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Archylte Steppe: What do I do after finding all 5 Red Cactaur Teleport Stones? Tech Support
How do I defeat the Pacos Luvulite? Enemy/Boss
How do I fix my game, stuck in infinite loading screen when I try to load Academia 4XX AF? Tech Support
My monster crystals won't save? General
Need help i cleared the flan from the sunleth waterscape so what do i do now? Plot
Please can anyone tell me where to find the last cactus on final fantasy 13 2? Main Quest
What are best monsters to infuse into dragoon? Build
What is the best map world to farm cp Gil and items as I need to level fast for chapter 6 chaos bahemoth fight? Build
Where are the gravitational cores? Side Quest
Why I can't unseal the gate after find all teleport statue and defeating all gigantuars? Main Quest

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
How do you beat Valfodr Level 15? Enemy/Boss 1 1 year ago
Is there final fantasy 13-3? General 3 1 year ago
Getting this game on XBox One, what should I know going in?? Main Quest 1 1 year ago
How do I return to The Void Beyond? General 2 3 years ago
i have some problems with timeline? SPOILERS Plot 1 3 years ago
How do i beat Raspatil? Enemy/Boss 1 3 years ago
Is Requiem of the Goddess a conclusion to the story? Plot 3 4 years ago
The whole story i can only play as Serah and Noel? Main Quest 4 4 years ago
Why does the character I choose as the leader whether Noel or Serah cannot run?They just walk slowly during traveling. Tech Support 1 4 years ago
Twilight Odin, can't figure out how to start the battle? Enemy/Boss 1 4 years ago

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