Why do I have a pet dragon?

  1. i was just building my house then pop hi dead dragon i ended up naming him jeffery

    User Info: kole1234

    kole1234 - 4 weeks ago
  2. Wait what now I want a pet dragon

    User Info: Bad_Panda

    Bad_Panda - 2 days ago


  1. It's just a glitch. It happens sometimes.

    User Info: Arishok

    Arishok (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 7   4
  2. That's nothing - once when I lived in Lakeview Manor, I had a pet giant.

    User Info: Jake_Johnson

    Jake_Johnson - 4 weeks ago 5   2
  3. i got my pet dragon in lakeview manor

    User Info: kole1234

    kole1234 - 4 weeks ago

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