Is the new tour de france game a manager game??

  1. Is the new tour de france game a manager game??

    User Info: Tdf_Gaming

    Tdf_Gaming - 8 years ago

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  1. It's a full on action bike racing game that you play the part of a rider for a team in the Tour de France. You control a rider in real time. At the start you pick 6 riders for your team. At the start of each stage you can pick one of the 6 riders for you to control. You always are the team leader who ever you chose to ride with and it's up to you to make good use of the other 5 team members to help you. In real time you request help from your team members via communication commands all in real time to reach your goals. A stage only covers all the points of interest as it would take too long to race a whole stage in real time. Normally you take part in the start, sprint, hill climbs & finish with the other boring parts simulated. Your actions while racing will accommodate what will happen in the simulated sections. So no real manager stuff is found in this game other than making use of team members while racing all played out real time.

    User Info: VirtuaRacing

    VirtuaRacing - 8 years ago 1   0

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