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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Bill Wood

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 02/14/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
    Version 1.4
    by Bill Wood (billwood661@ca.rr.com)
    Last modified: 2/14/13
    NBA Jam: On Fire Edition (c) 2011 Electronic Arts
    NOTE: This guide views and prints best with a monospace typeface.
             ++ ---------------- IMPORTANT NOTE! --------------- ++
             ++ The rosters mentioned in this guide are relevant ++
             ++   to the time of the game's release and do not   ++
             ++      account for subsequent roster updates.      ++
             ++   An updated version of the guide is currently   ++
             ++                   in the works.                  ++
                - Match Types
                - Pacific Division
                  - Golden State Warriors
                  - Los Angeles Clippers
                  - Los Angeles Lakers
                  - Phoenix Suns
                  - Sacramento Kings
                - Northwest Division
                  - Denver Nuggets
                  - Minnesota Timberwolves
                  - Oklahoma City Thunder
                  - Portland Trailblazers
                  - Utah Jazz
                - Southwest Division
                  - Dallas Mavericks
                  - Houston Rockets
                  - Memphis Grizzlies
                  - New Orleans Hornets
                  - San Antonio Spurs
                - Southeast Division
                  - Atlanta Hawks
                  - Charlotte Bobcats
                  - Miami Heat
                  - Orlando Magic
                  - Washington Wizards
                - Central Division
                  - Chicago Bulls
                  - Cleveland Cavaliers
                  - Detroit Pistons
                  - Indiana Pacers
                  - Milwaukee Bucks
                - Atlantic Division
                  - Boston Celtics
                  - New Jersey Nets
                  - New York Knicks
                  - Philadelphia 76ers
                  - Toronto Raptors
                - Choosing a Team
                - General Strategies and Advice
                  - Bronze
                  - Silver
                  - Gold
                  - Platinum
                  - Final Boss!
                - What To Do After Road Trip
                - Do's and Don't's Against Gold and Platinum Opponents
    v1.4 (02/14/2013) - The first update in well over a year, mainly dealing with
                        the various roster updates. The next update will cover the
                        updated Road Trip rosters. Minor additions.
    v1.3 (10/18/2011) - Minor additions and corrections.
    v1.2 (10/17/2011) - Final Boss info added. Minor additions and corrections.
    v1.1 (10/14/2011) - Updated with Eastern Conference team information.
                        Other additions and corrections as well.
    v1.0 (10/13/2011) - First public version of the guide, all Western Conference
                        Road Trip teams have been detailed. A new version detailing
                        the Eastern Conference teams will follow shortly.
    Welcome to the NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Road Trip guide! This guide will cover
    the long and arduous journey that is Road Trip, from the easiest of Bronze
    teams to the brutal Jambots (and beyond!). The various match types will be
    outlined in detail, as well as some general strategy for dealing with the
    tougher CPU A.I. opponents.
    This guide assumes you are familiar with the basic game conventions. If not,
    please consult the in-game guide before reading.
             ++ ------------------ 2013 UPDATE ----------------- ++
             ++   Look for this "2013 UPDATE notice throughout   ++
             ++       the guide for details on the various       ++
             ++           NBA Jam: OFE roster updates.           ++
    ==SECTION 03: ROAD MAP==
    Road Trip is basically the NBA Jam: OFE equivalent of Career or Season Mode, a
    whirlwind tour that has you squaring off against all 30 NBA teams several times
    over in various match types. Defeating Road Trip opponents and completing Jam
    Challenges earns you Jam Bucks, which can be used at the in-game store to
    purchase bonuses such unique balls, visual effects and numerous NBA legends.
    The basic Road Trip layout is as follows: There are five NBA teams within six
    divisions, each team having Bronze, Silver and Gold challenges with varying
    stipulations for a total of 15 games per division. Beating those 15 games will
    unlock the Platinum Jambot challenges for that division. The Jambots will
    test the mettle of even the best Jam players!
    When it's all said and done, you'll need to win (at least) 120 games to clear
    Road Trip. I say "at least" because you can replay any challenge for extra Jam
    Bucks. And even after beating all of the Jambot challenges, there may be
    something special in store for you!
             ++  The number shown on the right of your Jam Card  ++
             ++  reflects your Road Trip completion percentage,  ++
             ++       not the total number of medals won.        ++
    This guide assumes you are playing through Road Trip as a single player with
    Tag Mode enabled. It also assumes that you have not unlocked any of the higher-
    priced specialty teams, such as the Rain Makers. However, you should purchase
    Larry Bird (Celtics) and Shaq (Magic) as soon as possible. They cost 1000 Jam
    Bucks each, you'll have enough dough to buy them both after clearing any
    division's Bronze challenges.
             ++ ------------------ 2013 UPDATE ----------------- ++
             ++   If you have the latest roster updates, please  ++
             ++   read the following section for updated info    ++
             ++      on which players and teams to purchase.     ++
    You'll come across several different match types during the course of Road
    Trip: Some limit the clock, while others reward you for dunking, while others
    still reward you for staying outside and sinking long balls. Listed below are
    all the match types with descriptions:
    CLASSIC 2 vs 2 - Your basic NBA Jam set-up: 2-on-2 with four two-minute
    quarters. Classic is far and away the most common game in Road Trip, all
    Bronze and Platinum challenges are in Classic mode.
    2 vs 2, 1 MINUTE QUARTERS - Same as above but with half the time. Score early
    and score often! The Mavs are the only team to feature this challenge.
    GO! - Fast shot clock, live ball, 1 quarter. A more uptempo game with an
    emphasis on quick scoring. "Live ball" means no inbounding between possessions,
    the ball stays in play even after a basket. Since the CPU is uncommonly good at
    rebounding and picking up the loose ball, it's easy to fall behind quickly in
    this mode.
    BLITZ - Live ball, 15 second shot clock, 1 quarter. The difference between
    "Blitz" and "Go!" is beyond me... I see none.
    FULL COURT PRESS - Only 1 quarter. Again, scoring early is the key here. With
    only 1 quarter to work with, even winning the tipoff can be important.
    MINI MEN - Mini-sized players take the court. The size of these players makes
    for a much more wide-open game, it also makes playing defense extremely tough.
    Detroit is the only team to field Mini Men in Road Trip.
    MAD AIR - Dunks and alley oops are worth four points. Needless to say, you'll
    want your rim rockers on the court for this game.
    PLAY THE PAINT - Dunks and 2's worth 3, 3's worth 2. They've taken basketball's
    most basic scoring premise and turned it on its head! Just like Mad Air, you'll
    want your big men swarming the rim in this mode.
    RAIN - 3's are worth 4, 2's are worth 3, off-fire dunks/oops are worth 1. Even
    though threes are slightly devalued compared to inside jumpers, it's still
    worth your while to stick with your perimeter shooting. Obviously, dunks are
    punished so don't even attempt them.
    1's and 2's - 3's are worth 2, putbacks 4, everything else 1. It's difficult to
    set up putbacks on a regular basis, so your best bet is to stick to three-
    pointers in this match, especially since they are worth double the value of
    dunks and regular jumpers.
    FIRED UP - 1 shot to go On Fire, never expires. Doesn't have any real bearing
    on game strategy, just play the game as you normally would.
    OVER THE TOP - OTT dunks are worth 10, dunks are worth 3. Yet another mode that
    features a strong emphasis on dunking.
    FLYING FURY - "Mad Air" + "Go!". Your briefest of dunkfests, in a nutshell.
            ++ Platinum/Jambot Challenges are unlocked only after you   ++
            ++ beat an entire division's Bronze, Silver and Gold games. ++
             ++ ------------------ 2013 UPDATE ----------------- ++
             ++ The following rosters are based on the original  ++
             ++  release. Please stay tuned for future updates.  ++
    ++  W  ++ ---------------------------------------- 
    ++  R  ++ ----------------------------------------
    ++  R  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  I  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Biedrins, Lee
    ++  O  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Hardaway, Mullin
    ++  R  ++ Gold       | Rain           | Hardaway, Curry
    ++  S  ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Warriors Jambots
    ++  C  ++ ---------------------------------------
    ++  I  ++ ---------------------------------------
    ++  P  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  P  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Foye, Kaman
    ++  E  ++ Silver     | Fired Up       | Manning, Williams
    ++  R  ++ Gold       | Over The Top   | Griffin, Manning
    ++  S  ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Clippers Jambots
    ++     ++ -------------------------------------
    ++  A  ++ -------------------------------------
    ++  K  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  E  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Fisher, Odom
    ++  R  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Johnson, Worthy
    ++  S  ++ Gold       | Fired Up       | Bryant, Gasol
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Lakers Jambots
    ++     ++ -------------------------------
    ++  S  ++ -------------------------------
    ++  U  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  N  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Hill, Frye
    ++  S  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Johnson, Majerle
    ++     ++ Gold       | Rain           | Nash, Majerle
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Suns Jambots
    ++     ++ -----------------------------------
    ++  K  ++ -----------------------------------
    ++  I  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  N  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Thompson, Cousins
    ++  G  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Richmond, Slamson (mascot)
    ++  S  ++ Gold       | 1's and 2's    | Evans, Richmond
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Kings Jambots
    ++     ++ -----------------------------------
    ++  U  ++ -----------------------------------
    ++  G  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  G  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Gallinari, Smith
    ++  E  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Mutombo, Martin
    ++  T  ++ Gold       | Classic        | Gallinari, Mutumbo
    ++  S  ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Nuggets Jambots
    ++  T  ++ -------------------------------------------
    ++  W  ++ -------------------------------------------
    ++  O  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  L  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Love, Beasley
    ++  V  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Love, Person
    ++  E  ++ Gold       | Go!            | Love, Person
    ++  S  ++ Platinum   | Classic        | T-Wolves Jambots
    ++     ++ ------------------------------------------
    ++  L  ++ ------------------------------------------
    ++  A  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  Z  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Wallace, Aldridge
    ++  E  ++ Silver     | Rain           | Drexler, Walton
    ++  R  ++ Gold       | Classic        | Aldridge, Drexler
    ++  S  ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Blazers Jambots
    ++     ++ ------------------------------------------
    ++  H  ++ ------------------------------------------
    ++  U  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  N  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Ibaka, Perkins
    ++  D  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Westbrook, Ibaka
    ++  E  ++ Gold       | Rain           | Durant, Westbrook
    ++  R  ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Thunder Jambots
    ++     ++ ------------------------------
    ++  J  ++ ------------------------------
    ++  A  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  Z  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Okur, Kirelenko
    ++  Z  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Malone, Stockton
    ++     ++ Gold       | Flying Fury    | Malone, Jefferson
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Jazz Jambots
    ++     ++ -------------------------------------
    ++  M  ++ ------- ------------------------------
    ++  A  ++ LEVEL       MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  V  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Stojakovic, Butler
    ++  S  ++ Silver     | 1 Min Quarters | Mashburn, Nowitzki
    ++     ++ Gold       | Go!            | Nowitzki, Terry
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Mavs Jambots
    ++     ++ ------------------------------------
    ++  O  ++ ------------------------------------
    ++  C  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  K  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Scola, Lee
    ++  E  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Olajuwon, Smith
    ++  T  ++ Gold       | Play the Paint | Ming, Olajuwon
    ++  S  ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Rockets Jambots
    ++  G  ++ --------------------------------------
    ++  I  ++ --------------------------------------
    ++  Z  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  Z  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Gay, Mayo
    ++  L  ++ Silver     | Mad Air        | Randolph, Reeves
    ++  I  ++ Gold       | Classic        | Gay, Randolph
    ++  E  ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Grizzlies Jambots
    ++     ++ ----------------------------------------
    ++  O  ++ ----------------------------------------
    ++  R  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  N  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Landry, Ariza
    ++  E  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Bogues, Johnson
    ++  T  ++ Gold       | Fired Up       | Bogues, Paul
    ++  S  ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Hornets Jambots
    ++     ++ --------------------------------------
    ++  S  ++ --------------------------------------
    ++  P  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  U  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Ginobili, Duncan
    ++  R  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Gervin, Robinson
    ++  S  ++ Gold       | Play The Paint | Duncan, Robinson
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Spurs Jambots
    ++     ++ ----------------------------------
    ++  H  ++ ----------------------------------
    ++  A  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  W  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Johnson, Teague
    ++  K  ++ Silver     | Mad Air        | Wilkins, Webb
    ++  S  ++ Gold       | Classic        | Smith, Webb
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Hawks Jambots
    ++     ++ --------------------------------------
    ++  O  ++ --------------------------------------
    ++  B  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  C  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Thomas, Augustin
    ++  A  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Augustin, Rufus (mascot)
    ++  T  ++ Gold       | Full Ct Press  | Thomas, Maggette
    ++  S  ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Bobcats Jambots
    ++     ++ -------------------------------
    ++  H  ++ -------------------------------
    ++  E  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  A  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Bibby, Bosh
    ++  T  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Rice, Seikaly
    ++     ++ Gold       | Blitz          | James, Wade
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Heat Jambots
    ++     ++ ----------------------------------
    ++  M  ++ ----------------------------------
    ++  A  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  G  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Richardson, Turkoglu
    ++  I  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Skiles, Anderson
    ++  C  ++ Gold       | Over The Top   | Howard, Shaq
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Magic Jambots
    ++     ++ ---------------------------------------
    ++  I  ++ ---------------------------------------
    ++  Z  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  A  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Jianlian, Blatche
    ++  R  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Blatche, G-Wiz (mascot)
    ++  D  ++ Gold       | Blitz          | Wall, McGee
    ++  S  ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Wizards Jambots
    ++     ++ --------------------------------
    ++  B  ++ --------------------------------
    ++  U  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  L  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Deng, Boozer
    ++  L  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Pippen, Rodman
    ++  S  ++ Gold       | Classic        | Pippen, Rose
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Bulls Jambots
    ++     ++ --------------------------------------
    ++  C  ++ --------------------------------------
    ++  A  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  V  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Varejao, Jamison
    ++  S  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Daugherty, Price
    ++     ++ Gold       | 1's and 2's    | Price, Davis
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Cavs Jambots
    ++     ++ ----------------------------------
    ++  I  ++ ----------------------------------
    ++  S  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  T  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Prince, McGrady
    ++  O  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Laimbeer, Thomas
    ++  N  ++ Gold       | Mini Men       | Thomas, Rodman
    ++  S  ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Pistons Jambots
    ++     ++ ---------------------------------
    ++  A  ++ ---------------------------------
    ++  C  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  E  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Granger, Dunleavy
    ++  R  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Smits, Schrempf
    ++  S  ++ Gold       | Fired Up       | Granger, Schrempf
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Pacers Jambots
    ++     ++ ----------------------------------
    ++  B  ++ ----------------------------------
    ++  U  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  C  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Jackson, Redd
    ++  K  ++ Silver     | Fired Up       | Bango (mascot), Jennings
    ++  S  ++ Gold       | Classic        | Bogut, Jennings
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Bucks Jambots
    ++     ++ ----------------------------------
    ++  E  ++ ----------------------------------
    ++  L  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  T  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Rondo, Pierce
    ++  I  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Bird, McHale
    ++  C  ++ Gold       | Rain           | Bird, Allen
    ++  S  ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Celtics Jambots
    ++     ++ -----------------------------------
    ++  N  ++ -----------------------------------
    ++  E  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  T  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Williams, Morrow
    ++  S  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Anderson, Petrovic
    ++     ++ Gold       | Full Ct Press  | Lopez, Petrovic
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Nets Jambots
    ++     ++ ----------------------------------
    ++  N  ++ ----------------------------------
    ++  I  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  C  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Billups, Stoudemire
    ++  K  ++ Silver     | Full Ct Press  | Ewing, Starks
    ++  S  ++ Gold       | Play The Paint | Ewing, Stoudemire
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Knicks Jambots
    ++     ++ --------------------------------------
    ++  I  ++ --------------------------------------
    ++  X  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  E  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Iguodala, Williams
    ++  R  ++ Silver     | Over The Top   | Erving, Dawkins
    ++  S  ++ Gold       | Classic        | Iguodala, Erving
    ++     ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Sixers Jambots
    ++     ++ ----------------------------------
    ++  A  ++ ----------------------------------
    ++  P  ++ LEVEL        MATCH TYPE       OPPONENTS
    ++  T  ++ Bronze     | Classic        | Calderon, Bargnani
    ++  O  ++ Silver     | Classic        | Raptor (mascot), Carter
    ++  R  ++ Gold       | Play The Paint | Carter, Debozan
    ++  S  ++ Platinum   | Classic        | Raptors Jambots
    This section is devoted to choosing the best team to conquer Road Trip. Of
    course, you can always just stick it out with your favorite team if you prefer,
    but don't be surprised to find they're not up to the task of Gold and Platinum
    challenges. In most cases, it's better to choose a team that is suited for a
    specific purpose.
    When it comes to dependability, you can rely upon the Celtics tandem of Larry
    Bird and Ray Allen for the majority of Road Trip. Both are rated 10 in the
    three-point department, and three-pointers are the key to success in beating
    the higher-level CPU opponents. The only exceptions are the games where dunks
    are rewarded, in which case you should switch over to the Orlando Magic tag
    team of Dwight Howard and Shaq (both 10's in dunking). If you don't own them
    already, make purchasing Bird and Shaq in the Jam Store a priority.
    If you're getting bored with using the same teams over and over and have an
    overabundance of Jam Bucks to spend, you could always pick up one of the
    pricier teams that excel at either threes (Rain Makers) or dunking (Dunk
    Champs). Unfortunately, Bird and Allen also happen to be the best three-point
    tandem on the Rain Makers, making that particular purchase a bit of a waste.
    Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin rule the Dunk Champs, while the classic Sixers
    duo of Julius "Dr. J" Erving and Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins will also
    give you two 10's in the dunking department. If you're strapped for Jam Bucks,
    Dr. J and Dawkins are the cheaper option.
             ++ ------------------ 2013 UPDATE ----------------- ++
             ++  As Ray Allen is now on the Miami Heat roster,   ++
             ++   you're better off saving up 5,000 Jam Bucks    ++
             ++  for the Rain Makers, which reunites Bird and    ++
             ++     Allen. Also, Dwight Howard is now on the     ++
             ++    Lakers, which makes Erving and Dawkins the    ++
             ++  cheapest option for two 10-rated slam masters.  ++
    BRONZE (EASY) - Unless you're a newcomer to Jam, Bronze opponents won't offer
    much of a challenge. Simply pick your team of choice and utilize spin moves to
    drive past the opponent and set up the easy slam, or practice your outside
    shooting since you'll be getting lots of open looks all over the court. Bronze
    opponents love to bite on the pump fake and you can abuse this to really run up
    the score. Just don't make it part of your gameplan against higher level
    opponents... they won't be having any of it.
    One defensive strategy that works particularly well against Bronze opponents is
    the full court press. Double teaming with shoves and steals right off the
    inbound pass works wonders here and will definitely help you as the challenge
    increases against tougher opponents. Once you have the full court press fully
    mastered, it is possible to make Bronze opponents go an entire quarter without
    ever reaching half-court!
    In any case, consider the Bronze challenges your training ground for the
    tougher tests to come.
    SILVER (MEDIUM) - This is where the difficulty starts to kick in. The CPU now
    reaches in for the occasional shove or steal (all perfectly legal mind you!).
    You can employ the same basic strategy of spinning and driving to the basket,
    but you should also be looking for the open man on the perimeter.
    GOLD (HARD) - Gold level opponents can offer a true challenge and will more
    than likely frustrate you with their ability to stage their "miraculous"
    comebacks (a.k.a. rubberband A.I.). You might even consider the CPU tactics
    cheap. Time to fight fire with fire!
    This is when you should give the team of Bird and Allen some very serious
    consideration, as their ability to nail threes all game long will give you a
    much-needed advantage. Your basic strategy is to receive the inbound pass, then
    sprint in a diagonal direction toward the top or bottom of the screen. Once
    you've reached that point, run toward the basket until you're just outside the
    three-point line, then "stop and pop". Make sure your feet are planted but do
    NOT hesitate with your shot or hang too long in the air. Gold defenders have
    a nasty habit of perfectly positioning themselves for the block and we don't
    want that to happen!
    Neither Bird nor Allen are lacking in consistency with their long ball, and
    once you've established a rhythm you'll find it's tough for Gold opponents to
    slow your progress. Even if they're stuffing the ball down your throat on the
    other end of the court, they're losing the point battle, which -- despite the
    word "Jam" in the title -- is what this game is really all about.
             ++ ------------------ 2013 UPDATE ----------------- ++
             ++   Again, if you have the latest roster updates,  ++
             ++    switch out the Celtics for the Rain Makers    ++
             ++        and you'll still get Bird and Allen.      ++
    Now, on to the most aggravating part of Road Trip... the shovefest.
    At some point in each quarter, the CPU will go into its patented "ultra-shove"
    mode. Instead of letting you pass by uncontested with each drive, the CPU will
    now make a beeline straight for your player and begin shoving like there's no
    tomorrow. Spinning will NOT help you here, if you're anywhere within range of
    this shove you WILL hit the floor, most likely losing the ball in the process
    and turning it over for the easy dunk.
    Bottom line: When the CPU goes into ultra-shove mode, it's time to change your
    gameplan. Instead of immediately heading upcourt with the inbound pass, you'll
    want to hang in the backcourt while holding the LB (360) or L1 (PS3) button.
    This forces your partner to sprint toward the nearest opponent and start
    shoving him, in this case the guy who is trying to shove you! Form a wedge so
    that the CPU can't get to you, lining him up with your partner instead. The end
    result is that the defender will hit the floor after one or two shoves (how's
    THAT for turning the tables?), leaving your offensive options wide open.
    Once your opponent is eating parquet, it's time to Turbo toward the stripe,
    only now you should have a single defender to worry about instead of two. If
    you see this defender coming up to make a play on you, hold RB/R1 as you head
    toward the 3-pt line. Your goal is still to nail the three, but holding RB/R1
    will send your partner up for the alley-oop, and since the defender can't be in
    two places at once, one of you will be wide open for the easy basket.
    When it comes to defense, shoving is again your best friend. You should have
    your finger glued to LB/L1 whenever you're on defense as it will bring your
    partner A.I. in for an additional shove. Double-teaming works well off the
    inbound pass, as a double shove will often result in the CPU coughing up the
    ball. Of course this does leave the other player wide open, but there are two
    things to remember here: Not only can the CPU be difficult to guard in 1-on-1
    situations (rendering practical defense useless), but if they're slamming down
    uncontested dunks while you're raining threes... well, it doesn't take a
    mathemetician to realize that the point total will eventually be in your favor.
          ++ The key thing to remember is that at higher levels, you WILL ++
          ++   reach a point in the game where shoving is every bit as    ++
          ++  important as shooting. In order to be successful, you must  ++
          ++  not only win the shooting war, but the shoving war as well. ++
    One thing to note: If you see your A.I. opponent getting shoved to the floor
    in the backcourt and they manage to hold onto the ball, expect a long-range
    pass that is extremely hard to defend. If this happens, quickly switch your
    defensive coverage to the other A.I. player to prevent the easy basket.
    PLATINUM (REAL A.I.) - These hidden challenges appear only after you've cleared
    all challenges in a particular division. They are hosted by the Jambots, robot
    opponents who are meant to mimic your own team's A.I. All Jambot challenges
    are in Classic mode, so you won't have to worry about special stipulations to
    win these contests.
    The basic Gold strategy also applies to the Jambots: Pick a team that can rain
    consistent threes and always outshove your opponent. The Jambots are slightly
    more imposing than your average NBA duo, they seem to block shots more often
    and don't go down quite as easy. This means you'll have to be even quicker with
    your release and more persistent with your shove game.
          ++  SPOILER ALERT: Avoid the following section if you don't want  ++
          ++  to know which team lies in wait after the Jambot challenges!  ++
    So you've thrashed all of your NBA rivals and schooled the Jambots, now what?
    After beating all of the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum challenges, a
    special star shows up on your road map near New York City, where the Beastie
    Boys are waiting to take you on!
    The Beasties are decently rated as a b-ball team, but they're definitely
    bringing their A-game to this challenge. Expect a lot of shoves and blocked
    shots, even more than the Jambots. (I also noticed a sharp decrease in shot
    accuracy on my end, although it may have been my imagination.) In any case,
    stick to the same strategies outlined above and eventually you will prevail.
    After you've completed Road Trip, you have several options. You can forget
    about this mode completely and stick to online and Jam Now! matches, but this
    may not be the wisest decision. Why? Because odds are that even after you've
    finished Road Trip, you'll still have plenty of Jam Challenges ahead, and even
    though these challenges can be achieved in the Online Arena, they'll be much
    easier to earn against Bronze opponents.
    As you know by now, Jam Challenges earn Jam Bucks. And you'll need plenty of
    Jam Bucks to purchase everything the store has to offer. Additionally, there
    are numerous items in the store which are only unlocked once you've met a
    certain criteria (score X number of points, win X number of games with a
    certain team, etc.). Beating a Bronze team is an easy 400+ bucks, and you can
    repeat them as many times as you'd like.
    Repeating against Bronze opponents serves another purpose as well -- boosting
    your point differential and moving up the leaderboards. Go back and revisit
    your Bronze scores and try to top them, and don't be surprised if you can
    triple or quadruple your previous attempts!
        ++  DO  ++
    * SHOVE OFTEN. At the risk of sounding like a broken record: When it comes
    to defeating your Jam computer opponents, the importance of shoving cannot be
    overstated. Even if it feels cheap and disrupts the flow of the game, this is a
    war you NEED to win against the computer, and they're certainly not going to
    ease up on you.
    * RAIN THREES. Every day, all day. The only exceptions to this rule are the
    contests that feature an emphasis on dunking.
    * PILE IT ON EARLY IN EVERY QUARTER. Once you begin to understand the Jam A.I.,
    you'll learn that every quarter is a tale of two sides. The first half of the
    quarter is your turn to score as much as possible, the second half is when the
    A.I. spike kicks in. After the Bronze challenges, there is no exception to
    this. Therefore, your goal should be to score early and often in every quarter,
    build a sizable lead so that you can lay back and be protective when NBA Jam:
    Shove Edition kicks in.
    * WATCH THE CLOCK - This should go without saying to anyone who knows the game
    of basketball, but it's very easy to get lost in the moment with a fast-paced
    game such as Jam. With shorter quarters, time management becomes even more
    crucial in a tight game. For example, chucking up a prayer with 10 seconds left
    and a two-point lead when you could have simply held on to the ball is a move
    you'll end up regretting on more than one occasion.
    Which leads us to...
    * SLOW THE TEMPO WHEN YOU HAVE A SIZABLE LEAD. Once you've established a nice
    lead, get into the habit of hanging in the backcourt and holding down the LB/L1
    button. You can really grind down the clock with this technique, and every
    second chewed off the timer is one less second for the A.I. to stage another
    miraculuous comeback.
    Also, if you're getting crowded while holding a huge lead and feel that a
    turnover is inevitable, chuck the ball toward your basket. Even if you're at
    halfcourt and the ball doesn't have a prayer of going in, you're shaving
    precious seconds off the clock by forcing the CPU to chase down the rebound and 
    head back upcourt, which is better than letting them pick you off for free.
        ++  DON'T  ++
    * SPIN. Spins and crossovers are supposed to counter shoves in this game.
    Problem is, they don't work against high-level CPU opponents. Try a fancy move
    with a Gold defender in your face and you're asking for the easy turnover. Keep
    it simple against the CPU and save the razzle-dazzle for your friendly matches.
    * PUMP FAKE. Gold opponents won't fall for it, and more often than not you'll
    find yourself flailing to the floor because the CPU decided to shove you out
    of your pump fake. Focus instead on a quick "stop and pop" approach to nailing
    your jumpers, it's vitally important to get your shot off before the CPU is in
    position to shove or block.
    * WORRY ABOUT CATCHING OR PUTTING OUT FIRE. If it happens it happens, but it's
    never something you should consciously work toward. It's far more important to
    be consistent with your perimeter shots, which are easy enough to sink, fire 
    or not. And if the CPU catches fire, don't sweat it. He'll get doused soon
    enough... that's what open threes are for.
    * DUNK UNLESS IT'S NECESSARY. The CPU can be a monster on defense, and this
    usually includes camping under the basket and waiting for the inevitable dunk
    or oop attempt. When this happens you can expect to come out on the losing end
    of the battle, even with a top-rated dunker such as Shaq. Only resort to
    dunking in games where it is rewarded with extra points (Mad Air, Over the Top,
    etc), and even then you need to make sure you have a clear lane to the basket
    before taking to the air.
    * PLAY FAIR. Just remember, this is rubber-band A.I. we're dealing with here.
    Even if you're tempted to play a straight-up game, there will come a time when
    your open shots will start bricking inexplicably while your opponent snares the
    rebound for the easy dunk. With the odds stacked against you, playing fair
    usually results in a quick trip to the "Rematch" option.
    I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this guide. Hopefully it has
    helped your Road Trip progress in some way.
    Thanks also to EA Sports for producing one of the best action-sports titles
    since T.E. in the SNES days. ^_^
    Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this guide.
    (c) 2013 Bill Wood

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