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  1. Can someone explain how to save a highlight during a match? I know how to save a screenshot but i want to save my goal. Help?

    User Info: comet13009

    comet13009 - 9 years ago

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  1. Go to instant replay. Rewind to where you want the replay to start. Press X. Then, go forwards until when you want it to end, and once again, press X. Now, rewind to the middle of the clip and press Y. Now, the whole replay is only the stuff you selected. Choose a camera angle and (possibly) an effect. Once you've edited it, press B, then B again. Click Save Replay. It will then encode it. If you don't want it to take long to encode, try making the replay short. Once its done, You do the normal save system (press Create New Replay), wait for it to load, which takes 5 seconds, and then you can press B, then exit, and you're done! To see the replays go to media hub, videos, and select the game mode the replay was in!

    User Info: HebrewCheese

    HebrewCheese - 8 years ago 1   0

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