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FAQ/Walkthrough by black hole sun

Version: Final | Updated: 11/03/02

t  a  c  t  i  c  a  l    e  s  p  i  o  n  a  g  e    a  c  t  i  o  n
#     # ### ##### ##  #    ###  ###  ##  ###    ###   ##  #    # ###  ###
#     # #     #  #  # #    #    #   #  # #  #  #   # #  # #    # #  #   #
##   ## ###   #  #### #    # ## ### #### #  #   #    #  # #    # #  #  #
# # # # #     #  #  # #    #  # #   #  # ###  #  #   #  # #    # #  # #
#  #  # ###   #  #  # #### #### ### #  # #  #  ###    ##  #### # ###  ###
                S  O  N  S    O  F    L  I  B  E  R  T  Y

                  FAQ/Walkthrough for Metal Gear Solid 2
                         Written by black hole sun
                     Email addy: lauriafour74@cs.com
                    Last Updated on November 3rd 2002
                              Version: Final

This guide may NOT be freely distributed among the WWW. This guide may NOT
appear on ANY site, or be linked to on ANY site, but GameFAQs and GameSpot.
This guide may not be ripped off, meaning you cannot paraphrase this and
re-submit it under your name. It may not be redistributed electronically or
physically, except for personal, private use. Anyone who violates these terms
of service is subject to the punishment of the full extent via various
copyright violations.

                               Version History

Version Final | Nov. 03  | Final update. Fixed a lot of lousy and unclear
grammar in some parts of the walkthrough, but I mainly focused my attention to
the tutorial section. Oh and hey, guess what. I’ve received a total of *2*
emails regarding MGS2. Now, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad thing; if the
reason is because this FAQ is so incredibly awesome that you people need not
contact men for help or even contribute stuff, which is good, or, the
more-then-likely reason, is that not too many people are reading this because
MGS2 is so old. Ah well. OH WAIT! Don’t think that just because I wrote that
that means you get to flood my inbox with sympathy questions and whatnot. No
no, my inbox is always full enough. So, if I don’t want your email, just what
AM I saying? I really don’t know...okay, I’ve been up too long. Ciao, and enjoy
the guide!

Version 5.0   | Oct. 05  | Hey, c'mon people, rate this guide! Preferably with
a 'Yes' :) Anyway, I don't expect to touch this file again, just stopped by for
a quick grammar fix.

Version 4.0   | Sept. 16 | Weapons section patched up. Lot’s a grammar mistakes

Version 3.0   | Sept. 09 | More grammar fixed. As you can see I dawdled around
with the format a bit. Also, I fixed (again) the boss guide mistakes and 79
character violations. I added some more item descriptions also.

Version 2.0   | Sept. 08 | Changed a lot of grammar, added some more strategy,
and fixed the boss guide's format as it so badly needed it.

Version 1.0   | Sept. 06 | First Version sent in. All things are complete. THIS
Just wanted to get that out of the way.

                       -T a b l e  of  C o n t e n t s-
       Look here, then press CTRL + F to find what you’re looking for

  1) Intro...................................................Complete
  2) Tactical Espionage Handbook.............................Complete
     • Controls..............................................
     • Radar Manual..........................................
     • Stealth Tactics / Enemy Info..........................
     • Actions / Commands....................................
  3) Weapons and Items Catalogue.............................Complete
  4) The Walkthrough.........................................Complete
     • Tanker................................................
     • Plant.................................................
  5) Codicil.................................................Complete
     • Boss Guide............................................
     • Dog Tags..............................................
     • Rewards...............................................

                     1)  I n t r o d u c t i o n

Many Metal Gear fans say this game ruins the series because of the unrealistic
storyline and quirky characters.  Well, if you ask me that is a load of B.S. 
They talk as if Metal Gear Solid was realistic or believable.  Some people
really need to get out more.  Err, I’m not here to write a review, I’m here to
write a guide, dammit! And that’s what were getting to, so be patient, young

What MGS offered on the PSX was simple: a stealth based action game whose
purpose was *not* to kill everything in sight.  Well as it turned out people
loved it and it ended up selling millions and went down as one of the greatest
PSX games ever.  MGS2 is all that the infamous MGS was, and maybe a little
more; offering more moves, more intelligent guards, more variety, and more
replay value, minus the uber endings, but who cares.  Some of the characters
that were in MGS made an appearance in this game: Snake, of course,
Liquid(well...kind of...I suppose you’ll see what I mean later), Otacon, Emma. 
There are a great many new characters as well, all with unique characteristics
and personality.  The realism aspect of combat has been one-upped, and this
game is MUCH tougher then MGS.  Anyone who liked the former will like MGS2.

The storyline is confusing at first to those who never heard to backstory. 
Well, you needn’t worry for too long as things will soon explain themselves,
vaguely as they come.  The first thing you won’t get is the transition of
characters about 1/4 into the game.  Yes, I was disappointed at first, and so
were many people, but it does not take away from the experience this game

Metal Gear Solid 2.  This is the game you’ve all been waiting for.  This was
the reason you bought ZOE, to play the MGS2 demo over and over again.  Dis is
da sh!t you’ve begged for from good Mr. Kojima.  And now you need help.  Not to
worry.  Scroll down and your questions shall be answered.

      2)  T a c t i c a l  E s p i o n a g e  H a n d b o o k

Here, in the espionage handbook, we’ll go over the basics that you will need to
know to fill the shoes of Solid Snake and his descendents.

///\\\  Controls

Of course, you must know the controls setup in order to play the game at all.

Right Analog:      * Swing Sword

Left Analog:       * Move character

X button:          * Roll
                   * Duck / Crawl (duck, then move the analog stick)
                   * Go back (menu)

O button:          * Punch / kick
                   * Confirm (menu)

 button:          * Take out weapon / Shoot
                   * Pick up / drag bodies
                   * Choke

/\ button:         * Open lockers
                   * Activate Nodes / Computer

R1:                * Switch to FPV

L1:                * Nothing

R2:                * Weapons inventory
                   * Stand on toes (R2+L2 when in FPV)

L2:                * Item inventory

///\\\  Layout

The basics of the basics are here. Basically a hand to walk you through the
challenging menu screen and brain twisting radar operation (0_o)

     \--Difficulty levels--------------------------\

--Very Easy [VE]--

   I am ashamed at anyone who starts the game like this.  I don’t care if
   you’ve ever played a videogame in your LIFE, this difficulty is TOO easy.
   Guard detail is almost non-existent, all you have to do is activate one
   node and the radar appears ALL the time, for EVERY strut, with or without
   you activating another node.  Don’t let me catch you on this difficulty or
   I’ll...I’ll...talk really bad about you on the internet! There! That
   should set you straight!

--Easy [EA]--

   This is for people who have never played any action oriented(e.g.
   hunt&kill type games like Halo).  Guard detail is low, you get an ass load
   of storage space, item placement is generous, and rations easy to find.

--Normal [NO]--

   This is what I started the game with.  This is for people unfamiliar with
   Metal Gear yet are gaming vets familiar with the action genre.  Guard
   detail is average, item storage moderate, and guards have normal

--Hard [HA]--

   This is where things get tricky.  Not recommended for the first time user;
   only for those MGS vets.  I can beat this difficulty with ease, though.
   Guards have a high awareness, item storage limited, weapon storage
   limited, you take a lot more damage on this mode, and items are tough to

--Extreme [EX]--


   *Throws PS2 out the window*

   You will get that feeling many times in this difficulty.  This is
   obscenely difficult.  You can barely hold any items or weapons, guards see
   you miles away, alert=death, items can rarely be found at all, and you can
   only carry 1, that’s right, 1 friggin’ clip for each gun.  Bosses are
   impossible, two hits from ANYTHING and your out cold.   Feeling lucky

     \--Using the Radar---------------------------\
    The radar is an essential component to the display you must learn to use.
    The radar, when activated, shows the layout of the surrounding areas, and
    the life forms in the vicinity.  A red dot indicates a hostile.  Once you
    see that dot, you will also see some kind of cone on it, like a light.
    The light is the guards’ range of vision; his awareness.  Do not get in
    the path of the light, in which we’ll call cones, otherwise the guard
    will see you.  Note that camera’s also have cones.  Notice that each cone
    is a particular color.

--Blue Cone: This means the sentry is patrolling his normal routes at a
  normal status. He sees nothing out of the ordinary.

--Yellow Cone: This means the sentry has heard or seen something suspicious
  and will investigate the situation further.

--Red Cone: This means the sentry has spotted you and is attacking you or
  radioing his commander for back up.

--No Cone: This means the guard is either dead, unconscious, or sleeping on
  the job.

    The radar can be VERY helpful, as the camera is not always where you want
    it to be.  The radar, giving away enemy positions, can reveal what’s
    around the corner or if its safe to proceed.

      \--The Codec---------------------------------\
   The Codec is a little device that attaches itself to the users ear and
   makes emits vibrations that only the user can hear.  Many important people
   will contact you on this thing.  To access it, press SELECT.  Press down on
   the D-pad to look at the frequencies the you have been informed of.  This
   will be the only means to save your game; calling either, depending on what
   point in the game your on, Otacon or Rose.  Always listen to incoming calls,
   as the words ‘Press Select’ will appear onscreen when an incoming call is
   waiting.  It often contains very useful information or storyline bits.

///\\\  Stealth Tactics / Enemy Info

So.  You think you can start the game with guns a blazin’ and kill everything
easily like in Red Faction or Halo, right?  Wrong.  You gonna get mowed down
faster then you can say HOLY CHEESE AND GRAPE SANDWICH!  Well okay, maybe you
wouldn’t say that, but regardless STEALTH is the law here and if you don’t
abide by it you will be killed.  The enemies aren’t stupid like in Red Faction,
Halo, or any other FPS. They are extremely intelligent, and you must learn to
get around them instead of killing them.  Don’t like it?  Too bad.  Live with
it or get another, less challenging game.

     \--Reporting Guards--------------------------\

    Many enemies in this game report in to a commander over their walkie-
    talkie, every minute or so after an interlude of pacing.  When they report
   ‘Nothing here’ or ‘nothing to report,’ it’s basically an all-clear sign.
    If the guy on the other end doesn’t receive the usual transmission on
    time, because, say, you knocked him out or killed him, he will get
    suspicious and send out a search team.  This will only result in Caution
    mode if the search team finds the guard in question dead, or if they find
    him injured, like if you punched him or shot him in a non-fatal area.  If
    the guard the search team finds is just knocked out from a dart from the
    M9, they will kick him awake and everything will resume to normal, with
    the soldiers just thinking that he had a really bad hang-over (or

    It’s generally best to avoid these men, but sometimes knocking them out
    will be essential.  When you must knock them out, be sure to wake them up
    when your done with what your doing so a search time won’t be deployed.
    If a search team is deployed, a neat trick to avoid the search team is
    to go through a loading point.  The search team will disappear when you
    return and the reporting guard will remain unconscious.  Neat trick, but
    pretty unrealistic >_<

     \--Reading the unconscious guard------------\

    Whenever you knock a guard unconscious, a symbol appears over his head.
    These symbols represent the way you knocked him out.  If you knocked him
    out via martial arts, the symbols will be stars.  If you knocked him
    out using the M9, the symbols will be Z’s.  Stars tend to wake a LOT
    faster then those hit with a dart from the M9: about a 2 minute
    difference, meaning guards knocked out using force wake up in about 30
    seconds while those put to rest with the M9 rest for up to 2 and a half
    minutes.  Note that this varies between difficulties, the harder the
    difficulty the shorter both types sleep.

    You’ll know a guard is coming ‘round when you see the amount of symbols
    over his head decrease.  For example, when you first knock a guard out
    from an M9 three Z’s will appear over his head.  Eventually the Z’s will
    decrease in number from 3 to 2 to 1, then he wakes up.  The same goes for
    the stars over a guy head when you knock him out.

    To wake the guards up faster, for such a reason as to claim a dog tag, you
    can use two different tactics.  If you have Coolant, you can spray him
    until he wakes, which is the best and most efficient method as you only
    have to spray him for about 5 seconds.  If you don’t have Coolant, you’ll
    have to do it the old fashioned way by picking the guard up and dropping
    him.  This takes a lot longer and you have to pick him up and drop him a
    LOT, but its better then just waiting for him to manually snap out of his

     \--Causing a distraction---------------------\

    Now we must go over how to distract a stationary guard.  If rendering a
    stationary guard dead or unconscious is not an option, you’ll have to get
    him away from his post.  There are many ways to do this.  You can throw an
    empty [gun] magazine, which will cause him to inspect the noise it makes.
    You can knock on a wall, done by leaning against a wall and pressing the O
    button.  Or you can give him a glimpse of yourself, which results in a
    yellow cone on the radar, then go around him to where you need to go while
    the guard is inspecting.  You can also shoot an M9 bullet near him, and the
    noise will prompt his attention.

    To get past the more frequent roving sentries, again without means of
    lethal force, you can use the above methods or you can drop a magazine.
    No, not the empty magazine that goes in a gun.  I mean the FHM mags that
    are found along levels.  The game calls them ‘Book.’ Drop one in the line
    of the guards path and he’ll get all excited and start to read it,
    ignoring all his duties.

     \--Leaving a Trail---------------------------\

    On the Tanker level, you will come inside all wet because it’s obviously
    raining outside.  If you don’t shake down like a dog, done by tapping X,
    you’ll leave wet footprints in which guards can trace to your position.
    Always shake down [if your wet] before entering an inside area.

    There is another trail guards will follow.  Blood.  When your health
    gauge turns yellowish, your character will start to bleed, and if a guard
    sees it, of course he’ll follow the trail.  Patch this problem up by
    crouching, while remaining stationary, to heal.  Or, use a bandage, which
    are found throughout the levels and stops the bleeding instantly.

     \--Catching Colds----------------------------\

    Colds are annoying little bugs you can catch from staying out in the cold
    too long.  When you catch a cold, your character sneezes often, alerting
    your presence to nearby sentries.  This can be very tiresome, because as
    your sneaking up on a guard to hold him up/strangle him it’s not helpful
    if Snakes sneezes and the guard suddenly turns around.  To cure these
    bugs, pop a Medicine.  There are only a handful of these in the game,
    none of which (that I know of) are on the Tanker.

     \--Locker Shenanigans------------------------\

    Yeah, we’ve all heard this hype of using lockers as a way to stuff bodies
    / hide / etc.  Well here’s how you do it.

    To stuff an unconscious (or dead) body in a locker, get unarmed then pick
    The body up using the ￾ button.  Hold that button and go into an open
    locker.  Your character will automatically stuff it into the locker and
    close the door.  If the person is unconscious, he will not wake up unless
    you open the door.  If he’s dead, well um, I guess he also won’t waking up
    any time soon.

    Another use for the locker is to hide.  This is EXTREMELY useful when
    your spotted by the enemy.  The enemy will NEVER open the locker unless
    he sees you enter it.  So, open the locker using the action button,
    looking like /\ [a triangle].  Get inside then lean back against its wall
    and your character will automatically close the door.  You can remain in
    the locker as long as you want.  If your characters heartbeat speeds up,
    it means an enemy is very near, so don’t pop out of it just yet.  You can
    also look out the small grate using the R1 button.

    If you happen to enter a locker with a poster girl on the inside, zoom
    into it with R1 and Snake will make a ‘smooching’ sound. LOL.

    Lockers also contain many useful items.  However, sometimes they are
    locked.  To open them, use the O button to punch its door down.  DO NOT
    KICK IT.  Continue to punch it until it falls back.  It will fall inward
    if you kick it, cutting off item access, so don’t press O too quickly.
    Once it falls, go claim your prize.

     \--What to do when caught--------------------\

    Many times in this game you’ll be spotted.  Well, don’t throw in the
    towel, as you may yet escape.  In Evasion, the interval after Alert, if
    you aren’t well hid you’re practically dead.  First, try running out a
    loading point.  Many times the alarm will cease, as the guards cannot
    pass loading points.  If this tactic doesn’t work, then hide, FAST.  Run
    away from the scene of the crime and find a locker, which is your best
    bet, and hide in it.  If the locker isn’t available, climb into a vent or
    get under something.  If THAT is not available, find a dark corner to
    take refuge, or get behind a crate and duck.

    I HIGHLY recommend you waiting until things return to Status Normal,
    because even in Caution there are extra amounts of guards and they are more
    alert then they normally would be.

///\\\  Actions / Commands

\\ The Choke Hold   \

A good way to silently put to death an enemy without creating too much noise,
or if you need to create a human shield in a gun fight, is to grab hold of a
guards neck in a strangle-like position.  To do this, approach the backside of
an unsuspecting enemy, UNARMED.  Get up to the enemies back, then repeatedly
tap the ￾ button.  Snake will grab hold of the guard’s neck and hold him in
front of himself as a shield.  Note your character _must_ be standing still to
initially grab hold of the guard; if you’re moving and you approacj the
backside and press the square button, your character will just flip the guard
over.  When you have a guard prisoner, you have two options.  To kill him, or
to drag him somewhere.  To put him to death, repeatedly tap ￾, which would snap
his neck.  To drag him somewhere, simply move the analog stick _while holding_
the ￾ button.  Remember though that the guard you hold captive WILL struggle,
and if you let it continue he will escape.  To stop his dissidence, you must
discipline him by giving him a good tug by pressing ￾ once.

Also, while you’re in this mode, nearby guards will RARELY fire at you, and if
they are so audacious the bullets will most likely hit your captive.

If you’re caught in Evasion or in a gun fight, it’s a good idea to try and take
a prisoner so you may quietly back out of the room without too much trouble.
However, taking someone prisoner will be a little tougher in the ascribed
situations, because they will most always be facing you and thus will duck
under Snake’s outgoing arms.  To pull off a successful capture, punch the
intended victim a few times, THEN press ￾ while the foe is recovering,
guaranteeing Snake’s or whomever’s capture.

 \\ Peeping Corners  \
It’s a good idea, before rounding a corner, to have your character look around
it, because you never know what could be there.  To do this, stand up against
the wall near the corner.  The camera will shift to view a little ways beyond
it.  If you want to see further, you can hold the L2 or R2 buttons, whichever
way you want to lean (L leans left, R leans right), your character will do so.
Be careful with this though, as if the enemy is right around the corner he will
spot you, which, like, is NOT good.

 \\ Hanging Mode  \
A good method of getting around hordes of enemies on the Tanker and some
occasions in the Plant is to go into hanging mode.  Hanging mode is where Snake
jumps over a guard rail and hangs onto the outside edges.  This only works on
waist-high rails, mind.  To do so, flatten your back against the rail and press
/\.  Once you’re on the ledge, move left and right on the analog stick to
shimmy where you want to go.

Your character cannot, remember, hang forever.  He has a grip gauge that
appears below the health gauge.  Once the grip gauge depletes, your character
loses his grip and falls to whatever is below.  The grip gauge corresponds with
the health meter, in that the more health you have, the slower the grip gauge
depletes.  So basically you can hang longer at full health then you could when
you’re bleeding.

A worthless piece of knowledge circulating around the internet is the ability
to upgrade your character’s grip gauge so he can hang longer.  To do this, you
must do pull ups, hanging over a ledge and climbing back up, several HUNDRED
times. This is ABSOLUTELY worthless, tedious, and a waste of time and effort. 
But hey whatever, it’s your choice. I myself wouldn’t waste a minute on such
frivolous aspirations.

\\ The Shake-down  \
When you put someone unconscious or dead, you can shake down their bodies to
search them for items.  To do this, get up near the body and press and hold the
￾.  Your character will pick up the body.  You can now move it wherever you
like, as long as you hold the ￾ button.  Drop it to search for items, as when
the body hits the floor it vibrates and lets loose any items on the guard.  Try
and drop the body several times to make sure you’re not missing any items.  Be
warned, though, that the more times you drop an unconscious body the faster the
he will wake.

\\ Swimming 101  \
In a certain part in the game, you will be required to swim as fast and as
fluently as possible.  Swimming is very hard to control at first, so let me go
over it step by step.

To swim forward, tap the O button.  To swim faster, tap O repeatedly.  To go
left or right, well that’s a no-brainer.  However, going up and down is
disorienting at first.  It all depends on where the camera is positioned, for
the game to determine whether to send our character up or down.  If the camera
is below your character and you move the analog stick down, intending to go
down, the game may very well send your character up instead.  There isn’t much
I can help you with there because I can’t play the game for you.  You’re just
going to have to get used to it.

Remember that when you are underwater you have an oxygen gauge.  Once it starts
to get low or beep, find an air pocket or surface to replenish your characters
breath, otherwise they will drown.

Sometime when you’re swimming you’ll come across small black spheres with
prongs sticking out.  DO NOT swim into them, as they are old-fashioned mines
that were once used against submarines.  Once you start to bleed there is no
way to stop it unless you surface or you have a bandage, so watch out.

\\ Roll/Cartwheel  \
Occasionally you’ll required to roll or cartwheel; other times it’s not
required but it will be very useful.  When running, press X to do a
roll/cartwheel, depending on what character you are.  The roll is very helpful
when sneaking past a guarded hall, and the cartwheel is just as effective for
knocking enemies on the ground or unconscious.  Be careful when you’re in
disguise, though, as guards may get suspicious of such acrobatic feats.

Cartwheeling down steps can be very helpful if you’re running away from
something or to something.  You can only cartwheel in the Plant Chapter, as
that’s where the characters switch.  In rolling down a flight of stairs your
character will literally JUMP to the below landing.  He won’t lose any health. 
You cannot however, cartwheel UP stairs, because your character will fall and
hit his head.  No health taken away, but ouch, it sure looks like it’d hurt.

\\ Martial Arts  \
Ah, yes.  What kind of stealth tactician would Snake be without proper
hand~hand combat training?  Well, the answer is not much.  What was Link
without his sword prowess?  What’s Yuna without her Aeons?  What’s Star Fox
without an Arwing?  Um, to get back to the point, punching and kicking in close
quarters is a much-needed tactic to put guards unconscious.

To accomplish this dazzling escapade, press the O button (punch).  Press it
once to do a single punch, twice quickly to do a combo, and thrice quickly to
do a punch-punch-kick-twirl thingy.  This will rarely knock out a guard on the
first attempt; on Hard/Extreme two of these punch-punch-kick combos are
required to knock a guard unconscious.  Be warned, though, that once the guard
wakes up from your melee fists he WILL radio help, sending the game into

 \\ Strafe/FPV  \
Well, this game is in third-person view, and not only that but you cannot have
your gun pointed at anything while running.  Unless you use strafe mode. 
Strafe mode is when your character holds out his gun and has the chance fire on
the run.  To do this, point your gun at anything and hold L1.  You can now run,
think, shoot, live.  Ha, the Half-Life slogan.  Err, too many references to too
many different games.

The third person view, while very helpful in game of this type, has its
disadvantages.  Mainly, the camera is not always where you want it.  In fact,
rarely can you see farther in front of yourself then two or three yards, or
depending on where the camera is, what’s behind you.  Not only that, but you
cannot point your gun up or down, and its hard to aim correctly in this view. 
Fear not, though, Konami has a remedy.  Its called the FPV (first-person-view).
 You can press R1 at any time to switch the camera to the point of view of your
character.  You can shoot like this, which is the only way you can move your
gun vertically, but you cannot move.  Simply put, you must learn to master this
method enough so you can switch [to FPV], shoot, and go, in less then 3

         3)  W e a p o n s  /  I t e m s  C a t a l o g u e

Here I will go over all of the games weapons and items, but NOT where to find
them.  Most will be mentioned in their appropriate places in the walkthrough,
some you will just have to find them yourself.  C’mon, how about thinking for
ourselves a bit, eh?

///\\\  Weapons
This section goes over every one of the games’ weapons and describes them.  I
will *not* go over the real life weapons they represent, as they do represent
real life weapons.  Check the Real Weapons FAQ for more on that.

\ M9 \ The M9 is a stealth masters instrument.  It’s silent, non-lethal,
 ¯¯¯¯¯ and the perfect overall tool for the sneaky bastard you are at heart. 
This a single shooter, meaning once you fire a round Snake or ****** will have
to pump it, so it’s no good for taking on many enemies at once.  It has
deceptively long range though its size is rather small.  Note that it is a
non-lethal force and only fires tranq darts.  For the most effective shot, aim
for the head, as sleep will overcome a guard instantly.

\ USP \ A small, lightweight handgun that Snake finds on the Tanker level.
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯ He takes it from the hands of the boss Olga after she’s neutralized,
but at first it contains no ammo.  It does a decent amount of damage, and it’s
mission-critical as its the only gun on the tanker that can be used to blow up
the bomb-control terminals which you’ll find a little latter.  I wouldn’t
recommend it for regular use, as it’s as loud as(however loud that might be,
but it’s sure to be pretty loud).

\ Socom  \ The Socom is mainly a Navy SEALS or other branch military hand
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ gun.  It’s pretty effective when you need something killed, but like
the USP it’s incredibly loud and any nearby enemies will immediately radio for
back-up.  You’ll get this on the Plant level.  It has a medium range, and
anything that breach’s that range doesn’t hit its intended mark.  Not good for
boss fights because, well, it’s a hand gun, but it’s extra useful when taking
out troublesome Cyphers.

\M4 Assault \ This is the basic machine gun we all see in the movies.  Since
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ it comes with no sound suppresser, it’s not a wise choice unless
your taking out Cyphers or are in a boss battle.  With normal recoil and fast
firing rates it’s a must have for boss’s like Vamp.

\ AKS-47u  \ A soviet assault rifle with some similarities to the M4.  It
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ is more powerful then the latter though, yet it’s just as loud. 
If you’re in Evasion and need to clear a path to hide, use the AKS-47u as it’ll
take guards out with 1 or 2 shots.  This gun seems to be in every FPS I’ve ever
played, by the way, under one name or another.

\ PSG-1 \   One of the games’ two sniper rifles, this one causes
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ deadly force on any distant enemy.  Especially useful in finding
faraway bomb control units, hint hint.  Since your characters hands will shake
a lot when using the scope, making aiming a pain in the ass, pop a pentazemin,
a pill that stills the nerves.  It is very powerful, but if ya didn’t know it
is most certainly NOT a close range weapon.

\ PSG-1T \ This is virtually the same thing to the PSG-1, but it fires off,
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ instead of lead, tranq darts similar to those found in the M9.  Use
this with a clear consciences when you need to take out a distant guard.

\ Nikita  \ Le Femme Nikita...mmmm...err, the Nikita is a rocket launcher.
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Not just any rocket launcher, though.  This one plagiarizes Perfect
Dark’s ‘Slayer,’ as when you fire it, you CONTROL the moving rocket, aiming
where it goes.  This is like, neat-o-rific.  You can fly it just about
anywhere...except up or down.  You can only move it left or right, but still
it’s pretty cool.  A great use for it is to scout around corners or to stage an
ambush. Most boss’s are susceptible to this weapon as well.

\ Stinger \ The Stinger is a rocket launcher, the second of the two.  You
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ cannot control its movements like the Nikita, but you can move the
thing vertically or downward and it does have a lock-on feature.  Lock onto
something by holding the aiming recital on it.  When it turns red, fire away
and the missile will almost always hit its target for a hefty bit of damage.

\ High-Frequency Blade \ This is given to...someone by Snake.  A  sturdy,
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  reliable, killing machine this thing is.   You can
turn it into two modes: normal or tranquilize.  Make the connection in your
little brain.  Well, you get this VERY VERY late in the game, like
fight-before-the-final-boss late.  You get to use it on normal soldiers, but an
ass-load of them at that.  Well, since...your--character--has such great
reflexes, if you’re in defense mode [R1], you can block bullets.  To swipe,
spin, and use other attacks use the right analog stick.  It kills most enemies
with one swipe, except when you’re fencing with another blade-wielder.

\ RGB6 \ A standard grenade-launcher.  Ha, its sad that I call it ‘standard.’
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Boy is the youth getting violent...err, okay no term paper here.  It
fires grenades a short distance, and when I say short I mean 10 feet short.  It
shoots it in an arc BTW, as gravity has its way on the thing, so it’s no good
for precise accuracy.  In fact, it’s not very good at all, but whatever floats
your boat...

\ Grenade \ I found no point in the game whatsoever where I absolutely had
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ to have used a grenade.  It’s good for clearing large amounts of
enemies, duh, but if you’re any good you shouldn’t be around large amounts of
enemies.  If you’re above the age of 7, you’ll know the function of this little

\ Chaff Grenade \ The chaff grenade disables any electronic equipment in the
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ area by sending out small pieces of metal which reflect
commands machines need to operate correctly. Meaning Cyphers, security
camera’s, and the like.  It’s loud though, and noise attracts guards, so use it
wisely.  Don’t bother throwing any if you have a gun; any 4 bullets will
destroy a Cypher or Camera.  Of course, if you don’t a have a gun or if you do
and have no ammo for it, then its a must have.

\ Claymore \ A hand-sized landmine.  Place it anywhere you please and let the
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ enemy walk all over it.  However, this is as useless as the
grenade, as it’s so  loud and inconvenient to place.

\ Semtex \ A small pocket of Carbon-4 that when detonated makes a large
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ blast.  It’s triggered using the detonator.

///\\\  Items

 / Ration      /
A ration is a packet of spam, ready to fill Snakes hungry tummy! Err, no.  But
it is healthy crap that heals about 50% of your life gauge on [NO], 40% on
[HA], 30% on [EX].  You can only carry 5 on [NO], 3 on [HA], 1 on [EX].  Equip
them to save yourself if your fatally wounded, i.e.  your shot/lose all your
life and the ration automatically activates.  These are a precious find indeed,
so never use them wastefully.

 / Bandage     /
This fixes up those nasty little cuts, just like mommy did! Only the cuts your
gonna get don’t come from falling off a tricycle.  Use it when you are bleeding
and don’t have the time to crouch and heal.  Especially useful in boss fights
and when in Evasion and you need to hide.

 / Pentazemin  /
Pentazemin are anti-depressant pills that still the vibration of the muscles in
your limbs.  Meaning, when you snipe, your characters hand’s won’t shake until
it where’s off, which is about a minute.  This is a MUST if you intend to use
the sniper rifle at ALL.

 / Medicine    /
A little pill that cures the flu you get when your out in the rain too long. 
Useful because when you have the flu you sneeze a lot, and when you do guards
come and inspect.  I have NO idea where to find these, so if you find one
consider yourself special.

 / Cigarettes  /
Highly addictive and hazardous to you’re health.  But really, they have a use. 
Not only are they Snake’s ‘good luck charm’ but when equipped, you can see
tripwires otherwise invisible to the naked eye.  So if you see some, um, don’t
go through them!  Smoking also acts as an anti-depressent, much like pentazemin
should you ever run out of.  It takes away health too, so don’t have the cigs
out for too long unless necessary.

 / Scope       /
These are a version of binoculars, only like, really better.  It has the same
use as a scope on a sniper rifle, only it doesn’t fire anything.  Press O to
zoom in and X to zoom out to look at stuff(e.g.  pictures of barely dressed
models :)

 / Sensor A    /
This is used on the Plant Chapter, and its for detecting ‘Fatman’s bombs. 
Don’t ask, you’ll learn later.  Your radar will now display a yellow
mist...meaning that a bomb is nearby, so search the area.  The bomb can be
above or below you; don’t expect the sensor to do [any] of your work for you.

 / Sensor B    /
This detects the crap that Sensor A cannot.  Problem is, it doesn’t show up on
your map.  It only makes a beep when your close to it, kinda like the hot-cold

 / AP Sensor      /
The AP Sensor detects when someone, a human, gets close.  You will be able to
hear your characters heart-beat, as like when your in a locker, and when
someone nears you, your heart will speed up.  Very useful when you don’t have
the radar activated.

 / Mine detector  /
This tells you where mines called claymore are placed.  It displays the mines
on the radar in yellow.  To pick up the mines, crawl over their position, and
your character will pick them up.

 / Thermal Goggles /
Thermal goggles detect heat patterns and amplify/display them in a reddish hue.
 A great alternative to finding those pesky C4 or when you lack night vision
goggles.  Another use for them is to detect if a guard has dog tags.

 / Directional Microphone /
The directional microphone looks like a gun.  But its not.  Point this in any
direction to amplify words, heartbeats, anything.  Not much to explain here,
except when you use it your cover is blown, so make sure no ones looking if you
must use it at all.  For some odd reason its listed in the weapons catagory.

 / Coolant        /
Well, I know its listed in the inventory as a weapon, but c’mon.  Its not the
kind thing you can hold up someone with.  Well, you could try of course, but
“Stick ‘em up! I got Coolant and I’m not afraid to use it!” isn’t all that
affective.  This has many other uses though.  It can freeze up bombs Fatman
likes to plant, it can detect trip lasers when you spray it, making them
visible, it can wake up sleeping guards, should you ever want to do that, and
it can put out fires when sprayed enough.  Luckily the amount of Coolant yo
have is infinite, so don’t worry about conserving.

 / Cardboard Box   /
A small box you can cower and hide under.  Most guards will not look under the
box, unless you move with it or are in Caution/Evasion/Alert mode.  There are
several types of boxes; six in all that all have different designs that you
must match with the background if you intend to hide successfully.  For
example, a ZOE box would not do well in a kitchen.  Guards will get suspicious
and tip it over.  And when they do look under, you are toast, so watch it. 
Remember that these won’t work when trying to sneak past camera’s.

 / BDU            /
An enemy uniform you’ll find later in that game.  Equip it to wear it. However,
just because you have it on does NOT mean guards will recognize you as
friendly.  If your uniform is different from that of the other guards in the
area, as yours might be dark brown while there’s is more of a black and white,
your masquerade will become transparent and you’ll be shot full of holes.  Not
only do you have to be in the right area, you MUST carry an AKS-47u at ALL

 / Book           /
There’s nothing really in here you’d expect from a normal book.  Its a FHM
magazine with pictures of ladies wearing [next to no] clothes and
in--questionable--poses.  Too bad you can’t look at them, but hey if you want
cheap pr0n go to your local supermarket.  You can put the mag on the floor in
front of a guards’ patrol route to have them abandon his post and “read” it(the
guards reaction to them are hilarious), while you may quietly slip by or hold
them up.  These are very rare to find so only use them when its a necessity.

 / MO Disk        /
Given to Raiden by the president, this MO disk contains a virus that would make
Metal Gear Aresenal a useless heap of metal. This is the key to stopping the
Metal Gear and stoping the Patriots schemes. It can only be operated by someone
who knows the codes, passwords, and all that other computer jargon. You must
protect the person who can operate this disk at all costs.

 / Suppressor     /
A silencer for the Socom found at the Plant chapter in Strut F. This is one of
the most useful items you’ll find, because you now have the ability to shoot
out camera’s without being heard, or make a silent kill. A must have, IMHO.

                      4)  W a l k t h r o u g h

MGS2 is divided into two chapters.  One is the Tanker chapter, in which you’ll
start the game playing as Snake.  The other is the Plant Chapter, in which
you’ll finish the game as someone else.  To quickly go to the Plant Chapter
section Press CTRL + Find and type in ‘ii.’ with the period and without the
quotation marks.

     \______________/ T a n k e r  C h a p t e r \_____________/

Snake will land on the tanker wearing his stealth camo, with the intentions of
quietly slipping in, snapping a few photos of the new Metal Gear (which Otacons
sources said was onboard), and quietly slipping out.  Well, the camo breaks
down of course, so the ‘quietly’ part is going to have to be compromised.  The
ship is comprised of U.S. Marines, but soon onboard our hero learns that the
ship has been taken over by some Russian armed forces.  Bah, its always the
ruskies (1950s slang term for Russians).  After that little scene, and
seemingly endless FMV and Codec conversation, you get to control the legend
himself, Solid Snake.

\@@@\  Aft Deck
Now is the time to familiarize yourself with the controls and whatnot.  And
remember it’s raining; if you stay in one place too long Snake will catch cold,
and he’ll start to sneeze every so often, alerting his presence to nearby

Peering up in FPV you’ll notice a guard on an above deck.  Run to the left,
avoiding the above guards’ gaze, to the aft deck portside.  You may want to
scout around the deck to search for some useful items before you go any
further, as some pentazemin (which is absolutely worthless in this level) and
some bandages can be found.  After you retrieve what items you wish, put to
sleep the patrolling guard near the hatch on the portside.  You have the option
of throwing his body overboard by dragging him towards the small circle of
white on the deck floor, but know that that counts as a kill.  Go to the set of
stairs but do not ascend them; all doors up there are locked on [HA]/[EX].  So,
go through the hatch by rapidly pressing the triangle (/\) button.

\@@@\  Deck-A, Crews Quarters, Starboard
Inside, have Snake shake down himself to get him dry, otherwise he’ll start to
leave footprints.  Proceed down the hall.  There is a guard patrolling this
hallway; his route is only as far as the locker room on [HA] and easier, but on
[EX] his route extends through the whole corridor.  This may be an advantage,
since his back will be turned longer, making it so you can hold him up or put
him away, whichever one best suites your taste.  If you kill him, make sure to
put his body in one of the lockers.  Remember to search the lockers as well, as
Rations and posters of hot Chinese chicks can be found.  Note also that lockers
can be used to hide in as well, should the need arise.  So, continue the
mission by heading through the sliding door on the opposite end of the

\@@@\  Deck A, Crews Lounge, Starboard
A cutscene will commence, showing two guards patrol a lounge.  The one
patrolling back and forth along the hall is easy; just put a dart in his head
when his back is turned.  As for the other guard, east of the hall, near a bar:
go up to the wall on the opposite side of the guard and tap on it(O button)
when he is range to draw him towards you.  As he approaches you, drop him while
you sit on the stairs.  If you don’t want to take that risk, just ignore him
and run up the stairs next to the lounges hall; he shouldn’t spot you. If you
do put him to sleep though you can enter the lounge he guarded and search the
bar to find 9mm ammo. At some point, you should go up the steps west of the
hall and enter the slider door.

\@@@\  Deck B, Crews Quarters, Starboard
Approach the section on the map where a guard is marked to be.  Cutscene will
take over showing Snake’s awareness of him.  You can either shoot him in his
head while he’s not looking or get his dog tag; either way its a breeze because
this one is so unobservant and secluded.  There is no other guard detail you
need encounter.  Down the hall and to Snake’s right are a set of stairs next to
an inoperable hatch.  Climb them.

\@@@\  Deck C, Crews Quarters
FMV will focus on a camera examining the corridor.  Sneak by it by holding
Snake’s back against the wall and moving slowly by.  This doesn’t always work,
however, in fact, rarely _ever_ can you get by the thing on [HA] and [EX]. 
If(or should I say ‘when’) your spotted, the camera will send a single attack
commando.  To avoid him, advance down the hall towards some stairs.  A locker
is next to them: climb in.  If you don’t feel like entering the locker,
continue past the stairs a small room with piled crates.  Next to the crates is
a vent near floor level.  Crawl in: This is where you may wait out Evasion and
Caution without anyone noticing you.  After your ordeal is over, go up the
stairs next to the locker.

\@@@\  Deck D, Crews Quarters
This deck is sparsely guarded, though it may seem otherwise because the area is
so small.  The first guard you’ll see will pass you.  DO NOT go into the door
where he went(the messhall); just go down the corridor.  You’ll find a pair of
sentries, one stationed to the left of the intersection and the other
patrolling a hallway past the sensor panels.  Put to sleep the stationary guard
when he isn’t looking, then tap on the wall to bring over the patrolling guard.
 He cannot pass the sensor panels: he will have to go all the way around,
through the messhall, to inspect the sound.  You should have more then enough
time to _crawl_ past the sensor panels and ascend the stairs.

\@@@\  Deck E, the bridge
After some more cutscene, enter either hatch to battle Olga.  Check my Boss
Guide for more.  After you defeat her, shake her down for her dog tag then make
your way back into the bridge.  Backtrack all the way down to the lounge.  This
time though, head towards the unguarded stairs to the south of the lounge.  A
slider door leading to the engine room awaits.

\@@@\  Engine Room
The engine room is densely occupied with Russian troopers.  Do not use your
newly acquired USP, otherwise Alert will automatically process.  That leaves
your M9.  If you ran out of ammo, just use the strangle tactic for the
following encounters.  The objective here is get to the starboard side of this
engine room.  Let’s begin.

There is a single sentry patrolling the first catwalk; put him to rest, drag
his body inside and stuff it in a locker.  Note the acion figure of ‘Raven’
from MGS.  He’ll shoot little pellets at you if you aggravate it >_>

Go down the stairs, take out the pacing sentry from a position on the landing. 
He won’t notice you, unless, perchance, your on Extreme, in which case yous
should go into hanging mode, drop down and sneak up behind him. After he is
‘taken care of’ head down the next set of stairs to find another guard, this
one a little harder to see as he’s right around the corner.  Get as close as
you can to the corner(his back will be turned), then drop him.  Cross the
bridge to the walkway.  Cavort along it, ignore the set of stairs to the right,
and cross the next bridge.  Approach the square block to the south, serving no
apparent purpose except for something you can crawl under if your spotted. 
Climb the stairwells to the engine room starboard side.

FMV will exhibit a guard coming out of the door, who will inspect this small
room then walk back into the Engine Room.  Avoid him by hiding in one of the
lockers to the left.  After he is past, take out your USP and shoot the bag of
white stuff near the floor past the sensors.  This will force show of the trip
lasers that the sensor panels have equiped.  To deactivate the panels, shoot
out their green control units placed near them.  The first one you’ll have to
stand on the block near the locker to see.  Once you destroy it, the first
sensor panel will shut off.  Pass it and get as close as you can to the second
panel, then look to the floor to your right.  Shoot it out then pass the second
sensor panel.  Get up to the third one and look down and to the left; its back
is turned to you so you may have trouble spotting it.  Afterwards, head on
through the hatch.

\@@@\  Deck 2
Your object here is to...make it to the other side of the corridor.  The
corridor is darkly lit because of all the malfunctioning light bulbs, which
helpfully makes it difficult for the enemy to see you.  However, each light
bulb just happens to light back up when you approach them, revealing your
location at most inopportune times.  The remedy?  Whip out your M9 and shoot
out all the lights beforehand.

You’ll find some dead U.S. marines along the way; shake them down to find
useful items.  This deck has only 3 total guards, but when ANY of them sees
you, even for a second, a never-ending Alert transpires.  You may exit back
through the hatch if this happens, ending the Alert.  Anyway, two guards
regularly patrol the corridor.  Equip thermal goggles and shoot them out from a
distance.  At the point where the corridor turns at a 90° angle you’ll have
only to face one more sentry.  This one has a hangover: he falls a sleep for a
second, awakes for a second, then calls into his commander with a lazy ‘Nothing
to report...’ then falls asleep again.  Memorize the pattern he follows, then
dash by him through the loading point.

Cutscene, and you’ll become in a battle with about 15 Russians.  I recommend
USP ammo to do them in; if you run out there is a couple of boxes behind you. 
Though they may seem never-ending, they aren’t.  Just blast the pigs from the
cover of your crate until they all fall.  Note that they WILL throw grenades;
you should take out thermal goggles to better see them incoming.  You cannot
continue down the corridor until all the guards are dead, but you CAN however
move from crate to crate, getting a little closer to your objective point. 
After they are all dead, cutscene will take over.

\@@@\  Hold 1
Tricky, tricky.  Here you must make your way through 2 Holds to get to the hold
the Metal Gear is in, then you must take a series of pictures of the Metal Gear
from 4 different angles.  The holds you’ll try and sneak through are filled
with marines, currently in a long briefing(speech is more like it) via a
projector screen.  Hah, they don’t even know the ship has been taken over. 
Restore confidence in your nations defence :P ?  Anyway, if you alert _any_ of
the marines its a game over by the way of a stylish execution.  This part is
especially overwhelming to most newbies, but really it isn’t all that
difficult.  The only tough part is pulling the whole job off under the time
limit, 6:00 on Hard.

When the FMV concludes, open the hatch and grab the ammo, then climb down the
ladders to the bottom of the hold.  Stay close to the back wall and approach
the projector.  Put to sleep the marine standing next to the projector, then
CRAWL under its light beams, because if you don’t Snake’s shadow will appear on
the projector screen and, well, game over.  At the other end of the hold, make
your way, hugging the walls and putting to sleep as necessary, to the door.

\@@@\  Hold 2
Turn right, towards the projectors.  This is the hardest hold your going to
have to trek.  Crawl under the projector’s beams, silence the troublesome
guard.  Continue to hug the wall past the projector. SLOWLY make progress down
the stretch heading to the loud speakers.  Try move only when the sliders for
the projector change’s frames and the room darkens, or you may hie safely when
the Commander starts to have the whole crew ‘exercise’ by turning their necks
in various directions.  Put to sleep anyone you might think will notice you. 
Once your through the door, you’ll arrive at Hold 3, where the Metal Gear is

\@@@\  Hold 3
There are 4 total pics required by Otacon.  He needs a front left, front right,
front, and a picture of the MARINES logo. First, take out the single pacing
sentry, as he’ll prove to be a real pain in the arse if you let him stay
conscious.  Afterwards, move left, past the platform with the cameraman on it,
to the back of the troops.  You won’t be noticed unless you stupidly make
noise.  At the middleground between the camera’s platforms, snap a photo of the
Metal Gear, taking care of the front shot.

Now climb onto each of the platforms the cameramen are on and snap a photo of
Metal Gear from there, which takes  care of the front-left and front-right

Now you must get a shot of the MARINES logo.  Go to the stage where the Colonel
is babbling.  There is a passageway underneath the stage: enter it and cross
it.  You won’t be noticed unless you let the roving sentry stay conscious,
which I specifically told you not to.  Hang a right at the end and you’ll be in
a perfect position to take a pic of the logo.  Do so.

Return to the entrance to Hold 3 and go to the computer on the tray / press the
/\ button.  Some program will take over, and ensuing will be a whole lot of
techno-babble.  Eventually a pixilated Otacon will show his smiling face.  If
your photos are acceptable, Otacon will say ‘good job’ or ‘we can use this’ or
something along those lines.  If not, go out and try again, as he’s pretty
particular with these things.  Once you snap all the photo’s he needs, cutscene
will take over.  The level, and Snake’s life (why must you be so cruel,
Hideo?!) will end.

      \______________/ P l a n t    C h a p t e r \_____________/

The Plant is an environmental facility supposedly used to filter out the toxic
oil chemicals leaked from the terrorist sinking of the Tanker, 2 years ago. 
Well, nothing is as it seems here as this is the game’s final level, though a
long one at that.  Your main objective, given to you by your Colonel Cambell,
is to infiltrate and find/rescue the president.  Um, it gets much deeper then
that...you’ll find out soon enough as this part of the game has more plot
twists then a bag of pretzels.

As you will notice, you now control a young adult in his mid 20s code-named
‘Raiden’.  He is NOT Snake from the Tanker level; Snake died along with the
sinking of the Tanker.  Many people get confused about this transition :P.  You
will control him to the games final fight, so get used to it.  He is a newb;
never been out in a real mission before, just VR training, though he is said to
be one of the best at it.  VR however, is not reality as Raiden soon finds out.
 He has all the same moves as Snake did, only he does a cartwheel instead of
Snake’s traditional roll.

The person you can call to save is Rose, Raidens girlfriend.  She’s called an
‘analyst,’ apparently to make her sound like she has a purpose other then to
save and annoy theout of you with her emotional outbursts.

Onto the level layout, the facility is constructed into strut platforms
connected by bridges.  A fall means instant death from this height, so be
careful.  Its got even more places to escape the enemy then the Tanker, a LOT
more I should say, and it has many more items and weapons then you’ll find a
use for.  Its guard detail is a lot more dense, and their are new surveillance
devices being used here called Cyphers whom if they see you send the game into
Evasion.  Stealth is of the utmost importance in the level.

\@@@\  Deep sea dock
Jump into the water to find some thermal goggles, while familiarizing yourself
with Raiden and his swimming actions.  I shamefully forgot the goggles, as I
just remembered them while typing this.  Don’t make the same dumb mistake :|

Approach the hatch.  (Note that there is a little duct right next to the steps,
which if you crawl in to leads to a ration) Open the hatch to find a Russian
soldier, much like the one encountered on the Tanker.  Walk down the hall, and
FMV will initiate.

The guards here will be unconscious, just the way you like them, and you’ll get
a glimpse of someone riding up the elevator.  Could it be...?  No, of course
not!  Anyway, quickly activate the node, then run behind the crates in the back
because the guards will soon arouse.  If they see you, Alert will take its
course, but no other guards will be summoned.  Regardless, don’t let them see
you because your currently weaponless. When the lift finally reaches bottom,
ignore the guards and get on it.  It will take you to the roof of what is
called Strut A.

\@@@\  Strut A roof
Approach the wire fence and your Colonel will kindly explain that there is a
way to crawl through.  Do so and enter the door.

\@@@\  Strut A
FMV will display a guard watching over the node.  Tap on the wall, enter the
cubicles and activate the node while the guard is off dallying with the false
noise.  The radar will now appear.  Note you must activate the node for every
strut in order for it to appear.

Go to the right of the cubicles to a pair of lockers.  Ascend the steps to find
yourself back on the roof.  Quickly grab the chaff grenade then head back in. 
Move towards the cubicles and turn right.  Go through the door to find yourself
at the AF Connecting bridge.

\@@@\  AF Connecting Bridge
The bridge is patrolled by a surveillance camera mounted on a floating gun
turret.  This is called a Cypher, and can only be destroyed by bullets from a
lethal weapon.  If it sees you, it will summon an ass-load of Cyphers and
guards.  To disable it for a time, throw a chaff grenade onto the bridge.  This
will make it malfunction: for a limited time.  Run across the bridge and enter
the door.

\@@@\  Strut F warehouse
Strut F is heavily guarded with reporting troopers and alert sentries.  But all
you have to do for now is get the M9, a silenced tranquilizing pistol.  Make
sure no one is in the hall, then run to the door across [the hall].  Inside
you’ll find the M9 with ammo for it.  Exit Strut F back to Strut A.  From
there, enter the door on the left hand side of the cubicles.

\@@@\  AB Connecting Bridge
Two guards patrol the bridge, and if either spot you Alert and Evasion will
happen almost immediately.  The Colonel recommends you go into hanging mode. 
This is not necessary if you have the M9, with which you can to put both guards
to sleep, but if you lack the ammo (which you shouldn’t) or don’t have the M9
(which you should), approach either sides of the protective rail when the
guards’ back is turned.  Flatten Raiden’s back against it and flip over the
side with the /\ button.  From here, shimmy to the other side.  Remember this
tactic for future use.

\@@@\  Strut B Transformer Room
As soon as you step in you’ll watch another FMV, displaying a disgusting blood
sucking freak named Vamp (pun intended), and someone who looks _remarkably_
like Snake, though he claims he’s just a marine named Iroquis Pliskin.  After
some more cutscene he’ll hand over a Socom.  You may want to point it at him to
see his reaction.  Anyway, activate the node and leave Strut B through the door
next to the lockers (need I say to search those too?).

\@@@\  DC Connecting Bridge
You’ll watch a battle between SEAL Team 10 and Fortune.  Notice that everything
they shoot at her misses.  She lets this ‘amusing’ charade continue for a while
then whips out her big giant rail gun and blasts the bridge to pieces, along
with the entirety of SEAL Team 10.  Luckily, you don’t fight her.  Yet.  The
bridge is emptied of everything; no snipers, no cyphers, no guards.  Enjoy it
because this will probably be the only time in the game where it’s all peaceful
like this.  Cross the bridge to Strut C.

\@@@\  Strut C Dinning Hall
Pass the bathrooms, enter the door to watch a cutscene that will last about 10
minutes.  Agonizing, but informative nonetheless, as it gives a little more
info about the mysterious plot.  The “African American” is Stillman, the bomb
specialist.  He’ll give you some Coolant and Sensor A and send you out on a
little errand to find and defuse the bombs someone called ‘Fatman’ planted. 
Right when the cutscene ends, hurry and find the node, under a picture of a HOT
model.  I said hurry, because two guards have entered the Strut and are
commencing to patrol it.  One is patrolling the kitchen, the other the
restrooms and main hall.  Put a dart in the head of the one in here, then do
the same for the one in the hall.  If your spotted, you can hide in one of the
restrooms stall’s and wait out Caution.

Turn on Sensor A (keep this on at all times) as there is a bomb in this very
strut.  The bomb in is located in the womens restroom.  Go to the sink and look
up.  Spray the C4 package until frozen and you here something like a timer go
off.  Stillman will Codec you with some worries.  Afterwards, exit this strut
back to Strut B.

Note that you can press START and find out which bombs you missed: the struts
with bombs remaining will have little B’s marked on them.

\@@@\  Strut B Transformer Room
Two guards now defend the transformer room, the very room where you ran into
Pliskin and Vamp.  Not only that, but two camera’s are now active in the hall. 
Ugh.  Shoot the cameras and the guards will hear / Alert will happen, so avoid
them for now and enter the transformer room.  From the entrance, snipe the two
guards with your M9.  If you get caught, simply hide in the locker.  When the
guards are ‘ZZZZZzzz-ing’ off, shoot out the two camera’s in the hall with your
Socom.  Reenter the Transformer Room.  Sensor A will tell you that the bomb is
right next to the door.  You see nothing.  C’mon, think a little! Close the
door to the machine to find the bomb.  Freeze it, then backtrack further to
Strut A.

\@@@\  Strut A
Re-take out the guard near the node, then head into the door to the south of
the cubicles.  There is a single sentry and camera here.  Make sure the
soldiers’ back is turned before you attempt this, though.  Approach the south
end of the room.  Climb the little step ladder and get down on the ground and
start crawling.  The guard will not see you, even on Hard.  Don’t know about
Extreme, though.  Anyway, crawl towards the point where the yellow cloud on
your radar is densest.  Through the pipework you’ll find the bomb attached to
some kind of machine.  Spray it out of commission, then put the guard and
camera out of commission.  Exit Strut A back to Strut F Warehouse.

\@@@\  Strut F warehouse
The bomb here is a bit tricky to find.  It took me about 10 minutes of random
searching to find the bloody thing, and who knows how many Evasion
modes/mission failed screens :P.  Put the reporting guard to sleep and the
other guard patrolling the upper level.  Yes, I know a search team will come
because of it, but you shouldn’t be in sight when they finally arrive.  Still
on the upper floor, go to the west end of the warehouse.  Approach a section of
the railing that is indented.  Go into hanging mode on it, drop down onto the
below crates and drop down again towards the bomb, which you should see by now.
 Remember, the single guard patrolling this floor WILL see you if your in
hanging mode too long, or if you are on one of the crates when he passes by, so
make sure he’s asleep before you attempt this.

Wait for the search team to come and go, then carefully make your way out of
the stacked crates.  Turn towards the south to find a snoozing guard with his
back to you and his face in the wall.  Ignore him and go to the door at left,
Raidens right, to a locker room with the warehouse’s node.  Open the locker to
find Pentazemin.  Near the fruit crate is a vent; you can’t see it because of
the camera angle, so switch to FPV and scan the wall.  Crawl into the vent, and
at the other end you’ll find a suppresser: a silencer for your Socom.  VERY
useful :).  Equip it in from your items inventory, then take out your Socom to
put the silencer on it.  You cannot take the silencer back off, but why would
you want to?

Exit to the upper floor, north end of the strut and out the door.

\@@@\  EF Connecting Bridge
The bridge is patrolled by a few Cyphers and a guard high atop a lookout tower.
First you must tranquilize the guard, because if you shoot out the Cypher the
guard will notice and call for back-up.  So, do so then use your Socom ammo to
blast the Cyphers out of the sky.  If you lack the ammo, just use a chaff
grenade.  Mr. X will call you via codec, warning about some mines are placed in
the area.  Good info, whoever you are!  Turn on your thermal goggles and shoot
them out.  Continue to Strut E.

\@@@\  Strut E Parcel Room
This strut is basically a package / mail processing facility with conveyor
belts and all.  But don’t expect to find Bob the mailman here.  There are 3
guards, one reporting, and 3 camera’s.  Ouchie.  It would like, REALLY help if
you got the Socom suppresser in Strut F, in which case you could take out the
camera’s under the guards’ noses.  If not, put the guards to sleep and destroy
all the camera’s, as there is no way to get by them.  After you do so, make
sure to wake the reporting guard up with Coolant so a search squad won’t be

Now, back to the bombs.  Notice on your radar (the node is in the north corner,
right of the door) that the yellow is spread all around the conveyor belts. 
That’s because the bomb has been placed on one of the packages going round and
round and round.  Wait long enough and a package will go by, making a beeping
noise; spray it as fast as you can before the conveyor belt treads it away. 
Note that on [NO] mode or easier this does NOT appear.

There is one more bomb in this strut, on all difficulties.  So, head up the
stairs to the right of the packaging machines to the Strut E roof.

\@@@\  Strut E Roof
You’ll arrive on a catwalk about 20 ft. below the roof.  Go up the steps to get
on the roof.  There are two guards there; put both to rest because this bomb
will require a little searching.  Go to the stationary fighter plane to the
north.  If you crawl towards the jet’s wheels, you’ll find the bomb planted on
them.  Clever, Konami, clever.  Disable it.  Backtrack inside the strut.

Find the doorway in the back of the parcel room, a little ways ahead of where
the reporting guard is, left of the node.  Enter it.

\@@@\  ED Connecting Bridge
This bridge is so lonely...with only one soldier patrolling it.  Below on the
catwalk some ammo and a stun grenade can be found, if you decide it’s worth the
risk of being seen.

\@@@\  Strut D Sediment Pool
Another densely guarded area.  First off, dart in the head ALL those on the
upper floor, but NOT the guard on the lower floor because he reports in.  The
bomb, on [HA]/[EX] only, is located under one of the black hatches on this
floor.  The hatch is next to the currently-locked door.  Open it with /\ to
find the bomb.

The bomb below, on all difficulties, is a bit trickier to get to, because you
have to get by the reporting guard.  Go down the stairs when he is on the other
end of the walkway, then head left, Raiden’s right.  You’ll find the bomb under
the last black hatch.  Once you defuse the bomb, notice a timer has started
ticking because Fatman planted another bomb, this one back at the Deep sea
dock.  To get out without being seen you can put a dart in the guards head,
hurrying out the door, or you can disguise yourself with a box.  Either way
make your escape fast.

Once you’re out of Strut D, head back to Strut A Roof, where the lift has
conveniently arisen.  Take it down.

\@@@\  Deep sea dock
This bomb is SO easy to find.  Head to the starting point of the level.  Find
the bomb hanging on the bottom of the mini-submarine.  On [EX] it is different;
it’s on the wall west of the submarine. If you ask me the [VE] to [HA]
placement, under the mini sub, was harder to find :P

Once you defuse the bomb re-approach the elevator.  A cutscene, followed by a
battle with Fortune.  Check my Boss Guide.

After the battle ceases, another timer goes on.  Head to the Strut E Roof.

\@@@\  Strut E Roof
The bomb is plainly put in the center of the platform.  Meh.  Afterwards,
Fatman will appear on roller blades.  Memorable quote: ‘Laugh and grow fat!’
Wise advise for us all ;).  Check my Boss Guide for more on Fatman.

After he is killed, ANOTHER timer will go on.  This bomb is actually UNDER the
body of Fatman; drag him away to find the C4.  This is the same on all

With that taken care of, Mr. X will approach you.  He will give you a Lvl. 2
keycard, the BDU, and a Cell Phone.  Nifty.  Now you need to get the AKS-47u to
go along with your stunningly stylish BDU.  The only place this is located is
Strut F, so go to it!

\@@@\  Strut F warehouse
Head to the lower level of Strut F and into the door to the left, Raidens
right, of the stairs.  The AKS-47u is in the back right corner.  Make sure to
pick up the ammo for it as well.  Exit the warehouse to the EF Connecting

\@@@\  EF Connecting Bridge
With your equipment readied, its time to rescue the president. He’s in the
Shell 1 Core, which the EF Connecting bridge conveniently leads to.  Turn to
the left to the bridge connecting to the Shell 1 Core.  You must run across it,
as each section will flap down upon contact.  Don’t worry about the Cyphers and
sniper; you’ll be on and off the bridge in no time.

\@@@\  Shell 1 Core
Put on your newly acquired BDU uniform and equip your AKS-47u.  No enemy will
harm you, UNLESS you bump into one of them, in which case (for some stupid
reason) the uniform automatically removes itself and Raiden’s true identity is
revealed.  This in mind, carefully head to the left to a locker room.  In the
back corner is the node; I suggest logging into it.  Once done, approach the
elevator in the east end of the strut and call it down.  Make sure you’re
properly dressed, as the camera above the elevator doors will activate to check
on who’s using the elevator.  Once inside, send the elevator to ‘B2’.

\@@@\  Shell 1 Core B2 Computer Room
Head down the steps and proceed to some lockers in the back corner of the room.
You’ll find an issue of For Horney Men--err, FHM mag on top of it.  To get it
down, punch the locker.  Instead of just one, FIVE mags will fall down! 
Whoo-hoo!  This will attract a guard; just play it cool and let them examine
you.  Head into the computer room and find the directional mic in the
center-left.  To the right is the node and a box, BTW.  Get back onto the
elevator and take it to 1F.

\@@@\  Shell 1 Core B1
Cutscene will display a guard entering the hostage room using the retinal
scanners.  The door can ONLY be opened by registered and authorized personnel,
of which you are not.  For now, turn to the right, Raidens left, to find a
small locker room.  Activate the node, go back into the hall.  Find the pacing
sentry.  Do NOT kill him.  Instead, get a strangle hold on him.  Discipline him
if he gets rowdy, then drag him towards the retinal scanners.  Raiden will push
the poor fools’ head into the scanner, thus opening the door for him.  I like a
resourceful man.

\@@@\  Hostage Room
In here you’ll be required to find Ames, the presidents advisor, by listening
to the sound of each one of the hostage heart’s using the directional mic. 
This Ames fellow happens to have a pacemaker, making his heartbeat different
from the rest.  In this room you CANNOT, I repeat, you CANNOT tranquilize or
kill ANY of the guards, 1 on [NO] and easier, 2 or 3 on [HA]/[EX].  So you’re
going to have to make your search for Ames stealthily.  Well, following this
guide you will not have to search at all.  Ames is located in the back of the
room near an antenna-looking thing.  He’s got long dark hair and he’s sitting
alone.  Duck down next to him, take out your directional mic, and press /\ to
call out to him.  Cutscene will commence.  Note if you call out to the wrong
guy it will alert a guard, so make sure you only call out if your sure it’s

After your Codec conversation, you’ll listen in on a chat with Ocelot, Olga,
and someone else..  Whenever someone is talking, point the mic towards them to
amplify the sound.  Afterwards, you’ll gain control of Raiden.  A timer will
count down 10 seconds.  Take out your AKS-47u and DO NOT MOVE, POINT YOUR GUN
AT ANYTHING, OR DUCK!!!  Ocelot will immediately have you killed.  Don’t ask
me.  Basically, drop your controller and just watch.  More cutscene will take
over.  Mr. X will arrive again, sword and all ready to help your escape. 
You’ll gain control of Raiden in Caution mode back at B1.  Wait out the caution
period, exit Shell 1 back to, you guessed it, Strut F warehouse.

\@@@\  Strut F warehouse
Put to rest the guards on the upper level, quickly enter the room to the right
of the hall you originally entered this Strut with.  Inside is the PSG-1, a
sniper rifle.  Take it and its ammo.

Exit Strut F to the Strut D sediment pool.  There, enter the door on the upper
floor, previously locked, to arrive at the Shell 1-2 Connecting bridge.

\@@@\  Shell 1-2 Connecting bridge
This is one of the most hated parts of this game.  Easy if you ask me.  Here
you’ll have to find and disable the 10 bomb sensors placed around the vicinity,
10 on [NO]/easier, 12 on [HA], 14 on [EX].  Well, here goes.

1.  On the big pipe you see from the cutscene.

2.  On the floor next to the sensor panels.

3.  Same as 2.

4.  Turn around and face Strut E.  You’ll find it above the doorway.  I was
stumped on this four HOURS I tell ya.

5.  To the left and on the wall of the Shell 2 Core’s entrance, flanked on all
sides by C4.

6.  To the right of the Shell 2 Core entrance on the wall, again surrounded by

7.  Behind the ‘Sons of Liberty’ flag waving in the distance.  Take out your
PSG-1 and when the wind reveals the bomb control panel, blow it.

8.  On a balcony to the Raiden’s right of the Shell 2 Core.  Go to the right
hand side of the balcony you are on.  The thing is in the distance, surrounded
by seagulls.

9.  Go to the left part of the balcony.  You can see this panel on the walkway
ahead of you.

10.  On the Cypher hovering above Shell 2.  Use the PSG-1 and some pentazemin
for this job.

Hard Only -

11.  Get on the steps and flatten your back against the railing.  You’ll see
it, below the balcony. Use your Socom.

12.  Move towards the right hand side of the balcony.  Tip toe (in FPV, press
R2+L2) to see it on the below platform.

Extreme Only -

13.  On the second Cypher above Shell 2.

14.  Look where you shot out the control box to the left of the Strut G
entrance. From there, look down to the left. You’ll see it surrounded by C4,
but you can only see the side of it. Pop a pentazemin here to make sure you hit
the correct one.

Once you disable them all, pass the sensor panels.  Cutscene will commence, and
a boss fight with the Harrier (remember the stationary jet on the Strut E
Roof?) will follow.  Again, see my Boss Guide section.

After the fight you’ll learn what you (well, I did anyway) already suspected:
this ‘Pliskin’ is actually THE Solid Snake!  Even ol’ buddy Otacon is on the
helicopter with him.  He was the one who infiltrated the Big Shell before you,
knocking out those enemies in the beginning.  Cool.  Still, you don’t get to
control Snake :_(

After the fight, the platform you’re on will be shattered and on fire; it no
longer bridges the Shell 2 Core.  To the left near and the flames (put them out
with Coolant), run down the steps to find a ration on the landing.  Quickly run
back up before the steps creak and break and drop into the ocean.  Approach the
rail, flatten Raiden’s back, and then go into hanging mode.  Shimmy Raiden over
the orange pipe and drop down.  At the southern end of the pipe is another
ration, if you want it.  Run over the pipe, but watch out for the bird crap as
it will make Raiden slip and fall.

Hop up the ledge, run across the catwalk, avoiding the broken pieces of it.  At
the end of the catwalk, again go into hanging mode and drop down to the lower
catwalk.  Some guards will appear on the above bridge; put them to sleep. 
Climb the ladder at the other end.

\@@@\  Strut L Perimeter
The windows are guarded by a pair of sentries; they will poke their heads out
each window as they pace back and forth.  Either crawl by or put them to sleep.
 If your spotted/Alert mode proceeds, a single Cypher will appear; shoot it
down and wait for Evasion/Caution.

Make your way around the strut on the little ledge.  You’ll find, if you didn’t
get caught, a guard above you “relieving himself.”  Err, you gotta do what you
gotta do I guess.  Bathing in the...stream...is not recommended.  Anyway,
continue to another balcony where you can enter the hanging mode and drop onto
the next catwalk.  Run across it for ammo, then go up the steps.  Take out an
assault rifle, blow each of the Cyphers floating around into the blue below. 
Don’t worry, they won’t cause an Evasion or Alert even when they see their
‘friends’ getting shot.

Head to the bridge connecting to Shell 2.  At the beginning of the bridge is a
gap, and you can’t go into hanging mode to cross it, so you’re going to have to
cartwheel over it.  The rest of the bridge should be no trouble; continue to
sidestep over the gaps or go into hanging mode.

\@@@\  Shell 2, Air Purification Room 1F
You’ll enter with a cutscene and listen to a half-hour talk between Olga and
Ocelot.  Wait this out or speed it up with the X button.  Afterwards, head to
the right.  Notice the floor is electrified, as the FMV so nicely pointed out. 
Gotta shut off the power.  How?  Do as I say, that’s how!

Firstly, look around.  Do you see any air-purifying devices around here? 
Neither do I.  Nice detail, Konami.  Anyway, to the left of the entrance is a
small area with some crates and vents you cannot climb in.  Proceed from there,
down the hall, past the break-room(which is where the node is located, BTW), to
the elevator.  This one does not require you to be dressed in any special way.

\@@@\  Shell 2, B1 Purification Chamber no. 1
Activate the node, then notice on your radar several blue spots.  Step into the
water and you’ll find that the blue spots are air pockets you can use if you
need to replenish your O2 gauge.  We’ll only be here for a second so you really
won’t need to.

Swim straight down the flooded corridor, not going anywhere else but straight
as its easy to get lost here.  At the end of the corridor, a dead end in fact,
you’ll find a box floating near the bottom.  It’s the Nikita; pick it up and
get back to shore, then take the elevator back up to the Shell 2 Core 1F.

\@@@\  Shell 2, Air Purification Room 1F
On [NO]/easier, skip down a paragraph for more.  On [HA]/[EX], read here, this
paragraph.  On [HA]/[EX] the president will be asleep.  ‘So what?’ you ask. 
Well, it just so happens he’s asleep right in front of the electrical panel
controls that you need to blow up.  Figures.  So, take out a rocket launcher or
machine gun, and fire a few rounds at the wall opposite of the prez to wake him
up and move away from his current position.  He won’t fall back asleep, so
don’t worry.

Go down the main hall, past the break room, to a door on Raidens left.  Inside
is a small storage room with a pair of sentry-cameras.  Destroy both, then
climb onto the block.  Take out your Nikita, let ‘er rip straight forward.  Fly
the Nikita missile into the vent and make your way to the presidents room.  The
president will see the rocket, and the complete ASS will run back towards the
electrical panels and dive to the floor.  This part is SO annoying.  Its all a
game of luck; the president WILL see the rocket and run away no matter what; it
all depends WHERE he runs away.  If he runs/dives next to the electrical
panels, he’s toast if you detonate it anywhere near him.  OCCASIONALLY, and I
do mean OCCASIONALLY, he’ll dive towards the door and whimper.  When he does
this, quickly run the rocket into the panels because that is your only chance
to do so.  Evidently, the prez only dives away from the panels when the game
feels you have wasted enough Nikita rockets.  Good luck :|

After you destroy the panels, the floor in front of the door to the prez’s room
will no longer be electrified.  So, go meet with the prez.  A long FMV will
proceed, so grab a bag of popcorn and a strawberry soda (mmmmmmmm...my favorite

After all the talk ends, head back down to the flooded chambers.  Your Lvl 4
key card will get you a lot farther then you could before.

\@@@\  Shell 2 Core, B1 Filtration Chamber No. 1
This part is the hardest in the game for some people.  It was for me at first
too; but I’ve been through it so much I can navigate it in my sleep.  Remember
to get a glance or two at the many lovely pictures of models posted in here ;).

Once you get your feet wet, dive under and turn right at the first opportunity.
  Wiggle Raidens butt down the corridor, ignoring the dead end at left unless
you want some Night Vision Goggles, which are worthless BTW.   At the end is an
airpocket and a left-hand turn.  Grab some air and turn the corner.   Swim
further down the corridor, turn left again.  Turn right a little ways before
the dead end.  Grab a few looks at the ladies, too.  Turn right again and open
the hatch.  The body of Peter Stillman will come floating out.  Ignore it and
enter the chamber to find it in shambles with knocked down wire fences all over
it.  It should be fairly easy to navigate to the other side though.  Open the
hatch, turn right and you’re out of the water.  Enter the door to find...Vamp. 
Check my Boss Guide section.

After Vamp is defeated, enter the door opposite the one you entered.  Another
swimming segment.

Turn RIGHT.  The room to ahead of you has nothing but mines and ammo.  Swim
along the corridor and turn LEFT before the air pocket.  Swim down the hall,
left again.  You’ll arrive at stairs, marking the end of the swim.  There, that
was easy now wasn’t it?

Look in all the slider closets, and in one you’ll the naive but cute, Emma
Emmerich.  You’ll have to have her swim on your back, in a somewhat
‘questionable’ position ;), all the way back to the Shell 2 Core, Air
Purification Room 1F.  Have fun.  Remember Emma’s O2 gauge depletes a lot
faster then yours does, especially if she’s injured, so make sure you take
frequent breaks from the swimming and let her catch her breath.   A dead Emma
would not please Snake and Otacon.

At the end, when you surface next to the node, Emma will run away and refuse to
go any further because of the sea lice scattered near the elevator.  Sheesh. 
Just use Coolant to spray the bugs back into the walls.

\@@@\  Shell 2 Core, Air Purification Room
According to your radar, the vicinity is now looted with soldiers.  Ugh.  Emma
is as slow as hell, you can’t carry a gun when dragging her along, AND your
supposed to be sneaky?  So, your going to have to render unconscious or dead
ALL enemies here.  Approach the break room with the node in it, kill the guard,
then pick up his body and drag him past the elevator to a depression in the
walls.  This will hide it from view of a guard that will appear later on.  Scan
the radar and the hall will be all clear.  Take Emma into the hall, and a guard
will appear out of no-where.  Meh.  Put that guard to rest, then enter the
storage room with Emma.  Leave her there for a while as she’ll do nothing but
get in the way.  Note that she recovers health when sitting.  Upon laying your
feet on the steps, a guard will come down from the elevator, like I warned. 
Kill or disable him.

Go to the short wall past the storage room facing south.  Stand on Raidens
tippy toes to look over it and aim for the heads of the two guards who happen
to be _very_ troublesome.  Afterwards, take the hand of Emma and drag her to
the exit, only to find yet another newly spawned guard.  Apparently Kojima just
decided to dump all sence of reality in this place.  Whatever.  Shoot the guard
dead, then go through the door to the GL Connecting bridge.

\@@@\  GL Connecting Bridge
The gaps on the bridge are all covered up, and as impromptu as it appears, it
will work.  However, a pair of Cyphers have appeared as well as a guard high on
the roof of Shell 2 with his annoying binoculars.  Make sure you drop the guard
on the roof before attacking the Cyphers, as he’ll notice.  Help the ably slow
Emma across the bridge.  You’ll encounter another guard, but he is out of your
way.  Approach the fire to Raidens right.  Put it out using Coolant, then drag
Emma across to the door.  Emma will give you a key card for it.

\@@@\  Strut L, sewage treatment plant
Down the hall are two guards.  Each patrols half of the parapet.  In FPV, get
in the doorway and wait until both guards are in your sights, then drop both
with darts.  Pull Emma through the hatch.  More cutscene.

\@@@\  Strut L Oil Fence
Here is a tedious piece of work.  From your starting position, you must shoot
out the Cyphers, guards, and C4’s whom all are aiming for Emma.  You only get 5
pentazemin on Hard, a pitiful 3 on Extreme.  This’ll be tough.

First off, take out your thermal goggles (if you don’t have them, you may just
be screwed).  DO NOT waste a pentazemin for this: blow up, by shooting, all of
the mines on the bridge Emma is on.  Now just wait until guards arrive on the
struts ahead of you, and snipe them as necessary.

Cyphers are deadly here; make SURE you destroy them as they can kill Emma
within 5 seconds.  As for the human enemies, if any sees Emma, they will sound
an alarm and a few more guards will come, which is the only time(besides when
shooting out the second set of mines) you should waste pentazemin.  Should you
ever run out of Pentazemin, equip Cigarrettes as they have the same affect,
though you’ll lose some health.

When Emma is 3/4 the way across the oil fence, Snake will call in and say he’s
ready when you need him.  Well, you need him NOW so immediately radio him after
your intro.  To have him shoot stuff, just look at enemies and Cyphers with the
 scope on your PSG-1.  He will NOT, though, shoot out landmines, as that is
your job.  And the last set of mines are the real back-breakers.  Pop
pentazemin and shoot them out.  What, that didn’t help?  Well, sorry, I cannot
play the game for you.  There is nothing I can say except I hope you’re a good
sniper and have had practice.  If you haven’t, its time to learn, and learn

After Emma passes the second set of landmines, Vamp will appear, again.  He’ll
capture Emma and attempt to snap her neck, each try taking away what little
health she has.  Get a good aim for Vamp’s head and fire.  If you hit him,
leave your crosshairs there and hit him again.  Notice that Vamp uses Emma as
body armor, so make sure you don’t hit her.  Use ALL pentazemin you have left
for this little fight, and if you run out use Cigarettes.  If you need more, a
box will occasionally appear to Raidens right, but you don’t have a lot of time
before Emma is killed.

After the  omnipotent Vamp FINALLY falls into the ocean, you’ll arrive back at
Strut E.  You’ll receive a time limit to get to the elevator at the Shell 1
Core.  Bah, you can make that time with 150 seconds to spare.

Get there, and after you and Snake exchange words, and find poor little Emma
dead from injuries she suffered at the hands of Vamp, Snake will betray you! :O

\@@@\  Arsenal Gear Jejunum
You get to control a nude little Raiden.  Its rather sickening to see Raidens
white ass move as he walks :|

After you’re released by Olga, head to the locker to the right of the exit. 
Open it to find medecine, which will be semi-useful for the upcoming excursion.
 Once in the Jejunum, Colonel calls via Codec.  All of his calls from here on
out will be...strange.  In other words, don’t even bother answering the codec
calls; he’ll say some pretty messed up sh!t I warn you.

Being naked, self-conscious little Raiden won’t move his hands from his private
areas.  You cannot go into hanging mode or choke anybody.  Meh.

Head to the right side and go up the steps.  Bypass the guards in black to the
walkway to the right, knock out the guard there and cartwheel(yes, he can do
that) over the gap.  Run as fast as your legs can carry you as this part is
almost impossible to not get spotted.  Keep a runnin’, hugging the right hand
wall until you come to a causeway heading right.  Follow it and enter the door,
past the safety of a loading point.

\@@@\  Arsenal Gear Ascending Colon
Run to the north, ignoring the omnipresent calls from the Colonel, until a
model appears on your radar.  Afterwards, start answering all incoming messeges
because a single call out of the maelstrom of absurdness from the Colonel will
be from Rose.  You’ll learn she is a spy, sent by...the Patriots.  Interesting.
 After some more talking, aimlessly walk around until Snake appears out of the
shadows, giving you all your gear back, and the High Frequency Blade.

You can knock Snake unconscious here; use the swords knock-out function(press
the square button).  Once you do, shake him down for a dog tag.  Only on [NO]
though will the name be Solid Snake.

After some more running around, practicing with your sword, cutscene will take
over and you and Snake will exeunt the Ascending Colon.

\@@@\  Arsenal Gear Jejunum
Nothing to do here but slaughter and pillage and chop the heads off of
omnipresent foes that come at you.  Snake will toss you a bone now and then,
either a ration or ammo.  He will do most of the work here, but make sure you
take out the guys with swords with your own High Freqency Blade as they block
Snakes machine gun fire rather well.  After a while of hack-slash action with
your sword, Alert mode will end and a door will open.  Go in with Snake.  Take
the Ration, then get ready to hack/slash your way through more amounts of
suicidal foes.  Some can’t wait to die!  After the melee ends, and you have
bloodied the floors enough, Fortune will arrive.  You won’t battle her though. 
You’ve got bigger fish to worry about: Metal Gear RAY.  You’ll be transported
to an arena and battle 5 Metal Gear on Normal, 12 on Hard, 20 on Extreme.  See
the Boss Guide. After you beat them...

\@@@\  Arsenal Gear Rectum
After the fight with the MGR, you’ll wake up at somewhere called a ‘rectum’. 
Solidus will start to choke you; hit /\ repeatedly.  I recommend you taking
your other hand off the controller and use your index finger to rapidly hit the
/\ button from a vertical position. This part is hell; I died like 50 times
before I lasted long enough so that Solidus let up on his grip.  He WILL
eventually do so BTW.  And after what seems like HOURS of cutscene via Codec or
FMV, you’ll arrive at the final showdown with Solidus Snake on the roof of
Federal Hall.  See my Boss Guide.

After you beat him, you’ll be bewildered out of your mind with the ending
cutscene.  I will not be covering the storyline, as I don't understand it
myself :P

!@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@
                       !! T H I S  J U S T  I N !!

Hideo Kojima has made this games storyline stranger than ever. If you are
frequently on the GameFAQs message boards, you’ll have known that Hideo Kojima,
the games producer and director, was quoted in saying that the Tanker Chapter
is a VR mission. Check on the MGS2 GameFAQs message board for more, but don’t
email me about it. I recently learned of this development.

!@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@ !@

Well, so ends one great game.  Kudos to those who beat it on Extreme.  So,
until next time, later d00ds!

                          5)  C o d i c i l

A codicil, for those with lesser command of English, is basically a fancy word
for appendix. Here I’ll be going over Boss strategy and give you ladies and
gents out there some Dog Tags advice and where to find them for the Hard and
Extreme modes.

///\\\  Boss Guide

As in the previous Metal Gear, this game has bosses. This section gives
strategy on how to defeat them all. I will describe in depth the boss’s attacks
and strategy on the right; I will summarize the data on the left, which is the
text enclosed with the (|) characters.

  O l g a  G u r l u k a v i c h

Sex:               Hairy armpits, but yeah she’s a female
Weapon:                                               USP
Difficulty:                                        Medium

Olga is the first boss in the game, on the Tanker, and you play as Snake. Right
when the battle starts, SHOOT OUT THE SEARCHLIGHT!!! She will use it later on
to blind you, and its hella hard to hit it out with all that glare.

Boss’s attacks:           Olga attacks by firing her Socom wildly
   __________________     wherever you are. This is easy to avoid; just
  /   S u m m a r y  \    crouch behind the crates. Her next attack is
 /                    \   throwing grenades. Whenver you hear her yell
| Don’t let her see   |   “Take this!” Move out of the way now otherwise
| you. This will con- |    you’ll be blown up and instantly killed.
| fuse her about  your \
| position.            |  Olga will soon shine a search light into your eyes.
|                      |  Shoot it out beforehand. On Extreme, the  thing
| Whenever you hear her|  is indestructable, making hitting Olga hella hard.
| yell ‘Take this!’    |  If you stay out of FPV, the light won’t be too bad.
| that means she’ll    |  I’ve never beaten her on Extreme; this FAQ is not
\ throw a grenade.     /  for Extreme modes. Go check Morph.’s Extreme Boss
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   FAQ for more on the subject.

Strategy:             Now that you’ve been briefed on her attacks, time
   ___________________   to conjure up an offensive. The best way to do
  /   S u m m a r y   \  this is to get her to think you’re behind one
 /                     \  crate but really you’re elsewhere. To do this, get
| The best way to attack|  behind one crate, then let her see you. Afterwards
| Olga is to make her   |  crawl over to another position, peep your head up,
| think you are in one  |  and stick her a tranq dart. This will be easy
| position, but in      |  because she won’t be looking and firing at you,
| actuality you’re some-  |  rather she’ll be shooting the crate you previously
| where else. Cause a   |  were behind. You will have about 8 seconds to
| distraction somewhere |  switch to FPV and aim and fire before she realizes
| then crawl to a new   |  her error, so you shoudn’t have much trouble, that
| position. She will co-|  is if you shoudn’t if you took out the searchlight
| centrate fire on the  |  in the beginning. If you didn’t, well, sucks for
| area where she heard  |  you.
| the distraction. This |
| means she won’t be    |
| looking at you so you |
| may hit her in the    |
\ head with a few darts./

Items/Health:           There are several boxes of M9 ammo to the far left,
                        should you run out. There are no rations in this fight
                        on Hard. Do NOT waste any rations in this fight.
                        Whenever you start to bleed, just crouch behind the
                        crates to heal.

  F o r t u n e

Sex:                                               Female
Weapon:                                          Rail gun
Difficulty:                                        Medium

Fortune is, as she says, lucky in war but nothing else, meaning she can kill
almost anything yet she herself cannot die. This is especially true in this
fight. You cannot kill her. You cannot damage her. Period. So, what do you do? 

Boss’ Attacks:          CROUCH behind the large set of crates, crouching
  ___________________   becuase she’ll blow the top off with her big giant
 /   S u m m a r y   \  rail gun. If you don’t feel like crouching, not only
/                     \ will you have to dodge her insanely accurate rail
| Fortune cannot be   | attacks, she also shoots things above and in front of
| damaged. Just hide  | you, such as beams or barrels, which fall one Raidan
| behind a crate and  | for heavy health loss or blow up in his face. So, STAY
| wait it out, dodging| PUT where I told you. If she blasts the crate you’re
| fallen pipes she    | hiding behind to pieces, move behind another crate.
\ shoots down.        / Eventually, Vamp will arrive, and the fight will end.

Strategy:               Avoid her attacks, and do as I said and crouch behind
                        the crates. Don’t waste a sinlge bullet on her.

Items/Health:           There is a ration to the northeast, and some Socom ammo
                        to the west. Nothing else. Make sure you don’t get
                        caught on fire when she blows open the barrels.

  F a t m a n

Sex:                                                 Male
Weapon:                                        AKS-47u/C4
Difficulty:                                          Hard

Fatman. A former member of Dead Cell. Maybe Dead Cell becoming disbanded made
him go a litte loony. Maybe he coudn’t handle ther real world. Maybe he just
didn’t get hugged enough as a kid. Whatever the reaseon he is a hopeless mad-
man whom you must put out of his misery.

Boss’ Attacks:           Fatman not  only is insane,  he is  incredibly
   ___________________   kamikaze. When you first start the fight he’ll
  /   S u m m a r y   \  begin  by   setting about 3 bombs  around  the
 /                     \  arena, forcing you to disable  them   with your
| Disable all bombs    |  Coolant. Take out  your Sensor A to find them.
| Fatman plants FIRST  |  They can be placed anywhere, but most likely on
| before staging any   |  the storage bins, above or even UNDER them. On
| attack.              |  [HA]/[EX] you have very little time to find
|                      |  and  defuse them all,  so right  when you hear
| Do not worry about   |  Fatman say ‘One...,’ meaning he has placed one,
| his machine gun fire.|  go and find it and defuse it, then follow Fatman.
|                      |  He will only start the bombs’ tickers when he sets
| He often will try and|  all of the intended in place. He will set as many
| run into you, taking |  as 4 to as low as 2. This is your first priority.
| away heavy amounts of|  A nice thing though is that when your spraying
| health. Cartwheel to |  Coolant on a bomb, Fatman 90% of the time just
\ avoid this.          /  watches you.
Fatman has two other attacks besides setting bombs. One, he fires his very
inaccurate AKS-47u. Don’t even worry about it; apparently he cannot tell the
difference between you and a storage bin as he shoots both. His second attack
is just running into you. He carries a lot of weight and the impact is like
running into a refrigerator. To avoid him cartwheel out of the way.

Strategy:                Fatman himself is on roller-blades, and he’s wearing
   ____________________  a blast suite, making hitting him hard and doing
  /   S u m m a r y    \  decent damage is harder. The key is to trip him off
 /                      \  his able skates. You will get few opportunities
| To attack, knock him  |  to do this, but mainly when he stands in place to
| down using the punch  |  set up a bomb. Walk up to him, punch and kick him
| button whenever he    |  to make him trip. He will get up slowly, giving you
| stands still. As he   |  he opportunity to blast him in the head with your
| gets up, shoot him in |  Socom. The only other opportunity to knock Fatman
| his head.             |  down is when he pauses and says “Let’s take a
|                       |  little break...,” preparing  himself for attack
| When Fatman goes into |  mode, where he skates around and randomly shoots at
| attack mode, make sure|  stuff. So, as he is talking, box him down.
| you heal yourself if  |
| bleeding as this is,  |  The other time you may trip him is AFTER he
| likely, the only      |  sets up some bombs when the timer is ticking. While
| opporunity to do so   |  your searching, Fatman will sometimes taunt you but
| because you won’t have|  most of the time he just stands in place, skates in
| time when disabling   |  circles, or follows you peacefully. If you have a
\ Fatmans' bombs.       /  good idea where the bombs are and have some time to
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   waste, knock him down then and put a few in that
                           big white bald egg-head of his.

The 3rd way to knock him down is too put about 7 bullets in him. The force
will knock him over. This is a big ass ammo waster, don’t even bother. The last
possible way to do it would be to cartwheel into him. This is very useful when 
he is moving, but make sure you start the cartwheel early because he often
bumps Raiden gets his feet get in the air.

Items/Health:      If you need a ration, one appears to the right of the
                   stairs and will reapear exactly twice on Hard mode. When you
                   are bleeding and Fatman is in attack mode, take time to
                   crouch and recover as that is likely the only chance you
                   will have.

  H a r r i e r

Sex:                  All depends on how you look at it...
Weapons:   Homing missile, chain gun, bombs, cluster bombs
Difficulty:                                           Hard

The harrier is an F-15 fighter jet. And all you have to defend yourself is  a
dinky rocket launcher through the whole fight. Needless to say, its pretty 

Boss’ Attacks:           The Harrier attacks in a whopping 5 different ways.
   ___________________   Firstly, it fire’s chain gun bullets on a fly-by or
  /   S u m m a r y   \  as an intense session of mercieless shelling.
 /                     \   Avoiding the fly-by fire is easy; just cartwheel
| Harriers most frequent|  out of the way. To avoid the constant shelling, run
| attack is a low fly-  |  to the below platform and crouch behind the square
| by,  firing a few     |  blocks. Note the harrier WILL switch positions to
| chain gun rounds. Car-|  hit you from behind, so switch sides as he does.
| twheel out of the way.|
|                       |  Its second attack is a series of homing missiles.
| When the Harrier      |  Avoid these by getting getting onto the stairs
| starts its continous  |  leading down to the below platform. The Harrier
| chain gun attack, get |  only fires off its misiles from the east, making
| below on the platform |  it so the missiles cannot possibly hit you IF your
| and duck behind the   |  on the stairs.
| blocks.  Remember to  |
| switch sides when the |  Its third attack is a variation of the homing
| Harrier does.         |  missiles; they are two large torpedo-type cylinders
|                       |  that reach their mark almost EVERY time. They give
| When the Harreir laun-|  off a beep, letting you know how close they are.
| ches a series homing  |
| missiles, just get on |  Harriers forth attack is positioning itself above
| the steps and no      |  Raiden, thus exposing him to the toxic fumes it
| missile will hit you. |  gives off. Avoid this by running down to the below
|                       |  platform.
| When it lowers itself |
| just above your head, |  The fighter jets’ final attack is dropping a series
| your character will c-|  of cluster bombs. This attack is almost impossible
| hoke. Run below to av-|  impossible to evade, but thankfully it only
| oid this.             |  executes this once in the whole battle.
|                       \_______________________________________
| To avoid its cluster bomb attack,  run below and KEEP MOVING. /

Strategy:                 To defeat the  Harrier, all you must do is pound it
  _____________________   with rockets from the Stinger. This is best done
 /    S u m m a r y    \  when it approaches you from the east or west
/                       \  at a straight angle, ready to execute a short burst
| Fire rockets at it as |  fire. So, lock on and let ‘er loose. The Harrier
| its approching to dam-|  will very elusive; it often flys out of sight,
| age it without losing |  insanely quick around the arena, making attacking
| health.               |  pretty hopeless. Another way to damage it is the
|                       |  interval after it fires the series of homing
| Attack its bottom when|  missiles. After it does, the jet will just swing
| it tries to suffocate |  back and forth for a little bit, giving you enough
| you.                  |  time to get a few blast’s off before it darts off.
|                       |  Another time to attack is when it tries to
| Attack it after it fi-|  suffocate you with its fumes. Get on the stairs,
| nishes firing its hom-|  look up, and fire a few rounds off. The fumes do
| ing missiles. It will |  not take away THAT much health, so if you can spare
| just float there for a|  enough, try this.
| while, letting you hit|
\ it.                   /

Items/Health:             You will never run out of Stinger ammo as you have a
                          friend from above: Snake in the chopper. He will
                          toss out rockets whenever you run low. Not only that
but he occasionally tosses out rations. Very useful is your little friend.
Remember to use the rations often; very often. Snakes’ chopper will not be shot
down, unless you decide to go rouge on him.

  V a m p

Sex:                                                 Male
Weapon:                                             Knife
Difficulty:                                          Hard

Vamp is your regular blood sucking, half-dead parasite. No, I am not talking
about your ex.

Boss’s Attacks:         Firstly, he walks along the above rail on the catwalk,
  ____________________  spitting out small knives. Each knife does a hefty
 /    S u m m a r y   \ amount of damage, but they are easy to avoid.
/                      \
| Vamp attacks mainly  |  Vamp’s second attack is more powerful and accurate.
| by throwing knives.  |  He slowly walks towards you and then does a slashing
| Avoiding them is very|  motion, instantly killing you unless you have next
| easy; just keep      |  to full health. DO NOT TRY AND FIRE AT HIM, OR TRY
|                      |  TOWARDS YOU! You WILL NOT survive. I guarantee it.
| Don’t try to counter |  When he runs in for the slash, he pauses for a split
| Vamps knife attack;  |  second before he executes it; that’s your chance to
| just get out of his  |  get away. It isn’t long enough to run away, as his
| way.                 |  swipes have such long range, but you can cartwheel
|                      |  away. Or you can even get on the ground and he won’t
| Later on in the fight|  hit you.
| Vamp will attack with|
| knives a LOT faster  |  When you do enough damage to Vamp, he will use the
| then he did earlier; |  above tactic, but only he will use it a LOT faster:
| unless you get a run-|  he will get out of the water and immediatly run at
| ning start you will  |  an astounding speed towards you and quickly whirl
| most likely be hit.  |  the kill. Basically, you cannot escape his swipe
|                      |  unless you had a running start or cartwheel away at
| At the begining of t-|  a most precise time. Good luck.
| he battle, shoot out |
| the lights. This will|
| stop him from using  |  Vamp’s third attack is the cheapest. He casts
| his shadow attack.   |  his shadow attack on you, making it so you cannot
|                      |  move for about 10 seconds, while he walks towards
| Don’t fall into the  |  you and swipes. You CAN stop him from doing this:
| water, otherwise you |  at the begining of the fight, shoot out all the
\ will drown instantly./  lights! No light, no shadows, no shadow attack.

Strategy:                 Aright, now to cover how to attack. When Vamp jumps
  ____________________    into the water and swims around a bit, you can try
 /   S u m m a r y    \   and hit him, but only for a little damage; save your
/                      \  ammo. When he jumps out of the water onto the
| Wait until Vamp jumps|  surface, he’ll slowly crouch [sometimes], as in pose
| out of the water,    |  for the camera’s. That’s your chance to shoot him.
| shoot him when he    |
| crouches as in a pose|  Vamp is invincible when he is, literally, on fire,
|                      |  which means he gets a red glow about him, which he
| Vamp is invincible   |  does often. Another way to attack him is when he is
| when he is on fire.  |  on the above rail, readying to throw knives. He’ll
|                      |  drop his guard for a second, and the flames on him
| Attack Vamp when he  |  will extinguish. The last, and most effeicent way to
| throws knives  /  he |  damage Vamp, is to shoot when he is in the process
| loses his fiery glow.|  of throwing knives at you(NOT when he is whirling
| If he manages to thr-|  and throwing several knives in succession; just on
| ow any knives, shoot |  spot). No, I am not crazy. Take out an assault
| them to have them fal|  rifle, and while he is tossing the knives, fire at
| harmlessly to the    |  him. Not only will you damage him, but you can get
\ ground.              /  away undamaged if you shoot the knives as they come
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  towards you, causing them to fall harmlessly to the
ground. This is an excellent strategy if I do say so myself. As you deal more
damage to him though, Vamp will less often use his normal burst like fire of
knives and more often use his whirl-and-throw-an-ass-load-of-knives-while-on-
fire attack. So, try and use Stinger rockets on him. These will do damage to
him if he’s ablaze or not.

Special Note:           If you fall in the water, you die. Vamp explains it
                        has a heavy oxygen concentration, making it so you
                        cannot float. Well, for some reason HE can float. But,
                        you forget this is the same Vamp that survived the
                        bullet in the head so it should come as no surprise.

Items/Heath:            Near the doorway leading out to where you came is are
                        several boxes of AKS-47u and Socom and grenade
                        launcher ammo. A ration can be found in the left hand
                        corner. Try and save all your rations for the later
                        part of the battle.

  M e t a l  G e a r  R a y

Sex:                                                    ?
Weapon:             Chain gun fire, homing missile, stomp
Difficulty:                                        Medium

Metal Gear is the games second to last boss.  On [HA] you must battle 10,
that’s right, 10 Metal Gear Rays as opposed to the 5 or less on Normal and
eaiser. Each is virtually the same, so I’ll go on and explain how to beat them.

MGR looks like a praying mantis. A metal, grotesquely overgrown praying mantis.
You gotta kill these things, and a lot of them at that. Have fun.

Boss’ Attacks:          MGR attacks mainly by thrusting homing missiles into
   ___________________  the air. The closer the are to you, the faster the
  /   S u m m a r y   \  *beep* sound they produce. You can always outrun
 /                     \ them coming from the air, though.
| To evade the homing  |
| missiles just keep   |  MGR’s second attack is throwing a pair of homing
| moving. The closer th|  missiles, but this time they are thrown horizontally
| -e missiles are, the |  and you cannot outrun them. All you must do is duck
| faster their beeper  | and let them pass. If you’re hit, you’re dead, so make
| will sound.          |  sure you’re ducking when they are deployed.
|                      |
| Avoid the chain gun  |  Its third attack is just spewing bullets in a chain
| fire by cartwheeling.|  gun like fire, easily avoidable by cartwheeling.
|                      |  MGR’s fourth attack is a laser ray it unleashes from
|To escape the grasp of|  its head. It only does this when you are right in
| the horizontal homing|  front of it and relatively close; but nonetheless
| missiles, all you    |  getting trapped in it usually means death. Its fifth
| must do is crouch    |  attack is just stomping the ground, sending out a
| and let them pass.   |  small damaging shockwave when you are under the MGR.
|                      |  Basically, don’t get under it. Now, on to the
| Don’t get too close  |  offensive.
| to the MGR because it|
| might use its laser  |
\ blast.               /

Strategy:                 To attack the Metal Gear Ray, you must use your
  ____________________    Stinger missiles and hit its head. Their are more
 /    S u m m a r y   \   efficient ways of attacking though. To get the best
/                      \  results, blast its leg, forcing the head to open,
| Damage MGR by hitting|  then quickly blast it in its head before it closes.
| it with Stinger miss-|  This will take away maximum damage.
| iles.                |
|                      |  Beware, as you will not always have the time to
| Succeed maximum dama-|  shoot its leg AND head because homing missiles will
| ge by hitting it in  |  quite often be tailing you. Do NOT attempt to attack
| its leg first, then  |  in both places if _any_ missiles are chasing you.
| hitting it in its    |
| head.                |  Once you do enough damage to a MGR, it will jump out
|                      |  onto the center of the platform. There is no
| Stop it from getting |  difference, except he’s, obviously, closer _and_ you
|a turn by continuously|  can use the following strategy. When the MGR jumps
| hitting it in its    |  onto the center of the platform, the other two MGR’s
| leg. This will cancel|  will usually just spectate, or MAYBE send out a few
| all attacks it would |  homing missiles. This lethargy gives you a great
| execute and force it |  opportunity. Shoot the current MGR in its leg, then
| to lean to one side  |  head, taking away maximum damage. After it finishes
| and recover. While it|  running in place recovering, blast it again in the
| is recovering, blast |  leg, as when you do all attacks currently being
| it in the head.      | attempted by the MGR will be immediately canceled.
| Repeat and it will   |
| more then likely not |  Take the opportunity to blast him in its head.
\ get any turns.       /  Repeat. MGR will never get a turn this way, unless
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   of course you must run away from homing missiles.

                        You know when you defeat a MGR when it runs off of the
                        arena. It may see like the MGR is recovering, but its

Items/health:           You should never run out of ammo in your stinger. Ammo
                        boxes for it are scattered all around the arena. As for
                        health, a ration appears twice in the center of the
arena, but only try and retrieve it after you defeat a MGR and a short ‘break’
commences, the ‘break’ meaning no particular MGR will be displayed by the
camera because the MGR are currently awaiting reinforcements. Whenever you need
health, try NOT to use a ration. Rather, duck to heal. Of course you’ll be
attacked; quickly avoid the melee then duck again. Repeat until you have
recovered enough health so your not bleeding.

  S o l i d u s  S n a k e

Sex:                                                 Male
Weapon:  Tentacles, Homing missiles, High frequency blade
Difficulty:                                     Very Hard

Solidus Snake is the games final showdown, the final boss fight. Snake uses a
wide array of attacks; he skids across the roof spewing out flames as he does,
much like Captain Falcon from SSBM did. Snake will show no mercy as he
relentlessly comes at you, pounding away with his tentacles and double swords.
He shouldn’t be any trouble, however, once you finish reading below.

Boss’ Attacks:          There are two parts to this fight. In the first part,
  ____________________  Solidus will mainly attack by chopping at you with
 /   S u m m a r y    \ both his swords. Keep moving to ward them off and he
/                      \ shoudn’t hit you.
| Avoid his tentacle   |
| grab by just keeping |  Solidus has several uses for his Tentacles, which he
| a move on it; speed  |  uses a lot in the first part of the battle. He uses
| is a virtue here.    |  them in the wall jump, in which he leaps to the wall
|                      |  then falls to you. This can be avoided by your
| Watch out for his    |  constant moving. His second tentacle attack is the
| wall jump; if he lan-|  grab, in which he attempts to grab Raidens throat
| ds on you your as    |  and choke him. This also is easily avoidable, but if
| good as dead.        |  he does manage to get you in his grip, tap the /\
|                      |  button to hold Raidens breath. Even if you lose no
| Avoid his missiles by|  health from his choking, you WILL however lose
| running to the ledge |  health when he slams you into the ground. His final
| and hanging over. You|  tentacle attack is the cheapest: he sends out a
| cannot avoid them    |  sextet of homing missiles that you CANNOT avoid by
| any other way.       |  running away. They travel at a high rate of speed
|                      |  and have deadly accuracy. If your hit, your killed.
| When the second part |  In avoiding these you must hang over the edge of the
| of the battle begins,|  roof; MOST of the time they will miss, but
| Solidus will start to|  occasionally one will hit its mark.
| slide back and forth |
| along the roof  and  |  When the second part of the battle begins, signified
| start fires. Keep    |  with brief cutscene and Snake saying ‘...Now it gets
| moving and cartwheel-|  interesting!’, Solidus will begin to use his
\ ing.                 /  deadliest attack: sliding across the roof, creating
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ flames as he goes. He did this occasionally in part 1,
but now he does it whenever he can. Cartwheel as fast as you can when
he starts up, because even if you avoid the flames, when Solidus comes to
his stop he’ll jab out his blade hitting you if your anywhere near. This is a
game of luck; it all depends on where Solidus is facing as he readies his
move, and where you are.

Strategy:               I have figured out a great offensive you may use in
   __________________  the first half of the fight. To execute it all you must
  /  S u m m a r y   \ do is hang over the edge of the roof. Solidus will
 /                    \  run to you and slowly carry out a downward hack.
| For the first part  |  While he is in the process of doing this(when he
| of the fight, lure  |  holds both swords above his head, gaining power),
| Solidus to the edge |  press /\ to make Raiden climb back up. Solidus WILL
| then have Raiden go |  finish the attack and hit Raiden dead on, but it will
| into hanging mode.  |  go straight through Raiden and he’ll lose no health
| Solidus will start  |  because he’s invincible when he climbs up from any
| to do a downward    |  ledge. Snake will be open to a counter as he recovers
| hack; pull yourself.|  from his miss; do a couple combos on him until he
| Raiden is invincible|  falls. Continue to do this until the second part of
| as he climbs up.    |  the fight, in which it is most ineffective because
| While Solidus is    |  even though he’ll do the downward hack and miss,
| recovering, give him|  he’ll recover a LOT faster and before Raiden can move
| a few hacks.        |  his sword for a counter, Solidus will kick him to the
|                     |  ground.
|                     |
| During the second   |  For the duration of the fight, your going to have to
| half of the fight,  |  side-step Solidus’ Captain Falco-like attacks.
| the above tactic is |  Thankfully though Solidus throws off his
| much less effective.|  annoying tentacles. When Solidus stops from his flame
| Avoid his his ‘Capt.|  running to attack, be certain your out of his way so
| Falco’ attacks; he  |  he misses with his swipe or stab. When he misses,
| will come and end   |  you’ll have a few seconds to deliver your blow. After
| his attack with a   |  you do, and Solidus falls to the ground, move away
| stab or slash. When |  because he’ll go on another flame run which if your
| he misses, counter. |  in his way you’ll catch fire. If that happens, run
|                     |  and cartwheel to put it out. Continue to side-step
|                     |  his attacks and hitting him when he misses.
|                     |  Eventually you’ll get the mother bugger, ending his
\                     /  life with a dramatic slow-mo FMV.

Items / health:         There are no items whatsoever on Hard/Extreme. You
                        shouldn’t have any rations, as you probably used them
                        all up on MGR. Don’t worry, because I had no rations
either during this fight yet still managed to kill him. You will NOT have the
time to duck and recover if your bleeding, because of Solidus’ extreme
aggresion; so, you must maintain good health throughout the fight. The key is
to not lose ANY health during part 1 of the fight; you’ll need it all for part
2. If you lose any amounts of health during part 1, just kill yourself and
start again. Make sure your health level is above his at all times; I finished
him off when my health level was near empty, but so was his.

///\\\  Dog Tags

Dog Tags are little identification tags strapped around the necks of guards. To
obtain dog tags, you must learn the art of the hold up.

To hold up a guard, your main principle and foundation is silence.  When a
guard has his back turned, or when he’s sleeping, sneak up to about a foot from
his head and point any gun you have at him.  Snake or the other character will
say ‘Freeze!’ and the guard will raise his hands in submission.  To get him to
drop stuff, notably the dog tags, your going to have to get in front of him. 
To do this, still holding the square button, hold L1 and move around to the
guards’ front.  Don’t worry about your victim escaping; he’ll go nowhere if you
move fast.  Once in front, point you weapon at the ‘private parts’ of the
guard, or his head.  He will proceed to plead for his life, and while doing so
shake, thus dropping any dog tags or items on him.  Note if he has dog tags he
wil drop these first before any item.  Once he does this, put him to death or
to sleep because you can’t expect the guard to sit there forever...

Note that on Extreme, and in some rare cases on Hard and Normal, the guards you
hold up won’t plead for their life, but rather say ‘If your going to shoot,
shoot!’ or ‘What are you going to do?’ or even ‘Just try and pull the trigger!’
This has a certain significance, in that he will NOT shake down to give you a
dog tag or any items.  Not only that but will soon pull out a gun and try and
play  hero.  To get him to obey, shoot him in one of his limbs with any gun
other then the M9.  He will then realize your are deadly serious about your
threats, and will proceed to shake down once you point your gun in his head or
crotch area.

Sometimes you might hold up a guard facing a wall, making it pretty tough to
get in front of him.  All you have to do though is strafe into him and the
guard will move away from the wall.

Here are some lists of guards I have captured for Hard/Extreme.  I haven’t yet
played [VE] or [EA], and when I played [NO] it was the first time I picked up
this game, so I was more concerned with staying alive rather then finding dog

Hard  [TANKER]

 _________________________ _____ ______ ________________________________
|Num. Guard Name          | DOB |Blood | Location
/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| 00 Olga Gurlukovich     |0923 |  A   | Navigational Deck, wing
| 01 Markus A Lindqvist   |0209 |  ?   | Aft Deck
| 02 Kenichi Takashami    |0103 |  O   | Aft Deck
| 03 Thiago S Parra       |0801 |  O   | Aft Deck
| 04 Chris J Matzdorf     |0819 |  ?   | Navigational Deck, wing
| 05 Adrian B Scholvinck  |0102 |  A   | Deck-C, crews quarters
| 06 Julius Jun           |0228 |  B   | Deck-A, crews quarters
| 07 Kazuki Nisimura      |0302 |  A   | Deck-B, crews quarters
| 08 Zhang Chao           |1030 |  ?   | Deck-B, crews quarters
| 09 Vishal Kapur         |1007 |  O   | Deck-A, crews lounge
| 10 Victor A Cruz        |0107 |  B   | Deck-A, crews lounge
| 11 Larry D. Lionberger  |1021 |  ?   | Deck-A, Crews Lounge
| 12 Celeste D Sauls      |0602 |  O   | Deck-D, crews quarters
| 13 Danielle Ford        |0714 |  O   | Deck-D, crews quarters
| 14 Jeniffer A Mauck     |0925 |  O   | Deck-D, crews quarters
| 15 Daniel A. Olsson     |0624 |  O   | Deck-D, crews quarters
| 16 Youseff Fassi-Fihri  |0817 |  O   | Deck 2, port
| 17 Sean P Cullen        |0315 |  ?   | Deck 2, port
| 18 Lars Crama           |0525 |  AB  | Deck 2, port
| 19 David Chau           |1230 |  B   | Engine room
| 20 Philippe Ah Mouritzen|0102 |  A   | Engine room
| 21 Yoko Niiyama         |0315 |  B   | Engine room
| 22 John V Teyes         |0128 |  B   | Engine room
| 23 Chritian Nordstr     |0726 |  B   | Engine room
| 24 Jonathon Murphy      |1230 |  AB  | Engine room
\ 25 Yuji Korekado        |1222 |  A   | Engine Room

  Hard [PLANT]

 _________________________ _____ ______ ________________________________
|Num. Guard Name          | DOB |Blood | Location
/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| 00 Liquid Snake         |???? |  ?   | Arsenal Gear, ascending colon
| 01 Yomato Hagiwara      |0406 |  O   | Srut A Rooftop
| 02 Chris Walker         |0909 |  ?   | Strue A Pump Room
| 03 Brian D Hagerman     |0704 |  O   | Strut A Pump Room
| 04 Makoto Sonoyama      |0821 |  B   | AB connecting bridge
| 05 Christoph C Reinicke |0906 |  AB  | AB Connecting bridge
| 06 Justin D Ebersole    |0820 |  ?   | Strut B Transformer Room
| 07 William A Catacucan  |0120 |  ?   | Strut B Transformer Room
| 08 Natalie Yip          |1016 |  O   | BC connecting bridge
| 09 Kelsy L Clark        |0506 |  ?   | Strut C Dining Hall
| 10 Bjoern Heide         |0412 |  AB  | Strut C Dining Hall
| 11 Daniel Y. Kato       |0705 |  A   | CD connecting bridge
| 12 Alexandre RC Dantas  |0106 |  O   | CD connecting bridge
| 13 Jason Enos           |0730 |  ?   | Strut D Sediment Pool
| 14 Josiah F Thorne      |0715 |  O   | Strut D Sediment Pool
| 15 Yoshikazu Matsuhana  |0803 |  O   | Strut D Sediment Pool
| 16 Claudia Cd Diessner  |0408 |  A   | Strut D Sediment Pool
| 17 Gary K Yong          |0309 |  ?   | DE connecting bridge
| 18 Devon V. Tailor      |0804 |  A   | DE Connecting Bridge
| 19 Chris Kramer         |1018 |  A   | Strut E Parcel Room
| 20 Ikuya Nakamura       |0205 |  B   | Strut E Parcel Room
| 21 Andrea Ebeler        |0323 |  AB  | Strut E Parcel Room
| 22 James N Janovsky     |0504 |  O   | Strut E Parcel Room
| 23 Nathaniel Lord       |0604 |  O   | Strut E heliport
| 24 Chris M Flohr        |1001 |  A   | Strut E heliport
| 25 Gary J Davidson      |0712 |  O   | Strut E heliport
| 26 Carlos Kiho          |1229 |  O   | Strut F warehouse
| 27 Andrew N Bartlett    |0406 |  AB  | Strut F warehouse
| 28 Tim U Chan           |0619 |  ?   | Strut F warehouse
| 29 Futoshi Satou        |0721 |  A   | Strut F warehouse
| 30 Shinpei Murakami     |1207 |  A   | FA connecting bridge
| 31 David A Lesslie      |0307 |  O   | Shell 1 Core, 1F
| 32 Brian R Strack       |0813 |  B   | Shell 1 Core, 1F
| 33 Skip M Murray        |1120 |  A   | Shell 1 Core, 1F
| 34 Axel R. Zijderveld   |0929 |  ?   | Shell 1 Core, 1F
| 35 Kamren Keenan        |0212 |  ?   | Shell 1 Core, B1
| 36 Tomonori Morita      |0210 |  A   | Shell 1 Core, B1
| 37 Julien Jd Dort       |1120 |  A   | Shell 1 Core, B1
| 38 Steven Schmitt       |0918 |  AB  | Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room
| 39 Michael O Kress      |0703 |  AB  | Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room
| 40 Stephane Tudela      |0408 |  B   | Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room
| 41 Yoriko Shimzu        |0323 |  O   | Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room
| 42 Yun-Ho Kim           |0322 |  A   | KL connecting bridge
| 43 Jun Sekegawa         |1010 |  AB  | Strut L Sewege Treatment Facility
| 44 Joey P Gonzales      |0105 |  A   | Strut L Sewege Treatment Facility
| 45 Christopher Heck     |1117 |  ?   | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Pur. Chamber
| 46 Martin Kukowka       |1211 |  ?   | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Pur. Chamber
| 47 Alex N Martinez      |1223 |  A   | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Pur. Chamber
| 48 Chul Kwon            |0727 |  A   | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Pur. Chamber
| 49 Giovanni Cavalliere  |0913 |  O   | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Pur. Chamber
| 50 Gabriel Freitas Peres|1125 |  O   | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Pur. Chamber
\ 51 Peter Stillman       |1116 |  A   | Strut E heliport

 Extreme [Tanker]

 _________________________ _____ ______ ________________________________
|Num. Guard Name          | DOB |Blood | Location
| 00 Olga Gurlukovich     |0923 |  A   | Navigational Deck, Wing
| 01 Dave Cox             |0803 |  O   | Aft Deck
| 02 Pawel Majewski       |0208 |  O   | Aft Deck
| 03 Mathieu Trepanier    |0609 |  B   | Aft Deck
| 04 Cory A. Noll         |0406 |  AB  | Navigational Deck, Wing
| 05 Joshua D. Casnocha   |0429 |  ?   | Deck-C, crew’s quarters
| 06  Louis K. Stevenson  |1031 |  ?   | Deck-A, crew’s quarters
| 07 Michael D. Rogers    |0818 |  O   | Deck-B, crew’s quarters
| 08 Gianluca Peruzzo     |1121 |  O   | Deck-B, crew’s quarters
| 09 Travis J. Lujan      |1230 |  A   | Deck-A, crew’s lounge
| 10 Brendan M. Randall   |1014 |  B   | Deck-A, crew’s lounge
| 11 Chris D. Bernd       |1029 |  O   | Deck-A, crew’s lounge
| 12 Chantelle M. Blair   |1224 |  B   | Deck-D, crew’s quarters
| 13 Eduard V. Fernandez  |1031 |  A   | Deck-D, crew’s quarters
| 14 Yoji Shinkawa        |1225 |  AB  | Deck-D, crew’s quarters
| 15 Niko Ionixx Horn     |0215 |  B   | Deck-D, crew’s quarters
| 16 Adnan Hadzic         |0403 |  B   | Deck 2, port
| 17 Shu Tajima           |0928 |  O   | Deck 2, port
| 18 Stuart J. Batchelar  |0307 |  ?   | Deck 2, port
| 19 Masataka Nishiyama   |0402 |  O   | Engine Room
| 20 Michael M. Wong      |0307 |  ?   | Engine Room
| 21 Manabu Nakamura      |0327 |  A   | Engine Room
| 22 Simon P. Sargent     |0601 |  A   | Engine Room
| 23 Yosuke Kamezaki      |1225 |  O   | Engine Room
| 24 Clarke A. Baldwi     |0531 |  O   | Engine Room
\ 25 Hideki Sasaki        |1116 |  AB  | Engine Room

 Extreme [Plant]

 _________________________ _____ ______ ________________________________
|Num. Guard Name          | DOB |Blood | Location
|00 Hideo Kojima          | 0824|  A   | Arsenal Gear, Ascending Colon
|01 Takeshi Sato          | 0731|  O   | Strut A, Rooftop
|02 Shinji Yamashita      | 0801|  B   | Strut A, Pump Room
|03 Ryan T. Cronkright    | 1119|  AB  | Strut A, Pump Room
|04 Josef Karsch          | 0813|  A   | AB Connecting Bridge
|05 Emmanuel YL Passian   | 1130|  O   | AB Connecting Bridge
|06 Lee M. McCowan        | 1027|  O   | Strut B, Transformer Room
|07 Hiro Miyajima         | 0510|  AB  | Strut B, Transformer Room
|08 Drew J. Elmer         | 0101|  ?   | BC Connecting Bridge
|09 Toru Kawakami         | 0330|  A   | Strut C, Dining Hall
|10 Adam J. Sarpolis      | 0205|  AB  | Strut C, Dining Hall
|11 Jyunpei Hirano        | 1207|  A   | CD Connecting Bridge
|12 Kyle S. Carrigan      | 1126|  A   | CD Connecting Bridge
|13 Matt J Van Leeuwen    | 0921|  AB  | Strut D, Sediment Pool
|14 Matthew B. Boyett     | 1104|  O   | Strut D, Sediment Pool
|15 Collis R. Williams    | 0910|  ?   | Strut D, Sediment Pool
|16 Nobumitsu Tanaka      | 0109|  B   | Strut D, Sediment Pool
|17 Matthew C. Miller     | 0712|  B   | DE Connecting Bridge
|18 Alex C. Wilson        | 0810|  ?   | DE Connecting Bridge
|19 Yoshiyuki Koido       | 1219|  A   | Strut E Parcel Room
|20 Tsunehiko Shibata     | 0606|  B   | Strut E Parcel Room
|21 Ryan Sheffer          | 0313|  O   | Strut E Parcel Room
|22 Carlos X. Luna        | 1205|  A   | Strut E Parcel Room
|23 David A. Ginepri      | 0717|  ?   | Strut E Parcel Room
|24 Emmanuel Phung        | 0814|  O   | Strut E Heliport
|25 Micheal A. Hare       | 1222|  O   | Strut E Heliport
|26 Alan J. Harries       | 0615|  O   | Strut E Heliport
|27 Marco O. Scherrer     | 0728|  AB  | Strut F warehouse
|28 Edmond V. To          | 0727|  O   | Strut F warehouse
|29 Chevrinals Thomas     | 0421|  O   | Strut F warehouse
|30 Hiroshi Yokote        | 0703|  A   | Strut F warehouse
|31 Beri B. Pottsstam     | 0103|  ?   | Strut F warehouse
|32 Kenichiro Shigeno     | 0110|  B   | FA Connecting Bridge
|33 Kaori Yamada          | 0808|  O   | Shell 1 Core, 1F
|34 Ryan J. Crane         | 0803|  O   | Shell 1 Core, 1F
|35 Gareth J. Lewis       | 0126|  O   | Shell 1 Core, 1F
|36 Andreas R. Ramsauer   | 1228|  O   | Shell 1 Core, 1F
|37 Justin A. Cagle       | 0614|  B   | Shell 1 Core, B1
|38 Christopher S Korte   | 0602|  B   | Shell 1 Core, B1
|39 Mashiro Yoshinaga     | 0410|  B   | Shell 1 Core, B1
|40 Daisuke Nishimura     | 0816|  A   | Shell 1 Core, B2
|41 Viana S. Mauricette   | 0128|  O   | Shell 1 Core, B2
|42 Chen Yung Kok         | 0429|  AB  | Shell 1 Core, B2
|43 Anthony J. Barrit     | 0524|  AB  | Shell 1 Core, B2
|44 Kaori Yae             | 0520|  A   | KL Connecting Bridge
|45 Isao A. Sato          | 0105|  B   | Strut L Sewage Facility
|46 Ryan J. Schettle      | 0401|  A   | Shell 2 Core, 1F
|47 Andy Lam              | 1016|  ?   | Shell 2 Core, 1F
|48 Hiroaki Yoshiike      | 1013|  O   | Shell 2 Core, 1F
|49 Cedric Krolikowski    | 0314|  A   | Shell 2 Core, 1F
|50 Sebastian J. Pitman   | 0210|  ?   | Shell 2 Core, 1F
|51 Mark A. Matuszewski   | 0831|  AB  | Shell 2 Core, 1F
|52 Xavier R. Garcia      | 0306|  A   | Shell 2 Core, 1F
\53 Peter Stillman        | 1116|  A   | Strut E Heliport

///\\\  Rewards

You earn rewards by collecting certain amounts of dog tags. These rewards are
accesible through your next game. They are as follows:
/ Digital Camera / You get this for beating the game on any difficulty.
/ Bandana / Collect 46 Dog Tags. This allows you infinite ammo when worn, but
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ it can only be used during the Tanker Chapter.
/ Stealth / Collect 76 total dog tags. This is a stealth camo that makes you
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ invisible to enemies.
/ Brown Wig / Gather up 80 dog tags from the plant. This allows Raiden
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ infinite ammo. Obviously its Plant Chapter exclusive.
/ Orange Wig / Gather 170 Dog tags at the Plant. When equiped the grip guage
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ is infinite. Not very useful at all; not worth the effort if
              you ask me.
/ Blue Wig / Gather all Dog Tags from each level. This allows infinite oxygen
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ guage. Not at all worth the effort.

                             ~End of Document~

Copyright 2002 © Paul ‘black hole sun’ Lauria

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