How to get to bleak falls barrow fast, it's undiscovered and what is the best equipment and fastest way to get there?

  1. I'm a level 9 Nord and I don't know how to get to bleak falls barrow, I have no idea what equipment is best at the beginning please help.

    User Info: Cutepaws1233

    Cutepaws1233 - 2 weeks ago
  2. Don't worry about your gear.

    Go to the blacksmith in town, he'll walk you through how to make weapons and armor. He'll show you that leveling your Smithing is important. Just settle on a style you want to develop early - 1h, 2h, dual wield, ranged, or even magic. Early on trying to diversify your style will leave you gasping for skill points with less effectiveness, so commit to one style and later on you can diversify. That is, pick one thing, stick with it. Keep a bow and arrow if you're melee to draw people to your location, that's about it, if you don't go ranged.

    Melee + ranged is good but, again, keep in mind your skills will be spread out too thin early (in my experience) if you try to work too styles. Melee + some sort of casting can be cost effective if accompanied with Illusion or Alteration (the former is very effective relative to skill investment).

    Either way, you do want to get better gear, but you'll learn how as the game goes by. Don't fret too much. Just level your Smithing. Worry about Alchemy and Enchanting once you get a grasp of the world.

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    mynameisrocket - 2 weeks ago
  3. Thanks!!!

    User Info: Cutepaws1233

    Cutepaws1233 - 2 weeks ago

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  1. I'm gonna assume this is your first time playing Skyrim since Bleak falls barrow is the first "dungeon" you do in the game.

    When you finished the tutorial and exited the cave, did you follow the person you were with? It was either Ralof or Hadvar and each walk you to Riverwood which is right next to Bleak falls barrow. There is a quest you can take in the general store about recovering a golden claw. At the level you're at, you shouldn't have any problems dealing with this place.

    Good luck.

    User Info: FactoidHunter

    FactoidHunter (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 5   0
  2. No this is not my first time playing Skyrim but it is my first actual game that doesn't start with daedric armor (sorry if I misspelled) my cousin David gave me a flash drive with a game on it with unlimited everything and op stuff so this is my first time playing on an account that can actually die so I just want to be prepared

    User Info: Cutepaws1233

    Cutepaws1233 - 2 weeks ago


  1. By the time you go to GameFAQs, ask this question, and wait for an answer you could have just walked there.

    The game scales pretty much everything to your character so as long as you haven't leveled up purely with non-combat skills alone you should be able to take on anything the game throws at you.

    User Info: SquidFetus

    SquidFetus - 1 week ago 1   0
  2. I know but I want to get into the dungeon where it is more safe for my character because I have PTSD, anxiety and a few other problems health problems which makes it harder to play videogames but it's what I love and I love Skyrim but i just want to know how to get there with good equipment and level up my skills and get better stuff

    User Info: Cutepaws1233

    Cutepaws1233 - 1 week ago
  3. In that case, please excuse any insensitivity in my answer.

    I would like to re-enforce my previous point about how the game scales its difficulty to your character, though. Since Bleak Falls Barrow is one of the earliest dungeons accessible to your character, you can be sure that it won't completely dominate you even as a fresh character.

    My main advice would be to decide how you like to play early. Want to be a guy with a sword and shield? Or do you want to stick to the shadows and strike from a distance using bows? Whichever you decide, try to stick to that play style. While the game does let you use a mixture of all play styles, doing so can result in the previously mentioned difficulty scaling starting to outpace you.

    For example, let's say you level up 10 times just by swinging your sword and blocking hits. You'll be a reasonably strong warrior type with a few good perks that help you do better in close combat. However, if you level up 5 times by swinging your sword and 5 times by defeating enemies with bows, then you will still be 10 levels higher but your power will be spread more thinly across two play styles.

    Remember, you can make as many characters as you like, so if you struggle the first time, feel free to start a new one more dedicated to the play style you enjoyed the most. I'm not sure if this is much reassurance but I would also like to point out that it is okay to lose. Being defeated can be punishing, but it also leads to a better understanding of the game. Not only will you level up in-game, but you will become stronger as a player.

    Good luck!

    User Info: SquidFetus

    SquidFetus - 1 week ago
  4. It advised to take all weapons however as they add up of left lying around in dungeons as the game will not delete them otherwise and that can lead to save file problems if unchecked, especially on this gen of consoles.

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    Olld-Onne (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 0   0
  5. Well, what I do when I start a new game is level Sneak a lot while I'm still in Helgen. You can attack your partner (Hadvar or Ralof) as much as you want, but if you that while sneaking, using power attacks whenever possible, you're going to level up not only Skeak but One-Handed too. I also spend some perk points in Assassin, to inflict more damage and level up faster. Thus, when I reach Riverwood, I'm at a fairly average level game-wise (Sneak is 100), and can take on the initial quests on Legendary difficulty with no trouble. And Bleak Falls Barrow can be pointed to you by the shopkeeper if you take his quest. Use your quest markers.

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  6. Friends,

    The internet now has very good interactive maps for skyrim. even with search functions. so thats a big help. just to know what direction things are in.

    Bleak falls is a big place, on my first game, I was trying to pick up every piece of junk I could get my hands on ... I spend hours ferrying old broken shields to the front do I could carry them out. Well now you know that that is just about worthless. So do not carry out stuff that is crap. But look in every container, it will take a while.

    Good luck.

    dr. Darrell of Michigan.

    User Info: drclaeys

    drclaeys - 2 weeks ago 0   2

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