Skyrim special edition xbox, can someone help me with my load order?

  1. Can anyone could help me with my load order it still crashes now and then? Can someone please help me out, this is from top to bottom what I have currently installed -
    Unofficial skyrim patch
    Vivid weather's
    Go away clouds
    Enhanced blood textures
    Unlimited rings, amulets
    Alternate start
    Stones of barenziah quest markers
    The parthurnax dilema
    Lotr music
    Open cities
    Ciri armour
    Triss and yennefer armour
    Witcher 3 Viper armour
    Black mage armour
    Isilmeriels lotr weapons
    Ghosus weapon pack
    Witcher silver swords
    Leon wolf's better shaped weapons
    Belt fastened quivers
    Cheat room
    The immortal Lord
    Monsters reborn
    Big-higher killmove chance
    Big-name kill moves
    Rich merchants
    Marcos integrated leveled lists
    The scaelet
    Im really stuck any help would be appreciated

    User Info: Privateporky91

    Privateporky91 - 3 years ago

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