How do I get rid of Serana's giant club?

  1. So, I asked Serana to get the giant club, some time later I realized my mistake, It´s pretty ridiculous she walking around with that, I tried shouting max Disarm at her, giving a 800 damage battleaxe to her, and the wabbajack follower reset doesn´t work on her (she is essential). Is there anything else I can try?

    User Info: DeadPhysician02

    DeadPhysician02 - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I'm pretty sure there isn't a way to fix this at all unless you are on PC and can use console commands or you just reload a past save.

    User Info: cowgoesbeep

    cowgoesbeep - 4 weeks ago 4   0

Top Voted Answer

  1. It's probably in her hidden inventory now. By default, NPC followers have an inventory you can't access so you can't remove their clothes or armor. On Xbox 360, it's not possible to access it, but you might try pickpocketing her to see if you can find the club.

    User Info: FactoidHunter

    FactoidHunter (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 6   0
  2. Didn't work, but thanks. And I can't reload a save neither, I'm like 40 levels beyond now.

    User Info: DeadPhysician02

    DeadPhysician02 - 4 weeks ago
  3. Oof. This is why I save before I open literally anything. If I need to go back that far, I can and probably will. With these games, it's also an idea to log what you've done each seasion.

    User Info: zebatov

    zebatov - 2 weeks ago

Other Answers

  1. Only thing I can think is to try giving her a bow and arrows. She might swap to it, then maybe you can get the melee weapon off her, but her AI may prefer to always use spells.

    User Info: siraronar

    siraronar - 3 weeks ago 1   0
  2. Never played Xbox 360 version of this but maybe try taking the axe back and carrying it yourself. Try selling it and then if that doesn't work try to get stamina to be able to carry it yourself before getting a hideout where you can stash the axe in a safe place for later retrieval. Of course you have to becareful about the dungeon or whatever being reset or raided and all your items being lost.

    User Info: HeIImasker

    HeIImasker - 2 weeks ago 0   2

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