Cant get the pursuit quest?

  1. Today I decided I was going to finish off the theives guild, except that I didn't get the next quest, I remembered that karliah said to meet in the ragged flagon, but she isn't there, instead she's at the end of snow veil sanctum, I truer re scribbling the stone in the laboratory, but it only gives the option but won't let me take it, I tryed attacking karliah to try to get the quest back but when she talks to me outside she gives the journal, but no quest is given, and I can't reload, I did that quest 30 Lvls ago and I the time competed both DLCS. I did sneak into mercers house and take chilrend, but not the plans, is there a possible fix? (I'm on 360, so I can't use console commands) thanks in advance.

    User Info: TheSilencer

    TheSilencer - 4 years ago

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