The game thinks i have follower when i dont, so i cant hire anyone else. Will i be followerless forever or can i fix it?

  1. When i was about 10 hours into the game, i got the follower in Riverwood who does Archery Training(sorry, i dont remember his name).

    At the 30 hour mark, i went and Raided the Honeybrew Meadery since mead is like liquid gold if you can sell it, plus there was so much of it there(i made about 5k from the raid).
    When i first started the raid, my follower started saying i was breaking the law then eventually started attacking me, then the meadery owner came and helped him. Of course, they wernt hard to kill, but i always try to make sure i have no bounty anywhere, so i reloaded to just before the raid so i could pit my follower somewhere else.
    The other problem was that there was dragon attacking nearby too. I wasnt avery high level since i was doing a bunch of stealing for gold rather than fighting and doing other things to raise my level, so i couldnt fight the dragon.
    I did manage to put my follower somewhere relativly safe(under the bridge thats by the little waterfall where the salmon jump up) then proceeded to raid the meadery. I spent about 8-10 in game hours there, then i went to get my follower again. As you probably expect from the title of this, he was not there.
    I searched a bit on google and found that he would return home after 3 days alone, or he would teleport to me if i fast traveled. Well, neither of those worked. I fast travel alot, he nevr came.
    Then when i got to about 70hours of gameplay, i saw a message that said "your follower has tired and is returning home"
    So i went to Riverwood and finally found him. I rehired him and did a few things with him, then a little bit later, i became the Jarl of Whiterun's Thane, and i was given the choice to have the Sheild Guard. As expected, she wouldnt follow me since i had the other guy already. Then about 2 game days later i sent my follower home again since i was doing a bunch of things when traveling that the AI cant really handle(it just got annoying having to wait for him to walk around the whole mountain when i parkoured my way over it instead)
    Then i went to Riverwood to do to Lucas for trading and i saw my old follower walking around like normal. A game day later, i went to Whiterun so i could have the Sheild Guard for a follower...but she said that i already had someone following.....
    I went back to Riverwood, but my old follower was nowhere to be found. I went to his house, and the only person in it was a Thief, which was weird for 2 reasons(why wasnt my follower there, and why was a thief there?)

    Now im at about 110hours into the game and i still dont have a follower -_-

    I suppose the only good thing is that i never need to worry about the being in the way when im doing jobs for the Thieves Guild with very stealthy things needed(Im level 100 sneaking, Pickpocket, Lockpicking, and Illusion)

    But i really want to be able to have a compainion again.... anyone..... i havnt really had one in over 80 hours....

    Is there a way to force him to leave? Like if i got a spouse?(As in getting the spouse would automatically replace my "other follower") Iv heard theres a mission tha forces a replacement follower, but im nit sure which one it isband howbto get to it(btw im level 42 and iv done many many quests, but they are side quests alot and i also kinda spread all my time between many quests instead of focusing on onlyba few, so i am not really that far into any of the quest chains. Plus, i grind gold alot or ill do bountys or mae potions/enchant alot, so thats even less time for quests)

    User Info: MrCheezyPotato

    MrCheezyPotato - 3 years ago
  2. Sorry about all the typos/grammar mistakes. Im useing mobile, and my tablet is pretty glitchy.

    And im too lazy to go back and fix them all unless i remember to come here when im on a pc, which i unlikely. And editing it is actualy ahuge risk on my part because i sometims crash alot, so i dont want all of that up there to be deleted. It hs already deleted over 4 times by now... <_<

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    MrCheezyPotato - 3 years ago


  1. Well... About an hour after makeing this topic, i went to go try to marry my housecarl of Whiterun so i could try replacing my previous follower.....

    I clicked "Follow me, i need your help", and it turns out the glitch is gone for now.....


    I would still like if someone answered this in case it happens again.

    User Info: MrCheezyPotato

    MrCheezyPotato - 3 years ago 1   0
  2. Im sorry dude I've never heard of this happening so I don't know a fix for it

    User Info: FlashyDiagram84

    FlashyDiagram84 - 3 years ago 1   0
  3. What? Do you mean my exact peoblem or the general idea of the follower system bugging out and not letting you have a follower?

    Well, im glad SOMEONE replied to this, even tho it wasnt too helpful :P

    User Info: MrCheezyPotato

    MrCheezyPotato - 3 years ago 1   0
  4. well i if you want your follower back there is a really unknown feature which respawn NOT DEAD characters so if lets say lidiya got lost and i cant find her the way to spawn her is to (if you dont have the breeze home house in white run) wait 24 hours in the dragon reach entrance,and if you do have the breeze home house you should wait 24 hours in near the door of breeze home,this trick also resets the characters status so if they were told to wait they will start following you again (i will need to be check on that note)

    and who is your follower im guessing faendal or sven if it is you wait in their house for 24 hours and they will respawn there if they dont then they are dead

    User Info: truetheuser

    truetheuser - 3 years ago 1   0
  5. If you have the DLC, Dawnguard quests, Serana should become your follower further on i'm pretty sure. I haven't played in a while.

    User Info: Jacbob14

    Jacbob14 - 3 years ago 1   0
  6. Alright dude o put like 1000 hours or more in this game and man so many glitches but the so I have a follower named karjo he is amazing also followers are good cause they can open any chest but this karjo does not care if u break in anywhere he is kajiit so sneak also followers can get lost as well or die it has happend lots another thin u can have one horse one dog one summoned creature spectral assasain is a good one he only disappears when he dies but if u want someone to follow u choose karjo

    User Info: Thewrath

    Thewrath - 3 years ago 1   1

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