Can anyone give the actual way to get the achievements?

  1. can anyone give the actual way to get the achievements please, the list is very clue heavy but i cant seem to get them thru trial and error

    obvious ones are

    threads of Fate = complete all of story mode
    skuellgirls = complete all tutorial levels

    id assume that

    the kitchen sink = something to do with peacock and her random item drop

    good hunting, commander = Parasoul using her black egrets

    real circus damage = cerrabella doing a heavy damage combo

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    mrmeat666 - 7 years ago

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  1. For some achievements a 100% secure solution has not yet been determined.

    Threads of Fate - Clear Story with all characters.
    Skuellgirls - Completely finish the Tutorial.
    Prolix - Assumedly, hit many different combo numbers to make the messages pop up (Poetic, Cute, Adorable, Sweet, Naughty, etc...)
    Ensemble Cast - Assumedly, using all different characters and varying a lot between assist moves.
    Instant Hair Dash - Using Filia, perform her Air Dash a number of times. Not sure exactly how many, assumedly around 100.
    Real Circus Damage - Concentrate on Cerebella's Grappling moves to unlock this one. Again, assumedly around 100 total.
    Kitchen Sink - As the achievement quite literally states, hit your opponents with every different kind of dropped item Peacock can release.
    Good Hunting, Commander - As you suspected, concentrate on Black Egret summons.
    Head In The Game - Play for a predetermined time with Ms. Fortune's head removed. Unsure exactly how long.
    My Pain... - Something to do with Painwheel's "Pain Armor", and using it to return a certain amount of damage dealt to her (added up over time, not in a single move).
    Medical Board... - Use Valentine's Level 5 super a certain amount of times (Apparently around 40 total).
    Toil and Trouble - Perform a number of combos (Around 20?) with Double, using at least one transformation of each character. According to "Joshnorm" at the TrueAchievements website, a good combo to use would be HP; LK; MK; MK; HK; J.HP J.HK.

    Achievements cannot be unlocked in Training mode, but they will unlock in 2-Player Versus. For the ones that require Super bars, a quick way is to go in and out of Sparring Mode to instantly max out super, then use them up ad infinitum.

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  1. Prolix DOES unlock in Training Mode. You have to perform about 50 combos of differing numbers of hits to make this pop.

    User Info: Voltanis

    Voltanis - 7 years ago 1   0

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