, 
    just put three darts in him.  Three darts.  No more, no less.  The more in his 
    head, the better.  Now, he'll use a stun grenade and get up running.
    This is the single most crucial element to your success.
    When he gets up running, run after him with a gun equipped OTHER than the 
    Mk22.  Whether it be the AK-47, M11911, the machine gun you found in Graniny 
    Gorki, or whatnot.  Now start firing like mad in his direction.  Even though 
    you're hurting his regular life bar, this will stall his running.  If you've 
    been running behind him while shooting, this stall he has will give you time 
    to catch up to him.  Make sure, though, that you only hit him with two or less 
    shots.  If you hit him with three shots while chasing him, he'll fall to the 
    ground and be immune.  However, one or two shots will stall him, allowing you 
    time to ROLL INTO HIM, causing a little bit of extra damage.  He'll get up and 
    run some more, or use a stun grenade.  Regardless, keep after him and continue 
    gunning him down with a lethal weapon to stall his movement, and then roll 
    into him.  If you continue to do this and keep track of him, you will likely 
    take away half his life bar and a good chunk from his stamina bar. 
    Why are we using a lethal weapon, you ask?  Well, the Mk22 is slow-firing, and 
    you'll likely miss your opportunity to stall him before he takes a sharp turn 
    and you lose him.  Plus, you only have so much ammo for the Mk22, and you need 
    it for when you sneak up on him and deliver three darts into his wrinkly 
    Once he loses about half his life bar due to your lethal attacks, stop this 
    method for now.  
    Now, keep following him.  It's patently essential you do not lose him.  Keep 
    your eyes on him as long as possible, and equip your thermals.  FOLLOW HIS 
    FOOTPRINTS.  Do not lose track of where he's going.  Here's something else 
    important: check your map often.  If the footprints are nearing a white circle 
    on the map, there's a chance that's where The End stopped and is lying down 
    ready to snipe you into oblivion.  Don't get so caught up in his footprints 
    that you run straight into him or alert him to your presence by running around 
    like an idiot next to him.  Whenever you near a white circle on the map, make 
    sure you have your thermals equipped and go into FPV to check if he's in that 
    spot.  If he's not, keep running, following his footsteps.  When you neart 
    another white circle on the map, stop and go into FPV again.  
    Once you figure out where he stopped by seeing him in FPV, or watching his 
    footprints in FPV, stop.  You now have two options.  You can either get down 
    and crawl towards him from BEHIND or from the SIDE (never from in front of 
    him) if he's still a ways away and you don't want to be seen.  Or, if he's 
    very close by, just use the D-Pad and sneak up on him.  Hold him up.  Deliver 
    three darts.  He'll run.  Follow him, making good use of your thermals, map, 
    and FPV, hold him up again, repeat.
    When he nears about 1/4 of his stamina bar, it's time to get hasty.  He still 
    has half a life bar, right?  Good.  Under no circumstances can you lose him.  
    This is the time to take out your lethal guns again and stall his running so 
    you can catch up and roll into him for stamina damage.  If you lose him, he 
    WILL regenerate, causing you many headaches, your sanity, and several hundred 
    dollars due to the window repairs after you threw your cat through it.  If you 
    continue to stall him and roll into him, or as a last resort gun him down 
    using the Mk22, you'll be fine.  
    The key in this battle, contrary to what anyone says, is haste.  The hardest 
    part is the beginning --- finding him.  But once you find him, as long as you 
    always run after him, stalling him with lethal shots and then well-judged 
    rolls, and/or follow his footsteps and sneak up on him, hold him up, and 
    deliver three darts into his skull, you'll be fine.  Just remember, DON'T lose 
    him.  You're screwed if you do.
    And for God's sake, grab the Mosin Nagant.
    Congratulations!  You probably just gave yourself a few wrinkles!  
    0009 ===The Fury===
    ===Weapons Needed===
    -Mosin Nagant
    ===Projected Health Loss===
    1/4 Life Bars
    The Fury can be easy or hard, depending upon two major factors: 1) Your 
    patience, and 2) Your aim.  When the battle begins, run directly north below 
    the rocketing enemy and get to the northern part the map.  When you get to the 
    top, turn around, crouch, and equip the Mosin Nagant.  Wait a few seconds, and 
    The Fury should come back into view.  Pop a dart into his helmet, and then 
    QUICKLY change to the Mk22, staying in FPV.  So access your weapons menu 
    without deserting your aim.  Then, just pop two more darts into his suit until 
    he falls down.  If you do this quickly, you will take away a good fourth of 
    his entire stamina bar.  That's right.  For every three shots you pump into 
    this mother, you take away a fourth of his entire stamina bar.  That's pretty 
    generous of Hideo Kojima, don't you think?
    The majority of this battle, however, you'll be running for dear life.  Just 
    keep running.  If you're not aiming at him for a good three shots, you're 
    running.  After he calms down and starts walking around again, find him making 
    use of your right analog stick, get behind him, equip the Mosin Nagant, and 
    shoot him once with it, quickly take out the Mk22, two darts.  Now he's got 
    half of his stamina left.  Repeat.  This is, in my opinion, the best and 
    easiest battle of Extreme difficulty.  Unless I said that already somewhere 
    else in this guide.
    Congratulations!  You just sent The Fury back into the abyss.
    0010 ===Escaping Groznyj Grad===
    ===Weapons Needed===
    ===Projected Health Loss===
    0 Life Bars
    In the cell, grab the Fork and crap and cure yourself.  After the guard throws 
    the food into the cell, go into FPV near where the food is dropped and watch 
    him.  Eventually, he'll move to your left (Screen-down).  Once he's out of 
    sight, call 144.75 and quickly run out of your cell and all the way west.  Do 
    it fast, and the guard won't be an issue.  You can't afford to be seen by this 
    guy, otherwise you get an alert.  And we don't want that, now do we?  Run 
    outside into Groznyj Grad and prepare for the hardest sneaking area in the 
    game.  The following must be followed like the Bible or it will not work.
    Move down a bit until you get to the bottom of the wall you're running 
    parallel to. Lean against it. There should be a guard to Snake's left (screen 
    right). When he turns away, run straight down towards the bottom wall and then 
    immediately run west, hugging the south wall as you do so. When you pass the 
    second set of barrels, roll into a crawl. If you do it right, you should end 
    up lying down southwest of a few boxes. Crawl to the west side of the boxes, 
    staying below them as you do so. Utilize the right analog stick to see the 
    guard to the northeast of you. When he turns away, get up and make a run for 
    it northwest. There should be a crawl space. Go through it to get to the 
    Immediately get up and run west. Do not stop. A guard will see you, but will 
    only say "What's that?" or something like that and come to investigate. Keep 
    running west while hugging the south wall and go past the door. Keep going 
    until you hit the western wall. There should be a door there. Go through it. 
    Easy as pie.
    By far the hardest part. First, go north between the truck and east wall until 
    you reach the front of the truck. Stay against the front of the truck and 
    watch the spotlight in front of you in FPV. It should be close to you. Then it 
    will move away. When it starts to move towards you again, move north a little 
    just to hit the south edge of the light. In doing this, the guard way north of 
    you and a guard that you can't see off to the left side of the screen will 
    catch a glimpse of you and come to investigate. IMMEDIATELY curve southwest to 
    the tanks, and make sure you CURVE so you dont run straight into the guard. 
    Once you're in between the tanks, run north a bit, staying behind the guard 
    that's moving north. After a few steps, move east between two tanks and make a 
    break for it north. Stay exactly in the middle of the red and white blocks to 
    your right and wall to your left as you run north. When you reach the gate 
    where the sewer entrance is, curve right. You MUST roll-into-crawl as you near 
    the boxes just south of the gated area of the sewer entrance, otherwise the 
    guard south of you will see you. He might catch a glimpse of you, but he'll 
    come to investigate, and it won't matter. STAY CRAWLING and go through the 
    gate, crawling under the pipes until you hit the sewer entrance. 
    Congratulations!  You just made it by about three hours of work and testing 
    that I put in ... >_<
    0011 ===The Sorrow===
    ===Weapons Needed===
    ===Projected Health Loss===
    -Doesn't matter
    Considering you haven't killed a single person, this walk should be easy.  If 
    you want the Spirit Camouflage that bad, just reach The Sorrow's skeleton, 
    die, and use the revival pill at the "Snake is Dead" screen.  But, if you 
    don't care, just drown yourself.  It's far quicker.  After you kill yourself, 
    use the revival pill. 
    When it's all said and done ... you know what your only option was.
    Congratulations!  Suicide was your only option.
    0012 ===Volgin===
    ===Weapons Needed===
    -Mosin Nagant (optional)
    ===Projected Health Loss===
    -0 Life Bars
    Put on the Sneaking Suit.  Now.  This will help severely if Volgin manages to 
    hurt you.
    At the start of the battle, you can wear the Raikov mask if you want, but it's 
    not necessary.  Run straight at Volgin and start throwing him down at the 
    ground with CQC (remember, you must be close to him, have the left analog 
    stick pressed a certain way, and press "O" hard).  Time this right.  You need 
    to grab him just when he's completely back on his feet, but before he turns 
    around toward you.  You should be able to throw him down a total of five 
    times.  After the fifth time you throw him down, equip your Mk22, and while 
    he's getting up, put a dart in his spine.  Now run away to the southwest.  
    When Volgin says, "Here it comes!" run around to behind him.  He should be 
    facing the southwest, where you originally were, and have his side and part of 
    his back to the northeast corner of the area.  Equip the Mosin Nagant and 
    shoot him in the back of the head.
    At this point, you should have taken off about 1/4 of Volgin's stamina bar.  
    Now, run south and separate yourself from him.  He might start charging at 
    you.  If he does, simply run around in a circular motion and dodge his 
    attacks.  If he lifts his hand and has electricity around his arm, get to the 
    western side of the area.  When he starts firing bullets at you, run east as 
    fast as you can, dodging the bullets.  These bullets hurt, so don't get 
    clipped.  When the opportunity presents itself and Volgin is not in the middle 
    of an attack or protected by his electric current, run in and slam him into 
    the ground.  Time the slams and make sure you only jam on "O" when he's fully 
    standing up, but before he turns around.  If you continue to slam him into the 
    ground and time it right, you can keep doing it until the cutscene, when he 
    has half of his stamina bar left.  If you screw up and he manages to get up, 
    then just avoid his bullets the same way you did earlier, and make sure you 
    stay out of the way of his charging attacks.  Again, when the opportunity 
    arises, go in for the CQC slam.
    In the second part of the battle, immediately get down into a crawl.  Whenever 
    Volgin lifts both of his hands into the air from now on, you get into a 
    crawl.  I say jump, you say how high.  Volgin lifts both of his hands, he get 
    down and hump the ground.  Got it?
    In any case, the bullets should go everywhere, but breeze over you.  Stay on 
    the ground.  He should lift one arm, as if he's going for the traditional 
    bullet stream at you like he did in the first part of the battle.  Again, run 
    to the west side of the area, and when he starts firing, run east, but this 
    time curve around in a counter-clockwise motion so you end up behind him.  
    Don't get too close to Volgin or he'll spin around with a knockout backhand 
    punch.  When he stops firing the bullets, rush in and slam him to the ground.
    The main difference this time around is that he's going to get up a lot 
    faster.  Another difference is that Volgin will electrify himself while he's 
    lying down if you're standing over him, which will shock you off him and deal 
    some unwelcome damage.  So, whenever you slam him to the ground, run a few 
    steps away, and as he starts to get up, run back in and slam him to the ground 
    again, timing your slams as always.  If he electrifies himself while lying 
    down, get away from him.  If he charges at you, get out of the way fast.  He 
    probably will charge at you, and then he'll turn towards you and launch a 
    crazy electric punch at you.  It's quite easily avoided.  After he throws this 
    hard punch, rush in and CQC slam him.  Repeat the techniques spoken of above 
    to get as many slams as possible in.  If he ever moves to the northernmost 
    corner on the west side and begins to recharge, equip the Mosin Nagant and 
    snipe him in the back of the head.  If he lifts his hands up in the air, what 
    do you do?  Hump the ground, that's what!  If he lifts one hand, you run to 
    one side of the area, and then run across to avoid the bullets.  
    Here are the two major new additions.
    After he gets up from your CQC slams, he has a tendency to emit two or three 
    electric currents at you in a right angle-shaped way.  They WILL hit you 
    unless you're insanely good, so I suggest you get down and hump that cold 
    ground again to avoid the lightning.  Avoid his charges and attacks until you 
    see an opportunity for your good ol' CQC slam again, and repeat.
    The last move Volgin has up his sleeve is his electric floor move.  He'll 
    crouch down and set the ground into a shocking current.  When this happens, 
    drop everything you're doing and run all the east until you hit the eastern 
    wall.  After the electric charge reaches the east and starts moving back west, 
    run south and then west in a clockwise motion.  You should beat out the 
    electric charge Volgin has chasing after you.  Now the electric charge will 
    move east again, but this time, your on the western side.  Stay behind Volgin, 
    waiting for him to get back up.  The second he does, CQC his ass.  Repeat.  
    The major factor in this battle is time, but if you managed to CQC him 
    repeatedly at the beginning of the battle without faltering, you should have a 
    good 30+ seconds left when you defeat him.
    Congratulations!  You've just finished off both members of the gay couple!
    0013 ===The Chase Pt. 1===
    ===Weapons Needed===
    ===Projected Health Loss===
    -1/3 Life Bar
    There is no way I could go through this entire section.  All I can do is give 
    you some general advice.  First off, always take out the guards on top of the 
    buildings first, as the RPG-7s do a LOT more damage to you than a few machine 
    gun bursts.  Secondly, Mk22 darts are one-hit knockouts no matter where you 
    hit the enemies during the chase, so don't bother with head shots.  Third, you 
    have infinite ammo, so don't hesitate with your shots.  Good luck.
    When you reach the runway, always remember to aim for the driver.  If the 
    driver goes down, so does his buddy.  Don't worry, if the bike goes down, it 
    doesn't count as a kill.  Just tranquilize the driver and you're home free.
    On the bridge, hit the three C3, and wait until EVA says "It's here!" to hit 
    the fourth.  The thermal goggles may prove helpful in finding the bombs.
    Congratulations!  You defeated the Shagohod--- Oh ****!
    0014 ===The Shagohod===
    ===Weapons Needed===
    -Mosin Nagant 
    ===Projected Health Loss===
    -0 Life Bars
    This is insanely easy.  Practically easier than The Fury ...
    At the first part of the battle when you're on the bike, just continuously 
    fire the RPG-7 at the treads of the Shagohod, and when you circle around the 
    back of the Shagohod and can fire a rocket at it's back, do so.  You should be 
    able to finish the first part of the battle without any trouble.
    For the second part of the battle, at the beginning, fire a rocket at the 
    Shagohod's treads again and then use the Mosin Nagant to pop a dart into 
    Volgin's overgrown skull.  Now he's mad, OH NOES!  When he comes after you, 
    run TOWARDS the Shagohod.  That's right, TOWARDS him.  He'll say "I'll grind 
    you into dust!"  Position yourself in between the middle of the Shagohod and 
    the treads so that when the Shagohod goes over you, you pass underneath it and 
    take no damage.  Now turn around with the Mosin Nagant equipped, and Volgin 
    will be facing away from you with his head wide open for a shot.  Don't bother 
    with the RPG-7 from now on.  Always get close to him, pass underneath him as 
    he charges over you, turn around, and snipe the stalled Volgin.  Easy as pie.  
    Congratulations!  You just fried the fryer!  
    0015 ===The Chase Pt. 2===
    ===Weapons Needed===
    -Thermal Goggles (optional)
    ===Projected Health Loss===
    -1/4 Life Bars
    Same as Pt. 1.  Use the thermal goggles if it becomes too dark, and remember 
    to take out the drivers.  When the hovercrafts come after you, just aim for 
    the guards.  This should be a relatively easy ride.
    Congratulations!  Now for the final bout ...
    0016 ===The Boss===
    ===Weapons Needed===
    -Mosin Nagant (optional)
    -Thermal Goggles (optional)
    ===Projected Health Loss===
    -1/4 (due to the Patriot)
    Showdown!  At the start, equip the Snow camo, or any other camouflage you have 
    that will be helpful in the flowers.  Here's the key to this battle.  The 
    split second The Boss engages in CQC, jam on "O."  If you time it right, 
    you'll counter her move and throw her away, setting her up for a CQC slam of 
    your own.  This takes a little getting used to.  Now, when she's on the 
    ground, take out the Mk22 and put two darts in her cranium to further damage 
    her.  Now run away.
    She'll get up and start firing the Patriot at you, but if you ran away after 
    two shots, you should have time to press yourself against a tree to protect 
    yourself.  Use the right analog stick to your advantage to see where she 
    runs.  Run where she goes towards whichever tree she hides behind.  When he 
    reach the tree she ran to, you'll hear her grunt and see her circle around the 
    tree towards you.  Again, time when you press "O."  If you press "O" right 
    when she grabs you, you'll counter it and set yourself up for another CQC 
    slam/2 Mk22 darts.  Never engage in CQC without countering her first, or 
    you're in for one nasty hurt.  Run away after you shoot her twice, and 
    repeat.  If you chicken out, you can equip the thermals from afar and the 
    Mosin Nagant and try to snipe her, but I suggest the CQC approach.
    Just remember, only press "O" when she first grabs you.  If you press it any 
    earlier, the best you can do is rip out of her grab by jamming the "O" button, 
    and usually you're dead.  Time it right and you'll be fine.  The time limit is 
    hardly an issue in this battle, so no worries.  If The Boss does happen to get 
    a CQC in herself, restart.  You can't afford to get hit by her, especially 
    considering how often her Patriot bullets might get you.  Good luck, and God 
    be with you.
    Congratulations!  You just beat The Boss and accomplished your mission!  Good 
    job serving the Philosophers, you ****ing bastard!  
    0018 ===Acknowledgments/Closing Notes===
    Thank you to CJayC and GameFAQs for hosting this guide, as well as everyone 
    who supported by "Extreme" endeavors.  Thank you to all the readers of this 
    guide, as well.  Also thanks to El Greco for helping me figure out how to host 
    this damned guide ...
    And on that note, aloha.

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