How do I get money easily besides doing quests?

  1. I want to find out a way on how to get hold more easily other than doin quests And not killing many people.
    Doesn't mind really.
    I just wanna find out if there is a way to get gold more easily

    User Info: KTT_PlayZ

    KTT_PlayZ - 4 weeks ago
  2. I Kno that I might have to kill quite a few people cos stuff comes with strings attached but I just wanna find out if there is an easier way.
    Someone might say go around and steal stuff then go to the next town and sell said stuff.
    Already did dat got bored after the first 5 quick travels

    User Info: KTT_PlayZ

    KTT_PlayZ - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Craft a ton of iron daggers, enchant them and then sell them to merchants. You'll make loads of gold fairly quickly and you'll improve your smithing and enchanting skills.

    User Info: Arishok

    Arishok (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 9   0
  2. Ok thanks for the help dude.

    User Info: KTT_PlayZ

    KTT_PlayZ - 4 weeks ago
  3. Best enchantment for this is Banish. Even with low level soul stones it's quite profitable.

    User Info: JohnGustavo

    JohnGustavo - 6 days ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You enchanct them as well to make money

    User Info: mavrick_19

    mavrick_19 - 4 weeks ago 5   0

Other Answers

  1. I picked a lock on someones house and there was money on the table which I took, was prepared for someone to start attacking me when left house but no-one noticed.

    User Info: Buffysummers45

    Buffysummers45 - 3 weeks ago 4   0
  2. There sometimes is but not always.

    User Info: KTT_PlayZ

    KTT_PlayZ - 3 weeks ago
  3. raid dungeons and if you have the dragonborn dlc find teh black book that allows you access to a black market merchant.

    User Info: Locke90

    Locke90 - 2 weeks ago 4   1
  4. I would but tbh I can't find and dlc disks and I don't really play with Xbox live on my 360.
    I have it on my xbox 1 but it's more harder when I play on that so I just play Skyrim on my 360.

    User Info: KTT_PlayZ

    KTT_PlayZ - 2 weeks ago
  5. Do the Stones of Berenziah quest (it's called something like that, forgive me, it's been years since I played). If you do it early on in the game (use a guide if that helps), you'll find valuable gems in practically every container and then you'll never need to worry about money again.

    User Info: Yick04

    Yick04 - 1 day ago 2   0
  6. K mane. I'll try to remember that thanks.

    User Info: KTT_PlayZ

    KTT_PlayZ - 1 day ago
  7. Salmon Roe + Garlic + Nordic Barnacle = Potions of Waterbreathing. Should sell for around 1000 gold or more depending on your speech skill.

    Salmon roe is found by catching the jumping fish you occasionally see. Nordic Barnacles usually grow around the coastal areas. Garlic is... everywhere.

    You can find enough of each ingredient around Whiterun to make about 5 or 6 potions. Jumping salmon are outside the town near the bridges, and the barnacles are in the water in front of Dragonsreach.

    User Info: gohan_meteora

    gohan_meteora - 2 weeks ago 1   0
  8. K. Thx man

    Memes are funny lol.

    User Info: KTT_PlayZ

    KTT_PlayZ - 2 weeks ago
  9. Easiest way is to hit the hidden khajiit chest in dawnstar. Right by mine by the jarls house. It will have a lot of different things to sell, disenchant etc, as well as cash. You can hit this chest every couple in game days, as you level, so to can the gear/pots etc in it. Just note, this chest is tied to one of the traveling khajiiti traders, emptying it will make said trader useless until his shop reset in a few skyrim days

    User Info: Artef

    Artef - 1 week ago 2   2
  10. That's what I do. There's 2 easy shop chests, one in Dawnstar and the other near Solitude. Snag up the gold, filled soul gems, enchanted weapons, and potions (they don't sell for a lot individually, but weigh a lot less than equipment and cumulatively gains around 400-500 gold when sold). If I have enough space, I'll take some un-enchanted gear, to enchant later and sell.

    You can build up your Enchanting from disenchanting and enchanting the stuff you get from the Hidden Khajit store chests really quickly. It's using exploits to cheat, but it's easy, fast money, and you can have about 5k within the first hour of the game. All you need is to have access to Dawnstar, and Katla's Farm (near Solitude), and you can do that as soon as you get to Whiterun Stables.

    User Info: RavingSwoobat

    RavingSwoobat - 1 week ago
  11. Kill dragons and sell their parts. They usually carry gold too

    User Info: darkdeity9

    darkdeity9 - 1 week ago 0   0
  12. Go to Halted Stream Camp north of Whiterun and get the transmute ore spell. Buy iron ore and turn it into gold jewelry.

    User Info: Beers

    Beers - 5 days ago 0   0
  13. Alchemy is the easiest way without combat. You can roll into any shop in a town that has an apothecary, buy out the inventory, craft potions, and then sell them back at apothecaries/general merchants for a net profit. You'll soon learn which effects are most lucrative (slow, paralyze, regens, carry weight, etc) and focus more on those potions, but all but the weakest effects form the most expensive ingredients turn a profit quickly.

    No waiting, no mass crafting,collecting soul gems, or leveling up to spawn Paralyze/Banish for enchanting, no running around to hidden chests. You can invest as little or as much as want into making more gold (perks in alchemy, +alchemy strength enchanted gear, buying a house with a greenhouse/garden) but the major milestone you will really be looking for is the Merchant perk at Speech 50 so you can sell your potions to anybody.

    It's just a matter of cycling shops owners to refill their gold after that point. You'll literally have too many potions to sell after a short while and won't ever need to schlep loot back from dungeons to sell unless you want to use/collect it.

    User Info: bluegender4ever

    bluegender4ever - 4 days ago 0   0
  14. I would say join the thieves guild and raid any house that looks like an easy target. The blacksmith in whiterun is easy pickings at night since they leave out all the weapons and gear on the wall and shelf. Having extra people to sell to like guy outside of whiterun can be helpful. Take a few dragon bones to anyone and sell them for quick coin. You will have plenty of dragon bones from the numberous attacks you will endure.

    User Info: shadow8blade

    shadow8blade - 1 day ago 0   0

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