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FAQ/Walkthrough by GheddonLN

Version: 3.26 | Updated: 09/21/02

                              M E T A L  G E A R  S O L I D  2
                                      Sons of Liberty

PLATFORM: Playstation2
E-MAIL: yggdrasil_999@yahoo.com
STARTED: Can't remember
LAST UPDATED: September 21 , 2002

NOTE: All of the information here(item locations, etc) is from the NORMAL
difficulty. I have little to no knowledge about higher difficulties, so don't
bother about asking me.


                                  2.VERSION HISTORY
                                  3.COPYRIGHT NOTICE
                                        7.2.1.Shell 1-The adventure has started
                                        7.2.1.Shell 2-The adventure continues
                                    8.1.The weapons
                                    8.2.Where they're found
                                    9.1.The items
                                    9.2.Secret Items
                                    9.2.Where they're found
                                     11.1.Fun stuff
                                     11.3.Fun things to do
                                     11.4.US to PAL changes


     MGS2 is without any doubt one of the most successful games ever. It sold a
load of copies, and sure it was good. Combining some of the best graphics you will
see in videogame, with outsanding voiceovers, sound effects, and plot, Konami
certainly did a good job with MGS2.
     MGS2 puts you in the role of Solid Snake, a lone mercenary, who, along with
Otacon, is in charge of taking out every single Metal Gear in the earth. It's
something his groups has been doing for years. Still, their hardest work was about
to arrive: collect as much data as you can, about Metal Gear RAY, a new breed of
Metal Gear. This is where everything starts...

     This FAQ, if you were lucky, was a lot different before. It had a lot of
useless things packed on it, and ASCII charts certainly inflated its size. Plus,
writing was poor, let alone the grammar. So, I decided to open a new file, and
start a new MGS2 walkthrough. It's a new version of my old one, so it's
cosmetically the same one. But on substance, it is much different, with better
writing, and better info. You won't find previous stories transcripts here;
instead, you'll find weapons and items listing, dog tags, enemies, and an extensive
and detailed walkthrough.
     As a final word, I hope you enjoy the game, and I also hope you use this FAQ,
and that you find it helpful for when you're stuck. Onward.



Version 3.00: An all new version of the guide. I don't have knowledge about the
              previous versions of it, but I can tell you that everything you'll
              find here is 100% new.

Version 3.23: Fixed up some of the FAQ's section.

Version 3.24: Fixed a credit.

Version 3.26: Added some contributions.


     This FAQ is intellectual property of José F. Vargas, known as GheddonLN.
Anything that needs to be done regarding the guide must be first discussed with the
author via e-mail. All rights reserved.

NOTE: Just to let you know, that if you're going to post this guide in your
website, you're in charge of updating it by YOURSELF. This means I won't be sending
you any updates. Look for them by yourself. If you can't take such burden, then
don't ask for any permission, as I won't give it to you.


Konami: For developing such an excellent game.

Contributors: For making this a better guide.

Adrenaline: Her FAQ is great, and contains a lot of info which I used to do some of
            this FAQ's sections. Also, thanks for the Shell 1-2 connecting bridge

Chad Gibbons: For submitting an easter egg. Thanks!

XIAmerican Dream: For telling me what B.D.U really meant.

Me: For writing this guide :)




     The directional pad consists of four arrows, which you can use to move your
character around the screen. You can combine to arrows in order to move diagonally.
If this is the first console you buy, you may think that using the directional
pad(d-pad) is quite hard. Actually, it isn't. It's very easy to move things with
it, but at the same time, is not very comfortable. Stick with the sticks :)


     This analogic stick has the same function as the d-pad: moving yourself
around. It's a lot comfier than the d-pad, and a little easier to work with. I play
all of my games with the stick: it ownz :).


     The right stick is not a very useful button. When the situation arises, you'll
be able to move the camera with it.


     Considered by the game as the action button, this is the button you'll use to
do pretty much everything in the game: use it in order to open doors, to jump
boxes, to hang from rails, and lot of things. You can also use it to skip CODEC


     The circle button is used as your karate button. Press it repeatdly in order
to perform a kick-n-punch combo.


     This is the attack button. Use it while unarmed to grab enemies, and throw
them into the floor, or to chokehold them if you're able to. Once you have a gun
equipped, or a weapon in general, press this button to use that weapon.


     If you're stationary on an x place, press this to crouch. Now, while
crouching, move the analog stick towards any direction in order to crawl, like a
roach. Crouching is different to crawling, but you already knew that.
     Also, while you're running, press the x button, and Snake will do a diving
somersault/roll. This can be used to stun enemies, and to evade them.

R1 ===

     Use it to access first person view mode. You'll also use it in order to quit
first persn view mode.

R2 ===

     Use it to access your weapons inventory.

L1 ===

     Use it to aim at your enemies, and to run while aiming.

L2 ===

     Use it to access your items inventory


     Use it to access the CODEC screen.


     Pauses the game.



* VERY EASY * If you absolutely, positively want to finish the game without any
              kind of trouble, accept no substitutes. Playing in very easy makes
              the game kinda pointless, as it features some brainless guards, your
              item holding capacity is almost endless and you find ammo and weapons
              24/7. If you bought the game because you heard from somebody it was
              good, chances are that you don't know a flying damn about it and
              the only way for you to beat it is to play in very easy.

* EASY *      A little improvement over very easy. The game reduces your holding
              capacity but only by a little, but still, you almost take no damage,
              and you'll find plenty of ammo and rations. Guards are very scarce,
              like in very easy. They die from two or three shots. In conclusion,
              playing in easy is like playing in very easy, with some minor

* NORMAL *    A giant leap from easy, this is the kind of game I like to play.
              Like its name suggests, everything in this difficulty is normal.
              Your life gauge, the damage you take, the ammo you find, etc. It's
              worth mentioning that your item/ammo holding capacity is dramatically
              reduced from the very easy and easy difficulties, and when you find a
              weapon, you'll find it almost empty, bullet-wise. Enemies are way
              more resistant, but still a little to easy to kill(unless you find
              yourself against a huge group of backup units. Then you have

* HARD *      This is where things get... hard. An awesome chang4 takes place when
              you play at hard. First off, the games ask you if you want the "game
              over" screen to appear when you're discovered by a guard/camera. This
              is like a prologue on how hard will it be for you to survive a
              gunfight. Your life gauge also shortens. Same goes for your item
              capacity. Guards are way more resistant(you don't want to fight
              them...) too.

* EXTREME *   After playing a few hours on extreme, your home-mates will be seeing
              some things flying through your room. Extreme, in the MGS2 language,
              means frustration, paranoia and some screaming. Guard's bullets hit
              you like a 200 megaton bomb, let alone the bosses. Your life gauge
              is almost non existent, and ammo is scarce. Rations can only be
              obtained by shaking the guard's bodies, and it seems guards don't
              walk around with rations, as they are very scarce. In conclusion,
              play in this difficulty at your own risk.


LIFE GAUGE:  The primary gauge. It shows how many health snake has, and is
             depleted when he's hit by bullets, punches, kicks, etc. You can
             "heal" it by using rations. If it is depleted totally, your
             character will die and the game over screen will appear.

OXYGEN GAUGE The oxygen gauge appears while you're underwater. It depletes as
             time passes, and you can only recover it by getting out of the
             water. If it depletes, your life gauge will begin to empty itself
             and you know what happens then...

STUN GAUGE:  A boss only gauge. It represents how many stuns the boss can stand.
             Kick/Punch or use the tranquilizer to deplete it. Once you empty it
             out, the boss goes down and the battle is won.

GRIP GAUGE:  The grip gauge indicates how longer will you be able to hold your
             grip. It depletes very fast, unless you train yourself by doing
             pushups. If you do 100, you'll gain a grip level, and your bar
             will become harder to deplete.

>>>>MISC. STUFF<<<<


     Once you've taken substantial damage from your enemies, and your life gauge is
almost empty, Snake will start to bleed. Bleeding means losing health gradually(it
doesn't kill you though) and leaving blood drops across the floor. These drops will
alert the enemy about your presence around, and they will look for you. You'll
become an easy target, as all of the blood leads to you, unless you used a BANDAGE
to cure yourself, or the bleeding stopped by itself. To make it stop by itself, lay
low and wait a few minutes.


     When I first played Metal Gear Solid, I thought that flattening was one of the
coolest features it had. Now, in MGS2, this features expands. Your, apart from
hiding from your enemies, can use flattening to maximize your effectiveness in
gunfights. Flattening serves as cover to your enemy's bullets, and when near a
corner, you can do a jump-out attack and let a few bullets fly towards your enemy.
Flattening is one of the primary ways to survive in this game, so if you're a
newcomer in the series, learn how to master it ASAP.


     The radar is your primary instrument for survival. It won't get you alive from
a gunfight, whereas it will help to prevent gunfights. The radar is a little screen
which appears in the top corner of the screen. It shows a digitalized version of
the area you're in. This includes boxes, walls, instruments, etc, but not items.
However, it does includes YOU, and most importantly, your enemies. You are
represented as a yellow dot on the radar, while your enemy is a red dot, whose line
sight, which represents how far he can see, is represented as a cone. This cone can
be blue, when your enemy is doing his patrol, yellow, when the enemy has
heard/found something suspicious, or red, when the enemy has found you.

     The radar has five modes. It is first NORMAL. Your are exploring the area,
nobody knows you're around, the guards are doing their job. If somebody sees you,
he'll try to call for backup. If he manages to make his call, the alarm will sound,
the radar will go off, and you will be in ALERT mode. Everybody, including the ass-
kickers backup unit is looking for you. If you manage to evade them until the alert
bar is empty, then you'll go into EVASION, that's when the enemies have lost you,
and must find you. If this bar empties, then you'll go into CAUTION mode. Backup
unit members will leave, but the local guards will intensify their patrols. Once
caution bar empties, you'll return to normal.
     The fifth and less important mode is JAMMING. It happens when a strong
electric field is around you, or when you throw a chaff grenade. While on jamming,
the radar goes off for a while(until the jamming bar empties).


     The CODEC is the only way you have to contact your friends and supporters. To
access it, press the SELECT button. A black screen, with frequency numbers written
on it, will appear. If you somehow managed to memorize somebody's frequency(it's
pretty hard for me :) then, using the left and right buttons, look for it, and
press the circle button to call him/her. If you want to make this easier, press
down while on the frequency selection, and you'll access the CODEC's memory. You
can select any saved frequency there, and do a call. You'll use the CODEC to save
your game, look for advice, or just to bug around.


     To CROUCH, press X. Snake will stand on his knees, and he will be able to hide
himself behind boxes, or simply stand there like he's thinking about something. If
you move the stick towards any direction, then Snake will throw himself into de
ground, and start crawling towards the direction you pushed the stick. Keep in mind
that crawling and crouching are different, but both of them are useful on their.
Crouching will serve to hide, as well as crawling, and sometimes, they'll be your
allies on gunfights... ok, ok, I just added this to take space. Crawling/Crouching
on gunfights will earn you a gameover screen.
     Rolling, however, it's probably one of the game's most versatile movements,
thanks to its multiple uses. Rolling is also easily executed, and get you of some
hairy situations. To roll, simply press X while running. A roll will stun enemies
for a second or two, and if you're very skillfull, that's enough to get your ass
out of the gun-arena. You can also to cross, say, a gap in a wall or in the very
same floor, and prevent detection/death. Either way, you'll find yourself rolling a
lot. But I assure your that you won't crawl or crouch as much.


     As a well-educated FOXHOUND ex-member, Snake learned something of
judo/karate/ninjutsu/street ass-kicking, etc. However, unlike in Jackie Chan's
movie, your repertoire is rather limited, as it consists only on punching and
kicking... maybe Snake wasn't as well educated as I thought. Anyway, to punch/kick,
de-equip any weapon you may have on your hands, and press the Square button
repeatedly in order to perform the after-mentioned judo/karate/ass kicking
techniques. Unfortunately, this is not very useful, as it doesn't deliver a lot of
damage. Bosses can be taken down with punches and kicks thanks to the stun bar, but
enemies can only be stunned... yes it's the same, but bosses don't wake up after a
while, but enemies do. If they DO wake up, they'll immediately go into caution.


     If an enemy doesn't know you're behind him, he lacks a sixth sense. But apart
from that, if you're very skillfull to get VERY near his back without alerting him,
press the square button, and you'll grab him in a chokehold. Now, there are
numerous uses to this. Some enemies are light-hearted, so they won't shoot you
while holding a hostage. You can also just hold the square button for a minute, and
then see them fall on the floor, stunned. Or you can tap the square button very
fast and destroy the guard's. This is only a cosmetic movement, IMHO, as it has not
very useful... uses(as I said, IMHO!). Somewhere in  the game, it will become
imperative to use in order to advance. Also, keep in mind that in order to keep an
enemy in a choke-hold, even if you don't want to stun him, is to keep the square
button pressed. He'll fall stunned sometime, though.


     Once you've put a bullet through your enemy's head, he'll spit some blood, and
then slump on the floor. While there, stand on top of him, and press the square
button, and hold it in order to move the dead/stunned/slept body around. If you
press and de-press the square button repeatedly, you'll "shake" the body. You'll
actually just grab and throw the body, but this is considered shaking in the
game(and in numerous places through the net). Shaking has its rewards, as the enemy
may sometime leave in the ground what he had in his pockets, which can be a ration,
a pack of bullets, a medicine, a diazepam, or anything that is normally of some use
to you.


     Instead of choke-holding, you can perform this cool-ass move(not as cool once
you go through the game for about the tenth time). While behind an enemy, aim at
him with anything that's a gun(don't try with your night vision goggles, doh!).
Snake will scream "freeze!" in his gruff voice, and the enemy will raise his hands.
Now, you can just dispatch him with a head-shot(or a groin/ass-shot for that
matter), or you can put yourself in front of him, and aim your gun at his head. If
the guard's a coward, he'll dance at you an throw something, which can be a dogtag,
or a ration. If he's brave, he'll try to make you shoot him. If you want to get a
reward, be intelligent an shoot him at any of his arms. He'll then dance at you and
give you something, without any doubt.
     Keep in mind that if you take too long to do anything, your enemy will hit
you, and call for backup. You can prevent this by looking at his eyes. If suddenly
they shine, they guy is going to try something nifty. Take immediate action if
that's the case.


     To open doors, press the triangle button. So, that's it. Everything about
doors. Yes, I wasted a section on this.
     Well, let's talk lockers now. They're more useful than a flippin' door, of
course. You can store things inside. You can find some posters inside, which Snake
will use to apply the law of five against one(if you don't understand, don't'
bother about asking :). You can also find some nifty items such as ammo and
rations. And you can hide inside them, by flattening against the locker inside
"wall". While inside, you can bang your head in the locker's door by pressing
R1(this actually used to see through the locker's little window), you can kiss the
posters, if there is one, and other things. But you won't get inside the locker to
do this senseless things. You'll get inside a locker to hide from enemy. They
normally don't suspect of lockers, so you're safe there unless you do some kind of
horrid sound.


     Hanging has to do with gripping bars, previously explained. Press the triangle
button while near a rail, and your character will go into hanging mode. The grip
bar will kick in, and it will gradually deplete as you hang. Once it is empty, or
you when you press x, Snake will let the pain go, and fall. If you're too high, or
there is water down, you'll go game over. Press the triangle button to exit hanging
mode. Also, while on hanging mode, you can press L2/R2 in order to do pushups, so
you can increment your grip level, thus incrementing the time you can hang on


     Press the R1 button to access first person view. You can do a few things while
in this mode. Press both the l2 and r2 buttons in order to stand on your tip-toes
and make yourself a little taller(read: you'll be able to look/shoot at higher
things). You can use your weapons while on hanging mode, to improve your aiming and
to reduce ammo using. Problem is that while in FPS, you're an static target, thus
the enemy will be able to dispatch you easily. FPS is very useful when destroying
things that aren't alive, and when an enemy is not aware of your presence.


     Yes, even in third person view Snake is an static gunfighter. In order to fix
this, press the L1 button while aiming with a gun. That way you'll be able to run
around while you empty your clip on your enemy's carcass.


Warning: This section could contain spoilers, as it talks about characters who
appear in later portions of the game. Read at your own risk...


     Solid Snake comes back after being the hero at Shadow Moses. He's retired
foxhound, and, along with Otacon, he has formed the Philanthropy group, which is in
"charge" of eradicating the metal gear menace across the world. He's your typical
bad-ass: muscles, a three-day beard, gruff voice, and a "I don't give a damn"


     The scientist who urinated his pants in the first game(well, not exactly the
first game. The first 3D game :). In this new presentation of MG series, Otacon is
in charge of recollecting data of the Metal Gears around the world, so his anti-
terrorism group(who are ironically considered terrorists) Philanthropy can work. He
will save your game during the first part of the game, and will give you advice.


     Ocelot was the first boss you met in the first game. Now, he's allied with the
Gurlukovich army, and he's seeking to steal the Metal Gear Ray. He takes a very
active role throughout the story of the game.


     Key persons of the Gurlukovich army, Sergei being the boss, and Olga being his
daughter. Sergei makes an alliance with Ocelot in order to steal MGR, so they can
liberate Russia, but is later bretayed. Olga is his daughter, like I stated before,
and one of the finest soldiers the army. You'll battle her once.



     Once you reach the plant chapter, you'll leave Snake, and you'll take the role
of Raiden, the wussy blonde guy anybody likes. He's the new member of the reformed
foxhound, and, under command of Colonel Campbell, he seeks to eradicate the
terrorist force inside the Big Shell, in order to rescue the president. He's a
rookie, having only taken VR missions - more than a thousand of them, to be precise
- and this will be his first real mission. He'll meet some friends along the way,
and will uncover some shocking truths.


     Colonel Campbell was the leader of the operation during the Shadow Moses
incident. He was Snake's right hand during the mission, and supplied him with tips
and tricks. Now that Foxhound has been reformed, Colonel campbell makes his
triumphal return, but this time around he'll be in charge of Raiden, a rookie on
the field. He'll be your right hand during the whole game. He'll supply you with
tips, tricks, but will get very annoying fast.


     Rose is Raiden's girlfriend, who she met in the federal hall, in discussion
about King Kong. Since then, they've been boy and girl. She's been called to this
mission as a data analyst, mainly because she already knows Raiden and can give him
support. She will save your game once you call here.


     A SEAL member, Pliskin makes his first cameo whne you meet Vamp in the Strut
B. He'll then appear throughout the game quite a few times. He's like a colonel,
but younger, and gives you better tips. Raiden will find himself trusting Pliskin
more than the Colonel.


     Peter Stillman is a recognized bomb expert, who works with NYPD. He was called
by the SEALs to be in charge of the bomb disposal process during the big shell
operation. However, the SEALs were wiped out, thus he must know work along with
Pliskin and Raiden in order defuse all of the bombs scattered across the big shell.


     Vamp --who developed an special taste for blood during an incident regarding a
church and whatnot-- is your typical cool-blooded assasin. Is a wizard with the
knives, and uses them as his primary weapon. He can deflect bullets with them, and
is skillfull enough to read human muscles thus making him able to prevent being hit
by any kind of attack. He loves drinking his enemy's blood.


     "I'm lucky in war and nothing else". That's the best way to describe Helena
Dolph Jackson, daughter of Scott Dolph, best known as Fortune. Fortune somehow
can't die: everybody who's tried to hit her with a gun or a melee attack has got
his or her attack deflected thanks to some magical field around fortune. If
somebody is not able to put an end to her misery, she rewards that somebody with a
shot of his massive railgun.


     Some maniaco who was hired by dead cell(the terrorist group) to rig the big
shell with c4s. He's actually a dead cell member, but I didn't find a better word
to describe him than hire. He's fat, he's crazy and he's bald. Laugh and grow fat!.


     Somebody you know, hahahahaha... well, let's get going. The ninja, who
identifies "itself" as Mr X makes some brief appearences, and normally helps you.


     Richard Ames, first known as "Ames" is a hostage who holds valuable
information. You will need to contact him to obtain some shocking info about the
terrorist's plant and the truth behind them.


     The president, who shows an strange attitude when you first find him, made a
deal with the terrorists: he would gave the terrorists the code they needed in
order to activate the nuke if they let him live, or something like that. Anyways,
he's then feeling terrible about what he did, taking into account he's putting a
lot of innocent lives to play. So, he decides to do something quite radical...


     E.E., best known as Emma Emmerich, is a computer whiz, stepsister of Hal
Emmerich alias Otacon. She's the one who created Arsenal Gear operative system, and
she's the one who created the MO disk that corrupts this very same operative
system... ironic isn't it?. You'll have to babysit her during a portion of the
game, because her legs are useless, as she was injected with something.


     An impersonator of the legends of legends. And I'm not talking about Solid
Snake. Oh no. Solidus is an spitting image of the very same Big Boss, in whichever
angle you look at him. Not too mention he's abilities with guns, and extreme
intelligence. He wants, conveniently, to be the next Big Boss. Too bad Raiden
doesn't want him to be...


Before we get started, I would like to point a few things:

•This walkthrough is for the american version of the game. If you're european, then
you shouldn't be using this FAQ. Use DemonSLAYER's excellent PAL walkthrough
•On a very similar note, this walkthrough is for the NORMAL difficulty. I have
little to no knowledge about hard difficulty, and I've only played a few hours on
extreme. If you want to know more about these modes, you could check Adrenaline's
FAQ, which somehow covers them, or specialized FAQs, found under the "In Depth"
•Just for kicks, I would like to point out that I refer to the M4 as M16 in the
whole document. I just got used to M16, and when I noticed it was M4, it was too
late: all the guide was filled with "M16". I hope this doesn't confuse you.
•Bosses are not listed during the walkthrough. They're conveniently placed under
enemies section, along with other enemies(doh!)
•Eh, well, have fun!.

                  --     THE TANKER - THE START OF EVERYHING      --


     The prologue cinema is quite long. You first see Snake in the George
Washington bridge, with a green coat. He then launches himself towards a nearby
tanker, where the first chapter of the game takes place. As he lands, he calls
Otacon immediately, to report his status. You'll then see some lengthy cinemas
regarding the Gurlukovichs. Dash through them if you want to. The game will start


     After the long ass cinema, you'll finally take control of good old Snake. You
only have your tranquilizer gun, and a few bullets for it. There are three enemies
in this area. One is patrolling the left area of the first floor. You'll find the
second one in the far right section of the second floor. The third guard is
patrolling around the third floor. Start off by going right. Take the small flight
of stairs you first see, and snag the CHAFF GRENADE behind a box. Advance towards
the end of the ship, and snag the PENTAZEMIN. Your main objective is to get into
the ship. You can explore the second floor to get some nifty items(there is nothing
in the third floor). In the far left of the first floor there is also a ration.

     To follow me, you must head towards the left section of the first floor, where
there is a guard patrolling. Sleep him out, and look for a other, next to a set for
stairs. Smash the triangle button to open it. You're inside.


     You have two options. You can either go left, or turn right. Turning right
will earn you nothing, so make your way along the left corridor, until you reach
two sliding doors. A guard is patrolling the right corridor. Forget about him right
now, and go through the sliding doors. Open the lockers, and snag any item you
find. Go out, and take care of the guard, and advance through the corridor towards
a sliding door at the end of it.


     Across the corridor is a set of stairs. Take them, and snag the stun grenade.
There is a sliding door there, which will take you to the engine room. Ignore it
for now. You'll get here later.

     There are three guards guarding the lounge. One of them is sleeping in his
duty, while the others are doing their usual routine. Take out your M9, and sleep
the three of them from afar. Take the flight of stairs where the guard was
sleeping, and go through the right sliding door.


     To the south there is a orange-ish and tight corridor, where a guard patrols.
There is a ration somewhere in this corridor. Take out the guard, and snag the
ration. To the far north is another guard. You can just ignore him, and go up the
starboard in the far-left cargo room.


     There is a camera in the right corridor. Flatten against the wall, and slide
towards the far right. Open the locker, and snag the item inside. There is a duct
in a small room in the right, in where you'll find a ration. Take the stairs next
to the locker afterwards.


     As soon as you enter, a blind guardian(hehe...) passes and enters the dining
hall. Now, you can just enter the hall, and rush your way towards the boss. But
instead of doing so, go to the far right room, the pantry. Snag the M9 bullets, and
collect your cardboard box. Don't try to exit just now, as a guard is in his way to
the pantry. Hide yourself in your box, until the bastard sleeps. Shoot at him to
sleep him for sure. Make your way towards the dining hall afterwards.
     As soon as you enter, the camera zooms in into a camera. You should then see a
guard. Take aim, and send him to wonderland. Grab the ration that's in the counter,
and then go through the sliding door in the bottom right portion of the screen. Be
careful, though, as there is a guard patrolling the area. Take the stairs up.


     Watch the cinema, and grab the goodies. Open the left hatch-door.


     Freeze! Snake screams after the Russian woman has finished her talking. She
raises her arms, and shows her unshaven armpits. Watch the awesome video. Fight
Olga using the strategies given to you in the enemies section. After the battle,
you'll have the USP in your inventory, but it's empty. Return to the bridge, and
collect a pack of bullets. Come back to the win. Olga's gone. But there still some
things to do.

     If you follow the corridor to the left, you'll find a flight of stairs, which
take you to a big-ass tower. Climb the tower up, and get the thermal goggles. Be
careful when you go down, as there could be a guard patrolling the tower. It's hard
to kill him, so it's better just to evade him.

     To the far right there is another wing. A wet box floats around. Be aware of
the guarding that patrols the area. Once you're done, get into the bridge.


     Take the stairs down, to the DECK D-CREW'S QUARTERS.


     You can collect the USP bullets the camera guard, but you would hit alert
mode. However, you can just return to the deck to stop alert mode. Either way, make
your way through the dining hall, and go downstairs.


     If my memory serves my right, there will be a guard patrolling the area. Kill
him with you USP, to see some blood splashing(yeah!). Evade the camera and take the
leftmost set of stairs.


     Take the sliding door in the right portion of the corridor, near a cargo room.


     Go down the stairs(be aware of the guards), and advance to the right. Go down
the stairs to where the stun grenade where. This time, do go through the sliding
door to the engine room.


     As you enter, advance forwards, and Snake will see Raven's shadow. Hopefully
for Snake(and for you... fighting Raven with an USP... geez!) it is not Raven. It's
just a doll. There is an ammo box here too. Open the lockers. The first one has an
horrid surprise.

     Take the sliding door in the room's left wall. Hey, there is a guard who's not
aware of your presence. Shoot at him(with the M9-using the USP is risking your
life), or if you want, do a combo of punch and kicks at him to send him flying.
This isn't recommendable, because the guard that's distracted will hit a guard
who's not distracted when he hits rock bottom. The distracted guard will die, but
the other one will survive, and once he wakes up, he will send the game into
caution mode.

     Either way, go down, towards your TV screen, and take the stairs down. There
is a guard doing patrol in the left corridor. Wait him to turn his back at you, and
threaten him to get your dogtag. Dispose of him then. Go down the stairs, but stop
as you reach a corner, as there is a guard looking to the left and to the right.
Flatten against the wall, and do a jump-out attack. Shoot down the guard.

     To the left is a small bridgie. To the other side, the corridor goes down, and
up. Go up, and collect the item. Go down, and then turn to the left. You'll see a
set of stairs, and a corridor going all the way up. You can go up, which is the
long way. It earns you some items, and a meeting with a guard. If you go up the
stairs, you'll find a guard who doesn't give a damn about you, and that's quickly
disposed. Either way, both roads will take you to the third floor, where a guard
and a sliding door is. Kill the guard, and go through the door.


     As you enter, Snake hides behind a corner. A guard enters the scene, and talks
about the plan. Wait him to finish his transmission, and hit him in the head with
your USP. Hide the body in a locker.

     Grab the goodies in the area, and approach the laser fence. Otacon will call
you, and explain you some things about it. Afterwards, crouch, and equip your
scope. Detect the three explosives, which are connected to three panels. These
explosives will go kaboom once Snake makes contact with the laser fence, and can
only be de-activated by destroying the panels connected to them, using a fire
weapon, in this case, your USP.

     The first panel is in bottom left portion of the bomb-filled hall. The other
one is to the right. The third one is on a small platform near the roof. Take out
your SOCOM, and look for the leftmost panel(the bottom one). Take aim, and take it
out. Proceed with the disposal of the right panel.

     Once you're done with both, climb the control box, the one that's nearby the
lockers. Once there, hit FPV, and stand on your tip-toes(press both L2 and R2 at
the same time). Look, there is a panel there. Blow it up. You should hear a
malfunction sound. This means the laser fence has been deactivated. You can now
cross it without any kind of trouble. Open the hatchdoor at the end of the hall.

DECK-2(PORT) ===

     As you enter, through the speakers a voice will talk. He alerts the marines
that the Verrazano Bridge has been passed, and that they must go to the holds.
Passing the Verrazano Bridge means Snake won't be able to use it as a drop-off
point. Don't worry. That's not your problem.
     Now, don't worry about marines finding you as they go towards the holds. They
somehow reach them magically... or maybe they were somewhere else in the ship, so
they were able to get there... or maybe(and this is the most probable thing) the
marines the voice called for are dead...

     Advance through the corridor. As you go on, you should spot some small alcoves
which all hold items, which go from rations to ammo packs. Flickering lights in the
rooftop means enemies could spot you. Hopefully, onley one guard patrols the long
corridor. Wait for him inside an alcove, and shoot him down with your M9. Then,
take it somewhere nobody will see you, and put an USP bullet through his head, or
groin for that matter.
     When the corridor turns right, at its end, you'll see a soldier listening to
some hard music. If you're good enough, you'll be able to pass by him without him
spotting you. Or you could just M9 him out, to prevent any kind of trouble. Be
aware though, as there is another guard in the far right of the corridor, who's
almost asleep. Now that you've taken care of the other guards in this area, you can
just kill the semi-sleep guard with your USP. Once you're done with him, open the
hatchdoor. Moving on...


     Follow the corridor, and enter any alcove you find to calim rations and ammo
packs. You won't get too far before a cutscene starts.
     Gurlukovichs are entering the area stealthy, fearing a marine, fearing Snake.
After the notice the perimeter is clear, the call for their boss. Sergei
Gurlukovich gives the russians exact orders. Once he's done, the Gurlukovichs
continue with their routine. Somehow, they spot, Snake, and an intense battle

     This is the first major gunfight in the game, and you'll enjoy it quite a lot.
Soldiers will shoot you from different directions, and some of them may even throw
you grenades. Crouch behind the crate farthest of the soldier's attacking post, and
and enter FPV. Take out your USP, and de-crouch yourself. Take aim, and let the
lead fly. Go for head shots. After a couple of soldiers, the battle will be
finished. Watch the following cinemas.

HOLD 1 ===

     After Snake is finished with Otacon, you'll regain control of the game(and you
will be given a new task: take four photos of RAY; a front one, a left one, a right
one, and one that includes the marine insignia). You should see a timer ticking in
your screen. You've gotta move fast, or else you're roast chicken.
     Go down the ladders to the first floor, and then head towards the bottom wall,
as far as you can from the distracted marines. Don't try anything funny on them,
because they will either discover you, or game over you out, if you kill them. Head
to the left, and crawl below the proyector. There is a soldier next to the
proyector. He won't notice you. Shoot at his neck with your M9. Don't try his head,
he's got a shield...

     Once you reach the far-right part of the room, move forwards. You could also
climb the ladder there, and snag some M9 bullets. Anyway, move forwards, and be
aware of the white metal grate. Walk _slowy_ through them, as running will make
such sound it will alert the nearest marine, thus forcing you to run desperately,
which is normally worth a lot of marines chasing your ass. So, read my advice, and
walk towards the sliding door.

HOLD 2 ===

     If you move immediately to the north, trying to reach the sliding door
effortlessly, you'll come across a pile of boxes, which definitely block your way.
So, instead of going north, turn left as you enter the hold, and crawl under the
proyectors. Make your may to the leftmost side of the room.
     Keep in mind that the proyectors here will shift ocassionally. This means that
marines will be sometimes looking to the left, sometimes looking to the right. This
will force you to use the multiple grates and boxes here as hiding places.

     Once you're in the leftmost wing of the room, advance forwards, being sure
that you don't make any sound when you walk over the grates. Hide behind the
container when marines shift views, and then move forwards.
     A pile of crates block your way, and a soldier custodies the other side.
Hopefully, there is a small gap between two crates for you to peek through. Take
aim, and send a M9 bullet through this gap, looking for the guard's head. Once he's
asleep, go around the container next to the crates. Be aware, though, as this
container is very near to the marines. You could sleep nearby marines, or flatten
aginst the container, or whatever you want. Once on the other side, advance
forwards, to the sliding door.

HOLD 3 ===

     As you enter, the game immediately focuses its attention in RAY, the enormous
bipedal. A small group of guards are in this hold, listening to the very same Scott
Dolph. After the cutscenes finish, get familiar with the area's layout. It's photo

     First off, put yourself in the center of both cameras. This gives you a clear
shot at RAY's center. Take out your camera, and store the photo in its memory. Move
on to the left, where you should see the "computer" you'll use in order to send the
photos. Advance to the north of the computer, and sleep the guard there. Look for
the marine's insignia, and store it in your camera's memory. You can also take the
left photo from here. Do it.
     Return to the rightmost part of the room, and advance northwards. Sleep the
guard out, and collect your right photo. Return to the computer, and press the
action button in order to access it. Snake will send the photos to Otacon. Keep in
mind that he's very exigent, and that he may not like your photos. Be sure you take
the best ones. Once you're, cutscenes will kick in. They take a bunch of time, so
be sure you have it. Once they are done, save your game. Be ready for whatever.

                           --- THE PLANT CHAPTER ---

     It's been awhile since the tanker incident. After it exploded, a huge amount
of toxics spilled into the water, thus contaminating it. This made necessary the
Big Shell, a decontamination facility, in the first place. Terrorists have now
possession over it, and its your job, Raiden, the newest member of the reformed
foxhound, to rescue the president, who's amongst the hostages, and to disarm the
terrorists by any means necessary.


                                     SHELL 1
_____________________      ---THE ADVENTURE HAS STARTED---    _____________________


     As you go out of the water, and after the cinemas finish, you'll take control
of your new character, Raiden. You'll be floating in a small pool. There is a
ladder to the left, which takes you out of the water. Instead of doing so, dive in.
Colonel Campbell(NOOOO! Again!?) will call, and explain yout the basics of the
game. After listening to all of the crap he says, continue to dive in, towards the
bottom of the pool, and collect the thermal goggles. Go back  to the surface, and
go out of the pool.
     Next to the ladder is a rail. Hang up, and grip your way to the right. Once
you've reached a small alcove, stop hanging out(press triangle), and enter the
alcove. Collect the Shaver. Exit the alcove the same way you entered: by hanging.

     Now, there is a door in the north side of the area, next to a group of
lockers. Before going there, you may want to collect the goodies around here. Once
you're done, open the lockers, get the ration, and try to open the sliding door
next to them. As you do, Raiden spots a guard, who immediately leaves. Raiden then
calls Colonel, and tells him the characteristics of the guard he just saw. After
the call has ended, you'll regain control of Raiden again. Go through the door
Raiden just opened, and follow the path towards another door.
     As you open it, you'll see a cinema. Somebody we know took care of the two
guards in the area, using his bare hands!. He then took the elevator all the way
up. You should who he is. After Raiden contacts the colonel _again_, you'll have a
new semi-objective: find a "node" and use it. The node is like a workstation, and
is in this room, in the wall next to the elevator. Access it with triangle button.
Once you do, you'll have to input your name, nationality, sex, age, etc. As a
sadienote, if you put Hideo Kojima as your name, the game will immediately fix the
other information so it matches Kojima's. This nodes are used to get your Soliton
Radar working.

     Once you've accessed the node, the guards will begin to wake up. You must find
a place to hide, quickly!. The best one is in the gap between a stack of crates.
Place yourself there, and wait the guards to wake up. They'll hit caution
immediately, and will start looking for you. You mst now wait for the elevator.
Hide there until the elevator comes. Go out of your hideout, being sure the
soldiers don't spot you, and get into the elevator. Colonel then throws at you more
information about the mission.


     As you arrive, explore the area. There are some goodies scattered around.
Afterwards, look for a fence next to the elevator, which has a hole on its bottom.
Crawl through it. Colonel will call you. Ignore him. After you've finished
crawling, Colonel will call you again(argh!), and informate you about SEAL 10
movements. After he's done, go through the sliding door.


     As you go down the stairs, a guard leaves his post. He's going to do his daily
routine at the Strut's roof. This means that if you go to the roof again, you'll
find him around. Anyway, there is still one guard in this area. He's in the cubicle
area. In the cublicle there is also the node. Our node.
     You must fool the guard in order to get access the node. Wait him to distract
himself for a few seconds, and go running towards the node. Download the radar, and
then get out of the cubicle. If the guard catches you, hide in a locker(there are
some of them in both the right and left sides of the area) and wait the danger to
pass. Inside these lockers there are also items you may want to collect.

     Now, our objective is to reach Strut B, but first off, we're going to visit
Strut F, to get the goodies that lie there. But before we get going, collect the
now accessible Chaff grenade, in the rooftop. Afterwards go through the door to the
top-right of the screen, which leads to the AF connecting bridge.


     In order to move from one strut to other, you must go through these bridges,
which are normall patrolled by soldiers, whose duty is to prevent anybody without
authorization to cross from one strut to other. Some bridges are also custodies by
cyphers, a special flying mechanism, equipped with a camera. If it detects an
unknown being, such as you, they will send a radio transmission to the backup unit,
and they will come storming in, along with alert mode.
     In this bridge, there is one cypher. This one is the basic one, as it is not
equipped with guns. To take out cyphers for good, you need a gun. You don't have
one, so you'll have to rely in the chaff grenade you have. There is also one in the
lower level of the bridge. Deploy the chaff, and make the cypher go crazy for a few
seconds. Make use of these precious seconds to get to the other side. You could
also just run when the cypher is not looking, but it's way more dangerous.


     You'll be in the second floor of the two floor warehouse. A guard has just
finished his patrol, and reports to his partners. Advance to the right, and collect
the ration, which is floating here. Go through the door in here, and collect the
M9, the first weapon of the plant. There is also ammo here. Collect it. Afterwards,
go back to the bridge.


     The cypher will be around again. Your M9 is not the weapon to use against him,
so don't bother. Instead of using another chaff, notice that the bridge has two
floors. Going through the lower one makes dodging the cypher much easier, as there
are numerous pipes that will block its view. Either way, cross the bridge and enter
Strut A.


     Access the sliding door in the northeast part of the room.


     This bridge has a very peculiar form. It is like a rectangle. In the midst of
its there is a bunch of stuff. So, that leaves you two hallways to use, and both of
them are custody by guards. Colonel immediately suggests you to use hanging mode,
as if he wanted you to use it for the first time. Unfortunately, hanging is not the
best way to pass the bridge. There is a more easier and efficient way to do so.
Just put yourself in the middle of both hallways, and wait until you've got a clear
shot at the guards. Sleep them with one shot apiece (go for headshots). Cross the
bridge and enter Strut B.


     As you enter, Raiden notices the walls splattered with blood. Just around the
corner, you find bodies of Seal Members, lying in their own blood, with knife scars
all over their body. Raiden then hears the screams of three other SEALs, who engage
combat with a dark being, who wears a black coat. The coat man dispatches the SEALs
easily, using only his knives. Once he's done, he drinks the blood of one of them.
He spots you afterwards, and goes for the killing. Hopefully, a SEAL member enters,
and saves you. The strange coat man, who is called "Vamp", then leaves.
     Enter lieutenant J.G. Iroquois Pliskin. He's been stabbed in the hand, but
it's nothing special. Look at his face. There is something special going on. Things
get fishier after he shows his extensive knowledge about foxhound and its training
modes. He talks a little bit about VR, and then moves to a comfier place.

     If you have the shaver in your inventory, you'll give it to Pliskin. He'll
give you a pack of cigs, along with the second. Don't forget his frequency: 141.80,
as he's a valuable informatory. Once you're done with him, grab that SOCOM ammo
that's upstairs, and access the node. Head to the west, and get the goodies inside
the lockers. Go through the sliding door then.


     As you enter the bridge, you'll spot a group of two soldiers shooting at a
cocoa skinned hottie, who carries an enormous railgun. Enter fortune, lucky in war
and nothing else. Both soldier do their best to hit the woman, but bullets fly out
as they approach her. Another group of soldiers enters the scene. One of them sends
a grenade towards Fortune, hoping it would kill her. The grenade turns out to be a
     Without any other option, guards approach Fortune. She shows her
disappointment: those full-armed SEALS weren't able to kill her. Her pain and
misery won't end here. It's time to end the guard's. She then prepares her massive
weapon, and lets the pain go. Rays go out of the gun like a grim reaper looking for
its victim. Afterwards, the bridge is blown out, along with the Soldiers on it.
Bravo team now doesn't exist. Fortune's taken them out. And they have the prez.
This could mean trouble.
     Snag the chaff the near the now disappeared bridge. Then, advance towards
Strut C.


     As you enter, you'll spot two door-less rooms. These are the bathrooms.
Inside, open the toilet's doors and snag the items inside. Look yourself at the
mirror, and get out. Advance upwards through the corridor. A cutscene kicks in.
     You enter the kitchen, and you find a lone man, who's later identified by
Peter Stillman, a bomb disposal expert, brought by the SEALs. He's considered the
bomb disposal guy, and his job here is to disarm the bombs planted by terrorists,
who plan to blow up the big shell.

     Pete explains the duo that he won't be able to do so, because of his leg (it
doesn't work good) and the lack of protection. Pliskin then suggests Pete to teach
them how to defuse bombs. Raiden seems worried at first, having no experience in
the field. Stillman then explains the guys that bomb disposal is easier than it
looks, having the correct tools.
     He then shows you the Coolant Spray, a special spray that will freeze anything
after a few seconds. He takes out a C4 of his own, and turns it on. It's living,
you see. Afterwards, he freezes it with the Spray. It does work it seems. That's
ok. Now we need something for us to locate the bombs.

     Stillman explains Raiden and Pliskin that Fatman, the creator of the C4s
you'll have to freeze, always leaves his signature in the bombs he builds: a trace
of his fine cologne. So, using the Sensor A, which is conveniently given to you by
Stillman. He then gives you the PAN CARD # 1, which you'll require in order to
defuse the bombs. After you're done with him, he'll hide in a pantry. Pliskin and
you will then split roads again.
     As you regain control of Raiden, head southwards towards the Strut's lobby.
Enter the rightmost bathroom, and look yourself at the mirror. Look upwards then.
There is a C4 there, ticking, living. Wipe it out using the coolant. Raiden will
immediately contact Stillman. He shows himself worried, at that wasn't an effective
demolition place. Pliskin also reported other locations, and all of them seem to be
wrong. Hmmm...

     Go out of the bathroom, and head into the BC connecting bridge.


     There will be a new cypher patrolling the now destroyed bridge, to prevent any
surviving SEAL to tell his story. No that you have a fire weapon, you could very
well take it out. Or jam it up. Either way, cross the bridge and head into the


     After the incident with the SEALS, terrorist sent two guards to patrol the
area. One is immediately south of the door you used to access the area. Sleep him
out from afar. The other one is patrolling the inner room, around the node. Look
closely at your radar, and wait for the appropriate moment to ambush him.
Considering that the other one is asleep, kill this one immediately. Afterwards,
kill the sleeping one.
     Once you're done with both guards, it's time to do business. The C4 is in the
inner alcove, and it's a bit tricky to find. Look for an energy panel next to the
door that leads to the locker room. You should notice that the panel has one door
open. Press the action button in order to close it. This will reveal a well-hidden
C4. Freeze it up, and contact Stillman.
     Afterwards, go to the outside hallway, and follow it all the way the door
leading to the bridge.


     Take out the guards again, and enter Strut A.


     Now that you have a PAN CARD, a new room has opened to you. Head southwards,
and turn right. There is a level 1 door in front of the lockers here. Go through it
to enter THE pump room. Before you do, you may want to sleep the cubicle guard, and
hide him in a locker to ensure he doesn't wake up, as you're going to use your un-
suppressed SOCOM a few times inside the pump room.
     In the pump room, there is a guard patrolling, and a camera. Take out the
guard immediately with your SOCOM, and then destroy the camera. You now are free to
explore the area, without any trouble. The bomb here is also a bit tricky to find,
and trickier to explain how to find.

     Head to the bottom wall of the room. You should see a small path to the left
of the pumps. Go through it. Tubes block your way, so crawl your way towards the
left. After you reach some red tubes, crouch southwards. You'll be next to the
pump, and next to the C4. Take out the coolant, and sleep the C4. Raiden will
contact Stillman then, and will report his status. After Raiden's done, Stillman
will be all but happy. That wasn't the correct place to put a C4. Well, it doesn't
matter you, so get moving. Return to the cubicle area, but this time head towards
the AF connecting bridge.


     Now, apart from the cypher, you'll have to deal with a guard. The best way to
work with these two is to kill the guard first with an effective headshot, and then
the cypher. Once you're done with them, cross the bridge and enter the Strut.


     You'll be in the second floor, and guards patrol the area. There is nothing of
special interest in this floor, for now, so head down. You'll be in a semi-open
area, and guards in the second floor may be able to see you. There is a guard
patrolling the area. It's not recommendable to dispatch him. Instead, be stealthy,
and dodge him. Head towards a corridor in the south part of the room, and advance
through it.
     There are two doors here: one to the left, and one to the right. Access the
right one, and get the items there, the mine detector being the most important.
Head outside, and access the left door. Inside, there are a bunch of lockers,
items, as well as a NODE. Grab all of the goodies. Once you're done, look for a
duct in the room's bottom wall. Crawl all the way through it. You'll land in front
of two floating boxes. One of them contains the SOCOM suppressor (YAY!) and the
other one SOCOM bullets. Grab them, and return to the room with the NODE. Go out.

     It's time to look for the bomb. Go to the open area I mentioned before, and
equip your sensor. You will notice you're very near the bomb. It is enclosed
between a pile of crates, in the room's left wall, next to the door that takes you
to the FA connecting bridge. The only way to get inside the crates is to get into
the second floor, and hang from the rail above them. Then, let yourself go. You'll
find inside the C4's private alcove. Freeze it up, and get out by climbing the
boxes inside. Now, look for the stairs that lead to the second floor. Use them, and
go through the sliding door that is in front of the stairs.


     As you try to hop in the bridge, a soldier from the heliport takes out his
binoculars, and starts to investigate. Do no try to hop in the bridge then, because
the guard will easily spot you, call for allies (cyphers in this case, you'll later
know why), and kick your arse. You could wait him to stop staring at the bridge,
and leave, or you could use all of your marksmanship and kill him from afar with
your SOCOM... in one shot, or else he'll call for the cyphers. Pretty challenging.
     Once you're done with the bastard, head towards the bridge. A "must-answer"
call kicks in. A mysterious, face-less man, who identifies himself as deep throat,
awares you of the presence of Claymores in the bridge. He recommends the use of the
Mine Detector. Although Raiden doesn't trust him, you must: there are Claymores all
over the bridge. That's why Cyphers storm you when alert mode kicks in: guards
would get their asses killed if they tried to fight you in the mined field.

     Equip the mine detector. The claymores invisible shape will be transmitted to
your radar, along with their line of sight. Get into the C's line of sight, and
you'll fly away from here... Instead, crawl towards each C, and you'll grab them.
Collect all seven of them, and enter the Strut to the other side of the bridge.


     There is little to be done here. The NODE is to the far north of the room.
There are two guards here, and one of them makes occasional reports. So, if you're
going to kill them, hide their bodies so the backup won't find them once they come
to see why the guard has stopped to make his report. Download the map from the NODE
as usual, and go up the stairs that are in the right wall of the room. This will
take you to the heliport.


     Advance to the left, and approach the stairs. You'll see a cutscene. A woman
dressed with the Gurlukovich's uniform is talking to somebody. That woman is Olga,
who's gotten beautiful thanks to her hair change. She reports to the "somebody" on
the other line what she has seen: first off, she saw somebody hiding under a
cardboard box, in the Shell 1-2 connecting bridge. The "somebody" then says that
he'll put a trap there. Olga also mentions a cyborg ninja.
     After she's done with the "somebody", Raiden will do a jump out attack, and
will try to hold Olga up. She won't show herself worried about this, and will just
jump away, and disappear in the horizon. Raiden will immediately contact Pliskin,
who gives Raiden a small bio of the woman he just saw. It seems Pliskin knew her
from before. The SEAL does admit it, saying that they had met before. Once the
conversation has finished, you'll find yourself halfway through the stairs.

     Go down, and keep heading left. There will be a guard here, next a to pack of
Claymores. Dispatch the guard stealthy, and snag the Claymores. Return to the
stairs, and take them up.
     You'll be in the heliport, along with a bunch of stuff, such as crates,
barrels, and a harrier. The harrier is in the far north part of the heliport. There
are two guards here, three to be exact, but you sniped out the third one while you
were in the EF connecting bridge, didn't you? If you didn't, you'll have to take
care of him. Kill all guards in order to perform your duties without any kind of

     Head towards the harrier, and crawl under it. There is a C4 living on one of
its wheels. Freeze it up. You will immediately contact Stillman, and do your usual
report. Pliskin will then call in, and will report that he found a pack of odorless
C4s at the bottom of Strut H, which the sensor can't detect. Stillman then
immediately realizes that there IS something wrong going on, and decides to go to
Strut H to see the bombs by himself. Oh crap, he cannot walk! Wait, he can?
     After the conversation, head back to the parcel room.


     Head towards where the NODE is and advance to the right. Go through the
Sliding door.


     Only one guard patrols the room. If you want your life to be easier when you
get to Strut D, go downstairs to the bridge's lower floor, and head towards the
Strut's entrance.


     If you entered through the bottom entrance, the NODE will be next to you.
Download the radar. There are three guards in the area. One, who makes occasional
reports, is in the lower level, and can mess you up. The other two and in the upper
level. Don't worry about them for now.
     Advance leftwards, and you should have a meeting with the reporting guards.
Like any of them, if you kill him, the backup unit will come to investigate why he
hasn't been making his reports. So, if you dispatch him, be sure to hide his body.

     On your way leftwards, you'll stumble across a flight of stairs. Ignore it,
but do grab the SOCOM bullets behind it. Keep going leftwards, until you hit the
end of the road. Activate your sensor. It immediately shows you're _very_ near the
bomb. See the maintenance hatches in the floor? Open them. One of them holds the C4
you were looking for. Freeze it up. You will then contact Stillman immediately.
He'll say you now have to freeze an odorless bomb at the bottom of Strut A, and for
that, you will need Sensor B, which he left in Strut C. Conveniently, we're only a
bridge away from Strut C.
     Go upstairs, and dispatch the guard near the stairs. Advance to the left, and
go through the sliding door.


     As you enter, you'll spot a camera... but it won't spot you. You could evade
it, and enter the bridge stealthy, but it's better to blow it up. Now, in the
bridge, there is a lone guard. Blast his brains out from afar, and cross the
bridge. Be careful though, as floor panels will fall as you go through the bridge,
and you could fall with them.


     There are two guards here now. One in the dining room, next to the kitchen,
and one in the bathroom area. Your main objective is to collect the Sensor B, which
floats in the now opened pantry. Be aware of the guard in the dining hall.
     Once you collect the Sensor, you'll contact Stillman to make your usual
report. Pliskin then calls in, and tells the team he's going to defuse the last of
the C4s. Stillman screams at him not to do it. It's too late however. Having
defused all of the baby bombs sent the big bombs to an active status. Now you will
have to defuse the ultra-bomb at the bottom of Strut A---and you have 400 seconds
to do so.
     Make your way towards Strut A. Pass the connecting bridge between B and C,
being aware of the cypher (blast it out). In Strut B, there are new guards. Kill
the one in the outside hallway, and make your way towards the BA connecting bridge.
Cross it, dispatching the guards on the way.


     Look for the stairs leading to the roof in either the right or left portion of
the area.


     The elevator is waiting for you. There is a guard here. Be sure he doesn't
catch you, or else the elevator won't work. Once you're one your way down,
something quite impressive will happen.


     As you arrive at the deep-sea dock, you'll quickly notice that the area is now
filled with new items. Snag 'em up, and go through the corridor to the left.
Advance through it, and you'll reach your starting area. Head southwards towards
the small pool you used to enter the plant. See the sub suspended over it? Put
yourself in front of the sub, and crawl. Look up pal. There is a C4 living there.
The C4 you were looking for. Take out the coolant and blast the C4 away. It's gone.
Finally, the C4 threat is gone.
     Make your way towards the elevator. Colonel will contact you as you walk.
He'll tell you that terrorists just shot in the head a hostage. Foxhound's
satellites caught it clear as day. They say that will kill a hostage every hour, in
retaliation of your bomb-disposal doings. Damn them!

     As Raiden head towards the elevator, a cutscene ensues. Fortune arrives at the
area, looking for somebody to end her misery. Raiden couldn't, so she gets mad at
you. She then aims her massive railgun at you. You now what does that mean...
     Although fortune has a small-ass life bar, your bullets will never hit her.
Never. But her awesome rail cannon will hit you, and very hard at that. So, roll
around constantly, to prevent a direct shot. Don't trust crates, as Fortune's gun
will make short work of them. Once the place has taken enough, Colonel will call
in, ending the battle. He tells you that Fatman has placed a C4 in the heliport,
and that you, Raiden specifically, must de-active it within 300 seconds (or was it

     Watch the scenes that follow. Afterwards, you will need to haul your ass
towards Strut E, heliport. First off, go downstairs (be aware of the claymores) to
the pump room. Take the connecting bridge towards Strut F. Proceed to Strut E, and
then to the heliport.


     As you enter the heliport, turn left, and go upstairs. Snag the SOCOM bullet,
and defuse the C4 in the middle of the everything. Enter the maniac then. Fatman
appears on roller blades, and with red wine on a crystal cup. He says it's time for
party. For some explosive party. You must now fight with the craftsman. See the
enemies' section for more details.
     Once you've taken out Fatboy, you'll have to defuse the mother bomb. It is
conveniently placed under Fatman. Move his body away, and get freeze up the C4. Now
the bomb threat IS finally gone. Shake Fatman's lifeless body to get Stillman's dog

     Head towards the stairs, trying to leave the heliport. A ninja then comes
flying out of the firmament. He presents himself as Mr. X, the same one who called
you then in the EF connecting bridge. He informs you about the situation. You must
get to the hostages, which are in the Shell 1 core, and find somebody named "Ames".
Ames what you say? Our ninja friend has no idea. He then gives you the goodies: a
B.D.U, which you'll use to infiltrate the Shell 1 Core while remaining undetected,
a cell phone, and a level 2 PAN CARD.
     However, in order to efficiently use the B.D.U, you'll need to equip the
terrorist's gun: the AK, which we are going to get now. The AK (as well as other
weapons...) is in the Strut F, warehouse. Head into Strut E, parcel room and head
towards Strut F.


     As you enter, immediately go downstairs. There will be a guard patrolling the
area, by the level 2 doors. Should you take him out, that's your problem. I would
recommend doing so, though, and then dragging him to the cargo room, behind the
level 2 doors.

     Inside the cargo room, which is encrypted as a level 2 security area, you'll
find the necessary AK, which now completes your disguise. Don't get all happy
though: this disguise is only useful while on the core, as outside enemies use
different colors. They'll be able to see through your uniform.
     Like I said before the AK is not the only thing you'll get here. Head
upstairs, and look for level 2 doors. One of the rooms encrypted as level 2
security areas has a laser fence. The panel is in the very same room. Blow it with
your silenced SOCOM, and claim the prize: the M16. Then, head towards the EF
connecting bridge.


     A guard is on lookout from the heliport. He can mess up with your plans, so
dispatch him using your SOCOM (screw the AK for now). Cyphers fly around. Use
either the M16 or the AK to blow 'em up. Advance through the bridge, but take the
adjacent semi-corridor, to the left. After you're halfway through this semi-
corridor, floor panels will start to fall. Run like hell, until you reach the
entrance door to Shell 1 core. Snag the AK bullets next to the door. Equip the
B.D.U, and the AK. Enter the vertex.

SHELL 1 CORE, 1F ===

     Now that you've entered here, a few words of advice:

•Inside the core, never try to do something flashy, such as crawling, or your
rolling attack. This will make guards investigate you, and blow your cover up.

•Don't bump into guards. If you do, your B.D.U is unequipped immediately thus
alerting the enemy about your presence.

•Not un-equipping the B.D.U is something quite obvious, eh? Well, be sure that your
AK is always on its place, too. Un-equipping it will alert guards ASAP.

•As additional tips, if you get discovered, look for a lone corner, and put on your
clothes. When guards find you, they'll think you're a normal soldier, and will
continue looking. You've fooled 'em twice.

     Ok, enough of the tips. Advance to the left of the door you just used to
enter, into the hallway. Notice all the guards around. Hopefully you have these
clothes. It would have been impossible to fool all of these guards, even if you
were the very same big boss (which would have been awesome...).
     Head down the corridor, and enter the small alcove to the left. Inside, there
are a few goodies for you to grab, as well as the NODE. Access it and download the
radar. Once you're done, inspect the lockers to get the rest of the prizes. Go back
into the corridor, but this time head upwards, and turn left when you can. There is
the elevator. Call for it. The camera will check on your uniform. If it is wrong,
then the alarm will sound. Once the elevator arrives, enter, and select the B2


     The computer room is right in the middle of the area, and you'll have to go
around it. Either use the left corridor or the right corridor. What's better, use
both, and get all of the items. Once you reach the Computer room's entrance, go
through it of course.
     This is a very tricky part. Because the space is extremely limited and there
are soldiers around, you may bump into one of them, and you what those that mean,

     The NODE is in the top left portion of the room, along with a box. Download
the area map. Now, you're here because you need the Directional Microphone, which
we'll use later. It is in this very same room, to the left. Once you've got it, get
out of the computer room, and head towards the elevator. Call it up and head
towards the B1.

SHELL 1 CORE, B1 ===

     As you enter you will see a soldier doing an eye-scan, and entering the
hostage room. That's when you need to go. Problem is that your eyes are encrypted
correctly, thus you won't be able to access the hostage room that easy. Dammit!
Anyway, turn to the right and enter the small alcove here. The NODE is standing
there. Access it, and download the radar. Open the lockers inside the alcove and
get all of them items.
     As you try to get out, you'll see a soldier coming towards you. He'll stare
you for a few minutes, and then will give you the back. You'll be tented to kill
him for turning his back at you, but don't do it. Instead, de-equip your gun, and
grab him in a chokehold. Now, carefully, take him towards the eye scanner. He'll
try to liberate himself. If he does, press the Square button two or three times
rapidly in order to discipline him. Put his face into the retinal scanner, and
enter the hostage room. Keep in mind that if he's asleep this will not work: he
must be alive, and with his eyes open.


     As you enter, Colonel calls in and gives you a few words of advice, which I'll
reproduce here. First off, there is a single sentry in the area, taking care of the
hostages. You mustn't try to dispatch him with your guns nor with your hands. Doing
so will get you caught, and will finish you game immediately. Thus, keep it good
with guard. Also, be careful when using the Directional Mic (you'll be using it:
read the next paragraph). If the guard sees you with it, he'll come to question
you. Immediately equip the AK, and stand still while the guard questions you.
     Well, our job is to find a guy called Ames amongst all of these hostages. SO,
what the hell! You scream. How do you find him? It's easy, if you know what to do.
First off, let me tell you that Ames has a pacemaker. This is your only clue the
find him, and the only one you need. In order to identify if a hostage has a
pacemaker or no, point the directional Mic. Towards him. If his or her heartbeat
sounds like "dum, dum--BEEP--dum, dum--BEEP--dum..." then you know he has a
pacemaker. Once you've found Ames, press the Triangle button to call for him.

     Ames talks to Raiden about the situation. He explains you about what the
terrorists are up to, and reveals some shocking things. The Colonel's been hiding
something it seems, eh. During the conversation, "Snake" will appear, but in a room
conveniently located far away from you. "Snake", who's actually Solidus, will talk
with Ocelot. Point the Mic. towards them, and listen to what they've got to say.
You can skip the eavesdropping if you want to. Or if you want some fun, point the
Mic. towards the left of where Solidus and Ocelot are. Hear Johnny Sasaki doing his
stuff in the bathroom. He's having a pretty rough time.
     Afterwards, Ocelot will begin to approach you. You have 10 seconds in order to
equip your gun. Don't try to move. Don't move when you don't have the AK equipped.
Don't move when you have the AK equipped. If you do, Raiden's body will be filled
with lead and it will be gameover.

     Ocelot will talk you with you and Ames. Ames dies. Ocelot then says you must
identify yourself. He orders a troop leader to take out your balaclava, which
immediately identifies you as Raiden, and not as a soldier. You've been discovered,
wise guy. Just when Ocelot is about to send Raiden to better land, Mr X appears,
and saves the day. Raiden escapes while the Ninja takes care of the soldiers.
     As you step out of the hostage room, a voice tells the soldiers to be alert:
somebody's infiltrated the core, and he may be in their own colors. Damn, you're
fucked! You'll have to hide until caution runs out. There is a guard in the NODE
room. Dispatch him silently (SOCOM), and hide in there until Caution finishes. Once
it does, call for the elevator. Head towards 1F.

SHELL 1 CORE, 1F ===

     If you somehow got here while on caution, then return to the B2, and wait
caution to stop. Otherwise, backup units will be all over the place, significantly
increasing the number of threats you'll have to overcome. If caution has run out,
turn right, and take out the camera from afar with your silenced SOCOM. Take care
of the guards in the hallway. Make your way towards the door leading to the EF
connecting bridge. Freedom at last.


     We must now get the to the Big Shell's second shell. For that, you'll need to
cross the Shell 1-2 connecting bridge, which is full of bombs and laser fences. So,
in order to successfully cross the bridge, you'll need to obtain a precision rifle,
a.k.a a sniper rifle. However, after reading Adrenaline's guide, I quickly noticed
that you could cross the bridge without the use of the PSG1. You just need the
SOCOM. So, how do I do it? Check SL's FAQ...
     Now, our main objective here is to reach the Strut F. Keep in mind that
cyphers govern this bridge once again, so wipe 'em out. Access the Strut F.


     In here, open all doors encrypted as level 3 doors. Two of them contain some
worthwhile prizes: the Grenade Launcher, along with ammo for it, and PSG1. In the
room you got the PSG1, look for a duct in the right wall, and crawl through it to
get the PSG1-T. Once you've gotten your prizes, head to the Strut D. Use the level
3 door in the second floor, to the north, to access the Shell 1-2 connecting


     As you enter the bridge, Pliskin contacts you and explains the situation.
Semtex has been planted all over the bridge, along with its control unit. A laser
fence prevents you from going further. In order to get to Shell 2, you will need to
defuse all of the Semtex, not by using your coolant, but by destroying all of the
control units here. First off, turn around. There will be two control units just
above the entrance to Strut D. These can be easily taken out with your SOCOM.
Another one is just next to the laser fence. Proceed and destroy it with your
     The next ones require the use of the sniper rifle. First off, there are two
next to the Strut G entrance. One is to the left of the entrance, right in the
middle of four semtex charges. Take a pentazemin, a carefully take it out. The left
one is also in the same conditions: enclosed by Semtex. It requires the very same
precise aiming. After you've taken care of it, unequip the sniper rifle for a few
seconds, and walk a little to the left. Equip your binoculars, and zoom in the Sons
of Liberty flag. You should see the control unit behind it. Blow it up.

     The next control unit is a little far away from you. There is a cypher
hovering around Shell 2, in the horizon. Zoom in the PSG1. You should see that it
has a control unit on its head. Take a pentazemin, and take aim. Be sure you hit
the control box, not the cypher, or else it will make everything go kaboom. Once
you've taken care of it, return to the bridge. Another control unit is halfway
through the bridge, to the left, next to a pump. The last control unit is to the
right, on a small ledge next to the bridge. Birds enclose it. You may have to kill
a few of them in order to destroy the control unit.
     Once you've taken care of the control units, cross the laser fence. Once you
do, a cutscene ensues. Pliskin and his "friend" are on a Kasatka, when suddenly
Solidus Snake appears. He uses all of his Big Boss like skill, and outplays Pliskin
helicopter. Solidus then falls into a Harrier, in where Vamp is. The battle
commences. For information on how to beat the Harrier, check the bosses' section.
Once you've taken him out, the bridge will be devastated. You will be asked if you
want to save your game. Do so.

                                     SHELL 2
_____________________      ---THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES---      _____________________

     As you regain control of raiden again, head towards the left of the now
destroyed bridge. You should a flight of stairs leading down to a ration. Grab the
ration, and immediately return to the platform, as the stairs will fall to the
water. To the north is an enormous gap between you and the entrance to Strut G
(which is blocked). If you're good, you'll be able to jump from this platform to
the other, and get the AK suppressor. It can be done, and the AK suppressor is
worth it.
     If you couldn't then hang from the right rails, and fall in the pipe. Walk
northwards, being careful of not walking over bird shit, as it will make Raiden
slip and fall into the water. Once you reach the end of the pipe, climb the small
platform. If you turn left, fire will start, and your chances of getting the AK
suppressor will end there. Instead, turn right, and follow the corridor, until you
reach a dead end. Hang away, and throw yourself into the corridor below. As soon as
you do, two guards appear in an adjacent corridor. If you suppressed the AK, equip
it, and kill the guards with it. You could also use the PSG1, but you must kill
both fast or else they will get alerted.
     Either way, advance through the corridor towards the right. You'll find two
holes on the corridor along the way: one can be easily rolled over, while the other
will require you to hang. At the end of the corridor, there is a ladder. Climb it


     Guards will look through the windows from time to time. If you happen to be
standing in front of a window while they look, they'll call for an armed cypher to
take care of you. So, you could just the soldiers to look away and pass stealthy.
But the best way to the floor them is to crawl all the way. Yes, indeed. Crawl, and
move rightwards. Crawl as fast as you can, as some floor panels will fall when you
touch them. If you're slow, you'll go out with them.
     Once you reach the far right part of the perimeter, you will see a gap. There
is apparently no way to cross it, uh? Think twice. Flatten against the wall, and
continue heading rightwards. Once you reach an obstacle on your way, crouch, and
keep moving rightwards, while flattening, until you reach the other side. Move on.
Halfway through the corridor, a guard will burst out on you. If you're not careful,
the yellow liquid may hit you. It doesn't do any harm, and it's actually cool.
Anyways, once you reach the end of the corridor, drop to the catwalk below.

     To the right is a small flight of stairs, which takes you to the KL connecting
bridge. Grab the goodies and the catwalk, and ascend to the connecting bridge.
There is a cypher around, so be careful. On the connecting bridge, you should see a
small corridor enclosed by gun-cyphers. This corridor takes you to the Shell 2
core. Equip the M16, and blast away all of the cyphers. Cross the bridge and enter
the core.


     As you enter, you'll spot Olga. Some lengthy cutscenes follow, and you'll be
able to eavesdrop on Olga if you want to. Afterwards, you will have to find a way
to destroy the electric unit inside the prez's alcove. That's the only way to
deactivate the electrified floor Olga just activated. Don't step into this floor,
or you'll be roast chicken. Or wait, step into it. The animation that follows is
quite funny.
     Anyway, head towards the left, and then upwards grabbing the goodies along the
way. You should see a few ducts on your way: keep them in mind. Also, there is a
small room equipped with gun cameras. Destroy them while you can.
     There will be a rest room before the elevator. In the rest room, you'll find
the NODE. Download the radar, and then take the elevator. Select the B1.


     As you pop out of the elevator, turn right to find the all-necessary NODE.
Access it, and download the area map. Next to the NODE you'll see a flight of
stairs. Take them down, and hop into the water. Colonel immediately calls in, and
explains Raiden about the basics of swimming. Once he's done with the talking, it's
time do business. Our main objective here is to find the Nikita. Dive in, and
advance forwards through the flooded corridor, until you reach a floating box. It
contains the Nikita. Grab it, and return to the elevator. If you happen to run out
of air while underwater, use any of the rest points in order to replenish your
oxygen bar.


     Remember the ducts I mentioned a while ago? Send a remote controlled missile
through any of them. Once you reach the prez's room, look for the control panel. Be
aware though, as when the prez sees the missile, he will run away, and sometimes
the brainless will run in front of the missile. Dammit! Be careful, it's all I have
to say. Once the panel explodes, head towards the electrified floor and cross it.
Enter the prez's room.
     After President Johnson grabs Raiden's balls, he'll talk business. He mentions
that the terrorists already have the code. It is incredible. The president himself
gave the code to the terrorists! Damn it Johnson, what were you thinking!? Anyways,
after talking a bunch of gibberish, he'll ask Raiden to kill him. Surprise! He
wants to atone his sins: if he dies, the terrorists won't be able to reconfirm the
code, thus making the nuke ineffective, saving billions of lives that way. Raiden
refuses, but is Ocelot who makes short work of Johnson.

     After all of that crap, grab the ammo that's been left in the room. Prez
Johnson is now in heaven, looking at you. It seems your mission is now objective-
less, uh? Well it isn't. Johnson revealed some shocking information about Arsenal
Gear, and mentioned Emma Emmerich, who's somewhere in the flooded area of the Shell
2 core. Is now your job to find her. First off, head towards the filtration
chamber... Ah, yes. I forgot to mention it. You know have the level 4 PAN CARD, as
well as a MO disk or Virus Disk in your possession.


     When I'm about to replay this game, I always think of this part: it's quite
challenging. But it's more challenging to explain it. I'll do my best. First off,
get into the water. Advance through the flooded corridor as if you were to collect
the Nikita. However, turn right as soon as you can. Advance through the corridor.
Halfway through it, turn to the left, and grab the night vision goggles which are
in a small alcove. Return to the corridor, and advance forwards. Turn left then.
     Head upwards, but be aware of an opening to the left side. Go through it and
follow the corridor until you see an opening to the right. Go through the small
hallway. To the other side, immediately turn to the left, and then right when you
can. Head upwards, and turn right. There will be a hatchdoor here if I remember
correctly. Open it. A dead body of somebody you know floats over you, lying in a
pool of blood. Go through the hatchdoor.

     This is without any doubt the hardest part of the whole underwater expedition.
This area is filled with a bunch of debris. Maneuver around them, using oxygen
points when necessary to replenish your health. Once you reach surface, after all
of the debris, go through the sliding door. You'll meet Vamp. He'll talk a little
more about Arsenal. Starting to become an Arsenal expert huh? You'll then have to
fight the vampire. Refer to the boss section for strategy on how to beat him. Be
careful not to fall in the water.
     Once Vamp has been killed, go through the door in the northwest part of the
room. More water. Dive in.  This time around, the route is much easier. Advance to
the left through the flooded corridor, then up, and then right. Take the first left
you can. You're on surface. Yay! Go through the door, and enter the locker room. If
you check your radar, which can be downloaded in the NODE here, you'll quickly
notice that there is a harmless human being here. It's hidden in a locker. Detect
the correct locker using your radar, and open it.

     You'll find a nerd looking girl. Like somebody you know, she will pee in here
pants once he sees you and your gun. Raiden immediately pulls back his weapon, and
gets all friendly with the girl, which is no other than Emma Emmerich. E.E. doesn't
believe Raiden is a good guy, but immediately changes her opinion about him once
Raiden uses his nanomachine: any of the common guards have them.
     After all of the talking, you must take Emma back to the Air Purification
room, in the first floor. This mean swimming with her. There is a problem, though.
She's not able to swim, as she's scared of waters. This problem is quickly
resolved, and you'll soon take control of both Raiden and Emma. If you go out of
water, you'll quickly notice that E.E. cannot walk, and that you'll have to grab
her hand with yours (which should be weaponless) in order to move with her. Damn.


     As soon as you enter, your radar gives you a glimpse of what's to come: guards
are governing the area now. You must cross the whole floor in order to return to
the KL connecting bridge. Problem is that you now have Emma, and she can't walk.
And you can't make her walk unless you're weaponless. Dammit Emma. This means we'll
have to kill every guard in the area to safely cross it along Emma...
     First off, put Emma to rest in the small alcove to the right of the elevator.
Once you've done so, head towards the rest room. A guard inhabits, and will take
long pauses at each of the rest rooms doors. Once he's not looking, hold him up,
and give him a good headshot with your hopefully suppressed SOCOM. It's not
recommendable to leave the body there, lying in a pool of blood. Instead, take it
to where Emma is. Hide the body there.
     Take the hallway adjacent to the rest room all the way down. Halfway through
it, however, a sentry will come out of the elevator, and will patrol the hallway.
Hide in the room where the gun cameras where (that's why I told you to destroy
them) and wait the sentry to turn his back at you. Dispatch him, and hide him in
the camera room.

     There is also another sentry in a short hallway to the left of the hallway
adjacent to the rest room. He's looking at a malfunctioning sliding door, and is
giving you his back. Dispatch him without any trouble, and hide him inside the
camera room. Take the small flight of stairs next to the camera room down. There
are two guards here. Well, maybe going downstairs wasn't such a good idea. Go
upstairs again, and enter FPV. Stand in your tiptoes. You know have a clear shot at
both guards. Bien! Send them to outer heaven :)
     Return for Emma, and drag her along to where the two guards you just
dispatched where. Leave her here, and take the small flight of stairs to the right.
Just as you do so, another enemy magically appears. Immediately hide behind the
crates, and wait him to turn his back at you. Wait, don't. Now that there are no
guards, take out your M16, and kill him. Even if he sees you, he won't be able to
tell the story. It's fun to see the guard screaming while a barrage of bullet
pierce his body, you know >=).


     If you were thinking "how the hell I'm going to cross this bridge, as it has
some missing floor panels!?" Well, hopefully, the fixed that. You can now cross the
bridge easily along with Emma. Once you reach the KL connecting bridge, you'll
quickly spot a patrolling guard. Wipe out your SOCOM and put a shot in his crotch
(or head for that matter) to kill him.
     Grab Emma's hand again. Notice all the fire that appears when you try to reach
Strut L's door? Wipe it out using the coolant spray, and head towards the Strut's
door. It results that is a level 5 door. Damn!!!!!. Oh well, Emma has the level 5
PAN CARD! That's good Emmy. Open the door and enter the vertex... eh the strut.


     Leave Emma by the entrance. If you were missing a good massacre, rejoice, as
here you'll use your killing skills. There are two guards, which patrol the short
hallway. Why bother about being stealthy? There are just two of them! Take out your
M16, and blow your cover up. Fill the poor guys' bodies with lead. They won't be
able to call for the backup unit, as they will be dead.
     Return for Emma, and cross the hallway. Open the hatchdoor, which reveals an
enormous ladder. It seems Emma can handle it. Good.


     Another cool part of this game, gameplay wise. We need Emma to cross the oil
fence. Problem is that the Oil Fence is patrolled by cyphers, soldiers and is
rigged with claymores. No problem. It's time for some sniping action. Wait Emma to
embark upon her task. Equip the PSG1, and take a pentazemin. Equip the Thermal
Goggles then. Emma's path is filled with claymores. Clear it for her. There is also
a guard patrolling the area. Kill him.
     Basically, all you have to do here is to destroy Cyphers and to kill guards
AND to destroy claymores. Pliskin (now known as Snake, for hopefully obvious
reasons) will call you sometime. He'll tell you he's found a sniping spot, and that
he'll be able to help you, if you call him. Now, if you call him he'll start
shooting at things along with you. He's very good at this, so you should definitely
call him.
     After Emma has covered enough of the oil fence a cutscene will commence. Vamp
will jump out of the matter, and will grab Emma as a hostage. You'll now have to
kill him. See the boss guide for more reference. Or wait, don't. Just shoot at
Vamp's head with your PSG1 a few times to dispatch him. Sorry wise guy. You're
     DAMN! He's stabbed Emma! Snake rescues her and supplies you information about
he situation. It seems the wound is very serious. You must now get to Emma. Raiden
will climb back the ladder, and when you finally get to control him, he's already
at Strut E! Enter the parcel room.


     Not too much to do here (well, you could get the digital camera... see the
curiosities section for more information about that). There is a lone guard, but
he's apparently too occupied with rock (probably Iced Earth... YEAH!) Get into the
EF connecting bridge.


     There are three replanted Cyphers in the bridge. Ok... wipe 'em out. Once
you've taken care of them, head towards the corridor, which serves as a pre-Shell
Core. Notice the gaps on it. You'll have to hang your way towards the Shell's core
entrance. If your Grip bar is about to deplete, stop hanging when in front of a
panel. However, don't get too comfy there, as the panel will start to fall. Hang
immediately if that's the case.


     Take the elevator. Some lengthy cutscenes, and a lot of surprises. You'll find
yourself in a torture room, naked. Solidus will strange you. Mash the triangle
button to prevent your oxygen bar from depleting.


     After you've been freed, you'll quickly notice that you're naked and that
you're grabbing your crotch with your hands. For this, I would like to write down
some notes that could save your skinny ass:

•First off, you won't be able to punch as effectively as when you had your clothes.
You can only use one hand, remember! Also, I would like to point out that you
mustn't try to take out the guards you'll soon meet with your bare hands. They've
gotten tougher, and harder to kill. Thus, melee weapons become ineffective.

•You won't be able to handle, as both of your hands are required to perform this
action, and both of your hands are occupied with your balls. Get it?

     Ok, that's about it. Once you've practiced enough with Raiden, open the locker
in this room, and snag a medicine. This medicine could save your life, you know. As
you're clothe-less and Arsenal is extremely cold, the flu may catch you, and you
will start to sneeze which means the enemy will be able to detect you. Turn to the
right and advance. Download the radar from the NODE here.


     As you enter, advance rightwards. Colonel calls in and says some messed up
things. From now on he'll start calling you and will then say a bunch of gibberish.
Ignore all of his calls. Really.
     Go up the stairs to the right. You'll be in the second plant. Follow the
corridor northwards, being aware of the guards around. If you do find a gap in the
floor, do a roll over it. Keep going north. There will be a guard here, next to the
sliding door that you need to cross. Holy crap! If he hasn't detected you,
elaborate some kind of strategy to fool him: I normally just run past him and go
through the door (hint, hint...).


     As you enter, Colonel will call in again. This time around, keep answering his
calls. After around one billion, Rose will call you. Hear to what she's got to say
(hmmm... so that's what Rose and Raiden were doing in Rosee's flat, eh? >=). A
cutscene will commence then. Snake's back. He'll give you your clothes, your items,
your everything, as well as the high frequency blade. Practice with it. Try to get
Snake's dog tag by hitting him enough for him to fall, and then shaking him. Once
you've practiced enough, move on to the north door, at the end of the corridor.


     Alert mode will kick in immediately. Take out your M16 or the Stinger, and
send bullets or missiles flying through the hordes of enemies to take them out.
Snake will help you. He's pretty skillful with the guns, and you should do whatever
he does. Keep in mind that swordsmen are too tough for Snake: in case one shows,
kill it by yourself, using the H.F.B. After a lot of killing, alert mode will stop,
and a door will open. Go through it.


     More carnage. Take out everybody. Sometimes, the screen may show a false
Mission Failed screen, which, instead of Mission Failed shows "Mission Mailed" or
something like that. Use the little screen here in order to keep playing. Once
you've taken out enough guards, watch the cutscenes that follow. You'll then have
to fight some RAYs. See the boss section for details.


     Watch the cutscenes. Solidus will choke you sometime. Press rapidly Triangle
in order to prevent death. It's very hard, and people say it's harder in higher
difficulties. If you manage to survive, watch the awesome cutscenes, and listen to
the boring CODEC calls.


     Well, it's the final battle. Nothing to say here actually. Refer to my boss
guide for more help. Once you've finished Solidus, sit back and enjoy the ending.



                            --- THE WEAPONS ---


     Your start off with it in the tanker, and you find it very soon in the plant.
The tranquilizer is a small, non-damaging weapon. It fires a dart per square button
press (read: it reloads after every shot), and is used to sleep your enemies. A
good placed shot will send them to wonderland immediately. Hit them in the chest or
the hand, and you may have to wait a minute or two before amorphous visits them. Is
a very basic weapon, useful on its own, but you'll forget about it fast, once you
get your SOCOM silenced.


     The USP and the SOCOM are basically the same... well, they aren't but in the
game they are. Both are lightweight weapons, with a medium fire rate, good accuracy
and decent power. The USP is equipped with a light module that serves as a lantern
while in a dark area... useless. The SOCOM, however, comes equipped with a laser-
aiming module (I think that's the right name) that improves your aim. Not by much,
but it does. The USP, which you'll find in the tanker, is quite useless due to the
lack of silencer. Plus, you have the tranquilizer. The SOCOM is way more useful.
You can silence it, and it's the correct weapon to kill guards without doing any
kind of sound. You get the USP after beating Olga, and Pliskin gives the SOCOM to
Raiden after the Vamp scene.


     I love this baby. It's my preferred weapon, as it causes so much mayhem. The
AK has an extremely fast fire rate, meaning it will deplete the whole clip in
matter of seconds. This means bullets flying and piercing bodies everywhere. Total
catastrophe and pools of blood ensured. Add a suppressor to it, and you get one
hell of a gun. Still, due to its lighting fire rate, accuracy is somewhat
diminished, let alone ammo lasting. Indeed, ammo will disappear fast if you use it
a lot. Make sure you use it only when you need to. You'll find at the Strut F
warehouse first floor, in the top right room.


     See the above description. However, remove suppressing capabilities and the
overall usefulness part. As not being a silencing-capable weapon, the M-16 is best
used when alert kicks in irremediably and your only way to survive is to dispatch a
few guards. You'll find yourself using this weapon when you screw up very badly, or
when the story requires you to (I.e. when the game sends you to alert mode because
of the story). I've noticed it had lesser accuracy than the AK, but more power.
Still, stick with the AK. You'll find the M16 at Strut F warehouse, second floor.


     The PSG1 is a sniping rifle, thus it requires you to be stealthy and have a
strong pulse (read: use a diazepam) in order to be used correctly. Once you equip
it, the crosshair kicks in, and you start to tremble. Take a pill, and look for the
enemy. Take aim, and press the square button. Hear the horrid bang (horrid enough
to alert nearby and not-so-nearby guards), and watch your enemy go down. This
weapon is best used when a few enemies are around, and you want to dispatch them
for afar. It kills in one hit and is necessary for your character to reload after
each shot. You'll find in the Strut F warehouse.


     A variation of the PSG1, the PSG1-T is also a sniper rifle, but instead of
using it for killing purposes, you'll use it for sleeping purposes. It works the
same way as the PSG1, but it will sleep your enemies, instead of killing them.
You'll get it in a duct in the same room where you get the PSG1.


     The Stinger missile launcher is probably one of the most useless weapons in
the game, talking about general gameplay. I say general gameplay, because certain
boss fights will require you to use the stinger in order to emerge victorious. It
deploys missiles that lock on target automatically once it detects it. The missile
travels at medium speed, meaning that agile adversaries will be able to dodge it if
skillful enough. Its destructive power is incomparable, yet its usefulness is very
limited due to the extreme sound it makes after being deployed. Pliskin will throw
it at you once the Harrier battle starts.


     Nothing to do with La Femme Nikita if you were wondering. The Nikita is a very
versatile missile launcher. But, like the saying GheddonLN invented, versatile-ness
is not the same as useful-ness. I say versatile because you can control the
missiles you deploy, either in third person view or in first person view, until
they run out of gasoline. Once they do, the hit ground and go kaboom. However,
these missiles will alert guards upon their presence, and because they're slow,
guards will most likely shoot it down. When it blows up, it makes a lot of noise,
which is normally worth of an alert mode. You'll get it en the flooded B2 of Shell
2 core.


     Refer to the previous two weapons. However, remove remote-controlling
capabilities, and remove also a lot of points from the usefulness scale bar.


     What's the purpose of this? At least in the first game it has its uses, like
in the COM Tower. But now, what's the point of it? Yes, it stuns automatically
every guard within range, but it also sends the game into alert mode. Blah, Konami
ruined it.


     Unlike its brother, you'll use the Chaff quite often... well, not often. A few
times. It jams any electronic device within range (that includes your radar) for a
while. It is useful to jam Cyphers out, cameras. Problem is that Cyphers and
cameras are very limited, so are the Chaff uses.


     The normal, basic grenade. Once you remove its lock, you have a few seconds to
throw it, or it will explode in your hands. Fortunately, this is not the case here:
equip the weapon, and press and hold the square button in order to throw the bomb.
Raiden will remove its lock then. Is a very powerful weapon, as it kills anything
upon touch. Problem is that is very hard to aim with this. You may send the bomb
too far from your enemy, or too near to you.


     Once you plant a C4 in the floor, you'll be able to detonate it via remote
control, which is no other than the Circle button. The C4 has its uses, like for
example, putting it along the crates during the fight with Fatman and detonating it
when he passes by.


     The claymore is a special bomb that when planted in the floor, will create a
"field" in front of them. If somebody enters that field, represented as a cone of
sight in your radar, the bomb will explode. This bomb has no remote capabilities.
This could be bad or good, depending the situation you want to use it.


     The empty magazine works like a grenade: you throw it. However, it won't
explode. Instead, it will make such sound that will confuse guards. If you throw it
very near you, guards will find you easily. The purpose of this is to fool guards,
making them think you're somewhere you aren't. Cool, uh?
     The porno magazine (don't open your eyes like that; wise guy :) is placed in
the ground once you press the attack button. You won't be able to grab it again,
but you won't need it anyway. When guards walk around, they'll start looking at the
mag for a few minutes, giving you time to do your things.


     The ultimate killing device. A metallic work-of-art, this thing rocks. You'll
use the right analog stick in order to swing it. A full-circle swing is enough to
take out a bunch of guards around you in one or two hits. But the best and most
effective way to use the High Frequency Blade is to tap on the R3 button to do a
stinger attack. It pierces your enemy's stomach, and kills him in one hit. Problem
is that it takes a lot of time to equip and de-equip, and is pretty slow. An
otherwise superb weapon.

                            --- WHERE THEY'RE FOUND ---


Tanker: You start off with it.

Plant: You'll find it in the Strut F, warehouse.


Once you've beaten Olga in the Tanker, you'll get this weapon.


Given to you by Pliskin, after you've dealt with Vamp in the Strut B, transformer


Found in the Strut F, warehouse.


Also found in the Strut F, warehouse.


This one is found at a small alcove in the Strut F, warehouse second floor.


In the same room where you got the PSG1, look for a duct in the right wall. Crawl
through it, and you'll see this gun floating.


Given to you by Pliskin in the Shell 1-2 connecting bridge, once the battle with
the Harrier starts.


Found in Shell 2 core, in the flooded basement. It is floating around.


Found at the Strut F, warehouse.


Given to you by Snake once you find him in Arsenal Gear.


                                 --- ITEMS ---

|RATION| Food packed in cold hard metal. This it receives a description of "Metal
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯  ready to eat" by the game. Rations --which are found by shaking soldier's
bodies and by finding them around the different areas of the game-- will recover
your character's health by a lot when used. Use them when you're running out of
health to prevent bleeding issues, or any kind of trouble. You could also equip
them while in a dangerous battle, to ensure that when your health depletes, you'll
revive, thanks to the ration.

|BANDAGE| Absorbent pad used to cure nasty wounds. These appear when your life
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  gauge is orange. That means Snake is about to bleed. As you bleed, you'll
lose health, and you'll start to leave blood signs in the floor, which will serve
the enemy as clues of your whereabouts. Administrate a bandage in order to cure the
wound and stop blood and health losing. You could also use a ration, but I would
recommend you to reserve these for more dangerous situations.

|CARDS| These special cards, whose correct name is PAN card, are charged with
 ¯¯¯¯¯  nanomachines. When you have them in your equipment, these nanomachines will
connect to yours, thus making you a living PAN card, and making you able to open
PAN doors without having to take out the card of your pocket. These cards come in
five varieties: from level "1" to level "5". Level one PAN will only open level 1
doors. However, higher leveled PANs will also open lower leveled doors.

|AP SENSOR| This sensor has on it a special engine which detect any kind of
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  harmful life form in the perimeter. Once it detects the bastard, it
will send a radio signal (yeah right) to your dualshock controller, and will make
it vibrate. Once it does, you know somebody who wants to bite you in the crotch is
around. Wipe out your gun, and let the paranoia hit you. This thing sounds like a
useful gadget, but it is not, as the vibration is very weak. So, there could be an
enemy in your back, but you won't notice until the backup unit is shooting at you.

|CARDBOARD BOX| A "gadget" which has served Snake in numerous missions. This
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  versatile box can be carried in your very same pocket, and it's a
good way to fool your enemies. Hide in it, and put yourself near other boxes, and
enemies may confound you with a pack of oranges. Or, move around with it, stopping
when an enemy looks at you. This will confuse them, and will give you time to run
like a rabbit. Keep in mind that this is not 100% effective, as some clever
soldiers may blow up your cover, and bite you in the ass.

|BINOCULARS| These are used for long terrain reconnaissance. Equip them, and the
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  scope vision will kick. Numerous lines, figures and bunch of crap will
appear onscreen. Any of them is worth of your attention. Just hit the X and CIRCLE
button to zoom in and out. Use the binoculars to detect far away things, such as
soldiers, items, semtex bombs, semtex bombs panels, and other things. These are
quite useful at times, but they will be sitting in your inventory for the most of
the game. Too bad. I really like them.

|THERMAL GOGGLES| If you thought the binoculars, wait to see these. Like the
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  binoculars, use them for not-so-long terrain reconnaissance. But
you won't find yourself using them for that. As thermal goggles, they detect any
kind of heat signal. This includes guards, either dead or alive, explosives such as
claymores and C4s, and even items, of course!. These goggles are very potent. They
trespass walls, and make you able of seeing what's beyond them. Use them to detect
explosives, and to develop strategies on how to evade them. Also, a very efficient
device to see enemies in the darkness.

|B.D.U| These letters --which are the same as "Battle dress uniform"--
 ¯¯¯¯¯  are the letters that represent the Gurlukovich's uniform you'll use
somewhere in the game. This uniform it's the latest way to fool guards, and
certainly the most effective, that is, if you have the correct weapon, which is, in
this case, the AK. Sadly, not every guard wears this uniform's colors, thus it will
be useless in some areas, even if you have the AK with you. But in a certain place,
it will be your only way to survive. However, it is not flawless: if you do some
kind of strange move, guards will see through the uniform, and will try to inspect
you. Un-equipping your AK will also alert them. Let alone being hit by a guard:
this will totally blow your camouflage.

|SUPRESSOR| This little tube can be attached to any compatible gun you have. It
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  will muffle the shots, thus making them practically soundless.
Suppressors are attached to your gun by equipping the suppressor and the gun at the
same time. When a gun is suppressed, you will be finally able to kill your enemies
without worrying about the others.
|VIRUS DISK| The virus disk is given to you by Emma Emmerich, a computer whiz
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  who joins you later in the game. She's coded it, and programmed, and
did everything on it. Now that she's found out what Arsenal is for, she wants to
use this disk in order to stop it. You'll travel through a portion of the game with
it, until you finally give it to Snake, who along with Otacon and Emma activate the
virus and destroy Arsenal's operating system.

|SENSOR A-B| Sensor A is given to you by Peter Stillman, once you find him
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  in Strut C. He'll explain you what it is for: the Sensor A is a
special sensors which percepts the odor that Fatman's C4s expulse. Stillman asked
somebody to design this sensor, as he knew Fatman would leave a trace of his
cologne in his C4s. Sensor B, on the other side, is FOUND by you after Stillman
leaves his hideout and discover odorless C4. Sensor B beeps once it feels a C4

|MINE DETECTOR| The Mine Detector, found very early in the plant chapter, is
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  a must own gadget in certain situations. The mine detector, once
equipped, will localizate nearby Claymore mines. It will transmit the signal of the
claymores to your radar, making you able to see the explosives on it, along with
their range of sight. The mine detector won't beep, won't make your control rumble.
It just will show the position of the claymores. The rest is up you.

|CAMERA| The camera is a tanker-only item. As a futuristic camera, it has a bunch
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯  of lines and graphics on its visors, which should help you to take photos.
Unfortunately, you depend on your skills to take good photos. Photos can be stored
on the camera's memory, which is pretty limited by the way. A photo takes up a
single slot. You can "overwrite" photos.
|DIGITAL CAMERA| A variation of the camera. When you take a photo with this one,
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  instead of storing it in your camera's memory, you will be able to
store it in your memory card.
|CELL PHONE| While with this you won't be able to make phone calls, you will be
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  able to receive electronic messages, which will serve you as clues on
how to pass certain areas of the game. These messages are very brief, simple, but
they're too to the point. Once you've got a new message, thee cell phone will ring.
You will get the cell phone after beating Fatman. A special somebody will give it
to you, and I'm suspecting that it is the same person who sends you the messages...
|BODY ARMOR| This special "jacket" will be your friend through many gunfights,
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  specially when in higher difficulties. When you equip it, like the
B.D.U, you'll be able to see on your character's chest!. But its usefulness goes
beyond than being cool: when you receive a bullet shot with this equipped, damage
will be minimized, thus making you a more long-lasting being.
|DIREC. MICROPHONE| The directional microphone is a gun-like gadget, but only in
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  shape. It has the form of a handgun, and has attached a small
Mic. to it. However, don't let its size fool you. This Mic. is extremely potent,
and is able to hear through walls and to percept the lightest of the sounds. Once
you equip it, you'll get into first person view. You'll be able to control the
direction the Mic. points, or listens, in this case. It's a story driven item, and
you'll find yourself it using quite a few times.

|COOLANT SPRAY| You thought that bomb defusal was hard, as it involved precise
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  reflexes and a lot of tension. Don't want to go through that, even
if it is a game?. Enter the coolant spray. This is, like its name suggests, a
spray, a very cool one, indeed. Once equipped, point at the C4, and let the gas go
out. It will freeze the C4 after a few minutes, thus making it unable to explode.
|CIGARETTES| Hahaha, Snake, we got you. Nothing better than a cigarette when
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  running away from your enemies, or when in the middle of a storm, eh?.
The cigs are very versatile, but ultimately useless. First off, you can use a cig
to prevent colds while in the open. You could also use it while aiming with a gun,
to prevent hand shaking. And you can use it to see lasers. Just smoke near a laser
fence, and the smoke will revel you the truth. Keep in mind though, that cigs are a
double-edged sword: on one hand, they serve you for multiple purposes. On the
other, they will reduce your health slowly as you smoke. Be aware.

|PENTAZEMIN/DIAZEPAM| If you're a MGS1 veteran, then chances are you were
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  calling these "diazepams". However, Konami decided to shift
from Diazepam to Pentazemin. Why?. Don't know. But both of them are used for the
same: take one while Sniping, and your shaky hands will calm down, for some
minutes. Make use of them to destroy and kill everything. Once the effect runs out,
you will begin to shake again. Take another pentazemin, in that case.

|NIGHT VISION GOGGLES| A variation of our trusty binoculars and thermal goggles.
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  These, like the other two, have a lot of lines and strange
stuff on its visor. These, like in the other two, are useless, as you won't can use
the NVG without accessing its visor(FPV). Once you equip the NVG, everything around
you will become green, and you will be able to identify living beings and items.
There is a catch, though: these are only useful while everything around you is
dark. If you're in a place where there is a lot of light, your screen will become a
mess, and you will go blind. Unequip the NVG in that case.
|SHAVER| And you thought that some of the above items were completely useless.
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯  Well, think twice, as you've come with the ultimate use-less item: the
shaver. This thing, which is a razor, will lay dormant in your inventory for some
hours, until you advance enough to find Pliskin. After he gives you his cigs you
will give him this. If you DO give it to him, and last portion of the game, when
you find him again, he will be completely shaved. Cool.

                              --- SECRET ITEMS ---

|BANDANA| Collect the necessary Dog Tags, and this item will appear in your
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  inventory once you start the tanker chapter again. This is an Snake-only
item, and it grants him infinite ammo.

|STEALTH| This special gizmo is given to you once you amass the necessary dog tags.
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  You will get it in both the tanker and the plant, but it's way more
useful in the plant, as it is longer and there are more enemies. Once you activate
this thing, your character will become invisible --not invincible, but invisible,
which is way better, and cooler. Nobody and anything will be able to see you: fool
enemies, play with them, or kill them with style while you have this item. It's way
too cool.

|BROWN WIG| These are a plant-only item. Amass the necessary dog tags, and when
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  you go through the plant again, this will be in your inventory. Equip
it, your Weapons will have an infinite source of ammo, or in other words, you will
never run out of ammo. This is the best prize you could get for the dog tags, even
better than the Bandana. Why?. Because the only weapons Snake will handle are the
USP and the M9, for which you don't need infinite ammo. Raiden, however, will get
the AK, M16, PSG1, etc, for which you DO need a lot of ammo, due to the multiple
enemies you'll have to kill with them.

|ORANGE WIG| This is another plant-only item. Amass the necessary dog tags, and
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  next time you go through the plant, this will be in your inventory.
This is when dog tags prizes start to get useless. This wig will grant you an
infinite gripping bar, meaning you'll be able to hang all the time you want,
without worrying. Useless isn't it?. Push-ups will become meaningless, and hanging
is not as necessary as the game makes you think. You will get this just because you
want to get everything in the game, or because you collected so many dog tags
without noticing, that you got it.

|BLUE WIG| The blue wig is yet another plant only item. Amass the necessary dog
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  tags, blah blah blah. This one is a little more useful than the orange
one, but it's still quite pointless, unless you're playing in extreme mode. Anyway,
the blue wig will grant you infinite oxygen, either if you're underwater or, eh,
abovewater, heheh. This means that when Solidus chokes you in extreme mode, you
won't lose oxygen!. Yay!. No more button mashing!. No more frustration!. Yahoo!.

                           --- WHERE THEY'RE FOUND ---

     This is a small subsection in where you'll learn how to get certain items.
Objects such as rations, bandages, and others won't appear listed here, as you'll
get them in multiple places of the game. Other items, such as the AP sensor, won't
be listed, as you start away with them.


Level 1: Peter Stillman gives this one to you, once you find him in the Strut
         C, Dining Hall. He'll give it you along with the coolant and sensor A.

Level 2: The level 2 Pan card is given to you by the Ninja, once you kill Fatman in
         the Strut E, Heliport. He gives it to you along with other items.

Level 3: Once you find Ames in the Shell 1 Core, B1, he'll give it to you after a
         long chat.

Level 4: The Level four Pan Card is given to you by the president, who lives in the
         the first floor of Shell 2, Core.

Level 5: Emma gives the last of the pan cards to you, in the KL connecting
         bridge, once you find a level 5 door.


Tanker Chapter: Once you beat Olga, look for a flight of stairs that takes you to
                a platform with a big tower on it. Climb the tower, and in the top,
                you'll find the Thermal Goggles.

Plant Chapter:  After the starting cinemas, you'll be in a pool, inside the plant.
                Instead of going out, dive in, all the way down. You should be able
                to see an small box in the water, which are, indeed, the thermal


This item, which is plant-only, is given to you by the ninja once you've taken down
Fatman, in the Strut E heliport.


SOCOM: This one is a bit hard to find. While in the Strut F, warehouse, go to the
       first floor. While there, go south, and you should see a hallway, with doors
       to your left, and to your right. Enter the leftmost.
       Inside the room, there is a duct, in the bottom wall. Crouch and the crawl
       through the duct. Once you reach the other side, you will see the suppressor
       floating in front of you.

AK:    To get this one, you've got to wait until you've beaten the Harrier. After
       the platform's been tear up, there will be a gap between the platform you
       start in, and a small platform in where the AK suppressor rests. This
       platform is the one next to where the Sons of Liberty flag was.
       Make a roll while in the edge of your platform, and you should be able to
       land in the other side. Snag the suppressor then.


Emma gives the virus disk to you, after you've found her.


Sensor A: Once you've found Stillman in the Strut C, dining hall, he'll give it you
          along with the coolant.

Sensor B: After Stillman decides to leave his hideout in Strut C(when Pliskin finds
          an odorless C4), go to the Dining Hall, and enter Stillman's hideout.
          This sensor is floating there.


In Strut F, warehouse, go to the first floor, and then head southwards. There is a
corridor with two doors here: one on the left wall, and one of the right wall. Go
thought the rightmost, and collect your prize: the mine detector.


After Emma's been stabbed by Vamp, you'll be near the Strut E, parcel room. Once
you get there, you'll have two options: go up the stairs and rush your way towards
the Shell 1 Core, or head rightwards. Of you go rightwards, you'll find a small
room in which the Digital Camera is.


This is one is given to you by the Ninja, once you've beaten Fatman in the Strut E,


The directional microphone is found in the Shell 1 computer room. It is floating in
the same room as the node. Getting there is a bit tricky, as you may bump into a
guard, and you what that means...


Peter Stillman, in the Strut C dining Hall, along with other items, gives the
coolant spray to you.


Tanker Chapter: You start with it.

Plant Chapter: After you're done with Vamp in the Strut B, transformer room,
               Pliskin will give them to you.


The night vision goggles are *somewhere* in the Shell 2, Core B1, in the flooded


This item is gotten very early in the plant. After you start, hang from the rails
in front of the pool, and advance to the right. You'll reach a small, enclosed
room. Press triangle in order to jump into the room, and snag the Shaver.


Amass around 30 or 40 Dog Tags in the Tanker chapter to obtain this item.


Tanker: Collect around 60-70 Dog Tags in order to get this item.

Plant: Collect between 120-125 Dog Tags in order to get this item.


Get 80 Tags in the plant to get this item.


Collect 170 dog tags in order to get this item.


Get all of the Dog Tags in both chapters. This is a plant chapter-only item though.


NAME: Gurlukovich Soldier
DESCRIPTION: A medium height soldier with a guerrilla-esque(brown) uniform, a blue
             balaclava and an AK. You'll also find them with blue uniforms in the
             plant chapter.
WEAPON: AK automatic rifle.
WEAPON TO USE: USP/Silenced Socom.
STRATEGY: This guys are normally just patrolling around, in groups of two, three
          at much. They normally move a lot, so you'll have to be intelligent in
          order to evade them. The strategy to use is simple. Simply put yourself
          a little far from their line of sight, and use your silenced SOCOM to hit
          them in the head. If you don't have a silenced SOCOM, you have two
          options. If the enemy is alone, take out your USP, and use the above
          strategy. If the enemy is accompanied, then your best strategy would be
          to evade him.
NAME: Backup unit Type A
DESCRIPTION: A soldier with a body armor, who is normally accompanied by other
             Soldiers, of the same characteristics: they have a cotton mask, and a
             Assault rifle. They come when other soldiers call for them, or when
             An specific soldier didn't report(then, they do an investigation).
WEAPON: Assault rifle
SHOTS TO KILL: Three to Five(not sure).
STRATEGY: They're normally in groups of three or even five. Due to their body armor
          capabilities, they take more shots than regular soldiers(between four).
          They're actually not very hard, alone, but because they're supported by
          their friends -backup units and normal soldiers alike- they get harder.
          if you find yourself fighting with them because somebody alerted them,
          then just take out your preferred weapon(USP and SOCOM being recommended)
          and shoot away. After two or three soldiers, run away and hide yourself
          for a few minutes.
NAME: Backup unit type B
DESCRIPTION: A soldier with a body armor, and an assault rifle. They also carry
WEAPON: Assault rifle(supported by shields).
WEAPON TO USE: Fast shooting rifle(AK, M16). Otherwise run.
SHOTS: Around three to destroy the shield, and three more to kill them.
STRATEGY: They do appear in the tanker. If you find yourself being pursued by them,
          I would recommend you to hide, as their shield makes them practically
          invulnerable, unless you have something that deploys bullets fast. USPs
          and SOCOMs will get you killed, as their fire rate is not fast enough to
          destroy their shields. If you have the above mentioned rifle, let the
          bullets fly and destroy them along with their shield. Otherwise, run away
          Or use an stun grenade.
NAME: Backup unit type C
DESCRIPTION: A soldier with yellow glasses, black armor(that includes body armor)
             and ultrafast assault rifles.
WEAPON: Assault rifle
STRATEGY: They only appear in the plant chapter, thus you're assured to have the
          recommended weapons. They come in small groups(two to three), but they're
          more resistant than the other backup soldiers, and their rifles are
          faster. However, they're not resistant enough to survive to a barrage of
          AK/M16 bullets. Just make sure you don't keep fighting and fighting them,
          or else the alert mode will never go away, and you'll run out of ammo.
          Run and hide as soon as you can-
NAME: Arsenal Gear sentry type A
DESCRIPTION: A soldier with black armor, fast-shooting rifles and yellow lens. They
             also have jumping capabilities.
WEAPON: Assault rifle
SHOTS: No idea.
STRATEGY:    These guys are the ultimate ass-kickers. They're fast as a demon, and
             they're always jumping around, making them harder. They'll try to get
             on your six, and will then let a few bullets pierce through your back.
             run-n-roll a lot while fighting them, and have always the L1 button
             pressed and the AK or M16 always equipped. Once you see you have a
             clean shot, press and hold the Square button, and let the lead fly.
             This should make short work of them in a few minutes.
NAME: Arsenal Tengu
DESCRIPTION: Soldiers equipped with high frequency blades. Jumping capabilities.
WEAPON: high frequency blade.
WEAPON TO USE: High frequency blade/AK
SHOTS: One stinger attack/a wallop of bullets.
STRATEGY: These can get pretty annoying. They deflect your shots with their blades.
          However, they have their weak point: a fast shooting weapon like the AK
          will be able to get a few bullets through the blade-shields. However,
          this means ammo wasting, and ammo is scarce. So, your best bet is to take
          out your very own high frequency blade and sting them out, for a one-hit
          kill. You can also slash them, if you want to kill them more elegantly.
          Keep in mind that they're fast and can ruin your combos.
NAME: Olga Gurlukovich
DESCRIPTION: A woman from the Gurlukovich army, with soldier-esque trousers.
WEAPON TO USE: Tranquilizer Gun(M9) -you have no choice.
SHOTS: I'm totally ignorant about this.
STRATEGY: This girl is quite easy. At first, she will talk a little bit about her
          childhood and parents, and a load of crap. Afterwards, take out your
          weapon, and shoot down the left light. Also, shoot the green piece of...
          cloth that's floating around in the bottom part twice in order to send
          it flying. Once you're done, concentrate on Olga. Take cover behind the
          set of crates located in the right side of the screen, and go into first
          person view. Wait for Olga to blow her cover(she's going to shoot at you)
          and strafe to blow yours. Quickly, shoot at her, and then take cover.
          With any luck she won't be able to hit you.
          Olga uses her gun to shoot at you. It is pretty damaging, so in case you
          get low on health, have a ration ready. Sometimes she will send a grenade
          flying towards you. Roll to evade it.
NAME: Fatman
DESCRIPTION: Extremely fat guy with roller blades and a repertoire of C4s under his
WEAPON: Fast shooting handgun/C4s
SHOTS: No idea.
STRATEGY: Now, you can make this battle hard or easy. Obviously, you'll want to
          make it easy. In order to make it easy, after the plants the two C4s at
          the start of the fight, freeze them out ASAP. Now, chase for Fatman. If
          you're lucky, you'll find him before he plants any C4. In case you do,
          take aim and shoot like mad. With any luck, you'll hit him enough to make
          him fall. Once he does, hit him in the head. He'll stand up again then,
          and try to flee. Before he does, shoot at him again, and then shoot him
          in the head. With any luck, you'll be able to kill him without even
          Fatman will try to ram you with his stomach while he skates. He'll also
          occasionally take out his handgun, and let a few bullets hit you. C4s
          are his primal weapons. They will blow up after a few seconds, and in
          they do, it's game over. He normally plants a lot of them(like four), and
          then skates around. Freeze them before they go kaboom.
NAME: Harrier
WEAPON: Railgun, missile launcher.
WEAPON TO USE: Stinger missile launcher
SHOTS: Hehehehehe...
STRATEGY: This guy is pretty tough. He'll fly around the arena, but is normally
          out of sight. When he's in-sight, he'll pass like a thunder. You'll have
          a few seconds to take aim, and let A missile fly. Don't try to shoot
          three or ten missiles are once, because, most likely, only one of them
          will hit the harrier. There is not a special strategy here. Just dodge
          the harrier's attacks, and shoot at him. Snake will occasionally throw
          at you rations and missiles. Be sure to pick them up.
          The harrier will normally shoot at you with its rail gun. It will also
          try to hit you on the fly. Missiles are the other way it has to attack
          you. Keep in mind that halfway through the fight, he'll throw a bunch of
          missiles to the arena, and will tear it up. You'll be most likely hit,
          so be sure you're nearly full health. Sometimes, the game will put you in
          a 2D like perspective. This means the Harrier is going to take a few
          minutes and try to hit you with a barrage of missiles. Move around, and
          roll in order to evade them.
NAME: Vamp
DESCRIPTION: A weirdo who thinks he's a vampire: he drinks other people's blood, he
             survives head and stomach shots, and is a master with the blades.
WEAPON: Knives.
SHOTS: ...
STRATEGY: This guy is pretty hard. He'll occasionally jump into water, and swim for
          a while, before going out and sending knives toward you. He'll also jump
          into the arena's second floor, and throw you knives. So, have the Stinger
          ready in your menu, and equip it by quickly tapping R2 when Vamp comes
          out of the water. Take aim, and send a missile flying towards him. With
          any luck, it'll hit him(he's very fast). You can also use the AK. Wait
          for him to come out of the water, press L1 to aim, and shoot at him like
          a maniac. He'll evade some of your bullets, but the other "some" will hit
          him. I consider the Stinger to be more effective.
          Like I said, Vamp will rely on attacking you with his knives. He'll also
          capture your shadow, and will leave you motionless for a few seconds. In
          this case, jam the left stick to get free. A contributor also told me
          that you can destroy the room's lights in order to prevent Vamp from
          capturing your Shadow.
NAME: Vamp
STRATEGY: Equip your Sniper Rifle, and take a Pentazemin/Diazepam. Zoom in, and
          aim at the bastard's head. Hit the square button about four times, and he
          goes down. Be sure you don't hit Emma.
NAME: Metal Gear Rays
DESCRIPTION: Three RAYS that attack you simultaneously. They are like metallic
WEAPON: Railgun, Hydro-launcher, missile launcher.
SHOTS: Damn...
STRATEGY: These guys seem to be tough(geez, there are three of them!) but they're
          actually pretty easy. At first, the bastards will be sitting in the
          horizon, and will send you _homing_ missiles occasionally. You'll hear a
          beep-beep in the background's music. Once it gets faster(beep-beep-BEEP!)
          then you know the missile is about to hit ground. Roll to dodge it. Now,
          what you should do is to hit whatever RAY you want in the knee. This will
          make it open its mouth. Send a missile towards his mouth while is open.
          If your missile hits home, it'll rack up insane damage. After you've done
          some damage to the RAY you picked, it'll come with his friends to the
          arena. Keep doing the same, and it will retire, but another one will come
          to replace it. You'll have to kill about six of them. Good luck.

          Like I stated before, the RAYs will attack you with Homing missiles. See
          above for info on how to evade them. They'll also shoot at you with their
          rail-guns. The rail-gun's accuracy is very reduced, so you should have no
          problem with it. When they start to move, they'll also use an attack in
          which they bend and use their knees to shoot two baby missiles. It's hard
          to dodge them, as they come from both sides. Walk to dodge one, roll to
          dodge the other. The RAYS will also try to stomp you if you get too near
          them. And don't forget the Hydro Cannon.
NAME: Solidus Snake
DESCRIPTION: An old man without an eye, an special suit, and two blades.
WEAPON: Twin Blades
WEAPON TO USE: High frequency blade
SHOTS: Ahem...
STRATEGY: This guy is EASY!. Take out your H.F.B, and get near him. Slash him a
          few a times, and wait him to counter. Evade his counter, and do an
          stinger attack. Repeat. You'll be doing minimal damage, but he'll
          basically won't hit you. One ration is enough for this battle if you
          use my strategy correctly.
          He'll use his blades to do a double swing, and a powerful single swing,
          which both do a lot of damage. You can evade both easily, don't worry.
          He'll also dash at you. If he hits you, be prepared to lose a lot of
          health. When he dashes, he'll leave a trial of fire behind him, which is
          also pretty damaging. Be aware of his tentacles. If he catches you, jam
          on the stick, and press the triangle button to prevent oxygen losing. He
          also uses his tentacles to launch homing missiles at you. These are slow,
          and easily dodge-able, but if they hit you, they do a wallop of damage.
          Once you've damaged him enough, he'll let go of his tentacles. He'll
          become faster, and his dash attack will be more powerful. Just move
          around and you should have no trouble beating him.


                               --- FUN STUFF ---


     There are several things you can do with this posters. First off, if there is
a locker with a poster stamped on its door, get inside it, and press the R1 button
to kiss the poster. Neato. But there are more things to do with posters. Open a
locker door with a poster on it, and flatten against it. Knock the poster in
different parts to see what happens. And lastly, stare at a poster as Snake, and
call for Otacon. You'll see Snake applying the law of five versus one. Now, that's


     Once you reach the Arsenal Gear, you'll start receiving some strange calls
from Campbell. It results that he wasn't a real person during the whole game. He
was part of Arsenal Gear's program!. So, when you corrupted AG, you corrupted
Campbell. He'll start to call you 24/7, and say nonsense things. He'll talk about
the hara kiri rock or something like that.
     My question to gamers: Was Campbell real in MSG1?. Here is what I got...

By Steven Sacks:

Your question is easily answered by turning on MGS for
the PSX and going to Mission Briefing.   Here you can
view videos of the Colonel walking around the room talking
to Snake, who is in the same room.  Not to mention, Snake
and the Colonel have a long history together.

By Tim Vukman:

Campbell was a real person in Metal Gear Solid.  If
you watch the briefing "tapes", then you can
occasionally see his shadow passing in front of Snake.
 Also, as construction of Arsenal Gear assumably
couldn't have begun until the tanker incident provided
a reason for the Big Shell's construction, their
probably wouldn't have been an AI around to pretend to
be the colonel in MGS.

By Mike :

Well, there actually is no real indication of Campbell being fake in MGS1.  Roy
Campbell retired from being in Fox-hound and in the MGS1 game, he was called
back to duty as operation commander for the mission.  I personnally think that
Campbell was real in MGS1.  I can prove this because Meryl Silverburgh was
Campbell's DAUGHTER (in MGS2 Meryl was not even discussed) and he showed feeling
towards her life unlike MGS2 where he wasn't concerned about anyone.  Come on,
Campbell hated Snake in MGS2 and they were best friends in MGS1.  Meryl was
alive in MGS1 and not fake.  I think someone took out Campbell just like Liquid
did to Master Miller in MGS1 and took his Codec Number (in both versions they
are the same). Plus, Campbell never told me to stop and turn off my PlayStation
in MGS1.


PS Play MGS1.  The plot is a lot better and the graphics are ok.  I think that
MGS1 should be remade for PS2 with the graphics technology of today.  The Bosses
were a lot harder and Metal Gear Rex is very very very hard if you don't know
what you are doing.

James Begley:

First off, Meryl does get mentioned in MGS2, I
believe.  In the beginning of the Plant Chapter, right
after Raiden meets Pliskin/Snake, right after you get
his codec frequency, call it about 3 times.  Nothing
important happens... yet.  He's asleep.  On the 4th or
so time, you'll catch him dreaming.  You can hear him
mumble something, and then something that sounds like
"Meryl", right before he screams "Liquid!".  That's my
interpretation of his mumble, anyway.

Anyway, on to Campbell.  When he goes nutty and starts
referring to his past-life as a webworm as the "good
old days", and telling of purple stuffed worms in
flap-jaw space* and what-not, he says something about
seeing an orange object in the sky, and being
surrounded by light, and waking up at home.  My theory
is, the Patriots (whom I still have yet to figure
ANYTHING substantial about) abducted the good Colonel,
recorded his genetic data, and reproduced him
digitally, as an AI...  Before fighting Solidus, he
and Rosemary speak of their ability to digitize life
itself.  As for what happened to the real Colonel, who
knows, maybe they Men-In-Blacked his ass, I dunno.
Your guess is as good as mine.

* Subliminal confirmation that the effects of magic
mushrooms can be digitally reproduced as well?


Yes he was real. The obvious reason being that he meets with Snake during the
briefing videos. This Campbell is what Raiden, rather WE remember about him. In
other words, the Patriots took all the Codec, or whatever, recordings and stuffed
them into the AI. Hope this Helps

Wesley Moore:

I read your MGS2 walkthrough at GameFAQs, and I read your question: "Was Campbell
in MGS1 a real person?". Well, I was wondering that myself. After beating MGS2,
you think "no". However, if you read the last article in the "Special" area of
MGS2, you'll find the answer.

The second one is 110. Just flip through that till you get to the end, and
exit(yes, I did read it all, but I won't bother explaining it). The third, and
last one, is 324 pages. At first, yes, my mouth did gape a bit, but, a bit
later, in a fit of sheer boredom, I read it(It's actually quite interesting;
just skip a page or two if it gets boring). Now, I couldn't remember the last
half of MGS1 clearly(only the basics), otherwise I may know the answer, so you
may want to contact someone with a MGS1 walkthrough, but here's what I found
It's written be Natasha(one of Snake's staff in Shadow Moses), giving a fairly
detailed account of Shadow Moses. Now, in the latter part of the story, when
Snake is getting close to destroying MGRex, The Colonel discovers a few things
that were not part of the original briefing, and finally straightens his
backbone and starts to tell Snake all about the FOXDIE virus and the abort the
mission, etc. However, Richard Ames(who, if you read this, you should guess is a
Patriot), yes, THE Ames, whispers something to his staff, which Natasha guesses
is orders to arrest Campbell. The Colonel gets on the Codec with Snake, but
before he can say anything, you hear(well, Natasha hears and tells us), that
there's fighting sounds and finally someone comes on saying the Colonel was
under arrest. Now, I don't know about 2009, but here in '02, computer programs
aren't quite advanced enough to be put under arrest, or to put up a fight.


     Press R2 and L2 while talking through the CODEC. Also, move the sticks. Neat
things will happen.

                                 --- SECRETS ---

     These section is dedicated to some nifty stuff you will get after beating the
game, or after doing something special while playing it.


     Once you have beaten the game, the press start screen will change. If you
remember, when you first put on the game, a red Solid Snake was the background of
the press start screen. However, this time around, a blue Raiden will become the
background. Beat the game again to return to Snake.


     I'm not very sure about this one, but I think that when you move the right
stick while in the press start screen, the background lines will shift colors. As I
said, not sure about this.


     Like the one above, I'm not very sure about this. I think that if you press
one of the L/R buttons, you will hear a loud bang. Experiment by yourself.


     I will make use of the situation to tell you that extreme mode is not a
default difficulty. The super-ultra-hard difficulty will be unlocked once you've
gone through the game once. Afterwards, if you want to start a new game, you'll be
able to select the extreme difficulty. Wouldn't recommend it unless you're


     After the ending cinema, you'll be given our stats, and a clear code. It is a
randomly generated number, which is pretty long by the way. The game also gives you
a web page. Write the code off, and go to the web page. There should be a place
where you'll be able to input your code. Do so, and you'll get your stats, as well
as your ranking!. Indeed, this web page will tell you what animal identifies you
the most, depending on your stats. So, you could be a Snake, or an elephant!.


     This one is given when you collect every single dog tag. Once you do, you will
be given an URL, and a code. To access the website, you need the code. So giving
you the URL is useless. Anyway, in this web page, there are a lot of downloadable

                              --- FUN THINGS TO DO ---


     Apart from providing you marksman aiming, the first person view can be used to
some other purposes, such as amusement. For instance, let me tell you that when you
access FPV is like if you've accessed a camera: your screen is now a visor. This is
a preamble of the things to come.
     First off, while in FPV, shoot a guard in the head or neck, and be sure you're
very near him. Blood will fly through the screen, and splatter in your "visor", or
in your face for that matter. But blood is not the only thing that will splatter in
your camera. When there are a bunch of bugs, all together, put a C4 on top of them.
Enter FPV, and detonate the C4. The bug's pieces will fly and splatter in your
     On a less violent note, when you come out of the water, you will see water in
your visor, making you blind for a few seconds. Also, while in the open, look up
and search for any sea gulls. You will see them throwing some things. If you're
lucky, one of these things will fall at your camera. Yuck!.


     After you come out of the water, you will be all wet, and you will leave
footprints as you walk. If an enemy sees a footprint, then he will follow them
towards you. And if he finds you, you know what does that mean. To prevent this,
after you've taken your bath, press the X button repeatedly. Your character will
crouch and stand up continuously!. While he does, all the water he had in his body
will fall on the floor. Do this for a few seconds, and you'll be dry in no time!.


     Ever wanted to see a guard kiss the floor like you do when your gripping bar
runs out?. Well, you can, and there are multiple ways to do so. First off, you
could hold up a guard who's near a ledge. Afterwards(make sure he's not looking)
unequip your weapon, and punch him out!. After the third hit, you'll send the guard
flying towards his doom!.
     Another way to do this is to hold up a guard when near a ledge, and put a C4
in his back. Get a little far away from him(not too fear, or he may de-hold up
himself) and detonate the C4. Blood will splatter the floor, and the guard will
superman himself towards the promised land. Lastly, you can sleep a guard, and
while he's in the floor, carry him towards a ledge. Put him in the floor so half or
more of his body is in the air. This will make the poor guard fall, and die while
he's asleep.


     This is probably one of the funniest things to do, and will make you laugh for
a few seconds if its the first time you do it. While going up or down a flight of
stairs, perform a roll/flip. Your character will do it, but halfway through, he'll
fall and hit the floor like a big piece of sh... well, you know what.


     At tanker's hold number two, you will quickly notice that there are two
projectors. Next to the right one there is a remote control. Stand next to it, and
press the action button. The fun has started!. First off, Snake will change Scott
Dolph's image from projector to projector continuously. Afterwards, instead of
Scott's image, he will project a japanese hottie!. He will change the beauty from
screen to screen. However, somehow he messes up, and projects Scott's image in both
projectors!. The marines notice something's fishy, and turn around, just to see
Snake playing with them!. It's game over then, but it's worth it.


     Ever wanted to use those useless Stun grenades?. No better place to do it,
than the holds!. Hide behind a crate, and throw a grenade towards the multitude.
Suspicious guards will investigate afterwards. If you're good, they won't find you.
     After the grenade explodes, all guards go down, stunned, while screaming in
chorus, "Ugh". As I stated before, this will get you caught, but it's hilarious!.


     On your first time through the game, there will be a marine in hold 1 who's
missing his pants!. Yes, he's in boxers!. Somehow he and his pals haven't noticed.
He's just standing there, looking at Scott, and showing his boxers. Anybody seems
to care, either. Take a photo of him, and upload it to Otacon. Watch his reaction.
     And if you thought that was good, wait until you through the game for the
second time. ALL of the marines in Hold 3 will be on their boxers!. Hey Scott,
don't you think it's time to set up the rules :).


     Have enough cardboard boxes?. Yes?. Well then, try this!. Look for a conveyor
belt, and climb it up. Hide inside a cardboard, and wait the belt's light to turn
blue. Walk into the conveyor!. Tahdah!. You're on your way to somewhere, depending
on the box you had equipped when you got in the conveyor.


     Remember Johnny Sasaki, the guard who took care of you after Ocelot tortured
you, and that always was in the bathroom?. Well, he makes his comeback in this
     You'll be able to listen him two times throughout the game. Yes, only listen
to him. You won't see him, but his conversations are hilarious. Anyway, the first
time you'll hear about him is in the Shell 1 Core. After you've talked a bit with
Richard Ames, you'll be able to eavesdrop on Solidus and Ocelot, using your
directional Mic. Instead of doing so, point the Mic to the far left, and you'll
hear Sasaki doing his stuff in the bathroom.
     The second time you'll hear Sasaki is in the Strut L, Perimeter. While you
Snipe, wait Emma the cross the second pillar. Take out your Mic then, and point
towards the pillar. You should hear Emma having a conversation with Sasaki.


     In the hostage room at Shell 1 core, there is a woman who has here legs
slightly open. This is Jennifer. Now, because you're a sick bastard, you'll try to
see her through her legs. She'll close them, of course. Now, if you really want to
see her underwear, doze him with your M9, and then crouch. Happy looking, you sick

BLOODY VAMP  --->By Chad Gibbons

     This one took me awhile to get right.  Right after Vamp takes off,
there will be blood dripping from the ceiling (which I noticed during the
"Vamp - bloodsuck" cutscene").  You've got about 5 seconds before the blood
dries up and stops dripping.  If you quickly rush over to the spot with the huge
blood pool beneath it (near sparking lights) and look up in FPV, a drop
(or two) of blood will drip onto your visor.

     This took me 4 tries to get right.  It's amazingly hard to do, so if
you  can do it, try looking up with the camera and taking a pictures to
show-off with!!


                              ---TANKER CHAPTER---


#     ID     B.T       Name                          Location
000 - 0923 | A  | Olga Gurlukovich            | NAVIGATIONAL DECK, WING
001 - 0616 | B  | Ross E Bowman               | AFTER DECK
002 - 0704 | ?  | Abraham Carille             | AFTER DECK
003 - 0120 | O  | Kaisser Ag Agnouche         | AFTER DECK
004 - 0430 | O  | Arnaud Delaunay             | NAVIGATIONAL DECK, WING
005 - 1206 | B  | Ryoji Makimura              | DECK-A, CREW QUARTER'S
006 - 0928 | AB | Kim K Christensen           | DECK-B, CREW'S QUARTERS
007 - 1114 | B  | Kevin S Purvis              | DECK-A, CREW'S LOUNGE
008 - 0225 | AB | Yasuhiro Miyamoto           | DECK-A, CREW'S LOUNGE
009 - 0307 | O  | Micheal C Anthony           | DECK-A, CREW'S LOUNGE
010 - 1230 | A  | Carlos Garci Garcie         | DECK-D, CREW'S QUARTERS
011 - 0618 | AB | Mineshi Kimura              | DECK-D, CREW'S QUARTERS
012 - 0228 | AB | Jonathan Hancock            | DECK-2, PORT
013 - 0304 | O  | Bryn T Kershaw              | DECK-2, PORT
014 - 1205 | B  | Micheal Hurkmans            | DECK-2, PORT
015 - 0630 | B  | Ken Ogasawara               | ENGINE ROOM
016 - 0218 | ?  | Petro Kyrylenko             | ENGINE ROOM
017 - 0624 | AB | Aaron F Kopf                | ENGINE ROOM
018 - 0513 | ?  | James P Fitzgibons          | ENGINE ROOM
019 - 0403 | A  | Alexander Strigi            | ENGINE ROOM

                        ---PLANT CHAPTER---

000 - ???? | ?  | Iroquois Plisken            | ARSENAL GEAR, ASCENDING
                                              | COLON
001 - 0325 | O  | Carlos I Siu                | STRUT A, DEEP SEA DOCK
002 - 0324 | O  | Clinton J Heileman Jr       | STRUT A, DEEP SEA DOCK
003 - 1213 | B  | Mike J Newman               | STRUT A, ROOF
004 - 0417 | AB | Rayyan A Said               | STRUT A, PUMP ROOM
005 - 0130 | A  | Shigeo Okajima              | STRUT A, PUMP ROOM
006 - 0918 | O  | Cord B Smith                | AB CONNECTING BRIDGE
007 - 0816 | ?  | Mario C Lopez               | AB CONNECTING BRIDGE
008 - 0425 | O  | Shuhei Tanaka               | STRUT B, TRANSFORMER ROOM
009 - 0327 | ?  | Momoko Kawai                | STRUT B, TRANSFORMER ROOM
010 - 1129 | AB | Kengo Iwata                 | BC CONNECTING BRIDGE
011 - 0624 | ?  | Daniel Modol                | STRUT C, DINING HALL
012 - 0128 | O  | Noriyuki Katsumura          | STRUT C, DINING HALL
013 - 0131 | O  | Tetsuro Sueyoshi            | CD CONNECTING BRIDGE
014 - 0420 | O  | Tony J Ylaranta             | CD CONNECTING BRIDGE
015 - 0611 | O  | Paul R Martin               | STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL
016 - 0314 | ?  | Leandro M Cardoso           | STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL
017 - 0929 | A  | Al J Josel                  | DE CONNECTING BRIDGE
018 - 1227 | A  | Hyoko Hariyama              | DE CONNECTING BRIDGE
019 - 1109 | AB | Barna K Olvedi              | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM
020 - 1205 | A  | Yuta Kunibe                 | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM
021 - 0620 | ?  | Daniel C Bell               | STRUT E, HELIPORT
022 - 1011 | O  | Yuki Miyata                 | STRUT E, HELIPORT
023 - 0829 | AB | Nadim Daban                 | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
024 - 0809 | AB | Timothy J Kane              | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
025 - 0609 | B  | Allen J Chang               | FA CONNECTING BRIDGE
026 - 0720 | A  | Jean Luc Cougar             | SHELL 1, CORE 1F
027 - 0721 | AB | Luis A Fernandes            | SHELL 1, CORE 1F
028 - 0813 | A  | Yuta Kiguchi                | SHELL 1, CORE 2F
029 - 0707 | B  | Masafumi Okuta              | SHELL 1, CORE B1
030 - 0925 | O  | Mathew R Bartz              | SHELL 1, CORE B1
031 - 0718 | A  | Kunio Takabe                | SHELL 1, CORE B1
032 - 0409 | AB | Joey Simkins                | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
033 - 0627 | A  | Sue G Westli                | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
034 - 0131 | O  | Sam M Shrimpton             | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
035 - 0903 | O  | Norihiko Hibino             | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
036 - 0308 | ?  | Erik R Christy              | KL CONNECTING BRIDGE
037 - 0920 | O  | Jason C Patino              | STRUT L, SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY
038 - 0107 | A  | Maarten Van Der Zwan        | STRUT L, SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY
039 - 0708 | B  | Motoyuki Toshioka           | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
040 - 0524 | A  | Adrian Thein                | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
041 - 0416 | A  | Yuki Higuchi                | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
042 - 1116 | A  | Peter Stillman              | STRUT E, HELIPORT


                          ---TANKER CHAPTER---

#      ID   B.T      NAME                           AREA
000 - 0923 | A  | Olga Gurlukovich            | NAVIGATIONAL DECK, WING
001 - 1217 | O  | Nicholas M Capone           | AFT DECK
002 - 1228 | O  | Donal L Gilliland           | AFT DECK
003 - 0915 | AB | Joe T Holdren               | AFT DECK
004 - 0513 | O  | Shaun P Wilson              | NAVIGATIONAL DECK, WING
005 - 1031 | B  | Jeff K Hui                  | DECK A, CREW'S QUARTERS
006 - 0806 | O  | Mark W Bruce                | DECK B, CREW'S QUARTERS
007 - 0123 | B  | Yukho Wong                  | DECK A, CREW'S QUARTERS
008 - 1122 | ?  | Anders E Leiro              | DECK A, CREW'S LOUNGE
009 - 0209 | O  | Skrakfus Mercio             | DECK A, CREW'S LOUNGE
010 - 1206 | B  | Gavin S Nash                | DECK D, CREW'S QUARTERS
011 - 1108 | A  | David S Eastwick            | DECK D, CREW'S QUARTERS
012 - 0502 | ?  | Kozaka Kh Henri             | DECK 2, PORT
013 - 0630 | A  | Marcin A Cieslinski         | DECK 2, PORT
014 - 0207 | AB | Thomas P Dohm               | DECK 2, PORT
015 - 0513 | O  | Enrique Camacho             | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
016 - 0512 | A  | Takashi Ohari               | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
017 - 0210 | ?  | Max C Wood                  | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
018 - 1123 | AB | John W Fleming              | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
019 - 0108 | B  | Edward B Elston             | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
020 - 0303 | O  | Christopher D Dadah         | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD

                              ---PLANT CHAPTER---

000 - ???? | A  | Meryl Silverburgh           | ARSENAL GEAR, ASCENDING
                                              | COLON
001 - 0806 | A  | Thomas G Cardner            | STRUT A, DEEP SEA DOCK
002 - 0714 | AB | Matthew R Vogel             | STRUT A, DEEP SEA DOCK
003 - 0716 | A  | Megumi Nakaniihara          | STRUT A, ROOF
004 - 0326 | O  | Mathew A Bullock            | STRUT A, PUMP ROOM
005 - 0902 | B  | Addam J Drew                | STRUT A, PUMP ROOM
006 - 0403 | ?  | Yusuke Takada               | AB CONNECTING BRIDGE
007 - 0505 | ?  | Miles D Ashley              | AB CONNECTING BRIDGE
008 - 0326 | O  | Mark E Francis              | STRUT B, TRANSFORMER ROOM
009 - 0309 | O  | Kazuki Muraoka              | STRUT B, TRANSFORMER ROOM
010 - 0828 | ?  | Tom A Hutchinson            | BC CONNECTING BRIDGE
011 - 0211 | A  | Corey E Louden              | STRUT C, DINING HALL
012 - 0605 | O  | Ian J Andrews               | STRUT C, DINING HALL
013 - 1109 | ?  | Tim J Veldboom              | CD CONNECTING BRIDGE
014 - 0202 | B  | David C Ratanaseangsuang    | CD CONNECTING BRIDGE
015 - 0608 | O  | Nicholas J Schreiber        | STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL
016 - 0821 | A  | Achim Amaan                 | STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL
017 - 0101 | O  | Tommy Blunt                 | STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL
018 - 0109 | A  | Mariko Nakamura             | DE CONNECTING BRIDGE
019 - 0819 | O  | Emily Britt                 | DE CONNECTING BRIDGE
020 - 0613 | A  | Daniel A Longworth          | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM
021 - 0605 | ?  | Caroline M L Gibson         | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM
022 - 0324 | B  | Yuki Sawada                 | STRUT E, HELIPORT
023 - 0206 | A  | Daijiro Takeshima           | STRUT E, HELIPORT
024 - 1017 | O  | Abigail G Sanchez           | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
025 - 0213 | B  | Evan A Ball                 | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
026 - 0320 | A  | Juergen Jur Goessnitzer     | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
027 - 0106 | B  | Yuko Yano                   | FA CONNECTING BRIDGE
028 - 0812 | O  | Rick Naylor                 | SHELL 1 CORE, 1F
029 - 0826 | ?  | Jeremy A Davis              | SHELL 1 CORE, 1F
030 - 1025 | ?  | Zephan G Kirkpatrick        | SHELL 1 CORE, 1F
031 - 1220 | O  | Kenneth Wong                | SHELL 1 CORE, B1
032 - 0321 | A  | Michael D Craft             | SHELL 1 CORE, B1
033 - 0502 | A  | Stephen D Haynes            | SHELL 1 CORE, B1
034 - 0711 | AB | Joshua A Crandall           | SHELL 1 CORE, B2 COMPUTER ROOM
035 - 0316 | ?  | Andrew J Baker              | SHELL 1 CORE, B2 COMPUTER ROOM
036 - 1012 | ?  | Andrew J Walker             | SHELL 1 CORE, B2 COMPUTER ROOM
037 - 0721 | B  | Kazunobu Uehara             | SHELL 1 CORE, B2 COMPUTER ROOM
038 - 0522 | A  | Thomas Szediak              | KL CONNECTING BRIDGE
039 - 0627 | A  | Shuichi Hata                | STRUT L, SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY
040 - 1117 | O  | Frank A Morales             | STRUT L, SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY
041 - 1025 | AB | Lee P French                | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
042 - 1103 | ?  | Marcos A Gomez              | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
043 - 0402 | A  | Scott K Cleary              | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
044 - 1116 | A  | Peter Stillman              | STRUT E, HELIPORT


                             ---TANKER CHAPTER---

#     I.D   B.T      NAME                         LOCATION
000 - 0923 | A  | Olga Gurlukovich            | NAVIGATIONAL DECK, WING
001 - 1025 | A  | Kazuya Ikeno                | AFTER DECK
002 - 0918 | A  | Rodrigo Spinetti            | AFTER DECK
003 - 0331 | ?  | Bryan D Scheibe             | AFTER DECK
004 - 0215 | AB | Ho Yeung Tsang              | NAVIGATIONAL DECK, WING
005 - 0829 | O  | Hirosuke Moritomo           | DECK C, CREW'S QUARTERS
006 - 1109 | B  | Frank Gther                 | DECK A, CREW'S QUARTERS
007 - 0330 | ?  | Marco G Brunato             | DECK B, CREW'S QUARTERS
008 - 0116 | ?  | Jesus Bibian Jr             | DECK B, CREW'S QUARTERS
009 - 0508 | ?  | Jordi C Aldea               | DECK A, CREW'S LOUNGE
010 - 0517 | A  | Sadaaki Kaneyoshi           | DECK A, CREW'S LOUNGE
011 - 0407 | ?  | Anthony D Callaghan         | DECK A, CREW'S LOUNGE
012 - 0426 | AB | Craig M Weldon              | DECK D, CREW'S QUARTERS
013 - 0803 | B  | Ulf T Lundh                 | DECK D, CREW'S QUARTERS
014 - 0408 | A  | Shinta Nojiri               | DECK D, CREW'S QUARTERS
015 - 0812 | B  | Jun Tanaka                  | DECK 2, PORT
016 - 1221 | O  | Bernard A Reeves            | DECK 2, PORT
017 - 1120 | A  | Evan M Martin               | DECK 2, PORT
018 - 1123 | B  | Bruno A Montenegro          | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
019 - 0909 | A  | Almerindo Lemke             | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
020 - 0211 | A  | Satoshi Hirano              | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
021 - 0625 | O  | Justin C Cumley             | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
022 - 0930 | ?  | Kristian Lindin             | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
023 - 0602 | A  | Mika Abe                    | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
024 - 0731 | O  | Tatsuya Takada              | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD

                          ---TANKER CHAPTER---

000 - ???? | ?  | Solid Snake                 | ARSENAL GEAR, ASCENDING
                                              | COLON
001 - 0908 | A  | Christopher J Uzdanovich    | STRUT A, ROOF
002 - 0420 | O  | Christophe L Lallemand      | STRUT A, PUMP ROOM
003 - 0905 | O  | Hurell F Lyons              | STRUT A, PUMP ROOM
004 - 0418 | O  | Juntaro Saito               | AB CONNECTING BRIDGE
005 - 0707 | A  | So Toyota                   | AB CONNECTING BRIDGE
006 - 1123 | ?  | Robert J Bryk               | STRUT B, TRANSFORMER ROOM
007 - 0210 | O  | Scott A Morgan              | STRUT B, TRANSFORMER ROOM
008 - 0717 | O  | George T Joseph             | BC CONNECTING BRIDGE
009 - 0611 | A  | Vahe V Varujan              | STRUT C, DINING HALL
010 - 0813 | A  | Mark Mugendi                | STRUT C, DINING HALL
011 - 0405 | O  | Irene C Carvalho            | CD CONNECTING BRIDGE
012 - 0328 | O  | Jools Watsham               | CD CONNECTING BRIDGE
013 - 0822 | ?  | Adam J Schick               | STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL
014 - 1130 | O  | Takayoshi Ogawa             | STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL
015 - 1119 | ?  | Jamie A Trumper             | STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL
016 - 0205 | ?  | Sergio Carranza             | DE CONNECTING BRIDGE
017 - 0930 | O  | Michiko Arai                | DE CONNECTING BRIDGE
018 - 0704 | B  | Takashi Mizutani            | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM
019 - 1221 | O  | Christian Cr Renner         | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM
020 - 0617 | ?  | Andy B Gilder               | STRUT E, PARCEL
021 - 1212 | A  | Takashi Horikawa            | STRUT E, HELIPORT
022 - 0504 | A  | Kevin T Petty               | STRUT E, HELIPORT
023 - 0218 | ?  | Guilherme K Saran           | STRUT E, HELIPORT
024 - 0916 | A  | Chen Yen Wen                | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
025 - 0115 | A  | Caroline Frechette          | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
026 - 1113 | B  | Rafael Estaregue            | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
027 - 1228 | A  | Tomokazu Fukushima          | FA CONNECTING BRIDGE
028 - 0915 | ?  | Monte S Tate                | SHELL 1, CORE 1F
029 - 0617 | A  | Stephanie Hattenberger      | SHELL 1, CORE 1F
030 - 0530 | A  | Jason B Wray                | SHELL 1, CORE 1F
031 - 0112 | ?  | Matt T Federspiel           | SHELL 1, CORE 1F
032 - 0713 | A  | Iiro Karvinen               | SHELL 1, CORE B1
033 - 0922 | B  | Ray A Holdren               | SHELL 1, CORE B1
034 - 0414 | A  | Hiro Takada                 | SHELL 1, CORE B1
035 - 0618 | O  | Eric G Macway               | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
036 - 1020 | O  | Ian J Roberts               | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
037 - 0707 | A  | Alexandre Bertrand          | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
038 - 0630 | ?  | Peter D Mccarthy            | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
039 - 0908 | O  | Ichiro Kutome               | KL CONNECTING BRIDGE
040 - 0523 | B  | Yutaka Negishi              | STRUT L, SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY
041 - 0831 | ?  | Renata N Csio               | STRUT L, SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY
042 - 0101 | O  | Tony J Case                 | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
043 - 0318 | O  | Paul M Blacketer            | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
044 - 0128 | ?  | Dennis J Krimpelbein        | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
045 - 0612 | O  | Stanley A Garcia            | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
046 - 0928 | B  | Charles P Quivers           | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
047 - 0323 | ?  | Sevak N Fair                | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
048 - 1116 | A  | Peter Stillman              | STRUT E, HELIPORT


                              ---TANKER CHAPTER---

#     I.D    B.T       NAME                       LOCATION
000 - 0923 | A  | Olga Gurlukovich            | NAVIGATIONAL DECK, WING
001 - 0209 | ?  | Markus A Lindqvist          | AFTER DECK
002 - 0103 | O  | Kenichi Takashima           | AFTER DECK
003 - 0801 | O  | Thiago S Parra              | AFTER DECK
004 - 0819 | ?  | Chris J Matzdorf            | NAVIGATIONAL DECK, WING
005 - 0102 | A  | Adrian B Scholvinck         | DECK C, CREW'S QUARTERS
006 - 0228 | B  | Julius Jun                  | DECK A, CREW'S QUARTERS
007 - 0302 | A  | Kazuki Nisimura             | DECK B, CREW'S QUARTERS
008 - 1030 | ?  | Zhang Chao                  | DECK B, CREW'S QUARTERS
009 - 1007 | O  | Vishal Kapur                | DECK A, CREW'S LOUNGE
010 - 0107 | B  | Victor A Cruz               | DECK A, CREW'S LOUNGE
011 - 1021 | ?  | Larry D Lionberger          | DECK A, CREW'S LOUNGE
012 - 0602 | O  | Celeste D Sauls             | DECK D, CREW'S QUARTERS
013 - 0714 | O  | Danielle E Ford             | DECK D, CREW'S QUARTERS
014 - 0925 | O  | Jennifer A Mauck            | DECK D, CREW'S QUARTERS
015 - 0624 | O  | Daniel A Olsson             | DECK D, CREW'S QUARTERS
016 - 0817 | O  | Youssel Fassi-Fihri         | DECK 2, PORT
017 - 0315 | ?  | Sean P Cullen               | DECK 2, PORT
018 - 0525 | AB | Lars Crama                  | DECK 2, PORT
019 - 1230 | B  | David Chau                  | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
020 - 0102 | A  | Philippe Ah Mouritzen       | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
021 - 0315 | B  | Yoko Niiyama                | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
022 - 0128 | B  | John V Teves                | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
023 - 0726 | B  | Christian Nordstr           | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
024 - 1230 | AB | Jonathan Murphy             | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
025 - 1222 | A  | Yuji Korekado               | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD

                         ---PLANT CHAPTER---

000 - ???? | ?  | Liquid Snake                | ARSENAL GEAR, ASCENDING COLON
001 - 0406 | O  | Yamato Hagiwara             | STRUT A, ROOF
002 - 0909 | ?  | Chris Walker                | STRUT A, PUMP ROOM
003 - 0704 | O  | Brian D Hagermann           | STRUT A, PUMP ROOM
004 - 0821 | B  | Makoto Sonoyama             | AB CONNECTING BRIDGE
005 - 0906 | AB | Christoph C Reinicke        | AB CONNECTING BRIDGE
006 - 0820 | ?  | Justin D Ebersole           | STRUT B, TRANSFORMER ROOM
007 - 0120 | ?  | William A Catacutan         | STRUT B, TRANSFORMER ROOM
008 - 1016 | O  | Natalie Yip                 | BC CONNECTING BRIDGE
009 - 0506 | ?  | Kelsy L Clark               | STRUT C, DINING HALL
010 - 0412 | AB | Bjoern Hiede                | STRUT C, DINING HALL
011 - 0705 | A  | Daniel Y Kato               | CD CONNECTING BRIDGE
012 - 0106 | O  | Alexandre Reis Cunha Dantas | CD CONNECTING BRIDGE
013 - 0730 | ?  | Jason Enos                  | STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL
014 - 0715 | O  | Josiah F Thorne             | STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL
015 - 0803 | O  | Yoshikazu Matsuhana         | STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL
016 - 0408 | A  | Claudia Cd Diessner         | STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL
017 - 0309 | ?  | Gary K Yong                 | DE CONNECTING BRIDGE
018 - 0804 | A  | Devon V Tailor              | DE CONNECTING BRIDGE
019 - 1018 | A  | Chris Kramer                | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM
020 - 0205 | B  | Ikuya Nakamura              | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM
021 - 0323 | AB | Andreas Ebeler              | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM
022 - 0504 | O  | James N Janovsky            | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM
023 - 0604 | O  | Nathaniel Lord              | STRUT E, HELIPORT
024 - 1001 | A  | Chris M Flohr               | STRUT E, HELIPORT
025 - 0712 | O  | Gary J Davidson             | STRUT E, HELIPORT
026 - 1229 | O  | Carlos Kiho                 | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
027 - 0406 | AB | Andrew N Bartlett           | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
028 - 0619 | ?  | Tim U Chan                  | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
029 - 0721 | A  | Futoshi Satou               | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
030 - 1207 | A  | Shinpei Murakami            | FA CONNECTING BRIDGE
031 - 0307 | O  | David Lesslie               | SHELL 1, CORE 1F
032 - 0813 | B  | Brian R Strack              | SHELL 1, CORE 1F
033 - 1120 | A  | Skip M Murray               | SHELL 1, CORE 1F
034 - 0929 | ?  | Axel R Zijderveld           | SHELL 1, CORE 1F
035 - 0212 | ?  | Kamran Keenan               | SHELL 1, CORE B1
036 - 0210 | A  | Tomonori Morita             | SHELL 1, CORE B1
037 - 1120 | A  | Julian Jd Dort              | SHELL 1, CORE B1
038 - 0918 | AB | Steven Schmitt              | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
039 - 0703 | AB | Michael O Kress             | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
040 - 0408 | B  | Stephane Tudela             | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
041 - 0323 | O  | Yoriko Shimizu              | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
042 - 0322 | A  | Yun-Ho Kim                  | KL CONNECTING BRIDGE
043 - 1010 | AB | Jun Sukegawa                | STRUT L, SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY
044 - 0105 | A  | Joey P Gonzales             | STRUT L, SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY
045 - 1117 | ?  | Christopher Heck            | SHELL 2, CORE AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
046 - 1211 | ?  | Martin Kuko                 | *


                             ---TANKER CHAPTER---

000 - 0923 | A  | Olga Gurlukovich            | NAVIGATIONAL DECK, WING
001 - 0803 | O  | Dave Cox                    | AFTER DECK
002 - 0208 | O  | Pawel Majewski              | AFTER DECK
003 - 0609 | B  | Mathieu Trepanier           | AFTER DECK
004 - 0406 | AB | Cory A Noll                 | NAVIGATIONAL DECK, WING
005 - 0429 | ?  | Joshua D Casnocha           | DECK C, CREW'S QUARTERS
006 - 1031 | ?  | Louis K Stevenson           | DECK A, CREW'S QUARTERS
007 - 0818 | O  | Michael D Rogers            | DECK B, CREW'S QUARTERS
008 - 1121 | O  | Gianluca Peruzzo            | DECK B, CREW'S QUARTERS
009 - 1230 | A  | Travis J Lujan              | DECK A, CREW'S LOUNGE
010 - 1014 | B  | Brendan M Randall           | DECK A, CREW'S LOUNGE
011 - 1029 | O  | Chris D Bernd               | DECK A, CREW'S LOUNGE
012 - 1224 | B  | Chantelle M Blair           | DECK D, CREW'S QUARTERS
013 - 1031 | A  | Eduard V Fernandez          | DECK D, CREW'S QUARTERS
014 - 1225 | AB | Yoji Shinkawa               | DECK D, CREW'S QUARTERS
015 - 0215 | B  | Niko Ionixx Horn            | DECK D, CREW'S QUARTERS
016 - 0403 | B  | Adnan Hadzic                | DECK 2, PORT
017 - 0928 | O  | Shu Tajima                  | DECK 2, PORT
018 - 0307 | ?  | Stuart J Batchelar          | DECK 2, PORT
019 - 0402 | O  | Masataka Nishiyama          | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
020 - 0307 | ?  | Michael M Wong              | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
021 - 0327 | A  | Manabu Nakamura             | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
022 - 0601 | A  | Simon P Sargent             | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
023 - 1225 | O  | Yosuke Kamezaki             | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
024 - 0531 | O  | Clarke A Baldwi             | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD
025 - 1116 | AB | Hideki Sasaki               | ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD

                            ---PLANT CHAPTER---

000 - 0824 | A  | Hideo Kojima                | ARSENAL GEAR, ASCENDING
                                              | COLON
001 - 0731 | O  | Takeshi Sato                | STRUT A, ROOF
002 - 0801 | B  | Shinji Yamashita            | STRUT A, PUMP ROOM
003 - 1119 | AB | Ryan T Cronkight            | STRUT A, PUMP ROOM
004 - 0813 | A  | Josef Karsch                | AB CONNECTING BRIDGE
005 - 1130 | O  | Emmanuel Y L Passian        | AB CONNECTING BRIDGE
006 - 1027 | O  | Lee M Mccowan               | STRUT B, TRANSFORMER ROOM
007 - 0510 | AB | Hiro Miyajima               | STRUT B, TRANSFORMER ROOM
008 - 0101 | ?  | Drew J Elmer                | BC CONNECTING BRIDGE
009 - 0330 | A  | Toru Kawakami               | STRUT C, DINING HALL
010 - 0205 | AB | Adam J Sarpolis             | STRUT C, DINING HALL
011 - 1207 | A  | Jyunpei Hirano              | CD CONNECTING BRIDGE
012 - 1126 | A  | Kyle S Carrigan             | CD CONNECTING BRIDGE
013 - 0921 | AB | Matt J Van Leeuwen          | STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL
014 - 1104 | O  | Matthew B Boyett            | STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL
015 - 0910 | ?  | Collis R Williams           | STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL
016 - 0109 | B  | Nobumitsu Tanaka            | STRUD D, SEDIMENT POOL
017 - 0712 | B  | Matthew C Miller            | DE CONNECTING BRIDGE
018 - 0810 | ?  | Alex C Wilson               | DE CONNECTING BRIDGE
019 - 1219 | A  | Yoshiyuki Koido             | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM
020 - 0606 | B  | Tsunehiko Shibata           | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM
021 - 0313 | O  | Ryan Sheffer                | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM
022 - 1205 | A  | Carlos X Luna               | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM
023 - 0717 | ?  | David A Ginepri             | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM
024 - 0814 | O  | Emmanuel Phung              | STRUT E, HELIPORT
025 - 1222 | O  | Micheal A Hare              | STRUT E, HELIPORT
026 - 0615 | O  | Alan J Harries              | STRUT E, HELIPORT
027 - 0728 | AB | Marco O Scherrer            | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
028 - 0727 | O  | Edmond V To                 | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
029 - 0421 | O  | Chevrinals Thomas           | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
030 - 0703 | A  | Hiroshi Yokote              | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
031 - 0103 | ?  | Beri B Pottstam             | STRUT F, WAREHOUSE
032 - 0110 | B  | Kenichiro Shigeno           | FA CONNECTING BRIDGE
033 - 0808 | O  | Kaori Yamada                | SHELL 1, CORE 1F
034 - 0803 | O  | Ryan J Crane                | SHELL 1, CORE 1F
035 - 0126 | O  | Gareth J Lewis              | SHELL 1, CORE 1F
036 - 1228 | O  | Andreas R Ramsauer          | SHELL 1, CORE B1
037 - 0614 | B  | Justin A Cagle              | SHELL 1, CORE B1
038 - 0602 | B  | Christopher S Korte         | SHELL 1, CORE B1
039 - 0410 | B  | Mashiro Yoshinaga           | SHELL 1, CORE B1
040 - 0816 | A  | Daisuke Nishimura           | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
041 - 0128 | O  | Viana Siles Mauricette      | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
042 - 0429 | AB | Chen Yung Kok               | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
043 - 0524 | AB | Anthony J Barrit            | SHELL 1, CORE B2 COMPUTER ROOM
044 - 0520 | A  | Kaori Yae                   | KL CONNECTING BRIDGE
045 - 0105 | B  | Isao A Sato                 | STRUT L, SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY
046 - 0401 | A  | Ryan J Schettle             | STRUT L, SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY
047 - 1016 | ?  | Andy Lam                    | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
048 - 1013 | O  | Hiroaki Yoshiike            | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
049 - 0314 | A  | Cedric Krolikowski          | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
050 - 0210 | ?  | Sebastian J Pitman          | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
051 - 0831 | AB | Marl A Matuszeski           | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
052 - 0306 | A  | Xavier R Garcia             | SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION
                                              | ROOM
053 - 1116 | A  | Peter Stillman              | STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM


"Eight fiery steps, and we're closer to the end..."

     Thanks for reading my guide. I hope you found it useful.

NOTE. If you have any Easter egg and you want it to appear in the curiosities
section, send me an e-mail with "EASTER EGG" as the subject.

  _______   _     _   ________   ________   ________   ________   _       _
 |_______| |_|   |_| |________| |________| |________| |________| |_|     |_|
  _         _______   _          _      _   _      _   _      _   _  __   _
 | |  ___  |  ___  | | |___     | |    | | | |    | | | |    | | | | \ \ | |
 | | |_  | | |   | | |     |    | |    | | | |    | | | |    | | | |  \ \| |
 | |___| | | |   | | | |¯¯¯     | |____/ / | |____/ / | |____| | | |   \ \ |
 |_______| |_|   |_| |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯| |_______/  |_______/  |________| |_|    |__|
                        _          _        _
                       |_|        |_|      |_|
                        _          _  __    _
                       | |        | | \ \  | |
                       | |        | |  \ \ | |
                       | |    _   | |   \ \| |
                       | |___| |  | |    \ \ |
                       |_______|  |_|     |__|



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