Why won't my Skyrim start (PC)?

  1. I bought Skyrim on Steam a few days ago and went to play it, I downloaded a few mods before I started and activated them with NMM.
    Now every time I click 'play' on the Skyrim launch screen a little window pops up saying "Do you want to allow this programme to make the following changes to your computer" I click yes and steam tells me it's beginning to launch but the Skyrim Launcher comes up again and its a neverending cycle.

    I've reinstalled, deleted the mods, ran as admin and even "verified the integrity of the game" on steam.

    Nothing is working please help!


    User Info: fusrobeth

    fusrobeth - 5 years ago


  1. I dunno. Can you run the game without mods? If so, try to install the mods one per one and then check the conflicting mod that causes the neverending cycle. P:

    User Info: Whinpful

    Whinpful - 4 years ago 0   0

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