Better way to level smithing?

  1. Im trying to get my smithing up to 100 for obvious reasons and i was wondering......

    is ther some weapon/armor thats better/easier to smith than just iron daggers?? if not that thanx anyway ;D

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    Homestuck4ever - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. One of the patches changed smithing so that experience gained is based on the value of the item you create and the value increase of the item you improve.

    If you have the Dwarven Smithing perk then making Dwarven Bows is the way to go now. From Nchuand-Zel alone (the ruins under Markarth) you can get 391 Dwarven Metal Ingots worth of resources. Once you have them all acquire as many iron ingots as you can find and make Dwarven Bows. Improve each bow you make as well for more experience. Just from making Dwarven bows from these ingots will easily get you from 30-95+ with a well rested bonus and the warrior stone.

    You are not going to be able to carry all the resources in Nchuand-Zel so take a follower and make them pick the items off of the ground or container. Making them take items from a container frequently gives the items the stolen tag but since you'll be smelting the items anyway it doesn't really matter. If you make your follower pick them off the ground drop them one at a time. If a follower picks up a group of them only one will be added to their inventory. This allows them to carry more items even when exceeding their carry limit.

    Using a potion or wearing gear that fortifies smithing will further increase the value of items improved and thus increase the experience gained.

    This page has more info on Dwarven Metal Ingots:

    Also if you are buying resources to make items from then you should make Orcish Armour from the Orcish tier, Ebony Bows from the ebony tier and Daedric Warhammers from the deadric tier.

    A good alternative is to make jewellery. This is good for those players that want to level smithing to level-up but don't want to spend any perks in it. The Transmute spell is useful for this as you can convert iron ore to silver ore and then to gold ore. Using gems that you find will help even more.

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Other Answers

  1. You could try making hide/leather armor, they only require leather which can be purchased or obtained in the wild, simply kill an animal such as an elk and take its hide, then use the tanning rack to create leather and leather strips. It's a more abundant resource than iron ore, although I'm not sure if the quality of the item affects the rate skill increase.

    You could also try making jewelry. It increases your smithing skill by a fair amount, and the jewelry usually sells for more than the combined worth of it's components (i.e. silver garnet ring worth more than a garnet and silver ingot). You usually find tons of gems inside burial crypts and other dungeons, and the silver you can either buy or mine. If you have the Transmute spell you don't even have to find a silver mine, just mine iron and transmute the ore before smelting it. This way you can make a lot of money and increase your skill at the same time.

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