Why J'zargo and Onmund cannot be my followers anymore?

  1. Hello guys, so I finished the questline for the College of Winterhold long ago right, I had done J'zargo's experiments, and I helped Onmund too so they could be my followers and Brelyna. So, I found the quest called "Boethiah's Calling" which I'm sure you are familiar with. I think I made the wrong choice and picked Brelyna as the sacrifice. I didn't notice until I went back to the College (many days later) that nobody would my follower after that. J'zargo says to me "You've done us too much harm", and then Onmund says, "You're nothing but trouble". And they do not show the option that says: Follow me I need your help. I really don't know if this is happening because of what I did to Brelyna, and I don't know if somone has gone through something similar. All help would be thanked.

    User Info: IrisC

    IrisC - 3 years ago

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