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FAQ/Walkthrough by ORCA782

Version: 3.5 | Updated: 12/11/01

VERSION 3.5 (Final)
BY: Orca782 (vejiitassj4)
Primarily for: GameFaqs (www.gamefaqs.com)

1. Footnote
2. Legal Stuff
3. Walkthrough
4. Weapons/Info
5. Spoilers
6. Sneaking faq
7. Characters/Codec #s
8. Secrets
9. Conclusion

I will post any updated info here, so people stop emailing me obvious 

11/18/01 Info on dog-tags updated.

11/19/01 Infra red goggles found in yet another place, and Socom 
suppressor located.  I also received the AK suppressor.  I have gotten 
300% on the tanker and 200% on the Plant, which means the secrets 
section is updated.  

11/20/01 Extreme info updated, as I nearly broke my controller last 
night trying to beat one of the bosses.  

11/21/01 Extreme info updated, as well as Very Easy info.

11/21/01 Website for clear codes added to secrets section.

11/25/01 Finally back from Thanksgiving break, found the goggles in a 
new area, and I learned a new secret.  

11/26/01 More Extreme info, as I beat Fatman last night.  Also, info on 
animal rankings.

11/28/01 Character info updated.

11/30/01 This will be the final update.  I got all the tags last night, 
the site you get is in the secrets section now, and if you want the 
clear code to get in, email or IM me and maybe I'll give it to you.  I 
also got all the wigs, and beat it on extreme a day ago, so that 
section will be complete.  The characters are a bit more 

12/3/2001 I am informed by Semisacred that the soundtrack for the game 
is available through konamistyle.com or on ebay, for 50 dollars, but 
that it is only the premium edition version, which is a package that 
includes the soundtrack, the "making of" DVD, an information CD for 
your computer that has info on the next game, it's release, (2004) and 
news on Metal Gear Solid in general.

12/11/2001 More info on characters, especially the patriots.  A bit 
more info on the weapons.

Footnote:  I love this game, and I got the game a day early, on the 
13th, (Gamestop is so cool) and made this faq the morning of the 14th.  I 
finished it on the 15th.  I'd just like to thank everyone who's helped 
out, and say that this game is awesome.  I'd also like to point out 
(kind of vain, I know) that this was the first guide  besides the 
official one by Dave Birlew up, so I'd also like to thank you people 
who've been reading ever since the beginning, you drive me on.  I'd 
like to say that my primary guide is always mailed to gamefaqs, so if 
you aren't on gamefaqs, you should be cuz anywhere else might not be 
updated.  One of my favorite ideas for this faq is to make it spoiler 
free, and yet full of spoilers.  Here's how it will go.  I will do the 
walkthrough without spoilers, but if you want to be spoiled, there will 
be numbered 's in the faq, and these will correspond to the numbers in 
the spoiler section.  As I say, I will work on the walkthrough first, 
then I will get to the other sections.  Email me questions at 
vejiitassj4@hotmail.com, or IM me at Orca782.  I'll be on a lot these 
next few days.  Also, note that I've only beaten it on normal, easy, 
very easy, and I just started on Extreme (man is it hard), so they may 
have changed some things for hard and extreme.  I will add an (EXTREME) 
section to each boss, as I get to them, as I learn how to kill each of 
them, because on normal or easy, the fighting is entirely different.    
There will also be a (Very Easy) added to sections with differences due 
to this difficulty level.  
I would like to say to the many many people reading this guide: THANK 
YOU!   You guys are the reason I write these guides, I would do 
anything I could to help out the gamers.  I love writing these guides, 
and I love gaming.  Thanks.


Legal Stuff: This game is a product of KCEJapan, (Konami), so don't 
bootleg it, sell it off as your own, etc.  This guide, though not 
complete for awhile, will be available to other sites, or to you (the 
reader) if you want it, but ask me before you post it, or I'll get you.

WALKTHROUGH (no spoilers)
(note: to clarify once again, the * means spoiler, and it's at the 
spoiler list with an explanation or puzzle answer).
Mission 1

Outer Deck: After some awesome cg's, (*2) and some talk with Otacon, 
you are left on the outer front deck.  Grab the items under the stairs, 
and in the back corners, and head to the bottom floor door on the left.  
There is a guard on the top railing who will see you, so stun him with 
the M9, and there is another guard on the bottom floor with you, to the 

Deck A Crew's Quarters
Get the ration and the M9 bullets from the lockers, and take some 
pictures if you like (*_*).  There is a guard in the right hallway, 
right outside the locker room.  Stun him, and run to the end of that 

Deck A Crew's Lounge
Get the stun grenades on the right stairs leading down.  That door is 
currently locked, but remember it, because you'll be coming back to it.  
There are 2 guards in the lounge area.  Stun the one in the hall from 
the hall you come in from.  Then get his friend, when he comes into 
view.  There's another ration in the lounge area.  There's a guard just 
waiting to be held up on the left stairs leading down, but he's a hard 
nut to crack, and you have to stun him, or he gets feisty.  Go to the 
door on the right at the top of the stairs.

Deck B Crew's Quarters
There are 2 guards, one on either end of this hall.  Just pop around 
the corner and stun them.  On the bottom section, there is a locker 
with USP bullets, but don't worry, cuz you don't get the USP yet.  
There is a ration in a niche on the left hall.  There are also M9 
bullets under the stairs on the right.  Go up these stairs.

Deck C Crew's Quarters
There is a camera here.  You can't put it out of commission with your 
M9, so wait till you get better firepower.  Just hug the wall and go 
under it.  There are chaff grenades in the locker, and a ration in a 
vent on the left side.  Go up the stairs.

Deck D Crew's Quarters
There are 2 guards on this floor, and a potential for a lot more, so 
listen carefully.  After you head up the stairs, go to the main 
horizontal hallway, and go to the door on the right.  Skip the camera 
cg, and stun the guard while he's not looking.  Then get the ration 
from the kitchen, and get the M9 bullets from under the table if you 
need them.  Then travel around the outside of the room, and go to the 
door on the bottom right of the screen.  Wait until you know the guy's 
not looking, and open it and stun him.  Then run up the stairs.  
^Optional^ There is a storeroom on this floor with a dry box in it, and 
M9 bullets.  You can go here to hide out too, but it's not necessary.

Control Room
There are USP bullets here, but you can't get them.  There's a short 
cg, and then you get to talk to Otacon.  Then you head outside.

Upper Outside Deck (Boss)
Okay, here's a boss (*3).  To fight this boss there are a few ways to 
win.  The first is really slow, but works the best for me.  Just go to 
the little niche in the boxes, and look through, and shoot the boss 
comes into view.  Strafe left to right while in first person mode to 
get a better shot.  Also, run away when the grenades come in.  Another 
method is to strafe while in first person mode from behind a box.  
Whichever mode you chose, there are a few things you want to do.  
First, shoot both cords holding the tarp down.  This will aid you when 
"it" hides behind it.  Secondly, shoot out the searchlight, as "it" 
will use it later.  
(EXTREME): Faster and more accurate.  Well, to deal with this boss on 
extreme, you have to use misdirection.  Start out behind one set of 
boxes, and run to behind another when the boss isn't looking.  Then, 
the boss will keep shooting towards the other set of boxes.  This is 
your chance to shoot, because the boss won't be looking.  After doing 
this several times, the boss will shoot off the tarp, and it will fly 
up to protect the boss.  Go to the far left set of boxes, and strafe 
out and try to shoot the boss.  After one hit, the boss will let the 
tarp go, and shoot the searchlight in your eyes.  My best strategy is 
to go to the little niche in the boxes, and shoot the bosses feet 
through it.  Make sure you aren't in the bosses range though, and watch 
out for grenades.  This should do it, so good luck to you all.

Upper Outside Deck (after the fight): There are plenty of items.  There 
are 2 M9 bullets, the item (*4) you get from the fight, and a wet box, 
as well as infra-red goggles.  

-go back to the Deck A Crew's Lounge, same tactics as above. 

Deck A Crew's Lounge
Go to the door at the end of the stairs leading down on the right, and 
through the door.

Engine Room
This entire area is categorized as the engine room, so here goes.  
There are 3 USP bullets lying around.  There are M9 rounds, and a 
ration and grenades as well.  First, there's a cool shadow (*5), and 
another thing (*6).  Travel through the inner room, hiding from guards, 
and stunning them.  Once on the other side, there is a room with 3 
infra red sensors that you can't pass without disarming.  Otacon calls 
to tell you how, but he's a bit unclear.  The first one is on the top 
of a ledge.  Stand on a box, and you'll see it.  Shoot that.  Then, 
there's a second one you can see anyway.  Make sure to shoot it, not 
the c4.  Then, the last ones light doesn't show, but it's shape is 
visible around the edge of the sensor, as a ramped sort of box thingy.  
Anyway, it's on the left.  Shoot it.  Then go through.

Deck 2 Port
There is a ration here and 4 USP bullets.  Go until the end of the 
hallway, and try to use the M9, as the other weapon alerts gaurds with 
it's flashlight.  

Deck 2 Starboard
Here are some cool cg's (*7) and you get a sub-boss fight.  Shoot all 
the gaurds, there are like 9 of them, and go through the door.  There's 
a ration and 2 USP rounds at the end of the hall.  
(EXTREME): Hide behind a box so that you can still see the tops of 
their heads and keep shooting.

Hold 1
There are a lot of troops here.  The objective is to get through 
without being seen.  Go down the ladders, and to the left side.  Crawl 
under the light.  Also, crawl a lot of the time, even with the time 
limit, because the floors make noise.  There are some M9 rounds here.  
Also, there is apparently a hatch when you come in that allows you to 
crawl under all the marines or something.  I haven't found it yet, this 
info goes to peeps that have emailed me.  The latest was Zaner.  

Hold 2 
This is a bit of a puzzle.  Just crawl over the floors, or walk slowly 
with the analog stick, and move when the soldiers aren't looking.  When 
back on the right side, wait until the crew does it's exercises, and 
they should be looking away.  The go through the door.

Hold 3
There "it" is (*8).  Get the pictures, there's a marines picture on the 
back left and right side.  Input the data, and watch the cg's (*9)

End of Mission 1
Mission 2 (*1)
This is the beginning of your time as a new member.  He goes in similar 
to Snake in Metal Gear Solid 1, and has no weapons.  His fighting style 
is a bit different, and he won't take off the mask until the elevator 
(MGS1).  This entire area is designed in the shape of 2 hexagons, that 
have six areas each.  These are noted A-F.  You start in strut A.

Strut A Deep Sea Dock
This is the infiltration point.  There is a ration in a locker, and a 
small cg (*10).  There is a band-aid in a cordoned area, and USP rounds 
along with a ration in the vents.  You can jump into the water and swim 
with circle and the left stick.  There are supposed to be infra red 
goggles in the water, pretty easy to find.  If you can't find them, 
they are in the game later too, so don't worry.  You are introduced to 
you commander, the Colonel, who is actually Colonel Campbell from the 
first MGS.  
(Very Easy): on very easy the M9 is on top of some boxes in this room.  

Strut A Pump Facility (mid-level)
There are some downed guards here and a computer.  Use the computer, 
and you will get a radar.  These computers are blue dots on your map, 
so use them whenever you get to a new area.  You have to hide (similar 
to MGS1) from the guards until the elevator arrives.

Strut A Outdoor Deck
There's a bandage, M9 bullets, and Chaff grenades that you get later, 
along with a lot of bird droppings, that cause you to slip.  The 
opening is in a ripped fence on the mid left, and you crawl through it.

Strut A 1st Floor
There are SOCOM bullets in a locker, along with a ration.  There are M9 
bullets on the floor, and box 1.  Evade the guard, and use the computer 
to get a radar.  If you try to exit right, you see a CYPHER, and you 
can't leave until you get some chaff, or a gun, because real bullets 
can down a CYPHER, one to the camera, or 3 to the ring.  If you try to 
exit left, there are guards, but they are doable.  

AB Bridge
There are 2 guards, one on either side.  Just go on the top path, and 
when he's looking away, choke him.

Strut B 1st Floor
There's gratuitous blood here, but strangely enough, it's not the 
ninja!!!  (from MGS1, similar occurrence).  It's (*11).  Anyway, you 
meet (*12) here, and you get a new weapon (*13).  There is a ration in 
a transfomer box on the wall, and there are M9 bullets.  There's a comp 
on the side area.  You will get the SOCOM pistol here.
(Very Easy): on very easy the SOCOM suppressor is in this room too.

BC Bridge
There is a cool cg here, and some chaff grenades (*14).  Later on, 
there is one guard, and a CYPHER here.  

C Strut
This is a sort of lobby area.  In the kitchen, you'll find Peter 
Stillman (*15).  He will charge you with a new quest, to find C4.  You 
get the Ion Sensor in this area, from Pete.  It's called sensor A in 
your items.  It highlights bombs with green light.  You also get a bomb 
diffuser, a coolant.  He also gives you your first keycard, the level 
one keycard.  The locations are (*16).  Disarm the bomb on this strut, 
and proceed to the CD Bridge.  There is a computer in the room with 

CD Bridge
This area has 2 guards as well.  Just be careful to skirt them as you 
go along.  

D Strut
This is a circular strut with 2 floors, and 3 guards, with a lot of 
items.  Disarm the bomb here, (*16) and head off to the DE bridge.  
There is a computer on the bottom floor.  
(EXTREME): there are 2 more bombs on extreme, one under another 
trapdoor, and one on the bottom side of a top walkway.  

DE Bridge
There are 3 CYPHERs here.

E Strut
This is a large packaging area.  There is a box 5 with the ZOE logo on 
it, and ammo for the M4, stun grenades, a mine detector on the bottom 
floor, and a computer.  Disarm the bomb on this strut (*16) and move 
on.  There is apparently a way to ride the conveyor, just get up on the 
ledge with box 5 and the belt will stop.  Get on in a box and ride, to 
another room.  Sounds good to me, but I can't verify it yet.  (thanks 
(EXTREME): on extreme mode, there is also a bomb on a box.  This is a 
pain to do, because it keeps moving.  Just find it by listening for the 
beeps, and follow it and try to freeze it.

EF Bridge
There are 3 CYPHER bots here.  There is also AK-74u ammo, useless for 
now.  There are mines on this bridge the first time you go across, so 
be careful, and use the mine detector.  Also, wait until the look out 
is not looking at the field.  You get an interesting call here (*17).

F Strut
This strut is a giant storage area, with 2 floors.  Just make sure not 
to let the guards on the top floor see you.  My recommendation is to go 
up and deal with them first.  The M9 is in a room on the top floor, 
with a lv1 card needed for entry.  There is also box 2 here.  
Tranquilize, or kill them.  Disarm the bomb in this area by dropping 
down from the top level.  (*16).  There is a suppressor for the SOCOM 
on this strut in a side room behind some boxes.  In order to get it, go 
to the room with the node, and crawl to the other room, through the 
secret crawl space.  Drop from the top level to get it, and the dirty 
magazine, and it sometimes reappears for more.

FA Bridge
This bridge has 3 CYPHERs on it, and some chaff grenades.  

A Strut (again)
This time you have a bomb to defuse.  You can get it by crawling under 
the pipes in the alternate room.  To get to it, crawl up from the 
second set of little metal stairs.  Then crawl left, under two pipes, 
and crawl under the third pipe, but not past it.  Crawl down, under 
that 3rd pipe, and then to the right, and that's where the bomb is.  
Then you will get a message from Pete.  Then, go get the next bomb, 
which is in the room where you started, the deep-sea entrance.  Go to 
strut B for the last bomb.
(EXTREME): there is a bomb here on the top deck, behind a fence, to the 
bottom right of the map.  Look through the fence and spray it.

Strut B (again)
Here, the bomb is on a wall, behind the open transformer box.  Close 
the door, and diffuse the bomb.  You will get a call from Pete now 

Strut C (again)
Here, Pete has left, so go into the store room for the B sensor 
(auditory).  Go to the strut A upper deck.

Strut A Upper Level
Use the elevator here to go down.  Hit triangle while on it, and if 
that doesn't work, go against hits back wall and hit triangle.  On the 
elevator ride down, you will get a call from Pete (*19).

Strut A Deep Sea Entrance (Boss)
The bomb is here.  You have to use the sensor B to find it.  You have 
to crouch near the pool to see it, under the sub, then spray it.  
(EXTREME): on extreme the bomb is on the left wall, near the top, on 
top of some stuff.  After that, you will get into a messy boss fight 
(*20).  After this, go in for a transmission from the colonel.  Travel 
to the strut E heli-pad where the last bomb was.  Beware, there are now 
mines planted on the Strut A roof.  
(EXTREME): Run back and forth like a crazy wiener dog and do the flip 
whenever the boss gets the laser on you.  The boss will fire twice in 
quick succession, so stay moving.  Also, don't try to hide, because 
with the insane fire rate, the boss clears the room in just a few 

Strut E (Boss)
Here, we have a boss (*21).  There are plenty of items around to use.  
The strategy is to go around diffusing the bombs, then shoot the boss 
in the head.  Here's how: the boss will lay 2 or 3 bombs.  Use the A 
sensor and the coolant to freeze the bombs.  Then, after freezing them, 
the boss will go on a short trigger happy rampage.  Plant claymores and 
use punch/kick combos to knock the boss down.  When down, shoot the 
bosses head.  Try for another shot as the boss gets up.  Soon the fight 
will be over.  The locations of bombs will be on the sides, underside, 
or top side of crates, or on barrels or small crates.  After this 
fight, you will meet another strange person.  (*22).  You will get army 
BDU, but you need a gun, the AK-74u.  Go to strut F for the gun.  This 
person also gives you the level 2 keycard, and a cell phone.
(EXTREME): to kill this boss on extreme is hard, extremely hard, 
because he begins planting 5 bombs and giving you 20 seconds to clear 
them.  This is near impossible.  The strategy is not what it was for 
any other mode.  You need to have either a lot of bullets, or infinite 
bullets (see secrets) and just run after him with the gun, shooting.  
Do this, and he won't be able to plant anymore bombs.  Do this until he 
dies.  It is hard but possible.  Also, after this fight there is one 
more guard with new tags on each connecting bridge.

Strut F (again)
The gun you seek is behind the level 2 door, on the bottom floor.  On 
the top floor, another level 2 door allows you access to the M4, 
another rifle.  Now head to the EF bridge.
(Very Easy): on very easy the AK suppressor is also in the room with 

EF Bridge (again)
Take out the CYPHERs and run across the bridge.  It will fall out from 
beneath you, so run fast.  Enter the core.

Shell 1 Core 1st floor
You can walk around this area unhindered with your new outfit.  There 
are some items laying around.  After exploring, go to the elevator at 
the top of the map.  (There's a comp in this area for radar).  There's 
also box 4 in this area.

Shell 1 Core B2
This area has the D. Mic.  Just get it, and don't touch any other 
guards, or else your camo comes off.

Shell 1 Core B1
Here, you need a retina scan.  Don't worry about it until you get the 
D. Mic.  After you have the D. Mic, drag a conscious guard to the eye 
scan, and face him towards it, then drop him.  He will scan for you.  
Go in, and use your D. Mic to find your person, Ames.  Ames has a 
pacemaker that beeps.  Just go around, and when the guards not 
checking, check their heart.  For me, it was the guy at the bottom 
middle.  He/she'll give you the next cardkey, level 3.  Then listen to 
the conversation (*23), after which Ocelot comes into the room.  The 
infra red goggles are in this area as well.  Simply take out the 
correct gun, and watch the cg (*24).  After leaving the room, the alarm 
will be on, so shoot your way out.  After that, return to EF bridge.

EF Bridge
The bridge is gone now, but you can use the edge to sneak along the 
wall across the bridge.  Just make sure any CYPHERs are down.  Go to F 

F Strut (again)
Here, you are picking up the PSG1, a sniper rifle.  It's behind a level 
3 door.  Go to strut D after.  After getting the PSG-1, crawl in the 
secret vent to a PSG1-T.  Also, you can get C4 and a RGB6 grenade 
launcher here.  It's behind more lv3 doors.  

D Strut
There is a door here that is level 3 that will open for you.  It leads 
to shell 2.

DL Bridge
There is somewhat of a puzzle here.  You have to disarm the Semtex 
bombs, by shooting the green control panels.  There are from 6-14 of 
them.  Call Pliskin for help if you need it.  There are 2 right in 
front of you when you come in, on the left side of the bridge.  Shoot 
them with the SOCOM.  Use the PSG1 for the rest.  There is one clearly 
visible on the front of the pipe.  There are 2, one on either side of 
the door opposite you.  There is one on a low ledge on the right, with 
a lot of seagulls around it.  There is one on the CYPHER flying above 
the door.  Don't shoot the CYPHER, or it will explode.  There is one 
above the door that you enter through, and there is one behind the 
center of the flag.  There is one you can see with the corner of your 
eye with the scope on the left at the end of the bridge. 
(EXTREME): There is another CYPHER with a bomb on it, there's a bomb on 
the right of the long staircase to the left, there is a bomb under the 
stairs you enter on, there is a bomb on the left, partially visible, of 
the opposite balcony.  This is all, and some are in hard too, but this 
is for extreme.

DL Oil Processing Plant (Boss)
You are now accosted by a boss (*25).  He and his counterpart attack 
you with the Harrier.  You immediately get the Stinger, and 10 rounds.  
Stay near the second floor stairs, and keep shooting rockets at the 
Harrier.  It will soon fly overhead for a beating.  Shoot it as many 
times as you can in this time.  Then it will shoot bombs and missiles 
at you.  Whatever it shoots, go to the second level, and they will not 
hit you.  If it is missiles, sometimes you have to roll out of the way.  
Go back up after each attack, and commence your attack.  Soon the 
Harrier will fall.  Now you get some great spoilers (*26).  After the 
fight, there is a suppressor for the AK-74u in this area.  To get it, 
drop to the pipe, and go to the bird **** area, and flip over to the 
stair area.  This leads up to a fire, that you use the coolant to stop, 
and get the suppressor.  This is a very efficient upgrade.
(EXTREME): You have to use the flip a lot in this fight, because walls 
will not protect you.  Hit him while he circles, and flip out of the 
way of oncoming missiles.  When he does the close up attacks, such as 
burn you, just keep shooting, the pain is worth it for what you can 
inflict upon him.  And when he does the close missile attack, run back 
and forth, and do the flip into the stairs, so you are unconscious, and 
invincible.  When he does the machine gun, hide behind the gray boxes, 
and move when you need to.

DL Oil Processing Plant
Go to the gray rail, and hang off of it.  Go until the orange pipe is 
beneath you, and drop on.  There is a ration at the bottom end, and the 
top end leads to a walkway.  Climb up to it, and try not to get seen by 
the 2 guards.  Stun them if need be.  Then keep going.

KL Bridge
There are 2 guards in the window, and if you crawl or crouch sneak 
along the wall, they won't see you.  If they do, they'll call CYPHER.  
Also watch out for holes in the walkway.  Get rid of all the CYPHERs, 
and cross into Shell 2.  You will have to do a running flip jump to get 
across the descending stairs that are gone.

Shell 2 Core 1st floor
Listen to the conversation, and then go downstairs with the elevator.  
There's a RGB6 grenade launcher in this area.

Shell 2 Core B1
This level is flooded, but the Nikita is simply at the end of the hall.  
Get it, and go back to the first floor.

Shell 2 Core 1st floor (again)
Stand on the crate, and fire the Nikita into the top slot.  Turn right, 
then the next right, and you should come out with the president.  Now 
head for the red light box, and blow it up.  Now the electricity is 
gone, and you get to visit the pres.  He tells you a lot of info (*27) 
and something startling happens.  You get the level 4 card from the 
pres.  Leave this area, and head down to the B1.  
(EXTREME): On extreme the path is different, and you need fire 2 
missiles, or plant c4 on the wall, because the president is asleep and 
will die if you blow up the panel.  Wake him up first.  This is the 
path.  Go to the top of that box at the bottom of the stairs, and fire 
into the vent, go left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, 
right and you should be in the room.

Shell 2 B1 (again)
Go underwater, and go to the first right this time, and then to the end 
of the hall.  Then go left, and take the next left.  Then follow this 
path until the end (the N.V.G. are at the first left), and it's the 
wheel on the right.  Open it, and use an airhole (white dots on map) if 
you need it.  Then go through the mesh, past the (*28) and to the end 
wheel.  The path through the mesh is to the top left, which leads to 
the bottom right.  There is also a new weapon, the PSG1 tranquilizer 
here, in one of the breathing (white) spots on the map, in the rubble 

Shell 2 Water Filtration Chamber 2 (Boss)
Here is a boss, (*28) and a hard one at that.  You'll need a few 
weapons for this.  The boss will start out on the water (note: you 
cannot get out of that water, it's instant death) and you can shoot him 
once.  Then he will go down.  He will jump back up and hold a pose.  
Shoot him.  He will then spin, while shooting at you.  When he stops, 
shoot him again.  Then he will go into the water, and come back up on a 
top ledge.  Shoot him, but never use the L1 to lock on method, this 
will not work.  A good idea is to use the grenade launcher when he 
comes up to hold the lower pose.  Also, after sufficient damage, he 
will charge you, and appear behind you.  To stop this, there are 
several methods.  Use claymores, and he will trip them and get hurt.  
Run away, and punch when he comes near, or hang over the side.  All of 
these will work.  When near dead, he will not go into the water again, 
but will remain up, shooting things at you.  Use the assault rifles, 
and stop the shot items.  The stinger is also a great weapon in this 
fight.  You should be the winner after a hard fought battle.  Another 
method is to hurt him while he's under water.  Any grenades or grenade 
launcher rounds put into the water while he's down there will run his 
air out quickly , which in turn makes him start to drown quickly.  Just 
throw grenades down every time he goes under.  Yet another solution, by 
Snookie240, is to punch punch kick him, and this will put him down 
quickly, because it drops his knock out bar drastically.  Apparently 4 
of these combos should do it.  When he throws knives, you can just duck 
and they fly overhead.  When he does that orange place holder attack, 
you can shoot it if you have your gun out when he does it.  You can 
shoot his knives with a gun too.
(EXTREME): For extreme this fight, which is the hardest in the game, is 
magnified.  You have to be slow, boring, and un-heroic.  First, when 
the boss comes up, shoot him.  Then, when he goes to a ledge, shoot him 
the first time, but this is the one and only time you will do such, as 
later he is much too fast with is projectiles.  Plant claymore mines on 
the side paths to stop him from charging you.  The most important part 
of this battle is to shoot him as much as possible while he is under 
water, with a rifle.  It really helps in this fight to have the secret 
item that promises infinite ammo.  When he comes out of the water on 
the lower level, try to shoot him, and he should hit at least one of 
your two claymores.  If he goes to the top level, just jump over the 
side and hang in the water until her goes red and walks towards you.  
Then he will go back to the water if you charge him.  If he is really 
close to dead, then luck comes in.  He will only go to the high rails, 
so hang off the side.  However, you should have gotten his life really 
low by this point, low enough for one claymore to kill him.  When he 
walks towards you in red, he is invincible, and if you charge him, he 
will instead just jump to another railing, no time to shoot him in the 
water.  So what you have to hope and pray for is that he does a rare 
charge at you, in which he is not invincible.  If he does such, one of 
the claymores will kill him.  This is how I did it, after hours of 
cursing and yelling.  Remember not to hang on the ledge if he is really 
close, because he will walk over, and then if you don't get up, he will 
slash at you while you hang.  And remember triangle is to bring 
yourself up, because in the tension of the moment, I often hit X and 
dropped into the water.  Here's a map:  (The ^ are claymores, and they 
point the way you should point them, the & is where you should hang 
over the railing, and the # is where you should start, and primarily 
fire from in the beginning).
I     _____      I
I     I       I     I
I  ^ I       I   ^I                      
I     I____I     I                       

Shell 2 Water Filtration Chamber 3
Here is a small path underwater.  Go right, then left, then left.  You 
will end up in another area with a computer.  Open all the lockers for 
a surprise (*29).  Take your escort out, and back through the 
underwater path.  There is body armor under water in this area, so try 
to get it.  It is very useful against the remaining bosses.  Also, if 
you didn't get them before, the infra red goggles are in a locker here.  
Apparently Konami puts a lot of "Easter Island" statues in their games, 
and there is one in here.  It's in the corner in a locker or something.  
(I never would have noticed.  Thanks to Jeremy Emerson for the info).

Water Filtration Chamber 2
There are mines, so pick them up  before escorting your person through.

Water Filtration Chamber 1
This is a hard swim, but use a lot of air holes, and use the map.  From 
where you enter, go right, into the rubble area, then go low, then 
high, through the rubble.  Take a left at the end of the rubble area, 
then take right, then another right, then a left, then 2 more lefts up 
the stairs.  Vulcan Raven is supposed to be in this area, floating (the 

Shell 2 B1
Use the coolant to scare the bugs away, and go up.  (You can also choke 
hold Emma through this area).

Shell 2 Core floor 1
There are 2 guards to start with, and a third gets off the lift.  Use 
the M9 to stun them.  There's a ration and a pentazemin along with AK 
bullets laying around.

KL Bridge
Use the coolant to put out the fire, then go through the door, with the 
level 5 card the escort has.  

Strut L
Use the wheel to get through, and there are 2 guards on a walkway to 

KL Oil Fence
Here, your escort leaves to cross the fence.  You have to protect her.  
You can call Pliskin for help, but I think this may damage the outcome.  
Use the PSG1, with a pentazemin, and shoot the mines first, then the 
men, then the CYPHER.  When you have free time, get the bullets.  Then, 
in a sudden turn of events, another force comes into play, and you have 
to snipe him (*30).  Get a bead on his head, and just let fly non 
stop.  I got a good bead, and never hurt the escort.
(Very Easy): on very easy there are no mines.
(EXTREME): On extreme there are more mines on the 3rd bridge, so watch 
out for them.  Also, your partner who helps you snipe doesn't appear 
until Emma is on the 3rd bridge.  There are CYPHERs that appear right 
next to Emma a lot of the time, so keep a close watch on her.  There 
are more guards too.  This part is fairly hard, but the sub-boss is 
easy.  Just use a pentazemin and blast his head a few times.

Strut E (again...)
With the level 5 card, you can get the Digital camera here, from a room 
at the bottom of the stairs.  Then go to the EF bridge, and into B2 of 
Shell 1.  Watch out, there are mines in Shell 1 first floor.

Shell 1 Core B2
The situation is not good (*31).  You get briefed to go with another 
member.  You are then captured (*32).

Torture (Arsenal Gear)
You are tortured for a brief second.  Just jam on the triangle button.  
That' it.  Then you are set free, and a lot of the plot is explained.  
(all of this explained at *33).  Leave this room (look familiar?).  
There is a ration in here, along with medicine, if you catch a cold.

Arsenal Gear: Aoyana Ni Chome

You are nude here, and it's hard getting around.  There are 5 guards in 
your way, and here's how to get around them.  To add to the fun, the 
colonel has gone quite mad, and transmits funny messages every once in 
awhile.  There is a box to hide in, and another medicine, but I 
couldn't find the box, so here's how to navigate this area without one.
1st guard, wait until he is facing the left wall, away from you, and run 
behind him, to a hide out before the second guard.  Then crawl by the 
low walls past the second guard.  Then wait until the 3rd guard is 
looking the other way, and run up the stairs.  The go to the 2nd bridge, 
not the first, and hide behind the little wall, until the guard is 
looking the other way, and crawl across the bridge.  The guard may bet 
you on the corner of his vision a couple times, but he will never keep 
you there if you are fast.  Then go under the camera, and wait until 
the 5th guard is in the long hallway.  Go to the top small block, and 
hide behind it until the 5th guard goes the other way, and run to the 

Arsenal Gear: Ascending Colon
Here, run to the bottom, then the top of the hall, and answer phone 
calls until Rose calls.  The Colonel will say a lot of funny things, 
and then Rose will finally call, and you will get a short cg.  She will 
say something, and then you will get your equipment, and a sword.  You 
meet an old ally, and you get a trace on the Colonel (*34). You use it 
with the right analog stick to swing the blade.  

Arsenal Gear: Upper Colon
Here you get to fight a lot.  Just stay behind boxes, and shoot a lot.

Arsenal Gear: Sigmoid Colon
I found this part fun, but if you want to do it easily, use the rifles. 
Here you get a bust out time, and it's a lot of fun.

Arsenal Gear: Center
Here you get into a fight with a repeat character (*35) and your other 
member leaves you.  

Arsenal Gear: Top (Boss)
Here you meet (*36) and you are faced with a big fight (*37).  The 
strategy is to use the stinger to hit them in the head, or hit them in 
the knee, then in the face. Once one of them jumps into the middle, 
Stinger ammo, and a ration in the middle, will start appearing.  
Dodging the attacks is easy.  The machine gun fire, either block with 
your sword, run out of the way, or do a flip out of the way.  The 
falling rockets can be run and flipped away from.  The laser, just 
don't get close, or just run from it.  The biggest danger is the heat 
seeking ground hugging missiles.  When these come at you, flip out of 
the way.  After killing 4-7 of them (depending upon hardness level I 
think, I'll verify later) yet another interesting cg takes place (*38).
(EXTREME): I am having trouble with this part myself.  It's not so much 
hard as it is boring.  There are somewhere around 20 bosses, and you 
need to kill them all on extreme.  It really helps to have infinite 
ammo (I'm sure that by extreme a lot of you already to).  Throw a chaff 
grenade or two, and this will limit your enemies accuracy, but not kill 
it.  They will still have missiles travelling to close to where you 
are, but they will fire towards where you are when they fire, so move 
after they fire and you should be fine.  Then one will jump on, and 
others will machine gun and missile you.  Keep up the chaff, and use 
the Stinger in the above strategy.  The knee then the head is still 
very damaging, maybe 3.25 hits to kill one.  But be wary, as a single 
mistake will mean your downfall.  The frontal missiles are your worst 
enemy.  Just don't get to close and they won't use machine guns or 
lasers (very painful).  The best way I have found is to throw a chaff, 
then kill one boss, then throw another chaff while the next one gets 
on.  If you keep up a steady fire on the one boss, whenever the lock-
ons become available, then he shouldn't get a single shot off, and you 
only have to worry about bystander bosses.  I beat this on extreme by 
killing 20 of them.  They start out as A###E, and move up to B###F, 
C###G and D###H.  This way you can tell.  There are 5 per set.  Good 

Roof of Building (Boss)
Here you get more info (*39) and finally a fight.  You get to use your 
sword, so you need to be fairly proficient with it.  Remember that you 
can fall off of the roof here, but on normal I found that he catches 
himself.  I'm  pretty sure that similar to MGS1, that if you are on 
Extreme, or maybe even hard, you will not catch yourself, but fall to 
your doom.  I find that the horizontal slashes repeatedly are the 
fastest and most effective.  If at a long range, just hit the R3 
button, and the jab has a great range, but slow recovery time.  The 
fighting style is hit and run.  Go in, knock him down, run away.  If he 
strangles you, press triangle repeatedly.  Dodge the missiles, and stay 
far away when he does the long range sweeps.  Also, try to get out of 
the way of his power strikes, because they do massive damage.  There is 
a ration (on normal at least) at the top edge of the building.  Then, 
in the second stage, he blasts around, lighting the screen on fire.  
Dodge the blasts, or block them with your sword (L1), and  try not to 
catch on fire (if you do, just roll around till it goes out) and keep 
up the previous strategy.  The game will end, and you'll get some great 
Cgs, (*40) along with some not so great ones.
(EXTREME): I will say that this is an incredibly hard fight, though I 
didn't think it would be.  After you are strangled, you don't regain 
you health like in all other hardness levels, and in all probability 
you have no rations, having used them on the last boss.  I beat this 
boss and I started out with 1/10 of a life bar.  If you are like this, 
I recommend letting the boss use the sweep move with his tentacles, as 
it will start you bleeding.  Then you can run off and bleed yourself up 
to 1/4 of your life.  After this, remember to block.  The boss has 2 
stages, and some unblockable moves, but not many.  His tentacle push 
and choke can be blocked, if he does manage to get you in the choke, 
then rotate the R3 stick violently and you should get free before he 
bashes the **** out of you.  He has a 3 hit sword combo you can block, 
a single hit that sometimes he doubles, that can be blocked, and a 2 
sword hit that cannot be blocked.  I recommend that you just try to 
block the 2 swords, as if you turn away, or crouch, he will kill you 
with it, but if you block, it will only half kill you.  He has a close 
range kick that is blockable and easy to stop.  The sweep is 
unblockable, but very week.  When you are on the ground, he will slowly 
walk up, then either stomp you, or do the double sword attack.  Block 
the stomp, or run from the swords.  He has a flying stomp, just get out 
of the way of it, it is unblockable.  The fire is one of your worst 
enemies, as on extreme it will kill you very fast.  Do a lot of flips 
if you catch on fire.  After the 1st stage, he will start shooting 
missiles.  These are extremely hard to dodge.  Run towards and sideways 
from them, and flip towards them when they get very close.  While 
flipping you are invincible.  Another technique is to hang off of the 
roof, but if you are close to him they will hit you anyway.  If you are 
feeling really cool, try slashing them.  This does work, but it is hard 
to time all 4 of them, and 1 will kill you.  The technique in this part 
is to get close and hit him.  He will block, but if you are close he 
will then do the kick.  Block, and hit him, and he wont block.  Then he 
will get up and shoot off.  If you are in the second stage, he will get 
up and do the missiles.  After this, just go up and hit him again.  I 
recommend the dull edge, I find it easier, and I like the idea of being 
the Hitokiri Batosai (any anime fans out there?  Kenshin???).   After 
stage 2, he will go and drop his arms.  This means no more missiles.  
This part of the fight is either quick win, or quick trip to death.  He 
will rocket all around, and then eventually hit you.  Just block 
towards him at all times.  When he hits you, he will either do a 3 hit 
slow sword combo, block all of it and then hit him, or he will do an 
elbow, just block and hit him.  Then he will repeat.  Watch out for the 
double sword attack, and the fire.  Try not to get hit at all, because 
bleeding in this section means death.  I find it easiest just to hit 
him, and he will go straight back, then straight forward.  Just repeat 
over and over.  Good Luck.  Remember, I did this starting with 1/10 of 
my life, and won, so it is possible.  I guarantee you will be a sword 
master after the fight is done.  Watch that cg, and laugh as he dies.  

M9: This is a silenced pistol, that fires tranquilizer darts, with its 
current adaptor.  It will stun enemies, and it will stun more 
effectively if you hit them in the head, or in the stomach/bathing suit 
area.  .  (Fire with square, hold to aim).

And now some real info from Justin Warsh:
The Beretta  M-9 (also known as Beretta 92f)   Chambered to fire 9mm
bullets. Muzzle velocity 390 meters a second weighs 950 grams or 33 
unloaded.  Overall length 9 inches or 217 m, barrel length 5 inches or 
and magazine capacity is 15 rounds.

E.G. Malinis gun info:
Beretta Model 92F Produced in 1985 as the official US Army sidearm. 
Fires 9x19mm parabellum. Magazine capacity: 15 rds. Country of origin: 

USP: This is an army pistol, with a fairly large clip as handguns go.  
It has a laser sight and a flashlight attached for better shooting.  
You can take most any enemy down with 3 shots, but limb shots will not 
kill an enemy unless 5 or 6 are used.  .  (Fire with square, hold to 
Info from JQP:

The USP is made by H&K in germany and is considered one of the best 
combat pistol around,  it is available in 9MM, 40S&W,and 45ACP.  

Info from E.G. Malinis:
Heckler & Koch USP 9 Produced in 1990 for the US (civilian, law 
enforcement and military). Fires 9x19mm parabellum, also available in 
S&W .40 and later in .45 Magazine capacity: 15 rnds. Country of origin: 
Germany USP stands for "Universal Self-loading Pistol" 

SOCOM: Special Operations COMmand pistol.  This is a great pistol, with 
a 12 round clip, with laser sight included.  It can be adapted to a 
silencer, and it's stopping power is heavy.  Basically, it's a .45 
that's adapted for all types of situations.  (Fire with square, hold to 

Info from E.G. Malinis:
Heckler & Koch SOCOM Produced in 1991 for US Special Operations Command 
for elite military units (SEALS, Green Beret, Rangers, etc.) Fires .45 
ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) Magazine capacity: 13 rnds. SOCOM stands 
for Special Operations Command.

Chaff Grenades: These grenades throw out an electric disturbing field 
for a small time.  All electronics will be frozen, and reset after the 
time is done.  (Hold square to remove pin, and make range farther as 
held longer).

Real info from Wartremoval: Chaff grenades work by throwing many shards 
of reflective metal into the surrounding area, and it makes radar and 
cameras malfunction.  I guess it's the reflective properties, but it 
sounds good to me!

Stun Grenades: These "flashbangs" are used to stun enemies momentarily.  
Sight and sound will be unavailable to the targets for about 5 seconds.  
(Hold square to remove pin, and make range farther as held longer).

Grenades: These grenades are special made incendiaries.  They explode a 
flammable gas into a large area, then a spark sets it off.  Normal 
grenades just launch flying particles of metal, but these are actual 
incendiaries.  (Hold square to remove pin, and make range farther as 
held longer).

M4: This rifle is a fully automatic assault rifle with a 30 round clip.  
It has good accuracy, and can fire at a great rate.  It is accurate, 
and it has a laser sight to boot.  (Press square lightly to aim, hard 
to auto fire).

And now some real info from Justin Warsh:
M-4 The ancestor of the M-16, it fires 5.56 and has a 30 round clip.
Usually seen with extending stock. Very Reliable and is still used due 
its reliability by the seal teams

AK-74u: This rifle is used as a disguise to enter Shell 1 core.  It is 
similar to the M4, but with a shorter barrel, and a bit less accurate.  
It's used mainly for short range combat in real life.  30 round clip 
with laser sight. (Press square lightly to aim, hard to auto fire).
Here's some real info on the gun from Shotgunner
It is a re-designed version of the the old Russian rifle, the AK-47. 
Still firing the same 7.62 mm round the AK-47 used, it boasts higher 
accuracy and better tolerance to the elements, due to i's new design. 
Caliber: 5.45 x 39 mm Magazine capacity: 30 Year produced: 1974 

PSG1: This high powered sniper rifle has a good fire rate, and a long 
range, with zoom scope.  Use pentazemins while firing.  (Use square to 
fire, circle to sight in, x to sight out).  There is a mod for this gun 
which allows the fire of tranquilizer rounds.

And now some real info from Justin Warsh:
The PSG-1 was manufactured by Heckler and Koch and is the worlds first
semi-automatic Sniper Rifle to use a 20 round magazine.  It fires 
51mm bullets.  It is known for its deadly acurassy. Based on the G-3 
the Hechler And Koch. Weighs 7.84 Kg with a 5 or 20 round magazine. 47
inches (long 1028 mm), barrel length 650 mm or 26 inches. accuracy -  3 
groups with 20 rounds at 300 meters.
Info from Jqm:
The PSG1 is another H&K design, it is .308 caliber and extremely 
accurate, one of these on the civilian market costs about $3,000 

Stinger: This missile launcher fires heat seeking rounds at a target.  
They do massive damage, and can take down small jets.  (Put the 
crosshair on the target, it will turn red.  Then press square to fire).

And now some real info from Justin Warsh:

The Stinger isn't actually the launcher but the missiles themselves, the
launchers history is a long one though. The anti-aircraft missile 
was introduced in the 1967 by the Egyptians against the Israelis.  The 
army then modified it to carry first generation homing missiles. later 
stinger missiles were finally used. The stinger missile is produced by
Hughes and is an "all aspect" SAM. Versions actually detect holes made 
by an
aircraft against the ultraviolet background of the sky. The missile 
weighs 23lb/10 kg and is about 6 inches/ 152 cm long. The whole shebang
weighs about 34.5 lb/ 15.7 kg.  The missile itself rapidly accelerates 
Mach 2 and then intercepts the unfortunate aircraft.

Nikita: This missile launcher fires guided missiles.  Dissimilar to the 
first game, these are always in first person mode, for easier steering.  
(Press square to fire, and left right on the left stick for direction).

RGB6: This grenade launcher has a 6 round clip, and fires short ranged 
grenades.  Upon detonation, these grenades spread incendiary gas 
through the air, and ignite it instantly, making a fiery explosion.  
(fire with square).
Real info on the gun from Shotgunner:
The Grenade Launcher (RG8, if I remember correctly) is a rotary-drum 
style grenade launcher, much like an MM-1, which is basically the 
cousin to the Vietnam-era M-79 "Thumper" Grenade Launcher. The 
advantage of the rotary-drum style launchers is the obvious fact of 
being able to fire more shots before having to reload. 

C4: This explosive will blow holes in walls, and enough of it will 
cause large explosions, even enough to knock down a clean up plant.  
(plane with square, detonate with circle).

And now some real info from...me:
C4 military grade is plastic explosive resembling clay, or wax.  It can 
me molded, or kept in rectangular prism form, but it takes very little 
to cause a lot of damage.  It is used to open doors, or destroy most 
anything, often good on tanks.  It cannot be detonated by heat or 
pressure, but only by an electric charge, often from a remote.  
Unstable, non military grade C4 is somewhat of a hybrid, and is 
affected by heat and pressure.

Claymore Mines: These mines destroy anything in their path with a spray 
of shrapnel.  These mines use new technology to see if a person is 
near.  (plant mine with square)

Hyper Blade: Here it is, what we've all been waiting for.  It's not as 
cool as I'd hoped.  It swings with the right analog stick, but it's not 
fast enough to really do damage.  Correction, if you get good, it is 
better than any gun.  Just use the block (L1) a lot.  It looks cool 
though, and it is one hit kill.

And now some real info from Justin Warsh:
(Also its called the High Frequency blade not Hyper blade) A blade like 
would work on the principle of making many small vibrations so with 
cut it makes many more small incisions (kinda like vibro blades in Star
Wars). A blade like this would probably be made of carbon fibers as to 
dull at all.  This would expplain its one hit kill power.

These will have the *# next to them, so refer to the walkthrough for 
which is which.

*1. This refers to the second part of the game, played with the 
character Raiden, Snake's replacement in fox-hound.

*2. Snake is on the Hudson River, smokin' a cig, when he breaks into a 
run, turns on stealth camo, and jumps/bungees onto the tanker.  Later, 
it shows a brutal assault by Russian special forces on the marines.  

*3. The boss is Olga Gurlukovich, Colonel Gurlukavich's daughter.  She 
is pregnant with his grandson (father?) and she fights with a USP and 
hand grenades.  She throws a knife at snake as a diversion and shoots 
at him, but him being so good and all, he dodges the bullet.  He's the 
only one she's seen do it.

*4. The gun she uses you get, the USP.

*5. The flashlight/toy present a lifelike shadow of Vulcan Raven, and 
it freaked me out at first.  But actually, it's just a cool too, that 
shoots stuff if you shoot it.  I took a picture and Snake said "good."

*6. There's a body in one locker.

*7. The Soviet Forces are discussing taking over the Marine main room, 
and then Revolver comes and nails one of them.  This is your first 
insight that he's a traitor.  He then locks Snake in the room, 

*8. Metal Gear Ray

*9. The cg's here are awesome.  Revolver Ocelot walks in on the Marine 
speech, and takes over, with his detonator.  Then, when Gurlukovich 
takes the Marine leader, he reveals that he does not plan to aid Russia 
at all, but a personal vendetta.  Gurlukovich shoves the Marine 
commander at him, and fires, but Ocelot throws his trenchcoat as a 
diversion and fires through it.  Both Gurlukovich and the Marine leader 
fall dead.  The Soviet troops, realizing Ocelot's betrayal, turn to 
fire, but once again Ocelot is faster, and shows what members of Fox 
Hound are made of.  Then Ocelot sets off the bomb, and gets into Metal 
Gear.  Snake stops him, and it is made clear that Ocelot's arm is 
actually Liquid's arm.  It is taking over his mind also.  

*10 It looks as if Snake is disabling people, but when you look again 
he's gone.

*11 Vamp. He's a new character, a member of Dead CEL, and he can dodge 
bullets and drink blood, as well as use a knife pretty well.  You 
almost get it, but a rogue soldier saves you.

*12 This character's name is Pliskin, but I'm sure he seems to a lot of 
us like Snake.  (Note: Pliskin is the name of Kurt Russel's character 
in escape from New York).  I'm not sure myself at the moment, but I do 
think it's him.  He knows a lot about Snake too.   Later on you learn 
that he is Snake.

*13 SOCOM pistol, from Pliskin.

*14. The female member of Dead Cel, Fortune, is being attacked, but she 
cannot be hurt, for some reason.  Even a grenade goes dead.  Anyway, 
she ends up shooting the troops, and she and Vamp take the president 

*15. Peter Stillman is a bombs expert who trained Fatman.  He is pretty 
sure of Fatman's tactics, and his bombs.  He also failed to disarm a 
bomb in a school, and many died.  He pretends to lose his leg, but it's 
really fine.  

*16. Here are the locations:
Strut D under trap door.
Strut B behind open transformer door.
Strut A under pipes in alternate room.
Strut F Behind the boxes.
Strut C women's bathroom, above mirror.
Strut E under Harrier jet.

*17. Deepthroat calls you here, warning you of the mines.  This is the 
exact same name, and almost the same frequency that Deepthroat called 
from in MGS.  Deepthroat, for all those that didn't play MGS, is the 

*18. Here Pete calls, and tell you he thinks something is wrong.  Then 
Pliskin calls, and disarms the last bomb, which arms the much larger 
bomb that Pete was studying.    

*19. Here, Pete calls, in a very depressed manner, and tells you that 
Fatman has one upped him and the proximity trigger will not allow him 
to leave.  He subsequently blows up.

*20. Now Fortune comes in, and decides that you need to die.  She 
wanted to kill Snake, but when she realizes you are not him, she 
decides on killing you too.  You don't need to win this fight, simply 
dodge, and stay away from the explosive barrels.  Eventually Vamp will 
come in and stop her.

*21. The boss is Fatman, (named after the atomic bomb that hit Japan).  
He wants to be the greatest mad bomber of  them all, and he thinks his 
legacy will start here.  He wears full body armor, except for his head, 
and has inline skates (?).  

*22. The ninja appears now, and helps you out a little bit.  This ninja 
is very reminiscent of the ninja in MGS, Grey Fox.  However, he died, 
so it is not he. 

*23. Here Solidus, Ocelot, and Olga are talking behind a wall, so you 
can't see them.  Olga is angry that Ocelot did not save her father, and 
threatens him.  Solidus comments on their plans, and leaves.  Then 
Ocelot comes in.

*24. Ocelot asks what you were doing, then explains that the DIA sends 
bad liars, and that Ames is a spy for the Patriots, here to watch the 
president, because they knew he would turn.  He then is about to kill 
Ames, when Ames realizes something out about Ocelot, but the virus, 
similar to FoxDie in MGS, kills him first.  You are then captured, but 
the ninja comes to your aid, and you escape.
*25. The boss is Solidus, and he gets on the Harrier jet with Vamp.  
Pliskin and Otacon come to aid you.  After the fight, the Harrier 
crashes, and Solidus leaves in a Metal Gear Ray, and Vamp runs across 
water, and runs away.

*26. Here we really do learn that Pliskin is Snake.  They are in a 
movement to stop Metal Gears, and they are a sideline operation 
supported by the UN.  

*27. The president was primarily in this deal for power, he wanted into 
the Patriots organization.  The Patriots are a counsel that rules the 
most powerful nation, the US.  There are 12 men that are the most 
important.  They bring in a president that can be easily controlled.  
He tells you that Solidus was George Sears, the last president, the one 
that called you and harassed you at the end of MGS.  He grew to dislike 
the Patriots, and instead of being killed, went underground for awhile.  
He and Ocelot are in charge of this operation.  Then, to stop the nuke 
from being launched, the president asks you to kill him.  Strangely 
enough, Ocelot shoots him and leaves.  Ocelot's side is unknown, 
because Ocelot was the one getting Metal Gear Ray, even before Solidus 
was doing anything against the Patriots.  He also explains that Arsenal 
Gear houses info on the Patriots, within it's GW (AI).  This info is 
going to be used against them.  This is why Dead Cel wants them dead, 
for making them look bad.  Solidus wants them dead for what they did to 
him.  Dead Cel and Solidus want to make New York the home of the "Sons 
of Liberty," and they plan to do so by using a nuke over Wall-Street, 
and stopping all electronics with the resulting atmosphere disturbance.  
This plan is called "Outer Heaven."

*28. Pete Stillman's body is here, having died in the blast of the bomb 
he failed to diffuse.  

*29. Emma Emmerich is hiding in a locker, just like her brother did in 
MGS (she actually soils herself, just like Otacon too.  Must be chronic 
weak bladders).  She is actually Hal Emmerich's step-sister.  She says 
that the virus disc is made by her, to mess up the system.  She got 
into the computer/Metal Gear business to anger her brother Hal, because 
he left her and her mother, and he didn't save her when she nearly 
drowned at a young age in her pool.

*30. Vamp comes out of nowhere, probably was just swimming around, and 
puts a knife to her throat, and turns ever so slightly here and there.  
Get a bead on his head, and blast away.  Then Snake recovers Emma, and 
she is badly wounded.  

*31. Emma is bleeding profusely, then dies.  Hal tells you why he left 
Emma, actually he had somewhat of a relationship with her mother, and 
his father committed suicide.  Emma was born, and he couldn't face his 
step-mother or sister, and left.  However, Emma's mother was not his 
mother, thus it was not incest, just kinda (icky).  However, this 
proves that he is not Emma's father.  Snake enters the virus, but after 
90% it stops, having changed because of Emma's condition.  

*32. Otacon is supposed to go rescue hostages, and in what I would call 
the most emotional part of the game, Snake and Otacon do somewhat of a 
secret handshake, then go into a hug.  I thought that was really sweet, 
that two guys, one a real bad ***, could give each other a hug.  The 
entire world could live and learn from that.  Anyway, Otacon starts to 
cry after the parrot starts to talk, and you and Snake leave.  Then the 
ninja appears, and you are what looks to be back-stabbed by Snake.  
(This is not the case however).  

*33. You are briefly tortured by Solidus, and then Olga comes in and 
explains that she was the ninja, and Mr. X, and that if you die, the 
Patriots will kill her son.  She is here to help you out.  She was 
rescued by Snake, after the tanker went down.  She birthed her child in 
a Patriot owned hospital, and they took it and forced her into 
submission.  She then throws a punch at you and leaves, saying you'll 
soon escape.  You are also told of your role as a killer in the Civil 
War (what civil war???) and that you were a child fighter, one of the 
best.  Named Jack the Ripper and White Devil.

*34. Snake is here, with your gear.  This is a great thing, to turn 
around and see him suited up again, like old times.  He used your 
capture as a diversion to get aboard Metal Gear Arsenal.  He has the 
bandana (infinite ammo) and he's going to help you through this area.  
Otacon does a check, and finds that the Colonel is actually an AI 
program in the GW of Arsenal Gear.  Rose also appears to turncoat onto 
the Colonel's side.  There's also a great quote from Metal Gear Solid 
"Snake, we're not tools of the government or anyone else.  Fighting was 
the only thing, the only thing I was good at.  But at least, I always 
fought for what I believed in." -Grey Fox

*35. Fortune wants to fight Snake for killing her father, the Marine 
Commander.  Snake makes it clear that it wasn't him, and he tells you 
to go ahead, he'll catch up.

*36. Solidus comes, and explains your role as his son.  He also tells 
you that you are no longer needed.  Then he sets a brigade of Metal 
Gear Rays onto you.

*37. 4-7 Metal Gear Rays attack you.  I have heard that there are 
anywhere from 4-7, I fought 5, and someone  (Neorange) told me that if 
you kill the one not called Ray, the fight is over.  It's not too hard 
if you kill one at a time.

*38. Here, you realize that you can't win, and drop the Stinger.  One 
is about to crush you, but Olga flips into the arena (very similar to 
the ninja in MGS) and it stops.  Solidus appears, and learns that she 
is the one who was double teaming him.  She tells you to run, that her 
child will die if you die, so you have to stay alive, and that she 
would rather her child live than her.  "I know I'm going to Hell, but 
at least my child..."  I found this pretty emotional too.  Solidus shoots 
Olga, (similar to the execution of Grey Fox in Metal Gear).  Then Snake 
come up, in cuffs, apparently having lost to Fortune.  However, I 
prefer to think of this as a ruse by Snake, similar to the Vamp ruse 
(he allowed Vamp to catch him to see if Raiden had any skills).  At 
this point, we know that Snake could have killed Fortune at any time, 
because if he shot  her, he wasn't going to miss, and her device was 
already malfunctioning, due to Ocelot, so it goes to show that he made 
a deal with her, explaining what was going on, and she pretended he was 
a hostage, but was not really going to kill him.  The cuffs were 
standard however, so besides the nick the bullets gave them, when Snake 
broke them, this was pure power.  I'd like to add that this is possible 
with standard cuffs, by twisting them, and pulling extremely hard 
(there was this guy who could do it on the police force, but one day 
his friends gave him reinforced ones to try, as a joke, and he broke 
both wrists trying).  Solidus tries is attacked by several Metal Gear 
Rays, because Emma's virus finally worked, and they are all haywire. 
Thus, Metal Gear Arsenal is useless.  Anyway, Fortune's plan to hijack 
Metal Gear Arsenal was actually Solidus' idea, so that he could kill 
the Patriots while they took the fire, in a useless gear.  She is 
angry, but decides to take it anyway, to use the nuke on board.  Ocelot 
then appears, and tells her that her powers are not real, the nuke on 
board is only a simple scratching of the surface as  it were, and that 
the entire Arsenal Gear/Inner Shell idea was to be a training program 
for cloned Snakes.  Raiden was the first one, and he was to be a new 
Snake, trained in the exact manner as Snake was.  Olga, and Dead Cel 
were bribed into taking on this quest.  Dead Cel was the FoxHound 
members Snake fought on Shadow Moses.  Fatman had to be coaxed in by 
getting Stillman on board.  The only thing he hadn't planned on was 
Snake himself.  The plan was started 2 years back, when they took Ray, 
and made the Inner Shell area.  It actually even goes farther back than 
that, when Ocelot, masquerading as a FoxHound member, saw Shadow Moses, 
and Snake's skills.  The Patriots decided to make more Snakes, for 
themselves, in this manner.  Fortune and Solidus try to kill Ocelot, 
but with his electro magnetic field, he can stop bullets from hitting 
him.  He explains that this is how Fortune was saved, and then he 
shoots her.  (They don't explain Vamp however).  Ocelot tries to kill 
them with a Metal Gear Ray, but Fortune proves that she is Lady Luck, 
and all the missiles miss them.  Ocelot is about to kill them all 
again, when Liquid's arm kicks in, and takes over.  Liquid, overall, 
was behind all of this, controlling Ocelot, and now he's going off to 
kill the "Liars and Hypocrites ruling the world," the Patriots.  Snake 
then goes after Ocelot/Liquid, after breaking the cuffs.  Fortune dies, 
having been shot.  Raiden and Solidus are catapulted off of the ship.  

*39. Here, Solidus claims that he wanted freedom for America, the "Sons 
of Liberty," and that he was going to do it with Outer Heaven, and 
Metal Gear Arsenal.  He has landed where George Washington was first 
made president, and now he claims that there can only be one Snake, and 
attempts to kill you.  He also states that he killed your parents and 
adopted you.  

*40. Solidus falls onto the George Washington Statue, and similar to 
the Matrix, Raiden stands in the street while people walk about him, 
oblivious to his suit, and sword.  Snake appears behind him, and tells 
him that he is going to look for Olga's child, and the Patriots.  He 
won't let Raiden come, because Raiden has to work out some self 
identity issues.  Raiden gives up his tags (with your name on them) and 
he decides to start a new life.  Snake shows Raiden that he knew he'd 
be captured, and thus the disc he gave Raiden was a fake, and that they 
really did have the disc, and the locations of the Patriots.  After 
Snake leaves (hinting at MGS 3 being all Snake), Rose appears, and it 
looks like Raiden's about to start a big happy family.  Snake explains 
in a voice over that genes exist create children, but emotions are 
taught, and felt by children, not passed on by genes.  
Finally, at the very end, after credits and everything, there is a 
conversation, reminiscent of MGS, Snake and Otacon talking.  Otacon 
found the Patriots, but they are all dead, and have been for 100 years.  
Can somebody say "sequel"??????

Sneaking Faq
(Note: this will cover basic and advanced tricks in the game to sneak, 
and just to get around)

Run/Walk: You can run or walk depending upon how hard you hit the 
analog stick.  Experiment, because walking makes you far quieter, and 
silent on loud floors.  

Hug Walls: When pressing up against a wall, you will hug it, so as not 
to be seen around corners.  You can move along the wall with the analog 
stick, or with L2/R2.

Corners: To look around a corner, hug the wall near it, and press 
either L2/R2, to peek.  If seen, you will be in trouble.  You can look 
around more while looking around a corner with the R3 stick.  Also, 
there are 2 types of cornering, and one of them, the more rare one, 
happens when you area against a wall with a slight protrusion.  You 
will just put your head out a bit, and the view will be limited, but 
more safe.

Corner Shoot: Get out a weapon (pistol/rifle) and corner.  When 
peeking, hit square, and you will pop out and fire. You can hold down 
fire to fire more, and you can go into first person in this mode.  
After firing, you will corner again, so as not to get hit.

Guards(weak points): A head shot or groin shot will kill a guard.  A 
limb shot will not, but 2 or 3 will.  If a guard sees you, shoot him 
quickly to stop him from calling back ups.

Radios: If a soldier calls for help, shoot the radio while he's calling 
for it to break.  Then he has to take you himself, but reinforcements 
will come, at a later time.  You can also shoot radios, they are the 
long black box on the back right hip of the soldiers.  

Hold-Ups: You can get a soldier in a hold up by running up behind him 
and drawing a bead on them.  Snake will say freeze, and they will stop.  
You can shoot their radio, them, or run in front of them to get items.  
While in front of them, aim at their head or groin to make them shake 
items off.  The first thing they will shake off is a dog-tag (see 
secrets).  They will give you other stuff too, if you keep trying.  
Some are brave, and will not shake, they tell you to shoot them.  Shoot 
them in the arm or leg, and then aim at their head, and they will be 
more cooperative.  You must shoot them with a bullet weapon for this, 
not the M9.  

Dead/Asleep Guards: Go over a dead or asleep guard, hit square, and you 
will pick them up.  You can drag them places, or drop them to get 
items.  Repeatedly dropping them will give you items, and it will wake 
them up faster.  You can also put them in a locker, if you open it, and 
drag them inside.

Melee Fighting: Punching and kicking guards is not lethal, but it will 
knock them down, and put them out cold for a short time if you do it 

First Person Mode:  You can do this with R1, and it's easier to shoot, 
and more realistic.  

Cameras: They can be sneaked past, or shot with a bullet weapon.

Shoulder Throw: When going for speed, this throw will quickly drop a 
guard.  He will get up however, and call for aid, unless you do 
something.  You can shoot him while he's down.  If you do it twice, it 
blacks them out.

Stand on your Toes: Even I didn't know about this one.  Thanks to Witch 
Burner for the info.  Hold R2 and L2 and aim with L1 to do it.

Choke Hold/Hostage: You can quietly go up behind a guard and hit square 
to choke them.  Do it 10 times to break their neck, or drag them around 
and hit it again whenever they struggle.  If you are being attacked, 
guards will not shoot the front of you if you have a guard as a 
hostage.  They will shoot your behind. *'s and Z's are usually 3, but 
they count down as a guard gets ready to awaken.

Roll/Flip: Snake has a roll, Raiden has a flip.  The roll is faster, 
and it will cover areas quickly and quietly.  The flip is not as fast, 
and I don't know if it's possible to do (kick, while also doing no 
handed cartwheel).  It will however cover large gaps, so do it if you 
need to jump over something.  Don't do it on the stairs, or you will 
knock yourself out for a short second.

Running/Firing: You can run and fire at the same time by holding square 
and X, and the direction you want to run.  Square fires, X makes you 
run with your gun.  To not fire an assault rifle, just hold square 

Distractions: You can throw empty ammo clips, or knock on the wall with 
circle, as a distraction for guards.  There is also a magazine you can 
plant on the ground, and guards will take it and look at it.  But 
remember that if you use it you cannot pick it up again.  

Pipes: You can shoot pipes, and they will shoot out hot gas to stop 
guards from attacking you.  The same holds true for fire extinguishers.  
They will show infra red lasers too.

Hanging: You can hand off of sides of things with triangle.  You can 
move over and be stealthy this way, and do pull ups with R2=L2 to look 
over the edge.  100 of these will also level up your grip.  

Escort: Hold triangle to escort a person by holding their hand.  

Swimming: You can swim with circle, pressed rapidly, and the L3 stick.

Stingers: Use stinger missiles by locking on and then firing.  You can 
shoot around objects by locking on, then jerking the view sideways, and 
firing.  The lock will stay on, the missile will travel in a curved 
path towards the object.  

Nikita: Use these missiles with the L3 stick, and guide them through 
vents, etc.  They will get a burst of speed if you don't move them, so 
I advise slightly moving them every half second or so.  They also run 
out of fuel after a while.  

Characters/Codec #s
This section will have spoilers about characters, so I recommend that 
you check the instructions manual if you simply want a quick run down 
on a character.  This will explain their part in the story, and what 
they do, and what they really are, if need be.  Also, voice actors and 
codec frequencies will be listed.

140.85: Hal Emmerich
140.96: Hal Emmerich (to save)
141.80: Pliskin
140.25: Peter
140.48: Deepthroat
140.85: Colonel
140.96: Rosemary
141.12: Otacon
141.37: President
141.52: Emma Emmerich
141.72: Ames

Solid Snake: Snake has been the protagonist of these games for some 
time now, the first game came out in 1989, and they have sold very well 
ever since.  I do not know the plot of the first two games for NES and 
SNES, but the PS version and this one I do know about.  Snake was a 
mercenary, always with special ops, and he grew depressed after his 
many years killing people, and in the Fox Hound service, and went to 
live alone in Alaska as a musher (a dog racer).  He was a member of Fox 
Hound when Big Boss, his test-tube father was leading it, and Big Boss 
was the ideal soldier.  Now that Big Boss is dead, his cells are very 
precious, because with genome technology, his cells could make any 
street yahoo into a super soldier.  This is one of the things going on 
on Shadow Moses island, soldiers infused with extra skills.  They will 
live through more, and fight harder than a normal man.  Snake was 
captured by federal forces in his home in Alaska, because Colonel 
Campbell wanted him to work for the government in Shadow Moses, to stop 
Fox Hound and Metal Gear Rex.  

Colonel Campbell: As far as I can tell, Campbell has been Snake's 
advisor for awhile.  He used to be his friend, but during the Shadow 
Moses incident he backstabs Snake several times, and a rift is formed.  
In this game, he is actually an AI program of GW, Arsenal Gears AI.  He 
works for the Patriots in this game, if he didn't always.  Anyway, 
Raiden and Snake stop listening to him overall.  

Raiden: Raiden was a child fighter in a civil war, probably in some 
outback area.  He was called Jack the Ripper or White Devil.  He was 
put through rigorous VR training, which he thinks is why he is so 
skilled.  He has somewhat of a relationship with a girl named Rosemary, 
who has trouble understanding what makes him tick.

Rose: Rose is an advisor in the special ops, similar to Naomi, and she 
is Raiden's girlfriend.

Otacon: Otacon met Snake in the Shadow Moses incident, and has been 
working with him ever since.  He has matured a lot between missions, so 
now Snake trusts him with more important things.  Also, he is one of, 
if not Snake's only friend.  He is good with computers, engineering, 
and hacking, besides being an anime freak.

Dead Cell: Dead Cell is a special ops unit similar to Fox Hound, but 
not as elite.  They are sort of supernatural humans in the service of 
stopping terrorism etc.  At least they were until the government made 
them look bad.  I'm pretty sure it blamed some massacre on them.  Their 
goal is to detonate a nuke over Wall Street to stop New York's economy, 
and then enter and rule the city, forming a group called the Sons of 
Liberty.  This would be a free state, and it would have more freedom 
than the current US.

Fortune: Fortune is a member of Dead Cell.  Her father and husband were 
killed on the tanker, and she is now angry at the government, aka the 
Patriots, for what they did to her family.  She is also mad because the 
government made Dead Cell look bad.  She also planned on stealing 
Arsenal Gear from Solidus, with Vamp, so that she could kill the 
Patriots.  She has a device given to her by Ocelot that stops metal 
from hurting her, but she does also have telekinetic powers.  She also 
has a prototype cannon (it cannot be called a railgun, because rail 
guns fire precise, small ammo through things, they don't blow things 
up) that is devastating.

Vamp: Vamp is another member of Dead Cell.  He wants to start the Sons 
of Liberty, and to get back at the Patriots.  He likes Fortune a lot, 
and he cannot be killed apparently because he died once already.  My 
theory is that similar to "The World is not Enough," the bullet hit a 
non vital area, and he lived until the sniping part, where he was truly 
killed.  My guess is as good as yours on the running on water part, 
because only Basilisk lizards in Africa with webbed feet can really do 
that.  I did think he was the one original cool character, besides 
Olga.  I got more info from Jedispy94, saying that if you call Pliskin 
enough he will tell you that Vamp's hometown was bombed, and that he 
was impaled on a cross, and ate his parents in order to stay alive.  
That's where he got the term vamp.  Also, this kind of refers to the 
movie "Ravenous" if anyone's seen it, where cannibals get super powers.  
Maybe that's why he can run on water.  Anyway, he was Fortune's 
father's lover, and that's why he is mad at the Patriots, and Snake 
(misguidedly).  He is bisexual.  

Fatman: Fatman is a crazed bomber, and a member of Dead Cell.  He wants 
to be famous, and thus he goes against the plans of Dead Cell, even 
though he is a member, and is killed.  He did succeed in killing his 
teacher Stillman though, with a proximity bomb set off by freezing all 
his other bombs.  His name is an obvious reference to the bomb that hit 
Japan.  (Hope Hideo doesn't hold a grudge!!).

Stillman: Stillman used to be a famous bomb artist, but he let one go 
off in a church or school or something, and now he pretends to be a 
cripple.  He instructs Raiden, and dies in a blast from Fatman's bomb.

Solidus Snake: Solidus is the third now known brother of Solid and 
Liquid Snake.  Reputed to be stronger (which he is not), Solidus was 
just the president before the current one, and the Patriots basically 
fired him because he wanted power.  He is a mixture of dominant and 
recessive genes of Big Boss.  The fact that he should be stronger than 
Snake and Liquid is irrelevant however, as he has to rely on his suit 
to keep him alive.  He then went underground, trying not to get killed.  
Ocelot put him up with the Arsenal Gear deal for his own reasons.  
Solidus is the leader of Dead Cell, and he really wanted the Sons of 
Liberty to come round.  He also planned on backstabbing Fortune and 
Vamp by using a single Metal Gear Ray to kill the Patriots while the 
messed around in a useless Arsenal Gear, taking the Patriots attention 
from him.  He does not succeed however, due to Emma's virus.  He is 
Jack (Raiden)'s adopted father, and he killed Jack's parents and raised 
him as a fighter.  He was in the Shadow Moses incident, towards the end 
when he called Snake.  He loses an eye in a fight with Raiden.  He has 
metal tentacles that fire missiles, and two hyper blades as weapons, as 
well as a jetpack.  He was probably injected with a few of Big Boss' 
genes to make him more dangerous, but really he is not half as skilled 
as Liquid or Solid Snake, either would have had him for breakfast.  I 
would like to back this up by pointing out that he is obviously like a 
60 year old man, and that if you call Otacon, he will tell you about 
his armor.  Apparently, it speeds him to superhuman speeds of movement.  
But even on extreme, he is not as fast as Raiden without the jet-pack.  
So imagine what that frail old man would be like without the suit.  
It's like Darth Vadar.  He would be a weakling, unable to even hold 
those swords.  He relies entirely on his suit, like the princess in 
Crouching Tiger, and he is nothing without it.  Take him against Raiden 
with just swords and it would be almost sad to watch him go down.

Ocelot: Ocelot is a tricky character.  Ever since his fight in the 
beginning of Shadow Moses, he has been a Patriot spy.  They have him on 
the inside, so that nothing can really happen that is problematic.  
This explains why he killed the DARPA chief in the Shadow Moses 
incident.  Liquid found a way around that however.  He is a sadist 
torturer, and he was with Mother Russia in the cold war, but he left 
her in favor of the Patriots.  He had Liquids arm attached to his stump 
left by Gray Fox, and it now sometimes takes over his mind.  He set 
Fortune up with the protective gear, and he set up the entire Inner 
Shell accident.  He stole Ray to bring it to Arsenal.  He killed 
Fortune's father, the Marine Commandant, and her husband in the tanker 
incident.  He killed Gurlukovich, Olga's father as well.  He has been 
behind the scenes on the last two incident's with Snake, first making 
him look bad at the tanker, which actually made him into more of a 
hero, and then in the new, Arsenal Gear mission.  He put Solidus in 
charge of Dead Cell, and he hired them for the Shell mission.  He was 
doing things long before Solidus had any ideas about the Sons of 
Liberty.  He was the inner worker for the near godlike Patriots.  His 
only flaw was his arm, which hilariously, Liquid uses to his advantage.

Olga/Ninja: Olga is Colonel Gurlukovich's daughter, and she carries his 
grand daughter.  She was Snake's enemy on the tanker, but after 
learning that Ocelot had no plan of strengthening Russia, and after he 
saved her and her child from drowning, she became somewhat of an ally.  
She has great love for her unit, and for her child after it is born.  
Sadly, it is born in a Patriot hospital, and is used as leverage to get 
her, as the ninja, to help Raiden out in his mission.  If his vital 
signs fail, her child dies.  So she does everything she can to help 
him.  Finally, she is revealed as somewhat of a Patriot spy to Solidus, 
who thinks it is her, not Ocelot who is leading him into failure, and 
kills her.  She does this only to save her child.  The next game will 
most likely be about saving her child.  I thought she was really cool 
until the way she died, but she was still cool.

Liquid Snake: Liquid is not the smartest of people, but he is a very 
tough fighter, and takes far more damage than Solid Snake.  He is less 
skilled than  Snake, but he can take more punishment, hence they are 
about equal.  He was killed on Shadow Moses due to Fox Die.  He also 
was in charge of hijacking Metal Gear Rex.  I really like his 
character, because no matter what this ominous Patriot group does, 
Liquid manages to get them.  He uses his new host, Ocelot, as an 
information gatherer, and finds out far more than most anyone.  He then 
goes off to kill the Patriots, who ruined his life as a test tube 
child.  They are his infamous "Liars and hypocrites ruling the world."  
He really only wants an age where warriors are valued again.  His plans 
for this are gone, but he can at least exact revenge from the Patriots.  
Both he and Snake are far superior to Solidus.

The Patriots: This mysterious organization is a group of 12 people who 
really rule the USA, and as it is the strongest military power, they 
rule much of the world, unknown.  What Ocelot says, and I assumed was 
real, is that this entire thing was S3, Solid Snake Simulation, a 
program to create Solid Snakes!  But actually I have finally come to 
realize that this is not true.  The Patriots are trying to control 
human thought, and Raiden was the perfect subject.  He denied his past 
of killing, so they put him in a situation, and manipulated it to 
control his thoughts!  The actual terms for S3 are something like 
Simulated Sectioned Society.  Apparently the colonel says it at the end 
of the game.  It's really confusing, but the entire thing was pulled 
off to control thought.  Don't ask me why they chose some grandiose 
scheme with a bunch of killings, why not try to control Mr. Jennings, 
the postman?  Also, at the end of the game it is learned that these men 
are actually dead, which leads me to believe that similar to Xenogears, 
their brains have been stored in an AI fashion, and they are still 
ruling the world.  Of course, there was no AI 100 years ago, so I can't 
be certain...

President: The president is a malleable character for the Patiots, 
until he decides he wants in to their organization, and goes with Dead 
Cell to launch the nuke and use Arsenal.  When he is back-stabbed by 
them, he decides that it is his failure, and has himself killed so that 
the warhead cannot be used.  He died because he learned too much about 
the Patriots.

Ames: Ames was a Patriot spy as well, sent in to keep tags on the 
President.  He knew the President would back-stab the Patriots, and he 
was there to make sure he didn't do too much damage.  What you don't 
know when you first see him and he dies, is that as he is dying of the 
virus, he realizes that Ocelot, a fellow Patriot spy, has double 
crossed him, in order to keep himself safe.  This is why he looks at 
Ocelot and says something like "it was you." Also, the virus is not 
actually the FoxDie from the first game, but a simulation.  
Nanomachines in his blood killed him by running the pacemaker crazy.

Snake: David Hayter 
Jack: Quinton Flynn 
Otacon: Christopher Randolph 
Rosemary: Laura Cody 
Olga: Vanessa Marshall 
Colonel: Paul Eiding 
Solidus: John Cygan 
Fortune: Maula Gale 
Vamp: Phil La Marr 
Fatman: Barry Dennen 
Peter: Greg Eagles 
Emma: Jennifer Hale 
Ocelot: Patrick Zimmerman 
Liquid: Cam Clarke 
Sergei: Earl Boen 
CMC Dolph: Kevin M. Richardson 
Ames: Peter Renaday 
President: Paul Lukather 
Mei Ling: Kim Mai (Guest) (In the movie about the past, it has her from 
a short vr missions clip)
Computer Voice: Nancy Linari 
SEALs: Neil Ross 
Dee Baker 
Dean Scofield 
Jeff Doucette 
Dominic Armato 
Russian Soldiers: Michael Bell 
Richard Gilbert-Hill 
Roger Rose 
Michael Gough 
Morgan Sheppard 
Hostage Scott Dolph


If you read the book in the special section, a new one that is 100 
pages long about some funny journalist appears.  Then after that, a 300 
page one appears, but I have a life, so I didn't read this one.

The end of the game clear code return internet address is now here, but 
I never personally bothered with it.  You have to register (free of 
charge) to get yours.  www.konamijpn.com. 
I have heard of people getting: Tarantula, Panther, Flying Fox, Hyena, 
Night Owl, Swallow, Falcon, Elephant, Scorpian, Shark, Jaws (yes, it's 
different than shark), Jaguar, and Puma.  That's all for now, credit 
goes mainly to the message boards.  Send me more if I missed some.  I'd 
like to say that I finally put one of mine in, and was rewarded 
greatly.  I got Orca.  What a coincidence.  That's what I got in the 
original MGS when I beat it on extreme.  I love it when coincidence is 
too convenient.  That's where all my current screen names come from.  I 
got orca, I'm like "well, that's what I'll call myself from now on."  
Orca is the 3rd highest ranking in the original MGS, and the second in 
this.  I also got Hawk, which I assume is the top for hard.  I think 
the tops are Falcon for easy (or very easy) Eagle (for expert) Hawk 
(for hard) and others I'm not sure of.  Apparently there is a big boss 
rating, or Solidus, because it's the last icon.  

You can shoot a lot of birds, and the colonel will call and reprimand 

There are "Easter Island," another Konami game's statues throughout the 
game, and I've found 2, one in a locker on extreme near Emma, and one 
in the computer room in Shell 1 core, under a comp.  

There is a rubber ducky in the water near Emma's room.  

If you beat up the hostages Colonel will call and reprimand you.

You can get funny messages by pressing L1 and L2 on the codec screen.  
Also, moving the sticks will move the faces, and hit l3 or r3 for a 
close up!

In the Japanese version of the game, apparently there is a cg viewer, 
to see any cg whenever you want!

You can have  a lot of fun with pictures in the tanker, Otacon comments 
on pics of girls, the marines in underwear, etc.

You can sight in on CGs by using the R1 or look command key.  This way 
you can go in close to in game CGs which is an awesome feature.  You 
can also move the camera with the R3 stick.  

For beating the game, you get the Digital Camera, in both modes I 
think.  It requires little to no dog tags, so you can save pictures 
with this.

As far as I know, the only secret is dog tags, which give you certain 
things after certain numbers are obtained.  To get them all, you must 
beat the game once on each difficulty, and get all of them.  Here is a 
list of where and what they give you: (note that you do not need 
exactly these percent values)

200% @ Tanker = Bandana (infinite ammo)
300% @ Tanker = Stealth (for tanker only)
200% @ Plant = Brown Wig (infinite ammo)
300% @ Plant = Stealth (for tanker only)
400% @ Plant = Orange Wig (???) (infinite grip, but I haven't gotten it 
100% @ Entire Game = Blue Wig (Infinite air.  Sorry, before I was 
mistaken, this is not infinite ammo with no reload time).

Also, when you beat the game, you get a code.  Go to the website and 
put it in, and you will get a code name of an animal.  There are 
apparently 51 of these.  Thanks to chet-flavin for this info.  Along 
with this info is a %.  I'm pretty sure that that percent is the % of 
dog tags you have, so I'm going to say that 3 tags is 1%, and so on.  I 
have info that 10% is enough for the bandana.  I have finally gotten 
all the tags, the site they give you is 
www.konamijpn.com/mgs2/alldogtags/.  If you want the code to get in, 
That's the code, there are a lot of them actually, but that one will 
work.  Have fun.

There is a razor you can find in either easy, or the second time 
through, and I'm told that you trade it to Snake for the SOCOM.  He's a 
funny guy that one.  To get it, in the first room hang over the edge of 
the railing into the water and slide over to it.

You can drag asleep or dead guards to the doors at the side of the 
ship, and Snake will drop them into the ocean.  

You can shoot a guards ! or ? when they see you, and they will lose 
their train of thought for a second.

You can hang off of a ledge, or wall, and do pull ups with L2=R2.  100 
of these will level up your grip strength.  

The second time through the game, in the tanker, in the last room with 
marines, all marines will be in boxers.

At the electric floor, you can go on it and watch Raiden squeal, or you 
can drop most any item on it.  Magazines and boxes will ignite, and 
metal objects like clips and grenades get shocked.

On the KL bridge, if you make it across without being spotted, a guard 
will urinate off the building.  Sorta funny.

I would like to say that this faq is complete, but it is not.  I will 
keep working on it, adding little things.  I would like to sincerely 
thank all you guys reading this, and sending me emails.  
(vejiitassj4@hotmail.com).  I have finished the guide, and am now on my 
way to the all dog tags site.  Email me for the input code.  Thank you 
all for your help.  

Gamefaqs: Great site
Konami: Good game
Gilmorne: Helping me deal with people on aim, and helping me through 
the game, when my mind blanks out common sense ideas.  Also for keeping 
me hyped up.
Desidawg and Zerowurd: for enthusiasm.
Chet Flavin: for the secret names ratings, as well as % system.
Willy da Gamp: for the secret location of the infra gogles.
NeoRanga (Justin Warsh): for his awesome weapons info.  Also credit to 
his friend, (Giant Robo) or somethin.
Gabcube aka Gabe: For helping me out with a lot of little things, and 
the psg1 tranquilizer.
Shotgunner: for the info on the AK-74u
Owskie69: for his info on the mines on the bridge (I didn't remember 
where they were!).
Jesse Latimer: for taking the time to write down all the absurd things 
the Colonel says.
Snookie240: for the tip on Vamp, and funny stuff in general (especially 
the box part).
E.G. Milinis: for more guns info.
IceBluTequila: for his PSG1 T info.
JQM3621618: for weapons info.
Rliao: for Solidus fight info, and semtex info.
The GIA: for the voice credits (gaming intelligence agency).
Killah Gorillah: for his harrier fight info.
WitchBurner: for his info on Extreme.
Jeremy Emerson: for his info on the easter island statue.
Matt Johnson: for his animal ranks.
Baedm: for his vamp info.
Graspee: for his info on codec samples.
OcherStone: for animal rating.
True Holy: for final rating.
Joe lv3: for solidus info.
NPGold: for character info.
Zaner12: for easter info.
Semisacred: for soundtrack info.
JediSpy94: for vamp info.
Laserwartremoval: for his chaff info.
Ryu: for his info on the Japanese game.
Raiden: for enlightening me about the insanely complex plot!

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