How to get to Medrrias shrine easily?

  1. I have tried going north-west from Markarth but I cannot seem to find it. I am only on level eight so is it possible to get the dawnbreaker yet or would you suggest a different more easily accessible route?

    User Info: ozykay99

    ozykay99 - 2 years ago


  1. If you mean the shrine of Meridia because you picked up the beacon, it's located in the mountains near Solitude, not Markarth. I would recommend that you do this quest later because the shrine itself is not that hard, but the boss might give you some trouble if you try to take him on at level eight. Is name is Malkoran and hard to beat. Check out my previous answer on the matter: 460964-someone-help-me-cant-defeat-malkoran

    User Info: FactoidHunter

    FactoidHunter (Expert) - 2 years ago 1   0
  2. You should hire a carriage to Solitude, and then follow your marker from wherever the carriage drops you. I feel like it's a pretty straight shot from Solitude's entrance, I think it even has a paved road leading into it.

    User Info: Protostorm

    Protostorm - 2 years ago 1   0

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