Is nord a good race?

  1. Ok, I've made it to level 33 as a NORD!And I was wondering if I made the right path at becoming a nord...I'm definitely not starting ALL OVER!!!Bc,I've been through enough ****! Anyway could I have done better???oh and while I'm at it...which race is the closest to looking like a dremora??? PEYTONDOLLAR - 7 years ago - report


  1. Doesn't really matter. The race differences are minor. Some are better than others but it has little impact on the game. Just play whichever race you want.

    I suppose Redguard because of the skin colour.
    SirQuackberry (Expert) - 7 years ago - report 1   0
  2. Nord is a pretty good general choice, mainly for their 50% frost resistance but also because most NPCs in the game are nords and will treat you better(not that that really matters to story or game play). If you max out your crafting skills, select the right perks, and create the right crafting gear and potions, you can make a set of boots that are 54% resistance to fire and shock and a shield that is 23% resistant to magic in general as well as boosts block by 47%. With the block perk elemental protection(damage to health from elemental attacks reduced 50%) You can hit the cap of 85% resistance to each element when blocking with a shield. If you get all three magic resistance perks in alteration(30% total), the Agent of Mara active effect(permanent 15% magic resistance and can be gotten pretty easy early on by starting the related quest at the Temple of Mara in Riften) and the Lord Stone(25% magic resistance and +50 points physical damage resistance, see for location) you can have 70% general magic resistance without a shield equipped(like when dual casting or using a bow) and reach the cap of 85% magic resistance with a shield equipped. So, when you block, those will stack for a total of 97.75% resistance to the elements(handy on high difficulty when enemy attacks are 2 to 3 times as powerful as base). Maxing your crafting skills, along with your skill in your chosen armor type(light or heavy) can allow you to hit that physical damage reduction cap of 567 displayed armor rating (80%)wearing helmet, armor, boots and gauntlets/bracers even without a shield equipped with whatever type of armor you want(even hide or iron, so long as you invest in the necessary light or heavy armor perks). If you max out block and get all 5 ranks of shield wall(text on skill screen is wrong, you get plus 10% blocking for every rank of that perk) you can use whatever shield you want when blocking to get that max damage reduction of 85%(may need that block enchant mentioned earlier if you want to use a shield with a lower base armor rating. That's shields like hide/elven light, iron/banded iron heavy). The 80% reduction possible from armor and 85% from blocking stack for a total possible 97% physical damage reduction when blocking(some high level dragon bites do 300 damage. multiply that by 1.5/2/3 at expert/master/legendary difficulty).

    With all that said, the breton has 25% magic resistance. Combine that with the Agent of Mara, 2 ranks of magic resistance in alteration, and the Lord Stone and you reach the cap of 85% magic resistance, saving a perk in alteration and saving an enchant on the shield. Then, you put fire/frost resistance on your boots and shock/block on your shield. This gives you the option(with the block enchant) to use whatever type of armor/shield you want(still need the skill/perks in crafting and your chosen armor skill).

    During character creation at the start of the game, you can probably get a dark elf to look most like a dremora. They have 50% fire resistance(so enchant the boots like a nord, but with frost and shock instead of fire and shock). You won't be treated as well by NPCs as you are as a nord, but again that doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. This went long. Sorry. Hope it helps.

    PS orc berserker rage is helpful for high difficulty levels. Just use a more protective shield(along with matching armor if you want. doesn't have to be) and put fire/frost on boots and shock/magic on shield(like my imperial. was new to series and didn't know better until having read a lot. 488 hours in with all DLCs, barely touched any of the main quest, still considering another playthrough or 2 after I'm done with this one as nord/breton at higher difficulty than my current apprentice).

    Altmer +50 starting magicka and 1/day faster magicka regen is good for mages.
    jtenorj - 7 years ago - report 1   0
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