Why does the quests never get updated (can't do new missions)?

  1. I have decided to replay skyrm now. However, after a few days, I found that my quests cannot be updated. For example, if I decided to help someone, the quests in the main menu doesn't get updated. This is extremely frustrating because I have to look up a walk through and memorize every step! Is there a way to stop this glitch? I've loaded to my first few saves and the quest glitch is still there.

    Extra info: When I was doing the pieces of the past mission, I chose that to be highlighted on my map. When I entered one of the guy's house to get a piece of the dagger, there was a bear in the house (which from a quest by Alea). I completed that quest without highlighting it on the main menu. Once I completed that mission (with the broken pieces still highlighted), the quest section still said I needed to talk to Alea. I highlighted that mission and unhighlighted the broken pieces mission and Alea gave me my reward for the second time.

    User Info: daggeronebravo

    daggeronebravo - 4 years ago

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