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    Easter Egg FAQ by Refreshment

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 06/19/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               RESIDENT EVIL 4 DETAILS GUIDE.
    Publisher: Capcom
    Creator: Capcom Production Studio #4
    Date: 11/01/05
    Genre: Action/Adventure
                                  Author: Refreshment (GCPS)
                                      I.   Introduction.
                                      II.  Version History.
                                      III. Details Guide.
                                      IV.  Thanks/Credits.
                                      V.   Legal stuff.
                                      VI.  Contact information.
    I. Introduction.
    At the games release theres was a lot of curiosity regarding the spanish
    phrases that some enemies spoke. So to satisfy that curiosity this guide was
    created, as well, the guide includes lots of interesting details and extras 
    that the developers took the time to implement.
    This guide has the risk of passing as inane but consider that developers
    create this game worlds from ground cero, realizing them in their minds and
    materializing them through thousands of hours of code, sweat, blood and tears
    So the reason for the guide is to appreciate that.
    As for the details listed we picked the ones that are subtle but also the ones
    that while obvious are too damn cool. So here's hope you find this guide
    amusing in a very good way and who knows? maybe this is yet another incentive
    to replay this great game this time paying close attention to the surroundings
    II. Version History
    Please contact me at coolrefreshment@yahoo.com, i wont be using the old adress.
    01/02/2005...................First attempt.
    11/02/2005...................Lots added. Specially in Miscelaneous section.
    21/03/2005...................Hughe update in Weapons section. Expanded on the
                                 version differences.
    III. Easter Egg and Details Guide for RE4
    How to read:
    The thematic is inside the >>>Theme<<<. Followed by the subject between
    ===Subject=== and proceeds with the person that made the contribution.
           SPANISH                                   ENGLISH
    1."Te voy a matar"                    1."Im going to kill you!"
    2."No dejes que escape de la isla    2."Dont let him get away from island  
       vivo"                                alive"
    3."Mira!... esta herido"              3."Look! he is hurt" 
    4."Ahi esta!"                         4."There he is"
    5."Morir es vivir"                    5."To die is to live"
    6."Gojedlo!"                          6."Grab him!"
    7."Detras de ti, imbecil!"            7."Behind, you imbecil!"
    8."Te coji!"                          8."Gotcha!" or "I **** you"
    9."Muere, muere...."                  9."Die, die...."
    10."Sera mejor que empiezes a rezar"  10."You Better start praying"
    11."Basta hijo de ****"               11."Stop you son of *****"
    12."Matenlo!"                         12."Kill HIM!"
    13."Muerete!"                         13."DIE!"
    14."Te voy a romper en pedazos"       14."I'll breack you in to pieces"
    15."Un forastero!"                    15."A foreigner!" or "A stranger!"
    16."Cerebro, cerebro, cerebro"        16."Brain, brain, brain"
    17."Es hora de aplastar(lo)"          17."Is time to crush (crush him)"
    18."Mi**da"                           18."Poo"
    19."Puedes correr pero no resistir"   19."You can run but can't resist" 
    20."Te voy hacer picadillo"           20."I'll make you mincemeat"
    21."Sos cerdo"                        21."You are a pig" 
    22."Donde estas?!"                    22."Where are you?!"
    23."Esta en la trampa!"               23."She/He's in the trap"
    24."Dale!"                            24."Hit him!"			
    **Thanks Angela for #20.
      Thanks Jaguar Warrior for corrections and #23.
    What you hear from the first villager (Ganado) in the game means:
    -What the f*** are you doing here?!
     Get out bastard!
    What you hear from the villagers (Ganados) in the cliff near the wooden bridge
    -A foreigner!
    -Let's warn the others.
    What you hear when you enter the building with the shotgun means:
    -Dont let him get away!
    -Grab him!
    -Go from behind
    -Block him
    -He has fallen in the trap
    -There's no turning back!
    -Catch him!
    -Im going to kill you!
    What you hear when the villagers enter the bulding means:
    -Ohhh!... The bell.
    -It's time to pray.
    -We have/need to go.
    -Lord Sadler.
    -If you run for a while, Leon will start to breathe heavily.
    The n00b Avenger 
    -The Special outfit acts as a Tactical Vest, whether you have one or not.
    Patters Mulhollo
    -If a chainsaw maniac kills Leon through an execution scene (rather than just
    swinging and his head being destroyed), Leon puts his hands up against the
    blade to protect as it is forced through his neck. 
    -Leon can hit the enemy when he drops from a zip line. The only instace where 
    noticed this was in the stage with the chopper, Leon hits JJ (chaingun guy) if
    its near the drop point. Maybe it works in mercenaries.
    -If you use the "C" stick to rotate the camera and then quickly tap the "R" 
    button, Leon quickly aims in that direction. You can even do some sort of 
    quick 90 degree turn by pressing in a rapid succession both left stick and "C"
    stick in the same direction and quickly hitting the "R" button. Also you can
    leave the "C" stick pressed in a direction and quickly tap the "R" button and
    Leon starts turning. It works ok in open spaces or in mercenaries for the
    enemies that try to flank you from the sides and also works better for the 
    right side.
    -After your first encounter with Krausser, Leon will have a scar in the right 
    cheek for the rest of the game.
    -When its raining you can see water hitting Leon's shoulders, this happens to
    Ashley also but only in cinemas.
    -When Leon is close to the place of an explosion, he'll duck a bit and cover 
    his face.
    -The reason why you can still use the knife in Sadlers fight is because the
    knife Leon used to save ADA was Krauser's.
    -Leon also reacts to the enemies. He turns the head in the direction of 
    enemies or other ambient stuff like the bats in some areas.
    Flere Cruor
    -When Saddler spears Luis, you can see one of the buttons on his vest pop off.
    This in itself is a nice detail, but even better, when his corpse is laying on
    the ground, Capcom did make a point to keep that button missing.
    -While on the cabin fight, if you kick a ganado and Luis is in the kickback 
    range, he'll act as if you shot him - grabs stomach, mutter "You shot me..." 
    I don't know if you can kick him into the cutscene though.
    -When you are fighting along side Luis you'll notice that when an enemy grabs 
    him, he frees himself the same way Leon does.
    -The quote you hear from the Luis bottlecap, collected at the shooting range,
    is said during the cabin fight. Luis: "I told you!, no more than 50 
    -Also when the enemy grabs him and you shoot it, the bad guy will release Luis
    then Luis will say: "I owe you one Leon".
    -More, when you get hit in the cabin Luis will say: "Leon are you ok?".
    -In the cabin if you shoot Luis enough you'll trigger a cinema where Luis 
    shoots you 2 times in the chest, giving a game over screen.
    -In the cabin if you aim in Luis direction he'll duck like Ashley does.
    -After hes dead zoom to his face, his eyes are closed.
    -In Leon's "Mafia" outfit. Ashley appears in a suit of armor and is basically
    invincible. she is too heavy to be carried off by enemies.  also, in any 
    instances where Leon has to catch Ashley he will drop to a knee and hold his
    back again indicating her being extremely heavy.  also, if you aim a weapon
    while she is standing in front of you instead of crouching down and covering
    her head as usual, the visor on the helmet will drop.  I have not been able 
    to find any way to hurt her in this outfit.  and believe me, I've tried.
    Dib XIII
    -Ashley can't be killed by the bear traps, even if her life is reduced to zero.
    Still, you should get her out as quickly as possible.
    Forbidden Shani 
    -Ashley will not take damage from shotgun's wide-range blast unless the 
    aiming cursor is directly pointed at her. However rocket / grenade blast will
    kill her.
    -Ashhley reacts to the enemies near her, she turns her head in the direction
    that enemies come.
    -She also can fall in traps if you are not careful enough. 
    -When Ashley is behind Leon, she looks in the exact direction Leon is aiming.
    -Ashley skirt and hair sway in windy areas. Or the laces in the other costume.
    -When the command prompt "catch" appears on screen if you look up Ashley will
    think you are trying to see her panties (wich probably true), then she'll say:
    "You pervert" or "What are you doing?". This also happens in other instances
    where Leon's line of sight might have a chance to see her panties, for 
    example she scolded me when i suplexed a monk, in that case Leon's head was
    almost directly below Ashley's skirt. 
    -When using the alternative outfit, if you look up when the "catch" command 
    appears Ashley won't say anything. This is a good detail since she is wearing 
    pants this time.
    -When the command prompt "catch" appears on screen, if you dont hit the A 
    buttom and go away instead, Ashley will say in a worried voice: " Where are you
    going Leon?". This also happens in ocasions where she loses sight of Leon.
    -When Ashley is behind you every time you take out or hit an enemy she'll
    close her fist and move her arm. Sort of like a "hoozaaa" or "YESSSS!" 
    -When she is in your line of fire shell quickly duck.
    -When Ashely is surrounded by enemies, she'll duck and stay put, shaking with
    -Ashley panties are not a simple white texture. CAPCOM went the extra mile and
    made a decoration to the top part of the panties.
    -In the hallway with the Armadurs (Armored Knights) when retriving the King's
    cup, if you dont evade the Armadurs attacks, Ashley will do her evade-falling
    animation instead of crouching. That's the same animation she does to evade 
    the Armadurs attacks when you play stage 3-4 with her.
    -Is possible to torture Ashley in many ways. Crush her with the giant rock in 
    the second El Gigante fight, or crush her with the giant steel ball in the 
    garbage processing plant, put her bellow a kerosene lamp and shoot it. There 
    are many possibilities.
    -At the castle put Ashley infront of the door you need to blow up with the 
    canon for an instant game over.
    -There's at least 2 places where you can lead enemies right to the merchant, 
    and they will not affect him. One is right after the hedge maze. If you don't
    kill the dogs, they will eventually make their way into room where you 
    encounter Ada. The other location is when you drop down the manhole that's in
    the tent where enemies are camping out. They will follow you down. One weird
    thing is that you cannot talk to the merchant when enemies are near.
    Forbidden Shani
    -Shooting Range Merchants cannot be killed.
    -Regular Merchants doesnt count as a kill in the game.
    -There is a reason the merchant will not respond when Ganados are around: 
    originally, Capcom intended for the merchants to be regular Ganados who sold
    you items on the side, but would not talk to you if others were around, for
    fear of being turned on. Also, they wanted to have different merchants sell
    different items as in previous games, but this proved to be a bad idea (think
    of having to go all the way back to the beginning just to buy some first aid
    -If you kill a merchant in normal or easy modes, he will reappear once you 
    leave the area and return. But if you kill him when in professional mode, the
    merchant will forever be gone from that location.
    -Is possible to kill the merchants, one shot is all it takes.
    -So merchants are infested by the parasite, easily identifiable by zooming
    into their eyes. The red eyed ones are infected.
    -Although rare, enemies can hit each other by accident when using ranged
    weapons. A villager throwing a weapon at you, a villager using dynamite, a
    monk shooting a crossbow bolt at you, or J. J. shooting his minigun at you can
    all hit enemies that are near you.
    -At the begining of the game the ganados are busy with their activities. You 
    can see them stacking hay, even taking a brake after a while. Is posible to
    see the pitchforks with hey when sinked in the hay pile.
    -One shot in the arm that carries the weapon will make them drop it.
    -When they hit you with a sharp object you'll see blood dripping from the 
    -When they fall in water a big splash is made.
    -When they die in water, the remaining liquid dissolves in the water.
    -When the weapons they trow hit the water a splash is made.
    -You can block the projectiles they throw you by shooting them in mid air.
    -If they die by an explosion a gigantic blood splatter forms on the floor.
    -In the night sequence you can see their eyes glowing in the dark with a red
    -When something is blocking their path, like furniature for example, they
    start hiting it with the fists. In the case of a window they continually bang
    it, you can see the frame shaking, until is broken.
    -Point the laser cursor to their faces long enough and sometimes they'll raise
    the hands to cover themselves.
    -You can't blow the heads of monks that ware iron masks. The suplex can't do 
    it even a shot from a powerful gun like a magnum will not hurt the head but 
    instead it'll send the enemy flying.
    -The flash grenades dont work on the ganados equipped with shields.
    -You can knock their hats, helmets, hoods what ever they have on the head.
    -To make the villagers armed with tourches burn themselves, wait for them to 
    open their mouth to start blowing and quickly shoot them.
    -The ones using a crossbow as a weapon have a slightly different AI routine.
    They seek cover behind structures ad try to keep distance from Leon. Also the
    ones using the rocket launcher have a similar behavior.
    -If you manage to kneel the ones equipped with shields get near them to kick
    this causes them to drop the shield.
    -Early in the game, after you cross the second bridge, there are some 
    villagers in the distance (above a risk) that start runing. After you finish
    the game and start another round those villagers never appear. The reason
    for this to happen is that it would be posible to use a sniper rifle to kill
    them. Also this is a scripted sequence that forms part of the history. 
    -Also this villagers say: "Un forastero......Avisemos a los otros" wich means:
    "Lets warn the others".
    -Phase two and three parasite can decapitate Leon.
    -3rd phase plagas and the oven man will eventually die by themselves.
    "Colmillo" in english means "fang". 
    -When an infested wolf jumps ontop of Leon after he stops biting notice the 
    blood driping from the fangs.
    -The name "Colmillo" means fang in english.
    ===CHAINSAW MAN===
    *The official name is Dr. Salvador.
    -They sometimes use the chainsaw to destroy wooden doors.
    -One hit with the chainsaw decapitates Leon.
    Parker Chapin
    -After you kill the Belle Sisters, zoom into their face with the rifle. 
    They're still gargling the parasitic yellow matter of the Plagas.
    ===DEL LAGO===
    The name "Del Lago" means "from lake" in english.
    -Before fighting Del Lago get near the lake where the boat is and fire 6 shots
    Del Lago will come and eat you before the fight even starts. This the one 
    everyone knows, yet is cool.
    -Every harpoon that hits Del Lago stays until the creature dies.
    -After the first harpoon hit Del Lago leaves a trail of blood in the water.
    -If you fail to clear the button press sequence a cinema will appear where 
    Leon is dragged by the dead creature to the lake's depth.
    ===EL GIGANTE===
    The name "El Gigante" means "the giant" in english.
    Myles Malloy
    -Alright, so first kick the first El Gigante you run into's ass. Then after 
    the cutscene of his death, rush to where his face is facing and get a clear
    view of it, preferably with a sniper rifle. You'll notice theres still some 
    movement in his face! his eyes flicker slightly as he takes some last breaths,
    then half close as he toally stops moving.
    -When you arrive to the place with the first El Gigante fight, for the first
    time, you can hear the growlings from the creature.
    -If you miss the correct buttom input when Leon is standing on El Gigante's
    back, the creature will stantly grab Leon and smash him on the floor.
    -In the second El Gigante fight (in one of the alternative routes) you can
    pass by him without killing him, since the game doesn't require it. Just be
    sure to grab the door key and take down the door chains quickly with grenades 
    or a shotgun.
    -In the first and second El Gigante fights if you dont take the items inside
    the cabins before El Gigante smash them, the items will be gone. Save for the
    items that are in the cabins floor, wich are the minority.
    -If El Gigante grabs Ashley is possible to make him drop her by shooting his 
    -In the El Gigante fight with Ashley check out the ground, you'll notice the
    giant's foot prints.
    -When you kill El Gigante in every fight after the first one if you are 
    standing in front and near him a button sequence will appear so you can avoid
    being squashed.
    ===CHIEF MENDEZ===
    Flere Cruor
    -When you fight chief Mendez, he twists the door handles to prevent you from
    leaving. After the fight, if you look on the other side of the door, the 
    handle on Leon's left is twisted under and to the right, staying true to the
    handles being twisted on the other side. Nice detail.
    Forbidden Shani
    -If you check out the eye item from Mendez goo will continuously drip while 
    the eyeball is rotating.
    -In the cinema when Leon kicks the barrel and the gasoline hits the floor, 
    look the slight background distortion due to the gasoline's volatile nature.
    This happens before Leon sets it on fire of course.
    -In the confrontation look how one of his eyes glows red, thats his false eye.
    -Chief Mendez coat has some bullet holes, specially in the back, since Ada 
    shot him twice.
    -When he is broken in half watch his lower body convulsing on the floor for a
    -After the fight, when you get out of the house, look at any of the house's
    windows you'll see smoke clouds emanating from the interior. Nice touch.
    The name "Garrador" means to some extent "clawer" in english.
    -Usually Garradors cannot hear Leon if he is walking (only if he's running).
    But if Leon is walking somewhat near to a Garrador, it will be able to hear
    Also, I have found some problems with the Garrador AI (but this has only 
    happened with the first one in the prison cell)...on three occasions, it 
    appeared to be able to see - when I tried to mislead it with sounds, instead
    of going to where the sound came from, it would go straight for Leon almost
    every time (but once the section was loaded/restarted, he seemed to be normal).
    Another hint: when fighting the first Garrador, head straight for the stairs 
    so the door shuts. Now, instead of wasting bullets to get his attention, you 
    can call for Ashley and move, and the Garrador will go to where you spoke. 
    Note: DO NOT do this before closing the door, because Ashley will come 
    running down and get killed.
    -Garradors DO attack where the flash grenade went off. They just can't hurt 
    other enemies.
    -If you shoot a Garrador in any part of the bodie (exept the parasite area)
    with a powerful weapon, like a magnum for example, the Garrador will start
    contorting and eventually kneels exposing the parasite in his back.
    -The execution sequence shows Leon's head impaled by one of his claws them he
    raises Leon in the air and stick the other claw in his stomach.
    Bryan hollis
    -Flash grenades dont work at all on novistadores.
    Cody Jesus
    -When they are idle, buzzing about and etc, this is when they have blue eyes.
    When the notice you, the eyes turn green. And when they are about to attack,
    the eyes turns red.
    -If you shoot at the novistadores nest in the room where Ashley is captured by
    the insects, it will eventually trigger a cutscene where the nest falls from 
    the ceiling and into the void below. It leaves behind a bunch of 
    Red/Green/Blue Eyes. You can even do this before the cutscene where Ashley is
    -We all know blue eyes are quite rare and sometimes not enough pop up. Many
    people say they are definite in some areas... some say they are random....
    But I was watching the novistadors and I noticed their eyes change colors.
    From red to green. Which is the most popular color eyes they drop. I didnt
    watch for long enough but my theory is that if their eyes are say, green when
    you strike the finishing blow,they will drop a green eye... Ad maybe they 
    rarely change their color to blue.... which would be why they are so rare to
    -A number of gamers got together to test this theory, (that the color of the 
    Novistador's eyes when they die is the color gem they drop) and have 
    conclusively decided that this is not, in fact, the case. Color of the 
    Novistador's eyes before they die seem to have no correlation to the color of 
    the "eye" gem they drop.
    -A rough translation to english of the name Novistadores is "Nosighters"
    -If you have a weapon with a scope is posible to pin point the position of a
     Novistador or its head by watching the saliva droping from its mouth.
    -If a Novistador kills Leon with the acid shower, Leon's face will melt 
    exposing his skull.
    -Is posible to blow any of them with a rocket launcher.
    ===ARMOR KNIGHTS====
    -The knights that are about to attack Leon shake a little the weapons they are
    -Is easy to take the knights with one shot using the mine thrower.
    ===2 EL GIGANTES===
    -When dropping one of the El Gigantes in the lava if you stand near the pool, 
    the struggling el Gigante will reach out and take Leon in the lava.
    -In the fire dragon room you can shoot the chains which hold the dragons up to
    kill them easier. Authors note: Shoot the node that bounds the chains.
    -If you lure the enemies in the dragons line of fire is possible to burn the 
    enemies. Is easy to solve this room by using just one bullet in the last 
    The name "verdugo" means "executioner" in english.
    -It is also possible to kill Verdugo with the shotgun and handgun, it just 
    takes  A LOT more ammo. Also, if you just avoid him until the timer runs out,
    you do not get the treasure. *Author's note: The treasure is one of the Royal
    Crown jewels.
    -Is possible to kill Righ Hand. You'll need to hit him with magnum rounds 
    (Broken Butterfly, Killer7, Hand Canon), Rocket Launcher or when you unlock 
    the Chicago Typewriter.
    -There are 2 different ways in wich Righ Hand dies. If the final blow is dealt
    when Right Hand is frozen he gets shattered into pieces. On the other hand, if
    the final blow is delt when hes not frozen, he just starts shaking driping 
    acid and falls on the floor his body staying there. Finally you dont have to 
    kill him if you just survive him for 4 minutes.
    ===LEFT HAND===
    -When Left Hand throws the knife to Leon if you fail the sequence the cinema
    shows Leon falling in slow motion with the knife sinked in his chest.
    Note: Thanks to Neil for correcting me.
    -If you fail the button sequence when Salazar activates the floor trap a 
    cinema shows Leon getting impaled just like the monks in the sewers.
    *The official name is U3.
    -"IT" has 2 execution methods. In the first one "IT" breaks Leon's neck. The
    second one happens when "IT" is in his second form, "IT" uses that claw in his
    tail to cut Leon in half, then raises Leon's legs in the air.
    -If you are having trouble with Assignment Ada, I found a neat trick to 
    finishing it. When you're facing the end boss, it will actually allow you to
    leave the area after the fight starts. If you exit the area and re-enter, the
    boss will start at the other end. Makes it easy to break out the rifle and 
    take it down. Something I also noticed is it won't restart the battle when you
    leave, that is the damage you do stays even if you leave and re-enter. 
    -You can knock Krausers beret from his head.
    -Kind of obvious but every time Krauser is hit, blood and yellow matter shows
    up. That instantly reveals and confirms his infested before his transformation
    -In the knife fight Leon manages to cut Krauser in the chest area, later in
    your second encounter (final phase) notice the scar on Krauser chest. Nice but
    cuts dont heal that quickly so it most be a side effect of the parasite.
    -In the second fight Krauser can destroy wooden doors.
    -In the second fight is posible to kill Krauser just using the knife. Just get
    close to him and swing the knife.
    The Knife Fight:
    1)Fail the first sequence Krauser makes frontal cut.
    2)Krauser cuts Leons throat.
    3)Krauser makes a front down up cut.
    4)Krauser cuts Leon's throat samurai style.
    5)Krauser stabs Leon in the stomach and then kicks him.
    6)Krauser cuts Leon's throat.
    7)Krauser slowly stabs Leon in the chest.
    Alex Wrigley
    -In the fight with sadler if you get hit with one of his legs and slammed to
    the floor as you get up you see blood dripping from leons mouth.
    -Is not necessary to kill Sadler with the rocket launcher ADA gives you. You 
    can grab the rocket, keep it and sell it when you start the next round.
    -The human part of Sadlers body constantly drips that putrid yellow substance.
    -In the cinema where Ada shoots Sadler, check Sadler taking all the bullets
    out of his body through his right hand.
    *Note: Big thanks to NoGaRdKniGht, for providing the real names for the guns.
    ===BLACK TAIL===
    -Blacktail = Springfield Armory XD-9
    ===BOLT RIFLE===
    -Bolt-Action Rifle = Springfield M1903A4.
    -Broken Butterfly = S&W Model 3 American.
    -The gun description makes reference to the Dirty Harry movies.
    -Chicago Typewriter = Thompson M1A1
    Parker Chapin
    -When a handgun has no ammo in it, the top will click backwards realistically,
    and click back into place during the reloading animation.
    -Leon can equip the eggs and throw them. Even they appear equipped in his 
    waist like grenades do.
    -An enemy gets stunned when an egg hit his face, now quickly get close to him 
    and kick it.
    -If you shoot an egg (as a pick up) it gets destroyed.
    -Stun and fire grenades fail when dropped in water.
    -Fragmentary grenades make a big splash when dropped in water.
    -Flash grenades kill the parasites that pop from the heads of enemies.
    ===HAND CANON===
    -Handcannon = S&W Model 500
    Joe Cool
    -The parts of the HC shake. I guess it's like the Hand cannon is struggling
    to contain the power. Like it's fully charged and ready to let loose. All the
    different parts, the hammer, the barrel, and the other parts shake.
    -In the unoptimized handcanon reloding animation notice Leon holding the 
    bullets between the fingers of his left hand while he reloads the gun.
    -Ruger P94DC or a USP Tactical (the barrel extension for attaching a 
    suppressor has to come from somewhere.)
    ===KILLER 7===
    -Killer7 = Colt M1911A1
    -Killer 7 is the name of one of CAPCOM's long incoming games.
    -The name of the Killer 7 handgun is a tribute to the long coming Capcom game
    But also the Killer 7 handgun is one of the weapons you can use in the
    Killer 7 videogame.
    -Matilda = HK VP-70 with detachable stock
    Colt Huddleston
    -The Matilda is actually the H&K VP70 Burst from RE2. To make it official,
    give it one capacity upgrade for the 18 bullets. This fits well with the RPD
    uniform for the oldschool appeal. Since this was not in any descriptions, I 
    figured it would be a nice added tidbit.
    ===MINE THROWER===
    -When shooting a mine dart once it hits the target, is posible to detonate it
    sooner by shooting it directly with a gun.
    -Punisher = FN FiveseveN. http://world.guns.ru/handguns/hg18-e.htm
    ===RED 9===
    -Red9 = Mauser C-96 "Broomhandle"
    ===RIOT GUN===
    -Riot Gun = Benelli M4 / M1014
    -Rocket Launcher = Russian RPG-7
    -After the rocket is fired the body of the Launcher will stay in the ground.
    -The special rocket launcher Ada gives you costs twice as much as the one you
    can buy from the merchant.
    -Semi-Auto Rifle = A hybrid between the HK SL-8 and G-36
    -Shotgun = Remington M870 Express
    -Striker = Striker/Protecta aka "Street Sweeper"
    -The thermals highlight absolutely every living thing. From enemies, to 
    fishes, worms. birds. Good detail because you get them relatively late in the
    game, so the only way to verify this is when starting another round.
    -The thermals highlight every boss weak point. Every relevant object like 
    breakble boxes, barrels, pick ups.
    -Also the temperature of lights, fire, etc. But most impressive is how 
    watching the sky during the storm you'll see it turning orange after each 
    lighting flash.
    -TMP = Steyr TMP
    -No matter how many Ashley targets you hit at the shooting range, your score
    cannot be negative.
    Michael Knies
    -On the shooting gallery with the castle if you shoot the stars a lot a bomb 
    will fall, also a fireworks show will happen.
    -Shoot the hive in the background and a lot of wasps start flying.
    -Shoot the barn in the background and you'll see tons of chicken feathers
    -Shoot the castle in the background to hear Salazar laughing
    -Shoot the moon in the background and the lights dim.
    -Enemies do more damage.
    -Enemies sustain more damage.
    -Enemies are more agressive. For example they run more often or are faster,
    the ganados with gas masks are really fast.
    -Enemies tend to fall from ledges/hights a lot less after been shot.
    -Inside the castle in the big hall where you need to activate the crank to
    lower the ramp, there are monks with crossbows in both the right and left
    side balconies. They are not present in normal. 
    -In Pro mode every regenerator has a fifth parasite in the back.
    -At the stage with Mike (the helicopter pilot), he tends to not help Leon as
    much as he does in normal difficulty. 
    -In that same stage some doors have the strong padlock, those are absent in 
    The American version is the first version of the game, released in 11/01/2005.
    Followed by the Japanase version in 27/01/2005, this version added an easy 
    mode and featured censored scenes.
    In 18/03/2005 the game was released in Europe, this version remained 
    unadultered so the gore remains the same as the american version, in PAL 
    format and with the easy mode. Most complete version of the game. Exept for 
    the German version, wich becames the most butchered version of RE4, as you'll
    see below.
    The austria/switzerland version is in German but doesnt feature censorship, is
    the same in content as the other parts of Europe.
    *Note: All credit goes to CVXFREAK
    -The door that unlocked with the two royalty cups only needs one cup to 
    unlock. Thus the battle with the knights is avoided.
    -We don't need to go through the whole building with the gears in it. There's
    simply another path that has a crank which moves the bridge, hence time saved.
    -The room after the crank building only has one claw guy instead of two. 
    However this claw guy has more armor than the prisoner one.
    -Salazar's right hand man battle... the wait time is shorter and he dies a lot
    -No chainsaw man in the mine.
    -The ceiling in the mines doesn't fall.
    -You also start with a shotgun
    -When Leon fights the Knights, you only have to kill 2 of them, rather then 6.
    -In the first room with the collapsing ceiling, you only have to shoot 2 red 
    switches rather then 4.
    -The maze part with the dogs is removed.
    -There arent decapitations for Leon or the enemies.
    -The impaled woman with a pitchfork in one of the first cabins is removed.
    -The policeman is not in the fire in the middle of the village.
    -We get an easy mode, just like the japanese.
    -In the 2 gigantes room, when you drop one in the lava you will NEVER get the
    money, even when you walk outside and go back in the money is not there.
    -When you get the exclusive for the red9, the firepower isn't 5.0, it's a 
    freaking 6.5 firepower.
    -Semi-auto rifle's exlusive isn't a 0.40 firing speed, it's 0.80 in pal 
    -Also in pro pal there is NO tactical vest, I repeat there is NO vest.
    -Heads don't explode when using a scope (using a shotgun will let heads 
    explode, though.)
    -A few camera shots are missing when Mike crashes.
    -Assignment Ada is missing.
    -Mercenaries is missing.
    -Oven Man is missing (Oh noes)
    -Garradors no longer can impale Leon (missing death animation).
    -The scene with Ashley, the two Ganados ad the camera is somewhat cut (hint to
    a rape!)
    -Loading times 1 to 2 seconds longer.
    -There are far less incendiary (sp) grenades, but more standard hand grenades.
    -The Typewriter and the Handcannon are not included in the German version of 
    the game.
    The things were taken out because Capcom showed a not-complete version to the 
    USK (somewhat similar to American ESRB), which did not feature some of the 
    things listed. These were included afterwards, making the game "illegal" in 
    some ways. The USK somehow got to know about the missing things, and RE4 would
    have been forbidden if these things weren't cut out. The Typewriter and the 
    Handcannon are not included in the German version of the game. German 
    messageboards are outraged, everyone cancels their preorders and buys the game
    from Austria or Swiss to get the uncut version.
    -When controlling Ashley, the Japanese version goes back to the old style 
    camera like in all the other RE games.
    Did you guys notice leon's knife is in its sheath after krauser jumps away? is
    it just me or didnt krauser knock it away.
    Arick wilson
    -After the first fight scene when you escape from the house and kill the 
    ganado, approach the bridge you came in on. You will have the option to look
    down at the car wreckage in the river, but more importantly, if you go to the
    actual bridge, the game will have a typo and says something alone the lines 
    of, "The brigde is out." 
    *Note: Meat Golem says: This is not the case in the PAL version. The spelling 
    is correct.
    -In spite of its description calling it "one of a kind," there are two Elegant
    Headdresses in the game. Whoops...
    -Leon's funny walk glitch confirmed. 1)Go to the cells beneath the castle 
    (where you first meet the novsitadors). 2) Go into the top left cell with the
    sink in it. Its the cell a nosvistor bursts out from. 3) Move Leon to the left
    of the sink againts the wall. 4) Turn right and run against the sink.
    Flere Cruor
    -If you find a door with a padlock on it, you can kick it open. Yet, if you 
    approach the same door from the alternate side, the padlock will not break.
    -Notice that after your fight with Mendez, you take his eye. Take a few steps
    back and zoom in with a rifle. He still has both his eyes in his head.
    h g
    -Anyway, after Salazar sends Verdugo after you, he tells Leon he's sent his
    "Right hand." The thing is, he has sent the guard wearing red. The red cloaked
    Verdugo is at Salazar's LEFT every scene they are together.
    Jasper Bakker
    -Why are there Peseta's all over the place? Spains Currency is the Euro for a 
    couple of years now :-) and RE4 takes place in 2004 (the game says so itself).
    A contradiction is that Kobayashi denied that the game takes place in Spain.
    -In the part where you have to shoot the truck to make it tip over and slam 
    into the side of the cliff(right before the castle), I found something 
    interesting. After you total the truck, turn around so that you are facing the
    gate you came through and walk past the truck. The Ganados will not appear 
    unless you turn around so that you cannot see the truck, or I believe, if you
    walk so far you cannot see it.
    Mystik Duck
    -When Ashley is in the bindings, if you use the thermal scope she appears to 
    be cold or dead as it is all blue.
    -If you watch the first trailer after waiting on the main menu, when Ashley is
    captured by the ring thingies that come out of the walls in the Castle, she 
    says, "Oh my God! What's going on!?", but in the game when it happens, she 
    just says "What's going on!?". Don't wanna get sued, aye Capcom?
    -In the cinema with Leon and Ada at the Castle, when Ada confronts Leon, leon
    tries to get her gun, she kicks it out of his hands. When Leon reaches out for
    his knife, the knife is not in the knife slot...but when the scene shows leon
    running towards Ada, with knife still in hands, he has yet another knife in 
    the knife slot.
    -When you finish the Del Lago battle and enter the cabin, when you go outside 
    and it's raining, the torches are still lit. They should be extinguished and
    smoke should be emitting from it.
    -The 1st room in the house where the village chief strangles you, before the 
    cut scene when you 1st see Ada you cant shoot the window she shoots into.
    -When you trigger the cinema where ADA appears in chief Mendez house, you'll
    notice that the shot hits one of Sadlers portrait, making a hole. Yet when the
    sequence is over the picture doesn't have the hole.
    -The dialog both spoken and written fails to take into account the costume
    switch. For example, ADA alt outfit is black yet everyone keeps mentioning her
    red dress.
    -In the cinema sequences Leon always use the default pistol even if you have
    already sold it.
    -When looking the cops with thermal scope at the games beginning, the scope 
    fails to present them in red. They eventually die but is not like the thermal
    scope can predict the future. 
    -In the place with the Righ Hand (Verdugo) fight, use the Thermal scope as 
    soon as Leon uses the nitrogen tanks, you'll see the room covered in a bright
    red color. This shouldnt happen since the temperature is supposed to drop, not
    -Kind of a mistake. In 3-4 from where Ashley got the flashlight? Considering
    the quailty of the game and attention to details they could have come with a
    reason for the Ashley having the flashlight.
    -After the last cart ride in the castle, you are in the room with the only 
    painting with gold that isn't Sadler's face. The whole floor is reflective, 
    when you take out the painting, the reflection of it remains as if it were 
    still hanging on the wall. The lack of characters reflection is due to engine 
    limitations and not an oversight like this one. (Just in case)
    -Bear traps dont affect enemies. They just by them and nothing happens.
    -Kind of a mistake. When Leon stands up and aims automatically in the lake 
    fight, the rope that ties the boat to Del Lago disappears until Del Lago
    starts to drag the boat again.
    Robert Thomas
    -When playing seperate ways, Ada gets the church cicle thing in the little 
    puzzle behind the church and puts the green cat's eye in it's place. That's
    where leon gets it.
    -During the intro, the car's engine starts twice... It's already running and
    after the guy finished peeing it starts again.... magickal car, heh.
    -You can see Snakes glow golden if they have a golden egg inside their belly.
    -In the Fire/Lava in chapter 4, there's a stone picture which is quite 
    detailed, right besides the blue treasure chest. You can clearly see the left
    person is male, and "it" even appears to be erect.
    Brady marin
    -I just found out that the letters that Ada writes you are in japanese.  If
    you look at the letter posted outside of the merchant's shop right after you
    ride the elevator from where you killed the flying bugs in the cave, you can
    adjust the camera and see a few japanese words written in english letters.
    Everything else is a little hard to read.  
    C S
    -I hear that one of the stategy guides, which use early builds of the game to 
    make their guides so they come out at the game's release, use a early build of
    RE4 where Ashley's mission 3-4 used traditional RE camera angles you'd find in
    previous RE's like 0-3.  Obviously it was taken out of the main game, it just 
    not there, but if you look closely at one of the demo's before you hit 
    Start/Load it seems that it is there.  Ashley is with her flashlight walking 
    toward the camera/viewer, impossible with the over the shoulder camera used in
    the game.  
    Dao Kyoru
    -If you've seen the first Resident Evil movie, they've had to tackle through 
    lasers as well to get to the Hive's mainframe computers. Both scenes seem 
    really similar, along with the part where Leon had to do a flip to escape a
    bunch of the lasers... So pretty much, the laser part is like a homage to the
    first Resident Evil movie.
    -There is another way to get the Brass Pocket Watch and Pearl Necklace from
    above the wells without shooting out the wooden supports. While the timing is
    ridiculously hard, you can shoot the treasure and grab it in midair before it
    hits the water, and you'll get the full 10,000 for it. Why you'd want to save
    one bullet that badly is beyond me, but it's possible.
    -You can often make battles preceded by cutscenes easier by skipping the
    cutscenes. If an enemy moves during a cutscene toward you, skipping the
    cutscene will let you move around while the enemy is still approaching. This
    is especially useful in the cage match against the clawed prisoner. You can
    start breaking down the padlocked door before he even enters the cage.
    -In the room following the Novistador sewers, you find a group of worshipping
    monks that run through a large metal door as soon as they see you. If you 
    close that door beforehand by jumping across on the chandelier and sneaking to
    that door first, they'll stand around and fight you, even though there are 
    plenty of other doors to go out of. They drop several Spinels and a Los 
    Iluminados Pendant worth 12,000. Also, if you go back through the sewers to 
    the other side of the door, the monks are not there. They must have slipped 
    through the wall that spun Ashley around while you weren't looking...
    -During the opening cut scene, when the police officer is taking a leak, you
    can see some steam rising.
    -In the jail cell hallway near the end of the game (with the Regenerator), if 
    you look at the moving bag in the cabinet with the thermal scope, the entire 
    thing is BRIGHT red.
    Flere Cruor 
    -Every door with a white "Open" subtitle is opened away from Leon. In other 
    words, nearly EVERY door in the game is double-hinged for some reason. 
    -When you first enter the farm in the village, the dog that can't be killed,
    if left alone, will run over to treasures and bark at you -- leading you to
    them, when I noticed this, I hadn't shot it, which may change this behaviour.
    -If you leave chickens alive and wait around for a while they will eventually
    lay eggs on the ground, especially noticeable in the barnyard.
    Jake Merlin
    -Throw a Flash Grenade at the oven man on the Island and he will react normally
    (covering his eyes) while on fire. Then will stay in the pose till the flames
    dye out, then charge at you and will fall dead when he gets close to you. Also
    he tends to drop ammo instead of the usual nothing.
    -It's another plug for Killer7 by Capcom. If you look closely at any 
    screenshots for Killer7 that show enemies, you'll notice that the Regenerators
    in Resident Evil bear a striking resemblance to the enemies in Killer7. 
    -When Leon and Saddler are talking just moments after Mike is killed, Leon 
    says "You bastard!" or something along those lines, and it only displays: 
    K Prime04
    -Use these controls during the title screen. C-stick moves the backround left 
    and right. R zooms in backround. L zooms out backround.
    -If you go past the church the first time without checking it (that is trying
    to open the door) you will get a different conversation with Hunnigan than the
    one you usually get.
    -Ok so i was playing around with the Mine thrower. I saw some crows and
    decided to see what happens if you try to shoot them with the mines. It was
    funny as hell! First they fall to the floor then get up and start to fly and
    you see the dart blinking faster and faster then they blow up in the air into
    feathers lol lol.. its hilarious.
    Meat Golem
    -When you are killed by a crossbow bolt, the execution scene is the bolt 
    sticking into Leon's body. Regular crossbows fall out after you have been 
    hurt. My personal experience seems to show that it only hits you in the neck. 
    -If you look closely at the torches you can see small pieces of wood inside 
    the iron braziers. Upon setting off an explosion near a torch (grenade, rocket
    launcher, etc...) you can see the wood pieces getting blown out of the 
    braziers, which at first glance makes it look like the torch's fire is simply 
    getting blown out. It's a pretty cool effect - you can see the flaming pieces
    of wood fall to the ground, where they burn for a few seconds before dying
    out. This works with almost any torch in the game, except for merchant's 
    torches. *Authors note: Also you can blow the torches with any weapon or the
    -In the area in the cave where you meet the Merchant in the stall with the 
    weapons on the shelves, on the top left shelf, there is a gun which you can't
    use in the game. Weird. 
    -In the mines where they dig up the plagas, you have to use the dynamite to 
    blow up a big rock blocking your path. However, I was having fun with my 
    infinite rocket launcher and I blasted the stone away. The dynamite remained
    in my inventory. I don't know if you can use it again and if it is possible
    to blow away the rock away with grenades etc.
    -All the paintings you can find 5000 peseta behind in the castle have pictures
    of lord Saddler except in the second cart ride stop, where its behind a 
    painting of an oldman.
    -The mercenaries game is an EXTREME throwback to P.N.03 the capcom shooter on 
    the GC. It wasn't all that popular of a game,so let me tell you what's 
    similar: the gameplay is just like it.it utilizes the combo system of the 
    game, to where if you kill one enemy, there's a timer (which, unlike in P.N.
    03, you can't see) that starts. And you have to kill the next enemy before 
    that timer runs out to up the combo and get you more points. Another thing is
    the music. I noticed that when playing as Krauser and Hunk, their music, is 
    right out of the P.N.03 game
    -In chapter 4, castle stage, kill the two lookouts and the catapults won't 
    shoot at you.
    -Press L+R while on Jetski (while doing a jump) to do a spin
    -There are bats in places swirling around Leon that you can kinfe, they will 
    die but nothing comes out of them. *Authors note: Check out Leon noding his 
    head while he watches the bats swirling around him.
    -Right before the fight with the villiage chief guy there's a tree you can 
    look at, go around it and there is a beetle that flies from the tree, nothing
    happens when you shoot it, it's just there.
    Suzanne Chabot
    -You can stop the axes and other weapons with your KNIFE, too.
    Stephen Matis
    It's required that you have beaten the game and have bought the infinite 
    rocket launcher.  No other types of rocket launchers will work.  Doing this
    glitch successfully will have Leon impaled with the rocket launcher, and he'll
    still be in the animation where he's holding it.  Actually, there are two ways
    to do this glitch, the first way being the hardest.
    First way:  At the VERY BEGINNING of the game, right when Leon get out of the
    car, equip the Infinite R.L.  Run to the first house, ignoring the cutscene 
    where a Ganado watches Leon out the window and stomps off.  Enter the first 
    house you see, and watch or skip the scene where the Ganado attacks Leon.
    Now here's where you must do EXACTLY what I tell you.  Once you start to fight
    with the first Ganado of the game, don't use the Infinite R.L. to kill him.
    Instead, whip out your knife (the R.L. should then be on your back) and slash
    the Ganado in the face.  He'll reel back in pain, and that's when you should 
    let go of the knife button and kick him in the face.  Once he's on the ground,
    dash over to his prone body and pull out your knife again and aim ALL THE WAY
    ALL THE WAY DOWN, even after he's dead and wait for the cinema scene to begin.
    I recommend you watch it; it's not too long.  After that, Leon will receive a 
    transmission on his radio, and when he pulls it up to his ear to answer it, 
    he'll have the R.L. sticking through him!  After the radio scene, you can walk
    around with the R.L. in your gut!
    Second way:  This is the easiest way, but it's random.  Knife an enemy in the
    face with the Infinite R.L., and kick him or her (or it).  There's a chance,
    depending on distance I think, that the R.L. will get stuck in your gut while
    you kick the enemy.  In fact--if you're lucky--you can get this to happen on
    the first Ganado you face!
    -Past the villager through the double doors where the blue paper medallions
    are at in that area, go past the barn full of cows and go to the back and you
    will see a bunch of dead bodies of people in a waggon with worms or maggots in
    it. When it is nighttime and you go to the same spot, they are not there 
    *Authors Note: Is known that its the dog you save from the trap.
    -Capcom, not happy with just naming a gun in RE4 after another game they have
    in development (killer 7), also decided to promote their upcoming survival 
    horror game "haunting ground" ("demento" in japan) by lending Hewie, Fiona's
    canine sidekick, to RE4 as well. This is clear when Leon, aided by Hewie, says
    "hey, its that dog!". what dog, Leon? the one he knows is also in "haunting
    ground". genius, Capcom, genius. 
    -I thought I was the only one that noticed it but I found out most probably 
    noticed it, but Krauser and Leon's knives have the same insignia on the blade.
    Wolf club (Sean S.)
    -In the small shack before the house where you meet Luis (with the bear trap 
    and trip wire) by the two crates there are 3 small spiders on the wall and 
    flor that you can kill.
    -In the fireplace at the beginning, it says something like "There is something
    burning in the fire, but I can't tell what..." Upon closer inspection, you can
    see a bone (femur) on the right side of the fire, and a hand, or the remains 
    thereof, laying on the bottom of the fireplace on the left.
    -The first time you reach the church try opening the main door, this will 
    activate a codec sequence where Hunnigan makes a parody of RE1 "master of
    -The first time you reach the church shoot the bell, this cause more villagers
    to come around. This only works the first time and its limited to 4-6 times.
    -After the cutscene where Leon and Ashley jump through the church window you
    can enter the church again, the 2 monks with crossbows will still be there.
    Kill them to get extra cash, plus this is the first encounter with monks in 
    the game.
    -After you get the church key inside the waterfall instead of using the door 
    that opens in front of you head back the way you came. Use the boat to reach 
    the place just before fighting "Del Lago". When you reach the incline the game
    will show you a cinema with the first infested wolf encounter. Here you'll 
    fight 5 wolves, this is before the church wolves by the way.
    -Near the begining, in the second small cabin, there's a woman impaled in the
    wall, watch closely the blood dripping from her face as it falls to the ground
    forming a pool. 
    -At the begining, in the village, is not necesary to fight or kill any ganado.
    You can just avoid any fight and the bell will eventually sound, making the
    villagers leave.
    -The first time in the village if climb the tallest building the villagers 
    will cease their pursuit. Instead they will throw Molotov cocktails to the top
    of the tower.
    -Is posible to see chief Mendez house from the village.
    -When firing a gun above a mass of water the shell of the round will make a 
    splash when it hits the water. The splash is made even when you reload the 
    Red 9 when the small metal piece leaves the gun, but it doesnt work with
    machine gun shells.
    -Every time you press the "X" button to give Ashley a command Leon shouts,
    so this alerts the near by enemies. Is like firing the gun really.
    -There are 2 door opening animations for both Leon and Ashley according if you
    hit the A buttom once or twice, when the A buttom is hit twice this makes Leon
    kick the door. More if you initiate the normal door animation it can be 
    interrupted at any time with the door kick animation, this is useful to peek 
    and see if there are enemies in the other side. Also you can hurt and stun 
    enemies by kick opening the doors in their faces.
    -Both Leon and Krauser cuts heal too quickly, maybe thats an effect of the 
    Las Plagas parasites. The same applies to Zalasar when he got stabbed in the
    -Each water droplet that hits a small pond makes a sound. Kind of lame but 
    only noticed this when i played with the volume high up.
    -In every instance in the game where you see food, the food is either full of
    flies or maggots.
    -Take out the knife and hit any cow 6 times. The cow fights back by stabing 
    Leon with the horns. It makes damage but it wont kill you even if you bar is
    empty. Even more, the cow you stabbed always will attack every time you get 
    close to it.
    -Bear traps inflict damage but they never kill Leon.
    -You never see the sun round shape. But you can look at the lens flare 
    generated by the sun in some places. Exept at the first cinema when the sun
    is reflecting in the car's windshield.
    -Looking at the rays of light shining through windows and other places is 
    possible to see the small dust particles dancing in the air.
    -The furniature that Leon can push can be destroyed by a strong weapon. 
    Sometimes is quicker to destroy the furniature if you are in a hurry, for
    example to get that treasure in the farm blow the furniature instead of going
    through the roof.
    -In the game's begining if you shoot the guy at the wheel hell say: "No estes
    odiando.... Get over it will ya". The spanish part means "stop hating". If you
    shoot the other one he'll say: "Hey! stop fooling around". Talking to the guy
    at the wheel triggers this response: "Forgot your make up or something?".
    Talking to the other one he'll say: "What's the matter? You lost your nerve".
    Finally at the very begining if you try to cross the first bridge the guy at
    the pasenger seat says: "Not that way cowboy".
    -In the house with the first ganado once Leon kills him is not possible to 
    open the entrance door, a message pops saying its stucked, this is because 
    theres a ganado in the other side preventing Leon from opening it.
    -At the village, in the game's begining, if you rush to the farn's door you'll
    see the chainsaw man and 2 other villagers gaurding the farn entrance. The 
    same happens if you try to backtrack to the door where you entered, but 
    instead there'll be 5 villagers guarding the door.
    -BTW, Hiroyuki Kobayashi (the RE4 producer) denied that the game takes place
    in Spain yet even the officer uniforms correspond to the spanish police 
    standar costume.
    -In the cable car ride with Leon and Ashley notice the ganados standing in 
    platforms, there are 2 of them. If you dont take them out before the cable car
    passes near them, they will jump on top of the car and cut the support that
    links the car to the cable, falling to the precipice.
    -At the places with fish, check out the big bass trying to eat the small ones.
    -In the place with the first truck encounter (outside the castle), instead of
    shooting the 3 ganados atop the rise just walk forward to activate the cinema
    and watch the truck crashing the poor ganados.
    -CAPCOM represented the effect of rain drops hitting a mass of water. View 
    this effect in the drinking tanks for the animals.
    -The candle illumination effect is very well represented, notice the slight
    halo and bloom the candles charactristicaly form.
    -The torches, explosions have the heat distortion effect.
    -In the Ada encounter at the castle when she throws the shades you can see 
    both Ada and Leon's images reflecting in them.
    -In the mine cart scene instead of avoiding the wood supports by crouching
    is posible to shoot them instead or let one standing Ganado get hit.
    -In the Mecha Salazar scene (Giant Robotic Salazar) you can shoot the switches
    from afar instead of activating them by hand. Is cool to make the monks fail
    the jumps by moving Salazars robot hands at will.
    -At island you can take out the first search light so you wont trigger the
    -If you shoot Mike's helicopter with any weapon he says: "Wha... you crazy?"
    but it doesnt do anything to the chopper.
    -At stage 5-4 in the cells to the left of the entrance to the hall there is a
    metal container, open it. Surprise, to stop the shaking shoot it.
    -After the cabin scene with Luis you can take both routes if you want, El 
    Gigante and the villagers-chainsaw ladies route. Suggest doing so since it nets
    you more treasure.
    -You can shoot the crows when they are flying. Is hard but the falling 
    animation is very realistic.
    -Looking closely to the cows mouths is noticeable the line of saliva falling
    -All wooden doors in the game can be destroyed.
    -The double doors can be opened at the same time by positioning Leon right in
    the middle or instead you can open one at a time by positioning the character
    left or right.
    -When the sign that indicates to press "A" to open a door appears in green
    color it means there will be a loading, if its white there wont be any load.
    -Almost everything with glass like windows, monitor screens, etc can be 
    -Some lamps, torches can be destroyed.
    -Leon can break the padlocks by kicking them.
    -The game saves every door, window, lamp, screen you destroyed. Save for the
    village chapter revisit.
    -In the castle level the full moon sometimes get covered by the clouds.
    -The only roaches in the entire game appear in the kitchen floor at level 5-1
    Thats the place where the welldone crispy mad man leaves the oven.
    -The end credits expand the history to some extent. You can see how the 
    parasite was introduced to the villagers and what happened to the children.
    -Also at the end credits the dev team put a funny copy right warning, any
    illegal reproduction of the game will be punish by the Racoon Police 
    Department by an apropiate member of the S.T.A.R.S. team.
    -At the end credits in asiggment Ada you are given the choice to see the 
    ending again, if you choose to do so, the credits will play with a different
    music and also with different outfit for Ada.
    -After the fight with Del Lago is possible to freely roam in the lake, you can
    harpoon the fish and pick them up by getting the boat near them.
    -The faster and easy way to fish is throwing a grenade in the lake, watch 5 or
    6 ready for the taking them go sale them to the merchant for some quick money.
    -If you activate the wolf sequence at the lake instead of fighting them run to
    the boat and jump in. The wolves cant hurt you and now start harpooning them
    from the boat. It only takes 2 harpoons to kill 1 wolf in pro mode.
    -If you stand at the lake, in the place where you see the cinema of the 2 
    villagers throwing the cop to El Lago, and shoot the lake youll see the 
    ripples extending through the lake a good distance. Is not much but in games 
    the ripple effect tends to be a tiny circle and very close to the focal point.
    -When it starts raining is possible to notice water dripping in some of the 
    rock textures.
    -In the parts with breeze notice the small plants and bushes gently swinging.
    -Now and then some leaves fall from the trees that have them.
    -When seeing the lake from the scenic route (near the church) and its raining
    is easy to notice the water droplets hitting the mass of water.
    -Is possible to prevent the jewels above the wells from getting dirty. Just 
    shoot the small wood sustaining the cap of the well, then proceed to shoot the
    -There are 2 types of torches in the game the one fueled by wood and the other
    fueled by kerosene, the ones that use kerosene emit a thick black smoke. Very
    -At the pit with the giant spikes, just before the fight with Righ Hand
    (Berdugo), there are 2 dead monks in the water, upon closer inspection you'll
    notice blood dripping from their bodies and disolving into the water.
    -At the garbage procesing facility, in the room with the melted iron, is 
    posible to hit the enemies with the giant iron ball. 
    -After Sadler is dead notice how the sun appears in the horizon. Is a really 
    nice view from the platform.
    -At the end of the game, inside the tunnel that leads to the jet sky, if you
    try to backtrack, a cinema pops showing falling rocks that block the path.
    IV. Thanks/Credits.
    Credits and thanks to everyone that contributed with details, these people are
    clearly identified in the guide.
    Special thanks to fozess for correcting my atrocious grammar.
    All sites/links are the sole property of their repective owners.
    V. Legal stuff.
    The game, code and its rights is property of CAPCOM Ltd.
    If, for any reason, you want to make reference or use this guide in a site
    your welcome to do so as long as you give proper credit to the people that
    invested time creating this document. But before doing it, try contacting
    Refreshment first, the e-mail adress can be seen at "Contact info".
    VI. Contact information.
    E-mail address: coolrefreshment@yahoo.com Please use the yahoo adress since i 
    stoped using this one: Tenhen@surfy.net
    For any constructive critic, detail, contribution you wish to make or errors
    this guide might present.

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