Notched Pickaxe.. Duplicates?

  1. So, I notice as I was enchanting one day that my enchanted weapons wouldn't stack, even though they had the same name. Chalked it up to them not having the same enchantment, favorite'd them both and went on with my day.
    Then something weird happened...
    My Orcish Axe (Frost) and Orcish Axe (Fire) had both stacked at some point..
    I don't know how it happened or when but at some point of auto equipping them.. My frost axe had changed to a fire axe upon stacking...
    What I was thinking..
    What if I got a pickaxe from any mine, enchanted it with some enchantment, and waited for the glitch to happen again?

    Side note.. Can i place the notched pickaxe enchantment on my gauntlets so my punches can shock people? XD haha.
    Has anyone tried this?
    I'm not asking for the duplication glitch though, just asking to see if this is new or not.

    User Info: Yamatros

    Yamatros - 1 year ago

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