How do I easily increase all of my skills?

  1. I want to increase all of my skills easily.
    Besides stealth, I'm pro at increasing stealth, Only 10 more hours before I become level 100 at stealth...

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  1. There's a glitch you can use. At high hrothgar wait till one of the greybeards is in the side corridors on either side of the exit to training ground where you learned the whirlwind sprint. Wait until one sits down then while your crouched get right behind him.

    The detection meter should consider you to be hidden. Once you are hidden use a weak dagger and slice at him. They wont fight back as long you remain hidden. and he may repeatedly get up and down so make sure you don't get carried away. And be sure to let the greybeards heal too. And remember there are other greybeards too.

    This is the fastest ways to level quickly. Cause they don't retaliate when attack while you're hidden from their view. It will also help if you hold off from spending skill points for increased damage while sneaking using daggers as that may make the greybeards health go down much faster

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  2. For illusion, get muffle from Farengar in dragonsreach. Cast it as you walk from place to place, you'll be at 50 in no time.

    For alteration, get the detect life spell by doing the quest outside Treva's watch. Some guys will ask you to rescue some friends from a cave or something. Cast it during the day in the middle of the merchant district in any town, alteration will shoot up super fast.

    For conjuration, spam soul trap on anything dead.

    For one handed, two handed, block, heavy armor, and archery, use the trainer followers in the companions.

    You can level restoration outside high Hrothgar before you learn the clear skies shout, just stand in the wall of wind, but watch out, it's pretty easy to die

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  3. Most thief skills, like pickpocket and lockpicking, only go up by using the skill. Luckily, pickpocket goes up really fast, just save before you do it so you can reload if you fail. Lockpicking will go up as you go, but it's kind of irrelevant anyway, just learn how to pick locks and you don't need the skill. If you're really determined, there are practice chests in the thieves guild cistern, and one of those guys is a trainer, can't remember which one. Thieves guild also has lockpicking, sneak, and archery trainers, but they get really expensive at high levels. There is also a pickpocket trainer in windhelm who is a beggar, I've heard you can use her training and then pickpocket the money back, but I've never tried it myself.

    Crafting...smithing, enchanting, alchemy... All require grinding, but there are some slight shortcuts.
    For smithing, get transmute from halted stream camp. Most merchants have at least a few iron and silver ores, transmute them into gold (which raises alteration), smelt those into ingots, smith gold rings to raise smithing, then enchant the rings (I believe sneak and carry weight are the most valuable) to raise enchanting, then sell the rings to raise speech. Alternatively, get the dwarven smithing perk, smelt all that dwemer metal you find in ruins, then make dwarven bows. Banish is by far the most valuable enchantment for weapons, which increases both enchanting and speech exp.
    For alchemy, I recommend looking up the potions you can make with giant's toe. They have some kind of multiplier when it comes to value... They won't be useful potions, but they will raise the alchemy skill faster. Basically, all of the crafting experience growth is based on the value of what you're making. The more valuable the potion/armor/enchantment, the more experience per cycle.
    What am I forgetting?

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  4. Destruction, there are a couple little tricks you can look up, but you basically just have to do damage. I believe runes are the fastest experience.

    Light armor, look up the trainers, that's definitely the quickest way, or just find some skeletons or mudcrabs, turn difficulty all the way down, and let them wail on you. You can also use this method for block and restoration, or spam bound weapons for conjuration, it's just sooo boring I've never really done it myself.

    Did I miss anything?

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