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Walkthrough by horror_spooky

Updated: 01/14/2013

Anarchy Reigns is a quasi-sequel to Platinum Games's previous offering MadWorld
on Wii. It is described as a beat 'em up arena brawler, and this guide will 
help you complete all the missions and every stage of the game for both the 
Black Side and White Side.

Anarchy Reigns
Written by Dalton "Horror Spooky" Cooper
Copyright 2013

Contact Information
E-mail: horror_spooky@hotmail.com

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
...>Black Side<...
Stage 1: Altambra
Stage 2: Port Valenda
Stage 3: Hong Long
Stage 4: Bari Shur
...>White Side<...
Stage 1: Altambra
Stage 2: Port Valenda
Stage 3: Hong Long
Stage 4: Bari Shur
...>Red Side<...
The Coliseum
3. Multiplayer
4. Characters
5. Items
6. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The world has gone to hell, and now anarchy reigns in the streets. A mercenary 
named Jack and a member of the police force, Leo, fight on opposite sides as 
they both chase down the same fugitive, for vastly different reasons.

LT - Use Killer Weapon
LT + Y - Strong Killer Weapon Attack
LT + X - Weak Killer Weapon Attack
LB - Lock-On
RT/RB - Guard
RT/RB + A - Evade
Left Stick - Move
D-pad (up) - Taunt
D-Pad (left/right) - Use Item
Y - Heavy Attack
X - Normal Attack
X+A - 360 Attack
B - Grab
A - Jump
Left Stick + Right Stick - Unleash Rampage

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. Walkthrough
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
At the start of the game, you will get to choose between the "Black Side" or 
"White Side" after the opening cut-scenes. If you choose Black Side, then you 
will see the events of the game unfold through Jack's eyes. If you choose 
White Side, then you play as Leo. After completing the Black Side or White 
Side, the game will start over and you will play through as the opposite side.

For the purposes of this guide, I chose to go through the Black Side first, so 
if you chose the White Side, then scroll down. The missions between the two 
sides are indeed different.

--->BLACK SIDE<---

                           STAGE 1: ALTAMBRA

Free Mission 01. The Killseekers
This mission serves to introduce you to the various enemy types and other 
mechancis in the game. Your goal is to kill 50 enemies in 5 minutes or less. 
The first batch of enemies will be easy to kill, but they will be replaced by 
another wave. Continue to kill them all.

Then a truck with more enemies will drive into the area. This is to teach you 
about the various environmental hazards that will show up in the game. Vehicles
and other dangers tend to show up in the midst of battles to wreak havoc. 
Avoid the vehicle and then kill its passengers.

Next up will be Killseekers, the human-like enemies that bleed blue blood that 
you've been fighting all this time, to start chucking Molotovs at you from a 
nearby rooftop. You can throw an explosive barrel at them or run up and take 
them out with more personal means.

When they're dead, even more will spawn on the ground below. Kill them, and 
then you'll have to fight Pyro Killseekers. These guys have red tanks on their 
backs that are connected to flamethrowers. Work your way through them. Their 
explosions won't hurt you if you are in the middle of a combo.

When they're dead, even more will spawn, and a couple will be brought on a 
floating vehicle driven by a Molotov-wielding Killseeker. Continue to wipe out 
the enemies until you've killed 49. Your final battle will be with the lizard-
like Executioner.

This mutant is large and has a huge hammer it will try to attack with. The 
best strategy is to run around it in a circle and attack its back when you 
have the chance, until it eventually is killed.

Main Mission 01. The King of Altambra
Here you have to fight Big Bull. Big Bull is a mechanical bull that has a 
rocket strapped to his back that allows him to fly around and such. He may 
seem intimidating, but he's actually very easy. The key to him is to just be 
relentless. Attack him like none other, but run out of the way if he goes for 
an attack.

Knocking him in the lava is also helpful and very easy to do. Just wail on him 
and back him up to the edge, then continue to hit him until he falls in the 
lava. Be careful not to fall into the lava yourself. After about a quarter of 
his health is gone, his gang will fight you.

Kill them all, and then resume the battle with Big Bull. The same strategy 
applies, except now he will add jumping attacks that are slightly harder to 
dodge. When his health has been taken down another quarter, flamethrower-toting
members of his gang will fight you, so be sure to take them out.

Big Bull will start to fight you again without really waiting for all his 
gang members to be dead this time. Continue to wail on him. After another 
quarter of his health is gone, a large pot will dump lava from above in the 
center area, so avoid that area and continue to fight with Big Bull on the 
outer rim of the battle area until his health is completely depleted and he is 

Free Mission 02. A Chaser's Work
The Bar-Bot is being terrorized by a group of Killseekers. Go save him from 
the first group, and then follow him. He will have a health bar at the top of 
the screen. If that health bar is completely depleted, the Bar-Bot will be 
killed and the mission will fail.

More Killseekers will attack the Bar-Bot, so save him again and then keep 
following him and protecting him. An Executioner will show up, so kill him 
quickly as he can do real damage to the Bar-Bot. Keep fighting off the 
Killseekers, and a truck will also blow through the area, so be sure to avoid 
it. Then a Mutant will show up as you near the bar.

Mutants are big and dangerous. They look like giant versions of the Hunters 
from Resident Evil. Lay into the Mutant and try to block his attacks. Then 
keep hitting him and avoiding his attacks. Killseekers will show up to fight 
the Bar-Bot while you are fighting the Mutant, so fight them off before 
returning to the Mutant.

When enough damage has been done to the Mutant, you can press B for an 
Execution attack. Then just follow the Bar-Bot to the bar to end the mission.

Main Mission 02. Target Sighted
Drones will attack. You get to choose between Jack or Big Bull for this 
mission. I went with Big Bull just to play as a different character. This 
mission is designed to introduce you to all of the different drone type 
enemies in the game.

The first drones are easy enough to kill. You can take their rifles from them 
after they've been defeated. Keep killing the drones, but don't use their 
rifles. Save those for later.

A helicopter with chainsaw blades attached will show up next. Use the rifle to 
blow it up. Then flying drones will be next. Jump up and hit them to make them
fall out of the air so that you can kill them on the ground. When they're 
dead, bombs will be dropped on the bridge.

These bombs will cause a chain reaction of explosions that cause cars to 
hurdle at you from a distance. They will basically cut this map in half, 
though there is a small window where you can run across the street and not 
worry about being flattened by a car.

These new drones will be Laser Drones. Their lasers do a ridiculous amount of 
damage, and when they die, they turn into an explosive time bomb. Use any 
remaining rifle rounds to pick them off from a distance, then move in close 
and waste them one by one.

Free Mission 03. Gunfight
You can't actually fail this mission. You just see how well you can do using a 
rifle with unlimited ammo. Just walk around the level and shoot the drones 
with the rifle. Helicopters will show up later, and you can shoot them or 
catch their missiles by pressing B and tossing the missile back.

Main Mission 03. Your Favorite Pimp's Pimp
Baron from MadWorld shows up to fight Jack. Just wail on him. Honestly, that 
is the best strategy. He does have some pretty powerful attacks, so just run 
out of the way and keep hitting him. Use any powerups you have if the going 
gets tough.

When Baron has a quarter of health left, a cargo plane will start coming 
down. Now you have to relentlessly kill Baron before the plane comes down or 
else you will fail the mission.

                         STAGE 2: PORT VALENDA

Free Mission 01. Gale Force
Jack will automatically hop in the vehicle. Your goal is to complete five 
laps before the time runs out. If you pick up the green checkpoints as you 
drive, you'll be given more time.

Follow the red sets with the black arrows to complete the laps around the 
stage. This is a very straight-forward driving mission. The controls in the 
vehicle are a bit different than the ground controls, though.

You still move with the left analog stick. Just tilt it forward. There is no 
need to hold RT or A or anything like you would usually in a racing game. 
You can press X to use a flamethrower, which I recommend doing when nearing 
larger enemies. Press A to jump and Y to dash.

Each lap will see the type of enemy increase in power, but just ignore them 
and drive on by. If you want more points, use your flamethrower as much as 
possible to kill enemies, and plow over the smaller guys.

Main Mission 01. The Gargoyle Platoon
The Gargoyles are Transformer-like enemies that can transform between three 
different modes. Get on the Gatling Gun and destroy the Gargoyles as they fly 
close to you. There will be two waves of Gargoyles to take out.

When the flying Gargoyles have been defeated, the remaining ones will land 
behind you and transform into robot mode. You can get back on the Gatling gun, 
turn around, and blast the hell out of them still, or you can hop off the 
Gatling gun and fight them head-on with melee attacks.

The first three you will have to fight one-on-one. Then two Gargoyles will 
attack you at once. They are like mini-bosses and have a health bar at the 
top of the screen, but they are also very easy to defeat, especially if you 
use the Gatling gun.

Free Mission 02. Parasite Infestation
Parasites are these annoying Leech-looking enemies that will jump on you, 
causing you to button mash and shake the analog stick in order to escape. You 
have to kill 50 of them. They are easily killed, but as they increase in 
number, they become more and more of a threat.

A Kraken will join the battle in the middle and smash its tentacles through 
the glass. This causes the area to start filling with water, and so now you 
are working on a time limit. The Kraken's tentacle will block the exit 
route, and it will try to hit you with its other tentacle, which is also 

Upon killing 50 parasites, your next goal is to damage the Kraken's tentacle 
to the point where it will move out of the way of the elevators. Mutants will 
show up to fight now as well, but ignore everything and focus on the middle of
the Kraken's tentacle. Wail on it until enough damage is done that it moves, 
and then use the elevator to escape.

Main Mission 02. The Creature from Valenda
Now you have to do a boss fight with the Kraken! Black Baron and Mathilda will 
be there to help you out for the first part of the battle. Grab the debris 
made when the Kraken smashes its tentacles on the ground, and then chuck the 
chunks of concrete at the Kraken. This is pretty difficult to accomplish, but 
you have to be really close to the edge in order to throw the concrete chunks 
far enough to hit the Kraken. It will also smash its tentacles down, which 
gives you the chance to attack the soft spots of its tentacles to do much 
more damage.

After the Kraken is damaged enough, it will start trying to take the boat 
down. Baron and Mathilda will go prepare a weapon to defeat it, leaving you 
behind to continue the fight. Run to the vents to be launched to the next 
area, and then hang tight and fight the parasites here.

Eventually, the Kraken will smash the platform you're standing on and the 
fight will be taken to the water. The Kraken will try to lunge with its 
inner-mouth. If you are able to side-step it and are quick enough, you can 
attack the side of it to continue to damage the beast. Otherwise, avoid its 
attacks at all costs.

Its other attacks include trying to hit you with its tentacles and firing 
missiles at you with its beak. You can catch the missiles and chuck them back 
at the Kraken. At some point, it will get really close to your platform and 
shoot a beam of electricity at you. Avoid the beam, and then pick up the 
debris left behind to throw it at the Kraken.

When it is nearly dead, it will start swimming away, but it will leave itself 
vulnerable. You can get on the Kraken and start punching the inside of its 
mouth to drain the rest of the health meter, and then Black Baron will use a 
large saw to slice it in half.

Free Mission 03. Mutant Suppression
Your goal here is to kill six Mutants with a time limit. First you have to 
fight one, then two, then three. Black Baron and Mathilda will show up in the 
middle of this to help you fight off the Mutants.

Main Mission 03. The Young Lion
Leo will confront Jack and now it's time to fight him. There aren't really any 
gimmicks to Leo except that he's really good at countering attacks, which can 
leave you both dazed.

Wail on Leo and be quick to block his attacks. His attacks are easy to 
counter, but he's fast. If you do enough damage to Leo, he'll crouch, which 
gives you an opportunity to lay in with some grapple attacks. Leo will then go 
super-powered, but just employ the same strategy until his health meter is 

                          STAGE 3: HONG LONG

Free Mission 01. Break It Up
You have to kill 50 enemies within five minutes. No, it doesn't sound hard, but
this time around, it is actually quite the challenge. The reason for that is 
each wave of enemies are drones that are spread far apart, and they can take a 
while to kill.

There won't be any new drones for a long while. The game will give you lots of 
items, but they don't really help out in this situation. Keep fighting the 
drones, and when they seem to have stopped appearing, that means it's time to 
check the mini-map for the red dots and move to the next area that has drones.

If you build up Jack's power and then click the analog sticks down, you can 
unleash his rampage and kill a bunch of drones subsequently. Flying drones will
cause the biggest headaches, as they tend to fly away and you'll have to 
either wait for them to come closer or throw something at them, and there 
isn't a lot to throw on these rooftops.

During the final stretch of enemies, you'll be introduced to the Ninja Drones. 
These guys can become invisible and are quicker than typical drones. However, 
they have lower health. When they are in their pre-explosion animation, run 
up and hit them to make them blow up faster to save time.

Main Mission 01. Night Blooms
This level is a boss fight with Rin Rin. Rin Rin is another easy boss. She 
fights similarly to Leo, in that she is fast and dodges a lot of attacks, but 
the strategy? Just beat the hell out of her. Seriously, button mash and use 
power attacks as much as possible. If you're quick enough, it's not likely she 
will even be able to get an attack on you.

The only thing you really need to keep in mind for this fight is that when 
Rin Lin's health is taken down to about halfway, she will charge up and become 
much more powerful, but still easily defeatable.

Free Mission 02. Cleaning Up Hong Long
Your goal here is pretty different than anything else you've done. There are 
energy spheres that need knocked into receptacles so that you can go on to 
the next area and continue to knock the spheres into the receptacles. On the 
mini-map, the receptacles are glowing green icons, and they look like little 
slanted tunnels.

The first one is easy enough. Just knock the sphere into the receptacle. The 
sphere will do damage and kill most enemies. After the first one, you'll have 
three more to deal with. Two will be in corners at the square, and you'll have 
to knock the third one up a flight of stone stairs.

Then you'll have six to deal with in one area, but it's no big deal. Mostly 
ignore the enemies and knock the spheres into all the different receptacles to 

Main Mission 02. Enter the Ninja
This is a boss fight with Zero, the dude that controls the Ninja Drones. For 
this fight, you can choose between Baron, Jack, or Mathilda. I personally 
went with Baron, as he is a very capable fighter with strong attacks and quick,
devastating grapples.

Whoever you pick, Zero will have a bunch of his ninjas helping him with the 
fight. Kill them and narrow it down until you find Zero, and then focus all 
your attention on him. The two fighters you don't pick will help you in the 
battle as well, and all three of you will wail on Zero when all his ninja 
helpers have been defeated.

When Zero's health is a quarter depleted, he'll replenish his roster of ninjas 
and then start performing ninpo attacks from a distance. Get rid of his ninjas,
then focus on Zero again. Keep repeating the process until Zero is defeated.

Free Mission 03. Bartender Backup
10 Bartender robots will run about in the streets, attacked by Killseekers. 
You have to keep them alive until the time runs out while also killing off all 
the enemies. The first waves of enemies will be regular Killseekers, and will 
be easy as pie.

Next you will be introduced to the Cryo Killseekers. These guys use liquid 
nitrogen to freeze people, including you. If you get frozen, button mash and 
shake the left analog stick to break free. These guys have an explosion 
animation that you can speed up by attacking them while they are about to 

Later, you will fight Armed Vehicles. These cars are armored and have a 
machinegun on top. Avoid their initial ramming, then rup to the side of the 
car after the machinegun stops firing. A few power attacks will destroy the 
cars pretty quickly.

The final obstacles will be purple Executioners that are on fire and have 
metal helmets. As you can probably guess, these are just tougher versions of 
the Mutants that you fought earlier. Take them on using the same strategies as 

When they're defeated, the enemies will start randomizing until the time runs 
out. This is your chance to kill as many enemies as possible to try to get a 
really high score.

Main Mission 03. The Wounded Beast
This is a boss fight with Max. Jack will be aided by Baron and Mathilda in this

Max is a bit tougher than your typical bosses. He can teleport, and can block 
multiple attacks with ease. He also does combos that can take away a chunk 
of your health meter easily. I recommend wasting any items you have on him 
right off the bat, and then focus on using your Rampage if you have it.

Fight Max like you would any other enemy, but use more caution. If you are near
death, retreat and let Baron and Mathilda take on Max for the rest of the 
fight. When his health meter is depleted, the battle won't be over, as you 
have to complete a button mashing QTE against him to finish him off. If you 
fail the QTE, then you can just hit him a few more times to defeat him.

                           STAGE 4: BARI SHUR

Free Mission 01. Hive of Scum and Villainy
This time around, you have to fight off 100 enemies. The enemies attack in 
large groups, so just run around and slice and dice through them all. The 
first waves will just be Killseekers, and are disposed of easily enough.

The next waves will include some new foes. Poison Killseekers show up. They 
shoot a green, dangerous gas. Mutant Plants are new enemies as well. They 
will swallow you to grow even larger, but if you can take them out before 
they have a chance, they are almost not even a threat. Focus on them first, 
then worry about the other enemies in the area.

A more powerful version of the armed cars will be next. They will fire 
machineguns as well as flamethrowers. Destroy them to the best of your 
abilities, and keep pushing through the enemies until you have defeated all 

When that's done with, it's time to face off against Cybrid Joe, the boss of 
this mission. Cybrid Joe is an easy enough fight. He has a spinning attack 
that causes a fire tornado that erupt from his body, but it is still very 
possible to defeat him, as he doesn't have a high defense.

Main Mission 01. Black Fire, White Ice
This mission is just a boss fight with Sasha. You get to choose between Baron 
or Mathilda for this fight. Sasha, however, is incredibly easy, and whoever 
you don't pick will help you fight, making this rather mindless battle that 
much simpler.

Free Mission 02. Attack of the Drones
See how many drones you can kill within the time limit. You have to get over 
50 kills for the Platinum medal. Item drops are plentiful in this level, and 
cargo planes will drop even more items later on, so use items as much as 
possible if it gets tough killing the stronger drones.

There will also be a carpet bombing near the end, so save your rampage 
ability. When the bombers come in, use Rampage and then take out all the 
drones in the vicinity while also avoiding the bomb damage.

Free Mission 03. Mutation Marches On
You have five minutes to kill five Super Mutants. Super Mutants are, as you 
can imagine, stronger versions of the regular Mutants that you have been 
fighting throughout the rest of the game. They will show up one at a time, 
and there are item drops all over to help you out.

Specifically, the rifle will kill them very easily. In fact, it just takes a 
few shots, and if you get a critical hit, one shot, so you can really blow 
through this mission if you manage to get good shots with the rifle.

Main Mission 02. Butcher's Banquet
Jack will be joined by Big Bull and Rin Rin for this mission. First, you have 
to fight Cthulhu, a large robot that has shields all over its body. Its shields
are purple at first, and you can't really deal any damage to him. Just focus 
all your attention on his shields until they are destroyed. From there, you 
can deal a lot of damage to Cthulhu, but avoid the large laser beam he fires 
from his center, as it will kill you with a single shot.

When Cthulhul's health has been completely depleted, run up to him and press 
B to perform an exectuion. Following this, you have a standard battle against 
Zero, though he has a high amount of defense this time, and won't retreat. 
A missile launcher will be available to use in the middle of the fight, so use 
it if you want to the fight to end quicker.

Main Mission 03. End of the Chase
This is a boss fight with Max, and it's very easy, especially if you have 
any weapons elft over from the Butcher's Banquet. Max does have a high 
defense if you don't have any weapons to hit him with, but it's still not a 
big problem defeating him.

--->WHITE SIDE<---

                           STAGE 1: ALTAMBRA

Free Mission 01. Urban Pacification
Five minutes to kill 50 enemies. The enemies are comprised of Killseekers, 
then Pyro Killseekers, and finally an Executioner as the last enemy. A truck 
will show up and start rampaging through the streets. Its exhaust can light you
on fire, so avoid it as you kill the enemies.

If it seems like you can't find any enemies, keep an eye on the mini-map. 
Enemies are the red dots, and it's likely that they are on a nearby roof or 
just around the corner.

Main Mission 01. The Tenacious Tiger
This is a boss fight against Durga. Durga is very easy to fight, and plays out 
like the more typical boss battles in the game. However, the gimmick of this 
fight is that carpet bombers appear fairly early on, and constantly do runs, 
dropping bombs.

To avoid taking damage from the bombs, get Durga in a grapple animation for an 
attack. This will deal damage to Durga while simulataneously allowing you to 
avoid taking any damage.

Free Mission 02. The Fugitive
A rogue Cybrid Joe robot has a bounty on his head. He will flee from you, so 
you have to chase him down. To get a sprint going, just tilt the left analog 
stick toward Cybrid Joe and chase him around. Leo will automatically pick up 
speed and go faster and faster.

Upon reaching Cybrid Joe, beat the hell out of him. He is easily damaged, but 
will run away again after he's been hurt a bit, assuming he manages to get a 
shot on you and escapes. He will lead you through ambushes of Killseekers, but 
it's best to just avoid them and continue chasing down Cybrid Joe.

Cybrid Joe will run throughout the map until you defeat him or the time runs 
out. If the latter occurs, your fail the mission. He will make you run by a 
machine that creates a black hole vortex that can cause damage to you, so the 
best way to avoid that is to just run away from it at sprinting speed to avoid 
being pulled in.

Main Mission 02. Holed Up
You can choose between Nikolai or Leo for this mission. I always like to choose
the person that isn't the main character for the side, but everyone in this 
game plays largely the same, so there's not really a difference in playstyles 
or anything like that to worry about.

Whoever you pick, the person that you don't pick will stick around to help 
you fight the enemies. Clear the area of any Killseekers, and then a cut-scene 
will play in which a ground restructuring occurs. This creates a large hole 
that leads to the sewer area.

Go to this hole and follow the tunnel to a center area that is filled with 
water. Now you have to fight a gauntlet of mutants. With the help of a partner,
this is a snap.

Free Mission 03. Mutation & Madness
This mission introduces you to Berserker Mutants. These are more powerful 
versions of regular Mutants, but at least you only have to fight one, and 
five minutes is plenty of time to win this battle. A cargo drop occurs about 
halfway through, dropping boxes that mostly contain healing orbs, so you can 
abandon the fight and go heal if need be.

Main Mission 03. Tiger Wing & Lion Fin
This is a unique boss fight that actually contains two bosses. One is Durga 
again and the other is Garuda, a Transformer-like robot that works with 
Durga. Garuda will be in a flying platform form at first, with Durga riding on 
top of him.

They will be out of reach, shooting machineguns and throwing rockets at Leo. 
When a rocket is shot, press B at the last second to catch it. Then quickly 
use LT to make a cursor appear, line up the shot, and then toss the missile 
at Durga to deal damage.

It will only deal a little bit of damage, but you only have to hit him with 
about three missiles to make him fly over to the rooftop proper. When he shows 
up here, deal as much damage as possible using Leo's array of acrobatic melee 

Durga will then retreat to another nearby rooftop, and Garuda will transform 
into robot mode. A green arrow will appear above Leo's head, pointing the way 
to their rooftop. Follow the cage tunnel up to the next roof, and then Sasha 
will show up and join the fight. You can choose to continue playing as Leo, 
or you can switch to Sasha.

They have separate health meters. It doesn't matter who you take out first, 
but Garuda is easier to kill. When one of their health meters is depleted, 
they will be out for the rest of the fight, and then you just have to worry 
about the other guy.

                         STAGE 2: PORT VALENDA

Free Mission 01. Valenda Sweep
Leo is hanging on the bottom of the helicopter for this mission. You might have
hijacked a helicopter drone at some other point in the game. In this mission, 
you are stuck to the helicopter. The controls are the same; X and Y fire 
missiles, and the helicopter will constantly fire its machineguns. However, 
you can't destroy the helicopter in this mission.

This one is timed, and the goal is to see how many enemies you can defeat 
within the time limit. Red blips on the mini-map will show you where the 
enemies are appearing. As waves of enemies are defeated, the enemies will 
increase in power.

Main Mission 01. The Merchant of Valenda
This is a boss fight with Oinkie. In the first area, he will be helped out by 
a bunch of his gang. They are easily killed, and have no real differences from 
Killseekers. When they're defeated, focus on Oinkie, or just ignore them and 
throw everything you have at Oinkie. Either way works.

When a quarter of his health bar is gone, Oinkie will retreat through a shutter
door. The door will close, and then a bunch more of his gang members will 
show up. Defeat them all. The room will fill with fire and automatically 
damage you, so try to finish them off near the shutter.

Exit through the shutter when it opens. There will be crates out here right 
before the lift. These boxes can be destroyed for healing orbs that will 
replenish some of your health lost in the fire. Get on the lift and ride it to 
the roof to confront Oinkie again.

This time Oinkie will inject himself with green serum that turns him into a 
mutant version of himself. This mutant version of Oinkie is just a beefed up 
Oinkie. Use the typical strategies. He will occasionally revert back to his 
original Oinkie form during this fight as well.

Free Mission 02. Impeding Investigation
You have to kill 100 enemies within five minutes. Instead of organized waves, 
this mission will just have a bunch of Killseekers spawn, occasionally along 
with mutants or Executioners.

Main Mission 02. A Shadow from the Abyss
Yet another fight with the Kraken, except this time you are playing as Leo. As 
Leo, the boss fight with the Kraken is easier. You have Nikolai and sasha 
helping you in the early stages, plus Leo's agility makes it a lot easier to 
actually land hits on the Kraken, whereas Jack was at a severe disadvantage 
due to his clunky size.

The first fight with the Kraken plays out a bit differently than it did with 
Jack. The Kraken's tentacles need to be removed one by one. Attack the blue 
centers of the tentacles as they are on the ground, and avoid them as they 
are thrashing around.

Parasites will also appear, but you can mostly ignore them. When the tentacles 
have been destroyed, the Kraken will ram the boat, causing water to overtake 
it. Fight off the parasites as the boat is tipping, and then wait for the 
Kraken to sink it even further.

Now on a simple platform, you have to fight the Kraken just like Jack did 
before, but, yet again, it's much easier this time. The Kraken actually gets 
close enough for you to hit it a lot, and the inner mouth it shoots out can 
be more easily hit due to Leo's speed.

Also be sure to catch the missiles it spits and throw them back at it. The 
best time to throw the missiles is when it shows its orb on the center of its 
head, and chuck the missile directly at that for maximum damage.

Free Mission 03. Strike One
Another mission where the goal is to see how many enemies you can kill before 
the time limit runs out. The catch with this mission is that the enemies are 
all Executioners and Mutants. If you kill at least 10, you're guaranteed to 
get the Platinum. Sasha and Nikolai will show up after the first couple of 
kills to help you out as more Mutants wil spawn as well.

Main Mission 03. The Wily Crocodile
Remember when you played as Jack and fought Leo for the first time? This is 
exactly like that fight, except the roles are reversed.

                          STAGE 3: Hong Long

Free Mission 01. Strict Enforcement
Typical mission of killing as many enemies as possible until the time runs 

Main Mission 01. Clan of the Crimson Dragon
This is a battle against two bosses at a time. They are Ai Rin and Fei Rin. 
You will get to choose between Sasha or Leo, and as always, the person you 
don't pick will stick around to help in the fight. As far as boss fights go, 
this one is as straight forward as it gets.

Free Mission 02. The Transporter
This is a mission unlike any you've seen before. Pick up the briefcase as 
instructed and then take it to the objective marker. Then pick up the next 
briefcase, and just keep running to the next marker. You can use the briefcase 
as a weapon, but if it is destroyed, then you will revert to its original 

A green arrow will appear above Leo's head for this mission. It's easy to get 
the Platinum medal by getting a good time as opposed to defeating a lot of 

Main Mission 02. The Junk-Seller's Pet
Oinkie shows up again, but this time he is riding a Berserker! Luckily for 
you, the Berserker is slow. Choose between Leo or Nikolai, and then beat the 
Berserker first. To damage him quickly, run around to his back and just keep 
laying into him until his health meter is completely depleted.

Next you will be able to take on Oinkie head on. The fight is identical to the 
earlier boss fight with Oinki.

Free Mission 03. Compulsory Measures
You have an infinite rifle for this mission. Just run around and shoot enemies.

Main Mission 03. Grievous Reunion
This is a carbon copy of Jack's boss fight against Max, but instead of Jack, 
Baron, and Mathilda in the battle, it is Leo, Sasha, and Nikolai. Sasha and 
Nikolai don't join the fight until later in the battle.

                          STAGE 4: BARI SHUR

Free Mission 01. The Fugitive's Path
Three Cybrid Joes are running around with $ symbols marking them. Just pick 
one and chase him down and beat up on him until he's dead. Then go to the next 
one, and the one after that. Be ready to block their attacks, as they have a 
flaming wheel kick that deals a ton of damage.

Occasionally, Killseekers will join them, but not often enough to be that big 
of a deal. The Cybrid Joes are your top priority and biggest threat.

Main Mission 01. Defining Justice
This is a boss fight with Nikolai. Pretty uneventful.

Free Mission 02. A Valuable Lesson
You have 10 minutes to fight 10 enemies, specifically, Mutants. You will get 
the help of a holographic version of Max back from when he was on your side. 
The final enemy will be a Berserker boss, but just strafe his attacks and hit 
him from behind.

Free Mission 03. Berserk Rider
You get to actually control a Berserker! Just mow down the enemies. X will be 
a regular attack, and press Y for the Berserker to breathe poison breath. The 
poison breath isn't that effective, but the regular swiping attacks do a lot 
of damage.

You will just be mowing through regular enemies for the initial battles with 
the Berserker. Whenever it's time to move on to the next idea, the camera 
will pan to the next area you need to go to in order to fight more enemies.

Next you will fight a Kraken. The Kraken is easily defeated with the Berserker.
Destroy the three tentacles, and then climb onto its head. Destroy the eye in 
its center with a few swipes to completely obliterate the Kraken. Then follow 
the path to next fight Cthulhu.

Cthulhu will be just the same as before. However, when you deal the Execution 
blow, you have to do a button mashing sequence to fill a bar. Mash the buttons 
that are shown on the screen until the bar is filled. When the bar is filled, 
the execution will be copleted.

Main Mission 02. The Old Man and the Desert
Boss fight with Douglas. When you've defeated Douglas, a bunch of Mutants will 
pop out of the sand. They will then surround the two of you, which forces Leo 
and Douglas to team up and fight them off. Keep killing the mutants. They will 
keep respawning as stronger Mutants, but keep them going until they've all been

--->RED SIDE<---

Depending on who you picked at the beginning of the game, Jack (Black Side) or 
Leo (White Side), will determine who you play as for the final stage of the 
game. There will be slight cut-scene differences as well.

                             THE COLISEUM

Main Mission 01. Destined Duel
This is a battle between Leo and Jack. If you chose Jack at the beginning of 
the game, you will resume control of him now to fight Leo. The opposite is 
true if you chose Leo at the beginning of the Campaign.

Main Mission 02. Last Things Last
Now it's time for the final battle with Nikolai. You will have Black Baron, 
Mathilda, Sasha, and whoever you didn't pick (Jack or Leo) to help you in the 
fight against Nikolai for the first part of it.

During the first part, there will be new enemies called BPS Drones that will 
also be in the area. These BPS Drones are a combination of flying drones and 
the shield drones, so they can be quite the pain. Nikolai will be flying 
around the area with a shield, occasionally lowering to the ground to release 
an electric shockwave across the area.

Avoid the shockwave by blocking it. If you are quick enough, you can run up and
attack Nikolai while he's in the air and do damage to his shield. This will 
sometimes knock him down so that you can continue beating on him while his 
shield is being damage. When his shield turns red and is destroyed, it is gone 
for good.

At this point, Nikolai will do serious damage to your friends, so that it will 
only be Jack and Leo left. However, without his shield or his drones to help 
him in the fight, Nikolai is much more vulnerable.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Multiplayer
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Anarchy Reigns features a multiplayer mode that can be played online through 
Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network. There are custom lobby options, ranked 
matches, and player matches. The game types range from Team Deathmatch to 
Battle Royals, but they all basically revolve around the same concepts taught 
through the Campaign.

To unlock new characters for the Multiplayer, you have to complete the Missions
in the Campaign.

There are a couple of elements to the game that are unique to the Multiplayer 
Mode and do not appear in Campaign Mode. The following descriptions of these 
gameplay mechanics was taken directly from the Anarchy Reigns instruction 
manual that is included with the game:

Level Up
With some game types, your Level will increase after a certain amount of Kills.
This increases the maximum capacity of both the Vitality Gauge and Killer 
Weapon Gauge. You will begin the game at Level 1, increasing to a maximum of 
Level 3. Please note that if your character is killed, you will be regenrated 
at Level 1.

When you have successfully achieved Level 3, your character's Attribute will 
add an effect to certain combos and other attacks, effecting enemies in the 
following ways:

FIRE: Temporarily engulfed in flames, limiting movement to walking and jumping.
ICE: Temporarily frozen and unable to move.
POISON: Temporarily poisoned, limiting movement to walking and jumping.
LIGHTNING: Temporarily numbed by an electrical attack and unable to move.

If your opponent has the same Attribute, the effect's duration will be reduced.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
4. Characters
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The following is a list of characters in the game. They are organized based 
on whether or not they are returning characters from the game Wii game MadWorld
that was also made by Platinum Games, whether or not they're brand new 
characters made specifically for Anarchy Reigns, whether they're DLC, and 
whether they are NPCs.

Jack Cayman
Blacker Baron
Big Bull
Rin Rin

Leonhardt "Leo" Victorion
Sasha Ivanoff
Nikolai Dmitri Bulygin
Edgar Oinkie
Fei Rin
Ai Rin
Douglas Williamsburg
Maximillian Caxton


Jeannie Caxton
Stela Fitzgerald

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
5. Items
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Items can be found in the Campaign and in Multiplayer. Item orbs can be picked 
up off the ground or found in boxes that can be smashed. Oftentimes, a 
civilian will be running through the streets carrying an item box on their 
head before dropping it or continuing to run around.

You can carry two items at a time. They are assigned either to the left or 
right d-pad arrow.

NOTE: The following information was taken directly from the Anarchy Reigns 
instruction manual.


Protects you from taking damage, though ineffective against Grab attacks. After
a certain number of hits, the effect will wear off.

Makes your character invisible to unfriendly eyes for a short period of time.


A standard rifle for taking out enemies over any distance.

A large hand grenade which engulfs a wide area in flames on impact.

Missile Launcher
Use with Lock-On to take out multiple targets.

Supercharged Trap
Throw at enemies to temporarily incapacitate them with a high voltage blast.

Satellite Laser (Multiplayer Mode Only)
A hacked military satellite orbiting the planet that is capable of firing a 
powerful wide bea laser. Guarantees an instant kill!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
6. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I hope this guide helped you beat Anarchy Reigns on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 

Special thanks to everyone at Cheat Masters and GameFAQs for making these 
guides possible!

Feel free to check out all my other content on GameFAQs and Cheat Masters!

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