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Challenge FAQ by TheSonofNone

Version: 1.21 | Updated: 04/23/12

No ASCII art. No editorializing. No fluff. No pampering.
        Straight strategy.

Guild Challenges Walkthrough and FAQ
version 1.21

Written by C. S. Halloran (c)2011


Assassin's Creed: Revelations, along with all other productions of the 
Assassin's Creed series, are the sole intellectual and trademark domain of
Ubisoft and its subsidiaries. References the content of the video game for 
entertainment purposes only and makes no claim, explicit or implicit, to be 
the owner of such. References to copyrighted material are made under the 'Fair
Use' provisions of U.S. Code Title 17.

The content of this guide is copyrighted under the guidelines of U.S. Code 
Title 17 and international laws where applicable.  It is the full and sole 
property of its author and owner and cannot be reproduced, republished, or 
amended without the explicit written consent of its owner.  Any person(s) or 
organization(s) found violating this copyright is/are punishable by law and 
will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Publication is allowed 
only on www.gamefaqs.com.


1.00 - 23 November 2011 - First draft finished
1.10 - 03 December 2011 - Missing bomb challenge added
                          Numerous strategies improved
1.11 - 04 December 2011 - Fixed remaining typos, malapropisms, and grammatical
                            errors (Thank you to 'Adrian' for the proofreading 
                          Changed encoding format
1.12 - 09 December 2011 - Updated FAQ
1.20 - 14 December 2011 - Replaced a strategy
1.21 - 23 April 2012 - Updated FAQ
                       Added clarifications to two Bomb Challenges


I. Introduction						[INTR]
   A. About the Walkthrough				  [BOUT]
   B. Contacting the Author				  [MAIL]

II. About the Challenges                                [CHLN]

III. Assassin's Guild Challenges                        [ASGC]
     A. Challenge Set 1                                   [ASGC1]
     B. Challenge Set 2                                   [ASGC2]
     C. Challenge Set 3                                   [ASGC3]

IV. Mercenaries Guild Challenges                        [MCGC]
    A. Challenge Set 1                                    [MCGC1]
    B. Challenge Set 2                                    [MCGC2]
    C. Challenge Set 3                                    [MCGC3]

V. Romanies Guild Challenges                            [RMGC]
   A. Challenge Set 1                                     [RMGC1]
   B. Challenge Set 2                                     [RMGC2]
   C. Challenge Set 3                                     [RMGC3]

VI. Thieves Guild Challenges                            [TVGC]
    A. Challenge Set 1                                    [TVGC1]
    B. Challenge Set 2                                    [TVGC2]
    C. Challenge Set 3                                    [TVGC3]

VII. Bomb Challenges                                    [PRBC]
     A. Challenge Set 1                                   [PRBC1]
     B. Challenge Set 2                                   [PRBC2]

VIII. FAQ                                               [FAQS]


I. Introduction						[INTRO]

   A. About the Walkthrough				[BOUT]

I write this for the "veteran" of the Assassin's Creed series; that is, new
'initiates' to the series will need to spend time familiarizing themselves 
with the mechanics of the game, especially combat, replaying memories, and the
map and its legend. This, by no means, is meant to imply that the novice will 
be lost.  Indeed, everybody should be able to utilize and gain from this 
walkthrough,  but I shan't be treating you, my reader, like an idiot who needs 
me to hold his/her hand through the game.

This is SPOILER-FREE with the exception of some new forms of combat that Ezio 
learns in the early missions of the game.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations has veteran authors producing well-written 
guides. For the majority of what you must accomplish to achieve 100% 
synchronization, use them.  This is limited solely to the Challenges.

Do you have suggestions for improvement, alternate strategies, or found a 
mistake?  Please, tell me, and I will correct and give due credit. (Be honest 
and tell  me if you know this fact from another FAQ and/or website.  Give me 
the URL of the guide, and I will give credit to both you and your source.)

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___

   B. Contacting the Author				[MAIL]

E-mail C. S. Halloran at his Gmail account. The username is my name as written 
on the above line sans the periods and the spaces. I will neither be able nor 
inclined to reply to all e-mails, depending upon their quality and content on 
the latter point. Please take it on faith that I have received the e-mail and 
will address it in the walkthrough's next update.


I feel it should be unnecessary to say this, but in your e-mails, please BE AS
SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE when referencing challenges and/or this guide.  Name the 
challenge or tell me precisely where in this walkthrough I erred and/or failed 
to figure out a better strategy. I am not psychic and will not be able to 
magically discern what you meant. If I cannot understand what you are getting 
at quickly, then I am not going to even try. Attempts to be specific that say 
"the memory where you the killed that guy..." or something equally vague will 
be considered failures at specificity.

I will ignore rude e-mails and e-mails that have incomprehensible grammar, 
syntax, and/or spelling. (That especially includes text messaging and IM 
lingo.) I have take the time to write this FAQ clearly; return the favor.

Read ALL of a section before asking me a question about it.  If it is answered
already in this FAQ, I reserve the right to be snide, rude, and/or sarcastic
when and if I reply.

If it is beyond the scope of these Challenges, I will ignore you. You ought to
know that you should consult an appropriate walkthrough or FAQ.


II. About the Challenges                                [CHLN]

For those who must have 100% Synchronization, these Challenges are necessary, 
time-consuming, and potentially frustrating. Most can be fulfilled during 
normal gameplay, but doing so requires conscientiousness and diligence. Each 
challenge is organized in two or three sets. The sets can be completed in any 
order, meaning Set 3 can be completed and its reward received before the 
completion of either or both of the previous sets in a given challenge. The 
benefit of these Guild Challenges over their similar counterparts in
Assassin's   Creed: Brotherhood is that you receive useful rewards upon the 
completion of specifics sets, namely a weapon and an unlocked ability 
activated whenever a faction is hired.

The good thing is that these Challenges open up early in the game during 
Sequence 2. (If you do not see the message on your screen, look to your map. 
When you see the missions appear in the Mercenaries Guild and Thieves Guild 
locations in the Imperial District, these challenges are open. You need not 
complete the Guild missions to start satisfying these challenges.) This gives 
you plenty of time to casually and/or occasionally do the tasks to satisfy all 

I suggest that you combine your pursuit of their fulfillment with your moving 
around Constantinople collecting Treasure Chests and Animus fragments, 
liberating Templar Dens, defending Assassin Dens, sending your Assassin 
recruits on missions in the Mediterranean Defense minigame, and recruiting new 
assassins to replace the (Level 10) assassins you establish in dens in other 
cities. That said, some challenges will best be fulfilled through a focused 
campaign, particularly if your style of gameplay involves solving the problem 
of guards' alert level with combat (cf. Romani Guild, Set 1 challenges).

I also suggest that you do these early. If you are seeking 100% 
synchronization, you need money as the price of the books by Sequence 7 rises 
outrageously. (You need approximately 350,000 akce for the books available in 
that sequence.) Additionally, there are many expensive landmarks to purchase 
in the Rebuilindg Constantinople minigame, and many missions on which you can 
send your Assassin Recruits cost akce.) A sustained focus on these guild 
challenges in Sequence 2 or 3 allows you to productively spend time that will 
allow the Rebuilding Constantinople minigame to increase your treasury and 
ownership of Constantinopolitan businesses and landmarks.


III. Assassin's Guild Challenges                        [ASGC]

     A. Challenge Set 1                                   [ASGC1]
        Reward: Assassins will be more effective when sent on missions. -- 
                The probability of success of the first Assassin recruit sent 
                on a mission will be ten percentage points higher.

  Call Assassins during a fight ----- 25
       Form the habit of squeezing L2 once in combat mode. Particularly do this
       during missions to combine this with another challenge. Generally, 
       though, pick fights with guards as you run around the city. Pick the 
       fight with either a Hook and Run or a Hook and Throw to combine this
       challenge with the two challenges from the Thieves and Romani Guilds, 

       NOTE -- If you refrain from killing your opponents, then your Templar 
       Awareness will not rise. Respond to those NPC's that attack you with 
       the Counter Steal to combine this challenge with a Thieves Guild one.

  Call Assassins on a target ----- 20
       Target a highlighted guard with R1; then squeeze L2 to signal your 
       Assassin recruits. Focus on rooftop guards to kill two birds (the guards
       and this challenge) with one stone.

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___

     B. Challenge Set 2                                   [ASGC2]
        Reward: Assassin Signal recharges at increased speed. -- As this is a 
                highly valuable reward from a practical standpoint, I 
                recommend an early focus on this pair of challenges.

  Use Arrow Storm ----- 15
       Squeeze and hold L2 in the presence of enemies. (Note: Janissaries, 
       Varangians, and Almogovars may only be wounded by this, depending upon 
       the number of other NPC 'targets' the Assassin recruits must hit.) As a 
       significant amount of time is required to let the Assassin Signals fully
       recharge and as it requires that you have at least six Assassin recruits
       not on a mission, I recommend using Arrow Storm immediately before 
       visiting an pigeon coop or Assassins' Den for the Mediterranean Defense 

       NOTE -- In Sequence 8, Memory 1, you receive an unlimited number of
       Assassins Signals, if you care to wait that long. I recommend against 
       such a wait.

  Call your Assassins within a story mission ----- 5
       You can call your Assassins both in core missions and in side missions. 
       This will combine with the Set 1 challenges.

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___

     C. Challenge Set 3                                   [ASGC3]
        Reward: Unlocks the Assassin faction weapon. -- Altair's Sword
                (Damage: 4/5, Speed: 3/5, Deflect: 4/5)

                NOTE -- This is not the best weapon of the game as is the 
                case in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Yusuf's Turkish Kijil
                (the reward for completing the Master Assassin mission 'The 
                Deacon Part 1') is the best, followed by the Almogovar Axe 
                (the reward for completing the Master Assassin mission 'The 
                Champion Part 1').

  Recruit Assassins ----- 12
       Fill up all available slots in your local guild, and send one to an 
       Assassins' Den in another city. Recruit a twelfth person to fill the 
       now empty slot.

       NOTE-- If one or more recruits die, then those you recruit to replace
       them do count towards this challenge.

  Train recruits to the rank of Master Assassin ----- 7
       Complete all 14 Master Assassin missions after assigning a Level 10
       Assassin to each of Constantinople's 7 Assassin dens. This requires 
       that each of these seven recruits earns 15,500 XP from missions first. 
       You must finish Sequence 2 for one of the seven.

  Successfully perform a Den Defense --- 3
       Den Defenses generally will be instigated when your Templar Awareness 
       meter reaches 100%.

       NOTE -- Once all 7 Assassin dens have a Level 15 Master Assassin, their 
       dens can no longer be attacked, ending this minigame. If you had not 
       fulfilled this challenge for any reason, then you are given full credit 

       NOTE -- Repeating Sequence 2, Memory 6 counts towards this challenge. 
       This is helpful if you are poor at the den defense minigame.
       (*Credit: I learned this from 'Jim,' with much thanks for the tip.*)


IV. Mercenaries Guild Challenges                        [MCGC]
    A. Challenge Set 1                                    [MCGC1]
        Reward: Cost of hiring Mercenaries decreases. -- The price drops by
                one-half from 150 akce to 75 akce. 

  Use Mercenaries on guards ----- 10
       If you are especially frugal, you can satisfy this with the services of 
       a single group of mercenaries, for each segment of battle into which you
       send them counts separately. (This saves you 1350 akce.) Call your 
       Assassin recruits during the fights to combine this with the Assassin
       Guild, Set 1 challenges.

  Destroy scaffold by throwing someone into it ----- 5
       Scaffolds are not as plentiful along guards' routes as they seemed to 
       be in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, so you will need to lure guards 
       near one. Good places include among the first streets south of the 
       docks in Imperial North and Bayezid North. I suggest getting their 
       attention using the Hook and Run to give you an ample head start, as 
       well as contribute to fulfilling a Thieves Guild challenge. Stop just 
       past the scaffolding, and immediately enter combat mode. Then, simply 
       grab and throw an opponent. (Note: The stronger NPC's are resistant to

       NOTE -- See FAQ section, Question #3.

  Kill an enemy using a thrown weapon ----- 5
       This requires a heavy weapon, which you can purchase from Blacksmiths 
       starting in Sequence 2 after purchasing the right sheath from a Tailor, 
       or you can get from picking up the dropped arms of Almogovars. Target 
       an enemy, press and hold Square. Release to throw. If the weapon was 
       your primary long blade, you can re-equip by picking it up, visiting 
       the armory in Headquarters, or visiting a Blacksmith and selecting that  
       weapon if you originally purchased the weapon from one.

       NOTE -- As this requires wind up time, which leaves Ezio vulnerable to 
       attack, it is safest not to use this strategy while in active combat. 
       Enter fights started by your Assassins (Set 1) and/or Mercenaries 
       (above) with this method.

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___

    B. Challenge Set 2                                    [MCGC2]
        Rewards: Unlocks Mercenary Faction ability. -- Hired mercenaries act 
                 as bodyguards, keeping inquisitive guards and harassers away.
                 Mercenaries Guild crest is awarded in Headquarters.

  Disarm and kill a guard with his own weapon ----- 5
       If you remember to be in combat mode unarmed, this is simple.

  Kill a Byzantime Almogovar ----- 25
       These axe-bearing, heavily armed guards become increasingly common as 
       you progress through the sequences. The Master Assassin mission 'The 
       Thespian Part 2' has an abundance of Almogovars.

  Perform a Hook and Throw ----- 10
       Run towards an enemy and tap Circle as you approach. I recommend 
       combining this with Assassin's Guild, Set 1's challenge to call Assassin
       recruits into combat with you since you automatically enter combat upon 
       completion of this move.

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___

    C. Challenge Set 3                                    [MCGC3]
       Reward: Unlocks Mercenary Faction weapon. -- Broadsword (Damage: 5/5, 
               Speed: 4/5, Deflect: 4/5)

  Perform a Double Assassination ----- 10
       Assassinations from above or by walking between two guards count. 

  Kill 5 Guards in under 10 seconds in melee ----- 1
       Kills for the next challenge will satisfy this challenge.

  Perform a combo kill streak of at least 5 kills ----- 10
       This must be completed in the earlier sequences, ideally Sequence 2-4, 
       for by Sequence 8, every set of guards contains at least one Janissary.  
       Janissaries require three hits in combo kills or counter-kills to 
       dispatch them, thus ruining your kill streak. To get five or more 
       guards in one place, use Hook and Run to collect guards to chase after 
       you before starting combat. Sequence 4, Memory 3 is a good mission to 
       repeat until you satisfy this challenge. 

       NOTES -- Personally, I find it easier to maintain kill streaks using a 
       short blade. The special animation is quicker, making it less likely 
       that an off-screen NPC will attack you, requiring a counter, or that 
       a guard will grab you from behind. Also, remember the cliché "better 
       safe than sorry." Do not stop after your fifth kill if more NPC's are 
       around in case you miscounted. Last, this is the one time when you do 
       not want to call your Assassin Recruits into battle with you as they 
       have a tendency to kill your next target in the streaks.

  Kill an Ottoman Janissary ----- 25
       Janissaries are highly recognizable for their masks. If you wish to 
       satisfy this earlier in the game, you can find 2-4 Janissaries 
       stationed in the westernmost courtyard of the Galata district (number
       depending upon how early in the game you seek them), directly 
       west from a Tailor. Four Janissaries will guard two treasure chests 
       along the docks of Galata toward the east. Most importantly, the 
       Janissaries have a camp in Constantine North, just east of Fatih Mosque,
       if you are an expert in combat.

       NOTE -- During Sequence 2, not all of the NPC's in the camp will be 
       Janissaries, which can make the combat a little easier for novices.


V. Romanies Guild Challenges                            [RMGC]
   A. Challenge Set 1                                     [RMGC1]
      Reward: Cost of hiring Romanies decreases. -- The price drops by one-
              half from 150 akce to 75 akce. 

  Use Romanies on guards ----- 10
       As few mission require using Romanies as decoys, hire Romanies as you  
       come across them, and send them to distract random patrolling guards 
       until you satisfy this challenge.

  Evade using stealth (crowd/hiding spots) ----- 10
       To those who find combat an easier way to deal with enemy awareness, 
       this challenge is annoying. Hiding spots are not as plentiful. The
       average building is taller, requiring more climbing time, and crossing 
       district borders means you lose the guards rather easily. Use a 
       Tactical Bomb (e.g., Caltrops) to combine this with a Set 2 challenge if
       you make it into a hide spot before you lose your pursuers.

  Kill guards using the crossbow without being detected ----- 20
       Rooftop guards are the easiest targets, followed by targets that you 
       shoot from rooftops.

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___

   B. Challenge Set 2                                     [RMGC2]
      Rewards: Unlocks Romani Faction ability. -- Romanies that peel away from 
               Ezio when you walk too near will poison those guards.
               Romanies Guild crest is awarded in the Headquarters.

  Use Tactical Bombs to escape guards ----- 10
       The best bombs to use are either Caltrop Bomb or Smoke Screen (active 
       ingredient: phosphorous). I recommend entering a hide spot or blending 
       with a group of citizens to combine this challenge with one in Set 1.

  Kill a Stalker without getting stabbed ----- 5
       Stalkers attack randomly when you are on street level, but they are 
       especially prevalent when your Templar Awareness meter is full. Press 
       Square to kill them quickly after the animation begins.

       NOTE -- Loot Stalkers' corpses for a rich haul (over 1400 akce).

  Kill guards using poison ----- 15
       The Datura Bomb is the easiest manner, if you find guards separated 
       from civilians, such as during missions, but as Fast Poison is 
       available early in the game (Sequence 2), traditional darts or the 
       superfluous poison blade works, too.

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___

   C. Challenge Set 3                                     [RMGC3]
      Reward: Unlocks Romani Faction weapon. -- Romani Stiletto (Damage: 5/5, 
              Speed: 3/5, Deflect: 4/5)

  Kill guards using bombs without being spotted ----- 20
       The Piri Reis missions will help get through a significant amount of 
       this challenge, but any bomb thrown from a distance or from a rooftop 
       will suffice.

  Assassinate a guard from behind ----- 10
       Rooftop guards are especially easy targets, but there is no need to ever
       focus on this challenge.

  Assassinate a guard from a blend spot ----- 5
       Few guards' patrol routes travel close to haystacks, but more pass by 
       benches. Use Eagle Sense to identify likely spots. To help this 
       challenge along, throw a Diversion Bomb, such as a Cherry Bomb (active 
       ingredient: sulfur) or Smoke Decoy (active ingredient: Salt of Petra), 
       at a haystack when guards are in the area. Enter the haystack, and kill 
       the guard(s) who come to investigate.

  Kill 3 enemies dazed by a single smoke bomb before it dissipates ----- 1
       Make the strongest Smoke Screen bomb (active ingredient: phosphorous) 
       using Impact Shells and British Gunpowder. Throw it at the feet of a
       group of guards, and with Eagle Vision activated, enter the smoke. To 
       ensure you have enough time, aim for a double assassination for your 
       first kill, which will combine this with a Mercenaries Guild, Set 3 


VI. Thieves Guild Challenges                            [TVGC]
    A. Challenge Set 1                                    [TVGC1]
       Reward: Cost of hiring the Thief Faction decreases. -- The cost drops 
               by one-half from 150 akce to 75 akce.

  Use Thieves on guards ----- 10
       A few missions require the use of thieves, but not nearly enough to
       satisfy this challenge. Hire thieves as you pass them, directing them 
       to lure away whichever set of guards you next come across.

       NOTE -- If you send your Thieves towards a solitary rooftop guard, 
       after the NPC is dispatched, perhaps by you using the crossbow to speed 
       things along, you retain the Thieves. Frugal players can save akce in 
       this manner.

  Sprint uninterrupted for 300 meters ------ 1
       The creek that separates Constantine North and South is the best 
       location. It does not have an open distance of 300 meters, so careful 
       turns are necessary.

  Perform a Hook and Run ----- 15
       To quickly fulfill this challenge, use the same set of guards, running 
       back and forth through them. If you wait longer, some later missions in 
       Sequences 7 and 8 require you to bypass guards, but this is best 
       combined with Assassins Guild, Set 1 challenges and/or collecting guards 
       for Mercenaries Guild, Set 3 combo-kill challenge.

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___

    B. Challenge Set 2                                    [TVGC2]
       Rewards: Unlocks the Thief Faction ability. -- Hired thieves will steal
                from the civilians and the dead bodies they pass as they 
                follow Ezio.
                Thieves Guild crest is awarded in the Headquarters.

  Perform a Leap of Faith ----- 40
       Normal gameplay will satisfy this challenge.

  Climb a total distance of 1 km ----- 1
       Normal gameplay will also satisfy this challenge. If you wish to speed 
       things along, climb Galata Tower a couple times.

  Steal money with a Counter Steal ----- 250 akce
       In combat, before you use Counter-Kill for Mercenary Guild, Set 3 or 
       call Assassin recruits from Assassins Guild, Set 1, do a Counter Steal.
       (Press Triangle when you would normally press Square for a Counter 
       Kill.) This is easy if you remember to do it, and it will require but 
       six through ten victims to collect the total necessary.

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___

    C. Challenge Set 3                                    [TVGC3]
       Reward: Unlocks the Thief Faction weapon. -- Ottoman Mace (Damage: 4/5; 
               Speed: 4/5; Deflect: 2/5)

  Perform a dive of at least 30 meters ----- 1
       The tower ramparts along the south of Imperial South are ideal. Press X 
       immediately after jumping.

  Kill a guard using throwing knives ----- 25
       Throwing knives are my weapon of choice for dispatching rooftop guards, 
       so there is no need to consciously focus on this challenge. Holding 
       Triangle to throw multiple knives is a great way to enter the combat to 
       recruit new Assassins.

  Perform an air assassination on guards from a beam ----- 5
       Use Eagle Sense to identify guards' routes. Perch along a beam over a 
       street, and air assassinate the guards when them come along. Aim for a
       double assassination to combine this with a Mercenaries Guild, Set 3 

  Perform a zipline assassination ----- 10
       Opportunities for these are not as prevalent as you might think. Some
       ziplines in Constantine South, east-southeast of the Romanies Guild 
       headquarters, and in eastern and central Galata provide a couple 
       opportunities to accrue kills. Use Eagle Sense to confirm that guards'
       routes are beneath a zipline or, more commonly, are at the end of a 
       zipline. Three memories (Sequence 2, Memories 5 and 7; Sequence 5, 
       Memory 3) include a zipline assassination as a part of the mission.


VII. Bomb Challenges                                    [PRBC]
     NOTE -- Doing the Piri Reis missions, available after Sequence 3, Memory 
             4, will help you along these challenges well.

     A. Challenge Set 1                                   [PRBC1]
        Reward: Extra bomb ingredients found within Dens.

  Stick a bomb on a guard ----- 10
       Use bombs made with the Sticky Pouch. Any type of bomb works.

  Kill a mission target with a bomb ----- 1
       The Piri Reis missions require this.

  Distract a guard using bombs ----- 20
       Use Diversion bombs as you come across guards as you seek the Treasure 
       Chests, et al. The number is distracted guards, not bombs.

  Kill 5 guards with a single bomb ----- 1
       You want to use a Splinter Bomb (active ingredient: shrapnel) with an 
       Impact Shell and British Gunpowder. The only challenge to this is 
       finding a place with 5 guards unaware of your presence so that you can
       safely deploy a bomb. Find the Bank in the Bayezid North district, 
       which is southwest of the westernmost ferry terminal. Two guard routes 
       overlap but a few meters west of the Bank. A little patience for the
       guards' routes to synchronize, and you will have 8 guards.
       Other spots include along the docks of the Bayezid North and Imperial 
       North districts. Sets of guards congregate near the gates, and 
       patrolling guards will periodically pass nearby. Also, in the Piri Reis 
       mission 'Sticky Situations,' if you throw the bomb too soon for the 
       target to reach the other two targets, turn around and run, and U-turn 
       to your right up the slope. Carefully peer over the edge, and throw a 
       second sticky bomb at the surviving target(s). The guards will have come 
       to investigate the corpse(s) of the first bomb, making a condensed 
       collection of guards.

  Kill guards with Tripwire bombs ----- 20
       You need two types of bombs: in your Lethal pouch, Datura bombs with a 
       Tripwire shell and at least Arabic Gunpowder, and in your Tactical 
       pouch, Smoke Screen (active ingredient: phosphorous) bombs with Impact 
       Shells and ideally British Gunpowder. Distract a set of 4 guards with 
       the Tactical bomb, and run into their midst, setting the Datura bomb. As
       the NPC's will set off this bomb immediately, flee the immediate area to
       escape the poison. You will have few, if any, civilian casualties with 
       this method.

       NOTES -- First, thank you to 'Kat' for noticing that this challenge had 
       not been included in version 1.00. Second, thank you to 'FaithnTubz' for
       the above strategy, which is vastly easier and quicker than my original.

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___

     B. Challenge Set 2                                   [PRBC2]
        Reward: Bomb capacity upgrade. -- Ezio can now carry four of each bomb 

  Craft a bomb with every shell type ----- 1
       Make any type of bomb with a Fuse Shell, Impact Shell, Trip Wire, and 
       Sticky Pouch. Using them is not necessary. To complete and log the 
       'crafting,' you must exit the crafting station, however briefly.

  Use a bomb ----- 50
       Normal gameplay, the Piri Reis missions, and the Set 1 challenges will 
       satisfy this challenge easily. Also, there are 31 hidden wells, which 
       can be opened as hide spots only with a bomb.

  Kill a guard incapacitated by a bomb ----- 25
       The easiest place is to repeat the Master Assassin mission 'The Champion
       Part 2' as it essentially requires using Stink Bombs or Smoke Bombs for 
       the Full Synchronization requirement.

  Craft one bomb of each effect type ----- 1
       There are ten types of effects (3 Lethal, 3 Tactical, 4 Diversion). A 
       little time at a crafting table will easily satisfy this challenge. 
       Again, to officially craft a bomb, you must exit the station after the 

  Use every bomb effect at least twice ----- 1
       The Piri Reis missions will satisfy one-half of these and get you 
       halfway through another two of the effects. The Blood Bomb (active 
       ingredient: lamb's blood), the Stink Bomb (active ingredient: skunk 
       oil), and the Gold Bomb (active ingredient: pyrite coins) must still be 
       used twice. The Splinter Bomb (active ingredient: shrapnel) and the 
       Thunder Bomb (active ingredient: coal dust) must be used once more, 
       which you could do by repeating the 'Sticky Situations' and 'Thunder' 
       missions if you are so inclined.


VIII. FAQ                                               [FAQS]

     1. Can Altair's memories be used to count towards completing these 

        Answer: I have received confirmation, with thanks to one 'Anthony,' 
                that indeed only Ezio's memories count. That is, no, Altair's 
                memories cannot be used to satisfy the challenges.

     2. Can Ezio's memories in Sequence 7 count towards these challenges?

        Answer: I have received confirmation, with thanks to another 'Anthony,' 
                that only in Constantinople can the Guild challenges be 

     3. Must you destroy a scaffold for Mercenaries Guild Challenge, Set 1 
        using a guard or other enemy?

        Answer: No, an answer given to me first by 'Daniel.' That is, yes, 
                you can use civilians, but killing civilians will lead to 
                desynchronization. Moreover, while not using Byzantine or 
                Ottoman NPC's may be easier, it is certainly cheating against 
                the 'spirit' of the challenge. I report it here only for the 
                sake of completeness, but I repudiate it as a legitimate 
                There is a grey area. An old acquaintance appears first in 
                Sequence 4, Memory 3 and shortly thereafter in Constantine 
                South as a figure that is neither an NPC nor a guard in the 
                strictest sense. He re-spawns if you kill him, so you could 
                repeatedly throw this character into scaffolding to satisfy 
                this challenge. Whether or not this breaks the 'spirit of the 
                challenge' is open to interpretation, as you are not actually 
                supposed to kill this character. (You beat 
                him up to unlock a Trophy/Achievement.) (**Credit: Another 
                'Jim' discovered this, and I thank him for the insight.**)


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