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Reviewed: 03/17/11

Full House Poker Has The Winning Hand


This was a hard review for me to write. For one I'm not much into poker games and at it's core Full House Poker is a Texas hold 'em style poker game. How do you review a game when played outside of cyberspace amounts to a set of rules and a deck of cards, rules don't change, not being familiar with all the Texas hold 'em rules I'm sure Microsoft got that down. Within cyberspace there are probably thousands of different Texas hold 'em video games on the different consoles and the PC. How do you review a game that has been done over and over?

Well out of all the Texas hold 'em games I have played and I have played a few,(thought poker is not my idea of a fun time, I have to say Full House Poker would be on the top of my list.


As I said before Full House Poker is a Texas hold 'em poker game. Much to my surprise it may turn out to be so much more than bet, deal, bust and go broke. The idea behind Full House Pokers is not the poker game it's self but more of a social experience. With a bunch of your Live buddies and some beverages not for the under 21 crowd Full House Poke will bring a night of fun and good times.

The gameplay is your basic Texas hold 'em style video game. Cards are dealt and bets are made. Full House Poker works on a experience system. Earn XP with every hand you play and level up.

Being as innovative as Microsoft Game Studios you will be playing as your Xbox Live Avatar and while you are earing your XP you will be unlocking dozens of customizable tables, chairs, and card decks, plus in-game avatar costumes, distinct player titles and three ultra-luxe locations to play in. There is no shortage of unlockables in this game.

Texas Hold 'em by nature is a multi-player card game but Full House Poker does not leave the Single players out. Of course you can just keep playing the computer over and over again, but what fun is that? Why not level up a few times and try a Pro Takedown. Pro Takedowns pit you against AI poker players with real-world playing styles to teach you how to beat the best. Beat all 10 to become the true Poker champion.

What I found most innovated about Full House Poker is that you can choose your Avatar's expressions while you place a bet, call or raise. With the Press of the Left Trigger you Avatar makes gestures as if it was dealt the worst hand in the world. Press the Right Trigger and your Avatar acts like it just won The World Series of Poker. All this helps with the bluffing and it works great since you can't actually see the faces of your opponents.

In order to add to the excitement of Texas hold 'em you can do Chip Tricks, which are unlockable and available as DLC. No a Chip Trick is not the secret way you hide your double dipping when at a party or a live poker game, a Chip Trick is an in game animation your Avatar does with it's poker chips, and believe me your Avatar will look like it lives at a Casino with the way it handles it's chips.

Overall I see the as the must have social game for the Xbox 360. Being able to use your avatar in a game is great. If you have a Smart Phone that operates on Windows 7 you can get this for on the go and sync your stats to Live and play your Xbox buddies while your out. Wikipedia says this is the spiritual successor to 1vs100, let just hope this last a lot longer. The 800 MS Points you spend on this will keep you entertained and socially connected.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Full House Poker (US, 03/16/11)

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