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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Nemesis

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/25/01

T  A  C  T  I  C  A  L       E  S  P  I  O  N  A  G  E         A  C  T  I  O  N
### ### ### ####,##%  #     O### ####  ##  ###%    ###  %##  #%  %# ### ";  @@@
### ### # . .##. ###  #     #;;# ##..  ##  ## #    # ## #"## #%  %# # ##   @@ @
### #%# #    ##  #"#  #     #;;# ##   O##O ## #    # ## #"## #%  %# # "#   @@ @
### ### ###  ##  #"#  #     #;   #### #..# ## #    ##   #"## #%  %# # "#     ;@
### ### #    ##  #"#; #     #;## ##   #""# ####     ##  #"## #%  %# # "#     @@
##%O### #    ## "###O #     #;;# ##   #### ## #    # ## #"## #%  %# # @#    @@
##;#%## #    ## %# ## #     #;;# ##   #  # ## #    # ## #"## #%  %# # @#   ;@
## # ## ###  ## ## ## ###   #### #### #  # ## #.   #### #### ###O%# ####   @@@@
                            ;                      ;    ;.

                         S O N S   O F   L I B E R T Y

[ Title    ]   Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Spoiler-Free Walkthrough
[ Platform ]   PlayStation 2™
[ Version  ]   v1.00
[ Authors  ]   Brett "Nemesis" Franklin
[ E-Mail   ]   nemesis@flipmode.com
[ Plug     ]   http://nemmysresource.cjb.net
[ Created  ]   November 25th, 2001

01. Spoiler-Free Walkthrough
    - Tanker
    - Plant
02. Copyright Info


01. Spoiler-Free Walkthrough


---------------------------------> Tanker <------------------------------------

== AFT DECK ===================================================================

• Take out guards patrolling the area if you feel the need to
• Grab the [RATION] near where you start the game
• Search life boats for some [PENTAZEMIN], and behind some boxes are some
• Enter the ship via either the east door or the door to the west, both near
  a guard

== DECK-A CREW'S QUARTERS =====================================================

• Search the locker room lockers for some [M9 ROUNDS] and a [RATION]
• Take care of the guard patrolling the hall beyond the locker room
• Enter the northern door

== DECK-A CREW'S LOUNGE, STARBOARD ============================================

• Take care of the guards here
• Search area for some [M9 ROUNDS] and another [RATION]
• The stairwell to the east of this area (the one that leads downstairs) leads
  to the Engine Room. You will need to come back here after the first boss
• Go up the central stairs and enter the right-hand door

== DECK-B, CREW'S QUARTERS, STARBOARD =========================================

• Take care of the guards here
• Go up the eastern stairs

== DECK-C, CREW'S QUARTERS, PORT ==============================================

• Hug the wall to avoid the surveillance camera
• Check locker for some [CHAFF GRENADES]
• Follow the hall to the end, and crawl into the small vent to find a [RATION]
• Go back a bit, and take the stairs up

== DECK-D, CREW'S QUARTERS ====================================================

• Go to the right, then north a bit and enter the food room to find some [M9
• Take care of the guard here
• Shoot the fire extinguisher and crawl under the lasers, or just head through
  the mess hall and use a Chaff Grenade to disable the camera there
• Take the Ration behind the food counter in the mess hall
• Head up the next set of stairs to the south of this area

== DECK-E, THE BRIDGE =========================================================

• There are some [USP ROUNDS] here, but you can't get them until later
• Exit through the western door

== NAVIGATIONAL DECK, WING ====================================================

• Fight the boss out here
• Some tips:
   - Keep running
   - Shoot the spot-light that's to the left side of the area
   - Aim for the head
• After the fight, you get the [USP] gun
• Take the [RATION] in between some boxes near the boss fight
• Run around to the east, and climb the center stairs
• Climb the ladder to the top to get the [THERMAL GOGGLES]
• Take care of the guards out here
• Enter the area to the right of the stairs you just came down from
• Take the [WET BOX], then re-enter the ship through the nearest door
• Take the [USP ROUNDS], then go back down the stairs
• Make your way back down to the Deck-A, Crew's Lounge, Starboard area, and go
  down the stairs that are in the eastern part of this area
• Take care of the guard here, then take the [STUN GRENADES]. Now enter the
  door to the Engine Room

== ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD =====================================================

• Take the [USP ROUNDS] from the room with the Vulcan Raven action figure
• For extra fun, shoot the Vulcan Raven action figure with your M9...
• Slowly open the sliding door in this room, and shoot the guard
• Make your way through this linear room, taking the various items (Rations,
  M9 Ammo...)
• Enter the door on the other side of the Engine Room

== ENGINE ROOM, PORT ==========================================================

• Take care of the guard that enters
• Grab the [USP ROUNDS], then put on the Thermal Goggles
• Find each of the three control boxes with blinking green lights. You need to
  shoot these with your USP, but they're hard to see; use the Thermal Goggles
  to see them (they're the bright red boxes)
• Enter the door on the other side of the Semtex (C4) after disabling the C4

== DECK 2, PORT ===============================================================

• Walk down the long, dark hallway, taking the items in the side-paths as you go
• Take care of the first guard coming down the hallway
• Take care of the second guard thats just around the bend at the end
• Run around the bend, and take care of the sleeping guard
• Enter the door at the end, while taking any items on the ground

== DECK 2, STARBOARD ==========================================================

• Grab all of the ammo and Rations the game is giving you (odd...), and run
  until a cut-scene takes over
• Kill all of the guards with your USP, and be sure to keep cover behind a crate

== HOLD NO. 1 =================================================================

• Your goal is to sneak past the Marines and into Hold No.2, then into Hold No. 3
• Climb down the ladder, sneak behind (or crawl) the Marines to the other side
• Climb up the ladder to the top, take any items you may find, and swing over
  the railing and into hanging mode
• "Hang" your way across the room to the north, and pull yourself up at the end
• Enter the door

== HOLD NO. 2 =================================================================

• Do the same thing as before; Go into hanging mode and pull yourself across
  the room to the north, pull yourself up, and enter the door

== HOLD NO. 3 =================================================================

• Head back down to the main floor, and take out as many Marines as you can with
  your M9
• Take the pictures that are required of you: A front-shot, right-side shot, left-
  side shot, and a shot of the MARINES logo on it
• After all pics have been taken (you should hear a sound if you took the correct
  picture), use the node that's located in the south-eastern part of the room
  to send the pics to Otacon

----------------------------------> Plant <------------------------------------

== STRUT A, DEEP SEA DECK =====================================================

• Take the [THERMAL GOGGLES] from beneath where you start off
• Hang from the railing near the scuba diving suits, and grab the [SHAVER] from
  the other side
• Take the [RATION] from inside of the ventilation shafts near the water
• Open the northern door, and enter the next room
• Locate the Node in this room, and enter your name and stuff for it
• Take the elevator up

== STRUT A, PUMP FACILITY =====================================================

• Collect all the items from the roof
• Head to the west side of the roof to find a gap beneath the fence you can
  crawl under; do so, and enter the door

== STRUT A PUMP ROOM ==========================================================

• Distract the guard here by knocking on a wall, then activate the Node in this
• Check the lockers to the right side of the room for a [RATION]
• Take the western door to the AB Connecting Bridge

== AB CONNECTING BRIDGE =======================================================

• Take care of the guards here, then cross the bridge and enter Strut B
• Be sure to avoid the sentry that overlooks the entire bridge from time to

== STRUT B, TRANSFORMER ROOM ==================================================

• After the cut-scenes, you'll get the [CIGS] and the [SOCOM] pistol
• Search the area for some [M9 ROUNDS] and some [SOCOM BULLETS]
• Search the lockers for some [RATIONS] and [SOCOM BULLETS]
• Enter the northern door

== BC CONNECTING BRIDGE =======================================================

• Take the [CHAFF GRENADES] on the bridge, then enter Strut C

== STRUT C, DINING HALL =======================================================

• Check the Men's Room for some [SOCOM BULLETS] and the women's room for some
  [M9 ROUNDS] and some [PENAZEMIN]
• Exit the bathrooms, and go north and into the kitchen
• You'll get the [COOLANT SPRAY], [SENSOR A], and the [LEVEL 1 CARD]
• Activate the Node in this area
• Equip [SENSOR A] to find the first bomb in the women's room, above the sink
• De-activate it with the [COOLANT SPRAY]
• Go back to the BC CONNECTING BRIDGE, and enter Strut B again

== STRUT B, TRANSFORMER ROOM ==================================================

• Take care of the guards here
• The bomb is located behind the locker door that's open, so de-activate it
• Go back to the AB CONNECTING BRIDGE, and enter Strut A again

== STRUT A, PUMP FACILITY =====================================================

• Search the southern locker for some [SOCOM BULLETS], and use your Level 1 Card
  to enter the southern room
• Take care of the guard here, then crawl beneath the pipes, and make your way
  to the next bomb, which is in the center of the pipe area
• De-activate the bomb

== FA CONNECTING BRIDGE =======================================================

• Take care of the new guard here, then avoid the Cypher, and enter Strut F
  through the lower entrance

== STRUT F, WAREHOUSE =========================================================

• Take care of the guards here, then search the area for items like ammo and
• Go down the southwestern stairs to find the [MINE DETECTOR] and some
• If you find the locker that's locked, punch it to find the [BOOK], which is
  an adult magazine. Rowrr.
• Enter the door across from you to find a Node and some more lockers. Search
  the lockers for items and activate the Node
• Find the open vent on the ground in this room, and crawl through it to the
  next room. Take the [SOCOM SUPRESSOR] and the [SOCOM BULLETS], then return
  to the Node room
• Take care of the rest of the guards, then go to the second level of the
• Locate the bomb, which is on the first floor, but stand above it on the
  second floor, and go into hanging mode. Now drop down from above the bomb,
  and you'll land right next to it, inside a boxed in area. De-activate it,
  and climb over the boxes to get out. Head to the EF CONNECTING BRIDGE

== EF CONNECTING BRIDGE =======================================================

• Slowly attempt to cross the bridge, but have the MINE DETECTOR equipped so
  you can see the Mines on the ground
• Crawl over them to pick them up
• Take care of the guard thats overlooking the bridge
• Go straight and enter Strut E

== STRUT E PARCEL ROOM ========================================================

• Take care of the guards, then go north and activate the Node
• Search the room for some items, then go up the north-eastern stairs, and
  go out onto the Helipad

== STRUT E HELIPORT ===========================================================

• Climb the stairs, and take care of the guards
• Approach the Harrier Jet, and de-activate the bomb underneath it
• Go back to the Parcel Room, and enter the north-western door

== DE CONNECTING BRIDGE =======================================================

• Take care of the guard here, then cross the bridge and enter Strut D

== STRUT D, SEDIMENT POOL =====================================================

• There are a ton of guards here, so it's tough to not get spotted
• Head to the eastern part of the room to the blue dot on your radar (which is
  the Node), and activate it
• Now run around the corridor of the room, past the guards, and to the western
  part of the room, where the SENSOR A locates the bomb. Open up the grate on
  the ground to find the C4 and de-activate it
• Exit through the northern door, and onto the CD CONNECTING BRIDGE

== CD CONNECTING BRIDGE =======================================================

• Take care of the guards here and avoid the camera, then enter Strut C

== STRUT C DINING HALL ========================================================

• Enter the pantry in the kitchen, and take [SENSOR B]
• You now have 400 seconds to get to the Strut A Deep Sea Dock
• Exit through the south door

== BC CONNECTING BRIDGE =======================================================

• Avoid the Cypher, cross the bridge, and enter Strut B

== STRUT B TRANSFORMER ROOM ===================================================

• Run south, and exit through the door at the end

== AB CONNECTING BRIDGE =======================================================

• Avoid the guards, and enter Strut A

== STRUT A PUMP ROOM ==========================================================

• Take out the guard, and go up the stairs on the east side of this room, and
  onto the roof

== STRUT A ROOF ===============================================================

• Take the elevator down

== STRUT A DEEP SEA DOCK ======================================================

• Run south and into the first room you entered when you began the Plant missions
• Find the hanging submarine, and crouch to look beneath it. The bomb is under
  it, so de-activate it
• You will enter a boss fight, but don't waste any ammo. Just hide and don't get
• You now have 400 seconds to get the the Strut E Heliport

== STRUT E HELIPORT ===========================================================

• Find the C4 and de-activate it
• For the boss fight, some tips:
  - Aim for the head
  - Get rid of the bombs first
  - Shoot the boss several times to make the boss fall, and when the boss gets
    back up, shoot the boss in the head a few times
• After the fight, move the dead boss' body to reveal more C4. De-activate it
• You'll get a [BDU], which is an enemy uniform, but you need the AKS-74u
• You also get the [LEVEL 2 CARD]
• Make your way back to the Strut F Warehouse

== STRUT F WAREHOUSE ==========================================================

• Take a quick left from where you enter, and enter the door that's to the left
  of you
• Take the [M4] and it's ammo, then leave the room and enter the room to the
• Take the [AKS-74u] and the ammo
• Exit this area, and make your way to the Shell 1 Core (use your map)

== SHELL 1 CORE, 1F ===========================================================

• Put on the uniform and equip the AKS rifle
• Head south to the node and activate it
• Take the elevator to B2

== SHELL 1 CORE, B2 COMPUTER ROOM =============================================

• Enter the room, and take the [D.MIC] from the north-western part of the
• Activate the node, and take the elevator to B1

== SHELL 1 CORE, B1 ===========================================================

• Enter the room to the right of the elevator, and activate the node
• Find the retinal scanner, and wait for a guard to patrol near the scanner
• De-equip a weapon, and get him into a choke hold. Now pull him to the scanner
  and it'll let you enter the room
• Find the man you are looking for, who is the white male tied to the table with
  some boxes on it, in the lower-left part of the room. Use the D.Mic on him
  when the other guard isn't looking
• After the cut-scene, you'll get the Level 3 Card
• Quickly equip your AKS (you have 10 seconds), and DO NOT MOVE
• Make your way to the elevator and take it to 1F, then go back to the EF
  CONNECTING BRIDGE, then go to the Strut F Warehouse

== STRUT F WAREHOUSE ==========================================================

• Search the rooms you haven't gone into yet (Level 3 doors), and take the PGS1
  and the RGB6 guns and ammo
• Make your way back to Strut E, then Strut D, and to the Shell 1-2 Connecting

== STRUT 1-2 CONNECTING BRIDGE ================================================

• There are 10 locations of C4 on the bridge you need to shoot with your PGS1:
  - On the wall directly behind you
  - On the pillar right in front of you
  - On the left side of the bridge, next to the pillar
  - To the right of the center pillar
  - On the far left, way behind the pillar
  - On the right side of the far door
  - On the left side of the far door
  - Behind the center of the flag to the left
  - On top of a Cypher flying above the far door
  - To the far right of the far doorway, surrounded by birds
• Fight the next boss (you'll get the Stinger). Some tips:
  - Always pick up the items
  - When you get a clear shot, take a few shots at a time
  - Avoid the shots that are fired by the boss
• After the fight, climb down onto the orange pipe, take the ration on the south
  end, and cross it to the other side, and head to the right

== STRUT L PERIMETER ==========================================================

• Avoid the guard, and go to the end, until you reach a dead end, and go into
  hanging mode, and drop down to the next bridge
• Take care of the guards and cyphers, then cross the bridge by doing a cartwheel
  across the first gap, then hanging to cross the second gap. Enter the door at
  the end.

== SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION ROOM =====================================

• Locate the node, activate it, then take the northern elevator to B1

== SHELL 2 CORE, B1 FILTRATION CHAMBER ========================================

• Activate the node that's right next to you, and enter the water
• Swim forward until you reach a room with the [NIKITA]
• Swim back to the surface, and take the elevator back to 1F

== SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION ROOM =====================================

• Go south, and then left, up the stairs, and slowly open the door to the first
  room you come across. It has some sentry guns, so blow them up, then enter the
  room. Fire a Nikita missile into the vent here
• Direct the missile through the vents, and into the room
• Direct the missile into the large power supply
• Go back towards the elevator, but continue north past the elevator, and across
  the floor that used to be electrified, and into the room
• You will receive the Level 4 Card
• Return to the elevator and take it to B1

== SHELL 2 CORE, B1 FILTRATION CHAMBER ========================================

• Hop into the water, and go: right, left, right, right, left, open
  the door, swim through the crates, go through the door at the end, and exit
  the water
• Enter the Level 4 door for a boss fight
• Some tips:
  - Don't fall into the center pool of water
  - Use your M4
  - Aim for the head when the boss turns white, not red
  - When the boss is red, shoot it with a rocket or grenade
  - Shoot out the lights in the room on the ceiling
• After the fight, enter the next door, and swim right, left, left.
• Exit the water, activate the node, then open up the center locker
• Swim all the way back to the elevator (after you open the locker and get the
• Take the elevator to 1F

== SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION ROOM =====================================

• Take care of the guards, then take the person to the exit, to the KL CONNECTING

== KL CONNECTING BRIDGE =======================================================

• Destroy the Cyphers, and cross the bridge, use the [COOLANT SPRAY] to put out
  the fire, and enter the door beyond it

== STRUT L SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY ==========================================

• Take out the guards, and go down the ladder

== STRUT L OIL FENCE ==========================================================

• You must now guard the person trying to cross the oil fence, so use your
  PGS1 to take out any Cyphers, mines, or Guards that appear. Take out the
  mines first.
• Towards the end, you will have another short boss fight
• Just aim for the head and get a few head shots in to win
• Go back to the Shell 1 Core, 1F

== SHELL 1 CORE, 1F ===========================================================

• Take the elevator to B2

== ARSENAL GEAR, STOMACH ======================================================

• Get through the torture scenario (press Triangle fast to keep O2), and activate
  the node, and exit the room

== ARSENAL GEAR, JEJUNUM ======================================================

• Avoid the guards at all costs, go north, then up the stairs to the left
• Run to the right and enter the door

== ARSENAL GEAR, ASCENDING COLON ==============================================

• Go south to get a [RATION], then go north to get the [H.F. BLADE]
• Practice with the blade, then enter the north door

== ARSENAL GEAR, ILEUM ========================================================

• Use your M4 to kill all the guards, and take any items that are dropped
• Enter the northern door when you're done

== ARSENAL GEAR, SIGMOID COLON ================================================

• Use your H.F. Blade, and kill all the guards that come at you
• Ignore any GAME OVER screens that may pop up

== ARSENAL GEAR, RECTUM =======================================================

• A boss fight will occur. Some tips:
  - Destroy the center enemy first, then the enemies will fight you one by one
    in the center of the area
  - Shoot the enemy in the leg first, then shoot it's mouth when it opens up
    to do good damage
  - Avoid all missile and gun attacks, and take all RATIONS
  - Destroy 5 of the enemies to win the fight

== FEDERAL HALL ===============================================================

• The final boss fight will ensue. Some tips:
  - Block all attacks with your H.F. BLADE (its your only weapon)
  - Use the 360-degree attack with your H.F. Blade continuously to do the most
  - Eventually, you will be able to stab the boss with the blade
  - Towards the end of the fight, the boss will form a triangle of fire around
    you; avoid it as best as you can
  - If you catch on fire, simply do cartwheels around until it's gone
  - Grab the lone RATION the game gives you and keep it handy
• Congrats! You've just beat Metal Gear Solid 2. Watch the loooong ending and


02. Copyright Info


©  Copyright  2000-2001  Brett  "Nemesis"  Franklin.  This  FAQ  and everything
included  within  this  file  cannot  be  reproduced  in any way, shape or form
(physical,  electronical,  or  otherwise)  aside from being placed on a freely-
accessible,  non-commercial  web  page in it's original, unedited and unaltered
format. This FAQ cannot be used for profitable purposes (even if no money would
be made from selling it) or promotional purposes. It cannot be used in any sort
of commercial transaction. It cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift,
etc.,  with  a  purchase  as  this  creates  incentive  to buy and is therefore

                                    - EOF -

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