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Plot Summary by GMorrissey

Updated: 04/20/03

                   === A COMPLETE PLOT SUMMARY & ANALYSIS ===

                                  === OF ===

                        === THE METAL GEAR SERIES ===



1.  Introduction, Legal mumbo-jumbo, Update History
2.  Metal Gear
     (i) Plot Summary
3.  Metal Gear 2- Solid Snake
     (i) Plot Summary
4.  Metal Gear Solid
    (i) Briefing
    (ii) "He'll be through here...I know it..."
    (iii) "Call me 'Deepthroat"
    (iv) "The brother of light...and the brother of dark..."
    (v) "Hot & Cold"
    (vi) "We're not tools of the Government..."
    (vii) "Les Enfants Terribles"
    (viii) "You can't let yourself be chained to fate..."
    (ix) Legend
    (x) Epilogue
    (xi) Conclusions
    (xii) Observations
    (xiii) Unanswered Questions
    (xiv) 'Different Endings' - Otacon
    (xv) Somewhat Frequently Asked Questions
    (xvi)Themes of 'Metal Gear Solid'
         *. The Perils of Nuclear Weapons
         *. Tampering with the natural order
         *. Independence
         *. Confinement
         *. Love
 5. Game Characters
    (i) Solid Snake
    (ii) Roy Campbell
    (iii) McDonald "Master" Miller
    (iv) Liquid Snake
    (v) Revolver Ocelot
    (vi) Psyco Mantis
    (vii) Sniper Wolf
    (viii) Decoy Octopus
    (ix) Vulcan Raven
    (x) Big Boss
 6. 'Metal Gear Solid 2 - Son's of Liberty'
    (i) Prologue - Discovery
    (ii) Legend
    (iii) Metal Gear Raiden
    (iv) "Laugh! And grow fat!"
    (v) Pawns and Players
    (vi) Confessions of Dangerous Minds
    (vii) Sons of Liberty
 7. Conclusion, Kudos and Contact Details.

                         ----========  1  ========----


   When I started summarising Metal Gear Solid I had no idea what I was getting
myself into. When I started summarising it in November, 2000 I was thinking it
would take a fortnight...one month at the most. Its only after roughly 5 months
work that I've realised what a bugger it was. When I had finished up to Snakes
battle with Psyco Mantis I *knew* why the plot had never been completely
summarised before- its WAY to big and comprehensive. I intially thought that I
could simply summarise the demo theatre- but the characters spoke way to
quickly. So I ended up running the PSX through my VCR and recording the demo
theatre. Once it had been recorded I was following the general cycle of
watching for 15 seconds, pausing, writting down in point form what was said,
and repeating the process. Watch, pause, write. Watch, pause, write. Watch,
pause, write...

   This document is copyright 2001 by me, Grant Alan Morrissey. No part of this
document may be reproduced in any way, shape or form, without my expressed
permission. And so on. And so forth. Tresspasers will be
prosecuted...motorcycle riding prohibited...employees must wash their hands...

   All bad jokes aside, I don't think I can make it any clearer that this thing
was written by me and all work was done by me. This document is one-of-a-kind
so I'm sure its very tempting to yoink it and use it somewhere else. Stealing
this is unethical and illegal. And, if you are souless and copy this without my
permission and wack your own name on it, rest assured. I WILL FIND OUT. The
Copyright notices strewn through this document are here for a reason.

	All recognizable concepts from the Metal Gear series are copyright Konami, and
their usage in this document does not constitute a challenge to that copyright
(heh yeah- like I would) That last sentence was cut-&-pasted from Thomas
Wilde's Resident Evil FAQ (With the RE Stuff replaced by Metal Gear stuff) I
still meant what I said Konami! Please don't sue me!

      Needless to say, this document contains spoilers about the entire Metal
Gear series. Please read at your own risk. Remember- the best introduction to
the games is to play them yourselves.

	Please, ladies and gentlemen, I don't mind being added to your MSN list. I
like answering questions about the plot of Metal Gear Solid. But IF YOU DO, for
godsake, don't messege me a few days later and ask "Who are you?" before saying
anything else. I HATE THAT. And I promise I will respond with the trully
elequent comparison between yourself and various lower-caste lifeforms you
deserve. Please.


April, 20th 2003 - After spending the past half-year of my life learning the
intricities of the sandpit of my backyard (with my head buried in it) I've
somehow managed to remove myself and update a summary on Metal Gear Solid 2:
Son's of Liberty. And resolved myself to complete the summary once and for all
as soon as humanely possible, with work with a certain Australian Police
Service due to commence soon. If I might be so bold as to request you all read,
and heed, a newly added paragraph to the end of the introduction above. Thank
you, and have a nice day

August 5th, 2002 - Apologies for lack of updates. The past few months have been
hectic. I commence training for a new career in September so I'm hoping to have
the MGS2 summary completed by then. Over the past few months I lost some
e-mails that were sent to me. So if you e-mailed me a thought provoking message
and didn't get a response please try again. In other news, another chunk of
summary to MGS2 has been added.


                        ----========  2  ========----

                                 METAL GEAR



	The Year is 1995. Deep in South Africa, 200km north of Garzburg, Outer Heaven-
an armed fortress nation, established by the legendary mercenary. He was feared
in combat by both his friends and foes as a hero and a lunatic. The "Western"
nations have found that a weapon of mas destruction capable of rewritting war
history is under development at Outer Heaven. They have called upon the
high-tech special forces unit FOX-HOUND to take care of the situation. In
response to this order, Big Boss, the commander-in-chief of FOX-HOUND, sent
Gray Fox, the man with the code name "Fox" which is given to the best member of
the unit "Operation intrude N313"

	After a few days, his last messafe being "Metal Gear..." Gray Fox was missing
in action. Taking the situation seriously, the top men of the "West" again
called for FOX-HOUND. Big Boss selected Solid Snake, who had recently joined
FOX-HOUND, as the agent and entrusted everything to him.

	Successfully making a solo infiltration to Outer Heaven, Snake got in touch
with local resistance members Schneider, Diane and Jennifer. With their
co-operation, Snake suceeded in rescueing Gray Fox. Gray Fox laid out the
terrifying facts about "Metal Gear" Metal Gear was the development name of a
nuclear warhead-equiped twi-legged walking tank. It can walk through over the
toughtest terrains that would stop normal tanks. It can conduct local warfare
by itself with unique weapons like its vulcan-cannon and anti-tank missiles. It
was indeed a new type of weapon that can conduct a nuclear attack against any
place on the face of the Earth from any l and surface...
	With Metal Gear, Outer Heaven was trying to establish its military superiority
over the entire world. In order to destroy Metal Gear, Snake rescued Metal
Gear's chief engineer Dr. Pettrovich and his daughter, Elen, who was taken
hostage to force her father to continue with his development. Snake hears from
Dr. Pettrovich how to destroy Metal Gear.

 However, as Snake approached the heart of Outer Heaven and Metal Gear, well
designed traps are set all around Snake- as if his actions are being leaked to
the enemy...
	In the midst of the escalating battle, the leader of the resistance,
Schneider, fell into the hands of the enemy, and Snake himself was injured
through the deadly battles with Outer Heaven's best mercenaries. But Snakes
indomitable spirit lead him to the 100th floor basement of the secret base
where Metal Gear was developed. Evading the powerful defense system that wipes
out all intruders, Snake ultimately succeeded in destroying Metal Gear.

	Snake tried to escape from Outer Heaven upon completing the
mission. However, during the escape he was comfronted by one man- FOX-HOUND's
commander-in-chief Big Boss. Big Boss laughed at the astounded Snake and told
him the truth behind his mission. While serving as commander-in-chief of
FOX-HOUND Big Boss also ran a mercenary dispatch company utilizing his
connections and capitals from his own years as a merc. He was planning on to
build this company a larger military establishment, and he built Outer Heaven
as its base. His purpose for sending the rookie Snake was to cause information
confusion amongst the west. However, Big Boss miscalculated. He never thought
Solid Snake would make it this far...

	Having lost Metal Gear, Big Boss activated the self-destruct system of the
underground base. While the countdown to destruction continued, his screamed
echoed in the emptiness


	On the 100th floor basement, the battle between the 2 men commenced- free of
idealogy and politics. The armed fortress nation Outer Heaven collapsed. The
impenetrabe fortress made from the best military technology and occupied by the
toughest mercenaries burned in flames. Behind him, the flames reached skyward,
as Outer Heaven fell leaving Solid Snake all alone...

                       ----========  3  ========----

                         METAL GEAR 2: SOLID SNAKE



	1999, the world was facing an energy crisis. It was obvious that the petroleum
would run out faster than what was expected. However, the development of an
alternative energy resource is far from completion. The price of petroleum has
skyrocketed and the world economy in confusion. The 21st century was expected
to be one of chaos. One mans invention changed the entire situation. A Czech
genius and biologist, Dr. Kio Marv, invented OILIX, a microorganism that
refines petroleum to product a highly purified form of petroleum. The world was
filled with hope upon the discovery of this messiah to solve the energy crisis,
but at the same time the world entered a time of tension regarding this new

	Just when the whole worlds attention was drawn to OILIX and Dr. Marv, he was
abducted by someone and disapeared. Nations begun investigations immediatly and
a name soon appeared...'Zanzibar Land'... 	Zanzibar Land was a democratic
military regime that suddently appeared in central Asia in 1997. When their
uprising took place, the CIS Army, formed around Russia, sent in a suppressive
unit immediatly. Zanzibar Land resisted by gathering a band of Mercenaries from
nations around the world and fortifying most of its land. As a result, the CIS
Army was repeatedly defeated, and Zanzibar Land declared its independence. Due
to the active role mercenaries played, this war was called the 'mercenaries
war' and Zanzibar Land was referred to as an armed fortress nation. A military
nation with a group of strong mercenaries, surrounded by a tough fortress.

	According to the latest information, Zanzibar suppoedly was armed
with Nuclear Weapons. The whole scenario was crystal clear. By obtaining OILIX
in addition to nuclear weapons, Zanzibar Land was trying to establishits
economoic and military superiority over the entire world. Concerned about the
situation, the United States of America ordered Roy Campbell,
Commander-in-Chief of high tech special forces unit FOX-HOUND, to rescue Dr.
Marv. Campbell was a former member of FOX-HOUND. He brought back Solid Snake,
the man who single handedly brought down the armed fortress nation of Outer
Heaven 4 years ago, and asked Snake to bring back Dr. Marv and OILIX.

	Successfully infiltrating Zanzibar Land and with help from CIA
angent Horry and others, Snake was able to go deep into the fortress and meet
again with Dr. Pettrovich, the chief engineer of Metal Gear from Outer Heaven.
He too was abducted to Zanzibar Land and forced to develop another Metal Gear.
He told to surprised Snake an even more shocking fact. Big Boss, the man Snake
had defeated at Outer Heaven, turned out to be the General Commander of
Zanzibar Land.

	Snake rescued Dr. Pettrovich in co-operation with Natasha, Dr. Marv's guard
and former Czech International Secret Police agent, and then headed for the
confinement facility deep in the fortress to save Dr. Marv. When Pettrovich and
Natasha crossed the narrow suspension bridge over the deep valley, a missile
blew the bridge away. Natasha flew into the air because of the explosion. While
unable to do anything to save Natasha, Snake started hearing a well-known voice
"Hey Snake, were good buddies. I can let you go. Just leave this place at
once!" Gray Fox. Snake saw Gray Fox controlling Metal Gear. The best soldier in
FOX-HOUND who, after the fall of Outer Heaven, disapeared as if he followed Big
Boss. Losing Natasha infront of his eyes and letting Pettrovich get taken away,
Snake screamed "Fox! I will not give up!"

	After a series of deadly battles with mercenaries, Snake finally made it to
Dr. Marv's confinement facility. However, he arrived to late. He saw Dr. Marv's
corpse and Pettrovich, who could do nothing but just stand there. Pettrovich
told Snake that Dr. Marv could not withstand the repeated tortures because of
heart problems. Snake then recieved an emergency call from Horry. The
information she supplied was very shocking. Pettrovich had been voluntarily
visiting Zanzibar Land to develop Metal Gear. The abduction of Dr. Marv was
conducted under the the directions of Pettrovich himself. After the truth came
out, Pettrovich attacked Snake, but Snake easily put an end to him and obtained
the structual plan of OILIX.

	While trying to escape, Snake was confronted by Metal Gear again, controlled
by Gray Fox. The tremendous battle took place in the underground base. Snake
finally succeeded in destroying Metal Gear. However, Gray Fox did not submit
and challened Snake to the final battle. In the midst of a minefield, Snake and
Fox fought without any weapons. A fist-to-fist duel involving no hatred or
murderous intent. During that moment of purity the 2 were bound by forces
transcending words and emotions. Snake won the tough but pure battle against
Gray Fox. However, there was still someone else. Snake had to fight Big Boss.
Just like 4 years ago at Outer Heaven Big Boss was waiting for Snake. 	"One who
has experienced the tension of battle can never leave the battlefield. I'am the
one giving you something to live for, and that is war" Snake was infuriated at
the arrogant Big Boss "There is only one battle I have to fight. To free myself
from you, to shatter the nightmare...Big Boss, I will kill you!"

	With the structual plan of Oilix, Snake and Horry escaped from
Zanzibar Land on a rescue helicopter. Snake once again saved the world.
However, there was no smile on his face. Big Boss's last words kept ringing in
his head "Whoever wins, out battle does not end. There loser is freed from the
battlefield, the winner must remain there and the survivor must live his life
as the warrior until he dies" Snake then disapeared into the whitelands of

                        ----========  4  ========----

                              METAL GEAR SOLID

                         If I die in a combat zone
                      Tell all the people in homeland
                             That I did my best.

                         If I die in a combat zone
                       Tell that pretty girl of mine
                     That I bring best memories with me.

                         If I die in a combat zone
                          Tell all my best friends
                        That I died facing the gun.

                         If I die in a combat zone
                       I don't need my name on grave.
                        Etch instead that there was;
                     A man who lived, fought and died.

                     From "IF I DIE IN A COMBAT ZONE"

                         The Song of Mercenaries

	The year is 2005. In the remote area of Alaska, located in the Bering Sea, is
the chain of islands known as the Fox-Arcipelago. In there exist's Shadow Moses
island- the location of a top-secret nuclear warhead storage facility. During
an exercise on the Island involving ARMSTECH Inc. (Once the 2nd largest arms
manufacturer in the world and primarily involved in the development of SDI and
Rail guns) and DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. A
government department involved in researching technology for implementation
into military systems and weapons), Next-Generation Special Forces, lead by
members of FOX-HOUND, invade the island and capture it. There, they make the
(somewhat puzzling) demands- they want the remains of Big Boss. They state that
if these demands are not met- they will launch a nuclear weapon within 24

	Understanding the seriousness of the situation, the secretary of defense, Jim
Houseman, call's upon retired FOX-HOUND commander Roy Campbell to deal with the
situation. In turn, Campbell call's upon the services of Solid Snake (now a dog
musher in an isolated part of Alaska) Understanding Snake would not simply hear
him out, armed soldiers are sent out to bring Snake in for a briefing. Within 5
hours of the terrorists taking over the island,  Snake has been stripped and is
sitting down, alone, in an isolation chamber.

	Campbell comes in, he is quick and to the point, they are in an extremely
serious situation and only Snake can get them out of it. Campbell introduces
Snake to Dr. Naomi Hunter, FOX-HOUND's chief medical officer, and she gives him
a quick injection. Campbell then briefs him on his 2 mission objects- he is to
rescue DARPA chief Donald Anderson & ARMSTECH President Kenneth Baker and he is
to, most importantly, access whether or not the terrorists have the ability to
launch a nuclear weapon.

	Snake is quick to point out that he hasn't even agreed to the mission-
Campbell wants to know whether living in Alaska is all that great. All he is is
a dog musher. He then elaborates on the site- the disposal facility is a
hardened underground base. For Snake to infiltrate the base, air insertion is
impossible. Snake must go in through the water- a submarine will go within a
few miles of the island, but then will have to launch a SDV (Swimmer Delivery
Vehicle. The sub must stay away from the island because it may be picked up on
Sonar) Campbell also informs Snake that, unfortunatly, weapon and equipment is
OSP (On Site Procurement. He cannot take anything with him)

	The colonel explains that the President is in supervisory control of the
operation but the Secretary of Defense is in operational control. A COG will
not be issued until it can be determined, by Snake, whether or not the
terrorists can launch a Nuclear Weapon. The National Security Agency and the
Defense Intelligence Agency will be working with them as well- but Snake is not
interested in "desk jockeys" Campbells agree's and briefs him on Natasha
Romaneko- she will act as an advisor on the nuclear weapons present on the

	Snake is curious- why is Campbell in on the mission? He replies that he knows
FOX-HOUND. Snake doesn't believe him- he wants to know the real reason.
Campbell apologises and admits its because his niece is being held hostage. The
day of the revolt several soldiers didn't show up. Meryl was called in as a
replacement. She is Campbell's little-brothers daughter (he died in the Gulf
War and Campbell was charged with looking after her) At this point Snake
agree's to do the mission, on 2 conditions. The first one being that no secrets
are kept from him. He wants to know everything at all times. The second
condition being that he will only accept orders from the Colonel and no-one

	The retired operative ask's Campbell about the injection Naomi gave him.
Campbell gets Naomi to answer it- she knows the soldiers in FOX-HOUND better
than anyone else. She explains that the injection was a combination of
nanomachines and anti-freezing peptites. They will stop his blood from freezing
(even at sub-artic temperatures) Many nanomachines are working in the
bloodstream to replace adreniline, sugar and nutrition (Snake will not have to
worry about food) Neotropics are present (these will improve mental
functioning) and benzadrine as well (responsible for keeping him awake and
alert for 12 hours) In addition, the nanomachines will also keep the CODEC
batteries going.

	Snake wants to know why ARMSTECH and DARPA were present on the island. Were
they there for a new weapon? Campbell explains he is not available to access
that kind of information. Snake wants to know if they can launch- Campbell says
that they have given a warhead serial number (seemingly the one they intend to
use) and that it has been confirmed. However, the PAL (Permissive Action Link)
system is present to prevent a launch- but the DARPA chief knows how to stop

	The colonel explains that the Next Generation Special Forces aren't just
"grunts" They are heavily armed and their 6 leaders are hardened veterans. The
terrorists are demanding cell specimins from a body (specifically, the
individuals genomic information) the terrorists apparently *need* this
information. The Next Gen Special forces were involved in the human genome
project and, henceforth, have been strengthened through gene therapy. The
military have indentified the genes that make effective soldiers and can put
these into regular soldiers to make them better.

	Following the fall of Zanzibar, as is explained the Snake, Big Boss's body,
though badly burned, was recovered. It was possible to restore his DNA profile
from a single strand of hair. So far more than 60 soldier genes have been
identified and these are transplanted into soldiers. Superior soldiers aren't
just trained- hereditary factors are just as crucial. The Next Gen Special
Forces are mainly mercs from Outer Heaven- the U.S. government bought out their
contracts. They were merged with Force 21 and have no real battle experience
(they are "video game players" as pointed out by Snake) All of the Next Gen
Special Forces conspired in the attack. The whole unit went through the same
gene therapy and feel closer than brothers (Henceforth the title "The Son's of
Big Boss") They see the unit as their only family. Campbell explains that there
was no signs they were interested in partaking in an uprising- they were all
evaluated through random, psycological testing as patriotic and upstanding
soldiers. They all had IQ's over 180 and even, at strange intervals, partook in
their own gene therapy experiments.

	The agent is then briefed on the worst part of the mission - the FOX-HOUND
members who are the leaders of the terrorists. Snake is briefed on them Psyco
Mantis (who is the worlds most powerful tactioner of reading minds and moving
objects with his own mind), Vulcan Raven (A giant and shayman) Sniper Wolf (who
can stay in the same position, looking through a rifle scope, for days or even
weeks) Decoy Octopus (master of disguise) Revolver Ocelot (Gun fighting and
interrogation specialist) and the leader of the terrorists...Liquid Snake...

	This astounds Snake- someone with the same code-name? Snake has his "brother"
explained to him.  Following being the Youngest SAS operative to be employed in
the Gulf War, and penetraring Western Iraq for the Secret Intelligence Service,
Liquid Snake was captured and not heard from for several years. He was rescued
and joined FOX-HOUND after Solid Snake retired to Alaska. Snake is greatly
concerned and nervous about the mission, and this is not helped when he is
shown a picture of Liquid...with a face exactly the same as him. Just as Snake
is leaving the room, preparing to prep for the mission, as an afterthought, he
ask's to borrow Naomi scissors. He begins to snip his hair- he doesn't want to
be mistaken for the terrorist's leader...


	Solid Snake arrives in the lower Dock of Shadow Moses island via the SDV and
surfaces in scuba gear just in time to overhear Liquid Snake warn genome
soldiers that "he" will be through the area they are patrolling (obviously
referring to Solid Snake) before Liquid makes his way up in the freight
elevator. Snake makes his way through the guards and waits for the elevator to
return, then uses it to go to the surface. He hides behind a storage block &
contact's Campbell VIA CODEC who alerts him as to how to go about infiltrating
the main hangar of the complex where Metal Gear is stored further on. At that
point a Russian Hind-D gunship (piloted by Liquid) takes off to intercept F-16
fighters sent as a diversionary operation to allow Snake to infiltrate the
base. There is 18 hours left till the deadline is reached.

  	Snake goes through the base and sneaks into the DARPA chiefs (Donald
Andersons) cell through the venting system. There he confirms the worst
possibility- the terrorists can, indeed, launch a nuclear weapon. When Snake
queries that the island complex is a Nuclear weapon's storage facility, so the
terrorist's shouldn't be able to launch a weapon, Anderson reveals that Shadow
Moses Island is, infact, the site where a new weapon is in development that
will change the world with its ability to launch a nuke from anywhere on the
globe. The weapon is a new version of Metal Gear known as Metal Gear Rex. The
original 2 weapons didn't lead to the project being scrapped. It was actually
the opposite - it led to a huge joint venture between ARMSTECH and DARPA.

With the terrorists able to use Metal Gear to launch a nuke Snake ask's if
there is a way of stopping a launch. He is told that there is the PAL safety
system- 2 passwords are required to override the safety mechanisms. Donald
Anderson had one and Kenneth Baker had the other. Psyco Mantis, however,
discovered Anderson's one with his mind probing abilities. A guard (Johnny)
hears Anderson talking and tells him to shut up. Anderson, however, waves off
the guard...
The DARPA chief then informs Snake of a safety mechanism that can be employed
to override even the passwords. Apparently Kenneth Baker had the 3 keys
required to do this and was being held in the lower basement. After informing
Snake as to the means to find him Snake tells Anderson his intentions to get
him out of the cell and, ultimately, the compound. With that Anderson begins to
press Snake for details as to whether the government will give into the
terrorist's demands and whether there are any other safety measures for Metal
Gear. Snake insists, in his usual nature, he doesn't know anything. With that
the DARPA chief begins to convulse violently, falls to the ground and dies.
Snake crouches at his side to confirm his condition and contacts Naomi and
Campbell VIA CODEC where both parties conclude their belief that it was a heart
attack that killed Anderson.

Snakes rises from the DARPA chief's side and hears the muffled sounds of a
struggle in the next cell. Within a few moments his cell has unlocked. Leaving
it Snake has a gun pointed at his head by the "guard" on duty. When Snake looks
at the guard he can tell from the shaking gun pointing at him that she is
"green" and plays on her inexperience by taunting her ("Are you gonna' shoot me
rookie?") When things between them reach the tensest stage enemy guards swarm
the cell. Snake fights back immediately. The female guard just stands there
unable to say a word. While shooting the soldiers Snake shouts at the female
soldier "What are you doing? Shoot! Don't be afraid!" As if woken up, she
immediately begins shooting the guards storming the cell with her FA-MAS and
soon the threat has been eliminated. She walks to the door of the cell block
and sarcastically thanks him for his help and begins jogging to the elevator.
Just as Snake begins persuing- she turns around and shoots blindly into the
area Snake was running through, he dodges the bullets and she escapes through
the elevator. Snake looks to where she was...and hallucinates a man with a gas
mask on floating at the elevator. The mysterious figure implies he had been
controlling her at that point and disappears. Snake contacts Naomi to ask her
about it and she informs him that it was most likely "psychometric interference
coming from Psyco Mantis.." (As in, the brainwaves and thoughts of Psyco Mantis
became un-controlled and found their way into Snake's mind)

Snake takes the elevator downstairs into the armory of the compound and uses C4
explosive to gain access to a secret area where the ARMSTECH president is being
kept prisoner. When he arrives in the large room he see's the president tied to
a large central pillar. Upon closer inspection it is revealed the pillar is
booby trapped with wires that would set off C4 explosive connected amongst the
central column. At that point a gun shot is fired at Snakes feet...which he
instinctively jumps back from...and he comes face-to-face with Revolver Ocelot-
Fox Hounds torture and weapon's specialist. After a tense standoff Snake
battles Ocelot and drives him to bay. When Ocelot hides behind a pillar to
reload "...but I'm only gettin' warmed up" a quick, mysterious figure, with a
metallic exoskeleton and a long samarai sword, jumps out of nowhere and cuts
off his right hand (with its gun still in it) as well as cutting Kenneth Baker
down from his trap. Ocelot retreats and Snake confronts the figure demanding to
know who it is- "I'am like you", it says, "without a name..." it then shakes
uncontrollably and retreats. Kenneth Baker seemed to have identified the figure
as he was still regaining himself after being cut down. Helping the ARMSTECH
President to his feet, Snake sits him down against a wall and questions him
about metal gear.

	Baker, to, gave the terrorist's his password. Psyco Mantis didn't succeed
because of surgical implants inside the ARMSTECH President's brain that
protected him from psycic probes. However, Revolver Ocelot used physical
torture to get Baker to talk and, in the process, broke his arm. Baker is
surprised and angry to hear the Anderson gave his password due to the mental
probes of Psyco Mantis- because he received the same surgical implants as
Baker. He is also angry when he hears that Anderson died of a heart attack-
saying its impossible and is led to believe that Snake came to the island to
"shut them up"  Calming him down, Snake ask's Baker about the 3 card keys he
apparently has in his possession and Baker says that he gave them to a young
female soldier who refused to take place in the rebellion and was incarcerated.
Baker also says he was in contact with the soldier VIA the stolen guards CODEC
and tells him he could contact her by finding her number "on the back of the CD
 Baker also tells Snake there may be one person who could find out a way to
stop Metal Gear. Its chief engineer, Hal Emmerich, might know a way to stop or
even destroy the weapon.

	Baker elaborates on the history of Metal Gear. With the end of the nuclear age
at the turn of the century it would be thought it would mean the end of the
arms race- not so. Infact, the threat of nuclear war is greater than ever he
says. With nuclear waste storage buildings filled to capacity uses for the
material's had to be found. Greater pounds of MUF (Material Unaccounted For)
are being reported every year and Russian nuclear engineer's had nowhere to
turn, except terrorism, to find employment in their fields. This proves the
existence of a well- maintained black-market for nuclear weapons. Since pretty
much any nation could afford to have a nuclear weapon's program- a new launch
system of overwhelming power was required.
   ARMSTECH suffered badly due to cut back's in the military and their failure
to produce the next line of fighter jets. The construction of Metal Gear was
the company's last hope. However, the construction of Metal Gear was financed
confidentially by the Pentagon so mainstream-Government exposure to the project
was unlikely. This means that the capabilities of Metal Gear are not restricted
by "bureaucrats and hard liberals"
"Bribes?" Solid Snake asks
"I prefer to think of them as 'good business'" Baker retorts

 	The exercise on Shadow Moses island was to test Metal Gears
capabilities with a dummy warhead- after that the Metal Gear program was to be
formally adopted. Baker gives Snake the sole remaining copy of metal gears test
data- the main hard drive was destroyed by gunfire. The terrorist's also don't
know of the existence of the disk.
 	Snake ask's Baker about the mysterious Ninja that cut off Ocelot's hand-
since Baker seemed to have identified him. As Baker is explaining the cyborg to
be "FOX-HOUND's dirty little secret" and experimental genome soldier he begins
to convulse like the DARPA chief...in the process talking to himself about how
the Pentagon "actually went and did it!" His last words, before he succumbs to
a heart attack are "Their just using you to...."
 Speaking to Campbell and Naomi via CODEC both parties agree that Baker died
from what appeared to be a heart attack just like Anderson. Snake ask's Naomi
about the Ninja and she stresses that no-one like it is in FOX-HOUND.

	Making contact with Meryl, Snake gets her to open the door of the hangar which
will take him to the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building. She informs Snake that
the island is owned and operated by a dummy corporation of ARMSTECH (It is a
civilian base) Meryl also confirms to Snake her inexperience and her naive
views on what she believed she had to become a soldier. Snake convince's Meryl
to settle down for awhile and ask's her to meet him in the Nuclear Warhead
Storage Building. Snake goes through the hangar door but while going across the
field on the other side of it he receives a CODEC call from an unknown person
called 'Deepthroat' who warns him that a tank is behind a blast door on the
otherside of the snowfield waiting to ambush him. Sure enough, when Snake moves
on a blast is fired at him (which he just manages to dodge) and a tank roll's
out from behind the blast door. The man controlling the tank is Vulcan Raven.
Snake confuses the Tanks electronic's systems with chaff grenades and manages
to kill the gunner of the tank (a genome soldier) to destroy the it. Solid
Snake uses a card key stolen from the body to access the Nuclear Warhead
Storage Building. Vulcan Raven, inside the tank wreckage, communicates with
Liquid Snake and Revolver Ocelot (he actually names the latter "General Ivan"
in this instance- a reference to "Ivan the Terrible" A Russian historical
figure) He warn's the 2 not to underestimate Solid Snake- he is a worthy


Making his way through the storage building Snake comes to the
computer labs on floor B2...and stumbles upon a metallic hallway filled with
corpses of genome soldiers...they appeared to have been cut with a blade. Then
a barely-alive soldier stumbles around the corner saying it was a ghost...just
as another soldier is impaled on the blade of a Katana sword...by a molgy,
barely seeable figure...who walks into the computer labs. Snake follows and
see's it confronting a quivering, terrified scientist- so scared he soil's his
pants. The Ninja makes it clear to Snake that he has not taken sides (is not
there to help Snake or work against him- he is "from a world" where such terms
are meaningless) But, however, seeks battle with Snake. With that the scientist
runs into a storage closet and the ninja and Snake begin a tense hand-to-hand
combat duel (The Ninja believes that it is foolish to use weapons-
"hand-to-hand is the basis of all combat")

 	By the end of it the cyborg Ninja's suit is malfunctioning and
electric field's are stabbing out from all over his body. When the ninja is
finally defeated it begins to suffer the same effects as the DARPA chief and
ARMSTECH President. But instead of dying...it retreats. Snake realizes who the
Ninja is and contact's Campbell via CODEC- the Ninja is Grey Fox. His old war
Buddy from Zanzibar and Outer Heaven- believed dead. Naomi admits that he
should've died but didn't. The body of a soldier from Zanzibar was used by
Naomi's predecessor Dr. Clark into gene-therapy experiments. For 4 years he was
drugged, and fitted with a prototype exoskeleton, purely for experimental
purposes. The records say that the "ninja" died in a explosion, along with Dr.
Clark, 2 years ago. Naomi ask's if Snake will kill the Ninja- he says he would
prefer not...but that might be what he want's...

 	Snake walk's over to the closet where the scientist hid. After
convincing him to emerge he confirm's the scientist's identity as Metal Gears
Chief Engineer Hal Emmerich. When Snake ask's Emmerich about Metal Gear he
explain's that its a mobile TMD (Theatre Missile Defense) to be used for
defensive purposes. Angry, Snake grab's him by the collar and aggresively
tell's him the terrorist's intention to use Metal Gear as a launch system for a
nuclear warhead. Emmerich is shocked to find they plan to put a warhead in a
TMD launcher. He convinces Snake he didn't know what Metal Gear was really used
for by saying the armament of Rex was built a different department- supervised
personally by President Baker who also supervised the assembly of the final
unit. Because he wasn't involved with the armament directly Emmerich doesn't
know what Rex is truly capable of and only know's it is armed with a rail gun
(which uses magnets to fire projectiles at extremely high velocities), a laser
and vulcan cannon.

  	According to Emmerich, Metal Gear has a launcher on its back for 8 missiles.
Snake questions this saying that if it just used standard warhead's then all
the test data should have been collected before the exercise on Shadow Moses
Island and Otacon realises Metal Gear's co-developer Rivermore National Labs
was working on a new technology that, up until that point, had only been tested
in virtual environments. The test on Shadow Moses Island was for the new
technology. Emmerich realizes the mistake he made in being so naive in the
construction of Metal Gear and begins to blame himself (This is made all the
more worse through his families connection to nuclear weapons- his Grandfather
worked on the Manhattan project and his father was born on August 6th 1945- the
day of the Hiroshima bombing)

 	 Emmerich to pulls himself together (thanks to some not-so urging from Snake)
and the operative ask's him about Rex's location, which Emmerich explains is in
a underground maintenance base north of the Island. Emmerich also say's that
since they haven't sent for him for a few hours they must be ready to launch.
Snake tell's him to go and hide and contact's Meryl to get her to look after
him, but before she can answer she is spotted by guards and communication with
her is abruptly cut off. Emmerich explains that if he want's to find her he has
to look in the only place where she will be by herself. Snake ask's where that
is and Emmerich blatantly tell's him not to be so naive. Emmerich also tell's
Snake to take his keycard so he can progress further through the base and as he
is handing it to him Snake begins to worry about whether he will suffer the
same affect's as the DARPA Chief and ARMSTECH President. Emmerich gets all
defensive with Snake's sudden, caring change of character and is seemingly
fine. He also tell's Snake to call him 'Otacon' (Which stands for Otacu
Convention-  a person who likes Japan Animation or 'anime') Otacon originally
got into science to make robot's like the ones in the cartoons. Otacon tell's
Snake his CODEC frequency and then goes off- with the ability to hide easily
because he has a stealth unit the same as the ninjas.

	Making his way out of the lab and upstairs - Snake spot's Meryl
entering the female bathroom and follows her. Inside she sneaks up on
him (again) and he confirms her identity with a few sexist comments. She talk's
to Snake about her Uncle and himself and the glory days of FOX-HOUND- they were
real heroes and there was no such thing as gene-
therapy, they didn't need it.  Snake detests what she says saying that the only
heroes he knows are dead or in prison. There are no heroes in war. All Snake
believes is he is a man that is good at killing- nothing more. He has no
ambition, no ultimate goal. He establishes himself as a cold individual who
feels his best and most alive when his taking other lives. Meryl is shocked, to
say the least, at this revelation of his character.

 	Changing the subject Snake informs Meryl of no progress being made in the
negotiations & how, essentially, its all up to Snake. They find they have 2
options- initiate the safety system or destroy metal gear itself. However, to
use the safety system, they need the 3 card keys- Meryl has the first one but
the location of the other 2 is a mystery. Meryl works to try and convince Snake
to let her go with him- she knows the base better than him and can act as a
navigator. Snake is apprehensive knowing that Campbell would want Meryl to be
safe & that she would slow Snake down as well. He allows her after she simply
says he can shoot her if she does.

 	Meryl walks over the mirror and looks at herself- talking about
how she believed in following her fathers footsteps by becoming a
soldier (She thought she could understand him better by following that course
in her life)   She had never used make-up or been like other girls- she had had
her heart set on the military her whole life. It had been her driving force. By
being through the experiences on Shadow Moses island she came to realize
something- up until that point she had never TRULY looked at herself. She had
never made her own dicisions. She had always viewed herself as someone who had
to follow. She cries, feeling the emotion of what she just realized.  Snake, in
a disciplined and confident manner, gets her to bring herself together. This is
a war- there is no losing. They will die if they do. Realizing the importance
of their actions Meryl brings herself together & tell's him that they have to
take the commander's room in order to get to where Metal Gear is being stored-
the overland route is blocked by glaciers. They leave the bathroom and find all
of the guards have left- and as they make their way to the commanders room
Meryl begins acting weird...

 	When they get inside Meryl points her gun at Snake and, as if
possessed, stumbles towards him coldly yet seductively muttering sexual phrases
to him. Just when she is less than 2 feet from him a man in tight leather and a
gas mask flashes behind her, floating. Psyco Mantis. The worlds best
tactitioner of physical movement with the mind and controlling of others minds
with his own. Realizing Meryl is under his mental control and will shoot him if
he doesn't act, Snake knocks her out.
 	After a few quick taunt's Mantis makes his appearance again and
begins fighting with Snake. He dodges his attacks as if he knew they
were coming. In a fierce yet extraordinarily difficult hand-to-hand
combat duel Snake manages to outsmart Mantis (thanks to Campbell's help) and
defeats him.

	Mantis, defeated and sprawled on the ground, is approached
ominously by Snake. Realizing he will die soon Mantis tell's Snake he
will look into his future. He then uses an out-of-body experience to
explain to Snake the way to get to where Metal Gear is being stored-
through a secret door behind a bookcase. Asking Mantis why he is helping him
Mantis explains that he has read thousands and thousands of minds & how each
one contained the same selfish and disgusting desire- to reproduce. To pass on
their DNA. Everyone was focused on the future.

	Mantis helped Snake because he is different- he has no future, no past- he
lives in the moment. Mantis holds onto the belief that they aren't meant to
bring each other happiness- from the moment we enter the world we are here to
bring each other nothing but pain & misery (this is based on his awful
experiences as a child- his mother died giving childbirth to him. When he
looked into his fathers mind he saw nothing but hate & disgust for him. This
analysis of someone else's mind and the hidden elements within it waked up
Mantis's own subconscious and made him kill his father. The power that was
released from him during that episode wiped out his whole home town, of 1000
people, and horribly scarred his face making him lose his eye's and nose)

 	Mantis somehow "bonds" with Snake because he understands they both have
buried past's and they don't enjoy looking back on them. Mantis explains why he
became involved in the siege of the island, he didn't believe in Liquid Snake's
ideals, he just wanted to kill as many people as he could. Meryl is disgusted
and nearly hit's Mantis but Snake gets her to stop- Mantis doesn't have much
time left. This prompt's Mantis to look into Meryl's mind & he find's Snake
hold's a large place there. Nearly dead Mantis makes a last request- to have
his mask put back on. With it other people's thoughts force their way into his
mind and he is in his own "world" His last act is to move the bookcase blocking
the doorway with his telekinetic power's- he admits its the first time he used
his powers to help someone and it feels "kinda nice"

  	Rising from his side Snake makes his way to the secret door prompting Meryl
to follow. She stay's where she is, uncertain of herself after Mantis
manipulated her the way he did. Snake disciplines her telling her never to
doubt herself- just learn something from it and let it make her stronger.
"Snake...can I ask you something?" she says
"What?" he responds impatiently
"I was just wondering..."
"What? Whats the problem now?" Snake is being very defensive.
"Oh oh nothing...so tell me Snake. Whats your name. Your real name" she asks
"Name means nothing on the battlefield" he responds indirectly
"How old are you?"
"Old enough to know what death looks like" It becomes apparent to Meryl that
Snake isn't interested.
"Any family?" she urges
"No, but I was raised by many people" Snake face continues to study the hall
that Mantis opened up
"Is there anybody you like?" she questions
"I've never been interested in anyone elses life..." he reluctantly responds
"So you are all alone. Just like Mantis said..."
"Other people just complicate my life! I don't like to get involved" Meryl
isn't sure if he is trying to explain it to her or himself
"Your a sad, lonely man..."
Snake ignores her comment "C'mon...lets go..." He leaves the room through the
secret doorway. Meryl follows.

	Traveling through wolf-dog cavern's the 2 of them come to the communication's
towers. A large, wide pathway lead's to the entrance. Just as they begin to
make their way to the cavern's a laser-sight is pointed at Meryl. Snake yell's
at her to get down, but he is to late, Meryl is shot in the left thigh. Falling
to her knee's she is shot again in the right thigh. Now on the ground she
reaches for her pistol which she dropped- and is shot again in the arm.
Realizing the seriousness of her mistake Meryl tells Snake to leave her and
run. Or, furthermore, shoot her so he can go on with his mission. He tell's her
to save her strength. In the pain of the gunshot wound's Meryl realizes the
mistakes and the untutoredness of her feelings of being a soldier. However, she
selflessly beckons Snake to run off and never forget her.  Campbell contact's
Snake and inform's him that the sniper is trying to lure him out so that he can
pick him off. Naomi add's that the sniper is most likely Sniper Wolf-
FOX-HOUND's best shooter. Campbell begins to tell Snake how to go about saving
Meryl- but Snake can tell he is getting alarmed and panicked. Snake reassures
him that he will save Meryl- but Naomi scrutinizes him. Saying that his gene's
are that of a soldier- not a savior. Snake barks back that he works on instinct
(not on his genes) and that he will save her- he doesn't need an excuse.

 	Backtracking to the armory Snake aquires a PSG-1 sniper rifle and heads back
to  where Meryl was shot- but she has dissapeared. However, Snake can't
investigate and must deal with Sniper Wolf. He uses his sniper-rifle against
wolf and defeat's her. He makes his way towards where she retreated to look for
clues as to where Meryl went-  but at the door to the base of the
communications tower he is surrounded by soldiers and is confronted by Wolf.
After she affectionately toy's with him he is knocked out and dragged off.


	The unconscious operative awakes to bright, circular lights. Snake finds that
he is lying down on a metallic bed with his arms and legs shackled by solenoid
locks. Worst still, he has been striped of his equipment and is lying down
half-naked. His weariness shakes off when he hears a voice...
"Don't kill him yet...I want him alive" the voice says. "I want no more
accident's like the DARPA chief" He sounds distorted, but Snake's sure that is
because he is regaining consciousness. He then overhears a man telling others
not to kill him- it seems he want's no more accidents like the DARPA chief.
Suddenly, the voice becomes clearer. The man is talking to Snake unaware that
he is awake. Snake "stole" what was rightfully his- his birthright. He always
knew he would meet Snake and finally they do- the brother of light, and the
brother of dark. Liquid Snake. Liquid agrees to have some of his DNA taken
while he is still alive- and use it to correct the gnome soldiers mutatons but
not to "cure" them. Apparently Big Boss's DNA is required for that. With that
Ocelot realizes Snake is awake and tilt's the bed from 180 degree's to a full
90- parallel with Liquid Snake. Solid comes face-to-face with Liquid for the
first time. The first revelation made to Snake by Liquid is that they are the
last surviving son's of Big Boss. He also realizes that 8 hours have past since
the start of the mission- there are 10 hours until the deadline is reached.
Oblivious to Snake's presence the FOX-HOUND parties in the room- Ocelot, Liquid
& Wolf discuss the Ninja. It has killed twelve men- how did it learn of the
incident? Ocelot conjectures that there must be a spy amongst them...

	Liquid receives a call from Vulcan Raven and must go to deal with more
negotiations- he order's Ocelot not to screw up with Solid Snake like he did
with "the chief". He also observes the seriousness of their current situation-
Mantis is dead. They also have to find out what killed "Baker and Octopus"...he
then leaves with Ocelot's correction that its an interrogation about to be
conducted on Snake- not a torture. Ocelot asks Sniper Wolf, who was quietly
hanging off in the background, if she want's to stay. She declines- citing she
has to feed her wolves. She leaves and Ocelot & Snake are left alone. Snake
asks Ocelot about the new technology on Metal Gear- Ocelot suggests Snake
contact's Campbell for the full story. He asks Snake about the optical disk
that Baker would have given him- Snake doesn't answer. Instead, he asks if
Meryl is OK. Ocelot say's she is- but they are about to play a game. When the
pain becomes to much for Snake he can submit and it will end...but if he does
he will kill Meryl.

 	Snake resist's Ocelot's torture with Meryl's life at stake. He is taken to a
cell in order to regain his strength. Inside he finds the DARPA's chief's
corpse- drained of blood, apparently dead for days. Campbell contact's Snake
and tell's him that the government won't give into the terrorist's demands.
Snake gets annoyed- telling him to stop playing dumb. He tell's him to talk
about the new kind of warhead for metal gear. He asks why Campbell can't "tell
the grunts" & how deep the cover-up goes. Campbell admits that up until the
previous day the President had not been briefed on the Rex project. The
President could not be informed of the Rex project because the next day himself
and his Russian counterpart are due to sign the Strategic Nuclear Missile
Reduction Treaty-3 (START) Campbell explains that that is the reason for the
terrorist's deadline- although START-2 hadn't even been ratified or the issue's
of TMD's dealt with. If the deadline for the attack went public, when START-3
was due to be signed, it could compromise the Presidents reputation & America's
place as a dominant world superpower. Campbell pleads with Snake to stop the
terrorist's insisting he is the  only one who can. The government simply can't
give into their demands (The President had been vocal in  his opposition to
eugenics' experiments- so the genome armies can't go public at any cost)
Campbell then tells Snake not to worry about the safety keys- his priority now
is to destroy Metal Gear itself.

	Once again Snake is taken into Ocelot's chamber and "interrogated" However,
this time he simply can't last out against the pain he is enduring. He submits
to Ocelot's torture. Snake is dragged back to his cell. Campbell contact's
Snake, and he is overcome with feelings of doubt when telling Campbell that he
gave into the torture. He couldn't save Meryl- how can he save the world? Snake
gave in...he sacrificed her life to save his own. Campbell reassures Snake she
knew the risks- she was a soldier. Naomi also reminds Snake he has a mission to
do, he has to stop blaming himself. After a long pause Snake asks Naomi to talk
about herself to get his mind of the pain from the extreme-electric shock's his
body sustained, as well as the guilt he feels. She say's that it isn't a happy
topic for herself. Snake tries to compel her to talk by telling her the story
of the man who once claimed he was his father- Big Boss. She is even more
shocked to find that Snake killed Big Boss knowing that. Asking how he could,
Snake emotionlessly replies that he just needed killing, Big Boss wanted it.
Snake also explains that that action was the hidden trauma that Mantis was
talking about before he died- the one they share in common. Naomi explains that
she never had any family at all- only a big brother that put her through
school- he was much older and they weren't even blood related. Naomi ask's, as
did Meryl, if there is a woman in Snakes life. He say's he feels like he can
trust no-one after all his war experiences. Naomi then ask's if Snake has any
friends- he without hesitation replies 'Roy Campbell' (who is surprised to hear
that after all the lies he has told him) and one other man who taught Snake
alot- Frank Jaeger. Gray Fox. Naomi is very shocked by this revelation- she is
aware of their final battle. Snake counter's that they were just professional's
on opposite sides- it was nothing personal. Jaeger showed him that ropes while
Snake was still 'green' However, they didn't know each other well (Snake
believed it was like an unwritten law not to talk about personal lives) Snake
asks Naomi why she got into genetics' which she explains was because she wanted
to analyze her fate- she never knew her parents and she she could analyze where
she came from.

 	Snake fool's a guard, who caught a cold off Meryl and went to the bathroom,
into coming into his cell. He kill's him and escapes. He makes his way through
the facility back to where Meryl was shot. He run's past the blood-soaked
ground but then turns around and walk's back to the spot where she was shot. He
remembers her final word's to him & her willingness to sacrifice herself in
order to help Snake complete his mission. "I was a fool. I wanted to be a
soldier. But war is ugly, there's nothing glamorous about it." She had said in
enormous pain and lossing a great deal of blood "Snake...please...save
yourself. Go on living and don't give up on people. Don't forget me" she had

 	As his despair sinks in Snake receives a CODEC call from Campbell who
reassure's Snake that he knows he did all he could. He say's Meryl was a
soldier and was prepared for that. She joined up of her own free will. But
Snake say's his wrong- she felt she had to become a soldier to better
understand her father. He also say's that Meryl was never prepared for real
combat. Snake's old mentor, FOX-HOUND survival instructor Master Miller, then
interrupt's their conversation. He tell's Snake he can have regret's- its only
natural. But he can't let it interfere with his mission. Mei Ling, Snake's
communications support person, back's him up. Then Naomi join's in adding that
Meryl must be special to Snake. Snake moves around a direct answer (yet again)
and in doing so reminds Campbell of a personal joke about Naomi's Grandfather.
Apparently he rose as high as Assistant Director of the FBI during Edgar
Hoover's time. Naomi add's that he was Japanese. However, Master Miller is
skeptical, and presses Naomi for details. She answer's in a UN-confident manner
the questions then abruptly wishes Snake good luck and disconnects.

	Snake makes his way up a massive communications tower- which he must pass in
order to make it to the Metal Gear storage hangar. But when he reaches the top
the large communications dish is blown up- as well as the bridge connecting the
2 rooftops. Then Liquid Snake appears in the Hind D gunship. He taunt's Snake
with the helicopter's loudspeaker and Snake makes the only escape possible- by
abseiling down the side of the building. He succeed's and arrives at the
mid-section platform connecting the 2 tower's. He takes the bridge across
to Tower B and rises through the tower. However, near the top, he comes across
Otacon. Otacon ask's Snake if he ever loved someone. Snake is confused- did he
come all that way just to ask him that? But Otacon rephrases- asking if love
can bloom even on the battlefield. Snake says it can, he believes it can bloom
anywhere, anytime. But if you love someone you have to be able to protect them.
Snake asks Otacon to fix the elevator in Tower B so he can access the bottom of
the Tower to which he says he'll take care of it. Meanwhile Snake has to swat
down a bothersome fly...

 	Reaching the roof of Tower B Liquid surprises Snake by appearing suddenly in
the Hind. He shines his spotlight on Solid Snake and bid's farewell to his
"brother" Solid demands to know why his calling him that- "I'am you!" Liquid
says "I'm your shadow! Why don't you ask your father? I'll send you to hell to
meet him!!!"  Snake uses a newly acquired Stinger missile launcher to shoot
down the Hind. After many hit's the chopter finally crashes "See you in hell
Liquid" he says. A large fireball climbs up the side of the building and
disapates above Snake "that takes care of the cremation..." he remarks. Snake
then makes his way to the base of the tower B and notices a parachute in the
trees. He recieves a CODEC call from Campbell and the 2 discuss Snakes find.
They both conjecture the parachute was left in the tree as a warning to
Snake...from Liquid...

	He has little time to recover from the relevation that Liquid may still be
alive as he is soon sniped on the snowfield. He call's Otacon who confirms it
is Sniper Wolf who is shooting at him. However, Otacon sounds happy. When
questioned Otacon pleads with Snake not to kill her. He claims she's a good
person. Snake, of course, disagrees with him trying to make him see she's a
merciless killer. However, Wolf interrupts the CODEC conversation. She taunt's
Snake and order's Otacon not to g et in their way. In a silent yet deadly
battle across the expansive snowfield Wolf is murdered by Snake. Believing her
to be dead he makes his way to the warehouse where Metal Gear is being stored,
however, on the way he see's a lone figure spawled on the ground.

	Lying down and coughing up blood Sniper Wolf is nearly dead.
"I've been waiting for this moment all my life" she whispers "I'am a
sniper...waiting is my job." Wolf, with her last strength, urges Snake to kill
her. She can't be saved- Snake has to put her out of her misery.
"I'am a Kurd...I always dreamt of dying in a peaceful place like this" she
studies the tree's and star-filled night sky.
"I was born on the battlefield. Raised on the battlefield. Gunfire, sirens and
screams were my lullabies. Hunted like dogs...day after day. Driven from our
ragged shelters" She looks at Snake's eyes
"Everyday I would wake up and find another one of my family or friends dead
beside me. I'd stare at the morning sun and pray to make it through the day"
Her story becomes even more tragic;
"The government's of the world turned a blind eye to our misery. But then one
day he appeared. My hero- 'Saladin' He took me away from all that"
"Saladin? You mean Big Boss?" Snake eases out.
Wolf ignores his question "I became a sniper. Hidden, watching everything
through a rifle scope. Now I could see war...not from the inside..but from the
outside, as an observer. I watched the brutality, the stupidity of mankind
through the scope of my rifle I joined this group of revolutionaries to take my
revenge on the world." Her heart sinks;
"I have shamed myself and my people. I'am no longer the wolf I was born to be.
I sold my body and my soul. I'am nothing more than a dog..."

"Wolves are noble animals, their not like dogs" Snake assures her "In Yupik,
the word for 'wolf' is 'Kegluneq' and the Aleut's revere them as honorable
cousins. They call mercenaries like us 'The Dog's of War' And its true- we're
all up for sale at one price or another." He continues to crouch next to her
"But your different...untamed...solitary. Your no dog- your a wolf"
"Who are you?" she asks "Are you Saladin?"
Snake chooses to ignore her question "Wolf...you spared Meryl's life"
"She was never my target...I don't kill for sport..." she explains.
"I finally understand" her eyes grow wide, speaking her thoughts "Now I finally
understand. I wasn't waiting to kill people...I was waiting to be killed" She
looks over at Snake again. "A man like you...your a hero. Please...set me

Just as Snake stands, his SOCOM pointed at her head, Otacon decloaks in the
distance. She beacon's to her rifle, which she dropped on the ground, and
Otacon brings it over.
"This gun is a part of me" she hugs it against her chest.
"Everyone is here now. OK hero...set me free..." She ask's with her last ounce
of strength.
Otacon turns his back and block's his ear's.
"Goodbye Wolf" he whispers...
Snake shoots her in the forehead. The powerful sound of the gunshot echoing
throughout the snowfield. Snake then places her handkerchief on top of her head
covering the bullet wound.
"Why are you returning it?" Otacon asks
"Because I don't have anymore tears to shed" he responds. Otacon begins to sob.
"We're out of time. I have to act. Get away from this island...get a start on
your new life" he says to Otacon.
"I want to stay and help you" Otacon manages to say through his grief
"Find a safe place to hide and stay in touch.." he advises Otacon. He turns and
begins to walk off. But just as Snake is nearly out of sight, the snow covering
him up, Otacon yell's to him.
"Snake! What was Wolf fighting for? What are the terrorist's fighting for? What
are we fighting for?"
Snake, almost obscured in black, looks back at Otacon. "If we make it through
this I'll tell you!" he yells back
"OK...I'll be looking to..." Otacon responds to the darkness. He turns on his
camo unit and runs back to the tower...


	Snake makes his way through to the entrance to the underground base & the
blast furnace of the facility. But as he is catching a large freight elevator
down the bottom of the base he receives a CODEC call from Master Miller. Before
anything he ask's  Snake to make sure the conversation is secure. Snake ensures
it is which prompt's Miller to say he was in the FBI and, because of that, has
found many error's in Naomi's story about her Grandfather. He says it was all a
big lie. Snake is disbelieving and Miller add's to his story that Naomi might
be a spy. He informs Snake of the exact error's in Naomi's story about her
grandfather- which are well founded. Miller observes that with the mysterious
deaths of the ARMSTECH President & the DARPA Chief and the mysterious Ninja- to
many strange things are happening. Snake suggests that she might be behind it-
Miller say's either that or she is with the terrorist's.

	Snake makes his way off the elevator and gets into the underground storage
warehouse. On top of the massive crates of the room a dark, massive figure
begins to lurk- with a large ammo back on his back and 20mm Cannon in his arms.
Vulcan Raven. He begins to taunt Snake & mentally paralyses him then control's
a bird to place the "mark of death" on his cheek.
 Vulcan begins to elaborate on Snake's history- stating that Eastern blood
flow's through his vein's and his ancestor's were raised on the plains of
Mongolia. Apparently the Japanese & him are cousin's. Vulcan metaphorically
comment's that although Snakes & Vulcan's are not the best of friends,
nethertheless they will have a glorious battle.
Snake hopelessly tries to reason with Raven "This isn't glorious, its just
plain killing! Violence isn't a sport!"
"Well we'll see if there's iron in your words" Raven taunts

	The deadly battle between Snake & Vulcan Raven ravages on for several minutes.
Snake hides himself amongst the boxes while Raven shoot's overwhelmingly with
his cannon. However, Snake comes out the victor. Raven, his strength depleted,
brace's himself against a wall for support. He begin's to reinforce "the
boss's" idea that his existence in the world is no longer needed. His body, as
well as his spirit, shall leave so that he may return to mother Earth and
become one with the ravens.
"SNAKE! I WILL BE WATCHING YOU!" He declares. Then, like Mantis, he assist's
Snake by giving him a security clearance card. Raven explains that he is
helping him because Snake is not one that was created by nature- Snake & Liquid
are from a different world that Raven does not wish to know about. Before dying
Vulcan say's he will give Snake a clue, when Snake saw the DARPA Chief die in
front of him, it wasn't the DARPA chief at all- it was Decoy Octopus. He was
able to deceive Snake, but he couldn't deceive the angel of death. Snake is
confused- why did he impersonate the chief? Why go to all the trouble? Vulcan
simply states he must solve the rest of the riddle himself. At that point the
birds that surrounded Raven in the warehouse begin to converge on him and start
eating at his flesh. Snake turn's his back on him and begins to walk off as
Raven is quickly pecked away. The words of Raven continue to haunt Snake; "In
the natural world there is no such thing as boundless slaughter. But you...you
are different"
"What do you mean?" Snake had asked
"Your path is littered by the corpses of people you have killed. They will
haunt you forever. You will have no peace"
Snake turn's around. Raven's body is gone, leaving only the gun in its wake.

	Miller contact's Snake about Naomi. Before the monitor can be switched off
Campbell interrupts and ask's what it is about Naomi. Miller reluctantly let's
him  in on their speculation about Naomi. Miller reveal's that Dr. Naomi Hunter
is not Dr. Naomi Hunter at all. There was once a Naomi Hunter- that disappeared
in the middle east. Campbell ask's who she is- Miller reluctantly suggests
she's a spy to
him. Master speculates she may have been sent to sabotage the operation.
Campbell also suggests she might have been part of the uprising. Master goes
further to suggest she might be part of a different group altogether. Master
say's she must be arrested.  When Campbell say's their in big trouble if she is
with the terrorist's- Master angrily ask's Campbell if it has anything else to
do with the deaths of the DARPA Chief & ARMSTECH President. Campbell doesn't
know. In any case, Master say's, Naomi can't be allowed to participate any
further in the operation. But Campbell say's the mission can't be completed
without her, this confirms something to Snake, he is hiding something. Campbell
tell's Snake to give him sometime, when he is questioned about this.

	Filled with feelings of doubt Snake arrives in the massive hangar where Metal
Gear is stored. However there are no guards there. Otacon call's Snake & Snake
ask's him about this- Otacon speculates that they might be ready to launch. He
also say's he hasn't found out about the PAL safety system- his found something
just as good. He accessed the secret Metal Gear file and found the secret
technology on Rex- the warhead is fired from the railgun like a projectile. The
missile's won't use fuel so, henceforth, it isn't considered a missile. This
means it can get around all kinds of international treaties. But the even more
shocking fact is its a stealth weapon. Although work had been conducted on a
stealth missile since the 70's they could only develop it now because the
propulsion system would show up on radar. The warhead's are also surface
piercing so they can reach into hardened bunkers. Otacon also say's that if
word got out of Metal Gear it could delay START-3, possibly get the US
denounced by the UN & even bring down the President.
  Snake ask's the colonel if he knew about the real capabilities- Campbell
admits he did & doesn't make excuses. Otacon say's the result's of the exercise
were better than what they expected- but he can't find the actual data. Snake
say's he had it- but Ocelot took it (seemingly much to Campbell's dismay) Snake
ask's for Otacon's opinion on whether they can launch or not- Otacon say's they
can most probably. The dummy warhead's are designed to be identical to the real
ones so they should launch fine. Otacon gets back to trying to find out how
activate PAL by looking through Baker's files.

 	Snake makes his way up and over metal gear arriving at the command room where
he see's Liquid & Ocelot talking. He hides and overhears the pairs
conversation. Liquid confirms that no response has been given from America and
changes the prime target, at Ocelot's question, from Tuniton, Russia to
Lochnaw, China. When Ocelot questions why the change Liquid states he wouldn't
want to upset Ocelot & Galouchovich (its their homeland) but Ocelot is
skeptical & Liquid say's its really because if they nuke a major population
centre "the game is over" However, Lochnaw is a nuclear test site (it can still
be covered up) If Lochnaw is attacked Washington will be worried about the
retaliatory strike- which would mean top-secret talks between the 2 countries
resulting in America having to divulge the existence of a new & advanced type
of nuclear weapon. This would also mean a breach of the CBTB (Comprehensive
Test Ban Treaty. A treaty reached by the UN at the Geneva conference abolishing
all forms of Nuclear Testing) meaning America's reputation would be in ruins
and several nations would flock to the terrorist's wanting to purchase Metal
Gears information off them. Liquid is sure this plan will ensure the President
gives into their demands. Ocelot  reiterates their demands- Big Boss's DNA & 1
billion dollars. Liquid  reveals that the money can be used to cure the genome
soldiers & he is also including something called the "Foxdie" vaccine as part
of the deal..
  	Ocelot observes that Foxdie killed Decoy Octopus & the ARMSTECH President.
It seems that it affect's older people first, according to Ocelot. He
speculates that maybe it didn't affect Mantis because of his mask, and Liquid
speculates it didn't affect Wolf because of all the tranquilizer's she
continuously took. Maybe its due to the amount of adrenaline in the blood?
Maybe because Foxdie is experimental?

 	Liquid changes the subject regarding their ally in the terrorist attack-
Colonel Serge Gurlukuvich. He ask's if they have heard from him. Ocelot say's
that Galouchovich still has doubt's over the capabilities of Metal Gear, they
can talk after the test launch is successful & Liquid observes his very
cautious nature. But Ocelot reassures him- Gurlukuvich wants Metal Gear so bad
he can taste it. He say's that if Russian wants to regain its strength as a
military superpower they need a weapon that can't be detected- they need Metal
Gear. However, Liquid is irritated at Gurlukuvich plans to use nuclear weapon's
as a way to restore their superiority- his army is in shambles. Liquid feels
Galouchovich is more worthy of the title of "politician" than "warrior"
However, Ocelot defends him, revealing that Gurlukuvich was the one that gave
them the Hind Russian Gunship and most of their heavy firepower. Liquid
suggests that they join forces with Gurlukuvich- he has over 1000 soldier's
under his control. An alliance is just what's  required- since Mantis died the
genome armies brainwashing has begun to wear off. An alliance could boose the
morale of the soldiers. Ocelot say's they can still escape- but Liquid refuses-
They are going to dig in. He reaffirms their position- they can launch a
nuclear missile, to anywhere on the planet, that can't be detected. They also
have spare warheads. Once they have Big Boss's DNA & the money- the world will
be theres! Ocelot ask's about Gurlukuvich's position in all this- Liquid simply
states he has no interest in the rebirth of "mother Russia"  Liquid is going to
revive Big Boss's dream "from this day call this place 'Outer Heaven!'"

	Ocelot spot's Solid Snake on the video monitor but continues talking with
Liquid about the PAL safety system. They discuss how, since it is the only
thing that can stop them launching, its the number one priority. However they
conclude that Snake doesn't have it in his possession. Ocelot also ask's Liquid
about "the girl" asking if he want's her killed. Liquid refuses- knowing that
Solid Snake care's for her & that can be used to exploit a weakness in him. At
that point Snake receives an CODEC call from Otacon. Snake learns that Otacon
has accessed the top-secret files of Metal Gear. Otacon tell's Snake that if
the PAL is used when the warhead is active, it deactivates it. And vice- versa.
When Snake questions that he only has one key Otacon surprisingly say's he
already has all 3 keys. The one card, it seems, is made of a Shape Memory
Alloy. It changes shape at different temperatures- all Snake has to do is use
it at room temperature, cool it and use it & heat it up and use it. When Snake
looks into the command room to see the  terminals that Otacon directs him to
use the cards in Ocelot see's his arm and shoots at him. This causes Snake to
drop the card into a drainage ditch. Liquid spot's Snake when he runs after the
card & taunt's him from behind bullet-proof glass. At that point a red alert
goes off and Snake must fight his way past genome soldier's that Liquid has
alerted. Snake makes his way back to the command room at a later time, when
Ocelot & Liquid have left, and uses the key at room temperature. He then makes
his way to the warehouse where he fought Vulcan Raven & cools the card there.

	After he uses the cooled card & he makes his way to the blast furnace, the
hottest place in the facility, Snake receives a CODEC call from Master Miller
who, once again, ensures that the CODEC monitor is off. Miller states he has a
good friend in the pentagon and used him to find out about a assassination
weapon called Foxdie. Miller ask's Snake if he knows about it- but Snake can
only say he heard Ocelot & Liquid mention it. Miller say's its a virus that
targets & kill's specific people. He also can't bring himself to deny that fact
that the manner it kill's people is to similar to the deaths of the DARPA Chief
& ARMSTECH President. It mimic's a heartattack. Snake, also, can't believe that
Naomi was behind it when he understands what Miller is trying to say  when he
ask's if she gave Snake any injections. But Snake know's she did- the nano
machines that monitor his body temperature & condition. Miller speculates she
was in the best position- however he doesn't know her motive. When Snake ask's
Campbell whats new with Naomi, since he was going to ask him if he knew about
Foxdie, Campbell say's he placed her under arrest because she was sending coded
messages to the Alaskan base. Campbell is sure at this point that she is with
the terrorist's. Miller supposes that since Naomi might be involved in the
Foxdie incident the vaccine must be around somewhere. Snake shrug's it off
saying he has more important things to worry about- but Miller worries that
Snake might have been infected with Foxdie as well. All he can do, Snake says,
is leave it up to the colonel.

	Snake makes his way to the blast furnace and heats up the card. On his way
back to the command room, however, he receives a CODEC call from Naomi. Naomi
explains that she's using a hidden CODEC. Snake ask's if what's was said about
her was true- she admits it is...but not everything was a lie. She did get into
genetics for a genuine reason. She didn't know her parents, she doesn't even
know who she is- she bought her identification. She became involved in genetics
because she wanted to know her age, race. Anything at all. In Rhodesia (what is
now known as Zimbabwe) she was found sometime in the 80's- an Orphan. Due to
the English owning the nation until 1965 there were many Indian laborer's
around and she conjectures that is where she got her skin color from. But she
isn't even sure about that. She becomes angry at Snake's suggestion that she
worry about herself now- stop worrying about the past. No-one else has worried
about her. Naomi say's she was alone...until she met her big brother...Frank
Jaeger. Snake is shocked & amazed at this unexpected twist. Naomi explains that
she was nearly dead from starvation- but Jaeger shared his rations with her.
And Solid Snake was the man that took away her only family. Jaeger & Naomi
survived together- he protected her. She was in Mozambique when Big Boss came.
He brought them to America. However, Jaeger & Big Boss returned to Africa to
continue to fight & thats when Snake destroyed her only source of support.

	Naomi says vowed revenge & joined FOX-HOUND. For 2 years she waited, knowing
that being in FOX-HOUND was the best way of meeting Snake, and she became
entangled in the current crisis. She also say's she will get Liquid & the
others. When questioned by Snake Naomi admits she was partly wrong about him &
doesn't hate him. Snake also ask's if she killed her predecessor, Dr. Clark.
Naomi say's that Gray Fox did that- she helped cover it up to look like an
accident & helped Gray Fox hide out. Snake ask's for her opinion on Fox- does
he want to kill him? Naomi say's she didn't understand before- but now she
thinks she does. Gray Fox believes in a final battle with Snake- thats all he
lives for. Snake can't believe it. Snake begins to ask Naomi a question but she
automatically finishes it off- about Foxdie. She explains its a retro virus
that target's & kill's specific people by essentially carrying the virus along
the bloodstream to the heart. There it connect's with the heart cell's &
mimic's a heart attack. Snake ask's if it was programmed into him- Naomi can't
bring herself to answer. He reassure's her that he doesn't blame her for
wanting him dead- but he still has a job to do. Naomi then reveals a shocking
fact...she wasn't the one that made the dicision to use Foxdie. It was injected
into Snake as a part of the operation. Just as Naomi begins to tell Snake
something else, something seemingly more important, communication is abruptly
cut off. She is wrestled away from the CODEC & Campbell returns. He tell's
Snake he can't let Naomi make any more unauthorized transmissions- she's not a
part of the operation. Campbell ignores Snake's enraged accusations of
double-crossing & demanding to know what Naomi said about Foxdie being a part
of the operation. Instead he order's Snake to stop Metal Gear- that being the
number one priority at the moment.

 	Filled with suspicion for Campbell Snake find's his way back to the command
room of Metal Gear. After he enter's the 3rd PAL key the siren's in the room
begin to activate acknowledging the acceptance of the 3rd key. But the computer
voice announces that the detonation code has been activated! Angry & confused
Snake gets a CODEC call from Master Miller- who thanks him. He say's nothing
can stop Metal Gear now & also apologizes for getting him involved in "that
silly shape memory alloy business" Master explains that he couldn't learn the
DARPA chief's detonation code & even Mantis couldn't read his mind and then
Ocelot accidentally killed him. Because of this "they" couldn't launch- and
understandably "they" were getting pretty worried. Thats when they decided they
might be able to use Snake. They believed they could get the info from him- so
Decoy Octopus was made to disguise as the DARPA Chief- unfortunately Foxdie
killed him. Solid angrily ask's if he had it planned from the beginning to get
Snake to plant the detonation code- Master is shocked by his naivity. He feigns
that he can't believe Snake believed he got it that far by himself. Once again
Master ignore's Snake demand to know who he is- instead saying that the launch
preparations are complete. Once the world glimpses the power of the weapon they
will have no choice but to hand over the Foxdie vaccine. Master observes that
the Pentagon's 'Ace-in-the-hole' is useless now. Their plan to use Snake was
successful- in the torture room. Master is sarcastically amazed, Snake is the
only one that doesn't know, he pities him. Snake once again demands to know who
he is talking to- Master teases saying he will answer all when he finds him- he
very close by. Campbell then interupts- the man Snake has been talking with
hasn't been Master Miller, his body was just found in his house. He looked like
it had been dead for 3 days, Campbell didn't know because his CODEC link with
Master was cut. However, when Mei Ling did a line
search, she found it was coming from inside the base! Snake ask's who it is and
before Campbell can answer Master say's, in a totally different yet instantly
recognized voice, "Me...dear brother" He then take's off his sunglasses &
undoes his pony tail- revealing the face of Liquid Snake. At this shock
revelation Liquid tells Snake he can die- he has outlived his usefulness. The
command room door seal's and begins to fill with poisonous gas. However, thanks
to Otacon's hacking skill's, the door is unlocked again and Snake run's
outside. There he see's Liquid & chases after him.


	Solid Snake catches up with Liquid right next to Metal Gears cockpit. The
mercenary point's his gun at Liquid- but holster's it on Liquid's simple
question that he'd shoot his own brother? Liquid discloses that he disguised as
Master so that he could manipulate Snake more easily. And he also admits Snake
did well- though the "boys at the Pentagon" would probably be saying the same
thing as well. According to Liquid, Snake has lost his warrior's pride-
justified by Liquid's observation that Solid is following order's with no
question's asked. Snake is no more than a pawn. Rescuing the hostages &
stopping the nuke launch was a just a diversion, according to Liquid. The
Pentagon needed Solid Snake to come into contact with all the terrorist's &
kill them so that they could retrieve Metal Gear undamaged as well as the
bodies of the genome soldiers- all Snake was was used as a tool to spread
Snake is shocked- does that mean that Naomi was working with the Pentagon?
Liquid say's that they thought she was- but she obviously couldn't be
controlled to easily. A spy Liquid knew in the Pentagon revealed that Naomi
changed the Foxdie program before the operation- but Liquid doesn't know how or
why. Snake wonder's as well. Maybe she was arrested to find that out? Liquid
had no idea she was motivated by such petty revenge. They still don't know what
changes she made to the Foxdie program- but that doesn't matter because Liquid
has added to vaccine to his list of demands. Snake ask's if there actually is
one- Liquid would assume there is but acknowledges that only Dr. Naomi Hunter
really knows.

 	It might not even be necessary, Liquid admits. Foxdie did kill the ARMSTECH
President & Decoy Octopus but Ocelot, himself & Solid Snake remain uninfected.
It might possibly be a bug- but if Snake isn't infected then Liquid certainly
has no reason to worry. After all, he explains, there genetic code is
identical. Snake half say's & half ask's 'its true'- their twins? Liquid say's
yes but not ordinary twin's. They're linked by cursed genes. Solid Snake
received Big Boss's dominant genes. Liquid got the flawed recessive genes.
Everything was done so that Solid could be the greatest. The only reason Liquid
exists so that Solid could be created. Liquid angrily ask's Snake if he knows
what its like to know you were garbage from the day you were born? He got all
the leftovers. Snake shakes his head in pity. However, Big Boss chose Liquid.
And that's the reason Liquid is obsessed with Big Boss he ask's. Like some kind
of twisted love. Liquid shockingly say's 'Love? Its Hate!' Big Boss would
always remind Liquid he was inferior & Solid Snake killed Big Boss with his own
hands. He stole Liquid's chance for revenge. Liquid want's to finish Big Boss's
dream- he will surpass him. He will destroy him. Solid say's his just like
Naomi- motivated by revenge. But Liquid concurs he is not like Naomi- his proud
of the destiny imbedded into his genes. With that Liquid jump's into the
cockpit of Metal Gear before Snake can get a shot off at him. The tremendous
battle tank begins to tremble & begins to elevate on a raised platform. It
reaches into a large hangar and begins to sit. Intimidatingly quiet.

	Metal Gear has finally been activated. Liquid mocks Snake who can do nothing
against the overwhelming fire power of the nuclear equipped walking tank. Snake
gets Otacon's advice via CODEC that if he destroys the radome it will disable
all sensor's & force Liquid to open the cockpit and shoot inside it to destroy
metal Gear. Snake, while dodging insistant missile attack's and heavy machine
gun fire, manages to hit the radome enough to make the large weapon to start to
shudder. It finally surges to a halt and rests. For a few moments it sit's
still- until Liquid mockingly congratulates "Nice try!" Just as the tank
regains its feet and begins to stomp towards Snake Gray Fox decloaks and lands
on the ground in front of him. The foot of Metal Gear tramples to Snake, but
something dart's underneath it before it can stomp on Snake. Fox, underneath
the staggering weight, admits he was the one who contacted him called
"You look terrible Snake...you have aged well" he observes
Snake turn's around and runs. When the weight of Metal Gear becomes to much Fox
uses the weight to spring himself out into a series of intricate flips.
Regainging his composure he fires his plasma cannon at the radome. This causes
Liquid to loose the pair of mercenaries as they hide behind a cargo container.

	As Metal Gear hastily searches for them amongst the immense hangar Snake and
Gray Fox finally meet.
"Fox...what do you want?" Snake asks
"I'am a prisoner of death" he responds "Only you can set me free!"
"You have to stay out of this...for Naomi's sake" Snake begs "She's hell bent
on taking revenge for you and only you can stop her!"
"I can't Snake because...because...I was the one that killed her parents!" he
reveals "I was young I couldn't bring myself to kill Naomi as well. So I took
Naomi in, like my own blood, to soothe my own guilty conscience"
Snake is awe-struck. To much is happening at once.
"We might have looked like a happy brother and sister, but everytime I looked
into her eyes I saw her parents staring back at me!" Fox admits. "Tell
her...tell her I was the one that did it!"
Liquid spot's them behind the container "There you are!" he blast's out through
Metal Gear's loudspeaker.
"We're out of time!" Fox alerts "I'll stop it from moving!"
Running out from behind the container, in a stunning display of skill &
bravery, Liquid goes up against the immense weapon. After shooting its radome
and losing his arm, yet continuing to fight, Fox jumps 30 meters up onto a
ledge bringing him at the same level as the cockpit. Just as he flip's around
and is about to shoot, Metal Gear run's full-speed into him- the cockpit
pinning him up against the wall. Liquid mocks Snake over the loudspeaker
"In the Middle East we don't hunt Foxes, we hunt jackals!" Liquid teases. "What
are you going to do Snake? Stand their and watch him die?"
Summing up all his strength Fox uses his one arm, free from being pinned, to
fire his plasma cannon."A cornered Fox is more dangerous than a Jackal!" Gray
Fox manages to urge out.  Blast after blast hit's the radome before it is
finally destroyed.
Metal Gear takes a step back and the cockpit falls open, Liquid safely tucked
away inside. "You are indeed worthy of the codename 'Fox'" he congratulates.
"Snake! Fire the Stinger!!" urges Fox, wanting the pain & suffering to end.
Snake can't bring himself to fire the Stinger at the cockpit and kill Liquid-
he'll hit Fox to.
"After Zanzibar, I was taken from the battle" he whispers out in great pain
"Neither truly alive...nor truly dead. An endless shadow in a world of light.
But now...now it finally ends..."
The tip of Metal Gear nudges Fox from the ledge and brings him crashing to the
ground. Landing in a violent and heavy heap, Liquid finally put's an end to Fox
by stamping him on the ground with the immense leg. Under its giant foot- Fox
utters his final words;
 "Snake...we're not tool's of the government or anyone else. Fighting was the
only thing...the only thing I was good at. But atleast...I always fought for
what I believed in. Snake...farewell..." Fox is then finally crushed by Metal
Gear and succumbs to a world of shadow.
"You see Snake you can't protect anyone...not even your friends!" Liquid mocks
heartlessly over the loudspeaker. "DIE!"
Firing his stinger in anger and grief Snake manages to execute enough rocket's
into the cockpit, sending Metal Gear crashing towards to ground. It erupts in a
violent explosion and site's dead on the hangar. the force of the explosion
propels Snake backwards into the hard, metal wall. Just before he loses
consciousness he spot's Liquid slowly & patiently walking towards him...


       Snake wakes up to find himself on top of the "head" of Metal Gear
with his hands tied with Liquid Snake standing over him. He comments how he is
still alive "I cannot die as long as you live" remark's Liquid. Snake is
unfazed and rub's in the fact that Metal Gear is destroyed- now Liquids
revolution is a failure. But just because Metal Gear is destroyed, Liquid
say's, doesn't mean he's done fighting. Snake asks Liquid what he really
want's- to which Liquid replies he want's a world where warriors are honored as
they once were "Thats how it should be!" remark's the leader of the
insurrection. Snake says that was Big Boss's dream- but Liquid corrects that it
was his dying wish. When Big Boss was young, during the Cold war, the world
needed people like him.  They were valued and desired. Things, though, are
different now. With the bureaucrats & hypocrites running the world war isn't
what it used to be. People like Solid & Liquid Snake are losing their place in
a world that no longer needs them. The whole world contempts their very
existence. Liquid lays out his plans- after he launches the weapon and gets 1
billion dollar's they can bring chaos & order "back to a world gone soft"
Liquid plans that conflict's & conflicts will begin & reunite hatred's- then
they can expand their "sphere of influence"

 	However, Snake say's that as long as there are people there will be wars. The
problem, Liquid says, is balance. Big Boss knew the correct balance- this is
what made him such a great warrior. "Is that the only reason?" ask's Solid
Snake. "Its reason enough...for people like us..." remark's Liquid. Snake
quickly retort's he doesn't want a world like that- Liquid say's his lying. Why
is he here then? Why does he follow orders while his superiors betray him?
Liquid answer's it for him- he enjoys the killing. Solid can't believe what
Liquid has said about him. But he can't argue it- he has killed all of Liquid's
comrades. Liquid has seen his face when he did it- filled with the joy of
battle. He say's they can't deny it- they were created to be that way. Solid
questions the use of the word "created" and Liquid explains.

	'Les Enfants Terrible' (The Terrible Children) the project was called & was
started in the 70's. It was a plan to artificially create the most powerful
soldier possible. The model for that was taken from what was then known as the
best soldier in the world- Big Boss. He was wounded in combat and in coma when
he was brought in. Solid & Liquid were created from his cell's with a
combination of 20th Analogue cloning & the superbaby mechanism. The superbaby
mechanism involved fertilizing a egg with Big Boss's cells & letting it divide
into 8 cloned babies. These were then transferred into a uterus but later 6 of
the babies were intentionally aborted to promote strong feutal growth. Liquid &
Solid were originally octuplets- 6 babies were sacrificed so they could be
created. Liquid says they were accomplices in murder before they were even
born. Liquid & Solid both has the DNA but their creators weren't done yet.
Liquid was used as a guinea pig to create a phenotype in which all the dominant
gene's were expressed- to create Solid Snake. Liquid got all the recessive
genes & Solid took everything away from Liquid before they were born.

	Liquid then goes further to reveal that they are not the only children. The
genome soldiers are Big Boss's as well, carrying his genetic legacy. With the
completion of the human genome project, the mysteries of humanity were laid
bare with Big Boss's DNA. With that they found nearly 60 "soldier" genes
covering everything from strategic thinking to the "proverbial killer instinct"
These soldier genes were then injected into the Next-Generation Special Forces-
that is how they became "genome soliders" But they were the results of numerous
sacrifices...specifically human experiments. In 1991, the Gulf War, the
military secretly injected soldiers with 'soldier genes' The so-called 'Gulf
War syndrome' that hundreds of thousands of returning servicemen reported was a
side affect of the experiments. When Solid laugh's what Liquid say's off, with
the statement that it was really caused by exposure to depleted uranium in the
anti-tank rounds, Liquid say's that was just a cover story the Pentagon made.
The poison gas detection units & anti-serin injections were all just lies used
to cover the experiments. Solid also realizes that that means the Gulf War
babies, that vets of the war have reported, are their brothers & sisters as
well. Solid interpret's this to mean that the genome experiments were a
success- but Liquid angrily confirms it was a failure.

	Liquid uses the 'assymetry theory' to explain why it was a
failure. Nature favors the assymetry theory. All species that have gone extinct
show signs of symmetry and Liquid & Solid Snake do as well. They are all on the
verge of death at a genetic level. They don't when or what disease will occur-
thats why they need Big Boss's genetic information. Solid is humorously
touched- Liquid want's the information to save his "family" but Liquid puts it
into perspective- in nature animals that don't mate with each other to help
each other- they do it to survive because they want to pass on their genetic
information. Autism amongst blood relatives is a response to natural selection
(called the 'selfish gene' theory) Solid is amazed- Liquids gene's are telling
him to save the genome soldiers? Liquid says you can't fight your genes- its
fate. All living things are created for the sole purpose of passing on their
genes. Liquid will follow what his genes tell him. He'll go beyond it & break
the curse of his heritage. And to do that he must kill Solid Snake.

 	Liquid tell's Snake to turn around- Meryl is lying down unmoving. Snake is
shocked & tensely asks Liquid if Meryl is alive- he replies that she was a few
hours ago, and the poor girl kept on crying out his name. Liquid is
disappointed in her- falling in love with a man with no name. Solid says he has
a name, but Liquid barks back "No!" They have no name, no past, no future. And
even if they did it wouldn't be theres- they are just copies of Big Boss. Snake
doesn't care- he just wants Liquid to let Meryl go. Liquid says he will...as
soon as their finished. "We're almost out of time" Not from Foxdie, Liquid
reassures, because the Pentagon apparently knows of Metal Gears destruction &
are launching a BDA. Liquid prompt's Solid to call the Colonel if he wants the
full details.

	Snake CODEC's Campbell and ask's him what the Pentagon is trying to do-
Campbell say's the secretary of defense has taken over the mission & is on his
way via AWACS to bomb the place. Not only that, B2 bombers have just lifted off
from nearby Galena base armed with Surface Piercing Nuclear Bombs. Snake
frantically tell's Campbell that Metal Gear is destroyed, but Campbell reveals
that the secretary of defense knows that Naomi double-crossed them & is worried
about Foxdie. Now that there is no more danger from Metal Gear, he will do
whatever is necessary to cover it up. Snake understands- the strike will wipe
out all the evidence as well as anyone who knows anything. Campbell tell's
Snake not to worry- he'll stop the strike. He is still officially in charge of
the operation & if he issues a delay order it will confuse the chain of command
& buy some time to give Snake a chance to escape. But Snake is worried- if
Campbell does that he will be seriously reprimanded. Campbell say's its OK. The
truth is FOX-HOUND was already the subject of an undercover investigation &
Meryl was transferred to the island, just before the terrorist attack, as a way
of manipulating him. They forced Campbell to co-operate in exchange for her
life. Snake is moved as he finally realises why Campbell had to lie to him...he
tell's Snake to get out. Helping him is the least he can do after all the lies.
Just as he tell's Snake he is ordering the bombing run to be cancelled, he is
wrestled away from the CODEC. For a few brief seconds their is the muffled
sounds of a struggle- until Jim Houseman, the secretary of defense, appears on
the CODEC.

	Houseman explains that Campbell has been relieved of duty. He is under arrest
for leaking Top-secret information & for the crime of High treason. He comments
how Campbell truly believed he was in charge of the operation. He also
reassures Snake there won't be a speck of evidence left on the island- the
President would want that. Snake asks if the President ordered it- Houseman
generalizes the President is a busy man- Houseman has complete authority. Snake
also asks how they'll explain a nuclear attack in the middle of Alaska- to
which Houseman reassuringly replies they've prepared a convincing cover story. 
They'll simply say the terrorist's exploded a nuclear device. Snake also
observes that they'll be murdering everyone & Houseman says he might reconsider
if he got the optical disk. The metal gear test data. When Snake say's he
doesn't have it Houseman say's its OK. Solid & Liquid Snake are an
embarrassment from the 70's. They are America's dirty little secret & they
can't be allowed to live. He farewell's Snake citing he must have alot of
"catching up" to do.

	Liquid unties Snakes hands. Liquid then walk's over to Meryl, looking down on
her he clenches his fist's in rage. Snake stole everything from him. Only
Snake's death can satisfy him & return to him what is rightfully his. He
comments how she will make a beautiful sacrifice. Liquid then gestures a box
next to her body- a nuclear device timed to go off at the moment of her death.
He then set's the box for 3 minutes and activates it. In a purely hand-to-hand
battle, Snake manages to overcome his "brother" and throw him off the top of
Metal Gear. Liquid bays Solid Snakes name as he falls off into the top of the
weapon into the infinite abyss below.

Snake runs over to Meryl and unties her. He gently lifts her up by her
shoulders and says her name....she comes to and instantly embraces him. He asks
her if she's OK, to which she replies it wasn't to bad. She didn't submit to
the torture...or things worse than that... Meryl says that fighting against the
terrorist's when she was captured made her feel closer to Snake. He gave her
strength despite her fears. She had held onto a single hope throughout all the
pain and suffering- a pain that kept her alive. She wanted to see him again.
Snake and Meryl affectionately stare at each other as Otacon calls by his
CODEC. Snake confirms she is OK and Otacon is extremely relieved to hear this.

	Snake informs Otacon that the whole complex is to be bombed soon and they must
evacuate. Otacon informs Snake of the parking garage located next to the
hangar- with a goods tunnel leading to the surface. He reassures Snake that he
will also take care of the security devices located along their escape route.
But Snake wants to know what Otacon will do- Otacon says he is staying. Snake
is angrily concerned for Otacon- staying behind is suicide. Otacon says he is
the only one who can take care of security- he MUST stay. Otacon says he is a
complete person now- he doesn't have to worry about the past anymore. He has
found a reason to live. This prompts Snake to thank Otacon- who is genuinely
flattered by the sincere comment.

 	Disconnecting, Snake can't bring himself to explain to Meryl what Otacon is
doing. He simply says he is fighting his own battle to be the man he wants to
be. Snake jumps off the top of Metal Gear and uses pieces of debris to reach
the ground. Meryl jumps into his arms as she gets down. They enjoy each others
company for a second before the wreck of Rex begins to violently shudder. Snake
observes how they most probably won't have a love scene after all and Meryl is
sarcastically disappointed. Making their way out, Snake finds his sneaking
suit, and manages to escape the hangar (with one final look back) before an
immense chunk of metal collapses infront of the door.


	In the garage, Snake holds genome soldiers at bay as Meryl fights to get a
jeep working. When she does Snake climbs aboard and mans the gun turret and she
drives them through a goods tunnel towards the surface. Just as they are
nearing the exit Snake hears an unmistakable voice call out his name which
echo's down the tunnels. Liquid drives up behind them and starts to shoot at
them. Snake manages to return fire, but as they emerge out of the exit they
crash and are pinned by the weight of the jeep. Snake, in a sudden change of
character, quirkily observes Liquid emerging from the jeep with a FA-MAS in his
hand. As he walks over to Snake and points the barrel at his head he suddenly
is struck by an invisible blow, he falls to the ground on his knees and his
body finally, violently strikes the ground. FOXDIE has killed him. Solid Snake,
however, if both Solid and Liquid have the same DNA...that means his time will
be up soon as well. Snake also notices the air raid hasn't begun...where are
all the bombers?

	Right on cue, Campbell call's by CODEC. He informs Snake that Jim Houseman has
been arrested- Campbell managed to get in contact with the President and inform
him of Metal Gear, the training exercise, the "whole thing". All of it was
Houseman acting alone. Campbell was reinstated in control of the mission and
the bombers were ordered to return to base. He observes that Washington wasn't
stupid enough to use Nukes to bury a few secrets. Snake tells Campbell that
Meryl is fine and he can barely control his joy. Campbell is compelled to
apologize to Snake for keeping so many secrets from him- Snake interjects that
it is OK. Campbell is also compelled to remind Snake, as he did at the start of
the mission, that he isn't a Colonel anymore. Campbell tells Snake of a nearby
snowmobile (Mei Ling found it on Satellite photos) it would be good to use it
to escape- the jeep they escaped in sunk into the ocean  and they officially
died when that happened. Campbell tells Snake of a helicopter on nearby
Fox-island they can use to escape in. Snake thanks him one last time, for all
of his support, calling him Roy.

	Campbell reassures Snake that he'll take care of Hal Emmerich who is still on
the island. Campbell himself and Mei Ling will be OK as well- they have all of
Mei Lings data from the mission on a hard copy. When Snake observes he will run
out of battery power soon Campbell sadly observes that they probably won't meet
again. Snake reassures Campbell that he will pay him a visit sometime. But
Snake has to ask him one last thing...about Foxdie. Campbell responds, before
Snake can even ask, that Meryl was not in the Foxdie programming and she will
be fine. When Snake ask's about himself, Campbell says he will get Naomi to
answer that question (She has been released and is in good health)

	Naomi has heard about what happened to Frank Jaeger. Snake gives her his final
message- he wanted her to forget about him and get on with her own life. She
chokes back tears as Snake also tells her Frank said he would always love her.
Snake tells Naomi that Jaeger just saved him and, most probably, the entire
world. Naomi says maybe it was for the best- maybe he has found some peace. He
has never been himself since Zanzibar...he had been like a ghost...
Snake finally ask's Naomi about FOXDIE- if Liquid Snake died shouldn't he to?
Naomi doesn't answer, instead she urges Snake to use FOXDIE as an incentive to
appreciate what he has now- life.

	Snake helps Meryl recover herself from for injuries from the jeep crash and,
as they make their way down to the snow mobile, Naomi
explains the nature of DNA and life to Snake. Each person has their fate
written into their DNA when the are born- but that isn't all there is to life.
Naomi has realized that- she'd been to focused on using DNA to learn about her
past. DNA at its best can be used to determine *potential* strengths. It is up
to the person to decide their strengths. They can't let themselves be chained
to fate. Whether Snake is involved in the FOXDIE program or not isn't
important- he has to choose LIFE regardless. And live. Naomi intends to do that
as well.  As Snake and Meryl find the snowmobile and push it out of its hidden
cave, Naomi states that ones hopes and dreams are passed VIA our dreams to our
children. Life works in that way- living is a link to the future. Loving and
teaching is how the world is changing- and Naomi has realized that.

	And Snake and Meryl climb on the snowmobile. Snake observes, in a optimistic
tone, how he had lived only for himself up till that day. Survival was the only
thing he cared about and he only felt the most alive when staring death in the
face. Now maybe his genes (as they might have been governing his past) are
telling him to live for someone else. Someone like Meryl. She is speechless,
yet happy. She asks him where they are going- but the use of the name "Snake"
prompts him to tell her to call him by his real name "David" He comments how
its time to look for a new path in life. His sure they will find it. Filled
with a new appreciation for life, and observing how Alaska has never looked
more beautiful to him, he rides of with Meryl into the rising sun...


In the 1980's, there were more than 60,000 nuclear warheads in the world at all
times. The total destructive power amounted to 1 million times that of the
Hiroshima A-bomb.

In January 1993, START2 was signed and the United States and Russia
agreed to reduce the number of deployed strategic nuclear warheads to
3500 - 3000 in each nation by December 31, 2000

However, as of 1998, there still exist's 26,000 nuclear warheads in the world.


	Sometime after their escape, Revolver Ocelot, the sole terrorist survivor,
communicates with an inaudible person. He informs the individual that the whole
unit was wiped out except Otacon and Snake. FOXDIE should become activated
soon. The warhead data was collected by Ocelot and his cover is stll intact.
No-one knew his real identity, except the DARPA Chief, but he is dead anyhow.
According to Ocelot the inferior one was the winner- Liquid though he was the
lesser one until the very end. No-one knows that the person Ocelot is
communicating with, Solidus, is the 3rd one...

	Ocelot then bids goodbye to "Mr. President"....


Based on the ending of Metal Gear Solid we can safely say the following things:

1) Solid Snake, Hal Emmerich & Meryl Silverburgh have survived.

2) Psyco Mantis, Vulcan Raven, Sniper Wolf, Decoy Octopus, Liquid Snake,
Kenneth Baker and Donald Anderson are dead

3) Metal Gear Rex has been destroyed

4) The hard-data on Metal Gear's test exercise has been acquired by
Revolver Ocelot. He is the only survivor from the terrorists.

5) Campbell is still in operation control of the mission, replacing the
Secretary of Defense. He will be, most likely, controlling the de-
briefing and aftermath of the operation. His work is far from done.

6) The President has been briefed by both the terrorist's, *and* the
force's working against them, about the situation. He is the only person who
has heard the story about the terrorist action from both sides.

7) Big Boss's DNA is still in government possession. In fact, the
government did not give into any of the terrorist's demands.

8) More generally most of what Liquid talked about in Metal Gear's
control room, with Ocelot listening, has gone up in smoke.


1) For those of you wondering- the total time of all of the cutscenes in Metal
Gear Solid runs at about 3hrs and 30 minutes. This is equivalent to watching
'Saving Private Ryan' or 'Ben-Hur'

2) Funny how Campbell, despite the fact he is a retired Colonel, showed up for
duty in his Army uniform and Berret.

3) Those of you interested in an early peak of 'Solidus Snake' take a look at
the pictures in the Commanders room. It seems that Houseman is up there but it
remains a mystery who the other people are.

4) The ability to do this was probably limited by the PSX's polygon power...but
wouldn't it have been more interesting (and symbolic) if Snake & Otacon had
left on a husky sleigh? It would have also made Naomi's words (and the visual)
make more sense at the end of the credits.

5) FOX-DIE, FOX Island, Gray FOX, FOX-HOUND, "...FOX hunting...", FOX
archipelago...any I missed?


1) Naomi helped "Frank" hide for 2 years- but what was he doing in that time?
Surely a person, with such an advanced exoskeleton, wouldn't stayed couped up
in a house or equivalent space for that amount of time?

2) This is the most obvious one...but what is Revolver Ocelot's
affiliation with the "President"? Why was he working for him? Why is he a
double-agent? There are lots of questions to do with this and they'll obviously
be answered In 'Son's Of Liberty'

3) The DARPA Chief & ARMSTECH President weren't the only important
people present on the island. Important government and corporate
officials were present also. Where were they and all the other hostages?

4) What is to become of the bodies of all of the FOX-HOUND members? Will they
be taken to be used in gene-therapy experiments as well?

5) What's to happen to the wreckage of Metal Gear Rex? Surely technology from
the weapon is still able to be obtained from the remains...?

6) Why wasn't Snake affected by FOXDIE at the same time as Liquid?

7) Liquid detailed in his monologue on the top of Metal Gear that the 2 of them
were bore from a uterus. Who was Liquid & Solid Snakes mother?

8) Did Big Boss ever know of Liquid Snake's existence? If he did...why didn't
he ever tell Snake?

9) Why did the DARPA Chief know Revolver Ocelot's true identity? (Maybe
something to do with the fact he was "accidentally" killed during the


Snake runs over to Meryl and undoes he wrist ties. He gently lifts her up
against his chest...and she slumps in his arms. Snake is overcome with grief
and rage. He screams her name out. He angrily ask's her to forgive him. He hits
the top of Rex feeling worthless for giving into his fear and pain. He sold her
life to save his own. He says he's nothing. His a loser...and was never a hero.
As Snake tenderly apologises to her Otacon arrives and say's she can't forgive
him. She's gone. Snake reminds himself and Otacon that it was because of
himself. Otacon understands- blaming himself makes it easier. It keeps the pain
at a distance. Snake is enraged- she's dead, he lost. Otacon calmly ask's if
Snake is going to stay and die along with her.

	Otacon reminds Snake that people die...but death is not defeat.
Otacon lost Wolf...but that wasn't defeat. They'll be together forever, their
love didn't die. Life is more than a game of win or lose. Otacon wants to live.
He walks over to Snake and places a hand on his shoulder, drawing him away from
Meryl's body. Otacon reassures Snake that they can escape in the nearby parking
garage (Otacon has released all the locks) Otacon promises this to Snake.
Snake, in turn, relises that Otacon has hanged. Otacon says he is through
regretting the past- life isn't all about loss. The hangar begins to shake and
collapse...but Otacon isn't scared. He beckons them to destroy it. They can't
destroy the human spirit. Snake gets himself together and speaks to her body.
He hopes she is still watching him. Maybe he can still prove himself to her...

	Climbing down the wreckage, Snake retrieves his sneaking suit as Otacon runs
out of the hangar. Just as Snake is nearly out the door, he turns around for a
final look back on Rex and remembers Meryl's innocent body lying on top of it.
He turns around and runs out of the hangar as a giant piece of shrapnel
collapses over the door...

	In the garage, Snake holds genome soldiers at bay as Otacon fights to get a
jeep working. When he does Snake climbs aboard and mans the gun turret. Otacon
frantically drives through the goods tunnel for the surface. Just as they are
nearing the exit Snake hears an unmistakable voice call out his name which
echo's down the tunnels. Liquid drives up behind them and starts to shoot at
them. Snake manages to return fire, but as they emerge out of the exit they
crash and are pinned by the weight of the jeep. Snake, in a sudden change of
character, quirkily observes Liquid emerging from the jeep with a FA-MAS in his
hand. As he walks over to Snake and points the barrel at his head he suddenly
is struck by an invisible blow, he falls to the ground on his knees and his
body finally, violently strikes the ground. FOXDIE has killed him. Solid Snake
wonders- if both Solid and Liquid have the same DNA...that means his time will
be up soon as well. Snake also notices the air raid hasn't begun...where are
all the bombers?

	Right on cue, Campbell call's by CODEC. He informs Snake that Jim Houseman has
been arrested- Campbell managed to get in contact with the President and inform
him of Metal Gear, the training exercise, the "whole thing". All of it was
Houseman acting alone. Campbell was reinstated in control of the mission and
the bombers were ordered to return to base. He observes that Washington wasn't
stupid enough to use Nukes to bury a few secrets. Campbell tells Snake he knows
Meryl died. He then tells Snake something that makes the loss even worse- Meryl
was Campbell's daughter. He had recently recieved a letter from Meryl's mother,
Campbell's deceased brothers wife, telling him. Campbell was going to tell her
the truth after the mission...

	Campbell is compelled to apologize to Snake for keeping so many secrets from
him- Snake interjects that it is OK. Campbell is also compelled to remind
Snake, as he did at the start of the mission, that he isn't a Colonel anymore.
Campbell tells Snake of a nearby snowmobile (Mei Ling found it on Satellite
photos) it would be good to use it to escape- the jeep they escaped in sunk
into the ocean and they officially died when that happened. He also tells Snake
of a helicopter on nearby Fox-island they can use to escape in. Snake thanks
him one last time, for all of his support, calling him Roy.

	 Campbell reassures Snake that himself and Mei Ling will be OK as well- they
have all of Mei Lings data from the mission on a hard copy. When Snake observes
he will run out of battery power soon Campbell sadly observes that they
probably won't meet again. Snake reassures Campbell that he will pay him a
visit sometime. But Snake has to ask him one last thing...about Foxdie.
Campbell says he will get Naomi to answer that question (She has been released
and is in good health)

	Naomi has heard about what happened to Frank Jaeger. Snake gives her his final
message- he apparently wanted her to forget about him and get on with her own
life. She chokes back tears as Snake also tells her Frank said he would always
love her. Snake tells Naomi that Jaeger just saved him and, most probably, the
entire world. Naomi says maybe it was for the best- maybe he has found some
peace. He has never been himself since Zanzibar...he had been like a ghost...
Snake finally ask's Naomi about FOXDIE- if Liquid Snake died shouldn't he to?
Naomi doesn't answer, instead she urges Snake to use FOXDIE as an incentive to
appreciate what he has now- life.

	Snake helps Otacon recover himself from for injuries from the jeep crash and,
as they make their way down to the snow mobile, Naomi
explains the nature of DNA and life to Snake. Each person has their fate
written into their DNA when the are born- but that isn't all there is to life.
Naomi has realized that- she'd been to focused on using DNA to learn about her
past. DNA at its best can be used to determine *potential* strengths. It is up
to the person to decide their strengths. They can't let themselves be chained
to fate. Whether Snake is involved in the FOXDIE program or not isn't
important- he has to choose LIFE regardless. And live. Naomi intends to do that
as well.  As Snake and Otacon find the snowmobile and push it out of its hidden
cave, Naomi states that ones hopes and dreams are passed VIA our dreams to our
children. Life works in that way- living is a link to the future. Loving and
teaching is how the world is changing- and Naomi has realized that.

	Snake & Otacon arrive at the snowmobile. After climbing on Snake observes how,
up until that point in his life, he had lived only for himself. Survival was
the only thing he cared about. Otacon reminds Snake that everyone is like that-
not just him. Ignoring Otacon's perspective, Snake remembers how he only felt
alive when staring death in the face. All Snake wants to do now is enjoy life,
and Snake ask's Otacon about himself. Otacon say's he feels like a new man.
Snake is curious- will he continue his research? Otacon decides he is finished
with science, he is now more interested in human psycology. The whole reason he
got into science was because he was not good with people. He was scared of them
and life. He believed he could never understand them- people were to illogical.
But now Otacon has become sick of being a spectator- he is going to enjoy life.
His going to stand on his own 2 feet and hide no longer.

	Snake jokes- does this mean his done with his stealth cammoflage? Otacon
understands he will no longer need it, and they share a laugh as he hands it
over to Snake. Otacon reminisces that they will both be saying goodbye to their
loves now as well, and when Snake doesn't reply, Otacon ask's Snake if he wants
him to drive the snowmobile. Snake refuses the offer. Otacon ask's him where to
and the use of the word "Snake" prompt's Snake to tell him his real name is
"David" They both share a laugh at their names- Hal & Dave. Maybe they should
go to Jupiter...

	When Otacon ask's Snake where to, David comments his looking for a new path in
life. His sure he will find it. Starting up the snowmobile, they ride off into
the rising sun...


These are question's that I've taken from personal e-mails and the Metal Gear
message forums available on the net, they're also question's that I've formed
out of assorted pieces of writting associated with the games.

Q. Who are you and what are you doing here?

A. I'm a 20 year old student residing in Sydney, Australia. At the moment I'm
doing my Diploma of Policing Practice. I've completed the first portion and
start the practical (IE. Probationary period as a cop) soon. I do alot of
writting on the side for external publications and sorta get-my-kicks (y'know)
from doing some guide work for computer games. Alas, I degress, I'm not up
there with the greats by actually DOING professional guide work. But I'm happy
with the feedback I get from my work for Gamefaqs.com.

I've written this thing because I was annoyed that nowhere on the net was ANY
information on the plot of MGS (And there IS alot to it) AND, surprise
surprise, no comprehensive work on its sequel either (But I will admit there
have been some great analysis' written)

Q. Why does my manual say 'Sean Barker' did the voice of Solid Snake?

A. Because the name 'Sean Barker' is David Hayter's alias. www.IMDB.com will
inform you that he used the same name for his work on the emmy-award winning
(not) 'Spider-Man: Unlimited'  Its a good idea to check out the site to see
what work the other voice actors have done (James Flinders' AKA Liquid Snake
who also has an alias [Cam Clarke], work is also fairly impressive)

Q. What exactly IS FOX-HOUND?

A. FOX HOUND is a specially formed special forces unit inside NATO. Its duty
is, under non-official combat status, to sneak deep into enemy borders where no
national intelligence can enter, and collect information about enemy military

All members of FOX HOUND have mastered various skytrooper techniques and are
thoroughly acquainted with secret invasion techniques from under and over
water, so they can sneak by any kind of breaching path.

Moreover, they have masteries and knowledge of survival over extended length in
bushes, jungles and desert and maintain skills in acute tailing, detonating
operation, wireless communication, seizing and reusing enemy weapons,
collecting information, various martial arts, emergency medical operations,
linguistic and hi-techs or essentially anything required for being as a hi-tech
special squad.

FOX HOUND members are never chosen as civilians, but are chosen out of recruits
and self-nominees from various special force members.

In the selection proceedure the aspirants initially receive exams in 3 aspects
- physical, psychological and intelligence;

Physical Exam

	*. Basic physical ability
		---->	Short-range run
		---->	Uninterrupted 80 push-ups
		---->	Uninterrupted 100 situps
		---->	50 meters free swimming
      *. Underwater diving ability
	*. Lone wilderness march (carry a backpack of 30kg, and conquer
         64 km of length in 15 hours)

Psychological Exam

      *. Mental recovery
	*. Concentration
	*. Endurance
	*. Self-control
	*. ESP expectancy score
	*. Marksman ability
	*. Recognizing and making decision on emergency environment

Intelligence Exam

	*. Language
	*. Non-domestic geology
	*. World situation
	*. Hi-tech technologies
	*. Medical in outdoors
	*. Detonation operation
	*. Concealed communication
	*. Foreign weaponry
	*. Drills

Those who passed the selection course have to take the following
professional training courses:

	*. Battlefield survival test (14 weeks)
	*. Shooting practice (very high standard is required; 100% to           	  
the target 548 meters away, 95% to the target 914 meters away)
	*. Patrol
	*. Conquering mountain terrain
	*. Martial arts / Hand-to-Hand combat
	*. Border crossing
	*. Guerilla combat
	*. Land navigation
	*. Map reading
	*. Escape - avoiding dangers
	*. Field combat medicine (10 weeks)
	*. Rebelling ranger practice
	*. Weapons
	*. Nautical control and navigation
	*. Diving, underwater sneaking
	*. Canoe
	*. Parachute skydiving practice (4 weeks)
	*. Assault paratroopers skydiving practice: H-A-L-O and H-A-H-O
	*. 11 normal skydiving exercises, 15 in full gear, 2 in
         nighttime, 2 mass-tactical strategic diving.
	*. Intelligence operation
	*. Language and customs of destination country (4 weeks)
	*. Sneaking technique
	*. Improved flammable operation
	*. Utilizing hi-tech arms
	*. Communication (16 weeks)

	(This was taken from the 'Metal Gear 2' manual with shoddy
translation & grammar fixed up- I'm still appreciative I got it though!)

Q. When does MGS take place?

A.  The year 2005. After you defeat Ninja Campbell says that Jaeger died in a
mine field 6 years ago. So I put 2 & 2 together (not literally) and got 2005.
(As those events occured in 1999. So, for the mathematically impaired, 1999 + 6
= 2005)

Q. Why was Liquid down in the Dock?

A. He says so himself. He expected Snake to be coming through at any time. I
was willing to bet that minutes before Snake surfaced Liquid had been at the
waters edge looking out for him. Snake certainly had good timing.

Q. How was it possible for Ninja to be beaten by Snake? THE GUY COULD HOLD UP

A. Ninja said he had come back to fight Snake. Thats all he wanted. It would
have been pretty anti-climatic if Ninja had used all his strength and just hit
Snake's head off his shoulders. You could probably assume Ninja held onto not
just some mental humanity, but physical humanity as well. Let me put it this
way- Ninja would have reduced his strength to that of a normal human male's in
order to maintain an even fight. Because an even fight was all he wanted.

Q. How come Otacon wasn't affected by FOXDIE?

A. Because the Pentagon didn't forsee Snake running into him, so they didn't
include Emmerich in its "programming"

Q. Why did Mantis control Meryl to make her try and seduce Snake?

A. He said on his deathbed that of the thousands of minds he read they all had
one thing in common- they were filled with the selfish desire to pass on their
seed. The thought and concept of contraception totally disgusted Mantis. When
he controlled Meryl he wanted to put, what he believed to be, the worst thought
possible into her mind.

Q. (From Snesman64) Mantis said that when he moved the bookcase for Snake it
was the first time he had used his powers to help someone- how could that be
when he worked for both the KGB and FBI?

A. Well he could have, for all we know, just been working there to get insights
into the criminals and make it look like he was PRETENDING to help the
agencies. And, failing that, he did say it was the first times he used his
POWERS to help someone. Its possible that he didn't use them when in the

Q. Who's 'Johnny'?

A. The guard who got his ass kicked by Meryl and caught the cold off. He got
his name from having to go the the john (READ: Dunny) every time Snake was
taken back to his cell during the torture.

Q. "Dunny"?

A. You American's know anything? Its the toilet.

Q. Who were the 'Kurds' Sniper Wolf referred to?

A. The Kurds are a band of tribal nomads, numbering about 26 million, that
reside in parts of Iran, Turkey & Iraq. The area's they inhabit all connect
into a mountanous region known as Kurdistan. Sniper Wolf is probably refering
to the repression of the Kurds during the Gulf War. The Kurd's had always
fought for independence and the fighting reached its height at that point in

Q. Why didn't Snake get tired running up the stairs?

A. Because if he stopped running the world would end! DDDUUUHHHHH!!! Actually,
if you CODEC Campbell when you reach the top you get a bit of mockery from him.

Q. There was no way Mr. Kojima was going to let Liquid die there...but how in
the hell did Liquid survive the Hind crash?

A. Its good that the characters atleast DISCUSS Liquids survival. There are
heaps of possibilities. If the chopper had an ejection seat he would be cut to
ribbons...and if not that its possible the wreckage would crush him. So there
are other possibilities...

*.In some Twilight Zone crossover event (slightly
unlikely) Liquid turned intangible for a moment so that if he
made himself into a spread-eagle position to promote wind
resistance and thus slow his descent the hind would be able to
pass through him (or he passed through the Hind- if you prefer).
However, with his newfound intangibility, Liquid would not likely
still be susceptible to wind resistance and that would mean that...NAH!

*. Liquid, with his oh-so-perfect (we assume) sense of timing
waited for the hind to twist when falling to the ground so that
bottom of the hind was facing up. He then ejected, shooting
straight towards the ground, inverted again so the wreckage was
falling above him, shook off the dizziness resulting from being
inside the spiralling, fiery ball of death, pulled the ripcord,
managed to land the parachute clear of the wreckage in the tree
where he used his combat knife (or teeth) to cut/gnaw through
the straps of the parachute and fall to the ground, avoiding a
broken neck, arm, leg, big toe, right index finger, etc.
Making his way over the fence, ahead of Snake, in a trenchcoat
which was either un-damaged during the crash, or simply a spare
one he had lying around, and warning Wolf and Raven about Snakes
soon-to-be-appearance (and giving Raven some more rehersal time
for climbing on top of the crates and jumping down) he managed
to disclose his plans with Revolver Ocelot when Snake just
happened to be near in typical arch-nemesis fashion while
avoiding any rabid wolves, polar bears, wolverines and the
rarely seen Alaskan pigeon of Death on the way...

Please allow me to catch my breath...

Q. Why was there a blast furnace?

A. Alot of the FAQ's I have gotten can easily be answered IN THE GAME. All it
involves is calling up Campbell or something around the time the
event/place/whatever you are wondering about occurs. In any case, if you call
Campbell when you enter the blast furnace he will explain that due to Shadow
Moses Island's location, and the lack of an airport to fly in goods, a blast
furnace was built to form the materials required to construct the base.

Q. (From Snesman64) If Liquid needed Solid Snake to activate Metal
Gear...why did he and everyone else from FOX-HOUND try to kill him?

A. Yeah this is a good one. I noted that, before you fight Metal Gear itself,
in most of the circumstances where you fight a boss (except for when you fight
Liquid in the Hind & Rex and Sniper Wolf the 2nd time) they never actually
state their intent to kill you. We'd just have to assume that they are trying
to convince you, when they battle you, that they are trying to stop you (when
they really aren't) I derived this from Liquid's line "You didn't think you
made it this far by YOURSELF did you?"
	If, when you as the player control Solid Snake, you die, you'd
just have to assume that its because the boss made a mistake (IE. Psyco Mantis
with the original DARPA Chief) I mean...the ending of Metal Gear Solid Snake
LIVES. So, cannon wise, that means any other events that may happen as you play
the game (like Snake, say, DYING) mean nothing. Snake never is defeated when he
battles a boss- maybe thats because they let him win...

Q. Meryl has to die at the end of Metal Gear Solid! Heres a completely
implausable theory!

A. I don't like the fact that the official ending of Metal Gear Solid is the
one where Meryl lives any more than you do but we're going to have to live with
it. Nastasha's book says that Meryl escaped and, since the book was written by
Mr. Kojima or someone hired by him, that means its official "cannon" material
and thats all there is to it.

Q. How does 'The Best is Yet to Come' Go?

A. The song was originally sung in Gaelic in an Irish studio (by Aoife Ni
Fhearraigh) The original lyrics I posted were apparently mis-translated (if
there is such a word) even though they were the official translation. This was
probably due to the fact that the original lyrics got mixed up with the
Japanese language (or something like that) Its a fairly appropriate song when
you consider its about returning to nature and simplicity. The stuff that is
said in the song is very simular to Solid Snake actually. Following is the
Irish lyrics and the english translation:

       IRISH/GAELIC                             ENGLISH
An cuimhin leat an gra           ||     Do you remember the love
Cra croi an ghra                 ||     Tormented love from the heart
Nil anois ach ceol na h-oiche    ||     It wasn't but music at night
Taim siorai i ngra               ||     It is an eternal love
Leannain le smal                 ||     It is a misfortune
Leannain le smal                 ||     It is a misfortune
Lig leis agus beidh leat         ||     Go now and be
Lig leis agus beidh gra          ||     Go now and be in love
Cuimhne leat an t-am             ||     Remember the time
Nuair a bhi tu sasta             ||     When you were satisified
An cuimhne leat an t-am          ||     Do you remember the time
Nuair a bhi tu ag gaire          ||     When you were happy
Ta an saol iontach               ||     Life is wonderful
ma chreideann tu ann             ||     Can you believe it
Tug aghaidh ar an saoi           ||     Your face says that your
is sonas siorai inar measc       ||     happiness
Ceard a tharla do na             ||     Will go on forever
laethanta sin                    ||     What happened during those
Ceard a tharla do na             ||     days?
h-oicheanta sin                  ||     What happened during those
                                 ||     nights?
An cuimhin leat an t-am          ||     Do you remember the time
Nuair a bhi tu faoi bhron        ||     when you were sad?
An cuimhin leat an t-am          ||     Do you remember the time
Go siorai sileadh na ndeaor      ||     when you were weeping dear?
An ormsa na orainne a bhi        ||     Myself and others were at
an locht                         ||     fault
Ag mothu cailite s'ar fan        ||     Our feelings were lost on
Cen fath an t-achrann is         ||     waiting
sileadh na ndeor                 ||     Why were we fighting for
Ta ailleacht sa saol             ||     so long?
Ma chuardaionn tu e              ||     There is beauty in life
Ta gliondar sa saol              ||     Do you believe
Cuardaimis e                     ||     there is beauty in life?
                                 ||     Believe me

	Thanks to Aurora02 from the MGS Gamefaqs forum for the original
lyrics. And then I extend another thank you to Damian Dennehy in his
expertise of the Irish language for informing me of the gross mistakes made in
the translation of the official song lyrics (Such as the fact that Irish &
Gaelic language is the same thing and, specifically, pointing out heaps of
confusions between the lines "t-am", meaning "time", and "gra", meaning "love")


         The plot of Metal Gear Solid is one that is filled with
intricate plot twist's and side-stories. Although some of these themes may be
un-intentional on Kojima's behalf, the ones that were plainly obvious will be
included here. In that joyful spirit I'am dedicating this section to
elaborating on some of the most obvious & apparent themes in the game.


	One's encounter with Donald Anderson really opens their eyes to
the state of nuclear weapons. Although MGS is set in 2010 it uses a
context that seems to convey that the problem is just as strong NOW as it is
THEN. Mr. Kojima really wanted to enlighten us, through a successful and well
established entertainment medium, what the current state of nuclear armament
across the world is.
	Metal Gear Solid put forward the "What if?" question. It showed us the danger
nuclear weapons represent to the world. This is probably the most important
theme in the game as the Legend at the end provided us with an insight into the
current state of them. There are also several CODEC conversations (Particually
with Nastasha) about the dangers nuclear waste and radiation pose to the world.


	The history of Solid & Liquid Snake enlightened us to the perils and moral
non-enchantment of messing with nature. This theme is made very prominent
towards the end of the game (with Liquid & Solid Snake) but also in the start
at the briefing (where we first hear about the Genome soldiers)
	The negative consequences of tampering with the natural order are symbolised
through the revolt of the soldiers and Liquid's not-so-good intentions for the
world. ("This is what will happen if we continue to play god! The world will be
held at ransom!")


	It might not be so obvious- but independence was central to alot of characters
in this game. Meryl wanted to become a soldier to understand her father
better...but its only when she was shot by Wolf that she realised the error of
her ways. Her lack of independence ultimatly cost's her her life.
	However, at the end of the game we're seeing both Solid Snake &
Otacon develop a new independent attitude to life. They want to be their own
selves now and cast-off the previous label they had of themselves. The
terrorists, also, want independence. Thats what caused Liquid & the rest of
FOX-HOUND to take over the island.


	This theme is mainly associated with Solid Snake. He is trapped on the island
and forced to do what he does best- kill. There is no way around it. He can't
escape. He is forced from one place to another by Liquid's careful scheming
disguised as Master Miller. The whole game see's Snake confined physically.
However, he is also psycologically confined to a state of mind that prevents
him expressing the emotions that we take for granted (like happiness, sadness
etc) The only way he can express it is through the only way he knows-
aggression. Its only at the end of the game, when he has achieved independence,
that he learns more about expressing emotion (like him laughing with Otacon and
reflecting upon how he will change his life)


	Both Otacon and Solid Snake go through stages of this in the game. The big
question to do with this theme is "Can love bloom on the battlefield?" This
pretty much meant- can love bloom where Snake & Otacon are trapped? It seemed
to- for both Otacon and Snake. That is what made Meryl's death even more
	For Otacon love bloomed as well. Its unfortunate that it wasn't
elaborated on why Otacon loved Wolf (Watch the 'demo theatre' again
people- maybe I missed something!) I also wonder whether his love for
Wolf was mutual.

                        ----========  7  ========----


	As I've mentioned, MGS went out of its way to supply background
information on most of the main characters and make them more than just
one-dimensional heroes and villains. Considering that, I felt it would be
appropriate to summarise the characters and their stories, as well as comment
on what we can tell about them based on what they have said.
	There are several websites I have visited that have information on the
characters that the games or any kind of official reading material do not
mention. Apprehensively I'm including that here as well even though it is
questionable whether it is "official" or not. I believe it is as all the
websites will tell the same consistent story.

  Solid Snake

	True name and family are concealed through "Classified National
Security Codes" A former FOXHOUND squad member, he is Japanese-British, with an
IQ rating of 160. He is conversant in 6 languages, well trained in
high-altitude skydiving, scuba-diving and free climbing. Able to sneak
anywhere, and under any circumstances; he is "a man who can make the impossible
possible". The very man who famed the name FOXHOUND worldwide through Operation
Intrude N313. He retired, but was later scouted by the CIA. He served as a deep
cover agent in the organisation but however, opposed to the bureaucracy of the
system, left after 6 months. Snake worked for a number of years as a mercenary
selling his skills to the highest bidder. Earning enough money to semi-retire
and needing a break due to a large amount of political assasinations over the
world, Snake retired in deep seclusion in the central Canadian wilderness. Only
Campbell knew his location and scouted him out, quickly, to re-instate him back
into active service due to a volitile situation developing in the middle east
(later known as "The Uprising in Zanzibar")

 	However, even though he was successful in the infiltration of
Zanzibar land and retrieving OILIX, the traumatic events of the end of the
mission once again overwhelmed Snake and compelled him to retire once again to
Twin Lakes, Alaska. Living a cabin in an environment of abundant Flaura and
Fauna, Snake suffered severe Post-traumatic stress as a result from his
previous 2 missions. This led to him suffering intense confusion and
hallucinations- which he attempted to banish by racing Huskie Sleighs. He also
became a chronic alchoholic.

Roy Campbell

	Ex-Commander of FOX-HOUND. Though already retired from the armed forces, he
has been called out because there was no other commander who could get in touch
with Solid Snake. He accepted the mission on Shadow Moses island in order to
save his niece Meryl. Though a civilian now, he showed up in a military uniform
wearing a beret.

	Before entering the "former" FOX-HOUND, he served in the US Marine Corps,
Green Beret and Delta Force. In FOX-HOUND, he was assigned to X.O. of the unit
for his strategic planning capabilities and his battle experience. After the
death of Big Boss, he discarded the code name system in the unit, and built up
the "new" FOX-HOUND making full use of various hi-tech equipment including
reconnaissance satellites. After being discharged, he served as a special
instructor of the Marines Boots Camp. Friends with Master Miller. Called to
persuade Solid Snake, Campbell was originally against FOX-HOUND's introduction
of genetic treatment and that caused him to step down from Commander post.
After Campbell left, the commander-less FOX-HOUND returned to the code name

McDonald Miller

 	Hired by Campbell as survival consultant for FOXHOUND during the Outer eaven
revolt. Born in the United States 60 years after his grandparents immigrated
there, he has served as a survival master in SAS, The Green Beret Squad, US
Marine boot camp, and most recently FOX-HOUND. He also volunteers as a coach in
MERC SCHOOL (Mercenary School) twice a year. When he served as a drill sergeant
in FOX HOUND, he was referred to as a 'Hell Master' and draftees called him
"Master Miller" with respect. He divorced his first wife (Nadine), and is
currently residing in Los Angeles with his daughter (Catherine). Miller is full
of ideas and is quite knowledgeable in the area of science.

Liquid Snake

	Mastermind of the attack with a IQ of 180. Born through the 20th century
analogue cloning technology. Shares same mother as Solid Snake. While Solid
inherited the genes (traits) of "light", Liquid did the genes (traits) of
"dark". At birth, Liquid was given from the US government to the British
government. This was to measure effects of  acquired surroundings and not only
inherited traits. Under the tutelage of MI5 he was educated and received battle
training. He is fluent in 7 languages such as English, Spanish, French, Malay,
etc and speaks Arabic like a native. Unlike Solid, he does not serve in an
official military but instead in the dark world as a mercenary and assassin.
Due to his appearance, which cannot be with any nationality, as well as his
superb fighting skills, he was recruited by the British information agency
(SIS) to act as a sleeper in the Middle East for espionage and destruction
activities. To further vitalize his skills, he was put in real combat in his
teens. In his high teens he worked for the British special force (SAS) to
destroy the mobile launchers of SCUD missiles in the Gulf War. During the
mission he became a POW of Iraq and disappeared. Due to his outstanding battle
skills he was brainwashed and used for terrorist activities in the Middle East.

	He can withstand the cold and heat due to his experience in the Arab nations
and deserts. Fox hunting in the Middle East is actually jackal hunting. After
the UPRISING OF ZANZIBAR (and after Solid Snake left the unit) he joined
FOX-HOUND, an official unit for the first time. There he became the battle
leader of FOX-HOUND.


	Ex-Spetsnaz (Russian SAS- specialising in reconnaissance, sabotage and
assassination) After the fall of the Soviet Union, he joined the Russian
police. Then he joined the special tactics division of the SVR, which was
formally the KGB Administration Headquarters No.1. However, he did not adapt
well to the old KGB system, and he was scouted by the US and joined FOX-HOUND.

	A gun nut who loves cowboy movies and spaghetti Westerns. He uses a revolver
(single action army) and shoots with one hand (western style). He is an amazing
gunfighter and has the ability to recochet bullets with surprising accuracy (he
hates wasting bullets) He fought mainly in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Mozambique,
and other local dispute areas in Central Asia. This is when he met and was
scouted by Big Boss who was running his mercenary business in Africa. During
his Afghan days, his helicopter was shot down by an Afghan guerilla with a
stinger missile, and to this day he suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress


	Has powerful psycho-kinesis powers and the ability to read people's minds. In
his childhood, for the first time he dove into the mind of his father and found
out that his father hated him. This was because his mother died when giving
birth to him. He then finds out about the different facets (the "parasite") in
one's conscience. This shock changed his personality & the feeling of despair
within himself woke up his subconscious and made him kill his father. The power
that was released from him during that episode wiped out a whole town of 1000
people. The KGB was impressed by his ESP abilities so they took him in and
trained him. He is from the "dormitory school" known for training former Soviet
agents. The KGB was the organisation he first used his powers for. Losing his
position in the Soviet Union after its crumble, he moved to the US and served
in the FBI for a short period of time. There he was in charge of several cases
in the agency. He dove into the minds of serial murders and ended up uniting
with such minds (after going beyond the threshold of the element of crime),
becoming a serial killer himself. He then became a freelance espionage agent
and was scouted to join FOX-HOUND.

	In order to prevent his own destruction with his ESP powers, he keeps another
personality (the parasite) within himself. He is called Mantis because of this
mental parasite in him. By mentally living together with this single-celled
mental parasite, he can somehow manage to keep his original self. He wears a
gas mask to hide his facial burns he suffered when wiping out the town. The
mask is also necessary to protect his self from spiritual powers and thought
powers in the air. In his youth he was a muscular athlete, but since the
awakening of his ESP powers he had no reason to act physically, making him lose
his muscles and leaving him with just skin and bones. Due to his childhood
trauma, he has no happy memories. When he assassinates he dives into the
target's mind and "deprives" the target of his likes. He is also known as the
dream robber.


	Sniper Wolf comes from an Iraqi tribe called the Kurds (Kurd in Turkish means
"wolf"), a rather poorly treated people. Towards the end of the Iran-Iraq War
in 1988 a five-year-old Sniper Wolf watched a gas attack on her village by
Saddam Hussein's troops, which killed her parents and siblings. More than 3,700
people died in this attack. As an orphan, she was taken in by the Iraqi
Ministry of Internal Affairs and was trained rigorously. In 1991, during the
internal fighting in Iraq after the Gulf War, she fled to a Kurdish refugee
camp. It was here that Big Boss witnessed her skill on a visit with the U.S.
Secretary of State and hired her as an operative. In the U.S., she received
counselling and deprogramming (ridding the Iraqi brainwash she was given),
leaving her with only fighting abilities. She was extremely grateful for this
gesture, comparing Big Boss to Saladin (who defeated the Crusaders in the 12th

	On September 3, 1996, the U.S. sanctioned missile attacks on the Iraqi
military due to its intervention in Kurdish residential areas (known as the
August 31 Intervention). After this, the southern flight prohibition area was
expanded to 33 degrees north. This was not done to protect the kurds in the
north, but for strategic benefit of the Pentagon. This caused a major refugee
problem, similar to the one experienced at the Iraqi borders in the spring
after the Gulf War. Wolf was disgusted by this incident and moved to join Big
Boss with whatever plans he decided to hatch. Finally, she was scouted by
Liquid Snake, and joined FOX-HOUND as a sniper.

	With exceptional sniping capabilities, Sniper Wolf strikes a
stunning pose. Her care for her appearance extends to the time she takes when
executing her target. She has such incredible patience that she can keep aiming
at her target over a week without eating or drinking. This dedication stemmed
from her formative years, when she learned sniping techniques from a Gurkha in
Nepal, the world's most accurate sniper. Employing the PSG-1 Sniper Rifle, she
also uses special mercury ordinance (bullets packed with mercury) to not only
wound her victims but poison them as well. However, her malicious tendencies
are tempered by her love for animals, as she cares for wolf dogs. This is
possibly because she sees something of herself in the rossbred wolf dogs - a
strong, almost nomadic personality. As she firmly states, "Wolves only howl
when necessary." She also sees freedom in Solid Snake's indulgence in dog sled


	Decoy Octopus was born in Mexico and grew up worshipping Hollywood make-up,
animatronics and special effects. When he became an adult he moved to
California and became an actor. His mimicry and special effects skills were so
accurate that the CIA approached him and he took up their job offer. It was
through his work with them that he began to work with FOX-HOUND. Octopus can
speak over 10 languages including German, French, Spanish, Polynesian and even
Ebonics (The "jibe" language the old lady speaks in Mel Brooks' "Flying High!")
When Octopus is assigned someone to impersonate his background check of the
individual will include that of the persons habits and their home country's
culture & history. In order to maintain the most realistic physical identity he
has shaved his cheek, jaw and nose bones, as well as cut off his ears.

	Octopus can walk in any manner he chooses by dislocating his
joints. This means he can also slip through narrow spaces. His sense of touch
can be controlled enabling him to grip very hot or cold items. His metabolism
must also be changed when impersonating someone, which means he must constantly
use steroids. When on a long term mission Octopus will even use the persons
blood as well as recieve a bone-marrow transplant. However, the consequences of
these missions are severe as Octopus almost completely forgets who he really is
(as he has almost completely became the person he imitates) He always ask's the
military for thorough mental de-programming after a mission is completed.


	Handles a gatling gun (normally equipped on jet fighters) as easily as a small
rifle. Can withstand extreme cold because of his amazing physical prowess. Has
a birthmark of an raven on the forehead and a tattoo of circuit wiring
(actually PETROGLYPHS) all over the body. Eskimos and Indians worship the raven
as the creator. An elite soldier who graduated from the University of Alaska.
When frozen, he walked across the Bering Strait and visited Russia, making his
connections with Russia strong. He knew Ocelot well in his GRU days. Took part
in a special missions in the former Soviet Union. He was demoted upon the coup
in Moscow in 1993. Like fellow members of this secret unit, he leaves Russia.
He then joins the mercenary dispatching company "OUTER HEAVEN" and is
introduced to FOX-HOUND by Revolver Ocelot.


	Former general troop commander of FOX-HOUND. An American who participated in
LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) in Vietnam, and afterwards, exploited
his superior skills in SOG (Special Operations Group), the Green Berets and the
Wild Geese. He has completed more than 70 missions. In the late 80's, he
participated in several regional conflicts and race liberation wars. He was
heralded as a true hero and made the front covers of popular magazines in many
countries. Following being diagnosed sterile due to war injuries the US
goverment highly valued his warfare ability and coverly agreed with Big Boss on
a external fertilization program (a project code-named the Son's of Big Boss:
Les enfant terrible, and also known as the Eve project) using external DNA
procedures. Despite its inhuman nature, the US military deemed this necessary
during the Cold War period.

	The loss of an eye prompted him to retire from the front line to concentrate
on military education and training. The 1990's arrived and he was nominated as
general planning commander of the international special forces squad FOX-HOUND.
Then, "BIG BOSS", transformed by greed and dreams of absolute power, managed to
take control of Outer Heaven (A military fortress nation in Salzburg) and tried
to establish world domination. He was stopped by Solid Snake in operation N313.
He was defeated by Snake, once again, after fleeing to the middle east and
developing the armed fortress nation Zanzibar Land. His remains were taken into
possesstion by the U.S. Government for gene-therapy experiments.

                      ----========  6  ========----

                    METAL GEAR SOLID 2: SONS OF LIBERTY


"The Hudson River two years ago. We recieved classified intelligence that a new
type of Metal Gear was being transported. The whole thing stank, but our noses
had been out in the cold too long"


    Miserable and wet weather envelop's the big apple. On the George Washington
Bridge a lone figure stalk's the sidewalk; enveloped in a trenchcoat, smoking a
cigarette. As the car's race past him, in a un-focusable blur, the figure
instantly breaks out into a sprint. Within second's the coat has been discarded
and the figure is almost invisible- the light bending off him. He then, without
hesitation, leaps off the bridge and is jerked as a bungee cord breaks his
fall. Almost as soon as it began, the figure has been violently jerked around
and lands in a crouch on the deck of the tanker 'Discovery' in a flurry of
explosive lightning. From a helicopter, a safe distance away, the face of a
familiar and dangerous adversary observes his seemingly imminent arrival...

    Taking cover behind an anchor motor, the weathered and veteran infiltration
specialist Solid Snake contact's his support, Hal Emmerich (Otacon) Snake
explains the un-subtle approach to landing on the tanker- his camoflage unit
broke upon landing. The 2 quickly discuss their new employment in the private
sector- no unwanted "presents" (Snake hasn't forgotten Naomi Hunter & FOX-DIE)
Snake is also concerned about Mei Ling- the equipment she readily takes from
the S.S.C.E.N (U.S. Army Soldier System's center) will get her caught one day.
Otacon and Snake then focus- after the incident on Shadow Moses island Revolver
Ocelot sold the Metal Gear test data on the open market. Because of that,
anyone with enough money (including both private enterprises and government's)
has their own Metal Gear program. A new Metal Gear prototype had been
constructed to blow all the other one's out of the water (literally). This new
prototype was amphibious and, because of that, is in the juristiction of the
United State's Marine Corps.

    Otacon tell's Snake why they are here and what they are doing- their goal
is to collect evidence of the new Metal Gear development and expose it to the
world. Although they are part of a United Nation's sanctified group (named
"Philanthropy") they are still fringe- so Snake and Otacon have to be careful
with what they do. Otacon help's Snake investigate his equipment. As Snake is
testing out his digital camera he notices the marines on patrol- wearing no
visible weapons or uniforms. Otacon reminds Snake of the secret-nature of the
transportation and the easy visibility of the ship (even from the shoreline)
These marines can't arouse suspicion. Snake then ask's Otacon about his source
of the information regarding the transportation of the Metal Gear and Otacon
explains that he hacked it out of the Pentagon's top-secret files. The
infiltration specialist is worried it is a trap, but Otacon is confident that
they are safe. As Snake views the water line higher than it should be (the
cargo should have been removed by this point) Otacon reminds Snake that the new
Metal Gear would be quite heavy and weight down the ship. This prompt's Otacon
to explain to Snake how the best way is to get into the cargo hold.

   Snake then observes the security on the boat. Special Operation's
Counter-Terrorist force's are trained to watch for threat's from the stern-
security should be much tighter. As if someone heard his words, Snake hear's
low flying helicopters and starts looking around. Using his camera again and
viewing the marines he spies them quickly and cold-bloodedly murdered by
soldier's dressed in camoflaged overalls. Snake dryly comments "...looks like
we're not the only ones after Metal Gear tonight" Wondering if they are
hijacking the boat or not, Snake ask's Otacon how many people it would require
to take over the ship. The specialist informs Snake that, since the ship is
computer controled, only about 18 people could do it. Spying the invader's
further, Snake view's a man who seem's to be giving out orders, and judges from
his appearance that he is Russian. Transmitting a photo to Otacon for
confirmation of the identity both Snake & Otacon are left guessing as he
disconnect's CODEC communication and begins to make his way to the bridge...

    Making his way through the tough & experienced soldier's who have taken
over the ship, Snake quickly find's himself at the bridge. Cautiously entering,
he see's bodie's strewn across the consoles. He spots outside the "Kasatka" -
Russian choppers. Quickly checking the navigation console Snake confirms the
tankers destination to be 35 degree's longtitude and 58 degree's latitude. When
he tell's Otacon this, it is told this is 500 miles off the coast of Bermudas -
in the middle of the Atlantic. Otacon is quick to conjecture that this means
the project must be ready for solo testing. Because the test's will be
conducted outside the range of the Naval fleet this means that no assistance
will be required and the project must be solely a marine corp one. As the 2
discuss that position, however, Snake is interrupted from a noise outside...

    Leaving the bridge Snake hide's behind some crates and spies a female
figure communicating with someone on a radio. Snake is hesisitant to fire
because she reminds him remarkably of Meryl- so he listen's in on her
conversation. She makes it clear, to the person on the radio, that the control
room, communications and engineering have all been secured as well as all the
entry point's to the ship. But she is worried about the vehicles pilot. He is
the only one who underwent V.R. training, she is assured. He is the only one
who can do it. The person on the radio changes the subject- ordering the female
to leave the ship. The person she is communicating with has a bad feeling about
the mission and he remembers that she promised she would leave. She beg's the
man- telling him that she has nowhere to go. But he reminds her that she is
carrying his grandson...and abruptly disconnects. She disapointingly gestures a
helicopter with a large arm wave and it signal's back, she begins to wait for
it to pick her up.

   Snake pounces. From the crate Snake jump's out and point's his weapon at the
girl. Cooly & professionally Snake order's her to drop her gun- she does so.
"Who are you?" ask's Snake. The girl slowly lift's her head and takes off her
"We are nomads" she replies. The girl then begins to toy with Snake- asking if
he would shoot an unarmed woman. "I'm a nomad to" retort's Snake. She is
obviously surprised by his response and he order's her to drop her knife. As
she slowly moves to get rid of the weapon the rain stops and the girl, Olga,
makes a note of this. The ship rock's and she take's this opportunity to throw
the knife. Snake instinctively dodges the blade, moving faster than what his
vision can see, but loses sight of her. Pulling a spare gun from her holster,
she begins firing at Snake and the 2 battle for their lives. Snake has to dodge
both her gunshot's and explosives from the professional but he defeats Olga by
hiding behind large crate's and blasting away at her with all of his skill.

 Carefully approaching her body Snake crouches beside her and take's her gun.
But he is startled and looks up...to see a Cypher drone spying on him...what is
a tool of the United State's Army doing up there? It flies off...

    Snake contact's Otacon on the CODEC and tell's him that the ship is
definitly under their control. Snake is pretty sure the invaders are Russian
and Otacon proves this by confirming the identity of the man giving order's
that Snake saw. His name is Sergei Gurlukovich- one of Revolver Ocelot's
allies. Snake can remember that both Liquid Snake and Revolver Ocelot discussed
him 2 years previously on Shadow Moses Island. Liquid proposed an alliance with
Gurlukovich's forces, to boost morale, as their brainwashing from FOX-HOUND
member Psyco Mantis wore off. However, it is most likely this alliance was
never made as Liquid Snake was defeated shortly after it was proposed. The 2
Philanthropy members are worried now, things aren't going to be as simple as
they seem, the cypher Snake saw is just one thing that has confirmed that.
Otacon then confesses to Snake how he got the intelligence about the tanker- it
was an anonymous tip. However, Snake is curious, Otacon has never trusted tips
before- so why now? Otacon explains that the sender of the tip was "E.E"- which
is what Otacon's nickname was for his little sister who he has not seen in more
than 10 years (Her name is 'Emma Emmerich') Otacon tries to justify it though
as he did break into the Pentagon's files to confirm the information sent. An
un-easy Snake begins to make his way down to the holds.

    The interior of the tanker is just as heavily guarded as the outside and
Snake sneaks through the crew's lounge, outside and the engine room in order to
make it to the hold. However, when he reaches the surrounding corridor he finds
that most of the doors to the holds have been welded shut. Sneaking through the
corridor Snake comes to the one door that hasn't been sealed but stops short
and crouches behind a box. A trio of soldiers swoop in from a hatch and it. The
leader of the group then communicates with Gurlukovich telling him that the
stern hatch and the lift have been secured. The soldier tell's Gurlukovich that
the head of the marines has just started his speech, but Gurlukovich tell's the
soldier that he must finish his prep before the end of it. Acknowledging this
order, the soldier also tell's Gurlukovich that all communication's with the
hold's have been severed. Gurlukovich orders them to hold the only entrance,
which they just secured, with their lives. And, lastly, they are ordered to
ensure that his daughter is kept safe.

    They obey and begin to scan the corridor Snake is hiding in. The lead
soldier spots him. Equiped now with his USP Snake put's an end to the soldiers
in a fierce fire-fight and before reinforcements can come he edges his way
through the door that they secured. A soldier, which escaped the battle
unscathed, sneaks up behind him and locks the door preventing any chance for
Snake of escape. As the soldier is finishing locking the door a figure
approaches him from behind. Lifting up his rifle he is relieved to find it is
one of his allies.
"Oh Shalashaska. Why are you here?" the soldier asks, examining the tall man
dressed like a character from a spagetti western, with a sharp white mustache.
"We thought you were with the colonel" he continues...
Before the soldier can flinch Shalashaska draw's his weapon and points it at
the soldier's head. Realisation and fear wash over his eyes as he is shot
straight through the forehead. Collapsing on the ground in a bloody heap
Shalashaska walk's casually past and secures the door. Then he turns around and
walks back to the corridor. However, before leaving he looks at the soldiers
"The Colonel will be joining you shortly. Comrade" he says spitefully

    Snake arrives in a large hold and looks down on a group of dozens of
Marines looking up at a speech being given on a large projector screen. Otacon
call's Snake and ask's him if he has made it to the holds. Snake says he has
except it has taken longer than expected- they have passed the Verrazano bridge
checkpoint (it was announced on a loudspeaker when Snake entered the corridor
surrounding the hold) and he will have to be "picked up" somewhere else. Otacon
is also amazed to hear that they may be changing course. Snake sums it up in
one "If they get their hands on Metal Gear we're going right off the fringe"
Looking down on the holds again Otacon is dissapointed to hear Snake say that
Metal Gear is not in that hold- he will have to sneak to the bow. These marines
won't know that the tanker has been taken over because the access to the decks
are sealed.
"They have some serious defenses here. I doubt the recent rivals want to blast
their way through the marines either..." Snake says as he looks closely at the
"I wonder where they're headed?" Otacon asks
"I don't know...not the beach thats for sure..." Snake un-humoursly jokes.

    Otacon tells Snake to take 4 reconnaisance photos of Metal Gear Ray- from
the front-right, front-left, front and a close-up of the 'Marines' insignia on
the weapon. As Otacon says- "the photo's need to speak louder than the
governments plausable denials"
After giving Snake these instructions Otacon reveals that someone is monitoring
their transmission. What is creeping Otacon out, above everything else, is the
fact that no effort is being made to interfere with them- the interested
parties are just listening in. Because of this unexpected complication Snake is
instructed to use a workstation to transmit the pictures to Otacon (not VIA the
CODEC) Snake is instructed on how to use the terminal and told he has 7 minutes
to take the photo's and transmit them (Otacon has read the speech, being given
in the hold, and approximated its length to about 7 minutes)

    The 2 holds that must be passed through, in order to reach Hold 3 where
Metal Gear Ray is being held, are filled with marines that are listening to the
speech. These marines are completely oblivious to the carnage on the top decks
as all communication lines and access points have been cut off. Snake must
tip-toe around the edges of these holds, and crawl under the video projectors,
in order to reach Hold number 3. However, when he reaches there, a part of him
undoubtly wishes he wasn't. Infront of him, the large behemoth Metal Gear Ray
sit's eerily still. Major Scott Dolph stands on a walkway just underneath its
cockpit giving the speech to a small group of soldiers (the speech is being
broadcast from there into the other 2 holds) Snake is quick to take the 4
photographs required and and transmit them from the computer terminal in the
corner of the hold (a specially created computer program named 'Sprite 2.21' is
used with a cartooney Otacon asking for "...any CODEC moments?")

   Just as the transmission of the photo's is being completed Major Dolph
completes his speech.
"We, the marines, will lead the charge into the new world order with Metal Gear
Ray" he declares triumphantly. He then salutes and dismisses his soldiers.
However, as Dolph and the soldiers hold their salutes a lone clapping sound
comes from behind Metal Gear Ray.
"Gift of the silver tongue. They say thats the mark of a good officer...and of
a liar!" remarks Shalashaska as he emerges from behind the weapon. "Americans
are too in love with the sound of their own voices to speak the truth!" he
observes angrily. Dolph orders the man to identify himself and no less than a
dozen soldiers run up beside him- all training their guns on Shalashaka.
Not worried in the slightest, he replies "I'am Shalashaska!" there is a brief
pause for the words to sink in "Also known as Revolver Ocelot!" Snake hears
this and his mind instantly flashes back to Shadow Moses Island. He remembers
his showdown with the former FOX-HOUND operative and the cold-bloodedness he
displayed when he tortured both Snake and other hostages.
"What do you want?" an un-easy Dolph asks
"This machine will be quite useful" a relaxed Ocelot answers with a spread of
his arms
"What are you planning to do? Steal this thing?"
"Steal? No, I'm taking it back!" Ocelot says

    Before Dolph can dwell on Ocelot words a hand reaches up behind the Major
and jerks him back. Sergei Gurlukovich, who at one point was labelled a
"politician" and not a "warrior" by Liquid Snake, holds a gun to Dolph's head.
All the guns are turn and pointed to Gurlukovich. Ocelot is briefly forgotten-
until he orders no one to move. Ocelot declares that he has wired enough Semtex
onto the tankers key structural points to blow it out of the water & all he
needs to do is a press the button on the control unit in his hand. The marines
begin to edge back.
"Thats right...no-one needs to die needlessly" Ocelot re-assures as
half-a-dozen of the terrorists, dressed in camoflaged fatiques, abseil down and
train their guns on the marines. A few start work on untying Metal Gear Ray
from its restraints. The camera's remain trained on the fiasco as the marines
in the other holds, watching over the large screens, look around to each other
in fear and confusion.

    Dolph is being held tightly by Gurlukovich and wants to know whats going
"What are you going to do with Metal Gear?" Dolph asks, slightly turning his
head "Sell it on the streets?"
"I was raised in Snezhinsk." Gurlukuvich responds, ignoring the dry humor.
"Formerely known as Chelyabinsk-70 the nuclear research outpost. After the end
of the cold war my home was bought out by the American's" he says
"Is there a point to this sad story?" an unmoved Dolph ask's
"Not that you would understand" an angry Gurlukovich says pushing the gun hard
into Dolph's temple "land, friends, dignity. All sold to the highest bidder."
The colonel explains that the technology, materials, everything on Ray is
Russian in origin. "Russia will rise again...and Ray is the key" he confidently
However, Revolver Ocelot is also unmoved, he didn't go there to sell Metal Gear
he says. He came to take it back...to "the Patriots"
A furious Gurlukovich ask's if he has sold him out- but Ocelot says he was
never employed by Gurlukovich in the first place!
"Are you in league with 'Solidus'"? Gurlukovich demands to know
"No hard feelings Colonel...mother Russia can rot for all I care" Ocelot says
"But when Ocelot? When did you turn?" a now desperate Gurlukovich ask's
"I'm glad you noticed comrade...I abandoned her during the cold war" Ocelot
sarcastically emphasises the 'comrade'
Now beyond any idea of what to do next Gurlukovich instinctively pushes Dolph
towards Ocelot. In a swift motion the ex-Spetsnaz member throw's his dark
trenchcoat off and draws his revolver- shooting the stumbling Dolph in the
thigh and Gurlukovich 3 times in the chest. Ocelots continues to hold his gun
on the 2 suffering bodies.
"Sergei! Looks like you were long overdue for retirement" he says...
Ocelot drops his gun. Before the 4 members of Gurlukovich's forces, surrounding
Ocelot, can do anything he draws his other revolver and shoots all of them in a
swift circular motion. The stunned marines look on. Ocelot informs them that
the tanker is still in the lower New York harbour- they can make it to shore if
they swim for their lives. With that he detonates the semtex and the holds
begin to flood with water.

    The soldiers in the other 2 holds begin to run for their lives- the ones
that aren't killed by the initial explositions are under threat of drowning if
they can't ascend the ladders to the decks. However, clouds of explosives and
dangerous vibrations rock these parts of the ships making movement nearly
impossible. In the confusion of the explosions Ocelot climbs a ladder onto the
catwalk and calmly makes his way to the cockpit of Ray. The surviving marines
fire their rifles at him, narrowly missing, but Ocelot is unworried. Snake, who
has seen the entire incident from behind a crate, wades through the waist-deep
water going past the escaping marines who now have no time to notice the other
intruder. Running up to Ray's feet Snake points his gun up at Shalashaska who
is making his way to the cockpit "Ocelot!" he yell's over the sound of the
entering water. Before Ocelot can respond his right arm, the one he lost at the
start of the Shadow Moses incident, begins to move around as if it has a mind
of its own. Ocelot grabs it obviously in pain.

    Suddenly, as if it never happened, Ocelot has composed himself.
"Its been awhile brother!" he says in a completely different, but eerily
familiar voice.
"Who are you?" Solid Snake demands to know from below
"You know who I'am!" Ocelot says
"Liquid...?" Snake ask's quietly to himself.
"Not so young anymore eh Snake?" Ocelot says with a large arm gesture. "Your
drowning in time. I know what its like brother! No wonder Naomi passed you over
for the FOX-DIE program!" With that the arm, once again, starts putting Ocelot
into agony and 2 voices, emerging from the same body, scream "get out of my
mind Liquid!" Snake hasn't moved an inch and keeps his gun pointed at the
surreal person standing above him. Once again, the figure composes himself.
"The price of physical prodigy!" Ocelot continues in Liquid Snakes voice "Few
more years and you'll be another dead clone of the old man. Our raw materials
are vintage brother. Big Boss was in his late fifties when they created his
'copies'. But I...I live on through this arm!" The tanker holds begin rocking
violently. Solid Snake loses his balance and falls off where he was standing
into the growing-depths next to him. Not far away Gurlukovich mutters his
daughters name as he succumbs to the depths he is floating on. He will be
joining Major Scott Dolph who already floats lifeless beneath.

    Taking advantage of Snake's loss of composure Ocelot gracefully jumps up
and climbs into the cockpit of Metal Gear Ray. The behemoth comes to life and
Snake, who has climbed out of the water, stares straight up at it.
"You don't have what it takes after all!" Liquid's voice announces over the
machines loudspeaker. "Your going down with this tanker!" a blast from Ray
throws Snake against a wall and knocks him out cold. Ocelot's attention is
diverted from Snake when a group of marines, trying in vain to stop the
armory-on-legs, take shots at it with their side arms, rifles and grenade
launchers. Ray slowly looks up at them and a flash of realisation crosses the
marines faces as Ray slowly raises a leg up at them and slams it, in an
impossibly quick motion, into the catwalk where they were standing. As they
scatter Snake comes to and looks up at Ray "Otacon..we have a problem" he
comments. A laser then emits from beneath Ray's cockpit and cuts a tear in the
side of the hold. Water starts jetting in and Snake is knocked back by one of
Ray's movements. His still body sinks into the depths. Ray begins to make its
way to the surface of the ocean and, when it emerges, jumps hundreds of meters
into the air. Snake emerges to, not nearly as gracefully, and struggles for
breath. Ray stands ontop of the tanker wreckage and looks down- locating Snake
wading on the surface of the ocean. Ignoring him it jumps backwards into the
immense depths and slowly-but-surely starts moving off. Inside the cockpit of
Metal Gear Ray Revolver Ocelot, in his original voice, communicates with a
nameless individual. He informs this party of where he will meet them and
confirms that he took evidence of Snake on the sea "...the cypher proved most
useful. I can't wait to see tommorows news flash. I'd say the Marine Corp's
plans are on indefinite hold" Ocelot then bids goodbye to "Mr. President" and
Ray speeds off into the depths...


"...Scientists had to make thousands of calculations to create the (atomic)
bomb and determine its effects...Computers and atomic bombs, both products of
World War II, grew up together."

   Information Age: People, Information and Technology

   National Museam of American History, Smithsonian Institute



2 helicopters carrying squads of Alpha and Bravo SEAL teams 10 fly under the
bridge. A trio of N.Y.P.D. officers look on curiously as the choppers make
their way out to sea. As this happens, 20 miles offshore, a man named "Snake"
but not 'the' Snake surfaces infront of the Big Shell containment facility and
quickly survey's the area, before submerging himself again. As he carefully
navigates through the underwater obstacles, and the murky depths, the briefing
he recieved run's through his head. Colonel Roy Campbell had explained to him
that terrorist's had blown a hole in an oil tanker 20 miles off the coast of
Manhattan 2 years ago and, in the meantime, an oil fence had been set up around
it. At a later date the cleanup facility known as 'The Big Shell' had also been
constructed. This had since become a landmark & a symbol of environmental
protection. 6 hours previously, to "Snake's" infiltration, this complex had
been taken over by members of the Navy SEALS special anti-terrorist training
squad 'Dead cell' Russian private army members had also been involved in the
takeover. Campbell had explained that both of these were highly trained groups
and they had the Shell under their complete control. The contingent of SEAL's
arrive on the roof of a section of the Big Shell and begin to rapel down. Snake
swims through the perimeter fence closer to the shell's foundation. However, he
finds he can do this with ease because he is surprised to find that a hole is
already in the fence- that someone has obviously recently swum through. "Snake"
remembers he had asked what their demands were and Campbell had answered that
they had demanded 30 billion dollars cash. They would get that much ransom to,
Campbell explained, because there was a government sponsored tour on at the
time and a VIP from a major conservation group had been captured as well as
"the most important person in a sense"- President James Johnson. If their
demands were not met, Campbell revealed, they would blow the Big Shell. Crude
oil would ignite and spread out over the ocean turning Manhattan into an
inferno. If the chlorides being used to decontraminate the sea water were to be
released the ecosystem would be wiped out and the planets sea's would be turned
into toxic waste.

    "Snake" had been told he had 2 mission objectives- to safeguard the
President & other hostages, and to disarm the terrorist's by "any means
necessary". SEAL team 10, who were obviously performing their operation at the
same time as "Snake", were conducting their own rescue mission. The operation
is not joint- the team is not aware of FOX-HOUND's precense and "Snake" is
ordered not to alert them that he is there. He surfaces in the lower dock of
the facility and quickly climbs out- CODEC'ing Campbell with his internal
nano-machines. He calmly, almost too calmly, informs Campbell that there are no
sentries and he is inside strut A of Shell 1. Campbell, also in an extremely
calm voice, ask's "Snake" if there were any problems. "Snake" replies that a
new hole was cut into the oil fence "Theres someone else besides me that wanted
to get in badly" Campbell disregards this and tells "Snake" that SEAL team 10
has landed. He also tell's "Snake" that, as a precaution, they are now changing
his codename- it will be now known as "Raiden" (pronounced 'RYE-DEN') Raiden
explains that he has covered infiltration in V.R. training and remarks "I feel
like some kind of legendary mercenary" Campbell instruct's Raiden to make his
way to the upper section of the Big Shell (he can use the elevator at the end
of the area he surfaced in) The Colonel then explains Raiden's sneaking suit to
him in order to build up his confidence. He explains that the suit uses
electrofibre technology (which was a by-product of fibre optics research) The
material is not much different from rubber but does protect against a wide
range of toxic substances. The suit is filled with sensors and information
about the body (blood loss etc) is relayed between the suit and nano-machines
in his bloodstream. "There's alot of pressure on my torso" complains Raiden.
"Relax" assures Campbell. "It places pressure on various internal organs to
maximise performace. Its called a 'skull suit'"
"Seems appropriate somehow" remarks Raiden.

Walking away from the pool he surfaced from and opening a hatch Raiden spots a
sentry. He can quickly conclude, from the guard carrying an AN-94 assault rifle
and a makarov, that the adversary is Russian. He call's Campbell on the CODEC
and tell's him this. "Must be a Gurlukovich man" Campbell remarks.
"Gurlukovich?" ask's Raiden
"A Russian private army group that was in line to work with the Shadow Moses
takeover group 4 years ago" Campbell answers
"Whats their stake in this one?"
"They must have made a deal- an arrangement with the terrorist's. They become a
band of mercenaries, an army without a country" he explains. He leaves Raiden
to infiltrate the strut.

Raiden sneaks into a small warehouse and hides around the boxes. However, he
notices an enemy sentry slumped on the ground knocked out cold. He see's
another one thrown from a rising elevator and gets a glimpse at a man standing
on it. He is short and broad...in a grey sneaking suit. With thick, messed up
hair secured by a blue bandana...
The rookie infiltration specialist CODEC's Campbell and tell's him there is
definitly another intruder in the compound with him. Its not a team, he
explains, but it looks like a solo job
"Whoever he is...he's got some skills" Raiden remarks- noticing all the
sentries have been knocked out cold. Campbell completely disregard's this
possibility and tell's Raiden how to go about accessing the soliton radar (a
special node access terminal is needed to turn it on) He quickly locates it and
presses his hand against the screen. Painful streams of electricity run up and
through his body for a few brief second's before it subsides. He log's into the
terminal and turns on his radar. Using his nano's to contact Campbell Raiden
has the radar system and operation thoroughly explained to him. It is then
explained to him how he can save mission data & the person who will be going
about doing so. A girl named Rose introduces herself calling Raiden "Jack".
Raiden is angry at this point- she isn't meant to be involved (Rose is his
girlfriend) Campbell explains that the FOX-HOUND analyst that was meant to be
looking after the mission was in an accident and Rosemary was brought in as a
replacement. Raiden whinges and moans some more about it but Campbell has made
up his mind- she stays. End of story. "You familiar with the Shadow Moses
incident?" he asks "If theres a crucial detail that case taught us, it was the
power of the operatives will to survive" Rose explains to Campbell that she
will be keeping a record of the conversational data and she clears up with him
that she is not required to follow his orders "outside her immediate duties"
With some words of encouragement she disconnects.

By now the guards that were knocked out by the mysterious intruder have come to
and are beginning to patrol the area again. They immediatly place the compound
on yellow-alert and Raiden must sneak a short distance, through the perceptive
soldiers, to the lift up the back of the warehouse. As he takes the lift up
Campbell continues to brief him;
"The terrorists call themselves 'Son's of Liberty'" he says "The name of their
leader is 'Solid Snake'"
"The hero of Shadow Moses?" Raiden asks "So thats why you changed my
"But he can't be 'the' Solid Snake. He died 2 years ago on that tanker. After
he blew it sky high" Campbell confirms
"Could he have survived?"
"Not a chance..."
When the lift reaches the top Raiden darts across to a stack of boxes and hides
behind them. Campbell tell's Raiden that SEAL team 10 has landed on struts B &
C (Raiden is on strut A) The President was apparently spotted on strut B.
Raiden is told that the Big Shell comprises of a central core and 6 struts
surrounding this. There are 2 of these structers (they are hexagon shaped and
placed end-on-end) As Raiden is leaving the roof he contact's Campbell and
ask's about the SEALS. Campbell re-iterates that they do not know he is there;
"You know we work in the dark and this mission is no exception. Only a few
people know about your presence here" Raiden is still edgy but Campbell
re-assures him that the dicisions and orders, although top secret, have gone
through both the Secretary of Defense and the Vice-President. A slightly
relaxed Raiden disconnects and go's through Strut A. He takes a connecting
bridge across to Strut B and emerges into a hallway filled with corpses and

Edging down the hall & around the corner the unarmed Raiden looks at the door
into the generator room. Inside, 3 SEAL's slowly patrol, their sense's tuned to
the max.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, 3 darts shoot down and hit one SEAL
straight in the side of his head. Collapsing into a bloody heap, the 2
remaining SEAL's completely panic and begin to shoot blindly into the air.
Then, a blur dart's down and strikes another SEAL across the chest, he
collapses too. The lone SEAL, his companions dead, continues to fire panic
striken in all directions. Terror and fear are covering his eyes. From the
safety of the corridor outside Raiden listen's to the subdued sounds of gunfire
and can't help but feel some sympathy for the men he knows are dying.
The SEAL doesn't notice that up, suspended on the pipes above him, the attacker
crouches poised ready to murder his last victim. It jumps down into a hunch
infront of the SEAL & looks up from the ground. The middle-aged man, with
jet-black hair and a goatee, snarls at the remaining soldier. The SEAL begins
to fire at the attacker. But he, in a move that defies physics, dodges the
bullets by spinning on a vertical axis all the way to the SEAL. Darting around
his side he cuts the SEAL's wrist and wraps his arm around his victims neck. He
cuts the soldier's throat with a large arm movement and the last victim fall's
to his knees. Blood spurts out from his jugular like a hose. The attacker
patiently walks off as the radio unit on one of the murdered SEAL's continues
to ask if anyone is there.

As the sounds of the melee die down Raiden cautiously enter's the generator
room where the the SEAL's were murdered. Gun fire smoke suspends below the
ceiling. Sneaking around a unit Raiden looks into the corner and see's the
attacker suspending the body of a SEAL against the wall. His body is being held
inches off the ground. The attacker's mouth is up against the SEAL's
throat...and is sucking the victims blood. The attacker hears Raiden behind him
and turns around with a snarl.
"What are you?" Raiden ask's placidly.
The attacker draws his blade from its sheath and makes a long cut in his chest.
"Five today" The attacker says. "or rather...six..."
With that, he jumps into the air and lands behind Raiden. However, the
mysterious attacker has done this so quickly that Raiden is still looking up
from where he jumped from! The "Vampire" slowly raises his hand to take out
Raiden...but is quickly stopped when another party enters the room.
"Get down!" the 3rd person says. Raiden ducks and the man sprays bullets behind
Raiden's position. Raiden quickly turns around and finds no-one is there. The
man slowly edges into the room and, in a voice that dictates anger, not fear or
apprehension, ask's "Where is he?"
Scanning the room, the man is dressed in the SEAL's combat fatiques and wear's
a balaclava over his head. He looks around at his eye level and down, but fails
to look up. The attacker uses this to his advantage- he jumps down and cut's
the SEAL's wrist making his gun fly across the room to Raiden. Raiden snatches
up the gun and points it at the adversary- who has pushed the SEAL onto his
knee's. The attacker holds the SEAL down by driving his head into his
shoulders. Suddenly the attacker throws the SEAL, like a flimsy rag doll, up
against the wall with only his left hand and holds him a foot off the ground.
The "vampire" also has his hand wrapped around the SEAL's head- making it
impossible to breathe & simply not able to resist the vice-like grip. Drawing
his face to the SEAL's neck he takes a quick breath in;
"HHHMMM...strange smell..." he remarks in a thick European accent "You smell
like Sol--has to be" He throw's the SEAL off the wall and onto the ground.
"Shoot him! What are you waiting for?!" the SEAL yell's to Raiden. The
FOX-HOUND operative, who has watched this entire sequence in awe, doesn't
hesitate to shoot at the attacker. Raiden empties a full clip trying to shoot
him but he dodges the bullets simply by spinning. As Raiden empties the end of
his magazine the "Vampire" recieves a call.
"Vamp?" a woman on his radio ask's
"Yeah Queen?" Vamp replies in a calm tone
"Are you all done cleaning up?"
"Yes...but wait till I tell you what I found..."
"Something interesting?"
"I'll tell you in person. Where are you?"
"In the central unit with the President"
"Be right there"
As "Vamp" has had this conversation the weakened SEAL had managed to remove a
clip from his pouch and slide it across the floor to Raiden. By the time it had
reached him, and been inserted into the automatic assault rifle, the attacker
had jumped off. He teases Raiden by darting over him a few times...then is

     Raiden approaches the collapsed soldier and point's his gun at him.
Imploring him to calm down the SEAL slides over to a generator unit and slumps
up against that. He removes his balaclava. The face that Raiden see's, but
doesn't realise, is that of Solid Snake- the man who undertook the mission to
gain evidence of Metal Gear Ray on the tanker 2 years ago. Even more
surprising, he identifies himself as Lieutenant Junior Grade Iroquois Pliskin.
Raiden ask's Pliskin if he is a SEAL but he doesn't reply. However he explains
that he infiltrated the facility by fastroping from a navy chopper. Raiden
examines Pliskin some more and see's a bug crawl out from underneath him.
Pliskin could only have gotten that bug if he was near, or in, a vent...
Pliskin, who is sitting down against a unit, looks up at Raiden who is standing
over him. The suit is very familiar to Pliskin and he ask's Raiden if he is
with FOX-HOUND. Raiden is obviously very surprised that Pliskin would have such
a knowledge of the top-secret unit and, apprehensively, answers that "yes" he
is with FOX-HOUND.
"FOX-HOUND was dispanded" Pliskin states. Raiden replies with a questionable
grunt and Pliskin tries another question;
"Where were you before FOX-HOUND? Delta force?" he ask's.
Raiden explains that he was a apart of the Armies Force 21 trials (which were
about tactical I.T. deployment) He admits that he has no real field experience
but has had extensive V.R. training which is indistinguishable from the real
"A virtual grunt of the digital age...thats just great!" remarks Pliskin
"Thats far more effective than live exercises" retort's Raiden
"You don't get injured in V.R. do you?" Pliskin asks "Every year a few soldiers
die in field exercises"
"Theres a pain sensation in V.R. and even a sense of reality and urgency! The
only difference is it isn't actually happening" Raiden enthusiastically replies
"Thats the way they want you to think to remove you from the fear that goes
with battle situations" Pliskin explains "War is a videogame...what better way
to raise the ultimate solider..."

Raiden holds the rifle he used, against Vamp, to Pliskin and he takes it. As
he's doing this he recieves a CODEC call from Campbell who ask's for a status
report. Raiden explains that he has seen SEAL team 10's Alpha squad be wiped
out & there is a single survivor. Campbell says that it looks like they took
the President somewhere else and ask's about the survivor. Raiden tell's
Campbell the survivors name but Campbell wants to know if Pliskin has seen his
"This is a top-secret mission" he explains "No-one can know we're involved"
"Its a little to late for that" teases Raiden.
The pair walk down a small flight of stairs to a body slumped at the bottom of
them. The corpse is that of a male's and is dressed in a Navy uniform that
implies the person held a senior rank. As they study the body Pliskin becomes
disoriented and stumbles back onto the stairs. He know's he's like this because
Vamp cut his wrist and he lost a few pints of blood. He tell's Raiden to give
him a few minutes.

Raiden ask's Snake about the man that just attacked them. "That blood sucking
freak?" he expresses with a mark of contempt "That was Vamp" Pliskin explains
that he is Romanian and a wizard with knives. "You won't see the way he moved
in V.R." he remarks. Pliskin also explains that Vamp is a member of dead cell.
Raiden ask's what 'dead cell' is and Pliskin explains the it was a special
forces unit created by ex-President George Sears. The name was meant to reflect
the unit's anti-terrorist functions. They would launch unannounced assaults on
government complexes for "the ultimate terrorism simulation". "They were needed
to show V.R. troopers, like you, how to deal with the real thing" Pliskin
explains "But around the time their original leader died in prison, the unit
began to unravel" he reveals. They were always close to the edge, but they went
even further, going after U.S. allies, even civilians. There are conservative
estimates that no less than 100 people died because of "accidents" dead cell
members made. The unit was out of control and 6 months ago it was shut down.
Pliskin now figures there are 3 members left in the squad. Raiden ask's why
'Dead Cell' were going after the big shell. "How the hell should I know?"
answer's Pliskin "They were on the lunatic fringe"

Raiden ask's Pliskin about the 'Dead Cell's' leader 'Solid Snake' and Pliskin
explains that the real Solid Snake died 2 years ago. He then ask's Pliskin if
the Big Shell's location was where Snake died and he replies Snake sunk the
"But he's a legend!" counter-charges Raiden
"Legends are usually bad news. There's not a lot of difference between heroes
and mad men" Pliskin explains
"You saying Snake is still alive? And pulled another one?" Raiden ask's with
some hope in his voice.
"No, Snake's not involved in this one. His body was positively I.D'ed 2 years
Raiden ask's about the other forces that have obviously taken over the facility
& Pliskin says that they are former members of the Soviet Military. Most likely
Mercenaries. They were required because 'Dead Cell' could obviously not cover
all of the shell by themselves. Pliskin is amazed- Raiden was never told any of
this in the briefing...and came in alone as well? Pliskin ask's the infiltrator
what he's really doing at the Shell but he doesn't answer. The SEAL doesn't
really care- his more-than used to people not answering his questions. He takes
out a cigarette and offer's the pack to Raiden, who refuses. Pliskin tell's him
to keep them for luck. He also hands his SOCOM sidearm to Raiden, who more than
gratefully takes that. There's a moment of awkward silence before the radio on
Pliskin's back activates;
"Come in Alpha zero. This is Bravo zero. Currently at the bridge between struts
B & C. The President is-- damn! I can't hit this thing. Its like some bad
dream..." The radio is drowned out continuously by sounds of gunfire. Raiden
anxiously ask's Pliskin if he's going to answer, this time its Pliskin's turn
to ignore the question. Pliskin say's its best if Raiden goes to the bridge
because he needs some more time. Raiden begins to walk up the stairs that
Pliskin is resting on, then he turns around and ask's Raiden what he's name is.
Raiden gives Pliskin the name assigned to him by Campbell.
"Raiden? Strange codename" replies Pliskin
"Make's up for the boring one my parents gave me" retorts Raiden (Rose has been
calling Raiden 'Jack' on the CODEC)
"Maybe I'll find out someday" Pliskin says with a signal from his hand in
farewell. He quickly passes out.

Leaving Pliskin to recover from the serious wound, Raiden leaves the generator
room and exit's the strut to access the B-C connecting bridge. As he walks out
the sound of seagull's quickly get his attention, but then their squarks are
drowned out by the sound of automatic gun fire. As he walks out the doorway, he
notices straight ahead is the bridge to strut C, but he also notices the
junction halfway down that leads to the central core. Raiden can see a group of
SEAL's (Bravo team), positioned on either side, are shooting at something down
near the core. As he edges out he see's that the soldiers are firing at a
woman. She calmy walk's out of the doorway and wields a gun that is nearly as
long as her entire body height. She walks over and stands in position over the
body of a man- Raiden identifies him as the President. How the SEAL's could be
possibly missing this woman is beyond Raiden- until he see's that the bullets
are swerving around her! The placid look on her face, as well as the
gracefulness of the bullet's skimming around her, make the scene seem very
peaceful and tranquil. The violent eruption of gunfire and seriousness of the
situation overshadow's this thought in Raiden's mind. Suddenly, the woman
"Come! Put me out of my misery!" she orders the SEAL's. They continue to vainly
shoot at her.
Although he is standing right next to them, Raiden's precense has gone
un-noticed to Bravo team. Right next to him, a SEAL taps another one on the
shoulder "This is impossible. Nothing will hit her!" he says
"Is she the one they call Fortune?" the other SEAL ask's back.
Suddenly, any hope of serenity and calm in the situation vanishes as Vamp walks
out from the central core and stands next to Fortune. Knowing that Fortune is
protecting him, he bends down and effortlessly picks up the limb body of the
President, one handed, and places him over his shoulder. He picks up his
briefcase to. Vamp then carries the 2 asset's back into the core. The SEAL's
are now very anxious- their goal and mission objective, as well as their
leader, are being whisked away. They quickly swarm Fortune. She stands at the
end of a bridge no more than one meter (3ft) wide. The men begin to scramble
down, single file, and the leader launches an explosive from the undercarriage
of his assault rifle. It lands right next to Fortune's feet but fails to
explode. She gently nudges it aside. "Today is another bad day" she remarks
with a disapointed edge to her voice. Suddently, a fork section expands from
the barrel of her weapon "Is there anyone here that can give me happiness?" she
ask's the SEALS's. Now too tightly grouped together to fall back, she fires her
weapon at Bravo team 4 times. The blasts, and resulting explosions, from her
rail cannon throw the SEAL's back like pieces of tissue paper. The one's that
aren't riped to shred's by the laser blast's are simply blasted off the bridge
into the depths far below. The bridge section between her and the SEAL's is
completely wiped out. However, a few meters of bridge continue to hang
suspended in front of her gradually tilting downwards. A SEAL grips the top of
this vainly hoping to pull himself up and Fortune just stares straight down at
him. The bridge breaks off and falls down, along with the SEAL. A smoldering
bird carcas then fall's down next to Fortune "I'm so sorry my beauties. I'll
see you again someday" she apologises. Turning around, she walks back into the
central core, dozen's of birds caught up in the wash of the explosion fall down
to the ocean in her wake.

Raiden contact's Campbell and informs him that, now, both SEAL teams Alpha and
Bravo have been wiped out. Campbell informs Raiden that the terorist's now
posess a harrier aircraft and, although they have that, the SEAL's got the
terrorist's attention and allowed Raiden to slip in un-noticed. That also
allowed Campbell to conjecture the Big Shell's defensive capabilities. Campbell
is now worried as the terrorist's may elect to retaliate for the failed strike
and blow the C4 placed over the facility. Campbell instruct's Raiden to work on
removing the explosives placed over the shell- the President can wait, this
can't. He tell's Raiden to meet the Bravo teams explosive's specialist, who
wasn't involved in the battle, over at Strut C. Raiden becomes increasingly
worried- the Dead Cell members are obviously a force to be reckoned with and
what he has just seen was theoretically impossible. Rose interrupt's and gets
Raiden to snap out of it "Nothing seem's real" he remarks...

Filled with feelings of fear and disbelief, Raiden quickly makes it to Strut C
and goes into the mess hall. Spotting a man crouched next to an oven, Raiden
point's his SOCOM at him and orders the man not to move. Slightly on edge, as
he's seen too many bad things and too many people die, he refuses to take any
risk's. The man he holds up is dressed in a large blue coat with 'POLICE'
written on the back of it.
"You a cop?" Raiden asks. The man continues to crouch but rest's his weight on
a cane.
"I'm not NYPD" he explains "I came in with the Bravo team" Then, its the man's
turn to ask Raiden a question- demanding to know who he is and wanting to know
what happened to SEAL team 10. Raiden explains that they are dead and the man
begins to get up.
"Did I tell you you could move?" ask's Raiden impatiently. He then point's his
gun away to another noise entering the room.
"Its OK- he's not one of the bad guys" Pliskin says casually walking into the
room "Don't go pointing that thing everywhere kid" he remarks, unfazzed at
having the gun pointed at him. The man identifies himself as Peter Stillman and
Pliskin recognises the name almost instantly- he's a lecturer and a consultant
for the NYPD bomb squad. Stillman sums it up best; "...a poor old man who got
dragged along for this picnic"
"Thought you retired...?" Raiden ask's
"I did, can't keep up with everybody as you can see" he explains, refering to
his prosthetic limb. "A famous church got wiped off the map thanks to me. There
were to many lives inside. All I lost was this leg"
Ignoring his plight for sympathy, Raiden ask's if Stillman is the bomb disposal
"Kid- this is 'the' bomb disposal guy" Pliskin replies. He goes onto explain
that if you open any book on explosives you'll see his name somewhere inside.
Stillman add's that he was called out of retirement, even though he is 'ancient
history', because one of the terrorist's is a former student of his- Fatman.
Known as the 'emperor of explosives' Stillman reveals that Fatman had such an
aptitude with explosives that he built an atomic bomb when he was just 10 years

"Are you two with SEAL team 10? I didn't see you at the briefing..." Stillman
asks. Caught between a rock and a hard place Snake quickly dismisses the
question explaining that the pair are with another squad (Pliskin, knowing
Raiden is with FOX-HOUND, understand's that he can't explain why he is there or
who he is) The SEAL, however, introduces himself to Stillman who, in turn,
ignores Pliskin's outstretched hand and ask's him if he has any bomb disposal
experience. "Don't worry about me" Pliskin assures then indicates Raiden "and
he looks young but he can do it" Raiden begins to say something but feels
insecure when the 2 men turn to him. Stillman ask's Raiden what his name is and
he gives him his codename. Stillman also thinks its a strange name. Standing
infront of these 2, everyday personalities with normal names and clothing,
Raiden can't help but feel a little embarrassed.
"Any other survivors?" ask's Pliskin
"There was also an engineer with me" explains Stillman "A skinny guy...he went
in with us. I haven't seen him since that skirmish"
"Was he killed?" Pliskin ask's in a slightly-worried tone.
"I don't think so...I didn't find his body" Stillman was told that the 'skinny
guy' was a security systems architect for the Big Shell. He was supposed to get
them past the security checkpoints.
Understanding they have more pressing concern's Pliskin advises them to worry
about the bombs- and they'll have to do it themselves.
"I've never defused a bomb before..." complains Raiden. He is cut short when he
recieves a CODEC call.

Campbell is glad to hear that Stillman is safe and instruct's Raiden to assist
him in clearing the C4 from the structure. Raiden is still worried at the
prospect of bomb maintenence but Campbell reassures him that if he follows
Stillman's directions he will be fine. Stillman is the best in his field.
However, Campbell once again order's Raiden to ensure that he keeps his
identity & objectives to himself. He is ordered to destroy the bombs with
Stillman's assistance and, with some words of encouragement from Rose, he
disconnect's. Stillman, Pliskin and Raiden walk over to a buffet and Pliskin
hold's a demo bomb unit infront of them. He clears up that they will not be
dismantling the bombs- thats not for amatuers. Although complete defusion is
optimal they have to settle for a special freezing measure. He explains that
this will knock the detonator out of commision for atleast 24 hours. Stillman
presses a button on the bomb and a red light starts flashing. A soft beeping
sound is also being emitted & he explains that the bomb is now "live". Stillman
then takes a small cannister of what looks-like bug repellent and sprays it on
the bomb. Within seconds it has turned into a giant ice cube. He assures that
the coolant spray can be used from several feet away but the bombs are small
and they're going to have to check everywhere. Stillman then gives each of them
a small cylinder- he explains that it is an ion mobility spectrometre. These
will help them locate the bombs as they "sniff the C4's scent" (they actually
recognise the ionised gas released by the C4's) The area the bomb is in will
appear as a green blur on their radar. Raiden, however, is curious- will
Fatman, the one who undoubtly created the bombs strewn over the structures,
make all his bombs give off a scent? Stillman is very familiar with Fatman's
work and knows that he gives the aesthetics (looks) of his bombs the utmost
importance, as well as different kinds of signatures. All of his bombs have
traces of cologne and the Ion sensor they have picks up that scent spectrum.

"Is that something he learnt from you?" Raiden asks
"No, it was his own quirk. He wouldn't work by any rules except his own. And he
followed them like a religion. And common sense wasn't one of his strong
points. I thought I taught him everything I knew. I had no children of my own
and I thought I found a son in him." Stillman sadly remarks "He had the right
stuff you know. There's something very unusual about an ability like that. Even
at Inidian head he got special treatment. I remember some people called him one
of the 'fatcats' Maybe thats what started all this." confiding in the 2 men,
Stillman takes a deep breath. "I didn't teach him the most important thing I
had to tell him, there are some things you have to pass on, the trick is to
know which one. Right. All I taught him was skill's. And now I have to stop him
from using it to destroy us all"

Getting straight back into it, Stillman quickly explains the use of the ion
mobility spectrometer to them. He then explains that he knows where Fatman
would target if he wanted to destroy the plant- he knows the structure. "I
taught him the techniques he uses. His idea's are based on my theories.
Demolition is a kind of ideology- it makes no exception for time or place"
Stillman easily conjectures that there will be C4 on each Strut which means
there are atleast 12 bombs. Pliskin volunteer's to do Shell 2. Stillman gives
him a level 3 card that will allow him to access Shell 2 (the engineer gave him
the card before he copy any more for anyone else) Raiden is left to do shell 1.
As the 2 men begin to exit Stillman starts to walk with them. An impatient
Pliskin tell's Stillman to stay in the messhall "I don't have time to babysit"
he remarks. Raiden, slightly impatient as well, suggest's that Stillman helps
over the CODEC. Stillman reluctantly agree's "Good luck to all of you. This is
a dangerous one" he remarks "Who Dares Wins" Pliskin says back. He wishes
Raiden luck and begins to walk out. As he's walking out he says the word
"Semper Fi"- more to himself than to anyone else.

"That man's no SEAL" Stillman say's after Pliskin has left. "I don't even think
he's a Navy man. 'Semper Fi'. Marine corp talk." Stillman explains it further
to Raiden- the headphones that Pliskin wears are used by team leaders at
command points. The team leaders are usually kept away from the field as well.
And 'Who Dares Wins' is the motto of the S.A.S.
"Is he one of the terrorist's then?" ask's Raiden
"No, somehow I don't think so. If there's someone to suspect...I'd put my money
on you"
Raiden wants to contest this, wants Stillman to know he's wrong, but can't. He
musn't risk blowing his cover. Somehow, Stillman picks up on this and tell's
Raiden to worry about the bombs for the time being. He get's up and slowly
walks into the pantry. He points out its a good hiding spot- it has a lock &
plenty of food. When the door to it is nearly shut Stillman gives Raiden some
final words of advice; "Bomb disposal is a face off with your own mortality.
Don't let the fear get to you. When you give into the fear the darkness
He slams the door shut. All of the sudden Raiden feels very isolated &

Down the hallway, from the mess, is a woman's bathroom. Using the ion mobility
spectrometer Raiden effortlessly locates the bomb in there and defuses it.
Calling Stillman and telling him he has defused the bomb, Stillman is very
worried- Pliskin too has reported the locations of the bombs and they aren't
effective demolition points (Raiden found the bomb attached to the ceiling,
above the sink) If they have the genuine intention of blowing the Shell, then
all Stillman has seen is a waste of good explosives. "He couldn't have
overlooked the fact I would be called into this. There's something going on" he
Raiden goes back to the generator room, where he first encountered Vamp & met
Pliskin, and finds a bomb hidden behind an open door to a control unit. He
defuses that and goes back to Strut A- where he first accessed the shell. He
enters a room he couldn't access previously (the pump room) and quickly finds
the bomb by crawling through some pipes. After "cooling" his one he calls
Stillman again. "This is all wrong. This is something only an amateur would do"
Stillman grows increasingly worried- the bombs aren't in the right locations
and aren't in enough quantities. Raiden is told to watch his back and hurry up-
something isn't right.
Raiden walks across to strut F (a warehouse) and drops down from a balcony, to
behind some boxes, and defuses the bomb there. He quickly sneaks out and
arrives at the bridge between struts F & E. As he begins to make his way across
he recieves a CODEC call from an unidentified party. The person warns him that
there are claymore mines on the bridge and he should use a mine detector. The
person, in a rusty, metallic voice identifies themselves as 'Deepthroat'
"Deepthroat? You mean from Shadow Moses?" ask's Raiden
"Mr. X then" they reply
"Why did you contact me?" an apprehensive Raiden asks
"Lets just say I'm one of your fans"
Raiden quickly contact's Campbell to try and get some information. Campbell,
however, doesn't know anything. He confirms that the call was not burst
transmission- which meant is came from inside the base. The Colonel is certain
that it is absolutely not the man who used the some alias from Shadow Moses
island- Gray Fox (AKA Frank Jaeger. An ex-FOX-HOUND member who was the only
operative worthy of the distinction of being called 'Fox' After the fall of
Zanzibar his body was used for gene therapy experiments and was fitted with an
exoskeleton. He was revived and almost-definitly on the brink of insanity when
he fought alongside Snake in the Shadow Moses uprising. He was killed there by
Metal Gear Rex- which was controlled by Liquid Snake at the time)

Raiden deactivates some mines blocking his way on the bridge but doesn't waste
any time making it across to Strut E (a parcel room) and going up the stairs to
the helipad on top. However, as he goes outside and goes towards the stairs up
to the helipad he hears a conversation. A lady with short white hair stands on
top of the stairs on the radio.
"I've taken care of that annoying fly. Whats the situation there?" the man on
the other end asks. His voice dictates power and projection.
"Buzzling. I saw a man dressed like a ninja just now" she ask's in a thickly
"Its the only way to describe it. A kind of cyborg Ninja. Complete with a
"What?" he asks. The radio trembles with the power of his voice.
"Are you hiding something from me?" she ask's.
"Olga. Are you sure it wasn't an Arsenal Tenchu?"
"Don't be a fool. Think I wouldn't know the difference?!" Raiden can tell from
her body language she is angry, though she doesn't sound that way. "I've never
seen gear like that. Ever."
"Alright. We'll intensify patrols. Anything else?"
"Actually, one more thing. You'll find it hard to believe though. I saw a man
hiding under a cardboard box"
"Where?" he skeptically asks
"On the connecting bridge to shell 2" there is a long pause. Olga continues
"...so you believe me this time?"
"I've seen someone use that box trick before. We'll lay a trap on the Shell 2
connecting bridge" he finalises.
"Over and out then" She puts the radio away.
Raiden had always suspected there was more going on in the shell than he
thought and this confirms it. He needs answers. Although he has no idea what
he's going to do with her, he follows his instincts and jumps out pointing his
SOCOM at her. He's at the bottom of the stairs, she's at the top & siloetted by
the sun.
"Freeze!" he yell's at her. He orders her to drop the gun. Olga can't help but
get a small feeling of deja vu. "Not a chance" she remarks. Suddenly, she does
a side flip off the stairs to the bridge below. Raiden bolts up to the top
where she jumped down from. She's disapeared.
Raiden CODEC's Pliskin and tell's him he saw a Russian woman. Pliskin is quick
to assume it must be Olga Gurlukovich.
"How do you know?" a skeptical Raiden asks
"Unlike you, I've been briefed" Pliskin replies. He goes on to explain that she
isn't with Dead Cell but leads a Russian army. She's led the group since her
father, Sergei Gurlukovich, died 2 years ago. "Watch yourself with her" Pliskin
warns "She's a tough one"

Up on the helipad Raiden defuses the bomb underneath the harrier jump jet. He
call's Stillman and tell's him that much. Pliskin interupts to inform Stillman
that he's looked into Strut H on Shell 2 & explains that there is C4 packed
into the strut. Raiden ask's if its possible that they are dummies but Stillman
confirms that they are a threat- just not enough of one. The bombs Pliskin
found would inflict serious structural damage. The worst thing, Pliskin
confirms, is the ones he found were sensor proof- he only discovered them
through luck. Raiden, increasingly worried, ask's if there are any more.
Stillman volunteers to check it out himself but both Pliskin & Raiden agree
that he can't go anywhere. Stillman says he has no choice- it has to be him.
Raiden reminds him of his bad leg- but Stillman says he can walk just fine. He
can even run!
"What do you mean?" Raiden asks, confused
"That bomb, five years ago, I messed up. Even with all my experience I lost it.
And a church was lost in the explosion. All those kids playing nearby
to...these past five years I've lived a lie" he confesses
"Lied?" ask's Raiden
"Yes, lied. I didn't lose my leg in the explosion" Stillman reveals "So many
dead...all because of my mistake! All I could think about was hiding from the
crime, shielding myself from the public outcry. I wanted people to be sorry for
me...for my weakness..." Stillman faked being a victim himself because he
couldn't bear to face the families of the real victims
"I lived my lie so well I haven't answered to myself for my sins. It was
supposed to be a shield...and its become a shroud instead. I've killed my soul
by playing the victim. Instead of protecting me its made my life more hellish"
"What good can that do to victims?" Pliskin, who had been listening intently up
till this point, asks.
"I know...I'm a coward!" he confesses.
Pliskin tries to re-assure Pete- they still need him to fix the bombs. Stillman
then begins to speak about Fatman.
"...his crimes are also mine. One of ommision, and one of arrogance. No-one
should teach the skill's I taught him without a clear conscience. This is the
only way I can defuse my own sins" Stillman resolves.
Pliskin tell's Stillman that he has "taken care" of guards in struts G & H of
Shell 2. All the other ones are unsecured. Both Raiden and Pliskin wish
Stillman luck "Just don't ask for 'Peg-Legged-Peter'" he requests "He's gone
for good"

Raiden makes it to the sediment pool and locates the final explosive hidden
under a hatch. After freezing it he call's Stillman and ask's him about the C4
at the bottom of Strut H. Stillman explains it is sealed C4 in huge quantities.
Raiden ask's if there's another one and Stillman confirms for sure there would
be. It would be at the bottom of Strut A, Shell 1 (where Raiden first arrived)
Stillman says that if the bottom section of Strut H in Shell 2 were to be
destroyed the entire Big Shell would be well on its way to destruction.
However, it wouldn't sink immediatly- there would be 5 struts left to act as
support. However, if Strut A in Shell 1 sinks its an entirely different matter.
The structural integrity of the Big Shell depends on a very exact balance- if
both shell's were to loose a Strut each they would tear apart. Stillman
explains to Raiden that he has a sensor which will find the scentless bomb- he
created it when he was locked in the pantry. Stillman explains that he left it
there and Raiden should go and get it. Raiden run's back to the mess and gets
the sensor from the pantry & call's Stillman. He has examined the bomb further
and found that the detonator hasn't been activated but the sensors are live.
Stillman dwell's on this as Pliskin tunes in and gives a commentary as he
deactivates the final bomb on Shell 2. As Pliskin is nearly finished spraying
Stillman yell's "Wait!" but its to late. Stillman understands- the big one he
is investigating was rigged to start counting down when all the little ones
were deactivated. Raiden is told to get to the bottom of Strut A as that will
be counting down too- he has 400 seconds.

Darting through the sentries & through the Struts, Raiden arrives at the lift
that goes down to the dock on Strut A. It is there the bomb would be located.
As he takes the lift down he recieves a CODEC call from Stillman. The man
sounds completely defeated. He explains he fell for a proximity trigger.
Stillman never taught Fatman that, nor the multiple bomb trap. "Looks like he's
far surpassed me as far as explosive techniques goes" he remarks. Pliskin
desperatly tries convincing Stillman to get out, who knows its to late. He has
30 seconds left till the bomb detonates. He instruct's Pliskin to get out of
Strut H and Raiden to keep his distance. There's a moment of difficult silence
between the 3 men for a few seconds before a thunderous explosion rips through
the CODEC and in the distance. Nothing but static then on the other end.

Running through the underground warehouse Raiden finds the final C4 underneath
a small underwater probe and defuses it quickly. Campbell calls Raiden and
congratulates him for a job well done. "It was a sad loss to everyone" remarks
Raiden. Campbell agree's and gives him a damage report from the explosion on
Strut H- the duet for diverting contaminated seawater was destroyed, the
central section of Shell 2 is flooding and an oil slick ignited on the surface
of the ocean. Raiden is relieved to hear that the shell is still stable and the
chemicals are in containment. He's informed of his next objective- rescue the
President. Raiden, feeling slightly more secure now that a substantial threat
has been neutralized, makes his way back to the lift. When he is running down a
corridor, however, he gets another call from Campbell. He tell's Raiden that a
hostage has been executed in retaliation. They were shot on the roof to make
sure that a satelite caught it. Raiden wants to rescue the hostages as they
seem to be in the most compromised position- but Campbell re-iterates that he
must rescue the President first and foremost. Angry that one mans life is given
priority over 30 others Campbell is unmoved and tell's him he can't rescue them
"Not by myself" Raiden snaps back
"Are you expecting this Pliskin to come through?" Campbell ask's with a
sarcastic tone. He tell's Raiden that Pliskin has turned his CODEC off.
Campbell then tell's Raiden that Pliskin was not a factor in the simulation and
he must do the operation alone. Raiden is curious- why does Campbell keep
calling it a simulation? Rose cuts in and tell's Raiden to relax. Raiden then
hopefully ask's Campbell about the SEAL's, or more precisely, if any more
squads will be coming in. Campbell confirms that Raiden is their only hope.
Another mission isn't even on the drawing boards.

Raiden enters the warehouse but stop's short when he see's the lift arrive at
the bottom and a lady, with a massive gun, step off. Thousands of cockroaches
have converged at the entrance to the lift. But when the lady, Fortune, steps
off they move aside for her. Raiden carefully peer's out at her. "I can't tell
you how happy I'am that your alive after all. I knew this moment would come.
Show yourself and finish me- like you finished my father!" she urges. The lift
doors behind her close and the elevator goes up. "Otherwise you'll be the one
to die" She begin's to charge her weapon and point it at Raiden.
"Oh crap" he mutters. He dashes aside and dodges the long bolt of plasma
emitted from the gun. It is so powerful & hot that it melts a hole in a metal
crate. Jumping out from the side of a box he points his SOCOM at her. Her eyes
widen when she realises he isn't who she thought he was. "This could be
interesting" she observes. "You've seen the fire of hell haven't you? Maybe you
can give me death!" she begs "My name is Fortune. Nothing more, nothing else.
And without a death to call my own...hurry! Kill me please!" she begs. Raiden
had seen the uselessness of the SEAL's weapon's earlier but can't hide and do
nothing. He vainly shoots his SOCOM at Fortune in the small hope that perhaps a
bullet can get through. The rail cannon destroy's everything in the warehouse,
ignites chemicals, topples a forklift and melts hole's in any materials. As
Raiden shoots at her she teases him by saying things such as "Kill me!" or "put
me out of my misery!" When the room has been nearly completely destroyed, and
Raiden has only a few SOCOM rounds left, he recieves a CODEC call from
Campbell. He quickly explains to Raiden that Fatman just called and said he
placed a bomb on the heliport. He specifically asked for Raiden. Worse,
Campbell says a countdown has begun with 400 seconds remaining. Raiden speaks
his thoughts to Campbell, guessing that Fatman is planning on taking the place
out "Looks like his agenda is different from that of Dead Cell" he remarks...

Fortune stops firing and the smoke and dust in the warehouse clears. The lift
reaches the bottom again...and Vamp walk's from it coming to a stop next to
"I'll take over Queen" he smoothly offers
"What is it?" she asks
"It seems out friend Fatman is out of control"
"He'll actually try to destroy this place?" she contemplates
"Yes. This could unravel everything we've planned"
"But why would he do such a thing?"
"Who knows. But he's nothing more than a stereotyped mad bomber now. He's
completely lost sight of out ideals. And with it his loyalty to Commander
"Alright" Fortune resolves "I'll take care of the wayward soul" the barrel at
the end of Fortune's cannon shortens "It wasn't him. I expected more of this
one. Really" She sounds genuinly disapointed
"But he couldn't kill you I see?"
"Completely useless" she agrees
"Then he's all mine" Vamp sadistically says, stepping forward.
"Later Vamp" Fortune says.
All of the sudden, Raiden jumps out from the side of the box. "NOW!" he yells.
He shoots bullet after bullet at Fortune, all missing. 2 that move around her
haphazardly hit Vamp in the head and chest. He collapses to the ground with a
violent thud. Fortune, taken aback by the speed of the attack, quickly crouches
next to him and shields his body. Raiden continues to fire but bullets continue
to miss. Raiden gives up on trying to hit her.
"Vamp...are you gone?" she whispers at him. She begins to stroke his face
"No...NO! That death was meant for me! Why am I the only one who can't die?!
Alone again...cheated out of death again?!" She begins to weep on his body.
"How long will you force me to live? How much longer dead? You've punished me
Raiden approaches her and points his useless SOCOM at her crouched body. She
ignores him and Raiden carefully walks around her.
"I thought you could give me peace. But you couldn't kill me either" Raiden is
unsure as to whether she is speaking to him or not, but he ignores her and gets
onto the lift. It begins to go up & Raiden rest's all his body against the lift
wall. For some reason, the relief at being out of there is overpowering.
Down below, as her tears fall onto Vamp's face, the man's eyes shoot open
"There's no need for sorrow Queen" he placidly remarks. Fortune stops crying
and hapiness beams over her face. He looks up at her, his head gently cradled
in her arms, "I died once already...I can die twice..."


Raiden has little time to recover from the battle. When the elevator reaches
the top he darts to the helipad, with less than 7 minutes to do so, but easily
find's the bomb sitting in the middle of the helipad clear as day.  When he
defuses the bomb a strange scating noise begins to sound behind him. Raiden
turn's to face the noise but it seems to be coming from all directions. He then
begins to edge through the cargo-containers, listening to the voice.
"So your the one? Your right on time I see" Raiden point's his SOCOM between
the crates but can't find anything to shoot "I'am Fatman!" the voice says  "The
greatest humanity has to offer". Darting through the boxes he teases Raiden,
speaking about his bombs and the sound they make. The 'ticking' sound they emit
symbolising the eternal movement of time. Suddenly, the Fatman scates to a stop
infront of Raiden. He is big, very big, and wear's a large bomb disposal
outfit. He obviously lives up to his name. He pretentiously hold's a glass of
wine in his hand. "Life is short!" he says in an oddly juvenile voice "Bombs
tell the time with every moment of their existence. And nothing else announces
its own end with such a fanfare"
Raiden continues to study his new enemy "Glad you could make it. The parties
about to start"  Raiden keeps his cool and keeps his SOCOM trained on Fatman.
Unmoved, he takes a sip of his wine.

Raiden explains to Fatman that if he destroys the Big Shell he'll never get the
ransom they demanded. At first confused, Fatman replies with a harsh belly
laugh. Now its Raiden's turn to be confused. He entices Fatman to explain why
he's laughing by cocking his SOCOM.
"Oh you'll know soon enough! And I could care less for what they plan to do. My
ambition's are much more simple...to be the most famous bomber of them all!" he
"Your nuts! No-one's gonna' give a damn about you!" Raiden snaps
"Oh yes they will! I'll go down in history as the man who beat Peter Stillman!
Thats the only reason I assisted him" he says
"Like hell you beat Stillman" an angry Raiden charges "he had your number"
"What did you say?!" A furious Fatman snaps back
"You had nothing of his courage--" Raiden is cut off by Fatman's belly laugh.
He cock's his gun again and impatiently pry's Fatman about what he's so amused
at. His laughing abruptly stops "That crook died a dishonorable death 6 months
ago!" he reveals (refering to the Liquidation of 'Dead Cell')
"Only the right stuff survived that hell. Set me free you know. Opened the way
to a new dimension so that I may become the emperor among detonation devotee's"
"Your nothing but a common criminal and thats the only way people will remember
you!" Raiden counter charges
"How dare you!!" Fatman yells, smashing his glass on the ground. "I'am an
artist!" Quickly turning, he scates off to behind a crate. "Its time to start
the party!" he teases. Fatman explains to Raiden that he's going to place some
bombs and Raiden will have to defuse them. This is the challenge and will be
the "game" they will play. "Laugh! And grow fat!" he declares.

Despite his immense size, Fatman uses his rollerblades to glide gracefully &
quickly through the large cargo containers and places bomb's all over the roof.
Raiden barely keeps up with the suicidal attacker but manages to defuse enough
to simply bore Fatman and get him to try more direct methods of attack. The man
uses an automatic handgun to attack Raiden and he must dodge the bullets, as
well as aim for Fatman's head (his bomb disposal suit is bulletproof)
Eventually Raiden's relentless attack's overwhelm Fatman and he comes to a dead
stop and rest's against a small crate. Raiden carefully approaches his body. Up
against the crate, Fatman looks down on his chest as the blood begins to seep
into his suit and turn the green red.
"Oh no, I have nothing to wear to the party" Fatman says, maintaining his
annoying sense of humor even in the face of death.
"The parties are over for you!" Raiden tries to mock.
"Thats what you think!" Fatman snaps back. He takes out a small device and
activates it. Raiden demands to know what he just did. When Fatman is stubborn
and doesn't explain Raiden pull's off the shield across Fatman's face and grabs
his collar. His head is pale, bald and scarred. Fatman explains then that it
was the switch for the biggest bomb on the entire shell. Throwing the device
away, Raiden points his gun at it but doesn't fire- destroying it won't do
anything. Raiden ask's where the bomb is and Fatman assures it is close by.
Raiden order's Fatman to tell again. He's completely unworried;
"Thats your problem" he says with a smile "This is the highlight of the party.
Bring it on I say. They'll be happy to! I'll die here and start my legend. To
bad you won't be around to see the movies." Fatman takes one final last breath.
"Laugh! And grow fat!" He declares once again before slumping into death. The
bomb Fatman talked about isn't hard to find- it is hidden underneath his body.
Raiden drags off his corpse and sprays it. The threat is finally over.

Calling Campbell, Raiden confirms this. Raiden ask's him then why Fatman didn't
know their demands. Campbell's conjecture is that Fatman was kept in the dark
on purpose. "He seemed to be coming from a very different place from the other
terrorists" he observes. He then goes on to tell Raiden to keep his mind
focused on rescuing the hostages. Knowing where this is going, he grudgingly
ask's what his orders are. "Rescue the President" Campbell puts bluntly. He
then suggest's that Raiden start by searching the central core- its the only
area he hasn't been to yet. On the other "line" Raiden begins to get another
call. Campbell goes offline and Raiden takes the call from Pliskin. He's alive
and well, despite the explosion, and stayed alive with the help of "a friend"
but was knocked out cold for awhile. Raiden explains to Pliskin that both the
bombs and Fatman have been taken care of. Asking for the status of Shell 2,
Pliskin answers that Strut H has been crippled. Confused that the toxins
haven't been released, Raiden ask's this much. However, Pliskin isn't sure what
Raiden is talking about "Well, looks like theres not much danger of that in any
case" he assures. He then explains that the central core is flooding and won't
last very long.

Raiden ask's about President Johnson and the other hostages. Pliskin is sure
that they are in Shell 1 because there were none in Shell 2. Raiden re-affirm's
their need to get them out.
"Can you pilot a chopper?" Raiden asks.
"No, but I brought a gearhead with me. He's a good guy. I'll introduce you
Raiden tell's the SEAL that he's location is the helipad, and that the harrier
has disapeared, which makes Pliskin start worrying. They have no chance of
escaping in a helicopter with a harrier chasing after them. Raiden then ask's
about the President "No, that one's all yours" Pliskin replies. Raiden reminds
the SEAL that the President is on top of their rescue list "Your orders, not
mine" Pliskin says back. Before Raiden can enquire about his meaning, Pliskin
goes offline.

Knowing that his next objective is to rescue the President, but with only a
vague idea of how to do so, Raiden begins to make his way to the exit of the
helipad. But before he reaches it he is ambushed by a muscular figure in a
metallic exo-skelton. The figure jump's up from the stairs and lands in a
crouch in front of Raiden. "You passed with flying colours" the figure says, in
a heavily accented yet eerily robotic voice. Raiden is afraid and demands to
know the things identity. It draw's its sword and point's it at Raiden.
"I'm like you, I have no name" it says.
Raiden ask's if the figure is 'Mr. X' but he recieves a negligible response. He
gesture's Raiden to follow him down the stairs. When they reach the bottom, at
the end of a balcony that is enclosed unlike the open helipad, Raiden ask's the
thing if he is with FOX-HOUND. It turn's around and faces him.
"Neither enemy nor friend. Just a messanger from Lalaelulaelo" A bit perplexed,
Raiden can't ask before what it means before the "ninja" taps the side of his
head (indicating the 2 to use their CODEC's) He explains it's safer to use that
as it prevent's eavesdropping. When they connect, Raiden ask's the "ninja" why
he contacted him. In turn, it explains it was ordered to supply backup and
relay intelligence. It won't explain by who. He then tell's Raiden that he
knows where the President is "Or rather, the person who knows the current
location of the President" Raiden is informed of a Secret Service agent named
'Ames' that is being helf with the other hostages. Ame's is apparently the head
of the President's security detail and is fitted with nano-machines, meaning he
can be easily tracked & contacted.

Raiden ask's the ninja where the hostages are being held. It reveals they are
being held in the B1 conference hall, Shell 1 core. The ninja doesn't know what
Ame's look's like, but advise's Raiden to use his ears. Raiden doesn't have
time for clues, and makes this known, so the ninja clears up that Ames is
fitted with a pacemaker meaning his heartbeat will be different from everyone
elses. Raiden should be able to tell him apart with a special microphone. The
Ninja then gives Raiden a security level 2 card. After explaining how the card
works to Raiden, the Ninja that the core is heavily guarded, perhaps the most
guarded place in the entire Shell. The Ninja chucks a uniform to Raiden and
tell's him he can wear that. However, the guard's wear different uniform's for
different sector's so Raiden can only wear the unform he was given in the core.
The guards will undoubtly get suspicious if he wears it anywhere else. He is
also advised to aquire an enemy weapon as well- using his current ones,
together with the uniform, will also make the guard's look closer. Finally, the
Ninja tell's Raiden about the final retinal scanner needed to pass into order
to access the conference room.
Skeptical about the Ninja's openess, and the possibility its a trap, Raiden
lets this be known. The Ninja's in-direct explanation, and word twisting, only
pushes Raiden past the boundaries of patience.

With everything cleared, the Ninja tell's Raiden to hurry- they possess a
nuclear weapon. Raiden is horrified- they have a nuke with them?! The Ninja
explains that even though they have the President hostage, the Pentagon would
know that the terrorist's can't escape, so they would need to use the nuke to
'entice' the Pentagon to pay the ransom. Raiden tell's the Ninja that, even
with the nuke, they don't have the access codes rendering the bomb nothing more
than an atomic paperweight. But the Ninja reveals they have the codes to! The
code, it explains, is separated into 2 parts. One part belonged to the braclet
of a Navy captain (Raiden & Pliskin had seen that person's body, and the
braclet, in the generator room after the confrontation with Vamp) The other
part of the code was on the 'football' (the President's briefcase- which Vamp
had taken great care in picking up during Fortune's melee with Bravo team)
Raiden ask's the Ninja why the President brought the 'football' with him- it is
just a decontamination plant after all.
"'Dead Cell' didn't have to bring the nuke along with them. It was right here
to begin with"
"But why is there an obvious cover up?" Raiden ask's
"For Metal Gear, which is housed here" the Ninja eases out. He then goes on to
explain the location of its latest incarnation- right where they are standing.
"What the hell is going on here?" a perplexed Raiden ask's. The Ninja informs
him to ask Ames the rest. He then hands Raiden a mobile phone and tell's him to
keep it handy. When Raiden looks down at the phone, and ask's the Ninja what
the phone is for, he looks up and the figure has disapeared.

Contacting Campbell on the CODEC, Raiden straight away ask's his support who
the Ninja was that he just met. Campbell explains that no-one like that is in
his unit. He then ask's Campbell about Metal Gear;
"First I've heard of it" he replies.
Raiden obviously doesn't trust him but doesn't have very many options.
"Listen Raiden, I've been completely open with you and told you everything I
"Is that everything you know, or everything I need to know?" he retorts.
Both Rose and Campbell tell Raiden to focus and take his mind off his paranoia.
He is ordered to locate and rescue Ames. Raiden reminds Campbell of his
suspicion of the Ninja's openness but Campbell tell's him to follow the Ninja's
directions. They seem to have no other choice. Before letting Raiden continue,
Campbell reminds him to collect as much data as he can, on anything (including
Metal Gear)

Raiden dresses as a Russian private army member and infiltrates the Shell 1
core. Before he access' the conference room on level B1, Raiden goes to the
computer lab one floor below and acquires a directional microphone. Going back
up a floor, Raiden grabs a soldier by the neck, strangles him, and uses the
limp body's eye's against the retinal scanner to access the conference room.
When Raiden steps in, dressed head to toe as an enemy soldier, the room is
quiet. Deathly quiet. 30 hostages sit gagged, blindfolded and tied up. A sole
guard watches over them. The Colonel call's Raiden on his CODEC and tell's him
that Ames is in there but the only thing they know about him is that he wears a
pacemaker (Henceforth, his heartbeat should sound drastically different) He's
instructed to use the mike. Campbell gives him some final, serious, words of
advice and tells Raiden not to ask anyone unless he is finally sure it is Ames.
If he ask's to many people the patrolling guards will get suspicious and may
call for backup. If this happens the area will be sealed and Raiden will have
no chance of escape. Raiden searches through the hostages and points the
directional microphone at them. Generally, their heartbeats are fairly relaxed,
but when Raiden get's near them the heartbeat's begin to accelerate
dramatically. However, despite this, Ames heartbeat is easy to separate from
everyone elses- a high pitched noise it emmited from his heart. When Raiden
finds him, he quickly crouches next to him and explains how he got in and that
he is going to take off the tape (across his mouth) When able to speak, the
first thing Ames ask's is who told Raiden about him, to which Raiden explains
the Ninja. Raiden then takes off the blindfold. The man then introduces himself
as Richard Ames and explains that he wasn't brought in by the Secret Service
but by the 'Laleelulaelo' "Just like you were" he remarks. Raiden doesn't
understand what he's talking about.

In a small room, next to the conference room, Revolver Ocelot sit's watching
the exchange on a security monitor. He listen's intently. However, he can't
listen to much because Ames quickly tell's Raiden to switch to nano
communications. Ocelot is obviously annoyed at their decision. When the two
establish CODEC contact Raiden starts them off by asking where the President
is. Ame's explains that he was moved to the 1st floor of Shell 2's core
section. Raiden is hesitant to ask if the President has been killed but Ames
doesn't pick up on Raiden trying to imply that. Raiden has to then explain that
a hostage was killed in retaliation. Whe
n Ames pick's up on what Raiden is trying to say, he explains that the
President will not be touched. The briefcase the President owns is a fail safe
system, perhaps the most advanced example of a fail safe system in the world.
President Johnson's vital signs are monitored and relayed to the case.
Brainwave patterns, heartbeats and the like all must fall within normal area's.
In other words, this will tell whether the President is making the decision
under duress or of his own free will. The password input is re-confirmed every
hour and if the President's vital sign's aren't normal then the launch will be
automatically cancelled. Likewise, if the password is simply not reconfirmed,
the launch will be cancelled. Raiden ask's Ame's if a new Metal Gear is in the
Shell and Ames confirms this. Furthermore, he explains, the President's
briefcase is the key to Metal Gear. Raiden ask's Ames why they have hidden
Metal Gear on an offshore plant and Ames is simply amazed- they have obviously
not told Raiden anything. he goes to reveal that everything was planned- the
oil spill, the tanker, the accident. Everything. The Big Shell was built
specifically for the development of a new Metal Gear Model. The Government tour
that was being conducted, when the Shell was taken over, was to check the
progress. Raiden ask's Ames whats going on but the conversation abruptly

Turning off their CODEC's, the pair turn around and look into a small control
room that looks into the conference hall. A hooded figure, dressed a black
trench coat, walks in.
"Here comes Snake" says Ames.
He direct's Raiden to listen in with his directional microphone. Raiden points
it into the room and hears Revolver Ocelot tell "King" that Fatman is dead.
"It doesn't matter" the man responds in a powerful voice "Saves us the trouble
of getting rid of him ourselves"
Ocelot ask's the man why Fatman betrayed them but he has no idea- they are
lunatics after all.
"Nothing they do should come as a surprise" he remarks.
Ocelot volunteers to recheck Fatman's background just in case.
"You think he is working for 'them'" the man asks
"We can't discount the possiblity" answers Ocelot
The two figures discuss the intruder on the base. He has a sneaking suit so
"King" should know the most about it. He explains that FOX-HOUND was disbanded
4 years ago...so it must be "The Patriots"...
"King" then goes on to ask about the damage to Shell 2. He's told the
circulation system for contaminated water has been damaged & the lower block is
flooded. He instruct's Ocelot to secure the brdige between Shell's 1 & 2 and
tell's Ocelot it will have no effect on "it". Asking about the President,
"King" is told the password is needed for another hour. He instruct's Ocelot to
keep the President alive for that long. The unit needs to be activated. The
code's have been entered- all they need is 'the girl' to start the system.
"Only a few more steps to Outer Heaven" the man proudly remarks

Olga Gurlukuvich walks into the room. She ask's both Shalashska and "King"
about the Ninja- the caped man respond's that he's looking into it.
"Olga! Don't cast suspicion where it isn't due" Ocelot implores
"Where it isn't due?" she responds angrily "You watched my father die and did
"Its been two years Olga...let it go..." Ocelot says, displaying genuine
"I read the case file for Shadow Moses by the way" she says
"Olga. How could you suspect me?" Ocelot, hurt, answers.
"I know the Ninja isn't one of my men"
"How meaningful you make that sound. If Sergei were still alive--"
"If the old man were still alive I wouldn't need to take orders from you!" Olga
snaps back.
"Olga. Sergei was my best friend!" Ocelot seems to be pleading. Olga draw's her
gun and points it at Ocelot's head. Even though he was taken by surprise,
Ocelot does the same in half the time and points it at Olga.
"If you sell us out I'll kill you myself!" she screams at him.
"Listen, Daughter of Sergei" responds Ocelot, keeping calm. "Don't ever let me
see your gun pointed at me again!" the last words are spoken with uncontrolled
"If you wish" says Olga, lowering her weapon. "I'll put a bullet in your back
Ocelot spins his gun and puts it back in its holster. The caped man, who has
watched all this, intervenes.
"Stop this infighting!" he orders "I took you both in when no-one else would.
You think any government would have you as irregulars in this political
climate? The worst kind of wetworks maybe...but even thats doubtful. I
recommend against switching camps...you have nowhere left to go..."
With a disgustful sigh, Olga leaves the room. There is a moment of tense quiet
before Ocelot's arm start's putting the ex-Spetsnaz member into great pain.
"This damn right arm...Liquid! Its almost as if its having its revenge!"
"How much do you think we spent on that arm in Leone? The best transplant
surgery team in the world" "King" seems to be trying to sound convincing, not
"I never trust a Frenchman" Ocelot says with a mark of digust. Ocelot explains
that the incidents are becoming more frequent.
"Maybe that mans precense..." Ocelot guess's.
"King" tell's Ocelot he is leaving the place with him- he has to go and take
care of the intruder. The caped figure leaves.

Raiden put's away the directional microphone and looks down at Ames.
"Is that really Solid Snake?" Raiden asks
"Thats what he claims"
"I thought he was dead" Raiden asks, half of the question to himself.
"Solid Snake did die" responds Ames "But he's also here in the Shell. Either he
survived or there are two of them. But thats impossible"
Ames ask's Raiden what was said in the room and Raiden explains that the men
had said the password entry was complete. Raiden reminds Ames of what he just
said- the password entry can only be made when vital's were stable, which means
the President must be co-operating with them! Both Ames and Raiden agree on
this crucial point.
"But why would he betray us?" Raiden asks
"He was probably tired of being a puppet" Ames explains "But it wasn't a smart
move to betray us"
Ame's reminds Raiden that they are running out of time. But Raiden explains it
isn't even close to the ransom deadline. When Ames is, once again, unsure what 
Raiden means he has to explain to Ames that the terrorists asked for 30 billion
dollars ransom.
Ames is astounded at how naive Raiden has been to everything that is happening.
He discloses that launching a nuclear weapon hasn't been the terrorist's
threat- its been the objective all along! Raiden is obviously astounded. Ames
explains that they do not intend to slaughter millions of people. They want to
engage what is known as the 'Compton effect' A nuclear detonation in the
atmosphere would create a large, elctromagnetic pulse that would be of 50
billion megawatt's. This would knock out all electronics.
"If one of the key mover of world economy stops functioning it could mean the
beginnning of a global depression" Ames says. He goes on to explain that their
aim is to "liberate" Manhattan and turn it into a repulblic, henceforth the
title "Son's of Liberty" Ame's see's Ocelot coming and they quickly turn off
the CODEC. He quickly instructs Raiden to fish around in his pocket. When
Raiden does, he finds a level 3 card. Ames then tell's Raiden to pick up his

Ocelot stroll's up next to Raiden. "What are you doing soldier?" he asks.
Raiden stands and remains silent. Ames explains to Ocelot that he asked the
guard (Raiden) to remove his covers because he is "ill"
"I always knew the DIA turned out second rate liars" Ocelot remarks.
"What are you talking about?" an slightly-worried Ames responds.
"There's no need for denials" Ocelot explains "We know what you are, 'Colonel'
Ames. They know the President was planning to betray them...so they sent you to
keep tabs on him. Am I right?"
Raiden listen's intently to to this invaluable intelligence. Ocelot draw's his
pistol and slowly raises it to Ames head "Sorry, Colonel. You failed to carry
out your duties"
Ames eye's widden at the barrel of the gun "You'll never escape the
Laleelulaelo!" he says
"Is that so?" Ocelot asks, leveling the gun at Ames head. Ames begins to
convulse uncontrollably, his whole body a giant spasm. "You...you tricked me!"
He stands and begins to stagger to Ocelot, who can only look back in surprise
"I understand now Ocelot! You..." Ames collapses. Raiden stares at the body in
complete shock and crouches next to it. This brings Ocelot's attention back to
him. Raiden looks up from Ames body to see Ocelot's revolver trained on him.
"You...which team are you with?" he asks "Show me your face!"
Another guard walks up and points his weapon at Raiden. Ocelot ask's this guard
if he knows Raiden. "No, he's not one of mine" he responds.
Ocelot removes Raiden's mask and comes face-to-face with the intruder.
"We meet at last..." Ocelot says, cocking the barrel of his gun.

The Ninja jumps down from the ceiling support beams, his katana outstretched,
and aims for Ocelot's gun arm. He recoils it in time to dodge the blade. No
less than a dozen guards swarm Raiden and the Ninja. Instantly they begin
firing their weapons but the Ninja protects Raiden by swinging his blade and
deflecting the bullets. The hostages begin to scream in panic and try to hide.
"Hold your fire! We need the hostages alive!" Ocelot orders. The Ninja, while
continuing to deflect bullets, orders Raiden to get away. The second intruder
stops deflecting bullets and brings the sword into an attack position;
"You! But you died!!" an astounded Ocelot remarks.
Raiden had managed to sneak past the guards that had their attention on the
Ninja, but one guard notices him climbing the stairs. He starts to fire at him.
The Ninja does a backflip onto the stairs and shields Raiden from the bullets.
"Leave this to me!" it says.
Raiden leaves the conference room and takes cover in the hall. He CODEC's
Campbell and tell's him that Ames is dead from what looked like a heart attack.
Raiden ask's if there is a new Metal Gear in the Shell and the Colonel explains
that they're looking into it. Raiden tell's Campbell that he was told a strike
was what the terrorist's planned from the very beginning- they never wanted a
ransom! Campbell is just as astounded and assures Raiden that he is looking
into everything. For the moment, Raiden's priority has to be the President.
They have finished passwording and preparations for the nuclear strike so
Raiden must get to him (even though it seems he's cooperating willingly with
them) Once the nuke is ready for launch, they will undoubtly get rid of the
"There's something else going on here" Campbell remarks "The President may be
able to explain what it is"

Using the card he recieved from Ames, Raiden arrives at the bridge connecting
Shell's 1 & 2. He then recieves a CODEC call from Pliskin. Raiden tell's
Pliskin that they have a lead on the President's location. Pliskin explains
that he is cut off where he is. Raiden explains he's going to rescue the
President but Pliskin warn's him about the IR sensors and Semtex rigged to the
bridge. He instruct's Raiden about how to disable the bombs.
After shooting out the control units, Raiden walks though the laser barrier and
recieves another CODEC call from Pliskin who explains that he found "a ride" (a
Kasatka) It has a full tank and is headed for Shell 1. Pliskin ask's Raiden
about the harrier jet and Raiden says that it was not on the helipad (Pliskin
plans to land there) Raiden then asks Pliskin if he can cover the hostages &
also ask's if they are being held anywhere else. Pliskin is pretty sure the
answer is "no". The 2 men discuss the hostages- if they were to escape, its to
far to swim, and the 'Big Shell' has no lifeboats. Evacuating by helicopter is
their only choice. The choppers, Kasatka's, have limits (a passenger maximum of
12) With 30 hostages on the base, they will have to make 2 trips. They cannot
use 2 choppers either, as Pliskin has sabotaged the other one. Raiden ask's
Pliskin if he can pilot a chopper, and Pliskin explains that he has a friend
with him that has flown the civilian model Kasatka (there's not much difference
between them and the military model being used on the base) Pliskin introduced
his friend "Otacon" to Raiden. The face of the new man appears on the CODEC- he
has short hair and glasses. He seems very wise and young. There is not much
time for introductions before gunfire erupts over Pliskin's end of the CODEC.
Their connection severs and Raiden contact's Campbell, asking him about Pliskin
and his partner. "It keeps coming back to Shadow Moses, and now this Otacon..."
Rose interupts "A.K.A. Hal Emmerich Ph.D. A Shadow Moses survivor" She
elaborates further, explaining that both Solid Snake & Otacon became fugitives
after Shadow Moses. They were wanted for acts of terrorism (linked to their
anti-Metal Gear organisation) Campbell add's that they destroyed countless
Metal Gear units throughout the world. They were also responsible for the
incident 2 years previously that necessitated the construction of the Big
Shell. Raiden gets angry and declares, point blank, that the pair are not
terrorists. Rose is astounded and ask's Raiden why he is defending them.
"I've looked back on what I've done here so far and things like training and
sense of duty alone won't get you through a mission like this" he pauses to
collect his thoughts "You need something-- higher. I can't think of the right
word but it has to be pure will. Backed up by-- by courage, or ideals, or
something like that. I'd stake my life on it." Raiden takes on a grim tone "The
Solid Snake that saved Shadow Moses couldn't turn into a terrorist."
Campbell reminds Raiden that Snake went down with the tanker 2 years
previously- they even recovered the body. The DNA results conclusively proved
that the body belonged to Liquid Snake. Rose, with a degree of finality, tries
to get the message through to  Raiden that Snake is dead. "Pliskin" couldn't be
him. However, that means the leader of the terrorists couldn't be him either...

Raiden scans ahead to the end of the bridge, but his attention is diverted by
the Kasatka approaching from Shell 2. From the side entrance, Pliskin gives
Raiden a wave, who signals back. The chopper flies off to the helipad on Shell
1. Raiden's attention then goes back to the entryway to Shell 2 when he see's
the mysterious caped figure leaning against the doorway.
"I've been waiting for you. A messanger from 'The Patriots'" the man says.
Raiden can't make out the figures face, but can see his head turn;
"Where do I know you from?" the man quietly asks.
Raiden stares intently at the new threat "So your the boss around here?" he
"No, not just around here" he announces loudly, pushing off from the doorway
and standing upright, his face still hidden. "I'm the boss to surpass Big Boss
himself. Solid Snake!" The man steps forward. His face is the exact same as
Iroqouis Pliskin's- except older and with a beard.
"No! That is not Solid Snake!" Pliskin yells from the chopper, which has begun
circling back.
"What a pleasant surprise 'brother'" "Snake" says. The mans voice is so
powerful he doesn't have to yell.
"Save it. Your no brother of mine" Pliskin snaps back.
"Don't say you've forgotten me...Snake!" the caped figure yells. If there was
ever any doubt about Pliskin's identity, there isn't any now.
"Snake?" Raiden quietly asks, watching the exchange in awe.
Pliskin tell's Raiden to duck and shoots at the caped figure. In a blur, the
man discards his cape and slides 10 meters down the metal walkway, sliding to a
stop in a flurry of sparks and fire. His body is tense & muscular, covered in a
metal suit.
"Stop impersonating him!" Pliskin yells down, shooting a full clip at the man.
His arm covers his face and the bullets ricochet off his body.
"'Brother', I'm a whole different game from Liquid!" the man yells. He
stretches out his arms & legs, gripping the railings. His thigh and arm muscles
begin to expand, quivering with strength and power. He seems twice his original
size. Pliskin launches a grenade from the undercarriage of his assault rifle.
The man, known as "Solidus Snake", launches himself straight up into the air,
easily missing the explosion. Raiden, however, isn't as lucky and is caught up
in its wake. He is thrown against a wall and knocked out cold. Solidus lands
gracefully on a pipe; "Is that the best you can do?" he taunts. Pliskin
launches another grenade, which throw's Solidus off the pipe and into the ocean

Pliskin leans out the door of the Kasatka, trying to look down onto Solidus's
point of demise. Suddently, the Harrier rises from the depths- Vamp is piloting
the fighter and Solidus is standing on the back near the rear-fins!  Solidus's
suit begins to shrink again, returning the man to the normal size he was
earlier. He slowly begins to walk to the cockpit on the front of the plane,
fighting against the wind.
"The world needs only one Big Boss!" he yells, jumping into the rear seat of
the cockpit.
With that, the Harrier launches a rocket, which misses the Kasatka barely.
Taking of advantage of its loss of of composure, the Kasatka hovers above
Raiden, who has regained consciousness. Pliskin throw's down a Stinger missile
launcher and tell's Raiden he has to take it out- the Kasatka doesn't have a
chance against a harrier.
Raiden seems to have no hope of destroying the Harrier. The overwhelming
attacks and ferocious bombardments make it nearly impossible to damage the
craft. But, once again, Raiden beats the odds and destroys the harrier with the
stinger launcher. As the wreckage plummets to the water below, and nearly hits
the surface, Metal Gear Ray jumps out of the water and locks the harrier's
carcass into its "jaw" It then, in a graceful motion, launches itself hundreds
of meters into the air and launches a bombardment of air-based explosives which
cover the entire Big Shell facility. The Kasatka manages to avoid any contact
with the explosives but is caught by the shockwaves of the explosions- the rear
rottor is damaged. Raiden to is caught by the shockwaves and is thrown off the
bridge he fought from. He hangs from a piece of debris, trying desperatly to
pull himself up. He succeeds and looks down, along with Pliskin, to where Metal
Gear Ray has landed on the water.
Down below, Ray falls to a rest on the surface of the ocean with the Harrier
still locked safely in its jaws. Solidus sits in the backseat of the fighter
still, his left eye bleeding profusely. He opens up the cover of the cockpit
and orders Vamp to go. The stealthy attacker jumps out, spreads his arms, and
glides to a stop on the surface of the ocean. Then, moving at speeds exceeding
55 miles per hour, he runs across the surface of the ocean. The snarling
attacker, with Metal Gear Ray pulling the Harrier underneath the ocean in his
wake, runs up one of the support beams of the Shell.

Pliskin call's up Raiden to check if he is OK. They both confirm that they are
fine but the SEAL's chopper was heavily damaged by the explosions so they'll
have to land and repair it. Henceforth, Pliskin put's Raiden in charge of
rescuing the President. Raiden understands this, but something is in the back
of his mind and he needs closure on it. He ask's Pliskin if he is 'the' Snake.
"They said you were dead!" he remarks.
"No, not me. There are still to many things I need to do" "Pliskin" explains
"Snake...your a legend. And thats why I need to ask you this"
"Legend? A legend is nothing but fiction" he retorts "Someone tells it, someone
else remembers, everybody passes it on"
Raiden explains that he doesn't believe in his mission and doesn't enjoy it at
all. If he had the chance he would be out of it in a second. He ask's "Pliskin"
or 'Snake' how he can come back to the fighting.
"There was something my best friend said to me once" Snake explains. "'We're
not tools of the Government, or anyone else. Fighting was the only thing I was
good at. But atleast I always fought for what I believed in'" he quotes the
final words of Gray Fox.
Raiden ask's Snake about the DNA results from Solid Snake's body when it was
recovered 2 years previously. Otacon interrupts and explains it was Liquid
Snakes body- both him and Solid are the same on the genetic level. Raiden then
ask's the pair if the are part of an NGO
"Insofar as we're a non-profit organisation of civilians advocating a cause,
yes" Otacon explains. "It just so happens that cause if the complete
erradication of Metal Gear" Snake add's that the 2 men fight on their own, but
its a cause worth fighting for.
"Why would you stick your neck out for something this risky?" Raiden asks
"Thats the way I used to look at it, four years ago. I was holded up in the
middle of nowhere, Alaska. Drinking to much" Snake confesses.
"We have a responsibility to the coming generation, to the world" Otacon add's
"What responsibility?" an astounded Raiden asks
"To keep track of the mistakes we've made as a species" Otacon answers
"We need to remember, to spread the word, to fight for change. And thats what
keeps me alive" Snake add's. The man admits that he isn't arrogant enough to
think he can change the future.
"What you do isn't like grassroots activism. Its more like terrorism" Raiden
Snake does admit that it seems like that. Otacon adds that their group,
Philanthropy, recieved information: a Metal Gear prototype was being developed
and terrorists were going to raid the facility. And it came from a reliable
source. The pair were going to stop the terrorist's but Otacon has a personal
motive- the terrorist's have his sister held up. The terrorist's are under
orders and fighting their own battles. Otacon is there for someone...but Snake

Raiden gets angry at the stubborness displayed by the Philanthropy members and
calls Campbell. He explains to the Colonel that Metal Gear is active however,
in return Campbell assuring him that it still isn't to late to get to the
President and stop the password confirmation. Campbell gives Raiden
instructions on how to reach the President. Raiden takes it upon himself to the
explain to Campbell that Pliskin was the real Solid Snake. "Maybe" Campbell
replies. He then goes on to warn Raiden not to let his guard down. "They were
never a part of the simulation. They're an unknown factor"
Raiden is astounded by Campbell's arrogance. "We're out here, we bleed, we
die!" he angrily yells back. Campbell and Rose both emplore Raiden to calm
"Even if that is Snake, that has no baring on your mission" Campbell explains
"Colonel, you and Snake used to be on the same side. I don't understand!" he
says "I read about you and Snake in 'In the Darkness of Shadow Moses--"
"I don't give a damn what that piece of trash said!" Campbell furiously barks
back. His voice then takes an unprecedented icy edge "Do you get me?"

Raiden remains on the tatered remains of the bridge between Shells 1 & 2. He
walks over, planning to shimmy across a support beam, but a few more questions
enter his head. He calls up Snake on the CODEC and ask's him about Ames. Snake
explains that Ames was with the DIA which would probably mean he's Nastasha's
Romanenko ex-husband (Nastasha was the author of 'In the Darkness of Shadow
Moses') He also add's that Nastasha was one of Snake's support operatives
during the Shadow Moses incident and was also involved in Philanthropy. He
isn't quite sure where she is at the moment "but she's probably still a heavy
The 2 specialist's then discuss Vamp- who just performed a task that was
theoretically impossible. Snake explains he was born in Romania and specialises
in knives. When he was a young child he lost his family when a terrorist's bomb
went off inside a church. His body was pierced by a crucifix. The person that
would become Vamp was trapped in the rubble for 2 days and had to feed off the
blood of his dead family members to stay hydrated and alice. However, he isn't
called Vamp because he sucks blood...
Snake elaborates further, explaining that Vamp is bi-sexual. He was the lover
of Scott Dolph, the marine commander from the 'Discovery'. Scott Dolph was the
father of Fortune. During the incident Raiden has noticed how close Fortune and
Vamp seem to be- they are more than just friends, but not much more. The two
agree the less said about the strange triangle the better. Raiden ask's Snake
about how Vamp seemed to recognise him. Snake isn't very sure or interested-
they are, after all, a group of madmen. Nothing they say should be taken to
Raiden ask's Snake about the name 'Iroquois Pliskin' Snake explains that the
rank of 'Lieutenant Junior Grade' was made up. Its obvious to Raiden where the
'Pliskin' came from, but what about the first name?
"'Iroquois' is a francofied version of the Algonquin word for 'rattlesnakes'
Thats what they called their enemies" Snake explains "Algonquin were a native
American's that called Manhatten Island their home. Most tribes in the New York
were a part of the Algonquin nation."

Raiden shimmies across some toppled structures and debris. After sneaking
through some catwalks and balconies he arrives at the core of Shell 2. When he
cautiously approaches down the hall he hears Olga speaking on the radio with
"Olga! Snake is here...in Shell one..." he warns over the radio. Raiden looks
around the corner and darts back when Olga approaches, thankfully having not
have seen him. He takes out his directional microphone and listens in;
"My father had some unfinished business with him" she says
"Olga, calm yourself. We won't change the plan because of your personal
"Then screw the plan!" the retorts instantly "I've been waiting for this day
for two years. And I will sent him to the bottom of the ocean right next to my
old man"
"The launch comes first" Solidus calmly responds. Olga is impatient and slams
her arm against the wall.
"Where is Ocelot?" she asks, changing the subject.
"Not here"
"I don't trust him" she says bluntly.
"Don't talk that way about one of your own" he warns.
"He's not one of my own. He left my father to die...remember?" Olga is un-moved
by the intimidating tone of his voice.
"Olga...we'll talk later. We need to get started on the final checks for the
"Alright. I'm heading back there" she assures
"The upper connecting bridge to Shell one is down"
"What about the chopper?"
"The Kamov is out of action. Take the oil fence from Strut L."
"I'll tell my men to start pulling out"
"Not yet. Their retrieval comes last. The intruder is still at large" he
impatiently warns.
"Snake..." she looks up, her eyes filled with anger. "What about the other man?
He has luck on his side suddenly"
"He survived that explosion. Listen Olga, the confirmation is in one hour. Keep
the President alive until then"
"I know, no-one gets out of here. Turn the currents on" Olga stops at a steel
walkway infront of the President's holding room. Sparks and electrical currents
suddently begin erupting over the floor. The circuit control panel, she
explains, is inside where the President is being held. The only way he can stop
it is by taking it out with his bare hands. As Olga's attention is focused on
the floor, Raiden sneaks out from the hallway and hides behind a stack of
boxes. He continues to listen into her conversation.
"Before I go...one last thing. We leave for Russia when our business is done.
And I want half the money. We start living for ourselves after this. If theres
anyone who wants to stay here I want you to take good care of them"
"Gladly" he sadistically words "Gurlukurvich soldiers are the cream of the
"Its time they were freed" she adds
"What happened to rebuilding 'Mother Russia'?" The last 2 words are said with
obvious sarcasm
"The old mans dead. The world is a different place now" she explains
"Its your life" Solidus puts bluntly.
"I'm going to say this again...one last time. Don't turn on us!" she warns.
"The feeling is mutual..." Solidus assures. Olga exits the core.

Raiden contact's Campbell on the CODEC and explains that he knows where the
President is being held. However, he has to de-activate the currents blocking
the door. Campbell assist's Raiden by explaining that he needs to acquire a
remote controlled misile. He can use that to take out the circuit panel in the
President's holding room. Raiden goes down one level and swims through the
flooded corridors, finding a Nikita missile launcher in one of the halls.
Raiden swims back up and fires the missiles through the vents into the
Presidents room. It is difficult, as the corners are tight and Raiden must
ensure the rocket doesn't hit the President. Eventually he prevails and
destroys the ciruit panel. He runs into the room to rescue the President...


Raiden clears the room with his sidearm and easily finds the President when the
man steps in front of his gun. President Johnson remarks how he expected Raiden
and the equipment isn't standard issue. When Raiden ask's if the President is
OK, the man dismisses the question.
"You came here to kill me. I'm prepared to face the consequences of my
betrayal" Before Raiden can dwell on the President's words, he lunges for
Raiden's crotch and grabs it.
"Your a...man?" he asks, apparently surprised.
Ignoring the Presidents odd behavior, Raiden explains that he is with
"FOX-HOUND? I see...now things are starting to make a little sense"
Before Raiden can ask for an explanation, the President asks Raiden to switch
to nano-communication so their communication cannot be monitored.
On their CODEC screens, Raiden explains that he heard the terrorists had
completed the code-sequence to make the nuclear strike. President Johnson
comfirms this and add's he punched the code sequence in himself. Raiden, asking
if Johnson is working for the terrorists, is told that two hours previously the
answer would have been yes. "I wanted power. They sought destruction" the
President says
"But your the President. You have power." Raiden assures
"No, I'm just a figurehead" the President says, explaining that he doesn't have
any real control. The real power is in 'The Patriots' hands.
"The 'Patriots'?" Raiden asks
"The real power behind this country" Johnson explains "I'm surprised you
haven't heard of them. Very few are aware of their existence, even those with
codeword clearance. Politics, the military, the economy. They control it all.
They even choose who becomes President. The Patriots rule this country"

Johnson explains that policies credited to himself including space defense and
income tax reduction were done to their instructions. Even though those things
went through Congress, it was all a show.
"'Democracy' is just a filler for textbooks!" the President exclaims.
Rhetorically asking Raiden if he actually thinks public opinion affects the
government, the President explains that the country is shaped as the Patriots
see fit.
The faces of the Patriots are hidden and not even the President knows who the
members are. Perhaps they are financial, political or military...who knows? The
Presidents instructions, from the Patriots, come from a "cutout". All that
President Johnson knows is that key decisions are made by a group of 12 men-
the 'Wisemans committee'. The Whitehouse, and everyone in it, are nothing but
pawns. Puppets.
"By pledging my loyalty the insignifigant son of a Senator was awarded the
Presidency. Of course, that wasn't the only price I had to pay..."
Raiden, who has been intently listening, asks the President what he means.
"Even if a pawn becomes a Queen its still only a playing piece. I wanted to
leave my own mark in history...but my ambitions were..." President Johnson
trails off
Johnson explains that he wanted to be a member of the Patriots and use the new
Metal Gear as a bargaining chip (even though it constituted an act of
terrorism) The President had underestimated Solidus- he wants to challenge the
Patriots even if it means the destruction of the world!

Johnson explains how that would happen if the Patriots were discontinued. The
balance of power rest's on the Patriots shoulders and they control the
interest's of the country. What would happen if they ceased to function?
"A mass political vacuum- room for every powermonger to satisfy their own
greedy needs" There would be a mass power struggle leading to anarchy and
"So you changed your mind because you wanted to avoid global chaos?" Raiden
"Exactly. When I told Solidus I wished to prevent disaster he replied that
'pawns can never become players'"
"Who is this 'Solidus'?" Raiden asks
"My predecessor, George Sears. That was the name the public came to know him
by. I knew him by his codename, Solidus Snake." Johnson explains. He then
elaborates that Solidus is the 3rd Snake- neither Solid nor Liquid but a well
balanced masterpiece. Solidus is the third child of the Les Infants Terribles
Solidus was entrusted with the Presidency but had a fallout with the Patriots
four years previously when he acted on his own by starting an incident...on a
small island called 'Shadow Moses'...

The then-President Sears worked with the DARPA Chief and other "influential
parties" to create Metal Gear Rex and an advanced nuclear warhead. However, the
Patriots plans didn't fall in line with Sears'. Sears sent his most trusted
man, Revolver Ocelot, to provoke Liquid into setting off the incident. In turn,
he succeeded in obtaining Metal Gear Rex's test data. However, he revealed the
existence of both Metal Gear Rex and the Genome Army. Henceforth he earnt the
wraith of the Patriots. Solidus was "removed" from office- the "resignation"
Sear's made was what the public was told. Johnson was selected as the
"But that means the Presidential race..." Raiden says
"Quite a show, wasn't it? It was a well scripted drama staged by the Patriots
for the benefit of the public."
President Johnson explains that everything went right...except for one thing...

Solidus's health was meant to fail him, bringing about his untimely death.
However, instead Solidus went underground with Ocelot and gained control of
'Dead-Cell' He also won over Gurlukovich's outfit. Then Solidus Snake took his
time, waiting for the completion of the new Metal Gear project. Then he planned
to even his odd's against the Patriots- by stealing their most valued project.
It was his only chance for survival.
"He'll wage a war against the Patriots and must be stopped!" President Johnson
Raiden exclaims that Metal Gear is already operational. But the President
explains that is isn't...yet.
"What you just saw was Metal Gear Ray. Hijacked two years ago from the marines
by Ocelot. That was not the new Metal Gear"
"Then where's the new Metal Gear?" Raiden is growing a bit edgy.
"Right here. Your standing in it. To be more precise, this entire 'Big Shell'
facility is the new Metal Gear"
President Johnson explains that the entire upper structure is camoflage
designed to resemble an offshore cleanup facility. The main structure extends
all the way down to the ocean floor.
"Arsenal Gear. Thats the codename for the new Metal Gear" the President
reveals, pausing to let the words sink in.
"Arsenal. We're talking about an impregnable fortress carrying a load of a
couple of thousand missiles including nuclear warheads. All protected by a
horde of mass-produced Metal Gear Ray units. The Ray unit was originally
designed for the marines to be used as a counter-measure for the Metal Gear
variations throughout the world. The Patriots had Ray assembled to protect
Arsenal Gear"
"So anti-Metal Gear unit are being used to proect a Metal Gear unit?" Raiden
"Ironic isn't it? And thats not all. Arsenal has full access to the armies
tactical network, giving it absolute ability to exercise control over the
nations armed forces. Not to mention nuclear armament. In short, Arsenal was
created to be the core of our country"
"What kind of idiotic weapon..." Raiden begins
"Weapon? Your not seeing the full picture. Arsenal is more than just a military
tool" the President elaborates, saying that it is a means to preserve the world
(a new form of control)

Currently, the Patriots feel pressured and threatened by the overwhelming flood
of digital information. It threatens to drown the world and them too. Arsenal
is a means for them to preserve their control and stay as rulers. Arsenal Gear
includes a system to manage digital information so they can shape the "truth"
for their own purposes. The new Metal Gear contains what is known as the 'G.W.
"A fully operational new form of power for the Patriots" President Johnson
The President had hoped to seize the system and use it as "ransom" to "trade"
his way into the Patriots ranks- but Solidus prefered rebellion.
"'Outer Heaven'. His plans to unleash a nuclear blast over the skies of Wall
Street to break the Patriots control. The business community is a key factor in
his offensive effort.
When Raiden ask's the President about 'Outer Heaven' he is told there isn't
much time. The 'football' is the key to Metal Gear. The President inputed the
code & it won't be long before G.W. connects with external communications and
becomes operational. The President orders Raiden to stop the launch of Arsenal
Gear. To do so, he must reach Emma Emmerich. She was the system programmer on
Arsenal Gear and can stop the behemoth after it has been activated. Although
the bottom of the Shell two core is flooded, Emmerich should be in the locker
room on level B1. Raiden is then handed a level 4 access card and handed a
computer disk- which contains a computer virus that can be used as a failsafe
against Arsenal (President Johnson was given the disk by the Patriots and
Ocelot wasn't aware it was in his possession)

Theres a moment of silence between the two men.
"Well, I've told you everything you need to know. Theres only one thing that
needs to be done..." the President turns around and Raiden studies his back.
"Now kill me!" Before Raiden can think, President Johnson turns around and
lunges for his sidearm. The two men struggle for control of the weapon.
"Theres no time to argue!" the President says with a grunt
"The final check for my vital signs will start any second. If you kill me now
you'll atleast prevent a nuclear strike!" Raiden begins to wrestle the gun free
of President Johnson.
"Do it! That is your role!" An intense gunfire sound comes from the entrance to
the room. The President slowly falls to the ground.
"Thats abusing your right to free speech, Mr. President..." Raiden turns around
and, once again, is face-to-face with Revolver Ocelot. The ex-Spetsnaz member
trains his weapon on Raiden.
"The President! Why did you...?!"
"Alas...my finger must've slipped." Ocelot twirls his gun back into its
"I'll see you 'round...carrier boy..." he then calmly walks away. Raiden starts
to give chase but the President wraps his arm around his leg.
"Forget him. He did us a favor..." the President looks down, losing strength.
"Without free will there is no difference between submission and rebellion. My
only real choice is to put an end to this charade. Let me atleast have the
freedom to end it myself. Find Emma! Stop Arsenal! Thats my final order as
Commander-in-Chief" President James Johnson's arm loosens from Raiden's leg.

As Raiden does every time something eventful happens on his mission, he
contacts Campbell and describes the events that just transpired. The Colonel
instructs Raiden to follow the Presidents last directive and stop Arsenal gear.
Raiden tries to get some clarification and confirm if the President was telling
the truth when he talked about the Big Shell being a front for Arsenal Gear.
Campbell, admiting he can't have all the fact's because he doesn't have the
necessary security clearence, explains to him that the President should be
right- he was the leader of the free-world and should have known what he was
talking about. Although President Johnson was involved with the terrorists, the
Colonel explains, the information he supplied is more reliable (Reminding
Raiden that The President chose to die rather than risk a nuclear armageddon)
Because of President Johnson's death nuclear launch authority has been switched
to the Vice-President essentially eliminating the terrorist threat. Raiden
ask's Campbell about the Patriots but gets an empty response. Campbell tell's
Raiden he'll see what he can find out. The Colonel then orders Raiden to find
"Its up to you to make sure the President didn't sacrifice his life in vain" he
offers before disconnecting.

Snake calls on the CODEC then and asks for an update. The shock of the events
that just happened begin to overwhelm Raiden and he becomes agitated. He tell's
the professional killer that the President has just been assassinated. Snake
ask's Raiden about the code sequence but is re-assured when he is told that the
President died before his vital signs could be re-confirmed. But that leaves
one question unanswered- if the terrorists knew that shooting the President
would make them loose their nuclear strike capability, why did Revolver Ocelot
clearly shoot him on purpose? Otacon interrupts and hypothesises that theres a
way to launch without re-confirming identification. Snake, on the other hand,
believes that there may be a more effective weapon in Arsenal...
Now Raiden is angry- Snake knew about Arsenal Gear? "Why didn't you tell me
about it?"
"You never asked" Snake responds, using alot of his imagination.
"Am I correct in assuming you also knew the Big Shell is a front for this
project?" Raiden asks
Snake explains that he did. "Its exactly what the President and Ames
described...a massive cover story..." He then elaborates and says that the Big
Shell hasn't done much of a job of cleaning the environment. There is little or
no toxic gas in the compound so they need not worry if they have to blow the
place up (Snake and Otacon found this out about the same time Raiden took out
Fatman) Snake has little doubt that Arsenal Gear was built there.
"And it was all set up two years ago" Snake elaborates "All of it...on that

Two years previously, Snake had taken photo's of Metal Gear Ray when he
infiltrated the tanker 'Discovery' in New York harbour. Raiden can clearly
remember the photo's when they were published on several news websites and
programs. Snake adds that he and Otacon were blamed for the sinking. They were
used. The pair had hoped to make the photos public to "persuade" the
Governments of the world. Atleast, that was the plan. Raiden explains that he
remembers his V.R. training of the incident but Snake doubts it accuratly
simulates the events of the mission. Snake begins to remember the mission...
"I infiltrated the dummy tanker to obtain proof that a new Metal Gear was under
development. Shortly after I made it aboard an armed group, led by Colonel
Gurlukuvich, raided the ship and gained control"
"Olga and Ocelot were among the raiding parties" Otacon says, weighing into the
"Yeah...and 'him'" Snake says ominously, reflecting on a dominant Revolver
Ocelot standing ontop of Metal Gear.
"Who are you talking about?" Raiden asks
"A man who was supposed to be dead"
Otacon continues "Their target was also Metal Gear Ray. But Ocelot eliminated
Colonel Gurlukuvich and Marine Commander Scott Dolph. Then he hijacked Ray."
"So he betrayed him?" Raiden asks
"I don't know what kind of deal was going down. All I remember is what Ocelot
said at the time...something like 'I'm taking it back...'" Snake answers
Otacon elaborates further "Ocelot then sank the tanker along with the soldiers
of the Marine corp..."

Otacon and Snake get their mind off the incident and focus back on their
CODECS. Snake reveals he survived the sinking of the tanker because Otacon had
a small boat ready. The hard part, Otacon adds, was the being sucked underwater
by the sinking tanker. He then changes the subject;
"Photo's of Snake, taken by the cypher, were released to the public. In turn,
we became the worlds most wanted environmental terrorists"
"It was definitly a move aimed at putting an end to our anti-Metal Gear
activities" Snake says
"But why did they choose Snake?" Raiden asks.
"Since the Shadow Moses incident, Snake become sort of a hero" Otacon answers
"I think the Patriots weren't to happy about that"
"You know about the Patriots?" Raiden asks, growing hopeful.
"Well yeah...to a certain degree..."
"It seems everyone knows about them except me!" Raiden says
"They didn't choose Snake to be a hero..." Otacon says, ignoring Raidens
"So they decided to do a smear campaign...?" Raiden asks
"I think the Patriots wanted to make an example of him so everyone would think
twice before opposing them"
Finally Raiden understands "Thats it! They set all this up just to nail you
"No, theres more to it than that" Otacon answers "The Marines' Metal Gear Ray
project, lead by Scott Dolph, was carried out in opposition to the Navies
Arsenal Gear project. To be more precise, the Patriots considered Metal Gear
Ray to be a 'thorn' in their side. Hence, they attacked the dummy tanker and
stole Ray. They followed this up with the perfect plan- they immediatly sent a
fully loaded tanker to the same location and sank it. Then set up the facility
to camoflage the development of Arsenal Gear”
Snake, content to listen to Otacons explanation, breaks back into the
conversation. "And we fell for it. Two more puppers in their show"
"Gurlukuvich? And his daughter?" Raiden asks uneasily
"Both fell victim to Ocelots plot" Otacon answers
"Was Solidus behind this? He used Ocelot to..." Raiden asks.
Once again, Otacon takes care of the response. "No, he was underground. Keeping
a low profile at the time"
"Then it must be the Patriots!" Conjectures Raiden
Now its Otacon's turn to ask the questions "If thats the case...whats he doing
alongside Solidus...?"

There is a brief moment for the trio of men to think about the words just
spoken. Once again, the men begin to focus on each other through their CODEC's.
Snake breaks the silence and orders the men to forget it. Although the threat
of a nuclear blast has been eliminated, Arsenal Gear has a formidable weapons
array to deal with. Snake orders Raiden to find Emma Emmerich. Before the
rookie can ask, Otacon confirms she is his sister. Otacon admits he doesn't
know why she's there but reveals shes a computer whiz that specialises in
neural-A.I. and ultra-variable volume dara analysis using complex logic. He has
no idea how she could possibly become involved in weapons development...

Left to his own devices, Raiden takes the lift down to level B1. When he steps
out of the elevator the hall remains dry, but the stairs down at the end are
flooded. Before Raiden can begin to wade his way through he recieves a CODEC
call from Otacon. When he answers, Raiden is told that Emma Emmerich cannot
swim. Otacon explains that when E.E. was six she almost drowned in the families
swimming pool.
"She swam like a fish until that day when she almost drowned" Otacon adds. He
was in his bedroom when she was drowning and learned later that she was calling
out to him for help. Otacon doesn't say what he was doing at the time...
Worse, Otacon explains, his father didn't surive the ordeal. When asked if he
ended up blaming himself, Otacon answers that Emma thinks thats the case. In
actuality he betrayed her. Hal Emmerich believes she won't be able to swim even
though he hasn't seen her for years. He recieved a letter from Julie, her
mother and his step-mother, when they moved back to England. The letter said
Emma refuses to even wear a bathing suit.
Otacon implores Raiden to help her overcome the trauma. Him and Snake still
need time to repair the Kamov so Raiden has nothing but time to assist her.
Snake interrupts and offers final words of advice- memorize the layout of the
B1 core and call him if he needs any help.

Although its a lengthy swim through the B1 core, there are several air pockets
for Raiden to surface in to collect his breath. Raiden can tell from the debris
that he is getting closer and closer to the epicenter of the explosion. He
comes to a water-tight hatch and opens it. An open face, filled with despair
and death floats out. Raiden momentarily panics at the sight of Peter Stillmans
body and swims up to a nearby airpocket through the now blood-stained water. He
CODEC's Snake.
"Snake...Stillman was here...he was waiting for me..."
Snake barely acknowledges Raiden's empathetic statement. Stillman may have
commited acts of gross cowardice, but he certainly didn't deserve to die. The
two men choose not to dwell on his death.
Raiden collects himself and swims through the obvious location of the
explosion. Just beyond is a set of stairs to the filtration chamber. He uses
the level 4 access card he acquired from President Johnson to open the door and
walk in...

A shirtless figure sits directly infront of the door. Raiden realises instantly
its Vamp, but it takes a few seconds for him to realise what he is sitting
Studying the adversary, Raiden can clearly see a bullet hole inbedded in Vamp's
forehead and two horizontal slashes across his chest. The tension is so thick
Raiden could chew on it.
"Still tickin' huh?" Raiden says, clearing the silence.
"Unfortunatly, hell have no vacancies" Vamp responds. With that, he floats to
his feet. Vamp spreads his arms, slowly with no aggression, and breathes
heavily. He tries to put Raiden on edge.
It works.
Raiden screams and shoots at Vamp. One bullet, two, three, four, five. Vamp
dodges them all. When the final bullet strikes past, grazing his left cheek,
Vamp slowly steps to the side, spins and bows to Raiden. All without putting
even a ripple in the water. Vamp begins a cackle of evil laughter.
"Human muscles are quite elequent" he begins "They speak out clearly what a
persons next move will be. They even tell me what way a gun will be pointed
before the trigger is pulled." he takes a second to study Raiden "But your
muscles are different...they should be fun. Well worth the wait"
A long tongue extends from Vamp's mouth and licks the wound on the top of his
"You knew I was coming?" Raiden asks.
"You've become a nuisance. I can't let you interfere with Arsenal Gear..."
Vamp, like all his movements, slowly raises his hand and signals to the door
over his left shoulder.
"The girl is just ahead. She is no use to us now. But she served us well as the
live bait for the big catch" he stops to contemplate his words. "Crazy Ivan
sometimes speaks the truth"
Raiden remembers his V.R. training of the Shadow Moses incident- Vulcan Raven
had called Ocelot 'General Ivan' during one of their heated arguments. Raiden's
thoughts are diverted when Vamp's tone suddently changes.
"Do you think killing the President would prevent a nuclear strike? Think
"I didn't do it!" Raiden counter-charges.
Vamp acknowledges Raidens statement with a dismissive grunt.
"Arsenal is still armed with a purified hydrogen bomb. And it isn't an ordinary
bomb- it is capable of heavy hydrogen-nuclear fusion using lasers and magnetics
to induce heat insulated compression"
Vamp continues, revealing that the weaponry was initiated by the current
President and Solidus has no idea of its existence.

Vamp's had enough of trying to teach him about nuclear weapons.
"Six months ago we lost everything we believed in. We were abandoned to take
the fall in their cover up. We were labbeled as killers responsible for the
mass murder of civilians as well as our own allies. And the public believed
every word...turning a deaf ear to whatever we had to say to the contrary" Vamp
thinks of his own allies, the people he fought with in Dead Cell.
"Our only goal is to wipe them from the face of the earth. And destroy this
world of deceit they have created along with them..."
"Your insane!" Raiden mocks, with nothing but anger in his voice.
"Insane? We might be the only ones telling the truth..."

The conversation ceases when alarms start going off in the filtration chamber.
The walls and platforms begin to shake. Raiden loses his footing while Vamp,
standing on a pure liquid surface, remains stationary. Solidus Snake's voice
erupts on the loudspeaker.
"Final check for activating Arsenal has been completed. All personnel return to
your stations"
"Well, it sounds like Arsenal is ready to go into operation" Vamp observes,
sounding genuinly pleased. Raiden mutters a curse.
"Your still hoping that girl can install the virus your carrying
around...aren't you?" Vamp asks, with a casual arm wave.
"You know...?"
Vamp laughs "Its a shame your not going to be around long enough to hand her
the program..." Raiden can sense things will soon be heating up.
The Romanian-Assassin looks down at the water he stands on; "This isn't
seawater you know. Its a by-product of the microbes contained in the sediment
pool. Buoyancy is practically non-existent thanks to the high oxygen content.
Once you fall in you don't come out! Take a good look at your grave" The last
words are said with sinister fury. Vamp cracks his neck, slowly, and reaches
for his blade.
"Show me what you've got!"

Vamp unleashes endless attacks on Raiden. He jumps into the thick water to wade
around Raiden's position, he throws "spells" at Raiden which prevent him from
moving and he darts across the chamber quick as lighting. Raiden responds by
shooting him several times. Like Solid Snake's fight with Psycho Mantis, on
Shadow Moses island, for every ten shots Raiden fires only one will hit.
Raiden's survival and combat skills go into overtime to defeat Vamp, and in the
end Raiden emerges the victor. Barely. After being overwhelmed by Raiden's own
arsenal, the infiltration specialist views Vamp struggle to keep afloat in the
water, before the man is pulled into the depths.
Raiden CODEC's Snake and tells him that the final check for Arsenal Gear has
been completed. Snake realises their out of time and orders Raiden to find Emma
on the double. Raiden then admits he didn't make it on time and the hostage
rescue will have to wait. Otacon and Snake reluctantly agree- Otacon would try
installing the virus but the security in the program is to tight. Otacon's mind
wanders to Emma and he ends up speaking his thoughts. Its been a long time
since he saw her and he's obviously growing apprehensive. Snake tell's Otacon
to worry about it later...

Exiting the filtration chamber, Raiden swims through another small section of
water and surfaces in a locker room. Scanning the room, which is bare except
for lockers placed on the walls, Raiden systematically searches each one. Not
willing to risk anything, he searches with his sidearm in his hand. When he
comes to the third last locker he opens it quickly and a young woman cowers
back quickly. Just as quick, Raiden steps back and holds his hands in the air
as a sign of peace. He checks if she's O.K. and introduces himself. She still
recoils when he offers her help. He ask's her if she has nano's (CODEC) and she
says she does. He tells her to use it so he can prove he has good intentions.
On their CODEC screens Raiden assures the girl, Emma Emmerich, that he's not a
terrorist. He tells Emma that he needs her help to stop Arsenal. After Raiden
tells her that they need to go to Shell one to meet with her brother, buckling
metal can be heard. The rooms nearby are beginning to flood.
Raiden turns off his CODEC and looks into the locker, Emma huddled in the
corner. he holds out his hand and she takes it. Everything seems to move slower
and he pulls her out of the locker. In the exposed space of the locker room,
water begins to flood in. Emma freezes, paralysed by fear. She tells him that
she can't swim and implores him to leave her. He does his best to convince her
to come with him telling her she used to love it. Skeptical, she asks him how
he knows this, to which Raiden responds that her brother is in the Shell. Of
course, she doesn't believe him, because she thinks that Hal would never come
for her. Raiden begins to get impatient- they have precious little time. He
tells her they can argue about it later- they need to get out. However, Emma
steadfastly refuses to leave. Not only is she deadly afraid of being submerged,
she also was injected with something that made her legs less mobile. Raiden
gently persuades her to come with him- all she has to do is hold onto his back.
First they'll swim to the B1 Filtration chamber, then they'll swim further and
get to the lift. After assuring her as best he can, they make it to the edge of
the water. Standing knee-deep in the water Emma reluctantly wraps her arms
around his neck. They count down together...but Emma stops him when they reach
the end of the count. She takes her glasses off. When Raiden suggests she wear
contacts, Emma explains that her eyes work fine. She just wears the glasses for
show. Besides, a guy she liked used to wear them...

Surfacing in the Filtration chamber, Raiden sits down against the railing
overwhelmed with exhaustion. Emma sits down as well, a suitable distance away.
"You did good" he assures her
"I concentrated on your heartbeat. I reminded me of when I was a kid..." she
takes off her glasses and plays with them, obviously getting insecure. "I
remember my brother giving me a piggy-back ride. I was sleeping with my ear
against his back. I could hear his heartbeat."
"Sounds like you were close" Raiden observes
"We were...back then. We were step-children in our parents second-marriages.
Whenever my brother went, I used to tag along. My brother didn't have any close
friends, so he used to take care of me." Emma can remember their times
together. She was easily drawfed by him when they lived with each other. "We
both yearned to be loved so much. So much that we used to pretend..."
"Yeah. We used to play 'house' My brother was the husband and I was the
wife..." Her tone becomes dismissive "But it was always just make-believe. We
were only kids...well...you know what I mean..."
"I never had a family...but I think I know what you mean..." Raiden's CODEC
begins to indicate an incoming call. Its Colonel Campbell.
Raiden updates the Colonel on whats happening. He then feels compelled to ask
how they can make it to Strut one with the connecting bridge destroyed.
Campbell suggests the oil fence at the bottom of Strut L. It will be difficult
taking her there because she can't really use her legs. The Colonel offers
Raiden some advice- take her by the hand and patiently lead her. Raiden
acknowledges and disconnects.

Snake and Otacon call on the CODEC. They update Raiden, explaining that Shell 1
is now deserted as everyone has boarded Arsenal. Otacon then interrupts,
reminding Raiden that Emma is their only hope. Raiden thinks its as good a time
as any, so he tells Otacon he'll put her through to speak with him. Predictably
taken aback, Otacon grows insecure, but clears his throat and tells him to put
her on. When Emma face appears on the CODEC screen there is an awkward silence.
Otacon asks her why she was involved with Arsenal Gear. He then gets angry.
"You knew our families dark history and still got involved? Whats wrong with
Otacon had told Solid Snake, just after he met him on Shadow Moses island, that
his grandfather had worked on the Manhattan Project and his father was born on
August 6th, 1945- the day of the bombing of Hiroshima. The more Otacon thinks
of this, the more angry he gets. "Answer me! Why are you repeating the same
Emma is briefly taken aback by the outburst. "I wanted to hurt you!" she
screams "I wanted to make you suffer!"
"E.E.?" Otacon asks, amazed at her outburst too.
"You abandoned me!" she cries
"No, thats not what happend!"
Snake interrupts the domestic "Alright thats enough!" Otacon is obviously
relieved at the interruption. Emma asks Snake who he is.
"A friend of Otacons Emma." he tells her. He takes that opportunity to kill he
argument- ordering Raiden to get her over to Shell one in one piece.

Raiden and Emma get up and leave the filtration chamber. They enter the flooded
hall. Raiden gives Emma the disk that was given to him by the President.
"This is my program!" she exclaims "Did something happen to the President?"
Raiden thinks of the struggle he had with him. "The President...he's dead"
Raiden doesn't want to console her. He needs answers. "You actually made this
virus?" he asks
"Its not really a virus" she answers "Its more like a worm cluster. Its
actually a delayed effect autonomous program thats designed to invade G.W's
cereberum and render its nerve connections useless."
"You know what G.W. is?"
"Of course, I created it" She says, with no hint of modesty.
Raiden is a bit dumbfounded and stumbles on his words for a second. "How about
the Patriots? Even heard of them?"
"Yes, but I only know what I've been told." she explains.
"Can you tell me what you know?"
She gets a bit uneasy "UUUMMM...sure. Buts its hard to put into words"
Raiden decides not to worry about her information on the Patriots, instead
favoring hearing about her field of expertise. He asks Emma what Arsenal Gear
is. Ontop of being the Patriots key to supremacy, she explains, it is also a
massive data processing system capable of controlling information on a grand
scale. In other words, it could be used by the Patriots as a form of social
Emma elaborates further, explaining that information is freely distributed and
available anywhere, at any time. The Patriots are afraid of which data is
transmitted- high speed networks, and the like, make it hard for them to
monitor information.
The Patriots, Emma says, can keep the lid on general information like political
scandals and corporate corruption- but they cannot control information on an
individual level.

With Arsenal Gear, they can control digital information with a new system. They
can categorize it and give information clearence levels. From there, they can
alter information and even delete it- with the public being none the wiser.
"By deleting such information, the Patriots can shape the course of history as
they see fit" Emma summarises. Digital information, compared to ones own
memory, lasts virtually forever Emma explains further. Raiden still isn't sure
about what shes trying to say. She gives an example- the alphabet has
twenty-six letters. Originally, it could have been thirty letters. What if the
four deleted letters were controlled by a program? Although Raiden is very
skeptical, Emma assures him that something simular is already underway.
Hoping to improve her argument, she says that at the turn of the century it was
said that around thirty to fourty thousand genes exist in the human body.
However, the theory originally put forward by the scientific community was that
it numbered more-like one-hundred thousand. The information about the remaining
sixty-thousand was supressed by the Patriots. Raiden, of course, can't believe
this. And Emma gives him a hard time about this- can he count his genes
himself? No. The reason that these figures are given out is because research
organisations reports are slightly altered.
"G.W. is a system that allows the Patriots to decide what will be recorded in
tommorow's history" she says, explaining that G.W. is the physical core of
handling the tasks and is installed deep within Arsenal.
Raiden ask's Emma how she became involved in development of Arsenal Gear. She
answers that she is a specialist in neural A.I. and complex logic. That had
something to do with her becoming involved. There are other reasons that she
doesn't go into...
Raiden asks if Arsenal Gear was constructed to protect G.W. and the answer is
yes. Emma adds that Arsenal is armed with everything including nuclear weapons.
Raiden then asks if the A.I. is capable of controlling everything and is told
that G.W. sorts and collects information. The way of controlling information,
based on what G.W. analyses, exist in our own social structure.

Y2K. At the beginning of the twenty-first century there was a world-wide furore
over the so called 'Millenium-bug' America supplied the world with a
counter-measure program using the internet. This program was given to key
facilities and government organisations. This same program was also included as
a sub-program in popular operating system software as well. Emma explains all
this and adds that this program was designed by the Patriots. And this program
is what is being used to control digital information. Moreso, Emma adds, even
if you know everything about computers you won't find the small sub-system in
the program. And its about the go active along with Arsenal Gear.
Raiden hypothesises that maybe that is the reason Solidus wants to blow out
every circuit in Manhattan. Emma is intrigued by Raiden's theory, but adds that
the system is still not complete- its still not programmed fully to judge
situations. She had heard they were planning a major experiment for the next
few days, allowing them to study G.W. But then the terrorist attack had
Emma begins to doubt herself but Raiden consoles her. They agree to head to the
computer room.

Swimming through some more water, taking the lift up and very slowly making
their way through the few sentries left, Raiden makes it to the connecting
bridge to strut L. Outside, however, it is a dark orange in the sky. The sun
has begun to set. Raiden had completly lost track of time. The cypher-drones
are harder to see and the platforms are growing darker. Raiden and Emma make it
to strut L and he uses her level 5 card to make it inside. Around the exterior
platform of the strut he lifts the hatch and is knocked back by a gust of wind.
He has an easier time convincing her to climb the one-hundred and thirty feet
down the ladder than swimming. They slowly begin to climb down, Raiden first
then Emma second. One rung at a time. When they eventually reach the bottom,
Emma admires the sunset while Raiden gets to work on their next objective-
getting Emma along the oil fence. On closer examination, Raiden can see it is
probably the most protected area of the Shell- gun cyphers hover over it and
Russian Private army members monitor from the struts the fence supports. The
fence itself looks like it can only support one person. Calling Snake for
advice, Raiden is told to "play sniper" and cover Emma. Snake will be there
soon to provide his own cover.

Emma starts tip-toeing along the oil-fence, putting in a substantial effort so
she won't loose her balance. With very precise aiming, Raiden takes out the
claymores planted on the fence and the soldiers that ambush her. When she makes
it to the second fence, Snake comes and warches her from Strut E. All of the
sudden, Raiden has no work left to do. Snake effortlessly and quickly takes out
all threats to Emma before Raiden even sees them. However, theres alot going on
in Snakes mind.
"I wonder if I should clear things up with Otacon before I ask Emma out..."
Snake asks to himself as he shoots down drones.
When Emma is mere meters from strut E a blurred figure jumps down and lands on
the water, between Emma and Raiden, and holds his arms out like a crucifix.
Vamp. He launches himself into a backflip and lands behind Emma. He does this
so quickly that she is looking at the water still when he lands behind her.
Vamp brandishes a knife and holds it high about his head. Snake can't shoot
him- Emma is blocking a clear shot. Its up to Raiden.

Raiden doesn't move a muscle the whole time- he continues to stare down his
scope. With careful precision he shoots Vamp in the neck and throat, more times
than he can count, too many times. Once again, Vamp is thrown back into the
depths. This time for good.
Theres a moment of relief when Raiden and Snake see Emma standing but Snake can
see a growing red blotch over her abdomen. Snake sprawls to his feet and gets
to the end of the oil fence. Drawing his USP, he takes out two cypher-drones in
seconds and runs up to Emma's side. Wrapping his arms around her head he checks
for a pulse. Hundreds of feet away, Raiden sees Snake hoist her over his
shoulder and carry her back to strut E. He may have just saved her life, but
right now he feels completely useless. While he is carrying Emma, Snake CODEC's
Raiden and tells him she doesn't have much time- he has to get to the computer
lab as soon as possible. Raiden drops the sniper rifle and runs along the oil
fence in desperation and fear. He climbs the ladder to the top of strut E into
the parcel room. From there he goes outside and, dodging the cypher-drones, he
goes into the Shell one core and down to the computer labs...


Entering the room, Raiden is greeted to the sight of a distraught Otacon knelt
over Emma's body with Snake solelmnly looking on. When Raiden walks up to
Snakes side, he's told they cannot stop her bleeding because one of her
internal organs was ruptured. Snake tells Raiden that Emma has set up the
terminal and all they need is the disk. Raiden inserts it into a terminal and
there is a tense few moments as the virus is uploaded. Suddenly, the terminal
shuts down at ninety-percent. Both Raiden and Snake are alarmed- this is their
only good chance of stopping Arsenal. Snake ask's Otacon what went wrong.
"A portion of the worm cluster might have been altered after the disk left
Emma's hands" he responds. Otacon explains that he doesn't know if the virus
will work.
Emma groans and begins to pull her head up. Otacon helps sit her up and cradles
her in his arms.
"Hal...is everything all right?" she asks wearily.
Otacon looks at Snake, who shakes his head sideways in response to the unasked
"Its..." Otacon starts, unsure how he will respond. "Its alright...everything
is alright" he finishes.
"Good. Atleast I won't be adding another page to our families dark history"
Raiden turns his head towards Snakes, away from Emma and Otacon so they cannot
hear his words.
"What do we do if the virus doesn't work?" he asks
"Either destroy that thing or take out Solidus' men" Snake answers.
"How do we get on board?" Raiden says
"HHHMMM...I don't think we can. Unless someone inside gives us a hand" Snake
responds. He seems to be giving that alot of thought...

As Snake weights up his options, a beautiful dusk falls over the Big Shell
outside, and Emma whispers lasting words with her lost brother.
"Hal...I always wanted to see you again" She whispers, lightly touching his
"You don't hate me?" he asks.
"Never..." she assures him "I never wanted to get in your way. I never wanted
to hurt you...I thought with Arsenal if I followed in your footsteps I could be
closer...I just wanted you to look at me...as a woman..." Losing life, she puts
great effort into finding the words.
"E.E...I could never do that..." he says, getting more upset.
"Don't be so honest. It hurts." She exclaims in a soft voice, gradually getting
more softer. "Can I ask you one more favor? Call me 'Emma'"
"What?" Otacon asks, unable to find the words to exclaim how he's feeling.
"Please...call me 'Emma'..." she repeats.
Emma reaches up and places her fingers gently around Otacon's glasses.
"Whats wrong with 'E.E.'?" he asks. She never hears him.
"Emma? Answer me!?" Otacon is overcome with grief and start's crying over her
lifeless body. Raiden and Snake, behind him, keep a dignified precense.

Outside, night has nearly fallen on the Big Shell. The final traces of light
barely illuminate the sky. Otacon has never had the chance to tell Emma the
truth, and he believes that now is the only chance he will ever have, even if
she may not hear the words.
"I didn't leave you...because of the accident. I had a relationship with your
mother." He admits to her, choking on his tears. "She seduced me and it went
on. My fathers death was no accident. He took his own life. It was my
fault...all my fault...forgive me Emma..."
Night falls over the sky. Pitch black envelops the entire Big Shell.

"Hal!" A bird housed inside a cage in the computer labs squarks. "Hal!"
Otacon looks down at Emma's delicate face and closes her eyes with the palm of
his hand. He stands up silently and walks over to the cage, opening it and
placing the bird on his arm. Raiden and Snake feel completely useless, unsure
about how to approach the broken man. Otacon starts crying again, unable to
control his feeling of loss.
In contrast the pain and hurt in the lab, a loud voice erupts over the
"Attention! Arsenal Gear is ready for launch. Evacuate the upper levels
immediatly!" the voice warns.
"Sounds like their cutting this area loose" Snake says to Raiden.
"What do you mean?" Raiden asks
"It means we're going to sink" Otacon says, beginning to focus.
"We have to get the hostages out" Snake declares.
"What about the Kamov repairs?" Raiden asks
"Done" Otacon says
"We won't be able to get everyone aboard" Raiden adds.
"We'll just have to take as many as we can" Snake says, finalizing their plans.
"My sister...!" Otacon exclaims. There is an awkward silence. "...won't be able
to come with us..." he finishes.
Another announcement blurts over the loudspeaker.
"We will be commencing the countdown shortly. All personel in the upper levels
head for the evacutation area immediately."

Four years previously, when Snake had met Otacon on Shadow Moses island, there
had been a sniper fight to the death on a snowfield between FOX-HOUND operative
Sniper Wolf and Snake. Snake had emerged the victor, but hadn't finished her
off. Otacon was there when Snake "set her free" with his USP handgun. Otacon
had loved her, knowing she was a good person who shared many of Otacons joys.
Watching her be put out of her pain and misery was one of the most harrowing
experiences of his life.
"I'm always the survivor..." Otacon regails to himself. "Why Wolf...?"

In the computer labs, things pacen all of the sudden. Just like after Sniper
Wolf died, the men realise that they have run out of time.
"Otacon, take care of the hostages" Snake orders.
"What about you guys?" Otacon asks.
"We have other arrangements" Snake assures, indicating an entranceway to
Arsenal Gear. "Theres our ride out of here. Anyway, we're going to have to sink
that thing if the virus doesn't work"
"I should be going with you..." Otacon regrets, more to himself than the
Snake walks over to Otacon.
"You've got your job, we've got ours" Snake says.
"You mean I'd only get in your way" Otacon sourly declares.
"Wrong!" Snake retorts, placing his hands on Otacon's shoulders. "Only you can
save those hostages. Got it?"
Suddenly, Otacon's eyes light up. "Right. Listen, the two of you won't be able
to destroy that thing" Otacon turns, keeping the parrot on his arm, and leads
the two men into the hallway. "Eliminate the enemy. Thats your only option..."

"Hal!" the Parrot squarks, outside the elevator in the hall.
"E.E.?" Otacon asks "DAMN!" He hits his head against the wall, overcome with
grief once again. Snake joins Otacon's side to try and get his mind off the
"Otacon, try and get as many hostages out as you can. Its a short flight to
shore. Don't worry about overloading the Kamov"
"Leave it to me" he responds between tears. The friendship and trust that
developed between the two men in the four years they have known each other is
shown as they perform a ritualistic handshake on each other and hug.
"I'm counting on you Otacon" Snake says in farewell.
Otacon leaves Raiden and Snake, walking up the stairs to the Kamov.
"Hal...I miss you..." the Parrot begins.
"I miss you..."
Away from the corridor, from Raiden and Snake and from Emma's lifeless body,
Otacon collapses into a corner and starts to sob uncontrollably, completely
overcome with hurt. The bird begins to fly away in a flutter of feathers.
"You and me...we're the same..." Otacon mutters...
"Both you and I...we were always alone. Always. We only wanted to be loved. We
were always waiting...waiting for somebody. Somebody who would love us. But we
were wrong. You can't wait to be loved. You have to go out and find it. Four
years ago I realised you can't just wish for a happy family. You have to make
it happen. I only wish I knew that sooner. I learned that I could love...as you
probably did...Emma..."

"You think he's going to be OK?" Raiden ask's, turning away from the corridor
Otacon disapeared down.
"He's tougher than he looks." He holds out the disk containing the virus to
Raiden "Consider it done" he adds.
"Now how do we open this thing?" Raiden asks.
"You can come out now" Snake answers, looking at the ceiling. Raiden doesn't
have to dwell on Snakes strange response, because the mysterious Ninja falls
down from the ceiling, landing in a crouch on Snakes left. It stands up and
joins Snake at his side. The Ninja seems to be staring at Raiden, but talking
to Snake.
"Arsenal is going to take off." It says, unsheathing its sword. "We still need
to take care of a few things. This time...don't fail us!"
It crouches, holding the Katana above its head, parallel to the ground.
"Snake whats this all about?!" Raiden asks, completely lost.
Snake stares at Raiden for a few seconds. "Bedtime Raiden" he says.
Out of options, Raiden's hand darts for his sidearm. In microseconds, the ninja
has cleared the space between the pair and held his blade up to Raiden's
"I wouldn't do that..." Snake says, half teasing, half making it sound like
friendly advice.
"Your changing sides now?!" Raiden asks, the blade gently pushing against his
"Change sides? I don't recall ever saying I was on yours" Snake responds
easily, crossing his arms.
Without warning, the Ninja's left hand goes up to the side of its face plate
and presses an unseen button, decloaking the front shield over its faceplate.
"YOU!" Raiden exclaims.
Olga Gurlukuvich stares at Raiden from behind the mask.
"Ready for some shut eye?" She asks, her accent much more audible.
Bolts of electricity stab out from Olga's blade, erupting around Raiden. For a
few seconds the FOX-HOUND operatives flays like a rag doll, before collapsing
onto the ground in a pained, lifeless heap. Both Snake and Olga stare at him
coldly and emotionlessly.

Not long after, the immense Big Shell facility begins to collapse in on itself.
Struts and structures collapse into gigantic heaps on the ocean, creating
immense washes of waves. Struts fall against each other, sending massive
vibrations throughout the ocean. Inside, all the halls, all the rooms, begin to
flood with water. Within minutes the entire Big Shell has been buried in the
High above, Otacon views the immense destruction from the safety of the Kamov.
He makes his way, gradually, back to shore.

Lights. Bright. It takes Raiden's eyes a few seconds to adjust to them. It
isn't long before he can see them more clearly. Its a large circular panel
staring down at him. Raiden feels some deja vu - he's done V.R. training of
Shadow Moses before, and something very simular to this happened to Snake when
he went through it. Raiden can hear voices to. They're loud voices, but he's
still groggy and they echo...
"Is he still alive?" that voice is loud, powerful. It has to be Solidus.
"He was when we brought him in" that voice sounds Russian, like everything he
says is a taunt. Ocelot. Shalashaska. Ivan.
The same voice continues "I checked everything, even the Genome data. There's
nothing on this guy. N.S.A., C.I.A., F.B.I., he doesn't exist on any database.
He a non-existent operative from a non-existant organisation."
"I suspected as much" Solidus says "However, I know this man. Wake him up"
Raiden's body turns and goes from lying completely flat to standing vertical.
He's on a steel bed. The restraints push hard against his skin, and the room is
cold. He has nothing on.
Raiden's vision is still blurry, but he can see Revolver Ocelot standing there,
looking at Raiden with nothing but curiosity. So does Solidus, but he now wears
an eyepatch over his left eye. And two large metalic tentacles extend infront
of his shoulders.
"Its been awhile hasn't it...Jack the Ripper!" Solidus declares, the final
words nothing but mocking. "You remember don't you? You've grown!"
Suddenly, one of the tentacles darts from a resting position behind Solidus'
back and hovers above Raiden's head. Something starts...pulling at Raiden. He
can't tell what. All he knows is that it is agonizing.
Raidens head starts shaking in pain, and his whole body convulses.
"High concentration of cereberal implants. Have they altered your memory
to...?" Solidus asks, mainly to himself, unconcerned about Raiden's pain. The
tentacle stays there. Everything starts to go white. Everything starts to slow
The tentacle drops, and Raiden slumps in his restraints, gnarling for breath.
"This is my son" Solidus says. "I taught him everything. Jack, I never thought
I'd see you again."
Raiden collects his thoughts, recovering. The tentacle must have overloaded the
nano-machines inside his head.
"You know me...?" he urges out
"You don't remember? Your name, your skills. Everything you know you learnt
from me" Solidus answers.

"The eighties. A civil war. You were one of the best child soldiers that fought
in that conflict. When you were barely ten years old you become the platoon
leader of the small boy unit." Raiden's memory goes back in time to a period he
wished he couldn't remember. The dust and despair of fighting. Knowing genuine
hate and fear when most children knew innocence and fun.
"At the time your outstanding kill record earnt you several nicknames including
'White Devil' and 'Jack the Ripper'. Jack...I was your Godfather. I named you.
When the war ended you disapeared from the relief center. I wondered what
happened to you. I should have known 'they' would recruit you..." Solidus
"Its an interesting coincidence" Ocelot observes.
"If he's a lacky for the Patriot I doubt he knows anything of interest" Solidus
says, turning away from Raiden.
"What should we do with him?" Ocelot asks
"We'll use him like you suggested"
"What about Dead Cell?"
"Ignore them"
Suddenly, Ocelot's arm starts convulsing. He howls with pain, as if trying to
suppress a primal urge inside of him. Ocelot turns his back on Solidus.
"Happening again?" Solidus asks. He doesn't sound concerned about Ocelot, it
sounds more like he's asking just to be polite.
"Could it be 'he's' here to?" Ocelot asks...
"In an hour we demonstrate the power of Arsenal Gear!" Solidus declares,
putting the conversation back on track.
"Attack with standard weapons of course" Ocelot replies, still gribbing his
"Yes. Proceed as planned"
"At last report all is well with G.W." Ocelot says
"How about the troops?" Solidus asks.
"The men are being refitted with Arsenal Gear equipment as ordered..." Ocelot
starts, then turns around, facing Solidus.
"Your the spitting image of Big Boss..." he finishes.
Solidus stares away for a second, as if unsure about how to respond, then jerks
his head back letting out a cackle of forced laughter. Laughter with no
amusement behind it.
"Is that so? Perhaps I should be grateful to this 'kid' for that!" Solidus
says, indicating Raiden as he strides out.
Left alone with the specialist, Ocelot strolls up to Raiden's restrained form.
"This situation...I find it very nostalgic" Ocelot observes.
"Where...am..I?" Raiden whispers, still very fatiqued, but gradually recovering
his strength.
"Why...inside Arsenal Gear of course." Ocelot starts "Actually, we're also
inside the memory of Shadow Moses" he adds. He holds up the disk to Raiden's
"I'll take this back. You don't need this anymore...do you?"
Olga walks into the room from what should be the detention area and looks into
it, keeping her back on the two men. Ocelot senses her precence.
"A foul wind is blowing. We shall speak again" Ocelot says in farewell, and
walks out of the room.

Raiden stares at Olga's back for a few seconds and opens his mouth to talk.
"Don't move." She says "Stay as you are. We're being monitored by a camera"
"What are you up to?" Raiden asks.
Olga tells Raiden to switch to CODEC and he does so.
First, Olga confirms she is the Ninja. She add's that being the leader of the
Russian troops is nothing but a cover. She was sent in, by the Patriots, to
provide support to Raiden. The reason she betrayed her troops, and helped
Raiden, is because her child is being held hostage. After the death of her
father on the Discovery herself, and her troops, went in league with an illegal
Russian organisation that ended up being allied with the Patriots. Her baby was
kidnapped when she gave birth in a hospital run by the Patriots.
Raiden ask's her about Snake - are the two of them enemies?
"He wasn't responsible for my fathers death. Actually, we owe him our lives..."
Olga's mind goes back to the incident on board the Discovery two years ago. She
had been prepared to kill Snake.
"Two years ago they were responsible for getting us out of the sinking tanker
alive" she explains
"You were partners since the incident?" Raiden asks
"No. I only found out the truth shortly before this. When I confronted him here
around the time you were holding hands with that girl."
Olga explains she allied herself with Snake for "mutual gain" If Solidus gets
away with Arsenal, she says, Raidens mission is a failure. That means Olga's
mission, to support Raiden, is a failure to. Her child would be murdered.
"Putting it simply, my childs life depends on your success" she adds
Raiden ask's Olga exactly why he is being used, and she explains that he is a
pawn for something called the 'S3' plan. She refuses to explain what that is,
citing the little time they have. Solidus could attack at any minute and has to
be stopped.
Raiden asks about the virus, and is told nothing has happened so far. Its quite
likely the Patriots tampered with the program. She does not know if it will end
up working.

Raiden tells Olga to get him out of the restraints, and she says she will after
she leaves the room. She says that Snake has his equipment because she couldn't
bring it with her, adding he is up ahead in the hangar.
"Does Snake plan to destroy Arsenal Gear?" Raiden asks
"No, even for Snake its impossible for him to destroy the whole thing. You'll
have to stop Solidus and his men"
"What are you going to do?" he asks
"Stay concealed. Thats my role. I still can't affoard to be discovered..."
Raiden stares down at Olga. He finds that, although she may have been mixed up
with the wrong people, she doesn't deserve what has happened to her.
"Olga, you can't keep this up, they're bound to find you" Raiden warns.
"Listen, I'll make it through this alive" she says, unconcerned. "Brace
yourself..." She strikes Raiden hard in the ribs, knocking the wind out of him.
She walks out.
Click. One of the restraints around Raiden disconnects. He has to stop Solidus
and his men...
Click. Is Solidus his Godfather?
Click. Does he have it in him to kill him?
Click. Raiden falls to the ground free. Realising he is completely naked, he
covers his modesty and leaves the room (logging in a node while going)

Outside, in a large hall, things are...different. Raiden can't describe the
strange feeling he gets. The area is dark and cold. Arsenal is hundreds of feet
under water. Metal Gear Ray's stand supported throughout the immense chamber,
their cockpits staring down on Raiden. The sentries have changed to- they are
men, dressed in black overalls and masks brandishing long swords. Raiden
believes that they are the 'Tenchu's' Solidus talked about on the radio with
Olga at the helipad.
The CODEC sounds and Raiden answers. He is greeted by Campbell, but he sounds
distorted and his face is fuzzy.
"Raiden do you copy. You need to continue your m-m-mission" Campbell starts,
his face flickering.
"I've lost my gear. I need to contact Snake" Raiden says
"He was never factored into the simulation. Leave him out of this!" Campbell
"I can't do much naked, especially in this temperature" Raiden says. The
chamber is hovering around zero degrees celcius.
Campbell agrees with him, but adds "Raiden, take out Solidus and his men. You
must recover Arsenal intact"
"Colonel, are you under orders from the Patriots?" Raiden asks point blank.
"Your role, that is 'mission', is to infiltrate the structure and disarm the
"My role?! Why do you keep saying that?" Raiden demands to know.
"Why not? This is a type of role playing game. The point is that you play out
your part and I expect you to turn in a perfect performance!"
"Colonel...I just remembered something..." Raiden says
"That I've never met you in person. Not once."
"Complete your mission according to the simulation!" Campbell orders.
"Colonel who are you?!" Raiden demands to know.
"No more questions. We have Rosemary." Campbell threatens.
"What do you mean by that?"
"Over and out!" Raiden doesn't have a chance to push it, the CODEC is cut off.

Things seem to be getting stranger by the minute, but Raiden keeps his focus
and makes his way to where Olga said Snake would meet him. Whenever he steps on
the ground a strange digital static forms underneath his bare feet. Strange
holographic forms float in the air at certain points. Raiden had no idea that
part of his mission would be so...eerie. The Tenchu's are much more adept to
stealth than the Russian private army members and are harder to sneak past.
They are also much more quicker and seem be more adept at hand-to-hand. As
Raiden clears the bottom level and makes his way upstairs Campbell sends him
another CODEC call.
"Raiden turn the game console off right now!"
"What did you say?" Raiden asks.
"The mission is a failure! Cut the power right now."
"Whats wrong with you?" Raiden asks.
"Don't worry, its a game. Its a game like usual." Campbell adds.
"You'll ruin your eyes playing so close to the T.V." Rose interjects.
"Raiden, something happened to me last Thursday when I was driving home. I had
a couple of miles to go. I looked up and saw a glowing orange object in the
sky, to the east. It was moving very irregularly...suddenly, there was intense
light all around me and when I came to, I was home. What do you think
happened to me...?"
"What?!" is all Raiden can say
"Forget it..." The CODEC transmission is lost.
For the first time since the mission started, Raiden is starting to feel

Raiden clears the upstairs chamber and enters a long, tight hallway. He slowly
makes his way towards the end of it.
"Its amazing you can walk around like that"
Raiden turns and see's Snake step out from a side passageway. The man has shed
the SEAL Team 10 outfit and is dressed in the sneaking suit that made him
"Been waiting long?" Snake asks. Raiden can only reply with a violent sneeze.
Snake shows Raiden where his own sneaking suit is and gives him time to put it
on. When dressed, Raiden begins to talk but Snake places a finger on his lips
and indicates the CODEC.
"Sorry about earlier" Snake says "I had to use you as bait to gain access to
Arsenal. It worked"
Snake however refuses to elaborate on why he didn't tell Raiden about Olga. All
he says is "get over it" He adds that he's still waiting on the virus to work.
It seemed that it was rigged by the Patriots. And Arsenal is headed for
"I don't know what Solidus is planning, but we'll have to deal with it one way
another. There's also a troop of production-model RAY's ahead." Snake says
"How many?" Raiden asks
"Twenty-five, according to Olga" Snake reveals.
"Twenty-five?!" Raiden exclaims
"Yeah. Can't say I've faced that many Metal Gears before, but I think we can
deal." Snake reassures.
"No way we can..." Raiden says
"We can because we have no other choice..."
Snake hands Raiden a long blade which was given to him by Olga. He instructs
Raiden on how to use it. After Raiden has done some practice he tells him it is
time to go. Adding that if Raiden runs out of ammo he can have some of his.
"You got enough?" Raiden asks.
"Absolutely" Snake says. "Infinite ammo" pointing to his bandana with a slight

"Snake wait up!" Raiden says. He speaks with Snake on the CODEC.
"Snake, have you ever...enjoyed killing someone?" The words sound strange, and
he takes his time finding them "I'm not sure. Sometimes it's hard to tell the
difference between reality and a game..."
"Diminished sense of reality, huh? V.R. training will do that." Snake explains.
"No, it was field training, when I was a kid. I lied, Snake. I have more field
experience than I can remember. It's not V.R. that's doing this to me." Raiden
"Raiden, we don't carry guns to take people down. We're not here to help some
politician either." Snake assures.
"You can say that because you're a legend, a hero. I'm Jack the Ripper, a dirty
reminder - of a terrible mistake." Raiden sounds upset, regretting.
"Legends don't mean a whole lot. I was just a name to exploit. Just like you.
People will remember only the good part, the right part of what you did."
Snakes confidence in his words never wavers.
"There's no right part in murder, not ever." Raiden says
"And we're not in this to make a name for ourselves." Snake responds.
"Then what are you and Otacon fighting for?" Raiden asks
"A future" Snake simply responds. "You can stop being part of a mistake,
starting now."
"What am I supposed to do?" Raiden asks, a bit confused.

The two men turn off their CODEC's and begin to make their way through Arsenal.
As they enter another large chamber, empty chamber, Snake speaks as he stares
down the barrel of his assault rifle.
"Find something to believe in. And find it for yourself. And when you do, pass
it on to the future." He says
"Believe in what?" Raiden says, always finding a way to question Snakes
Snake stops and turns his head to face Raiden. "Thats your problem"
Raiden looks down for a second, disapointed with the response, then raises his
weapon to help clear the chamber. His CODEC sounds.
Otacon is on the other end, confirming that he is safe as well as all of the
hostages. Raiden tell's Otacon about the strange behavior Campbell is
displaying and ask's him to look into it. Otacon promises he will.
As Raiden turns off the CODEC, a cypher drone rises from beside a guardrail and
spots the two men, placing the facility on red-alert. Raiden and Snake take
cover, and have to shoot their way through wave after wave of Tenchu's who
ambush from above with amazing speed and accuracy. Snake and Raiden fight their
way through the attack to a small entranceway at the end of the landing.
Inside, Raiden recieves a CODEC communication from Otacon, who says that he
traced the Colonel's signal. Its coming from inside the base! Otacon explains
that he looked at the encryption protocol for the Colonel's signal and it is
identical to the Arsenal Gears Artificial Intelligence - the "so called" G.W.
"I think it means you've been talking to an A.I." Otacon finalizes.
"Thats crazy!" Raiden says, in complete denial.
"The Colonel probably isn't G.W. per se." Otacon explains. "G.W. was most
likely stimulating cortical activity in the dormant part of your brain through
signal manipulation of your own nanomachines. The Colonel is in part your own
creation, cobbled together from expectations and experience..." Otacon states
it all as fact. He add's that the reason the Colonel has been acting strangely,
if he is an A.I., is because the virus is starting to affect him.
"Snake whats happening around here?" Raiden asks, beginning to be genuinly
upset and afraid.
"I don't know." Snake affirms "What I do know is that you're standing right
here in front of me. Not an illusion - flesh and blood. It's your call. You can
drop this if you want." The certainty in Snakes word is infallible.
"No I can't...lets go..." Raiden says.

Inside the next room, a large circular chamber being the "Sigmoid Colon",
Raiden and Snake are left exposed and vulnerable. There is no cover and alot of
hiding places around the exterior. A Tenchu jumps down and lands. Raiden turns
and faces his sidearm at it. Another launches itself in the air and lands
gracefully. And another. And another. They envelop Snake and Raiden. Ten
surround them, standing still without moving a single muscle. Snake ever so
slightly edges back against Raiden.
Hell breaks loose. Raiden knows that the chances of hitting Snake with bullets
in the melee is to great, so he drops his firearm and takes out his blade. He
twirls and strikes with the blade against the Tenchu's cutting them to pieces.
Snake blasts his way through them as Raiden cuts them down. Soon, the entire
arena is littered with the corpses of the sentries and Raiden and Snake stand
alone, scanning intently for any more attacks. Just as Snake lowers his weapon
and breathes a sigh of relief the entranceway opens and another person walks
in. Raiden and Snake don't look at the person- they look at the weapon she is
"Fortune!" Raiden exclaims.
"Its been a long wait Solid Snake. The root of all my sorrows." Fortune says,
raising her finger to her victim. Snake can only look at her perplexed down the
barrel of his rifle.
"Two years ago you killed my father. That was the beginning of hell for us.
Everyone I love has been taken from me one by one. And no matter how hard I try
I cannot follow them!" He hand goes down to her heart. "And in this nightmare
the only thing we live for is to see it end. Our wait is almost over" Pain and
loss seems to seep through everyword she says.
"You can't be serious about firing the nuke!" Raiden says, slightly lowering
his gun.
"Since no-one can kill me" she starts "I may as well kill everyone I can!" She
raises the immense weapon in her hand, the barrel extending out in a charge of
"Beginning with you...Solid Snake!"
Raiden and Snake edge forward, their weapons on the edge of firing.
"Looks like I'm todays pick. You go on ahead." Snake says, never taking his
eyes off Fortune. His voice doesn't sound afraid at all.
Raiden begins to edge back and walks towards the ladder at the rear. He looks
back as he walks, unsure about his decision.
"You want eternal rest? I have it right here" Raiden hears Snake say. He gets
to the bottom rung and places his hand on it. Raiden then turns around.
"What are you going to do? Bullets can't get near her." Raiden says.
"I'll think of something. Theres no such thing as a witch." Snake eases back.
Fortune heard Snake say that. "You think you can kill me?" She asks.
Snakes eyes never leave looking down his weapon. "I don't know what your groups
been through. But lets get one thing clear - I didn't kill your father"
"Do you think anyone believes your lies?" Fortune snaps back.
"Raiden! Get out of here!" Snake yells.
Reluctantly, but at the same time with some urgency, Raiden begins to climb the
ladder. He begins to hear Snake fire his assault rifle blindly at Fortune,
urging out the adrenaline charged scream of a man facing certain death...


                         ----========  6  ========---


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