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by OgesMC

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by OgesMC

Version: 1.40 | Updated: 04/06/11

Table of Contents

  1. Version History
  2. Introduction
  3. Q & A
  4. Game Controls
  5. Main Characters
    1. The Destroyer
    2. The Alchemist
    3. The Vanquisher
  6. Character Skills
    1. Shared Skills
    2. Destroyer Class Skills
    3. Alchemist Class Skills
    4. Vanquisher Class Skills
  7. Your Pet
  8. Fishing
  9. Spell Scrolls
    1. Defensive Spells
    2. Charm Spells
    3. Offensive Skills
  10. Items
    1. Item Modifiers
    2. Potions & Scrolls
    3. Socket able Items (Ember)
  11. Walkthrough
    1. The Town of Torchlight
    2. Main Quest line
    3. The Mines
    4. Orden Mines Floor 1
    5. Orden Mines Floor 2
    6. Orden Mines Floor 3
    7. Dank Chamber Floor 4
    8. Tomb of the Awakened
    9. Tomb of the Awakened Floor 5
    10. Lair of the Sisters Floor 6
    11. Tomb of the Awakened Floor 7
    12. Overseer's Chamber Floor 8
    13. Estherian Ruins
    14. Estherian Antechamber Floor 9
    15. Estherian Ruins Floor 10
    16. Estherian Ruins Floor 11
    17. Estherian Ruins Floor 12
    18. Estherian Ruins Floor 13
    19. Estherian Ruins Floor 14
    20. Estherian Ruins Floor 15
    21. Rune Chamber Floor 16
    22. Tu'tara Caverns
    23. Tu'tara Caverns Floor 17
    24. Tu'tara Caverns Floor 18
    25. Tu'tara Caverns Floor 19
    26. Vast Chasm Floor 20
    27. Molten Prison
    28. Molten Prison Floor 21
    29. Molten Prison Floor 22
    30. Molten Prison Floor 23
    31. Prison Stronghold Floor 24
    32. The Lost Fortress
    33. Lost Fortress Floor 25
    34. Lost Fortress Floor 26
    35. Lost Fortress Floor 27
    36. Lost Fortress Floor 28
    37. Lost Fortress Floor 29
    38. The Black Palace
    39. Black Palace Floor 30
    40. Black Palace Floor 31
    41. Black Palace Floor 32
    42. Black Palace Floor 33
    43. Black Palace Floor 34
    44. Lair Floor 35
  12. Sidequests & Services
    1. Vasman 1
    2. Vasman 2
    3. Vasman 3
    4. Vasman 4
    5. Vasman 5
    6. Vasman 6
    7. Vasman 7
    8. Flux 1
    9. Flux 2
    10. Flux 3
    11. Flux 4
    12. Flux 5
    13. Flux 6
    14. Flux 7
    15. Flux 8
    16. Flux 9
    17. Flux 10
    18. Flux 11
    19. Flux 12
    20. Flux 13
    21. Flux 14
    22. Flux 15
    23. Flux 16
    24. Flux 17
    25. Flux 18
    26. Flux 19
    27. Flux 20
    28. Trill 1
    29. Trill 2
    30. Trill 3
    31. Trill 4
    32. Trill 5
    33. Trill 6
    34. Trill 7
    35. Trill 8
    36. Trill 9
    37. Trill 10
    38. Trill 11
    39. Trill 12
    40. Trill 13
    41. Trill 14
    42. Trill 15
    43. Trill 16
    44. Trill 17
    45. Trill 18
    46. Hatch Quests
    47. Hatch 1
    48. Hatch 2
    49. Hatch 3
    50. Hatch 4
    51. Hatch 5
    52. Hatch 6
    53. Hatch 7
    54. Mysterious Map Scroll 1
    55. Mysterious Map Scroll 2
    56. Mysterious Map Scroll 3
    57. Mysterious Map Scroll 4
    58. Enchanting
    59. Transmute Recipes
  13. Extra Features
    1. The Shadow Vault
    2. Xbox 360 exclusives
  14. Disclaimer
  15. Thanks

Torchlight FAQ/Walkthrough

Version 1.40

Version History

3/20/2011 version 1.0

  • Guide completed, revised, and submitted.

3/25/2011 version 1.1

  • Formatted the guide to allow easier navigation
  • Fixed stat and item errors

4/1/2011 version 1.25

  • Added a complete Walkthrough
  • Added sections for Hatch and Vasman map quests

4/3/2011 version 1.30

  • Added missing spells
  • Fixed misleading quest information
  • Fixed table/box format problems
  • Added potions, scrolls, & fish
  • Placed enchanting and transmuting into their own sections
  • Fixed random terminology and spelling errors

4/5/2011 version 1.40

  • Finally completed all of the gems in game, added ember stats for every type
  • Placed all sidequests into their own section, leaving hyperlinks to them in the walkthrough.
  • Added a questions and answers section based on reader feedback
  • Cleaned up clutter in the walkthrough and edited unclear instructions
  • FAQ is now complete!


Torchlight is a hack and slash style action rpg game available for download from Xbox Live. The game's development team is made up of some of the creators of Diablo and Fate. While I have never played Fate, I have played Diablo and Torchlight feels very much like Diablo with many similar features and the general game layout being the same.

The game boasts four difficulty levels which are a permanent choice upon character creation, if you choose normal you cannot change difficulty for the character at all. There is also a hardcore mode in which death is permanent to spice things up for the more serious, less reckless players. Also upon creation you can choose a unique pet which will accompany you through your journey, this choice is also permanent to an extent (more info in the pet section).

Torchlight is an amazingly fun and addicting game, and as a pure example of my favorite genre, I am proud to to walk you through the game from start to end.

This guide is my own work, and based solely on my experience with the Xbox 360 version of Torchlight. Any ideas or information from any other sources has been omitted from the guide. Thank you for taking the time to look into my Walkthrough for Torchlight!

Excerpts from Alric's Journal are taken from the game directly, and are the original work of course by the game's developer: Runic, not myself.

Q & A

Q. Does Torchlight have multiplayer?

A. No. Torchlight is a single player game. Torchlight 2 will have full co-op support however and is in development to be released for the PC in 2011. An Xbox 360 version is not yet announced.

Q. I used a fish that grants a large bonus to gold find for a time but I am getting the same amounts of gold drops as before, is this fish broken or what?

A. Fish that you feed to your pet (check the in game tooltip) and add bonuses such as an increase to gold or magic find only take effect if the pet gets the kill. If you hang back and let your pet kill some critters, the bonuses will be applied.

Q. I used a permanent fish on my pet but after trying a new transformation it changed back to the wolf/lynx/chak. Are permanent transformations glitched?

A. If you change your pet into a permanent creature type, it remains as that type unless you use another transformation like you described and reverts back to your original pet. This is not a glitch or bug, but the intent of the developers. Do not experiment with other types or you will lose whatever permanent type you have for your pet!

Q. Raising the magic stat isnt giving me more mana, what am I doing wrong?

A. The magic stat increases the damage of elemental attacks and does not grant any bonus to mana. Maximum mana is raised by a small amount each level up, and you can also find items which add more mana while equipped.

Q. I've used the respec potion to reallocate my skills but one of the skills refunds all of the points except for one. How do I get that point back? Every other skill refunds all of the skill points.

A. Each class starts with 1 rank in a specific skill on creation. That skill rank/point cannot ever be removed.

Q. Something happened to my shared stash! I lost everything in it and dont know why, what's going on? How do I get the items back?

A. There is a glitch involving the shared stash in which the items are deleted permanently. Runic is working on a fix to prevent further loss, but anything deleted is gone for good. What exactly triggers the loss is unconfirmed, so play it safe and use your personal stash for each character unless you are transferring items.

Q. My hardcore character died but it is still in the load character screen. Can I really still access the character?

A. If you die as a hardcore character, that character is forever gone. The character remains in your load character screen but is in ghost form and unselectable, its the hardcore character's graveyard. Here is what the game tells you upon a hardcore character's death:

"This character was killed in hardcore mode. They are permanently dead. You will not be able to continue playing with them."

So what you see is just for show, to remember your fallen hero.

Q. I was on the 76th floor of the Shadow Vault and accidently lost my portal there, is there any sort of waypoint or something to get back there?

A. Unfortunately, no. The only way back to your previous location in the Vault is to use the portal you made in the Vault or start back at floor 1. If you portal out of the vault, make sure you dont go anywhere else and use another portal or the Vault one is overridden.

Q. How do you rotate the camera?

A. The camera cannot be rotated, you can only control zoom.

Q. I found a nifty Axe for the creature Gar handing out quests in the Shadow Vault, do I have to give it to him? The Axe has better stats than my sword...

A. You can abandon the quest by going to the quest log, highlighting the quest, and then pressing the Y button. After you abandon the quest, the item is yours for good and you can find a new quest from Gar (or any of the quest givers).

Q. What is the best class?

A. All three classes were designed well in Torchlight and each is capable of completing the game at all difficulties. The Alchemist seems to have the easiest time however, able to summon a small army and all.

Q. What's your favorite class?

A. Vanquisher. I'm a huge fan of Archers/Rangers in these games and while I usually try them all, I will always main the Archer class.

Q. I have heard that you can dupe items in this game and even glitch to prevent losing enchantments from the enchanter or shrines. This is a single player game and duping isnt going to hurt anyone, can you tell me how?

A. No. While duping and glitching may be possible, I play my games 100% legitimately, and never glitch or cheat in any way.

Q. Your guide is missing something, when are you going to add it?

A. To my knowledge, the guide is complete. If you notice something missing or find something unclear in the guide, do not hesitate to contact me and let me know. If I decide to include any pertinent information in the guide, it will be added immediately and credited to you.

Game Controls

Back Button: Opens the character menu screen

Start Button: Game Options menu

Left Analog Stick: Controls player movement

Right Analog Stick: Zoom camera view in and out

Right Analog Stick (press down): Display mini map and cycle mini map style

Up on the Directional Pad: Switch to skill set 1

Down on the Directional Pad: Switch to skill set 2

Left Trigger: Hot keyed action skill

Right Trigger: Hot keyed action skill

Y Button: Hot keyed action skill

B Button: Hot keyed action skill

A Button: Interact with objects or non player characters

X Button: Standard attack with equipped weapon

Left Bumper: Use healing potion

Right Bumper: Use mana potion

Main Characters

Torchlight has three classes to choose from, each with a different set of skills and evident play styles. An interesting note is that any class can use any piece of equipment, as long as they meet the stat requirements for it. In this game each class also has the ability to dual wield weapons. That does not mean each class can fulfill each play style available equally, some classes are much more able to perform better regardless of gear. Each class is easy enough to pick up and play as there is no difficult learning curve or some magical formula to building a character. Unlike some Role Playing Games Torchlight is very forgiving except of course on hardcore mode and with some unavoidable cheap enemies later in the game. Stat points should be used in the standard rpg fare, strength for melee fighters, dexterity for ranged fighters, and magic for heavy casters. Each class should place some points in defense as well and save some points always in case you need to raise an unused stat for gear requirements.

Below is a rundown of the three classes.

The Destroyer

Your melee oriented, Barbarian type class with that special magical twist! This guy is a tank in his own right with an impressive spread of skills available. He has a few melee oriented attack skills, a few magically based skills, and even special auras which no other class has access to. These auras grant a passive effect while active and can damage and slow enemies in the effect. A great character for hand to hand combat, strength and defense seem to be priorities stat wise as you want to hit harder and be able to take more damage as well.

The Alchemist

A true mage in his own right, the alchemist can sling many a spell and summon a small army of creatures to his aid. With direct damage, debuff, and damage over time spells at his disposal and an entire tree devoted to summoning, he is a force to be reckoned with in the right hands. From what can be seen and the available active skill slots, going pure summoner or pure mage can be as viable as going half and half as long as you prioritize what you are doing. If you love to wreck havoc or have minions do it for you, the Alchemist is a perfect choice for you. Make sure to make use of the magic stat to boost the damage of your elemental spells and wands.

The Vanquisher

The marksman of Torchlight, and my personal favorite. The Vanquisher has access to a variety of ranged skills and spells including elemental varieties and also has the ability to deploy traps which damage or debuff enemies in range. Some close combat assassin skills allow her to defend herself if enemies get too close As all expert archers know, a pair of daggers can be a lifesaver if you arent prepared for a sudden onslaught of quick foes. The Vanquisher will almost always want to place points into Dexterity mainly and main a ranged weapon. Attack speed is also a must to keep high while avoiding slow weapons if at all possible.

Character Skills

Each class has three distinct skill trees, which are for the most part unique to that class and unavailable to other classes. There are some common skills which all three classes share and those will be described first. There are no requirements for choosing skills outside of level requirements. New skills open up at level 5,10,15,20, and 25 with level 1 skills being available upon character creation. Skill points are gained with each character level and with each fame level earned. Skills cannot be earned any other way and 10 is the maximum rank for all skills.

Passive skills are always active and provide a bonus without any action needed by the character besides choosing the skill, while active skills must be linked to a hot key and cast before any effects take place. You can set active skills in the skill menu by highlighting a chosen active skill and pressing X, then by pressing the button you wish to hot key it to. Available Hot keys are Y, B, left trigger, and right trigger. You can also set another set of the same four keys by pressing down or up on the directional pad and following the step above. By doing this, Torchlight allows for a maximum of 8 hot keyed skills at any one given time and you can switch between the two sets of four by pressing up or down on the directional pad in game, without any lag or delay.

For all skill listings and descriptions, shared skills are passive and class skills are active.

Shared Skills

Critical Strikes: This skill increases the chance to score a critical hit and also increases the damage of critical hits by a nice percent. It is always good to have points in critical strikes unless your build does not allow it as they can happen quite often with the chance high enough, and the damage is extreme. Critical hits will take effect with both weapon attacks and damage spells so even pure spell casters can benefit from it.

Armor Expertise: This skill lowers the stat requirements for armor and also provides a percent boost to your armor class, which reduces damage taken. It is another good skill to invest spare points into as you can save on precious stat points instead of wasting one or two just to wear a piece of armor. Stat points cannot be undone but skill points can so this skill might be a bit more powerful than it seems.

Dual Wielding: Increases damage dealt by a percent while dual wielding (having a weapon in each hand). If you dual wield, this skill can add a lot of damage with minimal investment and is worth the points. If you use two handed weapons mainly, it is not a skill you will need at all.

Charm, Defensive, and Offensive Spell Mastery: Each character has separate skills for each of the spell types: charm, defense, and offensive spells. Points in these skills raise the spell levels of all spells learned of that type. Spells are specifically learned from scrolls and are not the same as skills, so your explosive shot will not benefit from raising offensive skill mastery but your fireball spell will. If you have a low level spell that you use often, a few ranks in the respective mastery will make it progressively stronger. Worth a few spare points for spell users, but if you dont use spells often (again, these are specific spells learned from scrolls) it isnt worth putting many points if any at all in the mastery skills.

Adventurer: Increases experience and fame gain by a small percent and increases potion effectiveness by a large percent. This is a good skill to have at least some points in, as you level up your character and fame faster which nets you more skill points quicker. If only a couple, have a few points in the skill as soon as it unlocks, it will pay for itself rather quickly.

Martial Weapons Expertise: Lowers the stat requirements for all melee weapons and increases the damage of melee weapons by a percent. If you use melee weapons mainly, this is another good skill to use.

Ranged Weapons Expertise: Lowers the stat requirements for all ranged weapons and increases the damage of ranged weapons by a percent. If you use ranged weapons mainly, this is another good skill to use.

Magic Weapons Expertise: Lowers the stat requirements for all magic weapons and increases the damage of magic weapons by a percent. If you use magic weapons mainly, this is another good skill to use.

Pet Mastery: Increases your pet and your summoned minion's damage and armor by a percent and also speeds up the process of having your pet cart items to town to sell and return to you. A good skill for summoners and even for everyone else on the harder difficulties as the pet is very susceptible to damage.

Block and Parry: Grants a chance to block attacks, shield or not. If you need the extra defense and armor expertise is maxed, this is an OK skill to choose but not mandatory.

Barter: Makes you more efficient in shopping, literally. Merchants sell their wares for less and you can make some easy money with this skill maxed out because they will still buy some stuff back for you for more than they sold it to you for! I always prefer to prioritize combat and leveling effectiveness first, but it is a good flavor skill if you are in need of money for gambling or enchanting.

Treasure Hunter: Increases gold and magic find percents which allows you to find more gold and better treasure in the dungeons. Worth a few points early on if you can spare them and definitely worth many points later on when you start farming for the end game gear.

Advanced Spellcasting: Reduces spell requirements (spells from scrolls) and increases mana regeneration. If you run out of mana often, this skill can help you out but otherwise it isnt really too useful.

Berserker Tree

The Berserker tree utilizes straight forward, standard issue, grunt tactics. Weapon slashes and ramming speeds encompass the tree. No flashy magic skills or bright lights, just blunt force.

Slash Attack: A forward based melee attack that will hit multiple enemies in front of the Destroyer. This is a good melee skill for early on as the mana cost is quite low. It might wear out its usefulness later so its not advised to put too many points into it. Note that every Destroyer starts with one rank in this skill at no cost, that first free rank may be enough to get by the first few levels.

Stampede: "A brutal forward dash that damages all foes in its path". Sounds pretty good doesnt it? This skill also has a chances to knock back foes making it even better and especially useful for getting to mages and annoying archers quickly. Not a bad skill either, the knock back and heavy damage works really well against groups of weak creatures that have ranged support.

Chain Vortex: A ghostly conjured chain lashes out in an attempt to stun enemies. On paper the skill might sound pretty good as an enemy that cant fight back is a good foe but it does so little damage that skill points could be used elsewhere, especially as a level 15 unlock. You can try it out as the stun effect does indeed work, but you could probably fare better just damaging the enemy with heavy skills in the time you wasted stunning them. If used, not many points are needed as the stun chance starts out at 87% which is a pretty high chance for success. A few points are not wasted if you do want to try it since the stun starts at 3 seconds.

Spectral Echo: This attack is a ranged attack that damages enemies as you strike with weapon attacks. The damage starts out pretty low based off of your current dps so it might not be a very wise investment when you can close ground quicker and use more powerful skills instead. To see some real damage from this attack, you are going to have to invest many points. If your weapons have a low range inherently, this may be a decent skill early on but it only applies to standard (X button) weapon attacks.

Devastate: This skill is a constant cost spell (hold down your hot key to keep it active as it uses mana as long as you hold the button) but is very powerful in trade. While you run around with it active, your movement is increased, and any enemy touched will be debuffed with lowered armor, damage, movement, attack, and cast speed. It also adds damage beyond your current weapon dps, making the character quite literally, a Destroyer. As long as you have mana upkeep, you can run around gutting foes quickly and easily.

Titan Tree

The titan is the magically enhanced Barbarian, able to crush foes with elemental bursts and waves of energy. The Titan forgoes traditional crushing in favor of pulverizing his enemies with mystical surges of energy and pain. A nice touch as most rpgs dont allow cross class skills so much, a warrior usually can do little more than slash or bash.

Soul Rend: Melee range attack that damages foes heavily and adds electric damage, there is also a chance to stun. It seems to be a decent attack against bosses and champion type monsters but seems a little less effective against weaker critters (which aoe attacks are a bit more efficient). Good for bosses and champions and a few points in are not wasted.

Titan Stomp: Smashes all nearby enemies with a shock wave and stun chance. This is an excellent skill to have hot keyed as with every cast it almost always knocks back enemies and, chills them (slowing movement), and has a chance to stun. Perfect for getting enemies off of your back if you become surrounded and need to get your bearings. I recommend a few points and an active hot key

Doomquake: This skill has a chance to burn enemies and it inflicts a good amount of your dps as well. Its more of an offensive skill and burning cracks in the ground strike outwards towards your enemies but in most cases, Titan Stomp is a bit better of an attack because of its defensive properties. If you do use it, you are going to want many points in it to keep the damage high and chance of burn good. Note that the burning cracks are random in how they branch out and the may or may not strike enemies depending on the enemy's position(s).

Frost Shield: A protective barrier will absorb damage for a time while freezing enemies who strike it. This is a nice defensive skill and also a very good hot key It might not be too obvious on easy or normal, but it is a very strong defense in high difficulties and high levels. The damage absorption can get quite high and it absorbs all damage, both physical and elemental.

Seismic Burst: A powerful attack with a nice rate of knock back This is another decent skill depending on your supporting skills, as it has a very large area of effect. It does lack any sort of stun but the knock back is worthwhile. Note that the Seismic Burst is not a radial attack but an outward one.

Spectral tree

The spectral Destroyer is one that embraces death and decay, using foul magics to give himself a vile edge in combat. Nasty surprises await the creatures below Torchlight, as a spectral fighter will only reveal his talents as an assassin will introduce a dagger to the back.

Shadow Armor: A phantasm summon the Destroyer can call upon to attack his foes. Summons can be effective and a nice support but later on the pet mastery skill needs to be used in order for the shadow armor to keep up. Early on, a few points will suffice and you can recast the shade if it should perish. Note that the armor appears right over your character and will only be able to strike enemies in range. This is not a conventional summon as it does not run around on its own.

Entropic Aura: A foul aura slows surrounding enemies cast, movement, and attack speed. Also has a chance to interrupt enemies (attacks and castings). Only one aura may be active at a time so if you like one over the other, choose it. Slowing enemies is always useful (and fun!) so it is not a bad skill even with low ranks.

Shadow Bowman: Another spectral summon, this one is an archer and compliments shadow armor quite well especially with pet mastery. While active you will gain a damage bonus and increase to missile armor (lowers damage of ranged attacks on you) so its worthwhile if summons are your thing. As with the armor, the bowman is a summon that appears right above your character and does not move around on its own.

Aura of Thorns: The other aura available, this one provides a small damage over time to enemies in a large radius. The damage is sort of low but it is constant and you dont have to worry about taking any action after casting. A cast and forget skill with some extra damage is never a bad thing.

Spectral Decay: A nice area of effect attack that knocks back enemies, lowers their armor, & has a chance to stun enemies. Good for any build and a nice support skill.

Arcane Tree

The Arcane Alchemist is schooled well in the traditional art of magic. Expect to blast enemies from a distance with flashy spells, and all sorts of explosions. The stuff that makes mom proud.

Ember Bolt: Standard run of the mill bolt spell, that can fire multiple projectiles at one time. A good staple skill, which also has a knock back chance and can be increased to allow four bolts at once. Bolt spells are the 12 gauge shotgun of RPGs, dont leave home without it.

Ice shock: Hurl a crystal that explodes into a hail of chilling cold pain, freezing foes. A good one early on, freezing and slowing creatures to prep for follow up attacks.

Ember Lightning: A decent enough spell early on, a bolt of lightning zaps the target. If it is not performing well enough, hold off on points for something stronger. It just lacks the raw power of later skills or the aoe effects of earlier ones.

Ember Lance: This seems to be an Alchemist favorite and it is easy to see why. The will constantly shoot a stream of ember for as long as you hold down the hot key it is assigned to (draining mana all the while). Its a fun skill and powerful in its own right with mana upkeep.

Pyre: Think fireball and you know what Pyre is already, you hurl a crystal that shatters and burns enemies. The mana cost is reasonable and the damage over time is decent too so it is not a bad spell to use.

Ember Strike: A high damage, area of effect, pile of file blasts enemies in a radius. The damage is really great but the targeting is a little wonky as it will cast on the highlighted enemy which changes rapidly on the 360 version. It is useable and very fun, the targeting can annoy you though.

Lore Tree

Ah, the Alchemist that needs a friend, or two, or ten. The Lore "master" is one who summons creatures to do battle for him or just take the heat, imps golems, whatever. They all make nice meat shields. Dont forget pet mastery if you choose the path of summoner as your minions need all the strength you can allow them.

Nether Imp: Summon some imps from the depths of the hells to rise from slain corpses and pester your enemies, what more could you want? A great staple for a summoner, keep them active and well fed!

Really though, these little creatures can dish out some damage and you can summon more at once the more points you invest. Max it out if you summon.

Thorned Minions: A buff for your pets that reflects damage back to attackers. It sounds useful and is worth using early on but the burning bind buff is far superior. Best to put points into it but when you respec and have burning bind, leave this alone.

Summon Alchemical Golem: Summon a robotic friend to crush your enemies. A good skill to have around, this guy can survive well enough and do some damage in his own right.

Terror: Enemies in range will flee in terror. Excellent defensive maneuver, it can really save you if you are swarmed with little critters (the ones that want to kill you, not your summons!). A few points are not wasted here, if it doesnt seem too effective for you or you just dont need it leave it after a respec.

Summon Beam Golem: A mechanical friend with a ranged beam attack. Two robotic warriors are better than one, and this one shoots lasers! Really good pet to keep around, worth an investment.

Battle Tree

The Battle Alchemist has dabbled in some strange brew and has some strange and effective powers. He can teleport, weaken enemies, and even augment his weapons for some hand to hand. A skilled "Alchemist"? Or a failed lab student? Its a little hard to tell from the get go but some of these skills can really shine in the right light.

Ember Shock: You know that strange looking glove the poster boy for Torchlight wears? It actually has a purpose, to shock enemies! Really, the stun is great and the added electric damage is nice. Mainly for the stun and knockdown, awesome for groups headed by a leader or some burly sort right in the center.

Ember Shield: Absorbs physical damage. It can be used to save you in tight spots, but it doesnt really need to be on all the time. Depending on how reckless you are, you might be able to get by with passive defensive skills or just the good old "best defense is a good offense" trick. One of those "rent before you buy" skills, so try a point or two and see if you like it.

Infuse: Adds damage to your melee or ranged weapon for a time. If you use your normal weapon attacks a lot, this will help you out as the damage bonuses are pretty big. Dont let a skill like this on a caster class turn you off, it is pretty powerful in its own right.

Frailty: Slows enemy attack speed, lowers enemy armor and resistances, a very nice debuff especially later on in the game. Debuffs can make killing things all the more easier and such a skill shouldnt be overlooked.

Ember Phase: Teleport, knock back foes, possible stun and decent damage. This is another good spell for all around defense and flexibility. If nothing else, it is fun to warp around kicking enemies out of your way!

Ember Sentry: A crystal piece floats around blasting enemies that come near you. Seems like a skill just to have because I couldnt get it to do any great damage. It does say it adds a ton of damage and summon duration but I havent tested it fully to see what damage it affects (itself, yours or what). It really seems like a weak skill for level 25.

Marksman Tree

The marksman is a master of ranged weapons and has devoted a lifetime of study to perfecting the art. Able to fuse elemental energy with conventional arrows, the marksman can set enemies ablaze and freeze them outright. Devoted archers can even unleash a flurry of arrows to rain upon foes.

Ricochet: A single, powerful shot bounces off of walls repeatedly damaging all enemies it hits. Will pass through enemies and continue to ricochet. An excellent skill which is unlocked at the start for free, good for hallways and enclosed spaces.

Frost Pilum: A single blast of frost that will chill enemies in its path. Will pass through enemies and hit any in its path. Another staple skill which can be used well throughout your game.

Seeking Shot: A blast of particles split off and home in on a single target, always hits and is a great skill for hard to reach enemies.

Explosive Shot: A blast of energy that explodes on impact dealing large damage to any foe in a medium radius. A perfect skill for groups with high damage output. This can easily be the only skill you use, opting to use others only to break up the monotony. Recommended highly.

Arrow Hail: The archer fires off a volley of arrows at the target hitting all in a radius for big damage. The skill is impressive but suffers the strange targeting problem of ember strike in that it will cast on the highlighted enemy which changes rapidly on the 360 version. So just the same, it is useable and very fun, the targeting can annoy you though.

Rogue Tree

The rogue is a master of quick melee attacks and ever the trickster. A skilled archer can reveal the dirty secret of a poison blade and keep enemies at bay with flawless transition between play style.

Needle Arc: The Vanquisher throws a handful of darts in an arc toward her enemies. The darts slow enemies and deal extra damage over time making them quite useful actually. A dirty trick indeed, and good for keeping the forces of evil at bay. The darts have a short range, probably to keep them from being over powered so it is going to be a player choice based on how they handle.

Stab: The Rogue deals a massive strike with twin daggers to an enemy. This skill hits hard and can stun enemies. The stab can actually hit multiple enemies at once if they are in close proximity making it a good skill for early levels.

Wind of Justice: Blast all surrounding enemies away (knock back) chilling them and also with a chance to stun. This is a perfect defensive skill to blast enemies away when you are surrounded. Very useful and recommended.

Venomous Dirks: A set of poisonous dirks shoot out from the Rogue in a 360 degree radius, then seek out and damage enemies adding poison damage to the effect. A nice attack because of the auto targeting of the dirks and high number of them at once, worth it if you arent using too many marksman skills.

Hamstring: While active, movement speed is increased and any enemies you hit will have armor lowered, movement, casting, and attack speeds lowered, and take heavy damage. A fun skill but it drains mana quickly for as long as you hold down the button it is hot keyed to.

Arbiter Tree

The Arbiter is a master trap setter and uses them to damage enemies with a variety of effects. Best to pick one trap to augment your marksman skills. Many traps can be out at once but only two of each type, if you have two fire traps out and cast a third the first one will disappear. You can though have two fire traps and two lightning ones out at the same time etc.

Lightning Bomb: Toss a ball of lightning at enemies which damage all in a radius. Not very high damage and it can be safely skipped. It is not a trap however and a pure arbiter might make better use of it.

Fire Trap: Toss out a trap that burns enemies with a deadly flame. The trap has a short range but makes quick work of enemies with weak armor. Good early on, make sure to upgrade as more traps become available.

Flechette Trap: Toss out a trap that sprays enemies with razor sharp flechette. Has a nice long range and good damage. You could choose to main this trap and do quite well, safe to invest points into.

Devouring Trap: Toss out a trap that lowers armor of nearby enemies and also has a chance to stun. The trap does lower armor but the chance to stun is low and doesnt seem too valuable of a trap. If you have trouble piercing enemy armor it may be of more use but on average you shouldnt need it at all.

Shock Trap: Toss out a trap that blasts enemies with lightning and sends out smaller lightning bolts to surrounding foes (think chain lightning). This trap has a medium range but high damage output making it or flechette (or both) the best choices for damaging traps.

Your Pet

Upon choosing your character, you get to choose a pet companion to adventure with you. You can name this pet anything you like and can choose from three different pets with aesthetics being the only difference between the three: A Wolf, A Lynx, and a "Chakawary". The Chakawary was not in the original PC version of Torchlight and was added just for the Xbox 360 version. It looks like a cross between a water dragon and a velociraptor and makes annoying chirping sounds every few seconds.

Your pet is not just there for looks, it can fight alongside you and even cast spells if you teach it some. In the inventory menus, you can set the pets mood by pressing start and choosing from one of three stances: Aggressive, Defensive, & Passive. Aggressive pets will attack any creature in there line of sight and pursue them if they flee. Defensive pets will attack only if they are attacked first and Passive pets will not attack at all.

If your pet gets too low on health it will flee, fleeing pets run wildly and aimlessly and do not attack or cannot be sent to town. You can heal fleeing pets or just wait for them to calm down a few moments after all enemies are dead in the immediate area.

You can dump unwanted items into your pets inventory and send it to town to sell everything it is carrying. After a short time your pet returns with your gold and you never had to take a break from the action! To send your pet to town,open the inventory menu (back button) and then the pet menu (start button) and then press Y. You receive a confirmation that your pet is off to town, and it will sell all unequipped items in its pack.

You can equip your pet with three trinkets: a necklace and two rings

You can transform your pet into other creatures temporarily and permanently by feeding it fish. Permanent transformations are permanent unless you feed your pet another transformation fish (even a temporary one). So be aware that you can lose a permanent transformation as it will change back to the wolf, lynx, or Chakawary after the new transformation is done.

Your pet can have two spells learned at any time and it will cast them without any real reason or set parameters but it will cast spells like summons often so those are good to give it. To teach your pet a spell, move a spell scroll to the pets inventory with X and then use it in the pets inventory with A. If your pet already has two spells and you teach it a third, you have to choose one of the current two to delete permanently. You cannot force pets to cast spells, they do it on their own.

Other fish can be found that pets can eat to provide damage or item find bonuses and the like. If you feed your pet fish that grant item or gold find chances be aware that the pet must kill creatures for those bonuses to take effect, not you.


Through the different dungeons you may come across fishing holes, they look like little swirls in the water and can be interacted with to start the fishing mini game. There is also a fishing hole in town off of the pier.

While fishing you will see a picture of a hook with a small static circle around it and another circle that moves in and out, expanding and contracting. When the moving circle lines up with the static one, both circles turn purple to signal a a fish on the hook at which point you need to press A to reel in the fish. The moving circle will only stay in the "hook" zone or a short time so if you arent paying attention and dont press A, it will start moving again and you have to wait for them to line up again. You can find all sorts of fish that benefit you and your pet, and items such as boots can come up semi often as well.

You can find fish that increase your stats temporarily as well as your pets, some increase armor or resistances and everything in between. You may also pull up tasty fish meat or sushi grade fish meat which can be used as a mana and health potion all in one. There are gold fish which can be found rarely and only are for selling to merchants. There are also four secret items that can be found via fishing that transmute to a special scroll.

Transformation fish are common and can be found in three grades, the different grades determine how long the transformation lasts:

  • regular will last for two minutes
  • big will last for an hour
  • giant will be permanent unless another transformation takes place
  • new heroes will have a free giant troll transformation fish for immediate use
  • transformations are only for your pet, your character cannot shape shift

List of pet transformations:

  • Frost Elemental (Ice Fish)
  • Poison Elemental (VenomFish)
  • Fire Elemental (Fire Fish)
  • Lightning Elemental (Electric Eel)
  • Mimic (PocketFish)
  • Gel (Glooper Jelly)
  • Tattered Lurker (BirdFish)
  • Thorned Strider (Bog Perch)
  • GoblinHound (MuckFish)
  • Burrower (Tunnel Shark)
  • Spider (Web Fish)
  • Varkolyn (Bat Fish)
  • Troll/Ogre (Improbably Large Fish)

Other Fishing items:

Consumable (player):

Tasty Fish Meat

  • 600 Health Recovery over 2 seconds
  • 12 Mana Recovery over 2 seconds

Sushi Grade Fish Meat

  • 1200 Health Recovery over 1 seconds
  • 20 Mana Recovery over 1 seconds


  • +20% All poison damage you deal for 300 seconds
  • -20% All poisin damage received for 300 seconds

Electric Eel

  • +20% All electric damage you deal for 300 seconds
  • -20% All electric damage received for 300 seconds

Molten Eel

  • +20% All fire damage you deal for 300 seconds
  • -20% All fire damage received for 300 seconds

Ember Fish Eye

  • +20% experience bonus for 300 seconds

Leviathan tooth

  • 100% knock back resistance for 3600 seconds

Consumable (pet):

Trufflesnout Fish

  • 50% increased magic find for 600 seconds
  • 200% increased gold find for 600 seconds

Prismatic Morey

  • +25 Critical hit chance for 120 seconds
  • +100% to all fire damage dealt for 120 seconds
  • +100% to all poison damage dealt for 120 seconds
  • +100% to all ice damage dealt for 120 seconds
  • +100% to all electric damage dealt for 120 seconds

Frenzy Fish

  • 80% faster movement for 120 seconds
  • 33% faster attack for 120 seconds


Shimmering fish scale

  • 3 health recovery per second

Lucky fish tooth

  • +3 critical hit chance

Spell Scrolls

Spell scrolls can be found throughout the land or bought from merchants. Scrolls are used to learn spells for yourself or your pet. You can have four learned at any time and your pet two learned. If you learn a fifth or teach your pet a third, you have to choose one of your current spells to delete permanently. Spells have different ranks and each rank is a bit stronger than the last in regards to whatever effect the spell has. Placing points into spell mastery skills increase the spell ranks if you so choose to. Spells can be slotted to any of your hot keys in the same fashion as skills and they have their own cool downs (time you must wait to cast the spell again) and mana costs.

There are three types: Defensive, Offensive, and Charm.

Defensive Spells

Draining Touch: While active, a portion of damage you do returns as health for you. This is a very good way to keep your health meter filled and is a decent spell to keep.

Heal Self: Heals the caster in the same fashion as a potion.

Heal All: Heals the caster, pet, and any summoned creatures (works with spell summons).

Elemental Resistance: Increases resistance to elemental damage for a time

Haste: Increases movement and attack speed for the player for a short time

Web: Toss out a web that slows any enemies caught in it for a short time

Silence: Prevents enemies from casting any spells. Useful for the palace areas mainly, as the dark zealots and such are really tough casters.

Retribution: Returns a portion of damage taken back to the attacker.

Summon Aloe Gel: Summons a Gel that stays in passive mode and heals player and allies.

Charm Spells

Charm: Charm converts an enemy to an ally for a short time. Very useful if used on really tough enemies so they can turn their attacks on their former friends.

Summon Zombies: Summon a pack of bloodthirsty zombies to attack your enemies.

Summon Skeleton: Summon a single skeleton warrior to fight by your side.

Summon Archers: Summon a row (eight or so) of skeleton archers to assault your enemies from a distance. Note that summoned archers cannot move at all, immobile.

Summon Blood Skeleton: Summon a blood red skeleton to fight by your side. The Blood skeleton steals health from enemies to restore your own with each successful hit.

Offensive Skills

Fireball: Cast a ball of flame towards enemies which explodes on impact. Standard rpg fare fireball, no strings attached.

Frost: The caster releases bolts of ice that freeze any enemies they hit.

Dervish: Increase attack and casting speed for a short time.

Elemental Overload: Increases all elemental damage you deal for a time.

Summon Flaming Sword: Summon a floating sword of flame to fight by your side.

Poison Cloud: Summon a toxic cloud that damages any enemy who enters the radius with a damage over time effect.


There are tons of items to be found in Torchlight. Items have a chance for random modifies, sockets, and there are even armor sets to collect! All items can be used by any class as long as you meet level and stat requirements (which can be lessened with skills). So if you see something you want to wear by all means wear it!

There are five grades of gear in the game and they are color coded:

Mundane (white): Normal items without magical effects. Best for selling as once you start to find higher quality items, you continue to do so.

Magic (Green): Magic items are able to hold magical enchantments but they can have as little as one. Still better than Mundane items as at least they can spawn with some effect.

Rare (Blue): Rare items almost always have at least three magical properties or more, if you find rare items you will likely want to use them right away.

Set (Purple): Set items are becoming a staple in rpg games, the more set items you have of the same set equipped at one time, the more hidden bonuses the set in question will grant you. The majority of the sets in Torchlight give their first set bonus with two pieces equipped so you can get a nice bonus pretty early on if you find a few pieces of the same set. Set items can be found in shops every now and then, so keep an open eye.

Unique (Gold): Unique items are quite rare with a set level they are generated at and with static stats. Sometimes as with set items, the stats differ though so it may be entirely random with all but a few stats set in stone.

Items you can equip:

  • Helm
  • Shoulders
  • Wrists
  • Chest
  • Belt
  • Boots
  • Necklace
  • Ring (you can equip two rings at once)
  • Weapon, weapon and shield, dual wielded weapons (1 handed weapon in each hand)

Your pet can have a single necklace and up to two rings equipped as well. Just swap the trinkets to the pet inventory and equip them just as you would.

Weapon Types


  • Bow
  • Crossbow
  • Pistol
  • Rifle


  • Sword
  • Mace
  • Axe
  • Polearm


  • Staff (melee)
  • Wand (ranged)

Since the game generates items randomly it is almost impossible to compile a complete weapons database so instead I will list known magical modifiers that you may find on gear. I will also list what they do if it is not an obvious stat. If any modifiers exist in game that are not listed, please contact me so I can add them.

Item Modifiers

  • + Damage of a certain type (fire, poison, ice, physical, electric)
  • + X critical hit chance
  • + X critical damage
  • X armor degraded per hit
  • +% faster attack speed (applies to weapon attacks only)
  • +% faster casting speed (applies to skills)
  • +X knock back
  • Health steal (with weapon attack)
  • Mana steal (with weapon attack)
  • +% chance to block (without shield)
  • + Resistance of a certain type (fire, poison, ice, physical, electric)
  • + X to named attribute (strength, dexterity, magic, defense)
  • + X% chance to reflect X% of missile damage
  • + X damage reflected (close combat damage)
  • + % increase to pet and minion damage (not spell summons)
  • + % increase to potion effectiveness
  • - % damage taken (can be a single type or of all types)
  • - % lower merchant prices
  • + % faster movement
  • + X amount of health
  • + X amount of mana
  • + % damage of certain type (elemental or physical, ranged or melee)
  • + % increased gold find
  • + % increased magic item find
  • + % exp bonus per enemy kill
  • + % chance to fear enemy away
  • + X level to specific skill (seen only on unique Our Great Grandaxe so far)
  • + % fishing luck (helps find better quality fish)
  • + % armor
  • + % increased block chance (with shield)
  • XX% chance to reflect XX% of missle damage
    • You take no damage if damage is reflected
    • First % is chance to actually reflect a missle
    • Second % is the percent of the original damage the attacker receives
    • Projectile spells count as missles

Potions & Scrolls

  • Health & Mana Potions
Health400 Health4 Seconds
Mana34 Mana4 Seconds
Big Health800 Health4 Seconds
Big Mana67 Mana4 Seconds
Giant Health1200 Health4 Seconds
Giant Mana100 Mana4 Seconds
Super Health1600 Health4 Seconds
Super Mana134 Mana4 Seconds
Grand Health2000 Health4 Seconds
Grand Mana167 Mana4 Seconds
  • Town Portal Scroll
    • Opens a portal to Torchlight from a Dungeon, portal remains until you go back.
  • Identify Scroll
    • Use on unidentified items to see their modifiers and allow them to be equipped