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Song Lyrics by Einherjar2001

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/22/01

Metal Gear Solid 2:  The Sons of Liberty

Music and Lyric Guide
Version 1.0
November 20, 2001
By A Norwood, a.k.a. Einherjar2001 (on GameFAQs boards)
		    E-Mail- norwood3@swbell.net

NOTE:  I am sorry about updating this FAQ so late.  With school 
and the Holidays, it had to be put on the back burner.  Sorry!

      11/20   Created FAQ
12/22   Corrected Lyrics, Added Note about problems with             
   Dolby 5.1, Permission-to-use lists, and other stuff	


   This is a FAQ regarding the lyrics to the Ending Theme of 
Metal Gear Solid 2: The Sons of Liberty, entitled "Can't Say 
Goodbye to Yesterday". 

  If you're really into game music like I am, then you probably 
paid close attention to the great music found in the Metal Gear 
Series.  Even since the days of the NES (man, I feel old), 
Konami always has had excellent, high-quality music in  MG.  Now 
with the PS2, the option for Dolby Digital Surround 5.1 and the 
power of DVD, game developers have the opportunity to completely 
immerse gamers in excellent sound and music to complement the 
incredible graphics.

-Einherjar's Take-

	This was a good ending piece.  Well written, and performed 
well.  Although I don't particularly care for jazz, I liked this 
song.  Carla White (the singer) had an excellent voice that 
really brought out the lyrics, and made the song work.

	However, this song is nothing compared to "The Best is Yet 
To Come" from Metal Gear Solid---I want to make that clear.  
TBIYTC totally wipes the floor with this song, and it shows.  
This song had no overtones or any kind of bond with the gamer, 
like TBIYTC did.  In Metal Gear Solid, it was the first thing 
you heard when starting the game, and the last thing you heard 
when you beat it; its sad first notes found dozens of places in 
the game, but not overdone (it was at it's best when Snake kills 
Sniper Wolf-totally fit the scene).  The player went through the 
game hearing this sad song, and then hearing it in its' entirety 
when beating it.  Excellent use of the song, and clearly making 
it the better of the two.

	However, "I Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday" is an excellent 
song in itself.  If you don't care for a good song, or just want 
to stare at the credits for 5 minutes with no sound, by all 
means, turn Dolby 5.1 on (basically, Konami made a mistake 
implementing Dolby 5.1, and so if you have it turned on, the 
song doesn't play in the ending).

-FAQS- (this section may grow if needed)

Q: What is this "Can't Say Goodbye" song of which you speak?  I 
get to the ending and don't hear *ANY* music!

A: Turn off Dolby 5.1.  Konami messed up this feature for the 
song, and as a result, if you have 5.1 turned on, no music 
plays!  You MUST turn it off in order to hear anything during 
the credits. To do this, just go to the options menu, turn it 
off, and save.  In game, log-in to a node and turn it off.  
Voila!  You'll hear music when you get to it.

Q:  Where can I find the Metal Gear Solid 2 Soundtrack?
A:  I have found that GameMusic (http://www.gamemusic.com) is an 
excellent source of soundtracks.  The Metal Gear Solid 2 
soundtrack is out of stock (at time of writing), however. :-(

Q:  I can't get past "xxxx" part; what's up with the ghosts and 
cameras; what are you theories on the Patriots; what is up with 
Raiden's flaming homosexual tendencies, etc.  Since you have a 
FAQ you obviously must be a game master!

A:  This is simply a lyrics and music FAQ.  Believe me, even as 
fanatic as I am about this game, I  don't want the duty of 
helping others with gameplay.  Besides, I got Pig as my codename 
(that tells you how good I am, hehehe).  There are many others 
you can get help from; either   


Here: (http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/gentopic.asp?board=28489) 
ALERT: Possible Spoilers, though.

Q:  Where can I get an mp3 of "xxxxx" song, or can you get me "I 
Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday" on mp3?

A:  Nope, aside from legal issues doing this, you should really 
get the soundtrack.  It's really good, and it's worth the money.  
ADDENDUM:  Please don't email me or IM me about this.  I've 
gotten swarmed with messages about it, and I'm getting really 
sick of it.  If you absolutely MUST, try Kazaa or Morpheus 
Q:  Your lyrics are wrong!  Mine are right!

A:  By all means, send your version to me. However, if it 
doesn't seem to fit in with the song, or it doesn't sound right, 
I won't change it.  I give credit for anyone who helps me 
correct the lyrics, so go right on ahead and tell me if I'm 
 Q:  Why did you decide to create this FAQ, and how did you get 
the lyrics?

 A:  I decided to create this FAQ to attempt to repay GameFAQs 
for the many years of help I've had.  This is my first FAQ, and 
if this one is successful, I might do more.  I obtained the 
lyrics by basically listening to the song five or six times in 
the ending (I now 0wN Solidus in about thirty seconds, hehe), 
and there is definitely room for inaccuracies.  Contact me if 
you find any typos or mistakes (sometimes that girl's voice was 
hard to understand, particularly near the end).

-----------------Song Information---------------------

Theme Title:  "Can't Say Goodbye To Yesterday"

Written/Produced by Rika Muranaka 
Performed by the Felix Farrar Orchestra
Recorded at the Manhattan Center Studio

Vocal: Carla White

Sax: Don Braden
Trombone: Robin Eubanks
Piano: Onaje Allangumba 
Bass: Kenny Davis
Drums: Eugene Jackson


Song:  "Can't Say Goodbye To Yesterday"


I stare at the stars, and the sky up above

And think what am I made of?

Am I full of sorrow, am I hurt and pain?

Or am I filled with Love?

I walk by myself on the streets below

And ask every child I know--

Do you think tomorrow will bring sun or rain?

Which one of these will show?

I Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday, my friend

I keep holding on 'till the end.

Out of the darkness, there is no other way

Than the light leading to yesterday.

It's there that I'll find inner peace, not war

And dreams that I let slip away.

I will find the joyfulness, I'm looking for

Way back in yesterday.

Why can't each of us in the world ever see

The best things in life are free?

Little sounds of laughter; a warm heart; a smile;

A kiss from you to me...

I fall to my knees,

I cry and I cry,

Love, do not pass me by!

Happily ever after,

Please stay a while; make time refuse to fly.

I Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday, my friend,

'Cause I know how good it has been..

Facing forever

Here I stand, come what may;

Bring the old, bring the new yesterday!

It's there that I'll find inner peace not war,

And dreams that I let slip away

I await the joyfulness; I'm looking for

Way back in Yesterday......


Thanks to Shinobu Anata and Lex for their helpful lyric 

Thanks to Konami, Hideo Kojima, and Team for making a killer 

Thanks to GameFAQS and CJayC For Making such a great site!

This FAQ Copyright 2001, A. Norwood.

This FAQ may not be stored or presented on any other servers 
other than GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com) and its' 

Metal Gear(r) , Metal Gear Solid(r), and Metal Gear Solid(r) 2: The 
Songs of Liberty(tm) are all registered trademarks and trademarks 
of Konami and Konami Computer Entertainment Japan.  No ownership 
by myself is implied.  In the same vein, I do not claim 
ownership of the lyrics to "Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday", nor 
to any of the music (presumably owned by Konami or other entity) 
mentioned in this FAQ.  If there is any dispute regarding my 
FAQ, feel free to contact me, and I will promptly attempt to 
resolve the problem.

		    E-Mail- norwood3@swbell.net

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