Skyrim Trinity Restored quest: Karliah won't speak, help?

  1. So I've been having this issue with a lot of NPCs but have always been able to fix it by just exiting the area and returning, but this one just seems to stick.

    Basically for any dialog that begins on approach (when I walk up the the NPC) the dialog just doesn't happen. When I started this new playthrough a few days ago even the opening didn't work, I was just chilling in the back of the wagon getting stared at by Mr. Hunky Stormcloak guy.

    So for this quest when I approach Karliah in front of the standing stone the dialog starts right off the bat, and I'm able to follow her inside the main area. As we walk in she's not speaking, and when she stops in the first open area with the bridge she just stands there. I left the area and came back (twice) and got the objective to follow her completed. I got the armor with no problem and then when I followed her to the next open area she stopped and once again just stared at me. I left the area and came back (twice, again...) and she ask me if I was ready and stuff. I said yes and followed her to the gate (which she opened with no issue). I walk over to my designated vacant floor glyph in the final area (as I was told) and once Karliah and the other dude step on their glyphs I get the objective completed.

    Now I'm at the point that I can't seem to fix. Karliah raises her hands to say whatever she's gonna say but nothing happens, she just stands there looking like an idiot. I'm stuck in place and can't do anything. I tried reloading past save points, which didn't work, as well as leaving the area after she opens the gate and returning. Nothing is working. I did this for an hour and just shut down my 360 and left for the day. I started it up again hours later to no avail.

    I'm not sure if this is my 360 being a jerk (it's been on the fritz lately, not being able to read discs that are perfectly fine and the occasional game crash) or something with my disk (I haven't played in probably a year)

    I've tried looking up general NPC bugs but nothing seems to fit this.

    If anyone knows what's going on please help, this quest line is substantially more important to me than the plot.

    Can anyone help?

    User Info: choizoipoi

    choizoipoi - 2 years ago

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