I am trying to make a Yoshikage Kira build in Skyrim. Help?

  1. I don't have any DLCs because money is tight, but I played this game up a while ago and never picked it back up so I have some knowledge on the game. So far, this is what I have put together:

    Magic/Health/Stamina ratio every 10 levels= 3/4/3
    Uses flame Destruction spells (mainly runes and fireball to simulate the 1st bomb and exploding air bombs)
    Some proficiency in One Handed due to the whole serial killer thing
    Conjuration to use Flaming Familiar for the 2nd bomb
    Some sneak and light armor because you can't just kill women without being sneaky
    and usage of light armor.
    Last but not least, every in-game week, I need to murder any woman, be it a civilian or an enemy.

    Is there anything I can do to make this better?

    User Info: Heckly_Beckly

    Heckly_Beckly - 2 years ago

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