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  1. I want to have 100% shout cooldown reduction. Every perk unlocked. Lots of gold. All skills to 100. And op health magicka and stamina.... Also the best weapons and armor in the game including dlc.... If someone did this, Id be very grateful.

    User Info: WolfLan07

    WolfLan07 - 2 weeks ago


  1. Look up talos amulet glitch
    Grind skills to 100
    Grind alteration legendaries until level 252
    Find weapons and armor
    Loot gold
    If you can't do that ask someone else

    User Info: NemoTheArgonian

    NemoTheArgonian - 2 days ago 0   0
  2. How long would that take?

    User Info: WolfLan07

    WolfLan07 - 2 days ago
  3. Plus the talos glitch doesnt work for me. I can grind tho

    User Info: WolfLan07

    WolfLan07 - 2 days ago

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