Erik the Slayer gone missing?

  1. I had hired Erik after helping him and took him to fight a dragon at Lost Tongue Overlook, and dismissed him over there. He said he would be in Rorikstead, and after checking after a few days to see if he was there, he wasn't. Naturally, I went looking for him and couldn't find him. Figuring he'll turn up eventually, I continued with the game. Quite a few levels pass, and I decide to go looking again. I have checked by the cliffs or mountains over by Rorikstead, by Gjukar's Monument, and have even went back to where I dismissed him, but haven't found him. The road back to Rorikstead is long from where I left him, but is there any possibility that he is still alive? It's not like he was particularly weak. Are there any other places he might be?

    User Info: gamergirl1

    gamergirl1 - 3 years ago

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