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Guide and Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Updated: 07/15/2011

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                                                   Blitz Knight Stunt Presents:

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 ( / |   (( ||  ~ ||  ||  || ||/   || | (( || || || || (( ||    
  -____-  \/\\ ,-_-   \\, \\ \\,/  \\/   \/\\ \\ \\ \\  \/\\ <> 

_-_-                 |\                       /\ 
 /,                   \\                     ||  
 ||      /'\\ ,._-_  / \\  _-_,        /'\\ =||= 
~||     || ||  ||   || || ||_.        || ||  ||  
 ||     || ||  ||   || ||  ~ ||       || ||  ||  
(  -__, \\,/   \\,   \\/  ,-_-        \\,/   \\, 

  -_-/  ,,           |\                   
 (_ /   ||      _     \\        ;         
(_ --_  ||/\\  < \,  / \\  /'\\ \\/\/\    
  --_ ) || ||  /-|| || || || || || | |    
 _/  )) || || (( || || || || || || | |    
(_-_-   \\ |/  \/\\  \\/  \\,/  \\/\\/ <> <> <>

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  ||  \  ||/    ~ || || ||  ||    ||   ||/   ||    ||  || || || || ||    
_---_-|, \\,/  ,-_-  \\/\\  \\,   \\,  \\,/  \\,/  \\, \\ \\,/  \\ \\ <> 


Authored by: Bkstunt


   Email:    Faqs @ Bkstunt . Com

   Facebook: Facebook.com/Bkstunt

   Website:  Bkstunt.com

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 \/                               INTRODUCTIONS                            \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Hello ladies and gents! It is I, Bkstunt, here to bring you a quick guide
on Castlevania Lord of Shadows: Resurrection, the SECOND Lord of Shadows
DLC to come out.

"Resurrection" is essentially chapter 14 in the story of Lords of
Shadow! If you're looking for a guide for the FIRST 12 chapters, you are in
the wrong place my friend! But fret not, for THAT guide can be found here:


If perchance you are looking for Castlevania Lord of Shadows: Reverie (Chapter
13), that guide can be found here:


Well then! Now that you know WHERE to find the other guides, lets get on with
THIS one.


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Ok, on to the guide!

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 \/                            Table Of Contents                           \/
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Chapter XIV:

Part I:  Dimensional Prison...................................(LoS 14-1)
Part II: The Underworld.......................................(LoS 14-2)

Trials........................................................(LoS 2.0)

Trophies......................................................(LoS 3.0)

FAQ...........................................................(LoS 4.0)

Credits and other ramblings...................................(LoS 5.0)

\/                                                                          \/
 \/                            Walkthrough                                 \/
  \/                                                                      \/

(Note: This guide was written in "Warrior" (Normal) Difficulty. Its also a
       VERY good idea to fill up your health and magic before tackling this
       chapter. It also wouldn't hurt to re-aquaint yourself with the game
       play if you haven't played "Lords of Shadow" in awhile.)

(Note: I also want you to SAVE your dark magic for the final fight.)

Chapter XIV:

Part I: Dimensional Prison (LoS 14-1)

"The terrible path of my destiny was now laid before me and with absolute
 clarity of mind, I walked that path paved with the corpses of my enemies and
 friends alike with relish."

Chapter XIV picks up right where Chapter XIII left off. As you recall, Gabe
has inherited Laura's dark powers, losing her as an ally in the process, in
order to gain the power needed to travel to the Dimensional Prison. We're here
to slay the Forgotten One, so let's get to it!

Move forward past the huge crack in the wall to a big circular room. Here you
will find a door that you can grab, but you'll soon be surrounded by reapers.
Joining the reapers will be THREE sword masters! It's like they are trying to
say "Hey! Welcome back to Castlevania!".

Ok, be CAREFUL here. As you will recall, reapers will kill you in a single hit
if given the chance. Personally, I'd recommend waiting until the three sword
masters group up (which they'll do naturally) and than chuck a holy water at
them, which will instantly kill all the reapers around the area it hits and
severly damage the sword masters. One more holy water will make them a whip
or two away from being grabable and easily taken down. The reapers will stop
spawning eventually, just be careful.

After the fight, grab the door (L2) and do some button mashing. Dodge under
the hole you create.Head down the hallway to meet the Forgotten One. You'll
get a monster entry on the Forgotten One now (of course he's immune to
EVERYTHING you have).

Close the book to see another scene showing the Forgotten One ascending up the
chasm. We'll have to give chase. I'll tell you right now though, that the idea
here is to NOT be seen, as the Forgotten One is a god-like entity. Bide your
time, warrior. After the scene jump to the flashing piece of the wall to see
another scene. Now grapple to the point above you and jump up TWO spaces,
then wall run to the LEFT and double jump to the next handhold.

Once you do, you'll see the message that the demon senses your precense, and
the game will prompt you to hide. Shimmy to the left and jump up one space to
hide behind the thin wall. The Forgotten One will come looking for you but
will give up soon, punching his way upwards. Leave your hiding spot and move
to the right until you can grapple higher. Once you do, you'll see the lava
down below start to rise. Well crap, we need to book it!

Quickly jump-kick off the wall you're on and jump over to the glowing handheld
on the opposite side of the room ( [ ] is jump-kick, in case you forgot).
Shimmy to the left and use grab to whip the debri to the left, followed by
some button mashing. Jump over to the new handheld and shimmy to the right,
then head up and jump to the right side. Keep heading up, than shimmy to the
left and jump over the gap. From here, head up and to the left AGAIN and up
when you can. You'll see a platform soon, so keep heading up and to the left
until you can get over it and drop down.

Now you have to move over the NARROW boards to the left. Note that if you are
confident in your jumping ability, you can just DOUBLE JUMP over these boards
and save yourself some time (TIP send in by Simpol Dood). This is a balancing
game and we can scarcely afford a mistake, but be ready to hold 'R2' in case
you do make a mistake. After that get up on the ledge. This next section is
all about being fast. What you need to do is jump to the rickety wooden
walkway on the right. These wooden 'stairs' wrap around the room, so RUN up
them as fast as you can. There will be gaps that you'll need to jump over as
you go, but its not too hard (just be sure not to jump too early and land in
a gap!). You'll run up to a wooden platform soon and will see a glowing
handheld. Jump up and grab it and you'll see the Forgotten One come climbing
up to your right...

Quickly climb up the left-hand side here and hide behind the thin wall. We
just CAN'T let the Forgotten One see us yet. As soon as the game says the
Forgotten One hasn't seen you, jump down and around the wall. You'll see
a scene shortly where the Forgotten One is pounding at the ceiling again.

When you regain control, you will ge hanging on a middle handheld with other
hanging points to your left and right. As the Forgotten One punches the
ceiling, debri will fall down. We can't let it hit us. The key here is to be
ready to jump to the left or right at a moments notice. Also, BE SURE to
RETURN to the center handheld after EVERY JUMP. After a few rounds of debri
the Forgotten One will break the ceiling and... drop into the lava below!

Here quickly grapple upwards and climb up. Grab the shining debri with your
whip after that and button mash it to pull it off the wall so you can climb
up further. At the peak of your climb, wall kick to get over to the far left
wall. Shimmy to the right once or twice and wait for a bit...

Soon the Forgotten One will jump over to this wall too, paving a path ahead
for us (see the new handhelds he's creating by making the rock fall?!). Climb
upwards with your new gripping points and get to the far left as soon as
possible when another thin wall comes up. Get behind it asap so the demon
doesn't see you again. Once he starts heading up, shimmy to the right and use
the grapple point to get upwards and see a KICK ASS scene.

With the demon's power opening the seal, your time has come, warrior!

BOSS: Forgotten One  |
Difficulty: 7/10     |

"Enough talk... Have at you!"

As I'm sure you noticed in the cutscene, Gabriel has punched the armor clean
off of the Forgotten One's right leg, exposing a green weak spot. That is your
goal. Getting there is another matter.

The Forgotten One will use a plethora of attacks, including:

 - Sword Swipe: 

   The Forgotten One calls a sword our of mid-air and swipes it at you. A
   close-ranged attack. If you happen to be close to him try and dodge roll
   behind him and then escape.

 - Sword Slam:

   The Forgotten One slams a sword into the ground, sending flames straight
   ahead at you. Do a quick dodge roll.

 - Double Sword Slam: 

   The Forgotten One calls down two swords and slams them into the ground in a
   "V" shape. Fire spreads out in a straight line from the sword. He will then
   bring the swords together. Easily dodgeable with a double jump.

 - Charge:

   The Forgotten One will glow for a second and than charge at you at a high
   speed. He likes to do this when you have some distance between the two of
   you. Very easy to dodge with a quick role.

 - Leaping Attack:

   The Forgotten One will jump into the air. A few seconds later he will cast
   a large shadow over where you're standing and plow into the ground. This
   also sends out a shockwave. Your best bet here is to sprint when the shadow
   comes and jump the shockwave.

 - Rock Pull:

   Another close-range attack. If you are close enough to him, the Forgotten
   One will send a chain upwards and pull a rock down, crashing into the
   ground near him. This attack is meant to put distance between the two of
   you as it sends out a shockwave.

 - Stomp:

   A close range attack. If you are close enough, he will simply stomp his
   foot down, creating a shockwave. Jump to avoid it.

 - Area Whip:

   The Forgotten One has a whip of his own! He will fling a large flail-like
   weapon at you, and than use the chain to sweep the arena in a circular
   fashion. Dodge the initial impact (its not ALWAYS aimed at you) and jump
   over the chain.

 - Flail Slam:

   The Forgotten One will slam a his flail at you, retracting it back right
   away at times. Harder to dodge due to its impact area.

 - Taunt:

   The Forgotten One will sit there and taunt you. Perfect for getting some
   hits in.

Yes, the Forgotten One DOES have that many moves. It's quite ridiculous, I
know. There's a pattern to his madness though (well, sort of). You see, if
you can manage to dodge three of his attack in a row (which are all randomly
determined, it seems) the Forgotten One WILL taunt. At the start of the battle
run in and hit his leg ASAP to get the little scene where it shows his leg
is weak (which we totally knew) and than focus on dodging moves and punishing
him when he taunts.

Many of his moves you can both dodge AND hurt him, such as the area whip and
the double sword slam (position your jumps so that when you land you are ready
to hurt him). If you do this, he'll often follow up with one of his many
close-range attacks, so you can almost predict what you'll need to dodge at
times (most of the close range stuff has a shockwave, for instance).

Keep hurting him and at 75% of his health his health bar will turn GREY (which
signifies you can't hurt him any more). He'll grab his knee in pain and then
jump up. The game will move you a distance away from him now. He will then
shoot balls of energy at you. What you need to do here is:


Doing this will send it back at him, making him grabable. Run up to him and
grab him now and be SURE to hit the QUICK TIME EVENT when it pops up (a timed
button press followed by some button mashing).

After that Gabriel will open up a new weak spot on the Forgotten One's torso.
The Forgotten One will also now gain a new move:

 - Claw Slash:

   The Forgotten One will use this when you are near his torso. He will
   basicaly try to slash at you. Just don't stay up there too long and you'll
   be okay.

Keep dodging those attacks three at a time and making him pay. At roughly
50% health his life bar will once again go gray. This time he'll seperate the
two of you and whip a giant rock at you. Jump up to dodge the shockwave, then
grab the rock (notice that it is glowing). This will initiate an AWESOME
cut-scene with a timed button press.

Watch the ensuing scenes for some AWESOME dialog. The path will open for the
Forgotten One so he will stop fighting and regains his powers with his
gauntlet. Gabriel will hide once again, as this level comes to a close...

Part II: The Underworld (LoS 14-2)

"Look upon me demon, for I am darker and more terrible than thee. I am that
 dragon and you are my prey."

(Note: Once again, it is a VERY good idea to fill up your health and magic
       before tackling this level...)

This level starts out with the Forgotten One getting into a river of lava and
walking down it. The rock that we start on will quickly begin to sink. The
idea here is to jump to new chunks of rock as they emerge.

Quickly jump to the new chunk of earth on the left. The screen will then take
on an overhead view. We CAN'T get too close to the demon, as he'll obliterate
us if he sees us. Chunks of rock will continuously fall down though, just keep
your eyes open and keep jumping backwards to the newest platform.

Some tips:

 o Use single jumps for when the next chunk of earth is close to you and
   double jumps when its far away.

 o Aim for the center of the next rock.

 o Take into account the flow of the lava. Aim for where the rock is headed.

 o You'll start over if you touch the lava. You'll have to reload if the
   Forgotten One sees you.

Once you've mastered jumping backwards from rock to rock, a large column will
fall down next to where the Forgotten One is punching the wall. You'll have to
jump and grab it. Once you do, quickly shimmy to the right so you hide behind
it. The Forgotten One will stop punching to take a look at this column. He'll
check the left side, then the right side. As he's checking the right side,
shimmy to the left side as he will soon peek around at the back of the column
(he's smart!). When he's done with that, quickly shimmy to the back again and
than over to the right side as the Forgotten One will check out the left side
and the back again.

Convinced that you aren't on the column, the Forgotten One will then pick the
entire column up and use it as a battering ram! Sheesh! There are THREE timed
button presses here, so nail them all to stay in the game. With the path
opened, the Forgotten One will drop the column into the lava and continue on.

As soon as the game gives you control again, quickly look to the right of the
screen. You'll see a BROTHERHOOD KNIGHT lying on a rock. While you can't jump
over to him, you can actually get to the right of the column and hit grab to
obtain a SCROLL (The scroll is rather humorous. You can restart from the last
checkpoint if you didn't get it...).

Now ride the column to a wide open area.

Now here you will see hundreds of bones scattered about. Yep, that's right,
we get to fight SKELETON enemies, but not just any skeletons: these are FLAME

 NOTE: You can actually SKIP fighting these skeletons by simply running past
       them and jumping up the ledge, which starts the next cut-scene. I would
       actually recommend skipping them if all you want to do is defeat the
       Forgotten One. This level's trial involves killing all of the skeletons
       anyways, so you can come back and have fun later if you wish.

There are FOUR waves of FOUR skeletons each here. These skeletons, besides
being covered in flames, really aren't that different than normal skeletons.
Use a good combination of perfect blocking (for the orb boost and counter
attack damage) and watch out for their two unblockable attacks (the rush
attack and the very close range swipe).

Oh, you may as well feel free to use your summoning crystal and/or holy
water while you're at it, as they are both completely ineffective in our
upcoming fight. The crystal alone brings this fight down to three waves and
gives you items and orbs, so it's even less of a challenge.

Once you choose to be done with the skeletons, continue onwards to see a
scene. STAY SHARP, as you'll have a timed button press and some button mashing
to do! You'll expose part of the Forgotten One's arm this time, and begin
round TWO with the demon:

BOSS: Forgotten One (Round 2) |
Difficulty: 10/10             |

Ok, bad news and good news. The good news here is that the Forgotten One is
a LOT like his previous form. He uses the same core of attacks (which you can
easily refrence above). The bad news? It will take you !_FIVE_! consecutively
dodged attacks to force him to taunt. Oh, and he also has these new moves:

 - Explosive Blade Throw:

   The Forgotten One will summon blades above his head (3 or 5) and fling
   them out in front of him. Each blade makes an explosion where it hits. A
   potent mid-range attack. Try to roll near him and hurt him when he does

 - Blade Pull:

   This attack looks a LOT like the "Rock Pull" attack, except he uses a blade
   to do it. Treat it the same was as the "Rock Pull" though, as it is
   essentially the same thing.

Dodging FIVE attacks in a row instead of three IS more challenging for sure,
but with enough practice it should become second nature to you. Just be sure
you're ready to nail him when he taunts, and try to get in those free hits
when you can (The Guillotine will help).

I've also noticed that when you are hurting him and he comes out of his taunt,
he will often try a claw slash, even when you're behind him and can't be hit
by it. Give it a shot, it'll let you get 2-3 more hits in.

Keep at it and soon you'll make his life bar go gray again (It looks like it's
at about 40% to me...). A short scene will happen and he'll jump to the middle
of the arena. The Forgotten One will then summon a bunch of rocks around him
before making them spread out across the area. He'll then shoot green energy
at a rock, making it glow...

The idea here is to get BEHIND the glowing rock and use your TREMOR PUNCH
( L2 + [] (HOLD) ) to PUNCH the rock back at the Forgotten One. Any rock left
alone will burst into lava (making that part of the ground DANGEROUS), but as
long as you punch a rock back towards the beast you will stun him (so yes, you
can just literally wait behind a rock until he charges it). Once you stun him,
run up to him to initiate a grab.

In this grab you'll deal with a button mash and a timed press. Not too hard,
and you'll open up his chest armor in the process.

Time for another round. This time his weak point is obviously on his upper
right chest, meaning you'll need more height to get at it effectively. You can
still reach it with a single good jump, but a quick double jump isn't bad
either. Keep dodging his attacks as before and soon you'll make his life bar
go gray yet again.

Another cut-scene and another Forgotten One in the middle of the arena. This
time he will summon three giant blades and fling them at you. Sprint and dodge
roll to avoid these. However, these blades are SPECIAL. They stick in the
ground instead of exploding. You will see that they will be glowing, meaning
you can pick them up.

What you have to do here is go to EACH blade and grab it. Gabriel will then
pick it up and enter a different view where you can aim the blade (as Gabe is
trying to throw it back at the Forgotten One). You'll have to be quick, as the
Forgotten One is running at you. Also, the aiming reticule will often move
upwards on its own (as the blades are undoubtedly HEAVY AS HELL). Don't panic

Take a deep breath and quickly aim the reticle at the Forgotten One. It will
turn red when it's over him, so as SOON as you see the red, hit square to
throw it. Do that two more times to make the Forgotten One grabbable. Follow
the onscreen prompts (another button mash and timed press) to see Gabriel open
up the next weak spot.

Time to aim for the beasts head!

I should note that the Forgotten One LOSES a move for the remainder of the
fight. He doesn't TAUNT AT ALL anymore. He also picks up the pace, as he gains
a speed boost and really challenges your reflexes.

Remember how I told you to save your dark magic? Well go crazy here. With no
more taunting you will have to take down the demon based on your knowledge of
his moves alone! Counterattacks are your only chance to hurt him! The BEST
times to lay on the pain are when he uses the following moves:

 o Double Sword Slam (Stay in the middle and you can get 5-6 hits in on his

 o Leaping Attack (Yep, you can double jump close to where he'll land and
                   direct your whips at his head!)

 o Sword Slam (You can get in a quick hit.)

 o Area Whip (Get near him for 4-5 hits while he wastes time.)

 o Flail Slam (You can get in a quick hit or two.)

 o Explosive Blade Throw (You can get in 4-5 hits if you can get near his head
                          fast enough!)

Turn on the magic and wait for a good opening. The best time to nail him is
obviously when he does the "Double Sword Slam", "Area Whip", and "Explosive
Blade Throw", so be sure to watch out for those. Once you take away his last
sliver of health, the fight is over...

Enjoy the cut-scenes that ensue!

Congratulations on defeating the Forgotten One and Castlevania: Lords of
Shadow: Resurrection!

\/                                                                (LoS 2.0) \/
 \/                                  Trials                                \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Chapter XIV:

Note: To make BOTH of these trials easier, put the game on 'Squire'

Part I: Dimensional Prison (LoS 14-1)

Defeat the Forgotten One after absorbing 100 Neutral Elemental Orbs during
the fight against him.

Difficulty: 5/10

Not very difficult once you have the Forgotten One's moves down (especially
after you've beaten him in the higher difficulty levels. This is a drawn-out
trial though. Just be SURE to absorb the orbs (the game will count them for
you) and not to END the battle prematurely....

Part II: The Underworld (LoS 14-2)

Finish the level after destroying all the Flaming Skeleton Warriors.

Difficulty: 5/10

Not a very difficult task, just put the level on squire and be sure to bring
full holy waters and a complete crystal. The hardest part of this trial is
finishing the level! :)

\/                                                                (LoS 3.0) \/
 \/                            Trophies                                    \/
  \/                                                                      \/

"Resurrection" adds five more trophies to your "Lords of Shadow" trophy list,
as listed below:

Skirmish - Finish all levels in Squire difficulty.
Achieved by finishing all the levels in squire difficulty or up.

Gest - Finish all levels in Warrior difficulty.
Achieved by finishing all the levels in warrior difficulty or up.

Crusade - Finish all levels in Knight difficulty.
Achieved by finishing all the levels in knight difficulty or up.

Epic Victory - Finish all levels in Paladin difficulty.
Achieved by finishing all the levels in paladin difficulty.

Trials-Chapter XIV - Complete all the trials for Chapter XIV.
Achieved by doing all the trials for Chapter XIV.

(Note: Your PLATINUM trophy remains even with these trophies unbeaten.)

\/                                                                (LoS 4.0) \/
 \/                               FAQ                                      \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Q: When did "Resurrection" release and where can I get it?

A: "Resurrection" released on June 20th, 2011 to the Playstation Network. It
   was delayed by the "Playstation Hacking" that happened during the spring of
   2011. As to where to get it, you're going to have to buy and download it!
   Once you do, just pop your Lords of Shadow disc in and Chapter XIV will be
   added to your World Map.

Q: How much does it cost / Is it worth it?

A: "Resurrection" costs $9.99. Is it worth it? Well, that is of course a
    personal call, but for a Castlevania junkie like me it is (That and I
    REALLY want to see the developer MERCURY STEAM do good!). Honestly, it's
    a bit on the pricey side. You're paying 10 bucks for 2 levels and a great
    boss fight. It's a bit hard to swallow for the average gamer, and feels
    like it should cost $4.99. 

Q: Help, I can't defeat the Forgotten One!

A: What, my guide didn't help! Aye, he can be difficult. There's no shame in
   putting the game on Squire if your skills are rusty (mine sure were after
   being away from the game for months, and I wrote a guide on this game!).
   The only other pointer I can really give you (as I tried to be as helpful
   as possible in the guide) is: Practice makes perfect! It really does! If
   my guide didn't help you at all, try watching a "Let's Play" on Youtube,
   or going back and polishing up your skills on some previous chapters.

\/                                                                (LoS 5.0) \/
 \/                 Credits and other ramblings                            \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Zylicyde, for the recommendation art and being a good motivator.

Konami for the wonderful franchise. You guys have given me so many wonderful
Castlevania titles. Thank you!

Mercurysteam for making such a wonderful game. And with much less staff than 
most A+ action titles. Bravo!

Simpol Dood for the double jump reminder.

My wife Lisa and daughter Sadie for putting up with me.


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