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Very Hard Walkthrough by Trueryu

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/08/01

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
The Demo
(How To Beat the "Very Hard" Difficulty)

FAQ v1.00 By: Trueryu, trueryu@hotmail.com
This document Copyright 2001 True Ryu

There are major SPOILERS about the MGS2 Demo in this FAQ. Read at your 
own risk.

Table of Contents

-What's the Dif
-The Walkthrough

|[ Intro ]|

 In this walkthrough, I will tell you where to go and what to do. I will 
not describe every part of a stage or room. So, you must play through 
the demo a couple of times before attempting the Very Hard difficulty. 
This difficulty is not so hard once you have experienced the game. If 
you are experienced with the demo, you can even beat this mode without 
losing any life.

|[ What's the Dif? ]|

 Very Hard is just the Hard difficulty, but with some major differences. 
Here's the major differences:

-There are no rations
-The radar is off, whether or not you choose you want the radar on or 
-Some items are missing
-And if you are caught, it's gameover.

|[ Tips ]|

 Tips that will help you beat Very Hard difficulty:

-Master the new controls. This will help you a lot. Know how that 
controller pad works. Master the functions so that your hands become the 
controller pad. Know how Snake moves. There seem to be a couple of new 
functions that weren't in the first MGS, so learn the new ones. I 
suggest that you head towards the Special Mode, in the Main Menu, before 
attempting the Very Hard difficulty.

-Remember the radar is off. Play the game on all the other difficulties 
before attempting Very Hard difficulty. Start out with Very Easy, then 
work your way to Hard, then try Very Hard. This way, you know where the 
important items are, where your enemies are placed, where your enemies 
will move to, and how everything acts and reacts. So, your experience 
will serve you well. Play around in the Very Easy difficulty and have 
fun, then, when you are serious and ready, try the Very Hard difficulty.

-Always use your M9 16 (tranquilizer gun) to beat enemies. Never use the 
punch, punch, backward-spinning-chambered-hook-kick combo / the punch, 
punch, backwards roundhouse kick combo (to those of you who don't know 
of the Martial Arts term.) It's harder to make all three hits on a guard 
than in the first MGS game. Also, it's easy for other guards to see you 
while are performing this combo as you are in one spot and cannot move 
in a different direction while performing the combo. Anyway, do not use 
the ground somersault method to defeat your enemies, it's too risky. 
Stick with the M9 16.

-When you use you M9 16, always aim for the head. This will effectively 
work on them and put them to sleep. If you go for the arm or leg, they 
will become suspicious and they might find you if you're close by, since 
they are a lot smarter in the Very Hard difficulty. If you hit them in 
the head, it only takes one tranquilizer dart to take down one guard.

-You know a guard has fallen asleep after you have fired a dart at him 
and he gives out a yell.

-You should always try to have your M9 16 out and ready. This way you 
don't have to switch when a guard is coming towards you.
-Take your time or rush. Some parts will allow you to take your time to 
shoot a guard. Other times will demand you to shoot a guard right after 
he has turned around. 

-If you used to many darts or lost any life (by shooting a fire 
extinguisher or from falling from a high place) kill Snake. Yeah, that's 
right kill Snake. If you die, you can resume from where you first 
entered the room and you will have all the items and life you had when 
you entered the room. Plus, also some scenes will go away (the scenes 
that you see when you first enter a portion of the room, like when Snake 
spots the camera.) This enables you to continue right on, without 
wasting time. You'll need the life for Olga. 

-Don't give up. Some parts seem hard, but you just have to try your best 
before they become easy.

|[ The Walkthrough ]|
 When you first gain control of the Legendary Solid Snake, you have 16 
darts of your M9 16 gun and you are on the deck of the Discovery (this 
is the name of the huge boat, it is also mentioned in the intro of Metal 
Gear Solid VR Missions.) From where you are, go to 1st-person mode and 
shoot dart into the guard's head who is on the balcony (which is just 
above and infront of you.) He should be knocked out. Then go forward and 
to the right, until you see the first set of stairs. They lead to small 
platform with crates and a machine with a hook. Run up to the crates and 
crouch, do not crawl. Get into 1st-person mode and aim your M9 16 to 
your right and just above the crates. If you wait, you'll see a guard 
walk near where you're aiming. He'll be on a platform that is level to 
yours. You must shoot him in the head. He should be knocked out. Go to 
where the guard was knocked out. There are bandages to the right on that 
platform. There are also stairs that lead up. Walk up the stairs and you 
can go to the balcony where you will find the first guy you knocked out. 
Now, go to left and hang on the railing at the left by pressing triangle 
at the edge. You are about to fall on a platform with crates and a 
machine with a hook. Get on the platform, but do not get on the crates 
just yet. On a lower level you can see a guard who will walk around the 
left side of you platform to the in front of the platform and will 
eventually repeat the process. When he walks to the left side, get on 
the crates. Get into 1st-person and aim the M9 16 at him. Do not fire, 
but trail him. He will stop infront of the platform, right near some 
stairs, this gives you a chance to hit him. You must fire the dart at 
his head when he stops near the stairs. Then, jump down to the area 
where the guard was knocked out. There is a door to the north of you. Go 
through the door by pressing triangle repeatedly.
 Once you are in this new area, head right and down the hallway, into 
the locker room. Open the locker all the way to the right that has some 
M9 16 ammo. Get the ammo and head out the sliding door. To your right 
there is a long hallway with a guard walking up and down it. Lean  
against the right of the wall so that you can see the guard. He will not 
turn and see you against the wall, unless you are looking at him 
directly with R2. While leaning against the wall, wait for him to turn 
around. As soon as he does, run to right so that you are in the hallway. 
You should be facing his back. As quick as you can, fire a dart into his 
head. He should be knocked out. walk up the hallway and enter the new 
room to the right. You will see a scene of Snake leaning against the 
wall and peaking down a long hallway with two guards. If you die and 
resume, you skip this scene. Now, walk forward so that the long hallway 
is to your left. Get into 1st-person and aim a dart into the guard who 
is all the way at the end and is walking back and forth. You must fire a 
dart into his head when he is far away from the look-out guard. If you 
knock him out too close to the look-out guard, the look-out guard will 
hear him falling. If you knocked the guard out, the one all the way down 
the hallway, the look-out should not notice. Then shoot him in the head 
with a dart. Wasting no time, run behind the bar and get some M9 16 
ammo. Go up the stairs that the look-out was standing by, and go through 
the door at the right.
 There should now be a passageway at the south and two at the north. 
Ignore the southern passage and head north. After Snake sees the guard's 
shadow, go to the right and into a room with stairs that are blocked off 
by crates. Behind the stairs you will find more ammo. head back to the 
exact location where Snake saw the guard's shadow. The guard will be 
walking down the hall, back and forth. When he is near you, you can see 
his shadow, but he won't turn the corner and see you. Lean against the 
wall and look for the guard's shadow. When you see the shadow disappear, 
this means the guard has turned around. Quickly, press up, get into 1st-
person, and aim your darts at the back of his head and fire. You must do 
this before he turns around at the other end of the hallway, or else he 
will see you. Once he is asleep, run down the hallway (run left) and 
you'll come into a room, similar to the one with the crates blocking off 
the stairs, except there are no crates. Run up the stairs.
 There will be a scene of Snake seeing a camera (the cameras in Very 
Hard tilt their view) down a hallway. You must shoot the side of the 
lens of the camera and it will be destroyed allowing you to pass freely. 
Now go up the stairs as there is nothing special in the other passage 
(go to the stairs which is in the middle of the long hallway.)
 This is the hardest or second hardest part of the demo. You start off 
seeing a guard and you are not completely up the stairs. You must run 
and get right behind him. Aim your gun at him and if you did it quick 
enough, he'll sense you behind him and he will raise his arms. Shoot him 
in the head. Drag his body near the stairs. Now, you'll notice a door, 
near the left of the stairway. It slides open. When you enter through 
the door, there will be a scene that warns you of a camera nearby. There 
will be a guard, who entered this room when you were dealing with the 
guard near the stairs. When you view the scene, you are cannot move 
while the guard is moving closer to you. Don't be surprised if you are 
caught shortly after the scene. Now after you are caught, you will get a 
gameover, but you can pick to resume in the place where you left off. So 
do what I said to do in this level and when you enter through the 
sliding door, there will be no scene. The procedure for entering this 
room, the kitchen, is to stand near the door and the sliding door will 
open, then you must roll into a table. When Snake gets up, immediately 
press X and he should crouch. Get into 1st-person view, with your gun 
and if you're lucky, the guard should be far away. You must quickly 
shoot his head with the darts from crouching position while he is still 
far away. Keep trying until you get his head. When he's knocked out, 
walk in between the two large table and aim your dart at the side of 
camera's lens. Disable it by shooting it. Quickly go through the sliding 
door at the right and the bottom of the screen, then quickly (if not a 
guard will see you,) go up the stairs near the sliding door. 
 You will be in the captain's control room. There are no enemies. You 
will view a scene. After that, go to the left side and open the door by 
repeatedly pressing triangle.
 After a scene, you must face Olga, the second hardest part of the demo. 
You can beat her without losing any life if you stick to this strategy: 
trick her. To do this, you must make her think you are in one spot, but 
then you sneak away and shoot her from a different angle. First, go 
somewhere that is all the way to the right or all the way to the left. 
Allow her to see you and an exclamation point will rise above her head. 
She will then move to a safe place to shoot you. You must crawl or roll 
to the other side, without her seeing you. If she does see you, she will 
think you are in the spot that she found you. She will be shooting at 
that spot. Now, after you have crawled or rolled to a new spot (she 
doesn't know that you are in the new spot and she is still firing at 
your old spot,) you must go into 1st person mode and fire at her with 
your darts. It helps to get the right angle when you press R2 or L2 to 
see a bit more to the left or right. This helps you a lot. Now if you 
fail to shoot her, and she is firing at your old spot and she cannot 
find you; she will throw grenades. These grenades do not make a big 
explosion, but you must avoid them. If she starts throwing grenades like 
crazy, let her see you by going right in the open (make sure you don't 
get hit by her bullets.) You want her to see you so that she goes back 
to shooting instead of bombing. Keep switching from 1st-person to 3rd-
person so that you can tell where she is when you are a bout to fire. 
She will slide and cartwheel so that she can see you. When she hides 
behind the large curtain-like sheet, shoot the ropes that tie it down. 
The curtain will fly away and she will stop staying behind the sheet. 
Continue tricking her and if you are low on life. Crouch and stay still. 
Your health will revive itself from orange to the first sign of green. 
Continue the process of attacking her, as well as regaining life, when 
your life is low. The battle should be a bit long, but not too hard. 
 After you beat her you see a scene that will serve as an ending to the 
MGS2 Demo. After this , you get a ranking code.

|[ Credits ]|

Thanks to: Hideo Kojima and Konami who made MGS2:SOL (and the demo of 

And I am the author. I will update this more. Please email me if you 
need any help or email me if you thought this FAQ helped, at: 

(Eh! No plagiarizing!)

Thanks, and Bye-bye! ;)

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