How do I simulate my non shifts in be a pro mode?

  1. I cannot sim through the time I spend on the bench and I am forced to watch the game. I have seen screen shots of the game in which it shows that if I hit the B button after getting off the ice I can then simulate up till the next time I get on the ice. The B button option does not come up on the screen for me.

    User Info: craigtherrien

    craigtherrien - 9 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. When you get off the ice, wait for the text screen to cover half the game, then press B, it will sim to your next shift.

    User Info: terps2112

    terps2112 - 9 years ago 1   0


  1. or you can do what i do and at the settings when u first start put it at the take every shift option then you can change the speed at which the clock goes. The other option is great but i dont want a game to last 3 hours.

    User Info: mjh1980

    mjh1980 - 9 years ago 0   0

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