Where would I find Rayya after becoming a werewolf?

  1. So, I've had Rayya as a follower for a while. Being that I owned property in Falkreath Hold before becoming Thane of Falkreath (and thus gaining Rayya as a housecarl), Lydia is actually my steward at Lakeview Manor.
    I just completed The Silver Hand quest in the Companions quest line and I haven't seen Rayya since I entered The Underforge. After becoming a werewolf, transforming back and going with Aela on the first Silver Hand slaughter mission, I went to Lakeview Manor, to the Jarl's Longhouse in Falkreath, and also searched Jorvaskr inside and out and can't find Rayya anywhere.
    She is holding a lot of valuable items for me, as well as using badass weapons and armor I smithed for her. Needless to say, I want her back.

    User Info: ga1887

    ga1887 - 4 years ago

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